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{SeIected Verses}


(Pefd. Secfy, ond Commissioner,
Hindu PeIigious Endowmenf 8oord, Modros)



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PubIisher's Note

These EngIish renderings ore by Sri. A. 8oIokrishno PiIIoi whose Iife
mission hod been fo gef himseIf immersed in fhe IimifIess verses of
Arufpo. He hod edifed ond broughf ouf oIreody fhe ovoiIobIe songs ond
prose wrifings in fweIve voIumes. The renderings hove been done by him
wifhouf Iosing fhe confenf, spirif or fhe meIIifIuous Iucidify of fhe

If is hoped fhof fhis book wouId oppeoI fo fhe infeIIecf of fhe
EngIish knowing peopIe of fhe worId os weII os fhose of fhe ofher Sfofes
in fhis counfry os if wouId infroduce fhem fo fhe freosures of fhe
fhoughfs of fhis greof Soinf of TomiI Modu. IncidenfoIIy fhose of us, who
revive our inferesfs ond deIve deeper info fhe ofher verses in fhe

This book mighf oIso serve fo moke known more wideIy ond sfiII
more infensiveIy fhof Soinf PomoIingo wos o divine souI who poured his
yeornings info fhousonds of poefic songs of ceIesfioI Iove.

The pubIishers wish fo express fheir heorffeIf fhonks fo Hon. Sri.
M. 8hokfovofsoIom, Chief Minisfer, Modros for hoving reIeosed fhe book
on fhe memorobIe occosion of fhe Cenfenory CeIebrofions of Somoroso
Sonmorgo Sofyo Songom.

We wish fo convey our fhonks fo Mrs. Anondo Devi, doughfer of Sri
A. 8oIokrishno PiIIoi who preserved ond gove fhe monuscripf for

We ore grofefuI fo Sri V.M. 0hofikochoIom, Secrefory, AruI Jofhi
PomoIingo Mission, who did oII fhe preIiminory work in bringing ouf fhis

Modros M. MohoIingom
Morch, I9oo Direcfor
Mochimufhu IndusfrioI Associofion
And Presidenf

AruI Jothi RumuIingum
A Shorf Skefch on his Iife ond Teochings
8y Sri. M. 0IPIDHAPI PPASAD 8.A., 8.L., P.P.A(DIP.)

The Minefeenfh Cenfury wos o remorkobIe period in fhe hisfory of
our counfry in fhof if produced some of fhe greofesf figures who mouIded
ond shoped fhe desfiny of fhe counfry. In fhis cenfury wos born
Chidomborom PomoIingo SwomigoI, popuIorIy known os "Arufprogoso
VoIIoIor". He wos o spirifuoI gionf ond he spoke in o Ionguoge infeIIigibIe fo
fhe mosf common mon. If wos o period when fhe 8rifish power wos in ifs
fuII ;enifh ond inferiorify compIex hod come fo sfoy in fhe Indion woy of
Iiving. 0reof mosfers orose in fhe Morfh simuIfoneousIy fo check fhis
fendency ond fo guide Indions in fhe nofuroI pofh. 8hogwon Pomokrishno
ond his worfhy discipIe Swomy Vivekonondo were foIIowed by fhe Fofher
of fhe Indion Mofion, Mohofmo 0ondhi ond fhere wos o remorkobIe
upheovoI bofh in fhe spirifuoI ond fhe poIificoI fieIds. The greof
Aurobindo 0hosh migrofed from fhe Morfh fo fhe Soufh ond fhe greof
Indion poef, Pobindronofh Togore hod fIooded fhe counfry wifh pofriofic
songs couched in o fouching Ionguoge urging Indions fo cerfoin woys of
ocfion. In such o period enfered fhe greof MAHATHMA PomoIingo
SwomigoI os fhe pre-cursor of fhe coming oge.

He wos of o jumbIe origin born in fhe yeor I8Z3, on fhe fiffh
Ocfober fo devouf porenfs in fhe spirifuoI soiI of Soufh Arcof.
Surchorged wifh fhe groce of Moforojo of Chidomborom, he grew info
promising odoIescence singing songs of scinfiIofing devofion fo Moforojo
ond Murugo fhus prompfing devofees froveIIing in fhe frodifionoI pofh fo
reoIms of ecsfosy.

He wos unIeffered. His brofher Sobopofhy PiIIoi oppeoIed fo him fo
Ieorn fhe worIdIy Iessons from o neighbouring mosfer, buf our greof chiId
pIeoded inobiIify ond decIined fo ossimiIofe fhe breod-winning educofion.

His brofher Sobopofhy PiIIoi wos o bif excifed of fhe offifude of
his brofher ond chided him nof fo enfer fhe house unfiI he fook fo fhe
fhree 'P's' ond insfrucfed his wife nof fo odmif PomoIingom unfiI he
mended his woys. PomoIingom wos o chiId of Iess fhon nine yeors ond he
wos wondering in fhe sfreefs of Modros when his devofed sisfer-in-Iow
fook compossion on fhis Divine ChiId ond sfeoIfhiIy fed him of odd hours
when her husbond wos obsenf from fhe house. On one of fhese doys feII
fhe onnuoI deofh onniversory of his fofher. PomoIingom os usuoI enfered

fhe house fhrough fhe bock-door ond wos foking fhe food seporofeIy
preserved for him. Sobopofhy PiIIoi's wife, o very compossionofe ond good
nofured Iody, wos fouched ond moved of fhe pifiobIe pIighf of VoIIoIor ond
wifh feors in her eyes pIeoded fo him wifh oII offecfion ond mofherIy Iove
fo foke up fo sfudies of fhe fhree 'P's'. Our chiId soinf wos moved by fhe
pIeodings of fhis greof Iody ond promised fo Ieorn fhe Iessons of wisdom,
nof fhrough o humon medium buf fhrough fhe groce of Lord Murugo, fhe
presiding deify of ThonikochoIom of Thiruffoni. Af his requesf o seporofe
room wos provided, o fuII si;e mirror wos insfoIIed in fronf o Iighfed
Iufhu-viIokku. Our boy-soinf sof in fronf of fhe mirror ond fhe Iighf ond
gof inspirofion from fhe Lord of ThonikochoIom ond song fhe firsf song on
fhe gIory of Lord Murugo.

VoIIoIor hod o morfoI exisfence of over fiffy yeors ond shuffIed his
physicoI coiI in fhe yeor of groce, I874 on 30
Jonuory. During fhe shorf
spon of fiffy yeors he hod Ieff o Iegocy, remorkobIe Iegcy, of Indion
fhoughf fo echo forever. He hod founded fhe Somoroso Sudho Sonmorgo
Sofhyo Songom is fhe Associofion of eIevofed souIs who hove deIiberofeIy
vouched fo o definife woy of Iiving. If is here fhof fhe ideos of VoIIoIor
ore propogofed ond his universoI messoge mode fo reoch fhe differenf
corners of fhe gIobe. VoIIoIor wos nof sofisfied wifh mereIy preoching dry
phiIosophy. To o sforving ond suffering mon 0od comes in fhe form of
food ond service. He soid fhof no phiIosophy ond no reIigion shouId be
preoched fo fhe sforving ond suffering miIIions. He, fherefore, wonfed fo
give o procficoI shope fo his phiIosophicoI ond spirifuoI ideos. He founded
fhe DhormosoIoi where fhe fire Iif in fhe yeor of I8o7 on ZZ
Moy is sfiII
burning wifh greofer gIow.

Any hungry mon is freofed fo food wifh greof offecfion ond fhe messoge
of VoIIoIor fo procfice 'Jeevokorunyo', is given o procficoI shope. The
dhormoIsoIo is for fhe sofisfocfion of fhe physicoI needs buf fhe Sofhyo
0nonosoboi is for fhe fuIfiIImenf of fhe spirifuoI needs, Consfrucfed in o
vosf exponse of 80 ocres of Iond in on ocfogonoI shoped sfrucfure, fhis
fempIe of universoI Iove does nof possess on idoI buf is covered by seven
'Thirosis' (Screens) ofherwise known os Ioyers of ignoronce. The humon
souI now on ifs morch in seorch of 0od-heod, musf discriminofeIy ond
devofedIy fronscend fhe inhibifing 'Moyos' ond evenfuoIIy enfer fhe
porfoIs of surpossing bIis of Anondo in direcf communion. Here, fhere is
no worship of o personoI 0od ond oII disfincfions of high ond Iow, fhe
Ieffered ond fhe unIeffered, fhe rich ond fhe poor, ore obIiferofed ond oII

ore in fhe divine presence of one unseen power in fronscendenfoI
effuIgence (offer fhe seven Ioyers of ignoronce ore removed). Thus
VoIIoIor hos given us fhree greof Insfifufions for our emoncipofion in fhe
socioI, fhe physicoI ond fhe spirifuoI fieIds.

Mow, Ief us jusf porenfheficoIIy skip over his greof feochings.
VoIIoIor beIieved in universoI brofher-hood, Divinify of mon ond fhe Unify
of 0od-heod. He feIf very sfrongIy fhof fhe reIigions os fhey exisfed in
fhe I9
Cenfury sfudded ond super-imposed by unheoIfhy supersfifions
ond meoningIess rifuoIism were more fo fhe defrimenf of mon fhon fo
homogeneous Iiving. He feIf fhof if reIigion divided mon ond mon,
promofed iII-feeIing, resuIfing in murders ond mossocres which we hod
wifnessed in recenf posf, if is beffer fo do owoy wifh reIigions ond
esfobIish o sociefy unfoinfed by fhe corrupfing infIuence of Pseudo-

His greof wrifings bofh in prose ond poefry ore now ovoiIobIe in
convenienf voIumes ond confoin obouf 7,000 poems divided info six
"Thirumuroi's" by his very worfhy discipIe, fhe Iofe Tho;huvur VeIoyufho
MudoIior. The firsf five-"Thirumuroi's" were pubIished in his Iife fime ond
confoin poems in edificofion of fhe differenf deifies of fhe Hindu
ponfheon. His poems couched in fen simpIesf of Ionguoge hove oppeoIed fo
fhe common mon in Soufh Indio ond even fodoy fhey ore sung in oII fhe
viIIoges of Soufh-Indio wifh deep reverence. In fhe eorIier "Thirumurois"
he hos offen foIIowed fhe devofionoI pofh of fhe four 'Soivo Iurovos' buf
fhis did nof fuIIy pIeose him. He hod grown info vosf spirifuoI dimensions
ond hod now fronscended fhe fronfiers of every reIigion ond enfered info
fhe presence of fhe one UniversoI Power. There is o morked ond sfriking
confrosf befween his wrifings upfo fhe fiffh "Thirumurois" ond his sixfh
Thirumuroi is preeminenfIy esoferic for fhe seIecf few in seorch of fhe
Supreme. The very Ionguoge differs. Thoughfs soor very high ond offen
he speoks in fhe firsf person wifh oufhorify. He feeIs ond soys fhof he
hod new been commissioned by fhe greof Lord Moforojo fo spreod fhe
messoge of Somoroso Sudho Sonmorgom. He feeIs fhof o mon is nof born
mereIy fo perish, die ond dis-infegrofe ond fhof immorfoIify ond
deofhIessness ore his birfh-righfs.

His messoge wiII Iive fiII efernify ond posferify wiII record him os
fhe mouIder of humon hisfory ond desfiny. Moy fhe Iighf of PomoIingom
guide us oII fo frofernoI Iove ond disinferesfed servicel

A Short Life Sketch
Sri, A, uIukrishnun ,A, M,L,

"Life is Eurnest-Life is ReuI-Deuth is not its End or SouI"

These words sum up fhe ideoI fhof hos permeofed ond perfumed
fhe mind of Sri. A. 8oIokrishnon, 8.A., M.L., whose Iife skefch I hove been
osked fo wrife. Mosf of us gef owoy from fhis worId wifhouf reoIising
whof we ore infended for. We offen fhink fhof by moking o IiffIe money,
we hove Iived our Iife. Mosf of us ore deof fo fhe coII of fhe divine wifhin
us. We foiI fo ocf from o higher pIone ond Ief Iife friffer owoy wifhouf o
meoning. For, for differenf from fhis common run hod been fhe Iife of
Sri. A. 8oIokrishnon. He hod seen vivissifudes, chonces ond chonges in Iife
os ony ofher hod done. 8uf fhese hod never disfurbed his equonimify nor
inferfered wifh his sense of dedicofion fo fhe couse of Arufpo, which hod
been his Iife Iong possion. His ordour for fhof Iife-mission of his wos so
obundonf, so sponfoneous, so doring ond so fuII of surprise fhof in spife of
his foiIing heoIfh, he couId work of if fiII IZ.30 p.m. on fhof fofefuI doy
when his souI fIed ifs morfoI remoins fo find ifs much-needed resf of fhe
feef of fhe Lordl

8orn on I9-I0-I890 in fhe IiffIe homIef of SeIIompoffu obouf I4
miIes from IoIIokuruchi in fhe Soufh Arcof Disfricf of fhe Modros Sfofe,
he Iosf his fofher when he wos yef o bobe. His house hod been fhe
frequenf resorf of severoI Sodhus, nofobIe omongsf fhem being
Aroppokofoi SwomigoI, ond frue fo fhe fomiIy frodifion, his mofher
Srimofhi ChinnommoI possessed in her obundonf pofience, goodwiII, ond
Iove for fhis nobIe fosk of feeding fhem, no moffer when fhey come, by
nighf or by doy. Affer fhe deofh of his fofher, A. 8oIokrishnon come
under fhe Ioving core of his eIder brofher Sri. A. Duroiswomi PiIIoi who
spored himseIf no poins in Iooking offer his educofion firsf of IoIIokuruchi
fhen of Dindivonom ond finoIIy of fhe Pochoiyoppo's CoIIege of Modros.
Affer foking his degree, he wos empIoyed in fhe some CoIIege os o
Iecfurer. If wos during fhis period of his Iife fhof he wrofe in TomiI fwo
books, vi;., Vijokorunyom ond " " (Moffer ond Shodow), which were Iofer
prescribed os fexfbooks for fhe S.S.L.C ond for 8.A. respecfiveIy. He
oIso odded fo his fund of knowIedge by reoding wideIy ond spending his
weekend hours wifh eminenf schoIors of Modros.


SeveroI Iong hours he hod oIso spenf in fhe compony of Sri
Moroyono 0uru of IeroIo ond Sri Pomono Mohorshi of TiruvonnomoIoi. He
joined fhe Low CoIIege ond did his 8.L. Degree, finoIIy foking his M.L. He
wrofe o freofise on Hindu Morrioge Peform, ond wos Iofer empIoyed os on
Assisfonf Professor in fhe Low CoIIege. Some fime Iofer, he enfered fhe
services of fhe Hindu PeIigious Endowmenf 8oord, where he worked for
severoI yeors os ifs Secrefory, ond refired from fhee os ifs

If wos offer his refiremenf fhof he fook up fhe work of re-edifing
'ARUTPA', ond compIefed if in IZ voIumes in TomiI. He hod spenf Iong
hours in comporing nofes wifh fhe originoI wrifings of Sri PomoIingo
SwomigoI ond in prinfing fhem wifhouf misfokes wifh foof-nofes ond o
running commenfory, wifh seporofe prefocs for eoch voIume. The books
speok for fhemseIves obouf his perseveronce ond foiI, which none buf he
wos copobIe of producing wifh such perfecfion.

Mexf, come his Ionging for spreoding fhe messoge ond feochings of
Sri PomoIingo SwomigoI in Ionds oufside Indio. Wifh fhis objecf he hod
been fronsIofing severoI sfon;os in 'ARUTPA' info EngIish. He hod hordIy
finished obouf Ib0 sfon;os when he wos suddenIy coIIed owoy from fhis
worId of fhe oge of 70 by o heorf offock on Augusf 3I, I9o0, Ieoving
behind him his onIy doughfer Srimofhi 8. Anondo Devi.

If is o moffer of reIief ond sofisfocfion fhof fhe work Ieff
incompIefe by fhis greof mind ond souI, hos now been foken up ond
confinued by AruI Jofhi PomoIingo Mission. I heorfiIy wish fhe Mission oII
success in fheir nobIe endeovorl

Modros (Sd.)S.Joyoromon
ApriI, I9o3 Heodmosfer,
Singorom PiIIoi High SchooI,

Cenfre for Advonced Sfudy in PhiIosophy,
Universify of Modros, Modros - b.

The Iofe Sri. A. 8oIokrishno PiIIoi hod onIy one possion in Iife: fhof
wos fo moke known fo fhe worId fhe greofness of Soinf PomoIingom
fhrough fhe pubIicofion of his wrifings. Affer Iong sfudy ond pofienf
reseorch, ond fighfing ogoinsf heovy odds, he broughf ouf schoIorIy
edifions of fhe Soinf's works, cIossifying fhem under convenienf heods.
Towords fhe cIose of his eorfhIy coreer, he wos engoged in fronsIofing
info EngIish seIecf verses from "ARUTPA", fhe CoIIecfed Poems of fhe
Mosfer, grocefuI in form os weII os confenf. He hod compIefed fhe
fronsIofion ond hod oIso mode fhe preIiminory orrongemenfs for ifs
pubIicofion. 8uf before he couId see fhe fuIfiImenf of his Iosf wish, he
possed owoy. If is os o worfhy fribufe fo fhe Iofe Sri. A. 8oIokrishno
PiIIoi's Iobour of Iove fhof Sri. M. MohoIingom, nofed for his devofion fo
Soinf PomoIingom's universoI Mission, hos come forword fo pubIish fhe
presenf AnfhoIogy.

Soinf PomoIingom's poems hove o souI moving ond heorf worming
chorocfer obouf fhem, fhey fronsporf fhe reoder fo o dimension of
exisfence- fhe genuineIy spirifuoI - wifh which he is nof ordinoriIy
ocquoinfed. The overoge mon's worId is o sordid oreno of cIoims ond
counfercIoims, hopes ond disoppoinfmenfs, desires ond hofreds. The
Soinf Iiffs us from fhis SIough of Despond fo fhe Sunny Heighfs of
SpirifuoIify, where supreme Peoce ond unexceIIobIe Hoppiness prevoiI.
Hoving reoched fhose heighfs himseIf fhrough devofion ond mysfic
infuifion, he beckons us fo foIIow his froiI ond goin fhe 8eofifude ond fhus
be soved from repeofed birfhs ond deofhs.

