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========================================================== SCOGOSTOLOGY (SGSG)/GALAHUMANISM/GALACTOLOGY is the secret sublime and profound science and technology of Existence or Reality that enable human beings to understand life, the world and to find solutions to all problems to facilitate their further evolution to a higher state of Existence known as Galahumanism, through the attainment of Spiritual Enlightenment or Cosmic Consciousness. To read more about SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG and also download FREE SCOGOSTOLOGY eBook-1, please go to: Send all inquiries to: scogos (at) maximumedge (dot) com Also visit our MYSPACE site at: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Search for Scogostology BLOG: SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is concerned with the solutions to all problems of life. There are problems in life because most human beings are too busy working hard to earn a living and to study, investigate and understand Existence and Reality. This is the basic ignorance. Problems come from our ignorance of Existence and Reality and lack of personal development that is in harmony with Existence. Therefore the valid solutions to the problems of life are to understand Existence, develop yourself so that you will evolve into a high state or dimension of life. Humanity is presently at an important crossroad in its history. The future of Humanity is in grave danger. Humanity has reached a point where it has only two choices. The first is to continue in its present course of self destruction, waging wars among its various races and ethnic groups, murdering innocent people, wallowing in depravity, perversion, crimes, deception, manipulation, exploitation and finally self destroy itself in a massive global nuclear or atomic or biochemical warfare. The second is to stop and change course and stop its present destructive and suicidal tendencies and embark on a part which will lead it to further evolution into a higher being with a higher consciousness.

The crucial question is what course shall humanity chose? If it is wise and chose the course for further evolution into a higher being with higher consciousness, then we’re happy to announce that the tools and resources it will need have been created and is called SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG). SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is the messiah which humanity has been dreaming about and expecting for about 10,000 yrs now. It is here at last. SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is both the Message and the Messenger.

With SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG), humanity will be able to deprogram and reprogram itself for salvation and redemption so as to begin the journey of self-evolution into a higher being with higher consciousness. SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is not new. It is the Truth and it is as old as the Universe. But Truth has the tendency of being obscured by the darkness of ignorance now and then. Each time it emerges and begins to shine its light again, it also has the tendency to look new and revolutionary, but it is not. Truth is often very subtle and not so obvious, therefore it has always been the case that only very few sensitive, sharp and intelligence members of humanity have been able to recognize and use it to attain their ambitions in life. Ignorance is dark, gross, heavy and noisy so it is easy for a lot of people to fall into it and be trapped by it and mistake it for Truth. But intelligent people will agree that if one has eyes and can see light that the person will not fall into ditches. If one is walking on a road and keeps falling into ditches, it can be inferred that either the person is blind and cannot see light and the ditches or he is a moron. With the direct ORDER and MANDATE of ENKI, aka PTAH, aka EA, and the Anunnaki Supreme Council, the owners of Planet Earth, SCOGOS.ORG is releasing SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) for the benefit of humanity, to help humanity wake up and save itself from self-destruction. SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) has not been released for scholars, who are overstuffed with knowledge and think they know it all. SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is not for book critics who have nothing better to do with their lives but taking sillyand nutty pot shots at other peoples’ creations even though they cannot create anything of value for humanity because they are dolts. SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is not for those who are still savages; animals in human clothing.

SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is not for the profane, the gross, the uncivilized riff raffs on earth who do not know where they came from, where they are or where they are going and do not care if they are alive or dead. SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) is not for everybody. If it falls into your hands by mistake and it is not for you, please pass it on to somebody else who may find it valuable and useful. At the beginning of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) promotion, a few people around the world will recognize it (for what it is: the most powerful and effective transformational tool for human transmutation into a higher being) and immediately embrace it and use it to begin working on themselves for enlightenment, immortality and bliss. But the majority of the people who have wallowed in the darkness of ignorance and misery for hundreds of thousands of years in their various incarnations on earth may oppose and attack it because it goes against their belief systems, their political, religious and social conditionings. They have been living in the darkness of ignorance for so long that they have become used to it and darkness has become like a light to them while the Truth has become like darkness to them. Lies and ignorance can be seductive because they are sweet and attractive. Because you’re in the darkness of ignorance and since there is no light, you do not see clearly what you are swallowing. There is no way for you to know that you are swallowing garbage which you have mistaken to be the Truth. And Truth is not often what we expect because it can be bitter, unattractive, and repulsive, therefore billions of human beings miss it easily. Lies and ignorance may be sweet and seductive but they do not last. They are like edifices built with sand in the beach. When the wave splashes on the shore and a strong wind blows, they wash sand castles and edifices because they have no solid foundation. away these

But truth is like a rock. It has depth and solid foundation. It is supported by Existence and it is Existence. It stands its ground when the wind blows, the sun shines, the hurricane hits and the flood sweeps everything away. For the majority who will spend their time, energy, money and life fighting and opposing SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) Truth and Light because it is against their agendas and so inconvenient, we wish you well. No matter how hard and how long you fight against Truth and to cover it up, sooner, it will come out because Truth is the essence of Existence. One tiny ray of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) TRUTH and LIGHT has the NUCLEAR POWER of 100,000 suns and stars and can easily smash and wipe out 10,000 yr old mountain of human dark ignorance.

Those who will be fighting against SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) Truth and light at the beginning will be surprised to find out with time that the more they fight to destroy SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG), the more SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) Truth and Light will penetrate their brains and beings until someday, they will become completely obsessed and possessed by it and become the greatest forces behind the spread of SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) Truth and Light. Humanity is a being. But as an individual you cannot see it until you become enlightened and evolve into a higher state of awareness. Your awareness now is human and very little so you cannot know higher beings in Existence. Humanity is made up individual human beings on earth. Humanity has awareness, mind and a life. You are part of its life. Therefore when you are healthy, successful and happy, Humanity is also healthy, successful and happy. But when you are sick, miserable and suicidal, Humanity is also sick, miserable and suicidal. It is an interdependent co-existence. You need Humanity and Humanity needs you. This is why you must consider embracing SCOGOSTOLOGY, (SGSG) Truth and Light and use it to transform yourself into a higher being with a higher awareness and put an end to your suffering and misery on earth. It is your birthright to achieve all your dreams, aspirations and goals and to shine like the sun and succeed and be happy. This is what Existence wishes for you and why it is so extravagant and provides for all. Will you grab your birthright and use it to achieve good health, abundant wealth, success, immortality and bliss or will you continue to allow others to keep stealing and using your birthright to get rich and happy while you keep suffering and being miserable? The choice is yours. There are many SCOGOSTOLOGY EBOOKS/BOOKS, but the major ones are eBooks/Books numebrs-1,2 ,3 ,4 and 5. In the future more SCOGOSTOLOGY E-BOOKS/BOOKS would be released and announced to the world. To read more about SCOGOSTOLOGY, SGSG and also download FREE SCOGOSTOLOGY eBook-1, please go to:

Send all inquiries to: scogos (at) maximumedge (dot) com Also visit our MYSPACE site at: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Search for Scogostology BLOG: Send all inquiries to: scogos (at) maximumedge (dot) com