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Science 8 (Charity)
Name: __________________________________________Date: ______________ Teacher: Ms. Sharon M. Hababag Score: ______________ I. Read the statements carefully. Write TRUE on the space provided if the statement is true or FALSE if it is false. _______1. During the metaphase, the chromosomes become aligned along the equator of the cell. _______2. The homologue pair separates and each moves to opposite poles. _______3. The interphase and mitosis together constitute the cell cycle. _______4. The nuclear membrane is formed around the newly-formed sets of daughter chromosomes during the telophase. _______5. During mitosis, loosely arranged strands of chromosomes become coiled, shortened and distinct during the metaphase. _______6. A male can produce sperm with either a Y or X chromosome. _______7. Mitosis is the process by which chromosomes are duplicated within cells. _______8. Cytokinesis happens until two daughter cells are formed. _______9. The Cell Cycle is the sequence of growth, DNA replication, growth and cell division that all cells go through. _______10. Chromatids (or pairs of chromosomes) separate and begin to move to opposite ends of the cell during metaphase. II. Choose your answer from the box. Write only the letter on the line before each number. A. Diploid D. Nucleus G. Interphase J. Centromere B. Haploids E. Chromatin H. Spindle fibers K. Metaphase C. DNA F. Chromosome I. Cytokinesis L. Cell cycle

_______1. It is the genetic material that is responsible for passing the traits of parents to children. _______2. These are normal cells containing complete set of genetic materials or chromosomes. _______3. These are cells that contain only half of the genetic material as in sex cells. _______4. A mass of genetic material composed of DNA and proteins that condense to form chromosomes and appear during interphase. _______5. The control center of the cell. _______6. An organized structure of DNA and protein found in cells. _______7. The structure that connects the two chromatids. _______8. The period of cell growth and development between mitotic divisions. _______9. The phase where cytokinesis occurs. _______10. It is produced when protein fibers radiate from centrioles.

telophase c. 28 b. What process gives the gametes their half chromosome number? a. 46 ____10. Choose from the given options the best answer to the item. Peptic ulcers b. Celiac Disease d. telophase d. Sister chromatids separate. a. anaphase d. prophase b. prophase b. 7 d. prophase b. S phase d. interkinesis c. Write the letter of your choice on the space provided. Crohn’s Disease c. interphase c. prophase b. The stage between two cell divisions. anaphase b. Celiac Disease d.anaphase ____9. mitosis c. Chromosomes align at the metaphase plate c. a. interphase ____5. Crohn’s Disease c. Peptic ulcers b. persistent heartburn. a. interphase d. a. anaphase d. disease c. separation of homologous chromosomes b. formation of spindle fibers ____13. What phase is shown below? c. GERD ____2. What do you call the non-dividing stage of the cell cycle? a. metaphase ____4. What phase is shown below? a. disorder b. metaphase b. GERD ____3. metaphase b. metaphase ____11. This is painful. Which of the following does not occur during meiosis II? a. What event takes place before crossing over? a. What condition involves the flow of contents from the stomach to the esophagus and is associated with hiatal hernias? a. telophase d. interphase c. If a cell has 14 chromosomes at the start of mitosis. anaphase c. anaphase d. how many chromosomes will each daughter cell have? a. G1 phase b. meiosis ____12. The disturbance of the regular or normal functioning of the body. anaphase ____8. telophase ____7 The stage in which the nuclear membrane reappears and the chromosomes begin to uncoil. ____14. ____1. prophase ____6. In which phase are the chromosomes aligned along the cell’s equator. metaphase c. metaphase d. esophagitis . a. The stage in mitosis wherein the chromosomes begin to migrate to each side of the cell. tetrad formation d.III. 14 c. a. interphase c. telophase d. anaphase d. interphase a. The chromosomes increase in size b.

Which cell is in telophase? b. 4 c. body mass index ____22 It is the building blocks of protein. 26-30. anorexia d. centriole d. Lactobacillus ____21. bulimia b. Constipation ____16. hyperacidity ____20. Note the cells are not arranged in the order in which the cell cycle occurs. Anorectal manometer b. disease c. 23 d. c. How many daughter cells are there by the end of telophase? a. chromatin _____29. diarrhea d. Salmonella c. It is a long thin. fatty acid For item nos. Which cell is in anaphase? _____30. CT Scan b. 6 ____25 How many chromatids are there during anaphase? a.____15. amino acid b. disorder b. refer to the diagram below. a. peptides d. In cell A. a. 2 d. 3 b. The inflammation of the esophagus commonly caused by infection. what structure is labeled X? a. binge c. chromosomes c. a. _____26. Gastric manometry ____18. 23-25: Solanum tuberosum or potato has a chromosome number of 2n=24. It pertains to the impairment of the normal functioning of the parts of the body manifested by particular sign and symptoms. ____23. gastritis c. Which cell is in the first phase of M phase (mitosis)? _____28. diarrhea d. lactose ____17. a. It is a type of eating disorder characterized by emaciation. a. obesity d. a distortion of body. 48 ____24. Esophagitis c. obesity ____19. flexible tube with a small fiber optic video camera which has a light attached at one end and equipped with tiny biopsy forceps that are used to cut or obtain tissue sample. 46 c. Which cell is in metaphase? _____27. H. How many chromosomes are there at metaphase? a. endoscope c. 48 d. E. glucose c. pylori d. It is a type of disorder of the digestive system that involves the frequent passing of loose or watery stools. Gastritis b. 24 c. Gastrointestinal manometer c. 45 For item nos. DNA . coli b. Which of the following bacteria that can cause inflammation on the lining of the stomach that could lead to peptic ulcer? a. 20 b. 45 b. constipation b. x-ray test d. a. It is a test that used to measure the strength of the muscle of the anus. a. a relentless pursuit of thinness and unwillingness to maintain a normal or healthy weight.

Type of cell it occurs 4.IV. Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase V. Basis of Comparison 1. Number of cell division Mitosis Meiosis . Draw and describe each of the stages of mitosis. Number of daughter cells formed 2. Chromosome number of each daughter cell 3. Compare mitosis and meiosis.

Answer the following: A. Explain why protein is needed in the body and list 3 examples of foods in which protein is found. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 2. Proteins can either be referred to as complete or incomplete. Explain the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. Describe the difference between these terms and discuss complementary proteins in your answer. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ B. Name 2 different functions of fat within the body.1. 1.VI. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ C. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ . 1.

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