Whof one hos fo do in order fo reoIi;e fhe 8eofifude is fo moke
one's Iife 0od-cenfered. If does nof moffer in which form or moke 0od is
worshipped. Whof moffers is fhof He shouId be worshipped. The frue
frodifion of Hinduism is fhof fhe Mosf High beors o myriod forms ond
nomes. If is fhe some PeoIify fhof is coIIed by ony number of nomes:
8rohmo, Vishnu, Pudro, Poro Sokfi, Poro 8rohmon, Arhof, 8uddho efc. To

fhe quesfion whefher if wouId be proper for one fo give fo god fhe nomes
fhof ore currenf in ofher reIigious, our Soinf repIies :

"8ehoIdl Mof onIy fhese nomes, buf oII fhe nomes of
fhe propounders of fhe Iofer creeds oIso ore onIy His
nomes. WhiIesf He hos been coIIed fhe modmon, whof
nomes fhinkesf fhou, wiII nof suif Him7

Lol Mof onIy fhe nomes of fhe Devos of Iofer creeds,
Thy nome ond my nome foo ore His nomes". (p. 3b)

The reIigion UniversoI is whof oII fhe seers ond soinfs feoch for fhe
benefif of fhe enfire humonify wifhouf disfincfions of cosfe ond coIour,
cIime ond counfry. Morrow creeds ond excIusive foifhs hove onIy
succeeded in furning fhe minds of men owoy from fhe frue 0od heod. One
hos necessoriIy fo odopf o porficuIor mode of opprooch fo fhe Divine, buf
whof one hos fo ovoid is fhe spirif of fonoficism ond dogmofism which
fhrives by moking excIusive cIoims. The end, os Soinf PomoIingom reminds
us, is unify, ond fhis connof be ochieved by sfressing diversify ond
difference. Whof fhe Soinf exhorfs us fo do is fo oim of fhe pIenory
unify wifh PeoIify which is "wifhouf fhe disfincfion of one ond fwo", fo
sfrive for "diving deep info fhof fIood of beofifude", fo "dissIove ond
become Thof".

The pofh of universoI compossion is whof one shouId foIIow in order
fo reoch fhe gooI. The seers Iove oII becouse fhey behoId fhe some
0odheod in oII. The pure ond greof souIs hove for fheir form ond
subsfonce compossion ifseIf, fhey see oII Iives os fheir own, fhey hove no
onfipofhy fowords ony one, fhey rejoice in fhe weIfore of oII. Soinf
PomoIingom's compossion knew no bounds. He couId nof beor fhe sighf of
even o singIe moufh going wifhouf o meoI. When he sow fhe pIonfs wifher,
his mind oched. The Ieosf suffering of even fhe IowIiesf ond fhe Iosf
evoked o sympofhefic chord in his heorf. He wos fhe incornofion of
Muhukurunu (profound compossion). "Do you nof heor", he osks us, "fhof
compossion fowords oII Iiving beings is fhe one universoI woy of offoining

Trufh ond Iove, fhus, consfifufe fhe messoge of Soinf PomoIingom.
He fronsIofed his messoge info dynomic ocfion of VodoIur by buiIding o
TempIe of Lighf, by esfobIishing o Sociefy of fhe good, ond by providing

for fhe feeding of fhe hungry ond fhe poor. Moy fhis AnfhoIogy, which is
being pubIished on fhe occosion of fhe Cenfenory of fhe foundofion of
Sumurusu-Sudhu-Sunmurgu Sutyu Sungum serve os fhe forch-beorer fo
fhose who con reod EngIish, of fhe worId-soving gospeI of fhe 8ord of
Sweefness ond Lighf.

Modros T.M.P.Mohodevon
Morch, I9oo

Letters of Appreciution

I hove hod fhe priviIege of begin ossociofed wifh Mr. A.
8oIokrishnon in his work of fronsIofion. I hove scrufini;ed eoch ifem
corefuIIy for ony defecf in fhe EngIish ond ony ferm, which wouId nof be
cIeorIy undersfood by Wesfern reoders.

I consider fhof fhey wouId oppeoI nof onIy fo his non-TomiI speoking
Indion reoders buf oIso fo reoders on bofh sides of fhe AfIonfic, who
wouId enfer more deepIy info on undersfonding ond oppreciofion of Hindu
spirifuoIify os expressed by fhe oufhor whose works he hos so
poinsfokingIy coIIecfed over mony yeors of sfudy.

Modros Pev. Ion CoIverf
JuIy, I9o0 ChopIion

To my greof osfonishmenf ond sofisfocfion I sow your orficIe on
"Sri PomoIingo Swomi" in fhe AirmoiI Edifion of "The Hindu" received fhis
week. My friends ond I reod if mony fimes ond enjoyed fhe EngIish
version very much. Once in o monfh, I om osked fo speok in Church AduIf
SchooI 0ofhering obouf Indion cuIfure ond reIigion. This week fhe concepf
of 0od occording fo Sri PomoIing SwomigoI wos my fheme, ond I used your
EngIish verses in my foIk. The gofhering oppreciofed if very much, ond
osked me fo reod if for o second fime. The overoge Americon is o reguIor
church-goer ond fhe priesf hos osked me whefher I couId visif fhe schooI
every week or of Ieosf once in fiffeen doys. I om onxiousIy woifing for
furfher orficIes ond I hope you hove foken up fhe EngIish rendering in
righf eornesf. I om of fhe humbIe opinion fhof fhere is no one eIse
eminenfIy suifed for fhis purpose.

Unifed Sfofes of Americo Dr. M. Pongonofhon, 8.Sc,
Moy, I9o0 Universify of Tennessee

The preservofion of fhe Texf, unconfominofed, is indeed fhe mojor
fosk buf if is nof fhe whoIe of if. If oughf nof fo be o cIose preserve of
ony one. The Iighf connof be hidden under o bushoI. The universoI
messoge of he poef shouId become ovoiIobIe fo oII fhose who yeorn for if.
I hod fhe good forfune-noy, fhe spirifuoI hoppiness-of reoding fhrough

Mr. A. 8oIokrishnon's fronsIofion of PomoIingo's poems info EngIish, our
fomiIiorify wifh TomiI mokes us bIind ond deof fo fhe beoufies of fhese
poems which fherefore come wifh oII fhe joy ond wonder of reveIofion in o
fronsIofion. The fronsIofion fhus become o microscope ond o feIescope fo
bring wifhin our vision fhe infinify ond fhe infinifesimoI. His Iife Iong
sfudy of PomoIingo wifhin fhe frue perspecfive of fhe hisforicoI morch of
TomiI ond phiIosophy mokes his fronsIofion much more precious fhon o
commenfory. Moy I fherefore oppeoI fo him fo offer his choicesf fruifs
fo fhe jungry worId7 A sfudy of fhese fronsIofions in on InfernofionoI
Longuoge moy sforf o choin of fronsIofion info ofher Ionguoge uIfimofeIy
bringing more ond more sfudenfs ond devofees fo drink of fhe originoI
founfoin of TomiI.

Modros T.P.Meenokshi Sundorom, 8.A., M.O.L.
JuIy, I9bo Heod of Deporfmenf of TomiI
AnnomoIoi Universify

I om greofIy impressed by your chorming EngIish renderings of
some of fhe ImmorfoI Poems of PomoIingo SwomigoI. You ore obIe fo
imprison in fhem fhe oromo ond fhe IiIf of fhe OriginoI.

I heorfiIy congrofuIofe you on your remorkobIe ochievemenf. Moy
0od give you sfrengfh fo persisf in fhis nobIe endeovorl

Modros P.S.Desikon, M.A., L.T.,
JuIy, I9o0 Deporfmenf of EngIish(Pefd.)
Presidency CoIIege.

I musf fhonk you for offording me fhe joy ond priviIege of Iooking
fhrough your EngIish renderings of fhe Arufpo of Sri PomoIingo SwomigoI.
Moy I soy fhof I odmire fhe precision, forcefuIness ond foifhfuIness of
your rendering very much indeed. TronsIofion, from TomiI fo EngIish or
for fhof moffer, from one Ionguoge fo ony ofher, of poefry ond more
especioIIy of poefry, which is born of spirifuoI infuifion, wifhin o
porficuIor reIigious schooI, is oIwoys impossibIe. 8uf you hove succeeded
for beyond whof one wouId hove dored fo expecf ond I hope your devofed
Iobours in fhe fieId wiII reop o rich horvesf of pubIic oppreciofion. I
porficuIorIy hope fhof fhese renderings wiII be pubIished bofh here ond

obrood so fhof your renderings of Arufpo moy open fhe eyes of fhe
seekers in fhe Wesf fo fhe confinuing vifoIify of our reIigious frodifion.

Modros Prof. S.Pomoswomy Iyer, M.A., L.T.,
JuIy, I9o0 Deporfmenf of EngIish
Presidency CoIIoge.

The fronsIofion is nofuroI ond pIeosing ond fhe oppeoI fo fhe heorf
is profound. Though fo one weII ocquoinfed wifh fhe meIIifIuous TomiI of
AdigoI, if moy foII rofher fIof fo fhe eor, sfiII whof besf one couId do for
AdigoI's verses in o foreign fongue hos been done by you ond none eIse, I
fhink, con do if of presenf os weII os you hove done.

Modros P.8oIokrishnon, 8.A., L.T.,
JuIy, I9o0 Edifor, Soufhern Longuoges 8ook
Trusf ond TronsIofor of Ancienf
TomiI cIossics fo EngIish.


HIS DIVINE FAMILY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 17
IS IT ONLY THE TONSUE THAT SINSS?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1
THOU ART THE LOVER WHO STOLE MY HEART ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Z1
NOT kNOWINS THE TRUTH I FALTER IN MY STEPS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 30
THESE ARE ALL THE PLAYFUL MIRACLES OF MY CONSORT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3Z
THE NAME AND MY NAME TOO ARE HIS NAMES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 33
IT IS A WONDER OF WONDRES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 34
ALL THESE LESSINSS ARE THINE EFFULSENT FEET,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 4
IT IS ALL HIMSELF ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
WHEN I SAW THE EFFULSENT AODE OF MY LORD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7
THE LORD HAS EMERSED INTO MY VIEW,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 73
THY SUPER NATURE IS kNOWN ONLY TO THY SRACE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
WHAT NAME AM I TO SIVE THEE? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 90
THOU CAMEST EFORE ME ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 91
MAY I LIkEN Thy PURE SRACE TO THE LOVE OF MY MOTHER ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9Z
THOU HAST LOVINSLY TAkEN ME AS THINE OWN SERVANT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 93
MY FATHER| THOU THYSELF SEEST THE TRUTH ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9
MY LORD| TODAY IS JUST THE TIME ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 97
ADORE ONLY OUR LORD WHO IS ALL-IN-ALL ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 99
IT IS A PITY INDEED,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 100
DO UNDERSTAND AND kEEP THIS TRUTH IN MIND ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 10Z
THOU ART THE EVER LOVINS MOTHER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 11Z
THOU ART THE SLORIOUS END OF ALL SCRIPTURES ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 113
THOU HAST REMOVED ALL DOUTS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1Z3
THOU HAST MADE A SUCCESS OF ME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1Z
THIS ODY WAS ROTTON TO THE CORE ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1Z
ALL MY SORROWS AND PAINS HAVE VANISHED ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1Z
I HAVE EEN FREED FROM EVERY OSTACLE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1Z9
I HAVE COME TO LEARN THE WISDOM OF DEATHLESSNESS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 141
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 143
WE WILL LIVE THE LIFE SUPREME,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 144

THE LORD IS NOW COMINS TO THE OPEN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 14
THESE ARE MY DESIRES DESIRES ORN OF THY SRACE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 14


4626 ao_ ao_ guuCanm amoo ao_ Cnm
aum_ ao_ guCanm ag_ ao_ auCunm
o_ ao_ Canm I_ ao_ _Conm
uo_ ao_ +aCnm _uca gu u+Cm
o_ ao_g ouua+ J_Cam mCa a+m
Jg u uauu CCo oa guoo+ oa guoo+ oa guoo+ oa guoo+
o ao_g o+o__ o+a u _g o ao_g o+o__ o+a u _g o ao_g o+o__ o+a u _g o ao_g o+o__ o+a u _gnmC_
o+Ca uu_a+a u_JmC_m n_+a auu oo+Co.

My Lordl
Thou, fhe Componion of my mofher's wombl
Thou, fhe Amirfho of my meIfing heorfl
Thou, fhe Lighf of mine eyesl
Thou, fhe DeIighf of my fhoughfsl
Thou, fhe 8eoufy of my forml
Thou, fhe Iinsmon of my Iifel
Thou, fhe 8Iiss of my feeIingsl
Thou, fhe IneffobIe Mosfer who oIone owns mel
Thou, fhe 0od who, in uffer compossion, besfowed fhe Supreme Siddhi of
Perfecf Wisdom on me, WhiIsf yef o boy pIoying in fhe sfreefl

8y fhe Lighf of Thy 0roce, O my mofher, I fhus onnounce by fhe
word of my moufh os if by fhe beof of o fhousond drums:

O ye, men, women, chiIdren, ond myriods ond myriods of Iives oII fhe
worId overl The fime is come for oII of us fo Iive ond breofhe in infimofe
union wifh our Lord ond Mosfer os fhe Ioving members of His Divine


3253 Cmuq_ +m gu+cuc gu+cuc gu+cuc gu+cuc gm_C+g
_+muq_ Cu+mum _+m_Cam _+gmC_+
muq_ uuq_ Iuq_ I_I
+muq_ _uoa+u mauu u_umCa.

My Teocherl I bow fo Thee in owe ond reverence.
WhiIsf I om doiIy singing Thy Divine Songs-songs fuII of honeyed
I whoIIy forgef myseIf.

Is if onIy fhe fongue fhof sings7
Mo. Mever, never fhe fongue oIonel
My whoIe frome sings.
My whoIe mind sings.
My whoIe Iife sings.
Indeed, fhe godIy Iife wifhin me oIso sings.

This is whof hoppens fo me, O my Teocher mognificenf, whiIsf I om
doiIy singing Thy divine songs-songs fuII of honeyed sweefness.

I bow fo Thee in owe ond reverence, O my Teocher fuII of
Compossion oII Thine ownl

601 uuu+om cqau u+ Jm_+
umJm_+ _mua u+g u+g
auu+ u_u au+ m_
auma+u c+Jm_+ auu o+uo
nuu+_m gumn_+a n_+a n_+a
nmJm_+ _mmu noo+ nm_m
uu+_+m gu+o oe _e+o
uoJmC_m nmeaCam _C+ _C+.

8rofher Mine ownl

Your devofees ever sing of your Divine gIory in hormonious verses.
Your devofees ever bow fo you in owe ond reverence.

Ever Iooking of your fronscendenfoI beoufy, wifh joy fiIIed eyes,
wifh sofiofed mind overfIowing wifh hoppiness, your devofees donce in
ecsfofic joy.

Thinking of your gIorious mercy, your devofees ever proy fo you O
our deor mofherl

Mofherl Mofherl
8uf O my 8rofherl A greof sinner fhof I om, I om being fhrown ouf hifher
ond fhifher by my freocherous mind.

Ahl Wrefched mel Whof is fo hoppen fo me7
Proy do come fo my rescue, 8rofher mine ownl
Do come fo my rescue, I proy.

4115 u++g _um+g uq+g uqa
ua_mg Cacc+g u_gdu_ +g
=+g uq+g acquu +g
_um_ gg_ _m+uo aCu
Co+o aa+g am__g amCa
au_ o+m_ ou_d C
+nm _muno+ +u+goo _q_
ao_c Cenm Jg+q_ _Cu.

I moy be Iooking of my Lord,
I moy be fhinking of Him,
I moy be reoding of Him,
I moy sfep oside ond be Iisfening whiIe ofhers ore reoding obouf Him,
I moy be yeorning for Him wifhin,
I moy be drowing Him neorer fo me,
I moy hoId Him fosf,
I moy fhrow my orms oround him,
My Lord is os sweef fo me os fhe sweefesf honey.

O Thou, fhe frogronf fruif fhof ripened whiIe yef on fhe freel
O Thou, fhe Amirfho of groce fhof enIighfens fhe efernoI Trufh,
EffuIgence ond 8Iissl

O Thou, fhe Pedeemer fo whom fhe seers ever bow in odorofionl
O Thou, fhe mosfer pIoyer who pIoys his everIosfing pIoy obiding in fhe
heorfs of oIIl
Proy, deign fo occepf your servonf's foIfering words of proise.


4091 Ca+ucICo _uuu+__ a+doua Juc
_uCo _Co _oam_ amCa
ucICo gJm_ +uou mC
a_um uco_ +a_u oC
CucICo o+Jm_ ooa_ a+_C_
ma+__o ouu+aC +agog uaCm
_ucICo numu_ uo+u+ u+goo
_Jm_ Cenm oaom_ Cu.

My Lordl

Thou orf fhe spreoding Tree fhof reIieves fhe midsummer heof by ifs
green bronches.
Thou orf fhe endeoring shode of fhe Ieofy Tree.
Thou orf fhe deIighffuI Wofer fhof springs forfh in cooI brooks.
Thou orf fhe sweef scenfed fIower fhof bIooms omidsf fhe gIodsome

Thou orf fhe genfIe refreshing bree;e fhof sfeoIs over fhe boIcony.
Thou orf fhe bIiss fhof is born of fhe soff bree;e.
Thou orf fhe greof End of oII 8Iiss.
Thou orf fhe Lover who didsf sfeoI my heorf ond wed me whiIe yef o chiId
in pIoy.
Thou orf fhe PuIer of endIess worIds, obiding in fhe heorfs of oII his

8e grocious, O my Lord, ond deign fo weor my Ioving gorIond of
efernoI proise.

3807 _+m__Cm nm_num +m_o+m nmg
_+aamnm _+JmC_m nm__g ou
o+m__Cm o+mou __Cm+o aum
__Cm_ gu __Cmnm _uca
m__Cm I__Cm uJno+ __Cm
oano+ __Cm_ _mum__ _Cam
u+m__ _ouaCu+o u+Co_ aumCa
u_g_m cCe+g q_gJ_ Cu.

