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Susan Seymour Hedke

July 27 2009

PrEDICTIONs For August 2009
The Grand Cross on the Holy Cross
the End Time, LHASA and The Great RETURN of ATLANTIS-MERU


A grand cross between the heavenly bodies occurs from August to September 2009 (red lines in chart). The cross is close to, or nearing, the yellowcoloured cross of the solstice/equinox axis as shown in the chart (left) of August 14 2009. This grand cross will last through the last two weeks of August and into the first part of September as Mars moves through Gemini and over the summer solstice into Cancer. Because the solstice/equinox axis of the year is now aligned with the galactic axis (turquise line) we can call it a Holy Cross in the heavens. Because it contains the Galactic Centre at 27° Sagittarius aligning with the winter solstice1 it means we are nearing the end of a Great Year cycle. In such Great Year cycles Holy Cross periods mean catastrophic reversals. Depending on how exactly the Galactic Centre is conjunct the winter solstice we may or may not have a little time before the worst ( and the best ;-) comes2. Every c. 6,200 years the four spoked solstice/equinox wheel creates an alignment involving the galactic axis. This causes massive climate changes and shifting of land masses. The last two such alignments occurred on the Fall side of the wheel, in which we experienced a descent from a high point that began about 12,500 years ago. The loss of this high point and our journey into the west into the great vale of the present times has been associated with loss and sorrows. The last alignment just over 6000 years ago, c. 4,200 BC increased the loss through the Great Flood from which all civilizations on Earth were affected and from which chaos they only began to recover within a few years of the Mayan start of the last age in 3114 BC. When the First Catastrophe and Holy Cross occurred at 10,468 BC it caused a
1 Some astronomical calculations have placed the centre of the galaxy at this point( 2012) more exactly over the winter solstice. 2Astrology sees the Galactic Centre as at 27° Sagittarius in 2010, so 3° from the winter solstice. As it takes 100 years to progress 1° 24', or like precession, which is part of the same cycle - 1° in c. 72 years, this may give us another 250 odd years until the end of this age, maybe? The planetary alignments to 2013 are however suggestive of an end - with Pluto also at the winter solstice and both squaring Uranus through the whole period from now- 2009 to 2013.

Conflagration on Earth, great temperature fluctuations followed by a sinking of continents and enormous changes as told of in The Chronicles of Akakor. In the Old Testament, Isaiah also remembers how the earth reeled like a drunkard, and in the story or „myth“ of Phaethon passed down to the Greeks by the Egyptian priests similar details are recorded. This terrible period set off a 1,300 year ice age called the Younger Dryas. I believe this was caused by the fall of an enormous primordial volcanic mountain that marked the centre of our Earth, sometimes associated with stories of a great fall from heavens, a tree being felled, a decapitation or a phallus being cut off or lost. Evidence that this was a volcanic disaster is shown by the fact that the mammoths dated to this period, and other ancient creatures found flash-frozen in Siberia, were surrounded by volcanic ash. This does not at all mean that this now beginning Holy Cross in August 2009 is the „end of the world“. Nevertheless such a reinforcement of the Holy Cross through the planets may give an early inkling of what lies before us. For as the First Catastrophe caused the loss or fall of this central volcano, which was the fall of Satan-Lucifer and also Orion-Osiris-Phaethon from his high place in the Heaven, this period will see his Second Coming in the Great Return long prophesied, a volcanic return. The worst events of this Holy Cross will therefore involve volcanic activity. They will be most likely when the Nodes of the Moon and particularly the South Node Ketu is strongly involved. This is not the case here but will be the case in 2010-11. However, this AugustSeptember will see an intensification of Earth changes leading to the Return. Mars will remain opposite the Galactic Centre for a few weeks and also then square Saturn and Uranus. Its aspect peters out about the September 12 2009 after opposing Pluto. However Saturn will remain opposite Uranus for the following months and for much of 2010 when volcanic activity will definitely intensify as Uranus enters Mars sign of Aries.

However on the very date, September 12, where this period of throes seems to be over the Moon in Gemini reactivates the Holy Cross for a day, perhaps two, awakening the aspect between Saturn, Uranus and the Galactic Centre that is getting ever more exact. At the same time, the Sun also moves to conjunct Saturn in Virgo – sign of health to become part of the cross. This could increase health problems, or intensify a pandemic. Moreover the Sun with Saturn in Virgo in September could cause a larger earthquake, or perhaps a large „preliminary“ earthquake, possibly in California which is in founding chart a Virgo, especially around the Los Angeles area danger

exists in September as it too has the founding Sun in Virgo and in this month the transiting Nodes of the Moon will exactly square the founding Nodes of LA . I would put Los Angeles on yellow alert at least from the end of August till the end of September 2009. Other danger zones that can be triggered by the Holy Cross include Indonesia, which should be a constant concern for the whole world. Further danger zones are New Zealand and the Atlantic Ocean south of England. From now on, until the following September 2010, every transit of the Moon or other body through Gemini and over the summer solstice will create a grand cross on the Holy Cross. So the tension is building and continues also in 2013. Even if the longest solar eclipse of this century on July 22 2009, seen by millions as it

Cloud cover at the time of the solsr eclipse over India was rather similar to the form of India. passed over India and photographed by Willard Van de Bogarti, was not the direct cause of what is coming, it was certainly a preparatary warning of the disasters that lie ahead: the longest eclipse came at the beginning of this Holy Cross. This cross could affect India very strongly. Mars was already in Gemini as it occurred and India is the Gemini zone3of this Earth. ABOVE: the Gemini latitude and longitude zones are shown. Mars transit of Gemini could cause disasters in these zones, especially in the pure Gemini Zone which is South India - Sri Lanka.
3 The zones are something I discovered nearly 20 years ago and have a latitude and longitude component. Through them one can see where events are likely to occur. The above map shows the Gemini latitude and longitude and where they cross we have the pure Gemini Zone which is over South India and Sri Lanka.

