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Assignment 2 Induction training program for IT industry

Induction Training Program:

Induction training program is very essential for any company because it helps company as well as new joiness in number of ways like motivate new employees to give best performance, provide them opportunity to grow in the organization. During the induction program new joiness get all the information related to company like work environment, culture of the company, responsibilities of employees, values and key process of business. Different companies have their own training and induction program. Induction program is conducted to welcome new joiness and from this stage prepare them for the new role. It must contain all the legal requirement like safety and health related. As the employees are new to the company so a time table should be prepared to guide them which must contain all the activities related to the job. A good induction training program is very essential to increase the efficiency level of new joinees. It should be provide to develop theoretical as well as practical skills. Induction training program should provide opportunities to integrate with other new joinees as well as with the organization. Before conducting any induction program it should be planned properly in order to minimize the cost and time.

The induction and training program is designed for an IT industry. It is a Mumbai based IT company having 5 branches in India. It has good market share and about 5000 employees are working for different projects. It provide quality services to its Indian and international clients. It provides the services like software development, testing, consultancy and outsourcing to different clients. As more projects are coming to company, it needs to hire some new employees. It is planning to hire engineer graduates who are familiar with computer languages. Each new employee will be a part of a project with some seniors. Every project has 6-8 members including seniors and juniors. New employees are placed in a group projects with seniors because they can learn fast and develop the skills. It will have a team leader to motivate other members and take responsibility.

Main objectives:
To enhance the skills and knowledge Recognize goals and benefits of new employees Give overview of different methodologies To motivate employees in order to increase the performance Make comfortable with different technologies

Induction Program
It is the program organized by company to familiarize new joinees with the organization. The list of induction program suggests the activities that is to be covered till the probation period. A member of HR will prepare a welcome letter to the new employees. Now the details of the program will be given to the manager. He would decide the schedule, location and departmental representation. The induction program will be conducted in a hotel. Timing for the induction program will be 8:00 am-4:00 pm. In between a lunch break with staffs will be provided to new employees. This program will be conducted by senior manager company. The induction program will include the following details New joinees will be greeted by some members of company New employees will complete all the paperwork After this the program will be conducted by manager giving the brief details about the company including the mission vision of the company New employees will be introduced with some staff members showing some charts and the roles and responsibilities will be assigned to them The terms & conditions will be discussed to ensure the rules and regulation of the company. The performance standard of the company will be introduced to inform about the expectancy level from its employees The culture of company including working hours, sick leaves and procedures, holidays leave, dress code will be announced to make employees aware of companys norm

All the safety and security measures will be discussed to ensure the proper safety of employees and security instructions would be given to encrypt the information of the company like no password share, bring the id card daily, pen drives are not allowed to protect the data of the company

The rewards and bonus including the financial and non-financial will be discussed in order to ensure them fair treatment Details like tie ups of company, main clients of the company, services will be provided to them so that they can feel more comfortable with the company the benefits of joining the company would be declared to them in order to motivate new employees and promotional policies will be given to increase the performance level of employees

the information related to training and development will help new employees to understand the requirement of company by encouraging to make aware of job

Training program
Training program is very essential for any company before giving different roles to employees. Dynamic nature of IT industries requires its employees to keep updates of technologies, so training program is required. A good training program would reduce the attrition rate. It also boosts employees morale and helps in increasing the performance. Depending on the requirement of job, appropriate training method can be selected. Participants in the training program The participants of training program will be newly recruited engineer graduates. The number of new recruiters are 30 from the best colleges on the basis of their knowledge, skill sets and creativity.

The trainers The trainer for the new joinees could be external as well as internal. But in order to develop a good relation between the employees, internal trainers will conduct the training program so that they can give better picture of company. It would also help in cost minimization for the company. The training will be provided by the members who is having minimum experience of three years with the company in the required field. Seniors and team lead will give the training. The timing of training will be from

8 in the morning to 5 afternoon. Number of trainers will be required are 6 so they could concentrate on each employees and train them in better way. Budget Budget for training and induction program will be set on the basis of number of trainees, trainers and types of training methods. The induction and training budget will be near about Rs. 180000. It will include the food, traveling and all other expenses related to trainers and training type.
Parameters Induction program Trainers (6) Equipment, material Outings Different activities Other Total Cost(Rs.) 30000 80000 20000 10000 25000 15000 180000

Method of training On the job training will be provided to new employees. In this the trainers will teach them directly all the languages and software development program. It will be conducted in the company to minimize the cost. On the job training is easy to manage because instructions are directly given by trainer and all the trainees learn the same at a time. The methods for training program will be lecture based, practical base, web based, audio/visual based to develop different types of skillsets in the employees.

Level of training As the trainers are graduated and they are having the basic knowledge of languages like C, C++ so its better to provide a middle level training. The middle level training will be at one step high which will include high level languages, testing, and business analysis.

Location of the program The location of the training program will be in the organization itself. If the company has enough space so they can conduct the training in the organization to reduce the

cost involved. As it is going to be conducted in the organization so it will be organized in the training room of the company. Equipment required Different types of equipment will be required to cover all types of trainings. Personal Computers(Pc) Projector Mike Sound system for audio and visual training

Program duration As the new employees are aware of basics so we will start from higher level. This training program will last for two months. In two months they would be given training related to testing part, software development and applications development. Other computer languages and different trainings will be taught to them in two months.