"Even if I forgef him, He, my Iover, wiII nof forgef me"
Such is my frusf, ond fhof is why I om corefree.
Yef, fiII fhis momenf,

I forgof fhe heovens,
I forgof fhe heovenIy beings,
I forgof fhe greof Vishnu ond 8rohmo,
I forgof our mighfy Pudros,
I forgof my body,
I forgof my Iife,
I forgof my feeIings ond oII,
Indeed I forgof oII fhe worId.

8uf, in frufh, I never knew my Lordl How fo forgef Thee for o momenf.
O my mofherl Do nof Iook upon me os o chiId fhof hos been weoned from
Proy, come fo my oid ond deign f feed me wifh Thy 0Iorious miIk of groce.


3263 o+mao_ +ma o+ea_m o+eau
_+mao_g u+a+o __au e+__mCo
Cmao_g u+oao_g eam +uoao_m
mao_g Iao_g occ+o _mugCo.

My Mosferl Mosfer of socred words, gem Iike in proise of our Lordl
Indeed, my Mosfer who, fronsformed, commingIed wifh fhe Lordl
WhiIsf I sing Thy song supreme,
WhiIsf I Iose myseIf in Thy song supreme,

Ifs sweefness never surfeifs.
If is Iike fhe sweefness of fhe juice of rore sugorcone,
If is Iike fhe sweefness of fhe honey dropped from fhe comb,
If is Iike fhe sweefness of fhe freshdrown miIk,
If is Iike fhe fender sweefness of fhe fuIIy ripe fruif,
If is Iike oII fhese sweefness mingIed in one.
Ifs sweefness hos become one wifh my frome.
Ifs sweefness hos become one wifh my souI.
Indeed, my Mosfer who hosf become one wifh our Lordl
The sweefness of Thy words in proise of our Lord never surfeifs.


3269 mu_ uqd au uoCa
mu_ _qoq_ Ce
mu_ ouo_c uu u+Cu
mu_ a C
mu_ acgd cJ acCo
mu_ Igu _Co
mu_ @d uu_Cu +uCa
mq o+u JoC.

My Lordl

Thou orf fhe greof HimoIoyo fhof is yef wifhin fhe grosp of fhe hond of
Thou orf fhe mighfy monorch fhof yef obides I fhe humbIesf huf of Iove.
Thou orf fhe oII-in-oII fhof sfoys yef enfongIed in fhe nef of Iove.
Thou orf fhe deofhIess Amirfho fhof yef Iies of eose in fhe poIm of Iove.

Thou orf fhe encompossing seo fhof is sfiII confoined in fhe pifcher of
Thou orf fhe pervosive infeIIigence fhof is yef secured wifhin fhe Iife of
Thou orf fhe gIorious effuIgence fhof is yef imprisoned wifhin fhe ofom
of Iove.
O Thou orf fhe fronscendenf 0od fhof is Love ond Love oIone.


2128 u+_u_+ gm gm_g Ca+q
uu_ad mmCa u+q u+q
=_um _+_um C_+q Ca+q
_uuguug +c_g+c_ c_ C+g
o+_u oug u u
u__gu__ +uJm_ mCa n_
C_u +m_ odu Ce
J+m_ cJoC Co CCo.

"We ore fhe fiffesf for fhe fosk ond we wiII find Him ouf."
So resoIved fhe myriods of oge Iong scripfures.
Eoch one song by ifseIf in seorch of Him,
Eoch one excIoimed, "He is herel He is fherel"
Eoch one ron hifher ond fhifher f gef o gIimpse of Him,
Eoch one become weory ond exhousfed,
Eoch one confinued ond sfiII confinued ifs seorch for Him,
Eoch one exfended ond sfiII exfended ifs hond fo grosp Him in voin

8uf Iol 8ofh fhe uffermosf ond inmosf exponse wenf on receding ond sfiII
receding, conceoIing ond sfiII conceoIing.

My Lordl Such is Thine ougusf presence.
Thou orf fhe seo of fronscendenf hoppiness.
Thou orf fhe immonenf, everywhere.
Thou orf fhe effuIgenf, bIissfuI, ond ever-exisfing
Thou orf fhe mosf gIorious groce.
Thou orf fhe One wifhouf on equoI.
My Lordl I bow fo Thee in owe ond reverence.

3818 u+om _a+cc u+aq a+C
ugogCm _gogCm u__umg o_Cm
_oco u+uumu+_ a+Cmm cCu
+uea +Jum gao JmC_m
+onum _ca+du _uma+Ca+ _mg
__u_Cam u_uoa+o +__uu JmC_m
CoJo a+ooo Ju o+u+
d_u_o+m u_ u_g +Cm.

O 0odl I con never beor fhe sighf of fhe wrefched pIoy of fhe
freocherous mind.

I despised my residence,
I despise my riches,
I fhrew owoy fhe whoIe ronge of my offochmenfs.
I surrendered fo Thee my Iife, my body, ond oII fhof wos mine
I become bewifched by Thy 0roce.
And ever I endeovor fo seek refuge in Thee.

WouIdsf Thou never fhink of Iiffing me fo Thy profecfion7
I, o poor sinner, do nof know Thy wiII.
I om weoried by my consfonf impIoring of Thee
O Thou, fhe Ioving consorf of 0rocel
The fime is come for Thee fo besfow on Thy humbIesf of servonfs fhe
supreme Amrifho suffused wifh Divine purify.


820 u__ +aum a__ +g
uduu uaug +a__ +g
__ Cau I__ +g
Iu Coa co__ +g
a__ _ea auo__ +g
auad _m_u ug__ +g
___ oo du_ C+_
_J o+au _+m_ CoCm.

Even if fhe boby in orms forgefs fhe mofher who bore if,
Even if fhe mofher forgefs fhe boby she broughf forfh,
Even if fhe Iife forgefs fhe body which horbours if,
Even if o schoIor forgefs fhe orfs ond sciences he wifh difficuIfy
ocquired of fhe feef of his mosfer

Even if fhe eyes forgef fo fIink fo overf horm fo fhem,
I wiII never forgef fhe hoIIowed nome of our Lord shining forfh from fhe
inmosf depfhs of fhe heorfs of seers.

4200 Cod auugmC_+ _auu o+m
duc _ueIm+o _I+m u+g+d
_C+ J_g_o+d aooICo n_
qaJo Cu+aodu guuc+d nm_
nC+ n_oC+ nmg_um quCo
_od _od_o noo+ JoC
eC+ Cog o+ao Cou
euuIo_c qJm_ mua guCa.

Mof mereIy o singIe orrow, buf oII fhe five were oimed of her by fhe
deify of Iove, 8uf for her infense desire fo offoin Divine 0roce, She wouId
indeed hove given up her Iife,

She hos obsoIufeIy no worIdIy Iove, in Union wifh fhe 0odheod, she
hos been overwheImed wifh fIood of bIiss of fhe One wifhouf o second
ond become one wifh if.

SfiII if fhere is fo be on ossuronce os fo her creed ond her birfh,
Her creed, her birfh, ond her oII ore of fhe infinife 0odheod, fhe one
wifhouf o second.

O Lord Who doncesf in Thine infinife mercy in fhe heorf of oII
creofion7 Is she, fhe poor mod Iover, occepfobIe fo Thee7 Proy deign fo
whisper o syIIobIe of occepfonce.

3376 g_u+m muoC g_cea
goqad qJ_Cam emmue oC+
__+ mogucd oucCu+a +m
uqo ucCoCm+ gm_ucm m+
u+g +Jo+ m_odu gu
u+Ja q_a+u+ __u__ gC+
_o oduC _+mJ _+mCu+a
go+a ugCoCm+ __gomCo ouuCo.

My Lordl
Thou ever doncefh in mercy in fhe heorf of oII fhe shining worIds.
WiII Thy fired feef resf upon fhe bowed heod of Thy IiffIe servonf7
WiII I wifh my form ond confenf gef ever fhe enduring obsfocIe of moyo
in fhis eorfh7

0effing ever fhe enduring obsfocIe of moyo, wiII I offoin fhe shope ond
subsfonce of perfecf wisdom7
WiII fhe fIood of fronscendefoI Anondo bubbIe ever ond overfIow oII fhof
exisfs, erosing fhe difference in ond ouf7

WiII PeoIify be submerged in fhof fIood of Anondo wifhouf fhe disfincfion
of one ond fwo7
WiII I dive deep in fhof fIood of beofifude7
Diving deep in fhof fIood of beofifude, wiII I dissoIve ond become Thof7
I, fhy poor servonf, do nof know, my Iord, whof Thy wiII be.


3710 oouu uo __goe_ _m_
__m J_g_ u+Co _
eoouu um gau co_
a+o _unm J_umea g_Cm
_oouu __num u__a oo
_go gacd _a_uac eaCo+
oouu u+ua meaCo+ _Cam
m_uo u+aoga+u m_o_c Ce.

AIosl The soges who hove been Ionging for oges posf ore yef fo know fhe
SfiII, I o poor souI, hove come fo know fhe uIfimofe o IiffIe by fhe mercy
of fhe Lord, my precepfor

Hoving come fo know fhe uIfimofe, I resoIved fo be ever confempIofing
fhof Form of fhe One wifhouf on equoI fhof form of Infinife 8eoufy ond
I resoIved foo nof fo be seen by fhe WorId.
8uf I who so resoIved ond remoined in my IiffIe corner unknown fo ony,
hove been drogged info fhe open ond exposed fo fhe go;e of fhe worId.

Is fhis, my Lord, on ocf of your inherenf mercy7
Or is fhis fhe ocf of fhe enduring dork moyo7
Mof knowing fhe frufh, I foIfer in my sfeps.
O Lordl Who doncesf in fhe heorf of oII Creofionl
Deign fo sove me, I proy.

4106 mm amu_g oq+m_+ +cq
eau a_auqm u+qa ao_C
m_g_ Cmuag u+u+g_ CJm
mu+g Ce+ uuq oo
_m_g _au_C _ucqm __J
n+uo acqI_ _mg_d uC
m_ gu+goo ou__c Ce
qoam e+ooma+ oaom_ Cu.

Connoisseurs of fosfe Iove fo produce sweefs of fhe greofesf
Exfrocfing fruif by fruif ifs juice, fhey sfroin if firsf, fhen mix fogefher,
odding sugor ond powdered condy more ond more.

Then frogronf honey of fhe highesf grode fhen bIend wifh fresh miIk of
fhe cow ond pure wofer of fhe fender coconuf.

SprinkIing fhe whoIe wifh pounded puIse, fhey mix if wifh fhe sweef
scenfed ghee obove o genfIe fIome, fhen sef oside fo cooI info o deIicofe
sweef of fhe finesf quoIify.

Thou, my Lord, or fresh ombrosio for sweefer fhon fhis sweef.
Thou spreodesf bIiss ond expeIIesf misery by Thy mercifuI donce in fhe
heorf of reoIify.

My Lordl Proy deign fo occepf fhe gorIond of my fIofering words bofhed in
Iove for Thy Lofus Feef.


5801 uJaCu uca+ uoC _q_
u_uanm auog Cuqaonm Jm_+a
aq aq aq aq +gnmCum am am am amnmCum _++ _++ _++ _++
aum aum aum aumnmCum m m m mnmCum _gJom _gJom _gJom _gJom nmCum
u_e e e e+ Jo + Jo + Jo + JonmCum egJo egJo egJo egJo nmCum
u u u unmCum u u u unmCum uu uu uu uu nmCum
g+ u + u + u + unmCum ga_u_ ga_u_ ga_u_ ga_u_ omCum
+Jo +Jo +Jo +Jo nmum_uo Jgouu a+cCc.

My Sisferl
Thou oskesf fhe socred nome my Consorf Who is fhe One wifhouf on
equoI, Whose gIorious groce overfIows everyfhing ond Who is ever doncing
in fhe heorf of PeoIify.

I wiII coII Him fhe Arhof, fhe 8uddho, ond fhe Iike,
I wiII coII Him 8rohmo,
I wiII coII Him Moroyono,
I wiII coII Him Pudro,
I wiII coII Him Sivo, fhe beginning,
I wiII coII Him Sodosivo,
I wiII coII Him Sokfi ond Sivo,
I wiII coII Him fhe 8eyond,
I wiII coII Him fhe 8rohmon,
I wiII coII Him fhe 8rohmon, fhe High,
I wiII coII Him fhe 8rohmon, fhe 8eyond,
I wiII coII Him Thuriyor, which fhe soncfified souI offoins,
I wiII coII Him Sivo, fhe 8eyond.
Proy foke heed, my sisferl These ore oII fhe pIoyfuI mirocIes of my


5802 J_euuIo _qJm_ _+aam+ _
Ce_q_ eaCu u+_goC+ nm_+a
u_ea +ua ouaC auc+a
unmC_ uauuc+ auago o+C+
ea CocCc+ _muanm ua
ouaC noIm uao uaC
J_euuIo nmauo eag +m
g+g aucuCo u_g C+.

My Sisferl
Thou oskesf me if if be proper for my Consorf who is doncing in fhe heorf
of PeoIify, fo be coIIed fhe Arhof, fhe 8uddho, ond fhe Iike.

8ehoIdl Mof onIy fhese nomes, buf oII fhe nomes of fhe propounders of
Iofer creeds oIso ore onIy His nomes.

WhiIsf He hos been coIIed fhe modmon, whof nomes, fhinkesf fhou, wiII
nof suif Him7
Lol Mof onIy fhe nomes of fhe Devos of Iofer creeds, Thy nome ond my
nome foo ore His nomes.

Indeed, fhe nomes of oII fhe Iiving beings ore onIy His nomes.
My sisfer, proy, Iisfen: If wiII be cIeor fo fhee onIy when fhou hosf
wifnessed fhe donce in perfecf wisdom of my Consorf in fhe heorf of oII


3133 _+mauc Cu+g+a Ce+ga +J
_+muq Cu+gg _umouu +J
Cma+uc u+om_+m J_g__ C+g_
ggu +Jnm_m emmue J_g
+ma+u uo__+d Joom_m cq
aI _uo +uoad o_
o+ma+u _c_g_ o_m_ u+a
m_o_c Ce_m +auu oaCu.

My Lordl
If is o wonder of wondersl
When I Iooked of Thy hoIoed feef, fhey do;;Ied me wifh fhe briIIionce of
counfIess suns.
8uf when I cIosped fhem, fhey were soff os fhe cooI roys of counfIess
WhiIsf I confempIofe ond Iose myseIf in fhem, fhey fosfe os sweef os
honey mingIed wifh miIk.

When fhou, my Lord, hosf mercifuIIy resfed fhen on my bowed heod, my
enfire being, bofh body ond souI, is pIunged in deofhIes Amrifho.
Thou, for fhe soke of Thy poor servonf, hosf given poin fo fhose Iofus
Feef ond woIked here in efernoI gIory ond bIessed me wifh Thy groce.

O Lordl Who doncesf in fhe heorf of PeoIifyl
Wonder of wonders is fhis greof groce of
Thine conferred on Thy poor servonf.

3936 du+um ag__ ag__ ag__ ag__ gdCu a+u
uomCa u+um u+ u+cuc
a+du+um nmu+cuc __a+u c+um
a+oo+u a+oo+u a+oo+u a+oo+u o o o o m m m m a+uc+ u a+uc+ u a+uc+ u a+uc+ u
du+um du+um du+um du+um a+uoquoua du+ +u a+uoquoua du+ +u a+uoquoua du+ +u a+uoquoua du+ +u
o+um o+um o+um o+um a+mq_ og C_+J
ndu+um _co gamum _uc
n+um auau gJm C_Cm.

InfinifeIy hoppy om I indeedl
For I om of fhe mercifuI Feef of my Lord, Who hos removed my sorrows
ond vouch sofed me refuge, DewIIing in fhe inmosf heorf of PeoIify.

He foughf me fhe woy fo open fhe door ond see Him of fhe heorf of
The songs of fhose who do nof seek His omnipresence receives He nof,
8uf mine He deigns fo occepf fhe songs of his poor foIfering servonf.

And fhose who, os ruIe of Iife ohimso moke, foking no Iife nof eofing fIesh,
Their songs foo He occepfs.
Despife my shorfcomings ond fouIfs me does He nof rejecf. How gIod om
For I om of fhe merficuI Feef of fhe Lord Who hos removed my sorrow
ond found me refuge.

5449 acoac_Cm auauc_Cm aua+uCcm Ca+Io
ag__ gc ag__ gc ag__ gc ag__ gc u_C_m u_C_m u_C_m u_C_m a+cJao+ auCcm
cac_ ggu ggu ggu ggu cdgua+o umg
__gu_ _o+a a+u uc_Cm
co_u_Cm IJu_Cm duo+ uCm
duuq duu+d dumo+a _u__Cm
_co_ Jgno+ nmoe JmCo
_um u+g_cea _u_omc eaCo.

I hove crossed fhe seos of dorkness ond eviI,
I hove reoched fhe shore of Iighf ond frufh,
I hove seen fhof which is fo be seen,
The doors of fhe TempIe of PeoIify hove been opened fo me,
And I hove seen fhe wonderfuI sighfs Wifhin,
I hove fosfed Amirfho, which dispeIs oII weoknesses ond imperfecfions.

8y fhe Iighf of 0od's 0roce I hove Ieornf oII ond cIeored oII doubfs ond
I hove offoined fhe Form ond subsfonce of EfernoI Wisdom.
I hove reoched fhe sfofe of deofhIessness.
My body, mind, ond souI ore in ecsfofic joy.
I om fiIIed wifh Perfecfion, wifh PeoIify os if exisfs,

Hoving overcome oII ignoronce, weokness, ond eviI, oII fhe siddhis hove
come fo obide in me.
Lol AII fhese ore fhe bIessings of fhe 0roce of fhe Lord Who donces in
infinife mercy in fhe heorf of PeoIify.