India is a very ancient high civilization and most in contact with the meaning of what is happening now, yet much of it has sunk beneath the seas and with this loss the rest of the world has lost its mind, as also its spiritual centre. Important information for us lies most likely in the India now beneath the Indian Ocean. The Holy Cross from August to September will involve the two malefics, Mars the Lesser and Saturn the Greater Malefic. It suggests violence, both in nature and among humans: violent winds, storms, quakes, eruptions and conflicts, unrest, riots and uprisings, or: For nation will rise in arms against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places; there will be famines. These miseries are but like the early pains of childbirth. Mark 13.8ii. As Mars rules Aries we should look also to the Aries Zones of latitude and longitude to see where the violence may erupt. The Aries longitude includes not surprisingly the lands of the Middle East as also major capitols of the world including Washington DC in the USA. Its pure zone is the Mediterranean and the age this zone was most powerful was in the Vernal Aries Age c-. 150 BC to 2,300 BC.

As Mars rules the sign of Aries, demonstrations uprisings or bombings could also occur in the Aries zones of the Earth. One of the first most likely dates for violence, signs of war, or even violent natural explosions and fires, will be when the Moon is in Aries with a bow pointing at it from Mars and another bow points at Mars in Gemini on August 11 2009 as shown in the chart on the right. AUGUST 11 2009 MOON IN ARIES Then we can expect some Mars type disasters in the Aries and Gemini latitudes and longitudes, and also to narrow it down most likely to the Aries/Gemini Zones.

However, the Holy Cross is perfected on or close to the solstice angles so it will actually effect worst the zones that are close to the summer solstice (Gemini/Cancer) or spring equinox, (Pisces/Aries) winter solstice (Sagittarius/ Capricorn) or fall equinox zones (Virgo/Libra). We will look more intensively at these zones later. The pure Aries Zone around the Mediterranean, perhaps Greece may be moved to demonstration, or there may be stirrings in Italy. Perhaps natural stirrings in the volcano Vesuvius or Etna, which are at the centre of the Aries Zone. The Aries/ Gemini zones include India/Sri Lanka/North Sumatra and the Central Africa/Congo zone. Below I have marked for Mars type disasters the pure Gemini Zone, the pure Aries Zone as also the two Aries/ Gemini zones in Africa and India. Also marked are the two solstice longitude zones. The spring equinox longitude is not marked in this map, but as Uranus is placed near the spring equinox, the Holy Cross (involving also Uranus) could affect this area too.

Yet the peak of conflict connected to the Holy Cross, which in essence is a conflict between a spiritual and material view of the world, is most likely to occur in the summer solstice zone at the time when Mars, or Mars and Moon, are close to the summer solstice at Gemini/Cancer as they are on August 16 to 17 2009. As the pure peak of the summer solstice marked with a red circle, is still below water, it can only express in possible earthquakes, tsunami or undersea volcanic eruptions. However close by in Indonesia volcanoes may erupt. Violence or catastrophic events may express higher on the same longitude of the summer solstice where I have placed Mars, perhaps in Bhutan wher glaciers are melting at a catastrophic rate, but more likely in Lhasa. Awareness of this area of the world may increase on 11th August and may reach a peak by the lunar transit over the summer solstice on 16-17 August. The September 12th Moon transit through Gemini and summer solstice brings this period I will consider to an end. On the other side of the world at 90° west on the American continent, perhaps in Mexico there may be some fire disaster or riots. Conflict or disaster may also be accentuated on August 16 to 17 2009 when the Moon transits the summer solstice as it did by the Tsunami 2004 and as it did by the eruption of Krakatau in August 1883 conjunct Mars, here it is again conjunct Mars.

Above two versions of Krakatau eruption August 26 1883, left emphasizing the T square on the forming Holy Cross which will repeat with Uranus transiting the spring equinox, and right the bow to the Galactic Centre. Below left Saturn square the Nodes of the Moon and the Moon at the summer solstice helped trigger the earthquake on December 26 2004. What will the passage of the Moon over the summer solstice trigger on 16-17 August, or 12th September 2009. Below right is the chart of August 16 2009.

In all three cases shown above, Krakatau, Tsunami (both near summer solstice zone) and 16 August 2009 the Moon is close to the summer solstice. This suggests some earthquake and volcanic activity may be noticeable around this zone on this date.

EARTHQUAKES CAUSED BY HOLY CROSS? Nevertheless I should be wary of seeing the worst dangers to be found only in the zone where the Moon is transiting. For example, on the last Moon transit through Aries on July 15 2009, there was a spate of violence in many areas. In Iraq a bomb want off and Papua and China and other areas showed unrest, but a bigger event was close to happening on this day. Sometimes one must have a fine sense of where the energy in a chart is pointing to notice these things, On July 15 2009 the Moon formed a T square to the Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, as Ketu (the South Node) was beginning to near the Sun he was planning to swallow on 22nd July. This T square involving the Moon in Aries did cause some violence as might be expected. But Lilith is not to be underestimated and was also part of the T square in the earth sign Capricorn aspecting Saturn in the earth sign Virgo, where a loose bow also pointed and this set off a large M. 7.6 earthquake in the pure Virgo Zone where New Zealand is placed also close to the Fall Equinox (Virgo/Libra) so on the Holy Cross of the Great Year. NEW ZEALAND M 7.6 EARTHQUAKE 15 July 2009 The danger of earthquakes in this zone has been accentuated since Saturn began transiting Virgo from 2007 and it will continue till 2010 and be increased by the grand cross.


