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Perception on Poverty

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What People Perceive as Poverty?

What people think are

causes of poverty?

Main Causes of Poverty

Corruption Black Money Illiteracy

What are the

effective ways to eradicate poverty?

Effective ways to Eradicate Poverty

Eradicate corruption We/people can cooperate to eradicate poverty Private sector critical in eradication poverty Preserve Grameen Bank Eradicate corporate greed Education can eradicate poverty Eradicate unemployment Create food security

Boost agricultural productivity

Industrial development Natural resource management Women empowerment Spend on poverty eradication than entertainment Spend on eradication of poverty than on war

Provide free education

Government Contribution on Poverty

Clear political vision can eradicate poverty Strict policies, law and order Indira Gandhi's leadership has been critical in shaping India poverty Income divide widened during Blair tenure Blair did not eradicate child poverty Atal bihari worked for poverty eradication

Indira Gandhi gave the slogan "Remove Poverty

Indira Gandhi was autocratic, strived assiduously to eradicate poverty in India

Gordon Brown worked toward eradicating child poverty

Duncan Smith Wants To Change The Legal Definition Of Child Poverty

Few Religion based mentions on Poverty

The causes of Christ are the institution of justice & peace, the elimination of racism, oppression, & poverty. MATTHEW 25:31-46 makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR that the mandate of YHVH to the People of Faith (POFs) is to eradicate poverty, homelessness, etc.

I don't mind any Hindu superstitions as long as poor is helped. But what are you going to do to eradicate poverty?

Recites Surah Lail, Allah will give you till you becomes satisfied; remove your difficulties & poverty strengthen you make you independent.

Tweets about Famous Personalities on Poverty

Indira Gandhi Tony Blair Keri Lang Gordon Brown

Amartya Sen
Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Duncan Smith

Tweets about Poverty in different parts of World

Eradicate poverty in:

South Asia India

Africa Nigeria

Kenya Libya

Brazil North Carolina

Top 10 Influential Users

OntYouth vietmaz FightPoverty VNBNews volunTEENnation WBPubs vntimes1 talkvn PristinePrachi

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Poverty Reduction

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