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Mid Life Upgrade from C7 to C7A2 Rifle

Visual changes:
a. Colored furniture (green);
b. Telescopic Butt (4 position);
c. CANPAT Patrol Sling;
d. C79A2 Optical Sight (green) w/Gen 4 mount;
e. TRIAD I rail system;
f. Ambidextrous Magazine Catch;
g. Ambidextrous Fire Control Selector;
h. Tactical Charging Handle
Non Visual changes:
h. Spring, Elastometric, Grip Kit, HH buffer.
C7 Rifle - Mid-life upgrade

 Starts in 03-04
 Telescoping butt 4 position (frag jacket, storing space in LAV III, etc..)
 TRIAD Modular rail system procured UOR for OP Apollo (LAD, Flash light,
Ambidextrous Mag Catch & Fire Control Selector, Green Furniture, C79 sight
update (Green rubber cover, Replace Tritium source, Mount side-spring loading
Gen 4), Spring Elastometric, Tactical Charging Handle, CANPAT patrol sling.
 Trials to be conducted Sept-Oct 03 (35 wpns)
TRIAD – rail mount - (Picatinny)


Cast Aluminum – machined & anodized

Bottom pin is riveted
Top screw is slotted (1 st gen style has allan

Plastic rail protectors

Not Catalogued/ in progress
Available in Green colour only
TRIAD – rail mount
Ambidextrous Magazine Catch
Catch is catalogued as part of a Kit item for the C7CT rifle – not yet catalogued as a separate
This Ambi-Catch ™ is being trialed with the Qty 50 - C7A2 rifles.
Receiver – Left Side – Ambidextrous Magazine Catch
Latch, Tactical, Charging Handle

-For left/right
-Easier access to
cock wpn
-For use with winter
Latch, Tactical, Charging Handle

OLD - for C7/C7a1 New – for C7A2

Ambidextrous Fire Control Selector
Receiver – Right Side – Ambidextrous Fire Control Selector
Telescoping Butt
C8 Telescoping Butt Assembly : with 4 locating holes on the tube.
To accomadate all people in all dress ie body armour, assualt vest,
parka, shirt.
With Rubber Butt Pad = normal Butt length
Telescoping Butt Assembly
C79A2 Optical Sight
Patrol Sling (CANPAT)

CANPAT Patrol Sling.

Sling is slightly longer than black Patrol sling. (2 in)
Also slightly thicker (heavier) material.
Front loop larger for M-203A1.
Lift the Dot - snap
New attaching hook for the C7A2 rear attachment point –
The metal hoop is not fixed in design.
Patrol Sling (CANPAD)
Spring, Elastometric – Grip Kit

To remove movement
between the Upper and
Lower Receiver

Grip Kit has not been catalogued yet.

Designed to carry 2 AA batteries inside pistol
Spring, Elastometric - Grip Kit