Capricorn and his ruler Saturn produce earthquakes. That is why, as Pluto conjuncts the

Galactic Centre from Capricorn, while the Galactic Centre moves ever closer to the winter solstice, where Saturn's rule begins, we should see the likelihood of great earthquakes as getting ever more certain. In fact Capricorn's description as a cardinal (new beginning) earth sign describes exactly the apocalyptic birthing of the NEW EARTH from the Galactic Mother as she crosses the winter solstice. When Mars is square Saturn from August to September earthquakes in New Zealand are more likely, especially when aspects points out Capricorn or Saturn and the earth signs are strong. Such was the case in June 2009 (on the left) where Venus and Mars were in Taurus-earth in a grand trine to Moon conjunct Saturn in Virgo-earth and Lilith in Capricorn-earth. That was when a magnitude 5 earthquake shook the whole south island of New Zealand. LEFT EARTHQUAKE SHOOK SOUTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND June 28 2009 The planet Mercury, ruler of Virgo was square the Moon and Saturn in Virgo. From 22nd to 23rd August 2009 Mercury and Saturn will be conjunct in Virgo when the Moon passes over in a grand cross. This could cause another serious earthquake perhaps in the New Zealand area. However, as said the danger goes on into 2010 as long as Saturn remains in Virgo. In some areas the conjunct of Mercury to Saturn in August opposite Uranus and square Mars in the air sign Gemini will bring air disasters, flight disasters and storms, most likely affecting the equatorial zones perhaps in Central America or the summer solstice longitude zones near India or Bangladesh. Perhaps a plane will crash crossing this zone. Yet remaining by earthquakes you can see the grand cross with the Moon transiting Virgo. Right: Possible earthquake near New August 22 or 23 2009

aland on Au

Saturn is in the Virgo Zone from 2007 to 2010. Last year he began an opposition to Uranus, then backed out but is now returning to face him. As Uranus is in Pisces this will make also the Virgo/Pisces zone up near the Aleutian Islands sensitive,(orange circle on map) as also the Pisces Zone of the Atlantic (green circle) liable to a shock, which we will go into later. In the following chart you see a few of the major earthquakes Saturn's placing in Virgo and Uranus' placing in Pisces have already caused since 2007 and the progression from 2004 when Saturn was in Cancer, to 2006 where Saturn was in Leo. The most important earthquakes are occurring in December soon after the winter solstice when the Yang energy of the Sun begins to rise in the Mother Earth.

The chart above shows historic earthquakes in December, the earthquake on the left is the New Madrid Earthquake. The three red arrows seemingly all in one line mark major earthquakes as they occurred on December 26 of the years 2004, 2006 and 2007. The map is shown again below with small changes and clarification and the M 7.6 earthquake this July 2009 near New Zealand has been added.


Above you see on the right side of the map how since 2007, when Saturn entered Virgo, the historical December earthquakes (see usgs). have centered in the Virgo Zone. If one added every earthquake that has occurred since then in this area compared to earthquakes in other areas, as I began to do at one point, this should become overwhelmingly obvious. The most endangered zones for END TIME disasters are however not any of the pure zones per se, but as already said, the solstice and equinox angles between the zones, allowing a lee way of a few degrees to each side. So in August the most dangerous times are when Mars or another body moves over the summer solstice and Uranus and Saturn are on the spring and fall

equinox and the Galactic Centre and Pluto closest to the winter solstice. All the aspects between the heavenly bodies that occur on these solstice-equinox angles, or point at one of them, can trigger the main birth pangs that affect the poles, the equator, the summer and winter solstice longitude zones, and the equinox zones. These zones can also be mixed creating sensitive points. For instance where the winter solstice longitude and summer solstice latitude meet, which is the Galapagos Islands. Below some of the major danger zones are ringed, though the poles and the axis of the earth itself will be the thing that sets off the earthquakes, tsunamis and the volcanic eruptions near the equator.

THE POLES AND THE POLAR AXIS REPRESENT THE WINTER SOLSTICE ZONE Other important zones apart from the poles are the equator and the 90° east and west longitudes. We can see below how a great number of the most apocalyptic disasters, especially what one could call climate disasters, have already affected these zones through glacial melting, great storms and massive earthquakes. Below I have included a few of them.