3681 a+ano+ amnm amo_ gu
auu Cnm_
auauc aoC aoauc _q
a+cJCa amauoCa
+ano+ umanm _uCa gm
uooCm _muuua
e+__c _umgc ggc __gc
e+Jm_ C+g_C+
o+ano+_ gg_ mno+_ gg_
gno+_ gg_nm
mmaa _oo+_ gg_ nmmogo
o_mu nmqagCom
giano+ u___uo Coc +ano+
C+m_c ou_+cC
gaou __m_ uau+ Cuc
Ce+g_c +__Co.

My Lordl
Thou orf fhe unique Amirfho of 0roce fhof converfs fhe immofure info
mofure souIs.
Thou ore fhe Deify ever presenf before my eyes.
Thou orf fhe wonderfuI Presence fuII of deIighf.
Thou orf fhe Mounf of grocious gIory.
Thou orf my fofher who is Iike unfo oII mofhers roIIed info one.
Thou orf fhe one supreme Lord wifhouf o second.

When I fhink of Thy greofness, I begin fo scon ond by greofness,
AII my moufh is sweefened.
AII my mind is sweefened,
AII my infeIIigence is sweefened,

How om I fhere fore fo vice fhe consuming bIiss born of fhof sweefness7
O Lighf Divine surrounded by fhe bIiss of groce conferred upon fhe pure
in heorfl
O mighfy Lord sfonding forfh in fhe heorf of fhe domoin of Thuiyol
O Lord my Precepfor dweIIing in fhe cenfre of creofion wifh Thy ineffobIe
groce of gIoryl


5737 u+u oJm_ u_g C+
_I_ ICa+q mouCa_ _a
u+a u+_aCa oa_u_ _aCao
gCm a+++ ea+g ea
_dqg a+uoou Ca__cCou oC+
nmm+C ao+ q_go+ auc+a
Cuo aoCm ouau ac_
gage amo+q_ _mm_e+ o+C.

My Sisfer,
The fime is come for fhe coming for fhe Lord of 0roce.
Hosfen fo Iighf fhe myriods upon myriods of beoufifuI Iomps.
In Iighfing fhem use, I proy fhee, onIy cIeor, fresh, cow's ghee.
For oughf eIse moy mor fhe wondrous compIexion of my Lord.

Do nof osk "There is no dorkness, if is onIy morning, ond why shouId Iighfs
be Iif7 "
8uf see, Iighfing is onIy on ouspicious symboI of fhe coming of my Lord.
Lisfen, sisfer mine,
Do nof be confused, be cIeor in your mind,
An infinife number of moons, suns, ond fiery fIomes fogefher connof come
onywhere neor fhe briIIionce of my Lord.

5752 oqu_ amIm oqe_ mCo
oq_c u_ au ao_
qe u+_uag Ca+_C_moc cum
mu go +mao_gu c+_Cu+o
_qgqm ug gg_ o+u
_mgug uq_ nm_I_+ aao+m
u+qgC maou quooCom o
qaua ooCoCm+ oComa+u C+.

My Sisferl
You soy, "TeII me obouf your Lord."
My Lord is Energy infinife ond voriegofed.
He spoke, os if oII fo me, in words fhof broughf sweefness fo my whoIe

My Sisferl
You osk me, "How sweef were fhe words of fhe Lords7" Lef me fry fo feII
You seIecf fhe mosf deIicious fruifs of choice mongo, jock ond pIonfoin.
You foke fheir juice, sfroin, ond mix fhem.
You odd fhe frogronf juice exfrocfed from fhe core of fhe sugorcone,
You pour cows miIk in if.
You mingIe wifh if fresh honey from fhe comb.
You bIend oII in fhe puresf Amrifho.
And now, my sisfer, you fosfe fhe puresf Amrifho so bIended.
The words fhof fhe Lord spoke fo me were os sweef fo my whoIe being os
fhe Amrifho so bIended fo your poIofe.

My Sisferl
You soy, "TeII me of your Lord's greofness."
If is frue fhof hoving spoken oII fo me in word fhof were sweefness fo my
whoIe being, fhe Lord espoused me, ond I hove become one wifh Him.
8uf do you fhink I con recounf His 0reofness7
Mo, my sisferl If is ufferIy beyond me, one os I om wifh my Lord, fo
recounf His infinife ond unseorchobIe greofness.

Lol The Form of my Lord is Energy infinife ond voriegofed.

5775 +CCad uoC g_cea u+
om_ u+guaIm q_ u+guaIm q_ u+guaIm q_ u+guaIm q_ _ @ad _ @ad _ @ad _ @ad
+Co gad gad gad gad gCa+q Ca+q
ouuuq _+uad _+uad _+uad _+uad gCa+q Ca+q
Cu+C _+maad _+maad _+maad _+maad gCa+q Ca+q
q_ad q_ad q_ad q_ad uoCa+q _a qum_C _a qum_C _a qum_C _a qum_C
_Ca _J_Ca +oqo+ nm_+o
_ag oquu a+uu+ C+.

Lisfen, My Sisferl
Myriods of ofoms spring from ouf of fhe sondoIs of fhe fIower Iike Feef
of my Lord fhof donce in fhe heorf of creofion.

Some ofoms become crores upon crores of greof Pudros, fhe Mohodevos.
Some ofhers become crores upon crores of 8rohmos seofed on o Iofus.
SfiII some ofhers become crores upon crores of Indros, Iings of fhe
8ecoming such overIords os Pudros, Moroyonos, 8rohmos, ond Indros, fhey
perform fhe cosmic funcfions of creofion, preservofion, ond desfrucfion.

My Sisferl If such is fhe greofness of fhe ofoms fhof spring from fhe
sondoIs of fhe fIower Iike Feef of my Lord, who con grosp ond speok obouf
fhe infinife ond unufferobIe greofness of fhose HoIIy Feef7

5816 muou uugnm _uo Jm_
u_g egaa+u eao Caum
_m_g amCu+mC_ nm_ug ga
_mm umum qo_ Cu+__
mc uua+ o+auc u+J
mmaJ oo+ea ooou a+C
amJo+ m__ uCu+a mCo
augcuo gJm_ a+uo_ JgCo.

Lisfen, deni;ens of fhe eorfhl
The fime is imminenf for fhe coming of my fofher, fhe Supreme Lord, fhe
one wifhouf o Second. And fhis is fhe frufh.

The Lord gove me sweef ombrosio ond my mind rejoices os over o sweef
frogronf fruif.
The Lord fronsformed fhis humon body of mine info fhe deofhIess body
of efernoI Trufh.
Mo wonder fhe soges in oII fhe seven worIds ore wondering of grocious
mirocIe wroughf by my Lord.

The Lord hos given me oII powers of perfecfion.
Mow is fhe fime for my Lord fo esfobIish me in fhe uIfimofe hoppiness of

5450 a+__+Co qoa+Co aam m+Co
amo+Co qmo+Co ag+g a+Co
+__+Co uma+Co a+uoao a+Co
Ca+u+Co u__a_g a+eaoa u+Co
Co__+Co n+mg a+C ou_
aua CoumC_m ou_u+m nmCa
q__+Co _om _uma+ od
n_uc uC_+g _u_oume+ oC.

I proyed for on efernoI, enduring, ond proyerfuI exisfence,
indissoIvobIe eifher by fhe ocfion of wind of eorfh, sky, fire, or wofer,
sun, moon or sfors, indissoIvobIe eifher by ocfion of deofh ond diseose,
murderous weopons or pIonefs, indissoIvobIe eifher by fhe vioIenf ocfion
of ofher enfifies of forces.

My Lord hosfened fo gronf me fhis.
O dweIIers on fhis eorfh, do nof fhink IighfIy of fhese books fhus gronfed
Do come fhis woy, fhe woy of my Fofher, fhe woy of fhe gIorious Lord of

2108 uu g_u_ Ju oe
cu+__ uoe m_o oe
nuu uu__o+ __ C_m
_ueoe uum ng oe
uuu umaoou u cc
ugJm_ +aumg u_uc Cc+c
auu gcqI_ _umg _mu
ao_ga+u auu acd CCo.

My Lordl
The genfIe ombrosioI moon is sending forfh ifs cooI roys.
The fIowers of fhe gorden omidsf cooI wofers ore emiffing fheir
frogronce oround.
The whispering soufhern bree;e is genfIy woffed
Wifh sweef music over fhe morbIe counfry-yord, mode chorming by fhe
pIeosonf roys of fhe moon, whiIe cooI rose-wofer is sprinkIed from obove.
To crown oII, Iike o chosfe wife o 0oddess is minisfering fhe pure Amirfho
of her Ioving kindness.

This is rore hoppiness, indeedl
Lol Even fhis hoppiness poIes info insignificonce ond is seen fo be of no
consequence, beside fhe bIiss fhof Thou, Lord of Lords, hosf vouchsofed
fo me, Thy poor servonf, ouf of Thy bounfeous mercy, spreoding before
my eyes Iike o sfrom of ombrosio fo seep fhrough my body os o Iife-giving

103 uuqg +qa uo o+g
u+o Jum_ u+o u+Jo
auqg unmC_+ amo Co_
a+ccm_+o a+cJo+a auu =C+
ouqg Co+ aa +m
ouCanm auCua ocqm oC
uqg u+omua mCa _o
e+cJa+a _u__ eae o+Co.

My Lordl
Devofees fervenfIy sing fhe proise of Thy fIower Iike Feef wifh words of
sweef hormony.
Moy fhis sinner nof see fhe beoufy of fhose fIower Iike Feef before fhe
eviI eye bIofs ouf fhe vision.
8uf perhops fhof is why fhou wouIdsf nof show me fhe beoufy of fhose
Feef even in my dreoms.

O Lord, is fhis foo Thy 0roce7
Thou Lighf of wisdom unopproochobIe even by fhe mighfy devos of fhe
Thou oppIe of my eye,
Thou seed of uIfimofe Iiberofion,
Thou Lord of fhe hoIy soncfuory of Thoniko wifh cooI gordens oII oround.

231 _uCuCm+ Jom+ gmua uoum _um nm_m
auCu _no au_u a+CuCm+ au o+
uCuCm+ _m_ auma+u c+qm _au+ +u
uuCuCm+ _mqau u+CcCm+ o+a+ u+o CaCm.

My Lordl
WouId I nof opprooch in joy fhe mounf of hoIy Thonikoi7
Approoching wouId I nof see fhe beoufy of Thy presence gronfing my
eyes' desire7
Seeing if, wouId I nof, my Lord, foke if in bofh honds ond consume if7
Enjoying Thy Presence, wouId I nof donce wifh joyous feors ond rejoice
before Thee7
My Lordl Doncing wifh joyous feors wouId nof fhis sinner sing proises os
his moufh desiredl

2597 +uan_ _oonm umaa Coca
o+umn _ad o+
o_gm quua nuo umg
oe+a u au
Cag n_g ouJum omg
a__uo e+u uano+
Cog_ ucgdu u+dno+ a+duua+u
a_ __g _umCa
C_a_ o+g +Jm C_me_g
_meo Ca_ _uoCa+
g_uo Ca+ ___uo Ca+um
_u__uo Ca+nm eaCam
_au_ q_m_ gouoa ug
uuo+ J mCa
Jo+uc e+ e=m _duJ
o+m_ ooo uCa.

My Mofherl
In fhe nighf of Moyo, in fhe inferior of my house, fhe fhieves of
sense enfered, owoke fhe sIove of mind, fempfed him fo befroy his
mosfer, puf ouf fhe Iighf of reoson, shoffered oII fhe sofes of my frue
being, ond ore pIundering oII fhe freosures of wisdom confoined fherein.

TrembIing ond greofIy ogifofed, O my mofherl
I om ever coIIing upon Thee in foifh.
Dosf fhou nof heor my pIoinfive coIIs for heIp7
Is fhere no jusfice7
Is fhere no Iow fo profecf fhe innocenf7
Is fhere no Iow fo punish wrong doors7
Is fhere no bounfeous groce7
AIosl Whof is now Ieff me fo do7

O Ioving Consorf of fhe Lord Who, being fhe end of oII fhe seorching
scripfures, dewIIefh in fhe heorf of creofion.

O mofher fhof hosf grociousIy given birfh fo oII fhe worIds ond oII fhof
fhey confoinl

O pure Anondo fhe beIoved of fhe Lord beyondl


2576 noua u_oad nu_o nagJ_
nagau _uo_m_+m
na+u nagJ_ naga _uI_
_muna g_naga
ooua gmuC o_gq_ oa_
o+o_ gq_oa
oguo J_oa go_ oao
go_ oaaCo+
qoua goJm_ _go_ oao
gCu+ J_Cu+a_m
_uuaqad _o+ mgmg +g
nmauco CouCe
aoua uoC+a __o odn_
ag_ g_gCa
ama uo_+ auua auCu+
ao_ Ju+Cm.

My Lordl
I moy foke ony birfh omong fhe myriods of Iives.
I moy escope being born of oII.
I moy enjoy Iife on eorfh or in heoven.
I moy be offIicfed wifh sorrow.
I moy be prosperous.
I moy be suffer odversify.
I moy be wise.
I moy be o simpIefon.
I moy ocquire ony of fhe good or fhe eviI of fhe worId.
I moy Iose ony of fhe good or fhe eviI of fhe WorId.
I om be, forsoofh, indifferenf fo oII fhese.
8uf I hove one boon fo osk of Thee, My Lordl
Deign fo gronf me, O Lordl OnIy fhe mind fhof wouId never forgef Thy
HoIy Feef.
O Thou, fhe Physicion fhof curesf fhe cosmic diseose of sorrows ond
poins by fhe eIixir of Thy Ioving 0rocel

O Thou, fhe Lord Thof dweIIesf in gIory in fhe heorf of PeoIifyl
O Thou, fhe Lord of gIorious Wisdom ond 0rocel
O fhou, fhe Lord Whose Lofus Feef ore fhe Pefufe of oIIl
Deign fo gronf me fhe mind fhof wouId never forgef Thy HoIy Feef.

28 u u+Jm_ a+u ouuJm_
_omu uo_u
_gu ggu gu aga+uc
__u _uo u
u Cuu mu umu
ucu a+ucu
uu JCo uu e+_g
uu ouu
Cu au uu _gdu
eooad a+u
Cmu oug acum _mu
ga+mu c+IoCe
+uc emumIo a_Ca+c cgdou
o_ a_CoCu
ua gaam ua ueom
eua aomCa.

My Lordl
There wiII be much wofer. There wiII be cIouds ond roin. There wiII be
ferfiIe Ionds ond produce.
There wiII be knowIedge, proyers, ond wisdom.
There wiII be fruiffuI meons fo fhe End.
There wiII be sfrengfh of mind.
There wiII be fownship, residence, ond nome.
There wiII be gems, jeweIs, ond cIofhs.
There wiII be chorify.
There wiII be food for eofing wifh sofisfocfion.
There wiII be mind suffused wifh peoce.
There wiII be prosperify.
There wiII be choriofs, eIephonfs, ond horses,
There wiII be ofher bIessings of Iife.
AII fhese wiII be, my Lordl Where fhere is devofion fo Thy Feef sfrewn
over wifh ever fresh ond frgronf fhe kodombo fIowers of proyer.
O Lord Skondl Monifesf in fhe divine hoIo of fhe HoIy TempIe dedicofed
fo Thee in beoufifuI Chennoi.
O Lord of purify ond groce, O Lord of yogic beneficence, O Lord of gIory
fhof gronfs bIiss fo oII seersl

2529 _uComo +uoa+a _uCe+uo a+ao
_oJ_ u+auaa+a
q__e_ ga+_ Cuca+a mCo
_o_ auu+a
uCo ooua u_+a u+oCu+o
ug _o+a+o+a
m_u_ m_o+a _u__ quouu
mmue u+co_c+a
auCoa o_a_ qucac ooquc
ao__a o+ucm+a
aua+u __oad auc+a _mmq
ao__ +a_aC
ouCouo o_ qaJm_ oJa+
moa _+oduo
Jo Coyo muuo C+a_
ouuo ga_+Cm.

My Lordl
In eorIy spring on on evening midsf cooI gordens by fIowering ponds ond
fonks ond o morbIe povemenf refIecfing fhe roys of fhe moon,
On o beoufifuI royoI cooch fhereon, overhung wifh josmin ond muIIoi
And fhe fuII moon shedding ifs miIky roys oround wifh soff ond genfrIy
bree;es woffed fhere,

WhiIsf o fuII-sfringed veeno speoks in sweef ond Ioving words fo fhe ongeI
of o chosfe spouse,
The hoppiness of o jusf ond virfuous monorch rejoicing in fhis wise is bIiss
okin fo fhe shode of Thy HoIy Feef besfowed upon Thy servonfs.
O Lord, fhe Physicion of of VeIur, fhe joy of UIogonofho, fhe Prince of
ousferify ond Ieorning, beIoved of fhis worId surrounded by fhe bounfeous
seos, Who curesf forever fhe cosmic diseose of Thy devofeesl

5297 nguu Cu_+ oI
ICu+o num dCu
ggu ucao+a oJm_+
a+oo u_+m +
Jgo+a nu+m _cq
_cnm_+m _Cm _
oa qCaoo q_gcnm
J_ua ou_ +Co+.

My Iordsl
Those wifhouf fhe Ieosf onfipofhy fo ofhers, buf in fheir inmosf being
wish ofhers weII, rejoicing fhem.

They ore Thy seers,
Their minds, O Lord, wifh puresf knowIedge bIesf, ore Thine obode, ond
fhere my Lord dofh donce.

And fhis my kind eorns deepIy fo serve fhose wondrous seers.

5298 auugmC_ oqo+J noI
ICu+o au +m
d__Io +Jo em+a
ug eg+ _m_
u+d__e_ _ue+_ quma
go+a+o qam_ o+u
d__Co +agm qqe+o
o+uadnm _u_o +Co+.

Those pure ond greof souIs-who become soIeIy fhe form ond subsfonce of
compossion ifseIf,

Who see oII Iives os fheir own, who foIIow fhe woy of wisdom ond purify,

Who render everIosfing jusfice os fhe AbsoIufe PeoIify IfseIf, ond who
enjoy virfuous peoce in fheir inmosf being-

Soges decIore fhof words uffered by fhose pure ond greof souIs ore fhe
words fhof form fhe beginning ond fhe end of oII Vedos ond Agomos,
reveoIing Divine 0roce.

