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Francisco Date of Exposure: December 3, 2012 Day of Exposure: 1 (Monday) Area of Exposure: Bago City Health Office General Objective: After 2 days of exposure in Bago City Health Office, the Practicing Head Nurse will be able to: 1. Recognize the different functions and roles of a PHN as part of the health care teams performance in a health facility. 2. Put into practice the varied leadership and management principles in managing the student staff nurses. 3. Demonstrate a positive behavior in the outcome of event during the exposure. Specific Objectives: After an 8-hour shift in Bago City Health Office, the Practicing Head Nurse will be able to: 1.Establish rapport to assigned student staff nurses and area facilitator in the improvement of the team. 2.Coordinate effectively to the Head Nurse for shadowing purposes and student staff nurses in orienting them in their activities in the area. 3.Compose an optimistic conduct in cooperating with the head nurse, the area facilitator and student staff nurses

After an 8-hour shift in Bago City Health Office, the Student Staff Nurses will be able to: 1.State their identified tasks for this days exposure. 2.Use their learned nursing skills and concepts in caring for patients in the area. 3.Demonstrate proper standing in dealing with varied patients coming to and fro for consultation and checkups. TIME 5:30AM- 6:00 AM 6:00AM 6:30AM 6:30AM 7:30AM ACTIVITIES Assembly in the assigned area (HSC) Travel time going to Bago City Health RATIONALE Discipline- Encourages student staff nurses to be a disciplined individual and always start the day with a prayer

Preconference - Opening prayer Introducing self, purpose and roles of a PHN Orientation of the planned itinerary for the week exposure

Communication- Good standing through coordination and cooperation among the group are maintained by effective communication Scalar Chain/Line of Authority- Orienting the student staff nurses of the authority of a PHN during the whole week exposure Unity of Command- student staff nurses should

receive tasks for a particular period from one person only Unity of Direction- to have unison in motion, student staff nurses should be moving towards a common objective in a common direction. Communication- to be clarified and eliminate doubts and ifs in giving nursing care to patient, good communication should prevail Clarity of Purpose- Coordination and cooperation are facilitated by an effective system of communication Esprit de corps- Encourages harmony and general good feelings among staff nurses and head nurse on duty to bring about sense of unity Scalar Chain/Line of Authority- Supervising the SSNs as to how to properly execute nursing procedures within the context of a PHN 11:30AM- 12:00PM Lunch Break Equity- Allowing personal necessities for a specified time to be implemented to the whole group Discipline- Strictly implement just penalties when it comes to tardiness promotes a sense of discipline in managing time and activities Communication- Should be trained on how to do things to be able to carry out tasks and responsibilities. Remuneration- Compensation for work done should be fair to both student staff nurses and PHNs. Unity of command- attaining unified instructions as to the activities on the days to follow.

7:30AM- 11:30AM

Courtesy call with the health care personnel in the area Introducing self to the Head Nurse and stating the main purpose Observing the roles and functions of the Head Nurse in the area(Shadowing) Assisting in procedures and other activities that needs supervision

12:00PM- 1:30PM

Continue shadowing of the Head Nurse


Supervising SSNs in their procedures Post-conference - Giving out of instructions for tomorrows duty Thanking the health team Dismissal


Prepared by: Rene John G. Francisco

Area Facilitator: Ms. Maria Alita Isabel G. Quiddaoen RN, MN