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Question Excerpt From Maths quiz for grade 2 Q.1) ______ comes just before 413. A.403 B.

412 C.410 D.414 Q.2) In 289, the place value of 8 is____________. A.ones B.hundreds C.tens D.thousands Q.3) Three hundred and one can be written as ______. A.31 B.310 C.301 D.3001 Q.4) 232, 242, ____ , 262. The missing number in the pattern is ____. A.222 B.225 C.252 D.243 Q.5) 10+43+34 A.87 B.77 C.104334 D.197 Q.6) There are 3 sweets in one packet. How many sweets will be there in 9 packets? A.12 B.27 C.9 D.3 Q.7) ____ is 200 more than 546. A.346 B.446 C.646 D.746 Q.8) There are 4 apples in each basket. How many apples will be there in 5 baskets? A.5 B.20 C.9 D.10 Q.9) Jane bought 60 cherries. She put 6 cherries in each packet. How many packets did she use? A.10 B.6 C.5 D.12 Q.10) Which one of the following is correct? A.4+2 = 6 B.4*2 = 6 C.2*6 = 8 D.6+2=12

Question Excerpt From Maths quiz for grade 3 Q.1) Ram had 342 coins in his collection. How would you write 342?

A.Three four two B.Three forty two C.Three hundred forty two D.Three hundred four two A shop keeper puts an even number of chocolates in a jar. How many chocolates could he have put in Q.2) the jar? A.999 B.900 C.901 D.905 Q.3) Which number would make the number sentence correct? > 789

A.798 B.700 C.704 D.740 Hari writes the number sentence given below: Q.4) 90 + 41 = + 90 Which number would go into the box? A.0 B.1 C.51 D.41 Q.5) Mrs. Geetha writes the following number sentence on the board: 600 X = 0 Which number would go into the box?

A.0 B.1 C.2 D.3 Q.6) Which of these number sentences is correct? A.456 > 465 B.476 > 467 C.403 > 430 D.457 > 475 Which number comes next in the series? Q.7) 4231, 4331, 4431, ? A.4432 B.4430 C.4531 D.5431 Q.8) Which of the following is in ascending order? A.5234, 5243, 5324, 5342 B.5234, 5324, 5342, 5243 C.5342, 5324, 5243, 5234 D.5324, 5342, 5234, 5243 Ram is reading a story book containing 260 pages. He has completed reading 180 pages. How more Q.9) pages should he read to complete the book? A.60 B.80 C.40 D.120 Q.10) Ritas had Rs.150. She wanted to buy a doll that costs Rs.230. How much more money does she need to buy the doll?

A.80 B.90 C.100 D.120 Question Excerpt From Maths quiz for grade 4 Q.1) The roman numeral for 18 is ______. A.XXVIII B.XVIII C.IVIII D.VVVIII Q.2) The smallest 4-digit number formed by using the digits 0, 3, 5, 6 is _____. A.0356 B.6530 C.6035 D.3056 Q.3) The predecessor of the smallest 5-digit number is ____. A.9999 B.99999 C.10001 D.100001 Q.4) The smallest single digit composite number is ____. A.9 B.4 C.2 D.1 Q.5) The improper fraction among the following is ____. A.4/7 B.2/5 C.3/3 D.1/4 Q.6) 19/6 is a number between _____. A.2 and 3 B.3 and 4 C.19 and 20 D.6 and 18 Q.7) How many one-sixths make 2? A.3 B.6 C.12 D.15 Q.8) 3 hundredths can be written as ____. A.0.003 B.0.3 C.300 D.0.03 Q.9) 0.07 = ____ A.7/10 B.7/100 C.70/10 D.70/100 Q.10) 3 hrs 40 mins equals ____. A.120 mins B.180 mins C.220 mins D.240 mins