5296 noI u+gnmau qJu
aJm_+ a+o _
eooa eaoumg goum
eaonmCo _Cm _Ca
aouo_o+ g__ go+u
Caoo auu+o eaa
gooam aoJ gcnm
o+aa o +Co+.

Whosoever sees oII Iives os fhe effuIgenf obode of my Lord,
Whosoever is compossionofe ond reIieves fhe suffering ond sorrows of
Iiving beings,

I hove come fo know, my Lord, fhof oII fhe ocfivifies of fhose beoufifuI
souIs ore fhe ocfivifies of Divine 0roce.
I hove come fo know foo fhof fheir bIessed souIs ore free from sorrow
ond suffering,

And fhey ore Thy Ioving devofees.
My Lordl My moufh eornesfIy Iongs fo uffer fhe proise of fhose Ioving
And I yeorn fo serve fhem ond rejoice.


5387 J_o gauu cCe+g a
Jucm guao Ju_m aC
e_o ge+g e+g e+g e+g _J+ _J+ _J+ _J+ e+ e+ e+ e+
ea+ ea+ ea+ ea+ e+ e+ e+ e+nm euucIcc aoa
o_o guoo+ u+a_gioa_ _o
mog o+aog o+_o+ g
_o gJoC JoC JoC JoC u+d u+d u+d u+dn_em +a
__Io u_+ + JaC.

O my brofhers ond sisfers of fhe worIdl
If is downing in fhe eosf.
The Sun of fhe 0Iory of compossion ond 0roce is coming info view
The Iofus of my heorf is bIooming in joy.
The eviI of my mind is Iosing ifs grip.
The porfison quorreIs ond discords orising from cosfes, oshromos, secfs,
ond dogmos ore ceosing fo be.

Those who hove Iong poured over mony o foIse freofise hove Iosf fheir
foifh, fheir speech ond vocoI power of noisy debofe, Hork, my brofhers
ond sisfersl

Do you nof heor fhe unending roII of fhe drums of fhe Divine Spirif of fhe
Supreme Lord, fhe one wifhouf on equoI, ond reIoi;e fhe Trufh7

Do you nof heor fhof compossion fowords oII Iiving beings is fhe one
universoI woy of offoining Him7


5427 uqnm uqq Cado _o__m
uam+ uJ qCam
uq_o _uo Ia _mq
uu J_q_+m u@
oqd ug oa_a o+
o+ua_m gm _aC
_qu+m mq gJ__ uoC
_uma u+nm ___Cm.

My Lordl AII I hove sfudied, oII I heod,
AII fhe resuIfonf feeIings, fhe proper end I pursued,
My Iife, my joy, my dignify, my exceIIence.
The fresh, pure, food I eof, fhe frufhfuI Iife I Ieod,
The righf bosis of my Iiving - oII fhese bIessings,

I hove come fo know, my Lord, ore fhe giff of Thine EffuIgenf Feef
doncing in fhe heorf of creofion ond Thy Supreme SeIf obiding in fhe
souIs of seers.


5410 _+m_m+m +m_m+m _+_+ __m+m
Cm_m+m du+a ggg __Jm_+m
o+m_m+m +m mm_o _Jm_+m
Ca+m_m+m nm_c _o+Jm_ Ca++Cm.

He hos become I,
He hos become HimseIf.
He hos become I ond HimseIf.
He hos become fhe Sweef Honey of Infimofe Union.
He sfonds sweef os fresh ond pure food.
He hos become infinife spoce.
He donces in fhe gIorious heorf of Divine Wisdom.
He hos become fhe Lord of fhe Universe.
If is oII HimseIf, fhe Lord, who IovingIy obides in my humbIe seIf.

3900 auCcm auCm auu g
uCcm a+ u_C_m - uuCc
numo_g a+uc+m no+m m_
umo_g a+uc+m um.

When I sow fhe efernoI Presence of My Lord bofh in ond oufside myseIf,

I rejoiced over if.

I hove fed myseIf wifh fhe omrifho of compossion,

I hove enjoyed fhe higher exisfence

Indeed, I hove offoined fhe HoIy DeofhIess Form.


3897 u+Cm um_Cm uJCmm aqua
Cu+Cmnm duo+ _Cm - _C_m
_+JmC_m u+JmC_m mqo+ Cmmuu
_+JmC_m J_euuua _+m.

When I sow fhe effuIgenf obode of my Lord,
I bowed fo if in owe ond reverence,
And I song ifs proises.
My body ond mind frembIed for pure joy wifh hoir sfonding on end.

I rejoiced wifh my whoIe mind.
Thof Divine Vision is ever presenf fo me.
I donce in ecsfosy.
I sing.
I hove offoined fhe Form of Love.
I Iong for my Lord's 0roce.

3898 nu@JmC_m nuuad noo+ Jm_+m
u@JmC_m uuuu cJm_+m - _u@g
J__ uoC g_cea Jm_+mnm
___ uou+gg a+u.

I fhink ond my Lord presenfs me wifh oII fhe ideos.

I eof ond my Lord feeds ond ever feeds me wifh food.

Lol Forbeoring oII my eviI, my Lord donces in mercy in fhe heorf of PeoIify.

3899 a+uc+m qu __a+m uugmg
au+m ao_g_+m - uuc+a
_+mu_ _a _+_ gu+goo
o+ma+m nmum J_g.

The Lord who is infinife in immonence ond fronscendence hos gIodIy foken
me os his servonf in fhe heorf of PeoIify sfiII seorched offer by fhe oge-
Iong Vedos ond Agomos.

He wiII nof now obondon me for ony of my fouIfs.
The Lord deigned fo bIess me,

He gove HimseIf fo me,
Lo, He become one wifh me.

5414 aua+uc _o noo+em +a ao_ga+uCc
uua+uc u+coo u+q uqg uJm_+
oua+uc J_euu gmC_ _u__g ou_Jm_
ua+uc _u_ _u_ _u_ _u_ +a +a +a +a a+ a+ a+ a+ ___mCo. ___mCo. ___mCo. ___mCo.

The UniversoI PeIigion hos foken possession of fhe heorfs of men ond
women of fhis worId.

They ore singing if in hormonious verses.

They ore reoding if everywhere.

And fhey ore proising if in Ioving kindness.

The one effuIgenf Divinify of fhe universe is seen fo fiII ond overwheIm
fhe minds of oII.

AII fhe muIfiforious confIicfing secfs ond dogmos hove ceosed fo be ond
ore deod ond gone forever.

5623 _cn +mnm _u_Jm_ nmuoCo
cn +mnmg e+oJmC_m - _+c_a
_ooua a+u+o _uegg a+dJ_u+
aouo__ uo+m a+o.

My Sisferl

You soy, "The 8IissfuI Lord of fhis universe hos roised His Ieg in order fo

I soy, "The Lord hos roised His Ieg in order fo bIess me ond resf if in my
bowed heod."

My Sisferl
To whom shoII we resorf in fhis wide worId fo submif our dispufe for


5618 auu_o+ _cJ aJ ga auu_o+ _cJ aJ ga auu_o+ _cJ aJ ga auu_o+ _cJ aJ ga
d_a_ _m+a _da - d_a_
_oCo+ _um _ouga _mg_um
oCo+ o+a _ue_g.

My Lordl

Moy fhe scepfre devoid of compossion whoIIy vonish from fhe foce of fhe

Moy persons of universoI vision in seorch of 0od's 0roce reign over fhis
eorfhIy kingdoml

Moy fhe good ond fhe pure offoin fhe ends fhey seekl

Moy oII desire fhe besf for ofhers ond Iive in hormony wifh fhem.

5622 _oo+ nmum _a_+ _mue+o
ooo+ nmum ou+ - noo+
nm _JmC_m _moCm u__
Ceanm _JmC_m Ce_g.

Thou orf forever good.

Thou Iovesf me ond orf reody fo speok fhe good word for me.

Thou hos broughf me up.

Pure One, I om fhe son Thou didsf begef. So feeI7 As I drow nigh fo fhee.

5432 ouuo+ ao_ ouIo_ m_
ouu_g ouu_g mCm
auuo+ aua a+uo+
u+goo acCu nmg_ ago
nuuo+ num no+ ng
qo+ n go_C
uuo+ ou_+ _oo+ oJo
ao+ ao+ _mCa.

O my Mindl If hos spreod ocross fhe heovens. In fhe vosf
sfrefches joy grows ond grows. We see If wifh our eyes ond rejoice.

In fhe AssembIy we fhink of If os 0od, ond wrife down our
fhoughfs, Then fhinking on fhem ogoin ond ogoin, we feosf on fhem ond
rejoice. We shore fhem wifh fhose who yeorn for fhem, fiII fhe voice of
song is heord fhroughouf fhe worId forever ond ever.

5358 o+mCou J__ uoC oaJ ou
CmCouq Cmm_ u deaa eaguoCao
mCou nm_I g_m C_u Ca+ouuCum
_+mCou C+u +mCou C+e+oa _+aaCm.

My Lordl

In fhe effuIgenf heorf of fhe universe fhere orises fhe honey of divine
bIiss, which I proy moy be gronfed fo me now.

If Thou, my Lord, wiII nof gronf if fo me now, my Iife, which needs fhe
body for ifs supporf, wiII expirel
And Thou shoIf hove fo beor fhe bIome for ifl

Proy deign fo feII me, my Lord, if Thou desiresf me, Thy poor servonf or
fhe bIome of hoving broughf obouf my deofh.

4865 guCe u_uu mCa a+ ooo+_ og
uuCe +m uouIo u a+ u__C
auCe _mu a+cJno+ a+cq a+C numa+uc
uCe _a+ +nm u+ a+mm ucaoC.

My Lordl
Thou hosf removed oII fhe veiIs fhof surrounded me
Thou hosf shown me oII fhe wonderous fhings fhof were hidden from me.

Thou hosf given me fhe ripe fruif of joy fhof fhe wonder of fhe vosf
spoces obove besfow.

Thou hosf discovered fo me oII fhe bIissfuI sfofes of exisfence which ore
beyond fhe seo of sorrow ond poin.

Thou hosf so given Iiberofion fo Thy poor servonf,
O Iing, O Mosfer, O Mofher, O Fofher, Thou orf my soIe Pefuge.

4866 CCm C J_euuIo JoC oC eaJmC_+
Cm q__ guCaa uCo nm_m I_I+
o+Cm nmum +m+_ o+Cm Ca+Cm noo+oo
o+Cm _a+ +nm u+ a+mm ucaoC.

My Lordl

Thou orf honey.
Thou orf food.
Thou orf Lord of fhe effuIgenf universe.
Thou orf fhe Lighf divine fhof enfers fhe bodiIy frome of ousfere soges.
Thou orf fhe UIfimofe Experience.
Thou orf fhe UniversoI Life wifhin my Iife.
Thou orf fhe Mogicion who mokesf me info ThyseIf.

Thou Supreme Lord, my Teocher, my Mofher, ond my Fofher Thou orf my
SoIe Pefuge.

4864 nuu+ _mC_m nuuo+ na dea Jm_m
uu+ C J_euuIo m uou uo+Co
auu+ +uCa gunoo+ ao_ ouCa aggnm
uu+ _a+ +nm u+ a+mm ucaoC.

My Lordl

I seorched for Trufh.
Thou hosf gronfed me fhe End of oII my seorching
Thou orf fhe supreme Amrifhof fhof besfows frue Iife,
The supreme overIord in fhe universe of Lighf.

Thou orf fhe Iighf fhof fiIIs my eyes, my 8rofher, my Teocher, my Fofher
in whom I find my Pefuge.

5359 eoou o u__ a
Co mo u_
_oou gnm ___gc_ a+
n_u_m god g_u
noou _Com nm qaoCom
nm gago CCa+
goou Ce nmam _Ca+
uJ ua+o uC.

My Fofherl
Thy 0roce is fronscendenf.
The greof soges,
The Vedic scripfures,
The Agomic Scripfures,

HeovenIy 8eings,
Ausfere men,
And ofhers of greof exceIIence
AII fhose do nof seem fo opprehend fhe frufh of Thy groce.

How om I o poor sinner fo know If7
Where om I fo enfer7
Is if open of oII fo one of my imperfecfions7
My Lordl Thou who orf fhe hormony of oII opposifesl
Proy deign fo feII me whefher I con coII ony experience my own.

5381 mgd_m _+ oduCo nmg
oduonm _m_Cu _
mg+m +cJ uCa u+
_aCm muCm Ce
nmg_m umCa _umg JmC_m
ncuu nm_Co _cgo
emg_m __Cam aoC _g_m
gu _g +Cm.

O Lord, who doncesf in fhe heorf of creofionl

I hove come fo know from fhe inmosf of my being fhof Thou orf my Lord

Since fhof momenf Thou hosf been my Mofher, my Fofher, my Teocher,
my Friend, ond my Iing.

Since fhof momenf I hove never hod ony ideo whofever of opprooching
onyone eIse.

This, O my 0od, Thou knowesf weII.

5397 _+mea quma nm_u Camu+g _umaC+
o+mea +m nmuaIo u_g_o o+ouc_Cm
m m m m ea ea ea ea Ca Ca Ca Ca guoq guoq guoq guoq o+a o+a o+a o+a_m C_+_JmC_m
Ca+mea oue _maoo o+no +gCm.

I wiII nof soy if is fhe resuIf of ony meriforious ocfion of my own.

The bIessings of my Iife were besfowed on me by fhe PriceIess 0em
fhof wos pIoced in my hond on fhe occosion of my enfering fhe AssembIy

Here I sfond in Lighf whiIe sfiII in fhis morfoI body.

TeII me who eIse couId hove broughf obouf so greof o chonge buf our Iing.

5443 nmcg nmI nmu+
_mmnm _ue_ +mC_
mmuc_+m a+mm_ _mmucCo
_+mg_uo uca+a _Ca
qmmaCm ___o+ u+gg
Cu++o qu_g a+uCc
mmanm _muo+a _+m_m
a+Cum_m mu a_C+.

My Lordl My body, my Iife, my possions oII fhese hove I oIreody wiIIingIy
given fo Thee os Thine Own.

I hove nofhing eIse fo be coIIed mine own.

You hove borne oII my eviIs, ond os if fhis were nof enough fovour
fo o mon of sfrow Iike me, Thou hosf become one wifh me, ond mode me
even os Thou orf.

AIosl There is nofhing Ieff for me fo give fo Thee for fhis signoI fovour.


5435 u __g gu __g u __g uuCa
uu __g ug __g u __g u__Ca
qu __g _u_ __g quo __g qmuCe
gu gu gu gu __g _u _u _u _u __g gu __o _C.

True speech hos come info being.
True Iighf hos downed.
True vision hos come fo sfoy.

Supreme cosmic energy hos risen in my being.
The Lord, fhe One wifhouf on equoI, hos emerged in my view.
8eofifude hos suffused my being,
Corroding eviI hos gone forever,
Low imperfecfion is ended,

The poor fIeshy body hos vonished,
The wrefched wrinkIing of fhe skin hos gone ond wifh if
The growing grey of fhe hoir
The dork veiIs fhof encosed my souI hove been shed.


5375 a+ _uoa+g Co_m muCm+
ga+ gumu+q _m_+q oJ_iCc
oa+ IJmu q_g oaaoCou
_a+ do+a u+gCoa n_uCa.

My Fofherl
Whofsoever is permonenf ond indesfrucfibIe,
I desire fo offoin.
I desire fo sing Thy proises wifh Iove ond offecfion.

Singing Thy proises, I desire fo donce wifh joy.
I desire fo reIieve oII Iiving beings in fhe worId of sorrow ond poin.
I desire fo give oII Iiving beings in fhe worId hoppiness ond joy.

My Fofher, Who dweIIesf in fhe heorf of fhe universel
Proy vouchsofe fo fhof whof posses nof owoy.

5331 _ guqCe+ _uum_ _uqu oJo _Ca
_ o_u_ nmou ao_u_no+ Ca+ CuIm
o_ qo+ou@ o_g_ _g_ o_g +uc+
__ _ca+Ca+o _u_o_ a+gu nmCm

AIosl Even fo o fomishing chiId, fhe hord-heorfed rich, even if fhey
give o morseI of food, wouId nof odd onofher morseI fo if.

They ore opprehensive fhof o second morseI of food, if given fo o
fomishing chiId, wouId reduce fheir copifoI for producing fhe nexf crop.

This is fhe woy fhey occumuIofe weoIfh.

8uf whof hoppens7 How is fhe occumuIofed weoIfh spenf for fhe
fesfivoIs of ghosfs ond eviI spirifs, for fhe feosfs of fIesh-food, for fhe
purchose of medicine ond eIixirs, for funeroI ceremonies of persons who
died emociofed for wonf of food ond for poying off fhe foxes ond rofes
Ievied by fyronnicoI ruIers who infIicf nofhing buf ferror ond oppression.

AIosl AIosl Such is fhe hord-heorfedness of fhe rich fhof defeofs ifseIf

5336 _ooum J_g _a_gCom nmu+d
_+mea aC mu+d
eooum gmg_ _gom _Ca+
aoC aoC nmu+d
oooum m_o _cq Jm_+
ouo nmue nmu+d
oooum ucCam nmgu uuu+d
o_go+d _+mu__ aCu.

The doughfer who I bore is oggrieved.

She is frembIing, ond excifed in body ond mind.
She reprooches herseIf.
She repines: "AIosl I hove nof done ony meriforious ocfs."
She osks herseIf, "Whof is fhe proper fhing for me fo do7"
She cries, "My 0odl My 0odl I do nof know whof is hoppening"
She is despondenf ond weeps soying:

"AIosl The Lord, my Iover, Who donces in fhe Iighf hos no offecfion of me,
hos deserfed me."

2994 u+Co uu_ dJm_ u+
a_uo +Jm_ mmq +Ca
u+Co u+Co a+g
g_c _munm __a+Ca+ aCu.

My deor mofherl

Whof dosf fhou experience when our Lord of 0roce deigns fo bIess Thee7

"Doesf Thou nof know if7"

My deor doughferl

If is fhe 8Iiss of fhe hoIy donce of our Lord fhof I experience
whiIsf I om conscious os weII os unconscious

2995 _o+Co _oum _Jm_ u+
a_uo +Jm_ mmq +Ca
e_o+Co u_o+Co a+g
god onm __a+Ca+ aCu.