On the left of the above chart I have marked just a few of the disasters affecting the winter solstice longitude. The New Madrid Earthquake occurred on 16th December 1811 at longitude 89° 40' 37" W, so within one degree of the 90° west winter solstice longitude line through North America. It is a rather ancient disaster ( the Galactic Centre was then c. 24° 10') but the series of earthquakes occurred as Pluto was square the GC and Saturn and the Sun and Moon transited the GC and winter solstice. Also it is one of the most famous earthquakes in the west, which shook much of the USA up to New York. LEFT: NEW MADRID EARTHQUAKE 1811 Another more recent and unforgettable disaster occurred when Hurricane Katrina caused a storm surge that broke down the levees and drowned the city of New Orleans at latitude 29.954N. and longitude -90.075W, so right on the winter solstice longitude. (see chart right and map on last page). Pluto was here conjunct the Galactic Centre in a bow created by Neptune on the one side and Jupiter with the South Node and Venus on the other. HURRICANE KATRINA AUGUST 2005 I am telling of these things because what was a danger in the past will most likely be an even worse danger zone when grand crosses form on the Holy Cross of the winter solstice/summer solstice/ spring and fall equinoxes in the coming year. Through this system we can see the most dangerous areas and also maybe understand where we may be safest. Saturn is not conjunct the winter solstice area now as he was around 1811, nor is Neptune, nevertheless Pluto is loosely conjunct the Galactic Centre and winter solstice until 2013 and he is the God of the Underworld, suggesting that big gaping holes or abysses could appear on some parts of this winter solstic zone. Of course that an „anti Christ „ should become president and America's image be destroyed is also part of the transforming Pluto throwing his dark cloak over this land. In fact not only has the land recently had something akin to a devil as leader, one area in Central America right on the 90° west line has opened the doors to Hell in 2007: the so called „Maws of Hell“ is a big, black and stinking hole that appeared overnight in Guatemala City at 14° 37' N and 90° 31' W Additionally that hole, and Guatemala City generally, is placed between two volcanoes and the whole area through Mexico and Guatemala along this 90° west line is a mine field of volcanoes as well as social difficulties and potential unrest. Some of the volcanoes are right close to huge populations like Mexico City at 99° W long. still close enough to be affected. You can imagine what will happen when the earth crust starts shifting soon (Aztec word for this age suggests how it may end Ollin means earthquake, shift, movement). It is of course completely appropriate that the Mayan Prophecy about a ( pretty likely) disastrous End on December 21 2012 came from this 21st December longitude. One of the most ancient ruins that awoke John Major Jenkins to the solstice alignment was Izapa, which showed a Monument 6 aligned to the winter solstice sunrise and held

information about what would occur on the solstice 2012 ( 4 Ahaw 3 K’ankin) about the return of the Nine Support(?) Gods. Other remains of a prophecy by Chilam Balam about this date tell of the Return of Kukulkan with blood vomit and also rising up in a chalice of fire. Pretty definite volcano imagery to me and then from a Jaguar Priest whose whole function was connected to the volcano. In fact all catlike beasts were associated to volcanoes. The site of Izapa which is also at Latitude 14 58' 00'' and Longitude -92 11' 00'' was aligned to two volcanoes. Tacoma is one of them, and as John Major Jenkins writes in Galactic Alignment this volcano played an important role and was visited for rites at the winter solstice. The highest volcano in the northern hemisphere is Popocatepetl . He has Latitude: 19.023°N. Longitude: 98.622°W and has erupted already near Mexico City and Popocatepetl favours December for his eruptions. He erupted most notably on December 21 1994, then in December 1998, then in December 2000 when on the advice of scientists to the government evacuations began as he is making his largest display in 1,200 years. Over forty thousand have been evacuated since the December 15-16 2000 eruption. Further December eruptions began in 2005 and 2007 and in December 2008 smoke rose but his eruption came first on January 5 2009. I suppose it may be irritating to many when I talk of heavenly or earthly bodies that most consider as inanimate „its“, as he or she. But this is how ancient peoples often saw the living bodies around them and this is the only way to understand some ancient texts like Revelation, which was already an ancient tale when John the Divine was alive and supposedly wrote it. In this case my use of „he“ for Popo is supported by an Aztec myth in which „smoking mountain“ was a prince in love with a princess (another volcano). She heard that he had died in battle and died herself from grief. Volcanoes were generally considered as earthly royalty: kings and queens or sons or daughters of such, if they were not gods or goddesses. . Life was earlier made of elementary powers that were seen as alive and male or female, volcanoes no different than humans so a volcano could be a man or woman in a story. We have misundertood many ancient texts by not realizing that we are talking about volcanoes- there were giants on the earth in those times- and the fallen angels mating with the daughters of earth, or Jesus being born of an earthly mother and heavenly father, has an elementary truth we have forgotten or destroyed as we pooh-poohed alchemy and all the related sciences. The Galapogas volcano La Cumbre, also on c. 90° west and at the equator marks the coming together of the summer and winter solstice zone - quite a special place, and the trigger to Darwin's revolutionaty idea of evolution with his books like The Origin of Species. Le Cumbre has also already erupted a few times making a hell for the wildlife there. It is at the middle of a creation centre which could play a major role in the future, with very deep rifts going deep into the ocean around the islands and called the Galapogas Spreading Centre – this womb-like volcanic area could be compared to the Galactic Centre. Apart from volcanoes, a number of tropical storms and hurricanes have swept the 90° west area in the last years, like Hurricane Iris in October 2001 and Hurricane Gilbert back in 1988 as Uranus, Neptune and Saturn were also transiting the winter solstice. Gilbert caused great damages in the Mexican area.

Nevertheless probably far more dangerous than what is happening at 90° west longitude is what may happen at 90° east. Here we are in an area called the Ring of Fire full of the most explosive volcanoes in the world. It is here I believe the Isle of Fire, birth place of the phoenix, of Garuda, as also of Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan who originated in the east, once existed. Here the most terrible disaster may rise like a beast where the 90° east zone and the equator, and the two summer solstice zones, meet. For Indonesia is the closest remains of the Land of the Beast told of in Revelation that God will pour his cup (caldera) of wrath upon.

