Nityapriya Srivastava
Sufi & Hindustani Classical Vocalist


is leading exponent of Sufi classical form of Hindustani classical vocal music (North Indian style). self-motivation and dedication towards Sufi and Hindustani Classical music…. . Her unique singing style is a sincere result of her undying passion. Nityapriya Srivastava. She has combined the mysticism of Sufi traditions in pure Indian classical ragas which tend to begin gently with an Alaap and steadily reaches to a very high energy level to induce a hypnotic states both among musicians and within the audience..About Dr.

Apart from that Dr.Academics Academically Doctorate in Hindustani Classical Vocal from University of Allahabad. Dr. . Nityapriya Srivastava has published more than twenty research papers in International journals and more than fifteen research papers have been presented and published in National and International seminars and Conferences. She is also UGC-NET qualification in Hindustani classical vocal music. Nityapriya has also achieved “Sangeet Prabhakar” and “Sangeet Praveen” from Prayag Sangeet Samiti Allahabad.

Music Nityapriya’s unique style of rendering Sufi Songs in Kafi style and Khayal is a sincere result of her undying passion. Devotionals. Dr. selfmotivation and dedication towards Classical music. . Her Khayal rendering reflects her Taleem in Kirana Gharana with a mix of Gwalior style of Khayal rendering. She is a multi-faceted artist. Being a firm believer in maintaining the integrity of tradition. Nirgun & folk also. Nityapriya Srivastava explores her creativity without compromising on the classicism of the Sufi Music form. She sings not only Hindustani classical vocal but also. light classical. Mystics. She used to sing self composed Sufi and devotional songs in pure Hindustani classical Ragas with very few instruments which makes her style unique.

G. College –Varanasi  “Sama-e-Khusro” at Indian Institute of World Culture-Bangalore  “Anhad Naad.The Mysticism of Kabir ” at Indian Institute of World Culture Bangalore Bangalore .Guest Lectures  “Musical Image of Sufi Music” at BHUVaranasi  “The Divine Romance in Sufi Music “ at Shri Agrasen Girls P.

Taleem Dr Nityapriya Srivastava have received extensive Taleem in Hindustani Classical vocal and Classical Sufi singing under Guru-shishya parampara from Pt. Pt. In her later years she trained to be a vocalist under the guidance of Smt. B. . Kamal Kishori Srivastava. Her journey in Classical music commenced at the tender age of five under the tutelage of her grandmother Late Smt. Prem kumar Mallick ji of Darbhanga (Dhrupad) Gharana. She initiated her in the field of Hindustani classical devotional and folk music. Krishna Ghosh and Dhrupad maestro Dr. Kulkarniji of Gwalior-Kirana Gharana and continues to receive his guidance to achieve greater rigor and artistic insight in her music.B.

Press .

Bangalore  “Manus ho to wohi Raskhan”.  Cuttack Mahotsav 2013.BHU-Varanasi  “Purandardas Aradhana 2013”.Indian Institute of World Culture Bangalore  “Sama-e-Khusro”.Bijapur Karnataka  “Dharmasthala”.P.Bangalore  Freedom Concert 2013. Agra-U. IIWC B.Wadia Auditorium .JSRWA.P. New Delhi  “Kaisi Jadoo Daari ab Shyam “.Dakshin Kannada-Karnataka  Delhi International Arts festival..ISRO-Bangalore  And many more……….IISc.2013. .Performances Nityapriya's performances have taken her across the Nation.Iskon Bangalore  “Anhad Naad 2013”.Varanasi  “Sufi Ka sangitik Pratibimb”.Bangalore  “The Divine Romance in Sufi Music.Cuttack Odisha  Brahmotsav 2013. Some recent performances include  Taj Mahotsav 2013.Keshav Kripa Auditorium Bangalore  “Korwar Mahotsav 2013”.

in Hindustani Classical Vocal from Allahabad University.Accolades Nityapriya has received many accolades of national and international acclaim which recognize her excellence as a performer and composer  Sangeet Shiromani National Award 2013  D.Phil.  Second Position in 47th Deshantar Dr. Major Ranjit Singh Smarak Akhil Bhartiya Sangeet Puraskar  “Pratibha Samman” by Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad  And many more…………… .

com . Mohit Anand C10/16.com nityapriya2215@gmail. Nityapriya Srivastava C/O Mr.Contact Dr.Vikram Nagar. ISRO Colony.com website:nityapriyasrivastava@weebly. Behind Iskon Temple Ahmedabad-Gujarat-380015 Phone: +91 9376145008 91 9448173894 email: nityapriya2215@rediffmail.

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