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Write a childrens script about the life cycle of a star.


The Life of a Star Named Hydro

I begin my journey being thrown out into space. It is dark, cold, and lonely here as I float about and watch the planets around me. Oh, Im sorry, I should introduce myself! My name is Hydro and I want to tell you about my crazy adventure. Just like a flower begins its life cycle as a small seed, stars also have a life cycle that begins as a tiny mass in outer space! The first phase is a hot phase where my temperature gets to 10 million degrees! Scientists call this the hydrogen-burning stage. When I am a newborn star, I contain tons of atoms of an element called hydrogen. Did you know that hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe? When my core reaches that temperature of ten million degrees, the nuclei of my hydrogen atoms fuse to form a new element: helium. This burns up almost 10% of my hydrogen! I get so hot that the outer regions of myself are pushed away and I become inflated and red. From then on I am known as the Red Giant by the other stars! This is like when a little flower bursts from a tiny seed in the ground to tell the entire world who they are. The second stage of my cycle is where I begin to grow and my helium begins to burn. The helium nuclei fuse into new elements called beryllium, carbon, and oxygen. I stay here until my helium runs out and the carbon and oxygen are equal parts. I like to think of this phase as the part when a small sunflower begins to grow roots, leaves, and a little bud for a head! Next, I have to burn the carbon and the oxygen, which is the third phase! When I burn them it forms sodium, magnesium, silicon, and sulfur. This is kind of a boring phase with nothing but burning going on. I guess it is like when the sunflower is growing toward the sun (who is my cousin, by the way). It does not change much, but slowly gets taller and taller. The last phase of my adventure, the 4th, is the most exciting one of all because it is where I become a real star! I am so busy during this time; so much is going on! Since I ran out of carbon and oxygen, I begin to burn silicon. If I reach a temperature of three billion degrees, something called equilibrium begins and elements that are close to iron form. I am so hot that my nucleus, or center, is crazy and unstable. How can it not? Imagine being three billion degrees! Anyway, this causes me to spit out an electron. I have burned so hot that I run out of fuel. With no fuel I begin to collapse. As I collapse, I bounce into myself with such a force that I shatter and scatter into many little stars that fling into the universe! Just like when the tall sunflower reaches its final stage of growth and shines in your garden with bright yellow petals. This is the phase where it will also collapse and send new seeds to the ground. New flower seeds are scattered on the earth just like new stars are scattered in the heavens! Now, I finally get to start all over again. Back to phase number one. Just remember that stars are growing in the heavens as flowers grow in your garden.

The next time you look into the night sky, just watch for me, Hydro. I will be blinking at you!