THE NINETY EAST RIDGE AREA ON THE EQUATOR IS THE PLACE THAT THE VOLCANIC MOUNTAIN OF ATLAS-MERU-EDEN may rise again Even though much of the writing on the above map may be illegible, the most dangerous zones of all remain at the poles. Both poles represent the area of the Winter Solstice and Galactic Centre is nearing from below. The poles are Yin, of water and cold, especially the Antarctic ( over 90 percent of all water stored here) which is the Sagittarius pure zone and latitude, Sagittarius is a sign of underworld fire too so either the latitude or longitude of Sagittarius could become volcanically active. Central America and part of North America represent the winter solstice and Galactic Centre longitude. The other danger point is on the equator: the summer solstice zone of 90° east and 0° North, summer solstice, where the Galactic Anti-Centre is now as well. The Galactic Anti-Centre on Earth is the true home of the King Osiris-Orion, this alignment signifies the return of Orion - the loosing of his bands or bonds. Orion as constellation is placed between the constellations Taurus and Gemini and his bright stars represent the Galactic Anti Centre and the fire pole of Yang in the Yin Yang cycle. Orion's belt is now vertically aligned

with the Earth's equatorial belt. Orion has been understood under a great many names in many countries and for many tens of thousands of years – he is shown in cave paintings. Orion is also Shiva-Nataraja who will perform his flaming dance of destruction. The temple to Shiva Nataraja in Chidambaram in southern India awaits this great dance to the south, in the Indian Ocean, from its position it will have an excellent view. That is where the sphinxes point. It was at this summer solstice point that the full Moon was placed opposite the Sun, Galactic Centre and Pluto in a bow and arrow that triggered that great Tsunami on 26 December 2004. It is the earthly Orion - the Son of Man - who will be returning. So many of India's temples look like volcanoes to me, this temple to Shiva at Chidambaram ( interestingly has been called Chilambaram so very similar to Chilam Balam -Jaguar priest- and associated to a tiger devotee of Shiva – showing likely origin of Maya in Lanka/ sunken India- Atlantis-Meru) is no exception.

You might call Orion on earth Osiris, or you might call him Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan or Jesus. Osiris once said he was the Great Pyramid, but what he really meant was that he was the great fiery mountain that pyramid represented: Meru. The enormous Meru according to Sanskrit and Hindu texts was quite clearly placed at the equator, at the middle of the earth. It represented the centre, as the summer solstice and galactic anti centre represent the centre, for they all represent pure Yang and the purest part of Yang is the very tip top of a pyramid-volcanic mountain, the place where the eye of fire is seen when it erupts, the Ben Ben stone also represented this Yang centre, which a peak-centre-the peak of the mountain pyramid of Yang. Orion4 was also called in Arabic the Centre. Many of the constellation and star names up at this galactic anti centre like the Pleiades star Al Cyone, means the centre too. Other names suggest the Conqueror and connect to Yang or macho male qualities and the prophecy of the return. He fell in love with a girl called Merope, one of the Pleiades on the Aegean Island of Chios which was another copy of Meru, a volcanic island, as a volcanic hunter he killed all the beasts of the island. Even Revelation was supposed to have been written by John in a volcanic cave in the Furnace Islands of volcanoes. The belt of Orion was made of precious jewels, this rich land of the volcanic Isle of Fire was also known in the Orient as the Isle of Gems (Joseph Campbell) and in Revelation we have the story of this land and of the scarlet beast on which the Whore sits: in the belt of Orion the star Al Niyak, means 'the wounded one.' ... In Revelation the Beast has many heads which are volcanic heads: One of the beast's heads looked like it had sustained a mortal wound, but its fatal wound was healed. Rev 13.3
4 Betelgeuse is a part of Orion that varies greatly in brightness which makes some believe it is about to turn supernova.It is interesting that such changes have been noticed to occur or been measured in certain Decembers. Some believe that this is the reason why some in the know are hoarding seeds and preparing cities below the earth surface.

17:8 "The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction. And those who dwell on the earth, whose name has not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will wonder when they see the beast, that he was and is not and will come. Other Merus were imitations of this original centre, like the volcano on the equator in Africa called Meru. Suryasiddhānta mentions that Mt Meru lies in 'the middle of the Earth' ("bhoogolamadhya") in the land of the Jamboonada. E. Burgess translates "bhoogola-madhya" as "the centre of the earth-globe" and not as 'bhoo-madhya' which is used for equator in Sanskrit and Hindi texts. Shumisen is also a name for Mount Meru in Buddhist mythology and a rendering is shown below. In some versions , as here left, Meru is visualized as being like an hour glass in form, an upward and downward pointing triangle with a thin middle, just like Orion. Wikiwikiyarou File:Shumisen.jpg Pictures Orion and Meru of

I even suspect that the straight phallic looking Ninety East Ridge 5000 km, longest on earth, beginning within the Yonic Bay of Bengal where the river Ganges delta is found, that was in myth strongly associated with Meru, has something to do with the supposedly endless phallus of Shiva worshipped in India as also the lost phallus of Osiris. The Nile was a copy, yet with a link back through the Nile that was seen as his back bone, which flows to its source at lake Victoria at the equator near volcanic Meru . The pyramids of Giza represented not only Orion but the holy trimurti mountain sunk in the Indian Ocean and recreated in other monuments including Borobudur in Java. In JAva a volcanic mountain was transferred from the original land and called Semeru and Angkor wat in Cambodia. O.D. Miller who wrote about Meru in his life's work called HAR MOAD the Mount of the Assembly, also realized that Meru or Sumeru had to be in the east in India after extensive research into cuneiforn texts. He placed it in the Pamir mountains back in his 19 th century research and never considered it might have sunk under the sea further south, yet in other ways he did all the work that would make this logical, for he saw how in Sumeria (Sumeru) and other early cultures built their countries- states and central cities after the model of Meru at the equator as centre or middle of the world. So he realized for instance that Upper and Lower Egypt represented the Southern and Northern hemispheres of the Earth and the three pyramids were not just the belt of Orion (as rediscovered by Robert Bauvall and Adrian Gilbert The Orion Mystery ) but the belt of the equator. Unfortunatley he did not then take it to the logical conclusion that all these copies which