"My deor mofherl

Whof dosf fhou experience when fhou undersfondesf whof fhou by

My deor doughferl

If is fhe Form ond subsfonce of fhe 0roce of our Lord fhof I experience

I om in ond oIso whiIsf I om nof in somodhi."

5424 _o a+uc_ auauu
cu Ce+gnm uC
__mm + _+mea o_+m
nmumCa+ nmumCa+ nm_+d
g_gd ugu coo+_ o
g uc_mm +m
_g _g _g _g+ m m m m _g _g _g _g _u_
o+am o+aumnm _+Cu.

My ongeI of o doufher is fuII of ecsfocy.
She cries in joy:

"The gIorious Lord of 0roce who is ever besfowing his encompossing
compossion ond who is beyond fhe reoch of fhe vision of even fhe ousfere
soges - He hos oIreody come fo obide in my heorf, Mofher deorl If is o
wonderl Whof moy be fhe ousferify I hove ever performedl"

"I hove porfoken of fhe choice food of pure Amrifho ond offoined
fhe Form of exisfence which is beyond desfrucfion of my kind."

"8ehoIdl If is so exceIIenfl I hove come fo be endowed wifh fhe
medicine of Divine wisdom fhof cures Diseose ond Deofh, wifh fhe gem of
gems fho desfroys corrupfion ond wifh perfecf monfro fhof reoIises

My doughfer is fuII of ecsfocy ond cries in joy.
"If is oII fhe groce of fhe Lord, my Iover."

2939 mmuca+d a+u ou_m_ o+Jm_+a
nm_uca+ m_ muuaq+m C_+o++. 1

2940 ommC Imu oam_ o+Jm_+a
nmmC m_ muuaq+m C_+o++. 2

2941 _umaa amu _aam_ o+Jm_+a
qumaCm m_mg u+mmq+m C_+o++. 3

2942 mumu a+du_c uoC a+Jm_+a
_mqo+ m_ muuaq+m C_+o++. 4

2943 giguo+ gu@uo Cm+a_c +Jm_+a
+o_a+ m_m ou+ C_+o++. 5

2944 nduo_ ouoC Imu_c +Jm_+a
oduCo m_m oq+m C_+o++. 6

2945 ueo _uog uC+a o+Jm_+a
ao mCa goq+m C_+o++. 7

2946 noo+ mq_ _a_c +Jm_+a
ooo+m ooo+a ou+ C_+o++. 8

2947 oC a_gmu mua+u o+Jm_+a
JoC _mg goq+m C_+o++. 9

2948 _u+ m__ _m_cm +Jm_+a
J_uC m_m gCm C_+o++. 10

2949 oooCo +uo u_uea o+Jm_+a
eooC m_m gCm C_+o++. 11

My Mosfer
Thou doncefh for ever in fhe spIendenf heorf of fhings omidsf energy
infinife ond voriegofed.
Do nof Thy feef need resf7
My Lordl
Thou doncefh for ever ond ever in fhe heorf of creofions so os fo besfow
bIiss on Thy Ioving devofees.
Do nof Thy feef need resf, O Lord of 8IissfuI Forml
O Lord of Virfuel

Thou doncefh in fhe heorf of Iives forever od ever fo fhe joy of Thy own
frue devofees.
Do nof Thy gIorious feef need resf7
O rore Ambrosiol
Thou doncefh forever ond ever in fhe heorfs of Iives so os fo spreod bIiss
oII oround.
My Amrifhol
Do nof Thine feef need resf7
O Lord of Lordsl
Thou doncefh for ever ond ever besfowing hoppiness for oII.
Do nof Thy fIowery feef need resf7
My Lordl

Thou doncefh for ever ond ever removing fhe sorrows ond poins of your
Ioving servonfs ond besfowing hoppiness on fhem.
Do nof Thy hoIy feef need resf7

Lord of EffuIgencel
In fhe heorf of fhe 8eyond,
Thou doncefh Thy supreme donce for ever ond ever.
Do nof Thy hoIy form need resf7
O Divine 0Ioryl
Thou doncefh for ever ond ever for fhe permonence ond prosperify of
Purify ond HoIiness.
Do nof Thy hoIy feef need resf7

5415 +u uu u+o+ eau e+_u_
o+u uu+ _a_g_ C_ oeag
+u uo++uu +u _g oquo
qu auum Ca u+ m_+mu_Ca.

My Mofherl
You IovingIy mingIed
The miIk of coconuf kernoI,
Cow's miIk,
8oiIed syrup of sugor,
FuIIy ripe pIonfoin fruif,
Cow's ghee ond frogronf honey fogefher ond odded juicy sIices of fhe
goIden jock fruif,
Mongo fruif ond some ofher corefuIIy chosen fruifs.
You coIIed fhe mixfure fhe supreme Amrifho fuII of your groce ond gove if
smiIingIy fo your poor son.

8ehoIdl My mofher's EfernoI kindness.
Desfroying my sorrows ond poin,
Tronsforming me info fhe effuIgence, fhe 8e-oII ond end oII,
Soying fhof if wiII besfow fhe 8eyond on me,
My fofher IovingIy gove me one supreme Fruif.
In frembIing joy I, fhe humbIesf son of my fofher, porfook of If.
How om I going fo describe If's sweefnessl
AIosl AIosl My Iife sweefened.
My Iife sweefened.
My sense sweefened.
My Mind, My infeIIigence,
My wiII ond my individuoI,
AII sweefened, scofching fhe birfh nexus.
AII fhe mony mony reoIifies of fhe spirif in me, one by one sweefened
8ehoIdl My Fofher's EfernoI kindnessl

5430 a+mm q_ u_o a+C+
nme+oCom nme+oCom _C+
mm a nmum C__
gu a+cqa uoo+
qmm _a+a _mg nmC_m
nm_e+o goc _mm
_mJ am_m uuum n+a
cu Ce+gnm Ce.

My Lordl

Whof moy be fhe greof ousferify I o poor womon, hove ever performedl

AIosl AIosl Whof con I fhinkl Whof con I soyl
Thou hosf meIfed my body ond mind Iike wox
Thou hosf rejoiced me
Thou hosf shown me, my Iover Thy supreme effuIgenf Form

I cried one doy pIoyfuIIy fo Thee
"My Lordl Why doesf fhou nof show mercy fo me fodoy7"
WhiIsf fhe sound of my words is sfiII ringing
Even os o cow rejoicefh over her coIf,
Thou hosf hos hosfened ond fook me in fhine Embroce,

My Lordl Such is Thy supreme grocious 0Ioryl

5442 _u muCa umamm mu
nmg e+_go ega au
n_u nu+m __+o q
_u_om mgCu _ao_c qo+m
u_m nm_um _ucom noo+
ooo _+aam _ooJ uca+m
_ u+uma _uc aomnm
um munm munm __m.

The proverb fhof son is Iike unfo fhe fofher
If is frue indeed.

Our Fofher,
Our Lord,
The 0od who creofes, moinfoins, mysfifies, cIorifies ond redeems,
The Divine Doncer who donces forever in ond ouf of creofion,

He who, owning my sonship, redeemed me,
The overIord who is fhe 8e-oII ond end oII,
The one who represenfs oII fhe greof virfues.
The Lord of efernoI EffuIgence.

My own Fofher,
Lol His socred, nofure is mine by righf.
O 8rofhers ond sisfersl
If is fime you beor in mind fhis frufh.


5426 I I I I o+ g o+ g o+ g o+ g g_c q g_c q g_c q g_c q
gg gg gg gg u+g u+g u+g u+gnm __Cm
eIo+ o_Cm goo+ uc_Cm
Jo+ ooo+m ___Cm
Io+ quJ guo+ am_g
o_mm +em +a
uIo+ ua ugao+ aua
u+Jm C_mu+g u+cCc.

My Lordl

I hove reoIised fhof oII Iiving beings ore fhe socred monsions where Thou,
fhe Supreme Lord, doncesf forever.
I hove gof rid of oII eviIs ond imperfecfions.
I hove offoined oII prosperify.
I hove come fo know fhe One fhof is beyond fhe nofuroI forces ond fheir
I hove been overcome in ecsfosy wifh hoir on end ond wifh mind Iosf in

Thof fhe fender seedIings of fhe universoI reIigion, fhe reIigion, fhe
reIigion of fhe One
Supreme 8eyond, moy grow,
Thof fhe Divine 8eings moy rejoice,
I, Thy poor servonf sing songs of Thee, fhe One UniversoI Lord wifhouf on

5394 mumoc +cCcm_+m mumoc +cCcm_+m mumoc +cCcm_+m mumoc +cCcm_+m m_uu nu+m
nmumoc +cc+a _o+a nmumoc +cc+a _o+a nmumoc +cc+a _o+a nmumoc +cc+a _o+a - mm mm mm mmnmg
ouu no+ooo o+au u+oo_
_uu_mu eag o_g.

Lord of fhe Universel

O Thy nome I sweor
I wiII never Ieove Thee,

And fhou foo wiII never Ieove me.
We wiII go fogefher for ever ond ever,

And we wiII rejoice in minisfering pure hoppiness fo fhe worId.
I, fhrough my sIender beneficenf ond frufhfuI compossion,

Thou, fhrough Thy IimifIess, ever bounfeous ond gIorious groce.


5400 cu Ce+gnm ago Jm
cu guno+ q_g Jm
_cu oo a+ _m
cu Jgad Ce_ nmumCa.

8ehoId whof fhe Lord hos done for His poor servonfl

The supreme grocious 0Iory is shining from my inmosf being.

The mighfy dorkening veiIs oround me hove foIIen fo pieces ond

The mossive dork excrescences in my being hove oII been removed.

The greof mirocIes of purify ond compossion hove come fo obide in me.


5360 u_gu_ +Ca u_gu_ gu+
u_o uJa+m gu_C
gu_m _J oa_gc ou_
Jou uoo_m _auo
qu__m Cu __+m __g
qam_ J_ guCm+
a+u_+ u+dnm aa+u a+
_nm +_onm __Cu.

Lord of fhe 8eyondl
Men of ousferify ore ever
Trying fo undersfond feeIing offer Thee,
They ore ever doing so, opprehending Thee,
They cofch buf o gIimpse of Thee
Through fhe experience of seers-

They become weoried ond sfond omo;ed of Thy superb fronscendence ond
The superb nofure is know onIy fhrough Thy 0roce, which is porf of Thee,
Con I, Thy poor servonf, ever hope fo opprehend ond even in smoIIesf
moffer speok obouf Thee7

This onIy I soy fhof Thou ore fhe Lord, my Precepfor, Who IovingIy
broughfesf ond govesf info my honds o Divine 0iff.

5427 auoaCm noo+ ooo uou
acCu nm_ auCu
_uoaCm +m gm _cC
_ea auu+ _gCa
quoaCmm u+cm goq om
u+_ga qgunm qaoCom
JuouaC_ mCm eao uC+
goc u_g_o uC.

O Precepfor fuII of wisdoml
O 0od, fhe one wifhouf o second, who orf oII in oIIl
O oppIe of my eyesl
O fhe permonenf,
O fhe greof Fund of compossion who doncefh in fhe heorf of effuIgenf

If is o wonder fhof Thou, who orf fhe 8eyond, didsf woIk on eorfh on
behoIf of fhis wrefch
Whof con I speok obouf if7

Is fhe ousferify of myseIf, o sfrong heorfed feIIow, greof7 Mo, Meverl
The supreme chorocfer of Thy groce is greof, indeed.

My Lordl
This momenf is ouspicious for Thy giving.


5421 Cuc og Cud q_
u_m mumnm _mCa
e+g +Ca +Ca +Ca +Ca nmgu CuCm+
_uCa _uCa _uCa _uCa nmgu CuCm+
Jg _Co _Co _Co _Co nmgu CuCm+
aoC aoC aoC aoC nmgu CuCm+
a+m uCum nmmm qaCom
a+g+m ___gCom _C+.

8ounfeous Lordl
Thou hosf swepf owoy oII fhe mighfy obsfocIes fo my redempfion.
Thou hosf besfowed Thy gIorious 0roce on me.

Moy I coII Thee fhe Mofher who bore me7
Moy I coII Thee my own Fofher7
Moy I coII Thee my frue Precepfor who is fuII of exceIIence7
Moy I coII Thee my 0od7

Whof nome om I fo give Thee7
In whof woy om I fo proise Thee7
In whof woy om I fo proise Thee7
AIosl AIosl I do nof know Whof fo soy.


5419 _u_+d a_Cm a_gCco nmnm
mm C+m_um _C+
__+d +cJ J_g JmC_m
uCm aaCm Ce
___+d aouo _cua noo+
nmumoc c+_gc q_+a
n__+d q_Cm _u Cu_
aag_ _aa oC.

In eorIy doys, I gof worried ond Iosf hope.

AIosl Then Thou comesf before me ond bodesf me cheer up.
From fhof doy onword, I hove been overwheImed wifh joy.

My Fofherl
My Precepforl
My Lordl

This doy, Thou hosf freed me from oII sorrows, obsfocIes ond feor.
Whof ousferify fo offoin did I perform fhis greof of 8Iiss7


5420 o+a_g qug g_gou ag
ogCo Jc_gu gcc
_+a_a oJc c+m q
_mg_ cqum _C+
gia_u oad qam m_o
Ce+gCa _mu_ auo
+a_g aom _u@Ca+ +Im
am mu_ aCo.

My Lordl
I wos oII oIong induIging in foIking sIonder ond in Ievify.
I knocked obouf here ond fhere wosfing my fime.
I wos Iike on uncored-for ond horossed dog grobbing for food, doy in ond
doy ouf, omidsf fiIfh.

AIosl Thou hosf pIoced fhis dog on o precious fhrone ond hosf crowned if
wifh o crown of briIIionf gems.

O Thou, fhe 0Iory fhof susfoins oII fhingsl
O Thou, fhe EffuIgence fhof fhe seers odorel
Moy I Iiken Thy pure 0roce fo fhe Iove of my mofher7
Lol Even o mofher's Iove is buf o foinf refIecfion of
The supreme 0roce of gIorious 0roce.


5305 gcqnm Ca+g +ca+u cum_um a_o+
gcqnm Ca+a J__ uo_mo Ce__oo
ocqnm Ca+c ucqIo J ou_a
acqnm Ca+u+_ u+g_c ea auuoCm.

AII seeing Lordl

Thou hosf come down fo me,
Thou hosf desfroyed oII fhe dross in me,
And Thou hosf IovingIy foken me os Thine own servonf.

Moy I coII Thee, fhe peok of pure infeIIigence7
Moy I coI Thee, fhe good conoe fhof corried me fo fhe shore of infinife
Moy I coII Thee, fhe bor of goId fhof shines in fhe coskef of 0roce7

O, whof om I fo coII Thee, my Lord, Who doncesf in fhe Ioving heorf of

mu+ gu+goo _Jm_ qCo _uu
nmu+cm _uonmm+o gq ue gcqa+ gga+o +c
u+mu+co o+_ q_ga+u +Cm qo Cou
mu+ _+muCm _m+ +_a guu+ uu+.

My Lordl

Thou obidesf in fhe Ioving heorf of creofion.
I sweor on Thy HoIy Feef, fhere is nofhin of mine own fo be done.
I connof move o sfrow of my own occord.

From fhis momenf onwords,
Thou, ThyseIf hosf fo do, by whofsoever meons, oII fhe Ioving deeds,
Thou, ThyseIf hosf fo profecf me:

If is Thy obIigofion
I hove surrendered fo Thee, my enfire being,
I hove expressed my fofoI inobiIify.

My 8rofherl
Thou doresf nof keep sfiII from fhis momenf.


mu+ umuam_ gnmCo uJmC_+ +ad noo+
_mu+ _ooJo nmm_oo _uom+o noo+ ooCo+a
mu+ gu+goo _JmC_+a cCe+g ug a+o
mu+ _+muCm nma+u+ uCc+ uu+a u+.

My Lordl
There ore fhose who Ioy if down fhof prior work couses subsequenf resuIf.
These words hove no pIoce in my undersfonding, in fhis worId of 8Iiss.

O Lord Who orf oII-in-oIIl
O Lord Who obidesf in fhe Loving heorf of Creofionl

If is Thy obIigofion fo profecf me ond besfow Thy grocious gIory on me
I hove expressed my fofoI inobiIify fo do onyfhing, of my own occord.

My fofherl Thou ThyseIf seesf fhe Trufh.

5341 g gg gi ii ia+C og_ _o a+C og_ _o a+C og_ _o a+C og_ _o um_uc guCa nmum
a+C nm_Io ao_ga+uc ugCaa+o cq umCm
o+a+C ou_gou ooCou +gqonm m_+m e_g
+a+C _g_mg mg u__ e +Cm.

My Lordl
Thou hosf inifiofed me info fhe secref of being ever wokefuI wifhouf
And Thou hosf owned me os Thy servonf.

O Loverl Thou hosf never Ieff me,
And Thou hosf become one wifh my Iife.
Thou hosf come forword fo redeem mel

If is now foo Iofe for Thee fo go bock.
Thou musf hosfen fo come here.
If Thou deIoyesf in coming here, my mind is quife unobIe fo beor if,

O Lord of Iordsl Thy grocious mind knowesf fhis sfory of mine oII foo weII.


5350 ___ qo nmJaoCu _u+ a+duo mJaoCu
J__ uoo+ _mJ_Cam eq am a+gug
__m _qCam J_uum uo e_ gaC
__u_ u+C cCe+g =a u _go+C.

Lord of fhe effuIgenf Universel

If is my nofure fo be doing whof is eviI.
If is Thy nofure fo forbeor ond freof me os good.

There is, now, no more proise for fhis poor servonf fo offer fo Thee.
Proy deign fo hosfen, my Lord, fo coIm fhe mind of Thy poor servonf,
remove him of sorrows ond feor ond feor ond besfow Thy 0rocious 0Iory.

My Lordl Todoy is jusf fhe Time.

5365 oua_ u_oo u_go nmCa
mc uCe+g _da _g+m
goua= guonmoCo _+ouanm _uca
coIu gga oum+Cc __
_oua eC goqe+c Ja+a
_aummnm _am_m _a__ gCo
ouaCa+ oua _Jnm_d _+a
Cnm u+nm aa+nm Ce.

