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Lewis Elementary School 2009-2010 Supply List

Kindergarten 1 box 64 count Crayola Crayons 3 sets Crayola Classic skinny Markers (unscented) 1 set Crayola Classic fat Markers (unscented) 1 box Crayola Colored Pencils 1 16 count Crayola Watercolors 2 black permanent Sharpie markers 1 pkg 140 lb. Watercolor Paper 2 pkgs. Ticonderoga Pencils 1 pkg Expo fine tip dry erase markers 2 boxes Kleenex 1 box PLAIN Band-Aids Last names A-L ... Hefty Storage Bags w/Zipper – Sandwich size Last names M-Z ... Hefty Storage Bags w/Zipper – Gallon Size $5.00 for Canvas Book Bag (Please do not buy a backpack) $5.00 Scholastic News Magazine ** Please do not put your Child’s name on any of these items. All supplies are shared in the Classroom community.

1st Grade Please use a sharpie and label all supplies 1 4 oz Elmer’s Glue Plastic school box 1 24 ct box of crayons 1 box colored pencils 1 pair Fiskars scissors 2 large boxes of Kleenex 2 Sturdy 2-pocket folders 24 #2 Ticonderoga pencils 2 pink pearl erasers 6 large glue sticks 1 watercolor paint set 2 spiral notebooks Backpack large enough to fit a 3-ring binder Choose 2 of the following (DO NOT LABEL): • Paper towels • Masking tape • Ziplock bags – Quart & Gallon • Markers – thick & thin • Oil pastels • Band-aids – plain • Baby wipes • Sharpies – black fine point

Grade 2 ** 24 #2 pencils (yellow type) 8 glue sticks (not purple glue) 1 pkg of Crayola crayons (24 count or more) 1 pkg of 12 Crayola colored pencils 2 pink pearl erasers 2 Mead Composition Books 1 pair of scissors (Fiskar medium size) I Crayola watercolor paint set-8 colors 1 pkg. Crayola markers 1 Last names A-L ... thin Crayola markers 2 Last names M-Z ... thick Crayola markers 1 large box of Kleenex Backpack (big enough to hold a coat) Please, only label backpack and composition books **2nd grade only: Once class lists are made, your teacher will send an additional supply list to you in August.

Grades 3 Items are to be shared – no need to label 10 ball point pens (Papermate) 1 watercolor paint set – 8 colors (Crayola) 1 package of 12 Crayola colored pencils 2 pkg. Crayola markers (water based) 2 pkgs. Ticonderoga Pencils 1 large box of Kleenex 3 large Glue Sticks – NO SMALL Glue Sticks Please 1 pkg Wide Ruled Lined paper 1 roll of scotch tape 1 box of Band-aids in plain colors 1 PeeChee folder, pocket in bottom 1 pkg sponges (scratchy on one side) 1 container Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 1 3-ring soft vinyl (not hard cover - bendable, flexible cover only) 2 hardbound Composition Notebooks 1 Spiral notebook w/ a Vinyl cover Last names A-M ... 1 pkg Ziploc Bags – Gallon size Last names N-Z ... Fiskars Medium size scissors Backpack big enough to hold a coat - No trapper keepers/binders or pencil boxes -No mechanical pencils or fancy pens or gel pens 4th Grade Community Supplies: Do NOT label 2 black sharpies (1 fine and 1 extra fine) 48 #2 Pencils 5 glue sticks 1 box of bandaids 1 bottle of Elmers glue 2 large boxes of Kleenex 1 container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (Girls only) 3 Dry Erase Markers (Boys only) $5.00 (to help buy craft supplies and other specialty items) Individual Supplies: Please label with your child’s name. 1 Crayola watercolors 1 pr of Fiskar med or large scissors—NOT SMALL 24 count Crayola colored pencils 2- 8 or 10-pack of Crayola Markers (1 think and 1 thin) 3 PeeChee type folders 2 spiral notebooks 2 Pink Pearl Erasers 1 12 in ruler (with standard and metric) 1 large Pencil Box to hold supplies 2 highlighters 1 small pencil sharpener Backpack big enough to hold coat • NO trapper Keepers/Binders NO mechanical pencils • NO fancy pens, gel pens, novelty erasers, pencils, or sharpeners PLEASE! 5th Grade 5 Hardbound Wide Rule Composition Books- NO SPIRALS 24 -#2 Pencils OR 3 Mechanical Pencils w/ extra lead 1 pair Fiskars med. or large size scissors – NOT SMALL 24 count Crayola colored pencils 2 PeeChee type folders 4 glue sticks 1 small pencil sharpener 1 Large pencil pouch (Fabric) – NO PLASTIC PENCIL POUCHES OR BOXES 2 Black ultra fine sharpies 1 package Crayola classic markers 4 highlighters 1 small calculator OR electronic spell checker (optional) 1 clear protractor 1 12” ruler with standard and metric 1 large box of Kleenex Backpack big enough to hold coat Mrs. Gould’s class ONLY: 2 pink erasers Ms. Jen’s class ONLY: 1 set of watercolor paints 3 red ballpoint pens Please buy at least 2 of the following for the classroom: • 1 container Clorox Disinfecting Wipes • Hand sanitizer (large) • Box of freezer strength Ziplock baggies quart size NO Trapper Keeper/Binders NO fancy pens, gel pens, novelty erasers or sharpeners