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KTF 20, DKF 20

• Covers the complete temperature range -20...+110 °C • Usable as boiler or universal sensor

• KTF 20, with one sensor element • DKF 20, with two sensor elements to switch to two separate controllers

Sensor element Resistance Operating range Dimensions (cartridge) Fig. 1. The KTF 20 Boiler Temperature Sensor Electrical connection Protection class NTC–thermistor, watertight, cast in sensor cartridge 20 Kohm at 25 °C -20...+110 °C 6.5 mm ∅, 50 mm long (KTF 20) 2 m cable, 2 core (DKF 20) 2 m cable, 3 core IP 62

For sliding regulation of boiler temperature. The prevailing boiler temperature must be continually monitored. The KTF 20's sensor cartridge, which is placed in the boiler, serves this purpose. Due to the sensor's wide temperature range (-20...+110 °C) and its small measurement scale, it can also be used as a universal sensor, e.g. as a supply temperature sensor.

For technical information on the NTC thermistor, see "Temperature Sensors" (EN0B-0476GE51).

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EN0B-0385GE51 R0907

4. If there is no space in the well for the KTF 20. -NT is to be used or only the immersion well of the VF 20T. Fig. 2. 3. In order to have good heat transmission between the sensor cartridge and the immersion well. Printed in Germany EN0B-0385GE51 R0907 white (3) . in the event that the wires are mistakenly connected in reverse. the sensor cartridge of the KTF 20 must be inserted with the contact strip supplied. and safe temperature guard. Ecublens. There is usually space for the KTF 20 sensor in this well (sensor cartridge: 6. Averaging with 2 x DKF 20 Manufactured for and on behalf of the Environmental and Combustion Controls Division of Honeywell Technologies Sàrl. thus. another separate well can be used near the aforementioned immersion well. boiler thermostat. Sensor branching for two separate controllers with DKF 20 Fig. ELECTRICAL CONNECTION The temperature sensor's must be in accordance with the overall wiring circuit diagram. in order to have sufficient heat transmission. DKF 20 MOUNTING The best location for measuring the temperature and. KTF 20 together with immersion well of the VF20T. inserting the KTF 20. is the immersion well for boiler temperature displays. Switzerland by its Authorized Representative: Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell GmbH Böblinger Straβe 17 D-71101 Schönaich Phone: (49) 7031 63701 Fax: (49) 7031 637493 http://ecc. Controller 1 Controller 2 brown (1) green (2) Either the VF 20T. The terminals are not polarized. no malfunction will occur. -NT Fig. therefore.5 mm ∅.com Subject to change without notice.KTF 20. Route du Bois 37. KTF 20 together with the boiler immersion well Fig. -NT together with the KTF 20. 50 mm long). the contact strip supplied must be inserted along with the cartridge.emea. Again.