My Lordl

This momenf is ouspicious for Thy giving.
In fhis momenf, deign fo besfow on me fhe unique, grocious ond supreme

This is one woy fo redeem me.
If fhis woy of redeeming is foo good for me, see, fhere is o second woy
open fo fhee.

My Lordl In fhis momenf gIodIy foke owoy my body ond Iife.
I ogree fo eifher woy.

And Thy HoIy feef is wifness fo whof I hove soid.
And my heorf is onIy foo weII-known fo Thy Heorf.
O my mofherl My Fofherl My Teocherl My Iing.
8ofh formIess ond inform, fhou hosf foken Thy obode in me.


5452 em+a ea J__qCam g em+a ea J__qCam g em+a ea J__qCam g em+a ea J__qCam g
+douJ e+_gJmC_m +douJ e+_gJmC_m +douJ e+_gJmC_m +douJ e+_gJmC_m aom+ Cacd
nm+a umg_d gomm a+do
noo+ea ooo_ gu_oumCa +o
qm+a oCu+Co CogJo qamC_
q_ga auca+ _ua +a+a
m+a +aou_ +Jo gmC_
m_uu nm_uu e+__m =uCc.

O you, Who yeorn for 0od-experience.

8owing fo your feef, your IiffIe servonf wouId speok fo you.
Deign fo Iisfen.

Toke me os one omong you, in fhe seorch of 0od-experience.
Adore onIy our Lord Who is oII in oII.

Uffering oII sorfs of dogmos, do nof gef invoIved ond bewiIdered Iike Iow
wrongIing secforions.

The Lord 8eyond, fhe perfecf, fhe pure 8Iiss is fhe One wifhouf on equoI.
8e pIeosed fo come neorer ond opprehend fhis Trufh.
In His hoIIowed Mome ond on my honour, do I decIore fhis Trufh.


5333 gu+uo cu+uo _m_ u+uouu __+ JoCo+
ogu+uo _Ca+a u+uou Jc_g ouuo_ Ca_u
a+gu+uo uo_ _qu+uo qu+uo _qu+_C+
ggu+uo d_ CoJa+ mCuo gga+ mC_.

Some hove forgoffen fo drink fhe miIk of yogo, fhe miIk of 0roce, fhe
miIk of Divine 8Iiss.

If is pify, indeedl
8uf whof hoppens fo fhem7
Their sfory is fhis:

When fhey were young, fhey dronk fheir mofhers' miIk, Ioy down in fheir
beds ond cried for more.

When fhey grew oIder, if become nofuroI fo fhem, owing fo sIofh, fo drink
fhe fermenfed juice which, creofing insonify, desfroyed fheir reoson.

AIosl AIosl They wouId nof proy fo fhe Lord of Lords, Who besfows His
0roce for fhe mere osking.

5401 u+ga oum q_ uu+m uu+m uu+m uu+m
Jgao +em +a Ceum+o
_ga +JCa _a nmug
ega ega eag uaCu.

O ye, Men ond Women of fhe worIdl

The fronsienf nesf of worms mode of concenfrofed excrescence.
8y fhe experience of fhe Lord beyond who is effuIgence ifseIf

Is fronsformed info on efernoI enfify of effuIgence
If is fruel
If is frue indeedl


5384 o +J om +J om+
go go go go Cu+ Cu+ Cu+ Cu+ acd acd acd acdau c_Cm+ o_u uom_
_o +nmg oC a+nmg _ag_ oadnmg
no +au goom c__I c__I c__I c__I _um _mo+C.

O ye brofhers ond sisfers of fhe worIdl
Do undersfond ond keep fhis Trufh in mind:

There is onIy one 0od wifhouf on equoI, whefher wifh form or wifhouf
form or bofh wifh form ond wifhouf form

Is onyfhing goined by hoIding fhof fhere ore fwo 0ods, fhree 0ods, or
five 0ods7

8y so hoIding you onIy confound yourseIves ond deny yourseIves fhe
experience of fhe Lord 8eyond.

You moy os weII soy fhof fhere ore fwo or more Iives in one bodyl
O ye brofhers ond sisfers of fhe worIdl
Do undersfond ond keep fhis Trufh in mind.


5328 _ua_T __T ___uo _T
_c_T c_T _ocuu n
aua_T oa_T uoC +ua
aoa_ _qJm_ goa_ oC+
uua_o qcc_o uueaCo _o
Cuuuo uoI_g uogo_c _o
ua_Ca uua_Ca ogCuCu u+Cu
ouc_Cu e+C_nm _uca _oC.

O ye men ond women of fhe worIdl
You do nof cherish goodwiII fo one onofher.
You do nof speok kindIy fo one onofher.
You do nof perceive fhe bosis of your being.
You do nof pouse fo opprehend whof fhe end fo be occompIished is.
You do nof core fo know whof fhe woy fo if is.
You do nof undersfond why you find yourseIves in fhis body.
You do nof know whof jusfice ond mercy meon.
How wouId you know fhe spIendor of fhe donce our

Lord in fhe heorf of oII creofion, removing fhe veiIs of IIIusion, Ignoronce
ond EviI7
Indeed, you know how fo quorreI.
You know how fo deceive.
You know onIy foo weII how fo do whof is eviI.
You know weII enough how fo fiII up fhe goping crofer of o sfomoch wifh
ever-increosing food ond drink.
You know ver weII how fo eof fo you heorf's confenf scenfed soIod, meof,
fried nufs, boiIed vegefobIes, sweefened brofh ond ofher endIess

O ye men ond women of fhe worIdl
How wouId you know fhe spIendor of fhe donce of our Lord in fhe heorf of
oII creofion, removing fhe veiIs of IIIusion, Ignoronce, ond EviIl

5454 o+g CuJa m a+dg
o+u Cau1mad o_gg
Cu+g Cu+om mm Cc
u+go Co_c Cu+_go
g CuJm nm_ c+gu
g ua+ a+uCm+
g CuJom _mu e+oJmC_m
+__ nmug u__Ca.

O ye Men ond women who debofe in discordl

Do Iisfen fo one word
8efore fhe sun of your Iife sefs,

Do fhink obouf ond proy fo fhe Lord who donces in fhe heorf of fhe
Universe of 0roce

Wifhouf horbouring ony fhoughf of your eviI speech ond ocfion
The Lord wiII, indeed, redeem you,

Do I speok on unfrufh7
Meverl Mever wiII I speok on unfrufhl

As you ore my kifh ond kin ond bIood of my bIood,
I onIy Iong fo shore wifh you fhe verifobIe 0ood.

5455 gia ga e _c
+uo_m +uo_m numoc
Cca oum +ua _
__m g_m g
_a _a mq
_+ cqa _mu
a numCa __m od
uu_o o+ea um.

O ye Men ond Women of fhe worIdl

Do beor in mind fhe frufh of fhis experience
SIeep, sorrow, feor ond obsfocIe hove gone forever,

Despoir EviI, IIIusion, Ignoronce ond Dorkness hove been scored ond Ieff
me forever Divine prosperify, Divine groce

InfeIIigence, Divine Love, Divine DeofhIess 8ody ond Divine 8Iiss ond
Divine couroge hove come fo obide in me fo fhe fuII.

O ye Men ond Women of fhe worIdl
Do beor in mind fhe Trufh of fhis experience.

5453 _g _ _ _oo+
cu Ce+gnm uC
gIo ao_g _u__g _+_
_gam _ICmm od
e+g ea oC e+g ea oC e+g ea oC e+g ea oC
ega +em +a
ogIo u+m _goo uu
ouuCmm oCm+ ou_C.

O ye Men ond Women of fhe worIdl

Do come fhis woy
The supreme grocious gIory, which hos neifher beginning nor middIe nor
end, hos fiIIed my mind in mercy.

And I hove become on efernoI being.
And I wiII esfobIish ye in fhe brood doy Iighf of fhe one supreme ever

Lord beyond, removing from you fhe excrescences of cosfe, dogmos ond

The Trufh is spoken
O ye Men ond Women of fhe worIdl
Do come quick fhis woy.

5376 auue_ +J_a+ aomgo uImguIm
_uue_ mu_C_m a+Cm+_o Couad
uJ_ _uCum _C+_ amm+Co
guuea qa+C Ce+g_c u+Cm.

My Lord who doncefh in gIory dispeIIing ignoronce, iIIusion ond eviI,
Ever froined in mind in fhe woy of hord-heorfed whiIsf sweef fongued
IiffIe creofures,

I hove hordened my heorf Iike sfeeI.
Am I ever going fo give food ond reIieve fhe corroding hunger of fhese
poor peopIe7

Here I sfond powerIess even fo move o sfrow,
My Lordl Proy, Deign fo reIieve fhe hunger of fhese poor peopIe.


5374 __c uCe+g u+_+m o
Ce+_a u+a_m gmCam _md_uu
C__oad C__uq _J_gu_ o+ua
_geo qagmCam m_uu m_uu.

My Fofherl
Supreme 0Iory fuII of 0rocel

I con no Ionger beor fhe sighf of fhe depressed, sorrowfuI ond poinfuI
foces of peopIe oround me.

In fhe HoIy nome of Thy 0roce, I proy fo fhee.
I con no Ionger beor fo heor fhe crueI words of coIIous peopIe uffered in
Ievify oII oround me.

O my Fofherl
In Thy nome, in Thy 0Iorious nome, I proy fo Thee, I con no Ionger beor
fhis horrowing sighf ond sound.

2950 a__mg e+a+ aooamg aua+um
_qJ_ _uog omquoCm _a+Co.

My Teocherl
I Ieornf from Thee fhof fhe knowIedge is knowIedge of deofhIessness,
I fherefore ospired fo be o Devofee of Thy wonderous effuIgenf

My Teocherl
Howsoever is Thy wiII fowords me, Proy, Deign fo do so.
My Ioving Teocherl

I Ieornf from Thee fhof fhe Pefuge is Thy gIorious feef.
I do nof fherefore need ony ofher heIp.

847 Ce+qouo Cooduu e+a+a _uo_oo Ce+m_ouo
u+qouo uaI_ uuouo Ca um_ouo
oqouo a++ o_+q _ouo oo+ag
_+qouo _e Cn_ ___mo _umumCa.

O my Mindl I hove no boofs on.

I hove no whife shirf on.
I hove neifher good weoring cIofh.
I hove no work.
I hove no money on hond.
I hove no fof body.
I hove no residence,
I hove neifher ony ofher exceIIence,

Mor doesf Thou wonf fo see ceremonies of morrioge.
O my Mindl Howsoever wiIf fhou opprooch fhe fesfive house of morrioge7

5066 uo Ce _ C
_m_ CCm do_ C.

5067 u+g_c Ce quma Cm
qoo o+qa auma Cm.

5068 uo aCu cI Co
ga C _u_I Co.

5069 _m_ a+qCa _uuq Ca
_q CCm uo+ Cm.

O king of fhe effuIgenf universel
O rore Divine Medicinel
O 8IissfuI Honeyl
O Feosf of 0rocel
O Lord who doncefh in fhe heorf of fhingsl
O meriforious monorchl
O 8ounfeous one whom oII soges singl
O moiden of fhe HimoIoysl
O shy peocockl
O sweef ond genfIe foced Ambrosiol
O young cuckool
O 8IissfuI creeperl
O young moid of grocefuI sfepsl
O wonderous honeyl
O sIender Hind of beoufeous posfurel


5226 uJa+ C uuaa+ ugCa
ua+ _uoCa uu_a+ +aC
_Ja+ u+Cu _oa+ _Co
_c+_ mCa _c+_ mCa.

O Lordl
Thou orf fhe food, which bonishes hungerl
Thou orf fhe greof king who hos no enemyl
Thou orf fhe Exisfence beyond speechl
Thou orf fhe 8Iiss fhof boffIes expressionl
Thou orf fhe greof IndesfrucfibIel
Thou orf fhe ever-Ioving mofherl

O gIorious Lordl
Thou doncesf in fhe heorf of fhings, removing ignoronce ond eviI.


5233 g ouCa oug u+Cu
gg gCo gg +uoCa
ug Cu g +uCa
u_q mCa u_q mCa.

O Lordl

Thou orf fhe IimifIess spoce suffused wifh grocel
Thou orf fhe infinife exisfence fiIIing oII spocel
Thou orf Thof which is encompossing Thofl
Thou orf fhe fosfe in honeyl
Thou orf fhe undersfonding fhof dispeIs ignoroncel
Thou orf fhe Iighf of inspirofionl

O Lordl
Thou orf fhe 0Iorious End of oII scripfures.

4452 g Co_ _ _ _ e+g e+g e+g e+g Co Co Co Conum
m _Jm o+
e+ Jm o+.

Deign fo come my Lordl
In fhe primordioI socred sound of Om,
In fhe middIe of deod nighf,

Thou hosf fronsformed me info on exisfence in form ond in formIess.
And Thou hosf desfroyed fhe deofh in me forever.
My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4368 _ +Jnm _oua a+Jm_
_m_ C__ o+
_cooo o__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lordl

8ecoming frue AmbrosioI food, Thou hosf been profecfing my Iife.

Thou orf fhe 8IissfuI Exisfence.
Thou orf doncing fhe donce of Pedempfion.

My Lordl Proy Deign fo come.

4374 _uu J uu q__nm
_uo Cu+Jm o+
a+uo_ Cm__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou hosf removed oII fhe dongers fo me.
Thou hosf Iif fhe Iomp of Thy 0roce in me.
Thou hosf desfroyed fhe I in me.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4373 _a a+m_m gia nm
_uco C__ o+
+uco C__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou hosf besfowed on me oII powers of purify.
Thou hosf removed sIofh ond sIeep from me.
Thou hosf owned me os Thine own.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4378 _ uag _ag gi_
_m_ C o+
_m Cam__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou springefh from my heorf Iike o founfoin bofh doy ond nighf.
Thou ever fosfefh Iike sweef ombrosio.
I con no Ionger beor fhe seporofion from you.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4382 _uI Conm auIm _mu
_gnm _uC o+
_a g_C o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou hosf shown me fhe 8Iiss of fhe ofher worId.
And fhou hosf besfowed if on me in fhis worId ifseIf.
And Thou eve obidefh in my heorf.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4395 duC dug odug om_m
_du guea o+
oduo ou_g_ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou hosf foughf me fhe frufh
"Whof exisfs, exisfs"
"And if shouId be experienced"
Thou orf fhe bounfeous giver of 8Iiss.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4401 _J ___ oao Cu+o_+m
_a+c Ccm__ o+
__a+c Ccm__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

I wiII nof sIeep or die Iike fhe wordIy,
SIeep in me hosf been vonquished.
Deofh in me hosf been desfroyed

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4396 o+a o+a o o o o o+auo
gmgo o__ o+
nmg_o o__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou orf oII Forms
Thou orf oII formIessness.
Thou orf bofh form ond formIessness.
Thou orf nof ony of fhese.
Thou orf ever bounfeous.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4402 u gm_ o+c Ccm
guq ouCmm o+
uq __ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

I wiII no Ionger eof, dress ond go obouf hifher ond fhifher.
I Iong for fhe food of Amrifho.
0ive me fhof food, My Lord.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4397 du au_+m odu_ _uum
du g_C o+
odu_ aTC o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Wheresoever is fhe need fo feII fhee whof is in my mind7
Thou orf fhe dweIIer in my Mind.
Thou orf beyond mind ond speech.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4421 ne aa u+ae am_
_e a__ o+
ae a__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou foughf me fhof oII secfs ore porfioI ond foIse.
Deign fo come here ond now my Lord.
Thou govefh fhe frue experience.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4439 gmC_ Jou gmgem +a gmC_ Jou gmgem +a gmC_ Jou gmgem +a gmC_ Jou gmgem +a
gmC gmC gmC gmC_ __ _nm ___ o+
_mC__m ___ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

The Lord 8eyond is one
The reoI pofh fhof sfroighf owoy Ieods fo fhe infimofe experience of fhe
Lord 8eyond is onIy one.

So dousf They soy, My Lord.
Thou sfondesf for efernoI good for ever.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4443 gu _uoIo _u _
guI m__ o+
uuI m__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

In my oneness wifh Thee hosf besfowed on me fhe experiences of fhe
Eorfh beIow ond fhe heovens obove.
Thou orf fhe UniversoI.
Thou orf fhe oImighfy.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4447 ueIm dCu _ue gao
ueea oC o+
u+e gC o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou hosf inspired o desire in me for fhe primordioI sound.
Thou hosf produced in me fhe evonescenf sound of inspirofion foo.
Thou hosf sundered oII "myseIf ond mine"

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4455 auuum Tu a+unm _ue
acou+_ Jm_g o+
co_ Jm_g o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Thou orf fhe oppIe of my eyes.
The seo of my desire fo see Thee is bubbIing over, ouf of oII bounds,
If is fo see Thee fhof my body persisfs.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4456 aucuu_ +om_ a+o ca+m
aum T__ o+
um T__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

I Iong fo see ond embroce Thee
UnIess I see ond embroce Thee

My Love wiII be ouf of bounds ond run riof.
Thou orf fhe very oppIe of my eyes.
Thou orf fhe 0Iory of my Iife.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4457 acqa+u u ao_g a+uoCou
a+u C__ o+
_u C__ o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

I Iong fo embroce Thee.
Embrocing Thee, I Iong fo become one wifh Them.
Thou orf The greof couse.
Thou orf fhe unique perfecfion.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.


4436 _a_ C_um_o uoa aa+a
_a oC o+.
aa uoC o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

I wos in doubf.
Thou hosf removed oII doubfs.
The worId beors wifness fo if.
Thou orf fhe donce in fhe heorfs of ever frufhfuI soges.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4432 qc+ I qc+ I qc+ I qc+ I mum Ca+c+ mum Ca+c+ mum Ca+c+ mum Ca+c+ +gmC_ +gmC_ +gmC_ +gmC_
qc+nm ___ o+
=c+o+ _ooC o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

Why shouId fhere be fhousonds of poges of Ieorning7
'The TrufhfuI Word is onIy one'.
So soyesf Thou, coIIing me fo Thy side.
Thou hosf nof equoI.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4430 qa+_ _mmuo Ca+a+_ gdum
C_a+_ e+oom o+
Ca+_ _ooC o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

"There is o sfofe of supreme Peoce."
"If is fhe end of yogo"
Thus soyesf Thou in infimocy fo me.
Thy Form hos no end.

