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1. Become peaceful and loving. Feel the energy of your essence and just relax a ll of your body.

Think of the Earth and all that she give us, her beauty and abu ndance and the experience she affords us and know that we are truly one and conn ected. 2. Ask the Father/Mother/Universe, the Masters and Teachers and Great Light Bein gs of creation and our planet, The Angelic Beings, Earth, our guides, our higher selves and our entire soul stream energies to come and assist us in this person al and earth healing/communication work. Ask that this be done outside the realm of space and time so that all can join together and call in all of the higher s elves of others participating in the group meditation. 3. Imagine yourself reaching out and joining hands with others in the group unti l we are all connected as one in this work. 4. Ask the Father/Mother/Universe to send the right high light to create a chann el from the central sun and beyond to you so as to bring forth a pure energy of Divine Intent and light to the you, for healing and so that love will abound. 5. Feel this light come into your head to your heart filling it and when you are filled send it forth into creation and into the central sun and beyond to the p lace beyond individualization and into the heart of All There Is so that there i s a cord of light from your heart to the All There Is presence, and feel it anch or itself there. Take that cord and open it up to be a channel and ask that this light flow freely through it as needed and for the good of all. Feel it become an actual channel of this light flowing through you, healing you with its love ( the first pyramid corner). 6. Next ask for the right high light to create a channel of light from your own I Am presence ( I think some people call it the Monad...not sure on this), where you are first individualized from the Father/Mother/Universe so that this chann el can aid you in remembering and integrating more of this energy and all that y ou came to do and are. Once again feel the light come into your head and flow in to your heart filling it. Once filled you send out this light cord to your I Am Presence (almost like the second corner of a pyramid) and open it to become a ch annel. Ask that this light flow freely through this channel healing, and aiding and assisting you in a greater integration and remembering. 7. Next ask for the right high light to create a channel of light to our own sun so that the energies that are constantly fluctuating are easily integrated with in our physical bodies and that a greater experience of ourselves be fully groun ded here in this reality for our benefit and the good of all as we affect change s here and now that will aid us in bringing the changes to ourselves and the pla net in accordance with Divine Will and our own higher purpose. See this light th en come into your head filling your heart. Once filled you will send it to the s un, opening it until it becomes a channel. Ask that the light flow freely as nee ded and appropriate for this intention. (the third pyramid corner) 8. Next ask for the right high light to create a channel to the sixth dimension and beyond so that the appropriate energies needed for our movement and growth t o where we are going be easily accessed and our journey to where we are going be clearly anchored and more fully brought into effect (they like me to anchor alw ays to the sixth dimension and beyond because they say that we won't be as long in the next dimension as we were in this one before we ascend so we are clearing the way for the future as well as making a really clear and open channel to whe re we are currently going and bringing in light for our assistance as well when we get there). Feel this light come into your head and fill your heart. Once fil led send it out to the sixth dimension and opening it as a channel. Ask that thi s light flow freely for your intention (the fourth wall of the pyramid).

9. Sit for a minute and feel the light flow through you from the four channels a nd feel it filling your body as you will be consciously holding and sharing this energy with yourself and the Earth. Ask then for the right high light to furthe r open these channel and connect this channel from your heart, running it down y our body and into the Earth herself to aid you in grounding these energies, aid her in healing, and to unlock the energies and information that are appropriate and necessary for your personal and planetary journey. Imagine your heart as the apex of the pyramid of energy and as such an amplifier for her as well. Take th is energy in your heart and beam it to the center of the earth until this channe l is anchored deep within her. See her fill with this energy from your heart and the channels you have placed into it as it opens wide to fill her. Watch her fi ll easily with this energy since it is being so perfectly amplified in your hear t and when she is filled and so is everything right on out through her atmospher e sit for a moment and just enjoy the wonderful energies and sharing you are bot h experiencing and will continue to experience. Know that if you ever need assis tance that you may ask her for it for she will have this energy available for yo u as well and if you are having a difficult time connecting to it ask that she h elp you to do so. State then to all of creation your intention to make this conn ection a permanent one until your spirit directs otherwise....and state with the truth of your being and the power of the great being that you are "So be it and so it is". 10. Ask then all that have assisted you to further assist you in the retrieval o f the information currently available to you and that you be given it then, the next day, or over the next few days (this is up to you-all or a combination is p robably best). thank all that came for this work and lent their light, love, aid and assistance. 11. When you are ready ask that this information be given to you. If it is not a t this time then you just may want to get loving, peaceful and relaxed. Ask to m ake this connection and receive the information that is now waiting and see what you get. You may also receive things during the day, maybe when cleaning or whe never. Keep an eye out for it because you have made it so and it will be coming.

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