placed Meru (Great Pyramid home of the King at the equator) were actually remembering the sunken Meru at the equator. Orion is placed at the Galactic Anti Centre between the constellations Taurus and Gemini that is now aligned with our Summer Solstice, and it was He as much as the Galactic centre that caused the Fall and Return in the Great Year cycle. As he lived on earth he was Meru, and volcanic mountains at that time were seen as kings on earth, ( Ki is a word for earth or Chi the energy of the earth, or Ku the fire power of Yang within the womb of Earth- Kundalini, Kukulkan, both associated with the serpent-dragon power) and this mountain was king of kings and lord of lords. He fell half a Great Year ago as remembered in the story of Phaethon and the conflagration, and of Osiris losing his phallus, and he will return in this area. The whole story is told in many myths of bondage and imprisonment in which giants- giant wolves like Fenrir or Prometheus etc were bound up so that they could not break looses yet they do at the End that is what all the myths agree on.The ancient Arabians called Orion Al Jauzah, loosely meaning "the Middle Figure of the Heavens," and Al Babadur, "the Strong One." The Jews called him Gibbor, or "the Giant." They also considered him as Nimrod, who was strapped to the great sky dome for rebelling against Jehovah.5 Nevertheless whether exactly 90° east and 0° North is the most dangerous zone as Osiris begins his return, it is certainly accepted by scientists that the Sunda Trench and the whole area east of the Ridge may be about to blow. This is the true Babylon told of in Revelation.The land of the goddess Kumari who like Durga, Shakti and Sekhmet wore red. In fact even Mary wore it beneath the blue. The Whore of Babylon was clothed in scarlet, as the living goddess still is, like the menstruating, bleeding or wounded volcano, and we see the MYSTERY of revelation written on Kumari's forehead: where the ku-ndalini fiery snake rose through the volcanic body. The land of Kumari is shown here on a map remembered in Tamil Texts, yet either the Mount Meru here shown is placed too far to the left or it was already one of the many copies made of the original.Such copies were made often and were sometimes of amazing size and could only have been created with superhuman- godly help, yet they are sunk. Certainly there is no sign of such a ridge in this position, but if placed slightly to the right this Meru in Kumari would fit exactly.

5 In the picture on the right you see how the central Caduceus associated with Mer-cury is placed at the summer solstice and also strangely how Mercury is placed below with a symbol of a cube that represented Meru (O.D. Miller) – so the mercurial land is sunk below. After much research it seems that all races presently alive originated or were connected in some way to this central mountain. The Jews await an new Jeru-salem which will be built as described in the Bible in the form of a cube. The angel with the key to awaken it and brings its return can be associated with the Egyptian Orion-Sahu carrying his ankh key as also with the Revelation figures of Apollyon and Abaddon. As also with the story of Babylon whose MYSTERY is that of Meru and means the gate of the sun god but unravelled more closely means the:“ birth channel of the underworld sun-god“ which means the sun returning in his volcanic guize, like Shammash and like Orion, for Orion is the light force of Yang in galactic cycle terms- also represented by the Sun in yearly o daily terms, and he is the awakener who will set off the volcanic birthing. It may not take many more earthquakes to get the volcanoes going, as they also awoke after December 2004. Perhaps it will be Anak Krakatau who will cause the worst damage as he has done in the past, and perhaps baby Anak (one of the Anannuki Anakim, Nephilim) is our apocalyptic baby King of Kings returning: populatons were halved in many places back in the 6th century when Krakatau erupted and plagues broke out. Yet I believe eventually this first beast will wake number eight who is still hidden: And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition. Rev. 17:11. All this part of Revelation is telling is about the eighth part of the seven „islands“ of Indonesia that is hidden, and thought dead or extinct, yet he will go into perdition means he will erupt. Repeated symbolic associations are made between Mer-u with Mer-cury and the Gemini Zone. On the left the caduceus of Mercury rises out of a fire in the ground between two beehivemountains, again we see the vague form of Orion below the Bull of Heaven Taurus. This volcanic central mountain seems to have been the birthplace of alchemical understanding which lead to such mysterous ways of writing in the Biblical and other sacred texts. This M also forms an Orion form with a volcanic mountain at centre. M or MR was retained in the names of many later kings, ie the Merovingian king line and other people and places associated with Meru, so also Nimrod, Mithras. Below versions of Mount Meru.

The volcano was also seen as a chariot of the Sun, and so Meru was sometimes visualized as a chariot and still is to this day. So the chariot in which Phaethon rode the world to ruin was a volcanic chariot. A clue to this is given in Greek myth in that Zeus had a fine chariot made by Hephaestus the volcano smith. In India there are still ceremonies connected to Meru involving a ratha- chariot. Sometimes they have wheels, sometimes not, and often these rathas were made out of stone.

