Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation extends the general liability for offences to road freight consignors, receivers, packers

and loaders. Rather than pursue the ‘soft target’ on the roadside, truck drivers and operators, authorities can investigate along the supply chain and up and down the corporate chain of command. The days of ‘all care and no responsibility’ are over.

TLIF3093A IMPLEMENT CHAIN OF RESPONSIBILITY REGULATIONS (CoR LEVEL 2) The CoR Level 2 Course relates to implementing Chain of Responsibility regulations. It includes identifying and interpreting relevant regulations; and reviewing operations in line with Chain of Responsibility regulations. Participants actively work through how to implement their documents, policies and procedures. WHO SHOULD COMPLETE THIS COURSE? CoR legislation extends responsibilities to anyone whose actions, inactions or demands can put driver’s lives or other lives at risk. Any party who has control in the transport chain can be held responsible and may be legally liable. If you are a frontline manager or supervisor of schedulers, packers, loaders or drivers or you influence any of these roles you should complete this course. WHAT ARE THE COURSE OBJECTIVES? • • • • • Explain the CoR Framework of policies, procedures and tools; Implement existing policies, procedures and tools in your workplace; Review and update workplace procedures and tools to ensure they meet CoR requirements; Complete the required CoR-related records, analysis, documentation and reports; and Identify impacted roles within your area and communicate their responsibilities to them.

WHAT DOES THE COURSE INVOLVE? This is a 1 day training course that includes 13 modules and 4 short assessments (knowledge, short answer, case study and practical). WHAT MAKES THIS COURSE DIFFERENT? This course will introduce the CoR Framework and explore practical examples of the suite of policies, procedures and tools that a frontline manager or supervisor would implement to support CoR in the workplace. You have the option to bring along example documents from your workplace to refer to throughout the course. WOULD YOU LIKE THE TRAINING DELIVERED ONSITE AT YOUR ORGANISATION? If you prefer, we have qualified trainers that can deliver the CoR Level 2 Accredited Course onsite at your organisation. Please contact us for pricing options of onsite delivery. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $1,950.00 (AUD) per Participant (Discounts may apply with corporate arrangements) NEED MORE INFORMATION? Call 1300 362 226 or email



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