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Car Repair Cartoons

by T. McCracken

Moto rcycl e Carto on 6869 : As an opera tic vikin g wom an in a garag e is about to sing, a mech anic in front of a heap of a bike says to the owne r, "Uh oh. The fat lady' s about to sing This does n't bode well for your moto rcycl e."

W ant

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LEGO Castle - Playsets - King's Castle Siege - 7094
Help defend the kingdom with this LEGO Castle King's Castle Siege!

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LEGO Castle - Playsets - Troll Warship - 7048
The mighty troll warship is attacking the castle from the sea with its powerful cannon in this LEGO Castle Troll Warship!

LEGO Castle - Playsets - Dwarves' Mining - 7036
The dwarves are working hard mining, transporting and hiding rare diamonds and gems, but can they protect their treasure from the giant troll?

LEGO Castle - Playsets - Tower Raid - 7037
Help the knights defend their fortress with this LEGO Castle Tower Raid!

LEGO Castle - Playsets - Troll Assault Wagon - 7038
Here come the trolls! The evil trolls are on the march with this powerful LEGO Castle Troll Assault Wagon!

LEGO Castle - Playsets - Dwarves' Mine Defender - 7040
With the LEGO Castle Dwarves' Mine Defender you can defend the kingdom of the mighty dwarves from the evil troll warriors!

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