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Can You Keep a Secret (A Double Novel


Sons of God/ Daughters of Men

Can you keep a secret? Thousands of years ago all the nations of the civilized world
enjoyed peace under one world order until a coalition of secret orders placed a trap to enslave the minds of the people into the Holy books of what became the world’s three Major religions. A High Priestess along with twelve members of an Alliance within that coalition had also placed the key to unlocking the trap to all three religions in one of the books entitled the Holy Bible. Hidden in the stories of women in the Bible the key was discovered and removed by the elder men of the society. Open this book and become privy to secret ritual and information that will capture your deepest thoughts. Open this book a read the secret version of the story of Easter and Christmas in which Mary & Joseph are warrior Priests whom fight with their very lives to protect the future of the rest of humanity. Open this novel and begin the process of true freedom through eliminating the slavery that has your mind anchored in upholding biased gender roles, class, and racism.

Sun of Man/ Daughters of God
(Based upon actual facts & true stories).

Can you keep a secret? Anas, a carpenter’s son or a man that possesses an adept
knowledge of decoding holy books, known as the plans of God the Grand Architect, along with 11 men and women that are members of the world’s most elite secret Orders have used the Bible to uncover what seems the world’s greatest scavenger hunt from the Middle East to Europe to America. At risk of their very lives they uncover the rest of the Rosetta stone, Dead Sea Scrolls not yet revealed, and the Holy Grail. In this novel new secrets are revealed that men have and will kill for! Is that nagging feeling in your consciousness right about powerful men controlling the minds of humanity from their graves or the three most famous prophets of the three Major religions as members of a major secret society? What about an ancient and invisible war for the minds and souls of humanity still being fought today between Freemason and Freemason, religion and

religion; government and its people… a war over the greatest secret of all in which they all protect. Based on information from the world’s best- selling anthologies authored by the Universes Greatest Author- God the Supreme Being.
“Explosive and Inspiring thriller that forces the reader to be accountable for their souls and to learn the depths of what they believe in.”

“ Motivation to read your Bible, Quran, or Torah to see if you can discover and decode the deeper meaning that you crave.”

“ Exilirating- brings religion to life in a whole new way. The savior IN all of us is back!”