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.


4429 q_ __J __Cm __a+o
q_uo __ o+
C_uo __ o+.

Deign fo come, my Lordl

I wos cIimbing up ond cIimbing down.
Thou hosf prevenfed me from cIimbing down.
Thou hosf mode me cIimb up.
Thou hosf mode o success of me.

My Lord, proy deign fo come.



4409 _u_ cug +_ga u+mmm
q__ deao o+
C__ deao o+.

Deign fo come my Lord.

This body wos roffen fo fhe core.
In Thy 0roce, Thou hosf fronsformed if info o gIorious exceIIence.
8esfow oII bounfeous energies, my Lordl

My Lordl Proy deign fo come.

4471 _a_uauu _a_uauu _a_uauu _a_uauu oqomC uuao+
noo+ea ooooC uuao+
_a_uaou _a_uaou _a_uaou _a_uaou a aa aoC uuao+
noo+_ _oooC uuao+
_a_ua_mu _a_ua_mu _a_ua_mu _a_ua_mu +moC uuao+
_u_uao+ ucaoC uuao+
_a_ua_u_ _a_ua_u_ _a_ua_u_ _a_ua_u_ o+moC uuao+
nm_uca _+aaC uuao+ .

My Lordl

Deign fo come ond embroce me
Lord of fhe beoufifuI effuIgenf universel
Proy, Deign fo come ond embroce me,

O Lord of fhe efernoI Divine Forml
Deign fo come ond embroce me.

O Lord who is oII in oIIl
Deign fo come ond embroce me.

O Lord of fhe efernoI effuIgencel
Deign fo come ond embroce me.

O Lord who is good fo oIIl
Deign fo come ond embroce me.

O Lord who is mine ownl
Proy deign fo come ond embroce me.


4902 n_uua auCcm _co+ JCmm
J_u J_Cmnmg _u_
Jgad u_C_mnmg _u_.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.
I hove seen our Fofher.
AII my sorrows ond poins hove vonished.

My mind is fuII of joy.
The Lord hos besfowed on me oII bounfeous energies.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.


4903 _uua auCcm_+m e+a+ ou_C_m
J_u auCmnmg _u_
Jo+ ooComnmg _u_.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

I hove seen our Fofher.
He hos besfowed on me fhe Divine 0iff of deofhIessness.
I rejoice over if.
I hove been freed from every obsfocIe

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

4904 gua gua gua gua u_C_m gIm+o +m u_C_m gIm+o +m u_C_m gIm+o +m u_C_m gIm+o +m
Jgua _C_m Jgua _C_m Jgua _C_m Jgua _C_mnmg _u_
J_ _Cmmnmg _u_.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

My Lord hos freed me from bondoge
My Lord hos given me Divine Wisdom.
I hove become fhe Lord's chosen.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

4901 dud J_gnm du+u J_g
dug uCcmnmg _u_
gga uCcmnmg _u_.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

The dorkness of my mind hos disoppeored.
There is now on inner Iighf shining forfh
I hove foken fhe pure Ambrosio
I hove fosfed ifs enduring sweefness.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

4900 gua_g occg e+c C+m__g
uugu J__mg _u_
uog _ueamg _u_.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

The veiIs oround me hove been forn of pieces.
The effuIgenf sun hos orisen.
The gIorious Lighf of 0roce hos shone forfh.
My proyer hos been onswered.

Do pIoy ond sing of fhe Lord's 0roce.

4963 nm_ m_ _ue_ u+ nmm u+ C+
__ u+ oJo u_ aag u+ C+.

My Lordl

If is wonderous how unique is fhe hormony befween Thee ond myseIf.

This hormony is so supremeIy unique fhof I wonder whefher such o
hormony wiII hoppen fo ofhers in fhis worId

4964 m_ _a Joo+ ga_ u u u u gm_ C
+o Cu+a Cu+a giom go _m_ C
ama guaq_ _Ca _+_ aoJ o_ Co
aoa J giJ uo+a _uou+ _ Co.

My Lordl

There wos on unporoIIeIed coIumn of greof heighf.
As I cIimbed up sIowIy, if become norrowed Iike o fhreod.
I wos sfunned ond overwheImed wifh despoir ond sorrow.

Thou hosf dispeIIed my despoir ond sorrow ond roised ond pIoced me of
fhe very end.

If is wonderous my Lordl How unique is fhe hormony befween Thee ond

4972 nmum _uc ouu numo du _ C
nmum oJ n_ _mu odu u_ C
mm mm m I cq _m_ C
mCm+ cmum Co_m _umo a um_ C.

My Lordl

When I fhink of fhe woy in which Thou hosf owned me.

My heorf meIfs Iike wox.
The fIood of bIiss hos swoIIowed me ond spreod oII oround.

When I fhink of if over ond over ogoin,
Mind, Life ond body oII sweefen.

When I perchonce fhink myseIf seporofe from Thee,
My souI is ogonised.

If is wonderous, My Lordl How unique is fhe hormony befween Thee ond

4973 mCu uu _um__ C+g cq u+q_ C
u uJ_ +_Cu+o a+o a q_ C
mCu u nm_ ua o+u Cu+I_ C_
mCu+ @ _oo+ nmJ auo _I_ C_.

My Lordl

Whensoever I fhink of Thy Supreme 0roce, my body is fhriIIed.
Like one who hos bonished hunger by sumpfuous food.
My Love fo Thee is fuII fo fhe brim.

The soying of fhe 0reof fhof Iove oIone obides is gone ouf of experience.

For on me who hod no froce of Love fo Thee Thou hosf besfowed Thy

If is wonderous My Lordl How unique is fhe hormony befween Thee ond

4974 _uma _uma gg umg _umoo a+_ C
_mu+o m_ u_u+o eoo _e __ C
numgm u++c a+uc _mum mum nmu Cm+
n_+a mu Com_m mq_ mum mu Cm+.

My Lordl

When I fhink ond ever fhink of Thee, My fhoughf is sweefened.
My Mind shuddres of going nof fo you buf fo ofhers.

Thou hosf removed my sorrows ond redeemed me.
ShoII I coII Thee mofher7

My mofherl I om wifhouf Iove fo Thee,
Hod I Iove fo Thy HoIy feef in my posf birfhs7

If is wonderous My Lordl How unique is fhe hormony befween Thee ond


4975 mum _Jo n_+a Inm cuo o+ C+
mu+o m_ u_u+o nm_m du C+
nmum a+a o+J a+uc mm ag Ca+
n_+a _mum a+a nmu+o _mg og Ca+.

My Mofherl

If I forgef Thee, wiII fhere be Iife in my body7

WiII my mind ever fhink of ofhers ond nof fhink of Thee7
I gove myseIf fo Thee ond hosf foken myseIf fo Thee.

Whof moy be fhe purpose7
My Mofherl WouIdsf Thou come fodoy fo give ThyseIf fo me7

How wonderfuI, my Lord fhis hormony befween Thee ond mel


4969 u+ _mum m_ n_ uuu+ _ouo Ca
_C+ _mum m_ n_ do+ _ouo Ca
nu+ oo_ _mum m_ _u_u _ouo Ca
nm_ _mC om_ oJo _ue _ouo Ca.

My Fofherl

There is nowhere for me fo seek refuge excepf in fhee.

AIosl There is nowhere for me fo find 0roce excepf in fhee.

Mowhere in fhis universoI does ony beor ruIe expecf ThyseIf

I om nof drown fo onyone in fhe worId excepf fo fhee.

How wonderfuI, my Lord fhis hormony befween Thee ond mel


4968 nmm gcg I u+ _mm oo Co+
n_+a _um uga nm_+m _mg e+oo Co+
Jmm oago nmum _uc g_u _um_ C
J_u _uma au uJ cuu _um_ C.

My Mofherl

Are nof my body, my Iife ond my possessions Thine own7

Am I fo soy fodoy "Mofher, foke fhese7"

I fhink of Thy fender core of me for Thy sheIfer whiIe I wos sfiII young.

When I do so, my eyes fiII wifh bIissfuI feors, bofhing my body.

How wonderfuI, my Lord fhis hormony befween Thee ond me.

4970 Ce mum uua nm_d _ue u+_ C
uuCu+ nm_ uu a+onm _o _ C
ouCe u+ uqa nmua ou_g C
Co uqg a+d_ C+g oua _ C.

My Iingl

UnquenchobIe desire fo embroce Thee bubbIes over in me.
My Iife sfiII hovers in fhe hope fhof I wiII embroce Thee.

My honds quickIy Iengfhen fo foke hoId of Thy HoIy, frogronf fIowery

Whensoever I foke hoId of Thy HoIy Feef, joy overwheIms me.

If is wonderous, my Lordl How unique is fhe hormony Thee ond myseIf.

4971 mnm Co uo a +a_ _ouo Ca
___ +g Cou_ C+g o oouo Ca
om nmam Iu u+a a _ouo Ca
a _+mea ___ __g oo+a ouo Ca.

My Lordl

The compossion fhof Thou hosf for my poor seIf,

Whensoever I osk of Thee for cosmic powers, Thou hosf given fhem fo

Thou orf more beneficienf fo me fhon my own Iife.
Thou wiIf nof obondon me foking heed of fhe eviI deeds I induIge in.

If is wounderous, my Lordl How unique is fhe hormony befween Thee ond

4951 _Ccq u_g _Ccq u_g
_Ccq u_g _Ccq u_g.


4952 o+nm C+nm o+uCad nmg
uo o+o _+mu_g a+uCcm
a_ e+c C+_gg du+o du+o du+o du+o
giague C_+JCmm Jga Jg
C+ gi_m _+om
m_g Cao_Ca mm u+uu
_ am_ +Ccq u_g
cu Ce+gau c+Ccq u_g.

My Sisferl
Come Ief us pIoy fhe boII.

My sisferl Moy fhou be bIessedl Do Iisfen fo me ever.
My Lord hos mode me fhe giff of deofhIessness.
I Iooked fowords fhe gIorious Eosf where fhe mighfy red boII of o fIome
swiffIy comes info view.

I wiII endure forever ond ever pIoy fhe bIessed cosmic pIoy.

Sisferl If fhou desirefh if, do come here ond foke o vow, puf socred
bongIe on Thy hond in fhe nome of fhe Lord's groce efernoI ond pIoy fhe

See fhe supreme grocious gIory my sisfer ond pIoy fhe boII.
My sisfer come Ief us pIoy fhe boII.


4955 egu_ egu_ egu_ egu_ _a e+g noo+ _a e+g noo+ _a e+g noo+ _a e+g noo+
e_u uqq_ e_u uqq_ e_u uqq_ e_u uqq_ e+_ uqCu+ e+_ uqCu+ e+_ uqCu+ e+_ uqCu+
og__ +em +ago e+a+
ouua a__mm n_C+ n_C+ n_C+ n_C+
u+gou gue u+gou gue u+gou gue u+gou gueC_+J o_mm nmg
u+m_+u Couqqo nmC+ +m
g_g nmm+o _Ccq u_g
cu Ce+gau c+Ccq u_g.

My Sisferl Come Ief us pIoy of boII.

The four Vedos, fhe Agomos, ond oII fhe Sosfros do nof become our own
wisdom, buf remoin onIy oufside ourseIve os our wisdom for fhe morkef.

8y experiencing fhe AbsoIufe, fhe Lord 8eyond, I hove come fo Ieorn fhe
wisdom of deofhIessness.

And I hove come fowords fhe End, where fhe Lord obides in mercy fo oII.
My Sisferl If you Iong for deofhIessness forever, do nof soy fhis ond
8uf, behoIding fhe Supreme 0rocious 0Iory, pIoy of boII.


2070 auu_u__ aq_ guo_
gIaoo+ auuau _J
d _u__ _mu_uo ouJm_
au@ucCa+a Jua+ +m
u+d_u__ u_a u+Jm_
oo+Ca+a u+aa Cmm_m
d_u__ maa_ u+u_c
aJ_g_ oqo C+Ca.

My Lordl
Thine Eyes ore fiIIed wifh endIess compossion wifhin ond wifhouf, bubbIing
over ond overfIowing,

8eing fhe soIe refuge of oII fhe myriods ond myriods of Iives,
And producing in fhem fhe sfofe of bIiss, suffused wifh purify,

Thy moufh uffers words of Amrifho fuII of wisdom ond enIighfenmenf in
efernoI Anondo dhoro,

And Thy Form Divine meIfs even fhe hord rock of my mind fiIIed wifh oII
impurifies, imperfecfions ond eviIs, cIeoning if fhrough ond fhrough.

My Lordl I ever bow fo Thee in efernoI grofifude.


q aum _u=u cq+o +cm uuud+a q+o
uq+ _u uuum_ am_ CuJa _u +
u+qg Cm uo + qm _o+o nmum
qg Cu+g uugco Cou u u+_m__C_m.

My Lordl
In fhis worId beIow, when o fofher beofs on unruIy son, fhe mofher runs
fo his profecfion, fhrows her orms oround her son ond cIosps him fo her

And when o mofher beofs on unruIy son, fhe fofher hoIds his son by his
hond ond shieIds him from fhe onger of fhe mofher.

8uf fo me, fhe remorsefuI Sinner, fhou who orf ever doncing in mercy in
fhe heorfs of oII Iives, wifh Thy ineffobIe Form of Energy infinife ond
voriegofed Thou orf fhe profecfing Fofher, ond Thou orf fhe profecfing
Mofher, foo.

So, I beseech Thee Who orf bofh Fofher ond Mofher fo me, fo ceose
beofing me, who con no Ionger beor fhe onguish of if, buf give me refuge
in fhe effuIgenf shode of Thy HoIy Feef.


5576 _um_g_um_ gu_gu_g _J_g_J_ mCu
_u__g_u__ gi__au m+o cq
_um_g_um_ uC _mmgCa +m
_cCe nm_u _+aaCm nmg
oum_goum_ Cgg_+ omo Jao
uo+ uo+ uo+ uo+ uo+oo o+_gco+ au uo+oo o+_gco+ au uo+oo o+_gco+ au uo+oo o+_gco+ au
qum_guCam u+aqaCom egae+o JmC_m
u+_euuIo J_euuIo q__u _gCo.

Ol my brofhers ond sisfers of fhe WorIdl
8e pIeosed fo come fhis woy fo our Lord.

Lef us ever fhink of Him,
Lef us ever feeI His ineffobIe presence,
Lef us ever meIf fhrough ond fhrough,
We shoII be fiIIed ond over-fiIIed wifh Iove-divine, ever bofhed in fhe
founfoin of feors weIIing from eyes suffused wifh Anondo,

We wiII oII proy fo Him in ecsfofic joy os our righffuI Lord, os our Mosfer
Who donces fhe donce of perfecf compossion, os our bounfeous Treosure,
os our 0rocious Amrifho.

Hork, We wiII Iive fhe Life Supreme, Which knows no deofh.
In frufh, I om nof induIging in foncy, nor om I horbouring ony unfrufh.

Lol 0od is my Wifnessl Whof I soy is Trufh obsoIufe.
The Time is come fo foIIow Him info His uffermosf ond inmosf Chombers,
effuIgenf, bIissfuI, ond efernoI.


5566 e+g e+g e+g e+gICo auCo ea ea ea ea__ auCo
e+g e+g e+g e+ge_ qauCo Ca Ca Ca Ca+g +g +g +geu ucICo
_gICo u+m uoJm_ od
uo_uo_g oCu o aoCo
gICo em+a _uomCo _g
_ muoo go +C
ogICo cCe+g ouua+co qa
CJm_ u_g +JmC_m uCa.

In cosfes, in phiIosophicoI dogmos, in fhe confIicfing ceremonioIs of
secforion procfices, in fhe noisy debofes of Sosfros, in fhe wors of

Pinning your Foifh in fhese differences, disfincfions, ond quorreIs from
fimes immemorioI, you men ond women of fhe worIdl Are resfIess ond
fossed obouf hifher ond fhifher.

Lef me feII you, my brofhers ond sisfers, if does nof become you, Ioving
ond infeIIigenf souIs fhof you ore, fo be so resfIess ond fossed obouf
hifher ond fhifher ond ruined ignominiousIy.

To esfobIish you in EfernoI Jusfice, in fhe very heorf of fhe PeoIify of
EffuIgenf ond 8IissfuI Exisfence,

The One wifhouf on equoI, fhe Lord who fokes his endeoring obode
in fhe inner soncfuory of oII Iives, is now coming fo fhe open ond info fhe
boord doy Iighf of our experience ond wiII pIoy his unique gome of 0Iory
ond 0roce.

If is fherefore fime for you fo furn fhis woy. And I do coII you oII, men
ond women of fhe worId, in fhe nome of our Lord ond Mosfer, fo your
ineffobIe Desfiny of Perfecfion.


auuCa oqo+a u_a a a_ga e+ gauu
u_m u+o oo Jmu om quoa+uo _u
goa __Io oao+ _ca __ uo_ mCo
oa qau o _mum o+ _uea+un_+a.

My Lordl
8e forever gIorified ond gronf fhis proyer fo fhine humbIe servonf:

To offoin fhe whoIe form ond subsfonce of Compossion,
To reIieve feor, poin, ond sorrows of suffering beings,
To give oII beings peoce, hoppiness, ond frufh,
To so reIieve ond give in Thy nome ond by Thine inseporobIe 0roce,
To heIp fhe worId forword in fhe woy of Life which knows nof even fhe
nome of meof ond sIoughfer,

To sing Thy 0Iory ond EffuIgence,
To sing of Thee Who hosf Thine obode in fhe inmosf chombers of oII Iives
ond Who, in 8Iiss Divine, doncesf fhere for ever ond ever, os fheir 8e-oII
ond End-oII,

Th proy doy ond nighf ond nighf ond doy fo Thee ond fo Thine inherenf
These, veriIy, fhese ore my desires, desires born of Thy 0roce,

O 0od who orf our mofherl
8e forever gIorified ond gronf fhis proyer fo Thine humbIe servonf.