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LANGUAGE: 1. T. Bala Subramanian: A Textbook of English Phonetics for Indian Students; 2. A.C. Baugh: A History of the English Language, The following topics: Old English, Middle English, Modern, English, Foreign Influences on English 3. Randolph Quirk and Sidney Greenbaum; A University Grammar of English Language, 1973. The following Chapters: 1, Varieties of English, 2. Elements of Grammar, 3. Verbs and the Verb Phrase, 4. Nouns, pronouns and the basic noun phrase, 5. Prepositions and prepositional phrases, 6. The simple sentence. POETRY: 1. John Milton: Praradise Lost, Book 1, 2. John Keats: Five Odes (Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on Grecian Urn, Ode to Psyche, Ode to Autumn, Ode on Melancholy), 3.T.S. Eliot: The Waste Land, 4. Geoffery Chaucer : Prologue to Canterbury Tales, 5. John Donne: ‘The Sun Rising’, ‘The Ecstasy’, ‘The Apparition’, ‘The Anniversary’. 6. Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lcok 7. willam Wordsworth: Prelude Book – I, “Immortality Ode” Tintern Abbey” 8. Robert Browning: ‘Andrea del Sarto’, The Last Ride’ ‘Together’, ‘A Grammarians Funeral’, ‘Fra Lippo Lippi’, ‘My Last Duchess’. 9. Willam Butler Yeats: “Sailing to Byzantium”, “A Prayer for My Daughter”, “The Second Coming’, “Among School Children”. 10. Philip Larkin: “Whitsun Weddings’, “Ambulance” DRAMA (INCLUDING SHAKESPEARE’S TRAGEDIES): 1. Ben Jonson: Every Man in His Humour, 2. William Congreve: The way of the World, 3. Bernard Shaw: Saint Joan, 4. Christopher Marlowe: Doctor Faustus, 5. john Webster: The White Devil, 6. R.B. Sheridan: The Rivals, 7. T.S. Eliot: Murder in the Cathedral, 8. John Millington synge: The Play boy of the Western world, 9. Christopher Fry : The Lady’s not for Burning, 10. Harold Printer. The Birthday Party. 11. Shakespeare : Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello LITERARY CRITICISM: 1.D.J. Enright and Chickera: English Critical Texts., 2. Wilbur Scott(ed.): Five Approaches to Literary Criticism, 3. S. Sethuraman(ed.): Indian Aesthetic, An Introduction The following essays: 1. “The Main Aspects of Indian Aesthetics”: by M. Hriyanna, 2. “Rasa as Aesthetic Experience”: by Mohan Thampi, 3. “Theory of Dhvani”: by Kunjunni Raja, 4. “Kuntaka’s Theory of Poetry-Vakrokti”: by S.K. De’, 5. “Use and Abuse of Alankara” : by V. Raghavan, 6. “Auchitya in Sanskrit

12. Walt Whitman: ‘Lilacs’ “Out of the Cradle” and ‘Brooklyn Ferry”. 511. 4. Hamlet was (probably) written in: 1) 1600 2) 1602 3) 1605 4) 1599 4. : Voss. The sonnet form was introduced into English literature by 1) Sir Thomas Wyatt 2) Wyatt and Shakespeare 3) Miltion 4) Wyatt and Surrey 3. R. the Peacock SAMPLE QUESTIONS: 1.D. 640. 2. Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn. 4) brother of Nwoye 6. 6. ‘Mending the wall’.O’ Neill: The Hairy Ape. A. 341. *** 2 . 14. Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman. 5.S. Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart.K. 13. The idea “inner light” is central to: 1) Puritanism 2) Calvinism 3) Christianity 4) Transcendentalism. COMMONWEALTH LITERATURE INCLUDING INDIAN FICTION IN ENGLISH: 1. Robert Frost: ‘After Apple Picking’. 712. 8. Stopping by the Woods. 11. 3) son of Ezedu. Ernest Hemingway: For Whom the Bell Tolls. 2. 7. Keats explained his idea of negative Capability in his letter to: 1) George and Thomas Keats 2) Benjamin B aily 3) Hamilton Reynolds 4) John Taylor 5. 303. Ralph Waldo Emerson: ‘The American Scholar’ and ‘Self-Reliance’. 9. Narayan: The Guide. Anita Desai: Cry. Emily Dickinson: 258.. James Ngugi: A Grain of Wheat. The minimal distinctive sound unit in a language is the 1) Phone 2) allophone 3) morpheme 4) phonem 2. 4. Hope: “Australia”. 3. 7. Judith Wright: “Fire at the Murdering Hut”. Wole Soyinka: A Dance of Forests. 10. Biswas. Mulk Raj Anand: Coolie. 5.Poetics”: by V. Margaret Atood: Surfacing. 6. Raja Rao: The Serpent and the Rope. Katherine Mansfield: Bliss and other Stories. 3. 9.V. Raghavan. William Faulkner: Light in August. ‘Road not Taken. Naipaul: A House for Mr. Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man. 7. 328. Ikemafuna in Things Fall Apart is 1) the e son of Okonkwo 2) a hostage boy. Patrick White. “The Obstacle of Aesthetic Experience : by Mohan Thampi AMERICAN LITERATURE: 1. ‘Birches. 8. 10. Douglas Stewart: Ned Kelly.

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