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No. Prohibition should be abolished in almost every way.

As long as I am not infringing on the rights of any other person, I have every right to put whatever the hell I want in my body. You say that prohibition could work again because we know all the bad things that stuff like that does to one's body, but you'd think that because we know all of that information that we just wouldn't do it anyway. No. Alcohol, Tobacco, and other substances are not the complete root of the problem. Almost everything can be used in a moderate and respectful way. Our Freedoms to do what we want as long as it doesn't harm others is one of the most important things we could have as a society, yet, we have plenty of bans already, with even more wanting to be imposed. I don't particularly enjoy tobacco, and only occasionally drink alcohol, but the parts of the new bill restricting tobacco flavours is a complete violation of our freedoms, as would any sort of new prohibition movements. I respect the choices of others to do what they want with themselves, be it get piercings, tattoos, or do drugs. Whatever, it's their choice. The Government nor anyone else should tell me or anyone else what to do with our bodies. What we need is gradual lifting of almost all scheduling and restrictions. We need education, not completely biased propaganda and blatant lies. The government has provided nothing but those for many, many years. The people need to be educated on safe use of substances. No one in their right mind trusts any information the government gives about these substances as of now and there would have to be some MAJOR changes to make this education plausible. Getting the government to stop lying is probably the hardest part. If you could stop that though, there could be hundreds of drug and other substance education programs. Free information on the Internet that doesn't come from underground druggies, but actual science. Safe ways to obtain said substances, and even safer substances. The People would be educated on safe use, and how to avoid addiction and habitual use, as well as ways to keep yourself from harming others if you may. People who have become addicts would be able to get the help they need without fear of being completely cut cold turkey, and they would actually be able to trust the people who want to help them, rather than having to hide their true selves and their addictions. Education programs that focus on safe use rather than complete abstinence would be an amazing help to the general populations of people who use drugs or are interested in using drugs. I know people who use drugs and alcohol quite responsibly. Sure, those people have made mistakes, how can you not when you are having to hide your habits and get information on how to go about using these substances from underground sources. Creating safe sources for this information would protect both the user and others around more than ever by making sure they don't make mistakes like overdose, operating dangerous objects while impaired, or doing other harmful activities. I bet you're thinking right now, "But Gzalzi, are you saying we should just legalize all drugs? Isn't every 8 year old on the playground going to be shooting heroin and druggies are going to be running rampant in the streets?" Now, I can understand why you make such an assumption, after all, you have most likely only had drug education from government propaganda. An ideal system would work similar to the current pharmacy set-up we have today,

but rather than having a prescription, you would have to have to have a licence. To receive a licence to purchase a controlled substance, you would have to attend several classes educating you (with FACTS) on the dangers of using each [u]specific[/u] substance. Side effects, possible risks with existing conditions, other drugs that might cause horrible reactions if used at the same time, safe use, problems arising with chronic use, and general addictive quality. This drug purchasers license would be a photo I.D. card equipped with an RFID chip that holds your license data. With these cards a group of workers would be able to track the purchases of a drug user at different locations to try and contact said user when it becomes clear from purchasing habits that the user may have become an addict or may be taking way too much of said drug. After attending such a course (Classes may be similar to a summer college class; a few days a week for a few months during the summer.) one would have their permit card updated with approval to purchase that specific substance. One would have to attend classes for specific drugs, or groups of very similar drugs. Once the license is gained, one would be able to go to any legitimate pharmacy and purchase their substance of choice. At these locations the substances that one receves is guaranteed to be of high quality. No longer will people have to worry about getting a substance that's cut in with rat poison or any other substance. One may also then buy safe accessories to use. No more sharing needles or making ingestion devices out of aluminium foil. Each substance would come in a specific container with identification of the owner by way of a bar code as well as names and addresses like current prescriptions. The substances then must be kept in said container. It will be unlawful to have it stored in anything else. This will help ensure that people are not selling their substances to those who are unlicensed. Some safer substances though, may be legalized almost completely and be regulated like alcohol and tobacco are now, having them available in specific interest shops, such as something like an "Alcohol and Tobacco Outlet." To address the "Druggies running rampant in the streets" thought, I would think that many people would still not use drugs. A few million people might start smoking cannabis, but I doubt many more people would use other substances unless they were already using or at least interested in using them in the first place. I feel the system I have outlined in this post (Not an original idea, I got the idea from [url][/url]) would be the most efficient way of providing that every man and woman in the country has every right they should have while minimizing the negative effects it may have on others. It will bring a new level of safety to many areas where black markets currently rule. No longer will there be drug related violence as the legality of purchase will destroy any black markets; no more drug dealers, no more gangs based solely on drug sale and control. Even instances similar drunk driving, I believe, would be somewhat lowered. The only way this system would work is if it is implemented in an honest and competent way. Half-assing and underfunding the programs would surly make this system fail. Contenuing to use propaganda in classes, or making licenses extremely hard to obtain will simply remove the whole point of the process and they black market will remain. In closing, I'd like to just reiterate that prohibition is one of the main ways

our general freedoms are being encroached on in this day and age. (Domestic spying, surveillance, and other "Patriot Act" type things being the main one but that is a whole 'nother 10,000 character rant that I won't bore you with today.)

Post Script: Victimless crimes of all types, not just substance use, should be removed from the law books. If there is no victim there is not a crime. You have hurt no one physically or mentally, so you have done no wrong. These laws simply inhibit our freedom, and are some of the most absurd things to enforce. Their enforcement is almost in a fascist way. We as humanity deserve to have our complete freedom. We [b][u]must[/b][/u] be able to do what we wish, when we want. If we are harming no one than there is nothing wrong with any action. Post Post Script: I know I have ranted in this post, but it's something that's been bugging me for many many moons, and I needed to get it off my chest. Sorry for somewhat derailing your thread from only alcohol, but all of these things are completely related. I feel your support of prohibition is support of fascism. Even if you don't realize it, you are simply making those who do something you simply don't like obey your law; that to me is the essence of fascism. Making others obey your commands just because you don't like them. It is extremely offensive to me, as I value freedom more than almost anything in the world. Another Post Script: This one is completely off topic but I want to get it out just because I'm on a roll here. Free expression is the next post important right we have, if you wish to count it separate from the other freedoms I have discussed. No one should be punished for "thoughts." [url=]This song by Tom Gabel (Aganst Me!) is exactly what I'm talking about in this paragraph.[/url] No one should be imprisoned or punished for thoughts or discussions. Conspiracy chargers could only be legitimate if one was caught in the process of starting to do a crime. I should not be put in prison for years just because I told a friend of mine something like, "Man, we should just go kill the fucking president when he's in town this weekend" or "I'd really like to blow up that damn building." I know I've said things like those comments that I had no intention of ever even attempting, much less going through with. This is an important issue with me, because my friends have had confrentations with Homeland Security over this exact matter. The worst part about is we were only being monitored because one of my friends is a Palestinian. Government profiling. Actions like that are just government sanctioned racism and it needs to be stopped. I won't be happy until I am finally free. I will search my whole life for that freedom. Our children and their children deserve to be truly free from oppression.