Criteria and evaluation of training program After giving a proper training to employees, evaluation will be done. The evaluation of training program will be done by taking the different tests related to subject. If an employee scores more than 60% then he will be able to give next test. For every test two chances will be given. In all three test will be conducted and its compulsory to clear all the test. On the basis of scores the employees will be given rating and performance appraisal program will be conducted to motivate the employees.

Learning principles The learning principles will help individuals to grow in the organization. The training program conducted for the employees should motivate them for giving the best performance. A goal should be set in the beginning of the training program to achieve the targeted level. The training program should provide the opportunities to every employees so they can come up with innovative and creative ideas.

Training program schedule: Initial 4 days

Day 1

Time 8:00am-4:00pm

Topic Employee orientation program Day2

Person Manager

Time 8:00am-10:00am

Topic Welcome employees Briefing session about department



11:00am-1:00pm 1:00pm-2:30pm

Give overview of training program Security check -in Lunch break Policies and procedure of company Security system Ethics and Rules of company Overview of employees position Campus tour Day 3






Time 8:00am-9:00am 9:00am-11:00am

Topic Overview of duties and responsibilities Access codes and keys Reporting structure of company Key members of company Checklists items Job title/description Probation period Department role Finance, Hr Dress code Parking






1:00am-2:30am 2:30pm-5:00pm

Lunch break Meeting with staffs of department Overview of manager position Day 4 TL




8:00am-11:00am 11:00am-1:00pm 1:00am-2:30am 2:30pm-5:00pm

Introduction to the clients of the company Key shareholders Project meetings Lunch break Overview of IT specialist position Explain career development TL Supervisor SSE

The initial four days of training program will be followed as per above schedule. Starting five days including induction program is planned to make employees comfortable with the organization. All the policies and procedure will be disclosed to employees. The rules for employees will be transparent and pay policy also. There will be certain amount of fixed cost and extra pay will be given according to the performance of employees. All the employees need to follow the ethics of company. Employees will be given brief description about different types of training programs. Different trainer will provide them different trainings. The training program scheduled is for two months. Each week different training will be provided, working days will be 5 in a week. On every Saturday small test will be conducted to check the level of employees. Each training would be a base for next level. The program for two month will start with outbound training. In this they will be sent outside the company with different members of company so they can easily get mix with each other. This will be fun and learning moment for new joinees. After that they will be taught different computer languages that would help in software development and testing part. They will be given safety training to ensure the protection and safety measures. Handon-methods is interactive sessions will be provided to improve the communication and other soft skills of employees. Personality and development training will be provide to handle the work load in a positive way. It would develop positive behaviour in employees.

Training program schedule 1st Month Time 1st week Topic Person Training Method Learnings To know about other team Outbound Training Supervisor Interactive sessions members, co-ordination in team, time management

2nd week 3rd week 4th week

Overview of computer languages

SSE(Senior Software Engg)

Strong basics, ease for further Lecture based knowledge, comfortable with languages Lecture, Practical based Audio and visual method Coding, making small projects Ensure proper health and safety, GD, presentations skills, improve soft skills

Java,.net specialization

SE(Senior Engg)

safety training and Handon-methods

Special trainers of company

2nd month Time 1st week Topic Software development training Person Training Method Web based and lecture method Learnings By using different codes software and application development Different games and tasks, Interactive sessions openness to experience, handle stress Practical and online based Ease with new software technologies, error detection and correction Handle different tools, better Lecture based communication with clients, solve technical issues

TL(Team Lead)

2nd week

Personality and development training

Special trainers of company

3rd week

Software testing

TL(Team Lead)

4th week


SSE(Senior Software Engg)

After giving all types of trainings three major test will be conducted. Criteria for assuring the position in the company is that they need to clear at least two tests. On the basis of their performance in the test employees will be rated. Using these ratings, new joinees will be assigned the projects of company.

The structure according to the positions in a team is as follows


Team Lead(TL) Senior Engineer(SE) Senior Software Engineer(SSE) Associate Software Engineer(ASE)

Newly hired employees will be at bottom of pyramid. They will be given the post of ASE Associate Software Engineer. Mangers will be at the top level. SSE and SE will be the members who are having the experience of 3 or more years with the company. The TL will take the responsibility of team. Each team will report to manager for any queries. Manager will be the boss for a team. The new joinees have to give response to its clients. Here is the timeline for incident tickets and service request. To ensure the best quality of services, company tries to resolve the problems as quickly possible. First it prioritize the problems and set a dead line to give a response. This would maintain the trust of clients and help in retaining the major clients. Timeline for incident tickets and service request


Priority Type Critical

Description Function with high client, affecting multiple groups and customers Problem related to service delivery, single user production impacting issues Problem related to end user and it need to be looked at A problem that does not affect end user

Response time Immediate Within 2 hours Within 8 hours Within 2 days

Resolution Time Within 2 hours


Within 5 hours Within 24 hours Within 7 days



Benefits of training program to individuals

Do job more effectively and efficiently Personal satisfaction Learn new methods Professional approach to work

Overall benefits of training program

Supervisor More time to standardize performance, less turnover, less absenteeism, lower cost, better performance, consistency Employees: Motivation, positive attitude, job satisfaction, handle the stress, reduce errors,boost morale, increased performance Organization: Increase the productivity, more profit, maintains good image, retain its clients