Sometimes Meru was visulized as being very long like a staff, a tree or the erect tail of a bull stretching up into heaven. The Djed which represented Osiris backbone (or phallus) is shown in some Egyptian pictures as going thorough phases of being erect or being tilted, or of being raised and falling. Gary Osborn notices the theme of the 26° 5' tilt in the artist Poussin's work which connects the Djed to a staff held by a shepherd, and the shepherd to the form of Orion, for indeed Orion was also known as the shepherd king, as were many others like Gilgamesh who also was an Orion or King on Earth Even the city of the Gods in Mexico shows Quetzalcoatl's pyramid with a Sun a nd Moon pyramid and also representing the belt of Orion.

The djed pillar shown above next to the Ninety East Ridge was the backbone (sometimes phallus) of Osiris. John Major Jenkins sees the upper part of it as a solar birthing channel connecting it to the galactic alignment and rift, this may be more a volcanic-solar birth. Yet the two ideas are parts of the same theme. Osiris who had been Meru, was associated with stability for his huge mountain had somehow given the earth stability. With its fall the earth fell and began wobbling on its axis like a drunkard. This brought evil, some ancient texts suggest that death itself came into the world at this time. In the Churning of Milk story it allowed entry of the demon Rahu into the party of the gods which caused Rahu to be cut in two becoming the Nodes of the Moon which from now on travelled along another path to the ecliptic and when they met the Sun or Moon might eat them up and were so associated with disaster. They may have been first created as the earth's rotation changed. To reconnect this greatest disaster and joy to the present time one needs a plan to hang it on. How did I come to imagine a huge mountain rising at the summer solstice zone? It came through my study of Yin and Yang. Yin is a falling force and Yang a rising force. Yin and Yang interacting can be visualized as a Star of David. As the Galactic Centre moves over the base of the cycle it will stop the descending phase of increasing waters and begin the ascending phase of fire: Bible Revelatio: on new earth there will be no more seas, Chilam Balam Mayan Prophecy says no more valleys.

Yang the upward pointing triangle is like a pyramid. He will raise land. Yang is seen to arise in the I Ching formular as created by the legendary Fu Xi at the start, which is the winter solstice, Fu from inside the earth: in the hexagams Fu is what happens after K'un which is at the most Yin point, shown at base of cycle left.

Fu creates a new beginning by rising inside the Earth. A pyramids four corners also represented earth yet this fire rising would cause the earth to rise or would cause volcanic eruptions that also create mountains. The number of pure Yang or Chien is also three, which is the number of stars marked in Orion's belt. Just as the day and year have an axis, midnight-midday and summer solstice-winter solstice, so the Great Year has an axis: galactic centre-galactic-anti-centre, or one could say our Earth is aligned to a more absolute axis. The axis is like a pole or tree with its root at the base, or one could call it a mountain or even the turtle Kurma carrying his mountainous abode which was in legend visualized as having a central fiery eye at the top or peak. The Galactic Centre represents the root of a galactic tree, the tree rises to heaven where is the realm of the gods. Both poles in terms of zones are the root or base and the summer solsticegalacti anti-centre at the equator is the crown of the tree and peak of the volcanic mountain which is returning. In myth great warriors and hunters and giants like Orion have volcanic births like Pallas Athene who rose fighting and fully armed at birth from the forehead of Zeus after he got a splitting headache which could only be relieved when the volcano god Hephaestus (base of the volcano) split Zeus head (top of the volcano) in two. The same myth was used by the birth of the last most destructive phase of a volcanic eruption when Kali sprang fully-armed from the head of the warrior goddess Durga. Orion up at the top of the last picture is fighting the Bull of Heaven Taurusjust as Gilgamesh did. Here oo are placed the Gemini twins and the sweet influence ? Of the Pleiades. These most heavenly forces at the top of the tree or mountain represent the galactic anti centre that is now aligning with our summer solstice as the Galactic centre aligns with our winter solstice, Yang to Yang and Yin to Yin. It is from this point where the downward energy has reached its limit that the rising energy of volcanic fire, of the gods, will start pushing up. One could identify the giant figure Ophiucus standing over the Galactic Centre struggling with an enormous serpent with Atlas who held up the world or the world mountain. Atlantis fell because Atlas could not hold it up. There is evidence that Atlantis was in the east, that the name Atlantic Ocean applied earlier to all oceans and that the Pillars of Hercules, as implied by Aristotle, were not to the west by Gibralter but beyond India to the east. Atlantis and Meru have a lot of similarities in myth and I am pretty certain that when I say that Meru will rise close to 90° east I am talking about Atlantis or the original Lanka. Meru is often shown as a missing one or hill, or very slightly indicated in a triad or between two pillars, pillars of Sun and Moon, pillars of Hercules. He may be associated with an eye, a volcanic eye.

Above on the Master Mason's Apron. In the wheel Of Transmigration is the same theme is connected to what one could see as a Great Year cycle.

Copy of aTIBETAN WHEEL OF TRANSMIGRATIONiii showing the loss of the central mountain that was placed between two other mountains and below a third eye. Here visualized as being bitten off by Shiva, Mara, a demon, a goddess, marking the beginning of a descending phase. At the base of the cycle the tigers tail is a tail of fire rising from the waters at the volcanic womb time of 2012 That is not to say that land will not rise in all equatorial zones as the rising Yang fire

energy will bring land near the equator in all oceans eventually, as the Chilam Balam priest tells – there will be land for all. Yet there will only be one central mountain of God, or of the gods. There are so many obvious clues that Meru was in the Indian Ocean. For instance it was said that when the wind blew hard one day it knocked off a piece which became Sri Lanka. This could well be true if this was really a huge mountain at or close to Sri Lanka i.e. at Ninety East. We are told in the stories of the connection of Meru to Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva as also so Durga the goddess lived on Meru. The Ganges was slowed by tangling in Shiva's hair. This may have been at the time the mountain was still the source of the Ganges. The Ganges sprang from the foot of Vishnu at the peak of the mountain much as the river Eridanus springs from Orion's foot Rigel. The stories of Meru being the source of four rivers fits to other paradiscical tales such as Eden. Yet the rivers courses have changed. The same change occurred in South America when the First Catastrophe at 10,468 BC caused the Amazon to flow in the opposite direction as the Andes were thrown up and Lake Titicaca in Peru moved from port- sea level to where it now sits at 3812 m (12500 ft) over 2 ½ miles above sea level making it one of the highest navigable lakes. The whole mythological world surrounding this mount Meru fits in the east and nowhere else. Hermann Hesse arriving by ship at Sri Lanka claimed it was paradise. The southern tip of Sri Lanka has a mountain called Adam's Peak which is worshipped for certainly over a thousand of years as the place Buddha left his footprint as also Adam stepped down from Eden. Columbus sought a way to this paradise in the east (the East Indies) and thought he had found it when he landed in the Promised Land ( Amerika-West Indies). Many sought the true paradise of the Golden Age, Eden, Shangri La, or land of our origin in the east, they never found it because it was under the ocean, sunk below as the Land of the Blessd. THE END TIME BATTLE FOR THE SURVIVAL OF SPIRIT So the summer solstice was the land associated with the gods and the most high and spiritual people? Where did the survivors go when the First Catastrophe occurred? Tibet is often considered a spiritual centre, a high place in the highest Himalayan mountains. Everest is also on 90° east and Lhasa is also on this summer solstice line: 91° 6' 59" Latitude: 29° 39' 26". Yet before the good and heavenly times returns we have a long way to go. At present the Dalai Lama cannot even live in Lhasa. When did he flee? He fled when the Moon moved over the summer solstice longitude zone on 18th March 1959 conjunct Mars and the Galactic Centre was bordered by the two great planets of major events: Jupiter and Saturn. The unrest had begun on March 10 1959 and by March 28 Mars had moved to about 23° Gemini opposite the GC. Saturn was conjunct the GC in Capricorn T square the Nodes as China took over Tibet. I believe the Dalai Lhama has claimed that Tibet has been turned into Hell.

THE DAY THE DALAI LHAMA FLED 18 MARCH 1959 In March 1959 The Moon and Mars moved over the summer solstice. Saturn brought a heaviness to the day being so close to the Galactic Centre. Mercury was conjunct the South Node.

Memory of this March 1959 was part of the reason violent unrest arose again on 10th March 2008iv. The violence led to the death of 18 people, including young women, on 14 March 2008. A cloud hung over the Olympic games of this year because of these events, the fire carried and the Olympian spirit nearly went out under the smog of a Chinese sky. What may happen in 2012?? VIOLENCE IN THE LAND OF „PEACE“ March 14 2008 Again in 2008 the Moon moved over the summer solstice with Mars there again too. (Chart right) and this time not only the Sun was square in Pisces but also Uranus.

What will August 16-17 2009 bring for Lhasa and the Dalai Lhama? Will some decision be made? Some revolution of an oppressed people, waged? Will this time some good arise? Some prophecy be fulfilled? Probably not, but let us watch what unfolds in this area of the world and what message the spiritual centre of the world has for us in the coming month.

Left Chart August 16 2009 will this affect the summer solstice zones, perhaps Lhasa?

The most significant sign to come will be signs of earthquake and volcanic activity around the pure summer solstice zone near Ninety East Ridge. Anak Krakatau will probably be stimulated but he is not number eight I believe. Though the Mother Child theme is tempting. Not much research has been done into this area and it has been traditionally called aseismic. But this is not true, at least not any more. There have been four large earthquakes recentlyy in this area but it is difficult to find any information about them. I found one in 1928 which I think is a good conclusion. It does not quite prove my point as the Moon (or other body) is not right on the summer solstice axis, nevertheless as I suggested

the alignment of the nodes to the galactic axis would be instrumental and this is the case. Moreover the South Node is conjunct the GC and Saturn planet of earthquakes. As Saturn squared the Nodes by the Tsunami 2004 and conjunct the South Node by the December earthquakes in New Zealand. Yet more interesting is that Uranus was on his last cycle and entry into Aries with Jupiter when it occurred, as will be the case in 2010, and not only did the 7.7 earthquake occur at 2° S and 88° E on March 9 1928 but also a number of volcanoes began erupting, including Anak Krakatau from 1927 to 8. So whether or not this grand cross on the Holy Cross awakes volcanoes, the one in June 2010 most certainly will and perhaps Meru-Atlantis our ancient home will begin to rise. I wish someone would start monitoring the Ninety East region more exactly. In 2009 a huge undersea cone-shaped mountain, probably a volcano, has been discovered ...west of Bengkulu City in Sumatra, which is at -3° Latitude Huge undersea mountain found off Indonesia. Still it is an exciting time for new discoveries. ….......................................................................................................................
© Susan Seymour Hedke Comments welcome ;-) July 30 2009

i ii Weymouth New Testament iii Tibetan Wheel of Transmigration original in The American Museum of Natural History.

iv Here a brief history of the flare of violence in Lhasa especially on March 14 2008: