E o u to e stra e t a ll tinetunee ther ebg t

You must know that ever they be, are all all a work touard




and redr

or howit is


in the aame sryr

and that

the Red and the t{hite. glazed,

You must take a large with old, clear with

earthenware pot or cask, well urine. its Set that on an alenbie, all


which must be big,


r ece i ve r,

a n d d i sti l l

that you can. Black feeee wil l these for about three hours so that

stay at the bottom. they glow noderately; boil Lt for


then diesolve After this, liquid it boil

them Ln aqua eo^^un!_ and take it from the A, and let

two houre.

l.t settle; it flux

decant the clear and let

above the feces. (the lieuid) from tfre A A clear ealt it salts

Now, put a small in

back on the fire appears on it.


Then remove lt

and put it will aprout

the cold air Remove this

o r i n a cold cellar . and boil again. the V

cr ystalli z e. as before.

down and let

Gather the galt an earthenware without meltlng.

Take the collected

and dry them in

pan. Use earthenware Now, disttU A fot it

because Lt can glow gently

again Ln aqua eommuni deetillata of an hour. Then take the

and put it Lt frqn clear

back on the let

a quarter

the fire,

the feeee aink


r rtrd pour off

ag before. the clear rhile lt flux, lB still warmi

Your mrgt alwaya"decant then boll Set it it again until


Ls a anall

lLke beans. ag before. the other PreV or

agaln Ln the eold air

or in the cellar and agal.n boil

serve the eaZ that ufLne,

has sprouted,

which does not turn untll Lt turns

Lnto ealruntl.ll Lnto oal.


appears a flux, in an

as before,

lfhen dry the galt



pan and pregerve



r teIl

you how to use it. that has been an ol.l., a

Then you must take all distiUed with A, and if

the proceased urine there eklrn lt

is aome impurlty off with


or Bome yellow featherr this

fattiness, the urine fire,

a Bpoon or with Now, process

5o that

becomes quite into



again with

a glaz.ed earthenware cask with until there are no

an a?'embie and a reeipientt more

and repeat thie

feeee in the earthenware vessel or cask. Always discard feces as they have no value. proc€ES (draw off) remain. any feeea, again in the fB, until and eome

the remaining After black clear, thisr

feces will without

Repeat thie

the water goes over the fecee away. Then put it tightly into and set

always throwing

take the aforementioned the clarified it


which has been dried, an alembic. Close tt

water and into three

on hot aehes for into

to four

days by which time the salt no feeea, thus the tincture but devoid of its

is dissolved

clear This

water with

is now preparedf feeibue that it and of its

is now pure as before

coarse humore. It

hae now become so subtle, in aqua m

i s i n e xp re ssi b l e ..ltl.B.

Quando eal eoToitur

e l a r u m a b e q u e fe ci b u a Of this three urine

tune p?aepd?atum eet) . (Viertheil) quarters and of

you ahoul.d taket,.Bix quarters (dr.awn off)

quar.te of proceseed half

aeetum, three half

aqua oitae, half let

a pound of counon ealt, vitae,

a pound gf ealmiae, and

a pound of cqunon eals i.t dissolve natter Lnto clear

nrix al.l

theee together

water without


ltlow you have a

wonderful first

which turng lg, frrto

Lnto their aLL oa,l,eea ool"lpol"lum fJ



out the bleased


are red and white.

*U of all thinge which O Thus preParedr, thie sater requires ten or Eeeentia of


. wit!



one can draw


twelve rides arr its

or trips it

(Reisen) and again drawn off, had not been used at all.



power as if this

However, one

muet rectify


Take sulphur like to extract or Auripignent a tincture or ochre or whatever you wourd the matter finery

from. pulverize distilled

and grind it is like

them together


(drawn off)

oinegan so

aoap. Then, place this

in a large vesser and set in this clear uriner or full.

the oven on aehes or gand and pour on it the aforementioned Then etopper it sufficnetly return it water.r so that

the vessel will

be half

the veesel so that a cork and manualry etir the matters will

or shake well. it a

mix (incorporate) give


to the ashes or sand and, at firetr the liquid.

small fire

thus heating air

From time to time,

remove arso, of well.

the cork to allow continually the matters

to enter or the vessel rnight crack; by hand, to ingure

ehake the vessel, and to permit

good mixinq

the vinegar

(acetum) to penetrate well,

9fhen you observe the vinegar warm, clear save this feces, vinegar, liguid liguid off for taking

to be corored

decant the it.

care that

no feces come over with Lt tightly. on the

yourself, uriner

stoppering rB before,

pour additional atopper it

and aome distilled done, to mix it.

and ehake it appears,

as previousry decant it

lfhen a color liquid


and add Lt to the pour new Urine no more color all the tincture

previously ae will

saved and eealed. produce a tLncture, wdy, you will

on the feces, that is, untir

as often sill


fn this

have drawn off

(or virtue)

from the matter.

Now you can throrp away the feces or

Bave it


use, lf

you know what it tincture

can be used for. r.n a recipient and

Then, take the aforegoing evaporate off Then, ret appeared, it the moieture


a small flux

appearg on top. has

grow cold and pour the matter, can be eealed.

where the flux

J.nto a pot that all

Lute a helrn thereto

a n d d ra w o ff tincture,

th e mosltur e

in ashes or eand, causing the used, of


white or red depending on the matter This is

to remain behind in the pot. the matter to it

lJhe euintam Essentia rf you have added

from which you have made it. eo will you find be as white

the white,

the guintessence. ae snow and the Red one wiII manner, one can also extract in the Red or the White.

The l{hite gleam like

one will


rn the foregoing

the Quintam Eeeentiam llereunii Also from fitings ot


out of AEre. usto. out of O

Nitr. out of vermirion or V, "t I and also out of gold carx and girver, or way out,of a1l things in the world. you may want

in the quickest the urine

NoTA: so that


wi-rl be the strongest,

to throw in .galniae and SaZ ConmunePnaepanaf,un ana I "euintlein" (a fifth viously part?) written and then you will about. or extracted it, tinctures, one can known see the color as we have pre-

From these drawn-off lake cementa and practice

oementiren with

which is a little


and art. Aquafort, thie that lfater, ie as red man can to speak.

You can also make from this, as blood and as irridescent do wonderous things,

as a ruby. with

about which we are not perrnltted

t 6'l

Know dear Fil,ii, that (a L o th r te n g rl ms) 3 loth' (), moet subtly; and fine \-/ ground very fine - one loth; amalgamated aLL this well in there were some ancients who took fine well pr ocessed in the cr ucible, f i l ed Z/ ,

cemented,through cementum nega|.e, arso well purified llencuniue I loth. They an iron mortar with a steel pestle, rub-

bing it thus for 12 or 14 hours. After this, they put it into a stone or glass veesel cylindrical in shape. (for example, a beaker - hunl They set this in eand with a heat that would not allow one to insert a finger into the sand, and allowed it to stand thus so that the hu(evaporated) The following morning, they found nidity was drawn off. that the matenia had become hard. They then put it back into the mortar, and added half a part of Meneurius, or 4 lothr Bo that t}le i.ntina was equal. They did this handiwork until |-he materda went thus dry through a doubre linen cloth. Afterwards, they put it yet another 8 days in the eand, in its veseel, and ground the matter every day in the mortar for I hours without stopping. When the I days are over, take t-he materia and put it in a small (a flat-bottomd glass vessel. Florence flask was illustrated - hun ) Place a snall piece of cut glaes on the mouth, and put a weight on it to hold it down. Set it in tripoden and give it such heat that will allow you to suffer your hand between the walle of the furnace and the glass which contains the matenia. The ancients kept it thus for six weeks, day and night. At the encl of the eix weeks they increased their fire somewhat - as much as it is needed to keep lead molten - and they maintained this heat until the eaw the perfect blackness. Then they rejoiced, for under the blackness the whiteness is hidden, and it is a sure sign that thre nate:oia has been well united in the beginning.

Note aleo, after the third clay you must lift the cover of the furnace and eee if Eome llenoul"ius has attached Ltaelf in drops to the glass near the top. If Bo, you must shake it down againr and if tt will down, rerpve the snrall glass and brueh the drops down with a not fall featherr Bo they will fall back on the nateria. Then close the glass again, and do this each third or fourth day.


is much better to give it little heat so that it does not a e c e n d . ft w i II th e n ta ke longer , but that doesnr t matter bec aus e (you wiII have) the surest for the least Burei for with strong heat, the work rould no doubt spoil. you Take great care not to obtain the red color before the uhlte; one color will change lnto another.There are also many strange colors, but pay no attention to them. Attention ruust be given only to the three colors that manifest in the work. First, t he b l a ck; th e n th e white and finally the r ed. Between thes e three colors, many other colors manifest, more than one ean imagine! But pay no attention to these colors; they are flying spirits which are not fixed and which are poisonous. As long as you see the strange epirits, b e w a re o f th e a i r, because Lt could kilf you. The firs t r ed colors to rnanifest occur at a $nall regfunen of the fire, or a fire i n c r e a s e d a l i ttte . fn this Art, there is no other worry than to regulate the fire, but if you wish to go the eurest way, keep your fire as small as possible. Then you cannot fail, however, tt uill take more time. Consequently, r advise and teach you, dear Fitii, not to give too much heat, to prevent obtaining the red color before the white appears. If it did aPPear before the white it would aeen to be as pourdered bricks i n t h e g l a ss, l i ke ke rn e l s of wheat or bar ley or a littte lar g er , w i th n i n g l e d ke rn e l s o f l tl e n e u r iue Vioue. It r culd affect the glass. T hen, all your work would be spoilt. This does not happen, however, except due to a too-strong fire. The cdrreet color is not like brick but clear, dark and brownLeh-red. The color Ls rnore heavenly than red; and it appears with a good regimen of the fire, as will be taught hereafter, r am epeaking of these colorer Eo that you ahould not go wrong because of ignorance, and not know what you are to do or not do. P R OC E EDING FURTHER I{ ITH OURW ORK happens that with a gmall fire something in the neck of the glass on the eover, open up and brush Lt down as I have mentioned. Keep it standing thus, day and night, untill your materia has completely turned Lnto potder. The 1rcnder ahould be grey and black, Just llke earth that has loet its moisture. And before you get to you will note tnany odd things, these colorsr because i-Ir,enatelrrla will become multicolored and piebald, with odd macula and spots, which all ff lt



glowing and not glowing



and not burninq). the fire If eo much you see aB you

Toward the end of the last that It

hour increase

the rnatter glows nLcely without remove the fire the matter



fronr the furnace cool down. it

as fast

can, and let

Now take it it tt has settred, is warm; for

out and diesolve pour the pure off lf you allowed of its it

Ln pure water.


from lts

eedinent whire the Stone

to grow coldr

would crystallize elarify water, pour it it of

own, and you would be unable to You m ust do this - dissolve and in

i t-s fe e i b u s. its

pour off off

sediment and allow and boil is lt

Lt to sprout, it


downr rDd tet


again - ttll


sprouted. over a gentle it fire,

Then you muet again dry the metter always tioned thunbsr beforel thicknegs it with a little rod ttII

duste r 88 men-

Now put it and into

back into

the wide veesel of one furnaee, till clear ff

a reverberating

your Stone no longer and eubtle, lt

givee off

any feceg and rtaye like

and meltg on a hot tin the fire, lt

wax or butter.

Le taken off

nust etand up and not diesolve then your Stone is subtle and

even in cold fixed. But if during

and hunid air.


ehould happen that lt

the Stone ehould nelt because of it,


would not be rpolled for if

but you would loee your weight; Lng long enough Ln flux into glaes, for

the Stone uere etandof lt uould burn tLme

in the fire,


the Stone Lg still with

alone and at that Lt,

does not yet have Lte epinitue t,he eotpue from the

which could protect


Lt does not have the

soul with together


which would keep the epinitus When, however, spirii, fire th at cannot turn aur pasees all

and the eo"pul body, and soul glass, for

in peace. together,

are united tt

them into elixine. Then tt

i e th e n a n e l i xi n

Then it Ls the

L s a g T o ri fi e d i n d e e t r u cti b l e

e o n p u e w hich is per feet. Qz. E e e . t gimilar

to the unconquer able heave n. it, the Stone desires to reto this

And when you have thus prepared ceive the spirit stage, covertly and the soul. all

When you have sot it that the anciente

you have accomplished in their


books by saying: to nature; to you all l{y child from that draw our the this

Take that Stone, etc.

which is closeet

And I have revealed

the things

Philoeophene have kept eecret. precious

muat know that waye. it

Stone is prepared in many different any works one wiches, for

This Stone

can be used for receive

ig now ready to either for

whatever epinitue

or soul one adds to itr

t}re Aedi.eine ot persons, fixed for it

for Alehny.

This Stone is not a chooser of one adds to it; for it is

accepts everything

and dry to the fourth hot and humid. thie Stone; this

degree, aleo coldr That is why all

and all epirita

apiritus desire

are volatile, to be with

and that

is the reaaon why some philosHe was no

ophere have called respecter ftem, first ariee

Stone the Son of God, for

of peraona. the old sagea have brought perfection. this Stone back to its Four things


and utnort

As they says

from one thing. and one root

That ia to aiY,

the old people sought thines originate. one thing,

one thing

out of which four

And when they were able to convert t h e € 2 . E a B . w a s a ch i e ved, valid

them back into in aII eter nity.

But if


is notr

you must dissolve


again in the seven days. Anil ae be-

AF. and get it After let fore. it this,

again into

the Balneum Mariaer it, and take it

again congeal

out again. days,

etand once again in .tnipode for Then take it out, test it


as before, will

and the more be its pro-

you diesolve jeetion. If

and congeal it,

the greater

the Stone does one to a hundredr and you disagain, it will make a ten times higher but three times, be-

solve and congeal it pnojeetion.

But I advise you to do it

cause the Stone would reach such great that it could not be kept it

power and eubtlety That is

in any kind of vessel.


ie said to be. f advige you to dieeolve and congeal Then the

Consequently, and calcinate Stone will go that it it

in tripode




become cubtle

and strong If O

of itg

ownr 80 much some oil, yes, then

is unbelievable.

is put into color.

no one can expreaa the abundanee of its it is of such great potency i n to that if

a man were to put three r ectified, aqua vitae, life as it he is

d r o p s of o l e u m a o l i e would retain ordained differently, aquafont. a medicine for his hirn.

a little


to the last

days of his

But thl.e kind of oil the ordinary oil,

muat be nade quite which ls made with

not like

Tbe oleum solis, for

however, which is prepared as is rnade of tso that ie, elements which and

the hurnan body,

you nust draw from our Stone, t{ith these you urst you urst

the elementa air

prepare your prepare your



Take O
and rub it water of *

, beaten thinly


gold leaves between paper,
wine vinegar or with aome

on a etone wlth


or of the elenrent whieh you have drawn from our


Stone. Into

l{hen Lt is pondered finely,

put lt


a glass


the eane pot put the elenrent which you have drarrrr out Cover the 1rct and set After into that,, Dirtill lt on eand for three your Lt,

of our Stone. or four daye.

and you sill


gold transformed

an o1,1.

the element fron

and in fundo you will est medicine

f ind a golden ol.I. Ln the world.

lfhat le the great-

one can find

Anorxrn ltlerxon l{xrcm Is EaslpR
Take our Stone in its such as it comes out of Put it leaves. coarBenegs (or: Ln its raw state), well the ninena of man. Ilnderstand

what I arn eayingl the powdered gold

Lnto a, glase veeeel Pour on thle aettl.ed over the

and add

Bome of our Stone, Pour of the

which must be old and well Stoner two fingere' O width

and purified. O .

Set the veeeel with A

and the Stone of skin or oil

aununer into uill

the heat of the sun. Remove it

white-golden fully with

form on top.


a feather, as posslble.

in such a way that Put it into

you move the matter Proceed Ln this no more oil wlth our Stone

as little

a glase. till

way aeveral

timeg a day, reuroving the oil Thue you ean obtain

forms on top. Ln ite

oleum eolie

eoarScnega, aB it wcll

comee out of man'B minena. because there our Stone, O into


what I have hl,nted at here, gccret in nature

has never been a greater rhlch oLl. algo, in rpite


of ite


transformg secret

And very nany artl.stg lfherefore,

have sought thte be grateful thlg

but have ff then Just with imathe

not found it. thie

to God, cte. crude stage, and united

our Stone accomplishee will do shen tt

ln lte

gine what it spirit

lg perfected

and soulr

ltrd ia fLxed subtle

and fuslble.

Do ponder

over my worde, Now we will great etrength

eo that

you do not do ugeless work. to prepare our Stone for such

again reeolve that it

is unbelievable.

You rnuet therefore


to diesolve

the Stone in the water of the Handr 6s Dissolve and coagulate, Do thiE three and then times and

I have taught calcine no more. and etrong, Ifr nultiplied, or it D . it

you above.

in tripode Otherwise it

as before.

would become all above.

tuoo penetnating

ae deecribed

howeverr Jgu wigh to have your Stone augmented and sa y o n e to a thousand, take 10 lbs of fine After having prepared your Stone as before, After thie, O melt

o n fi re .i n

a e tu e i b l e . and let Now pour Now Pour

thr ow I lb of your etrongly for a good it cool

$tone on itr half nall hour. hour.

them flow it tt into lnto


a Pewte r vesselr

or let

down of ite down

o!r:n. Your o!r:n. Your O or D will be brittle or crumbly, since too much medicine has been put on it. For thie is the of the elixirs: thingr If one wishea to nake projeetion with


a certain

lDd one does not really'know

the projection, Ae long yet

one throwe the nedieine aa the metal higher metals, this

on any metal one chooees. the uredicine will

etays brittle,


projections. till

Now throw the brittle etay supple, etc.


upon other for

the metals

Keep this,

ie the end of the proJection. I said, you ehould throw I lb of the Stone on I0 lbe of

according to uhat kind of eoul your stone has, ' eince your Stone La euppoeed to operate on unclean netalg; O or D 1Ib it to 1000 lbs on 10 lbe of O for O or good-gold. or D D . And I l,nsttueted But thig you to throw the

ie done so that into

IO lbg of

ehould also turn

med,ioine, be-



cau.e O
uill turn



doee not require

any medicine; but they

l.nto a medicine which Le better than your Stone.

The reason le that while the Stone which you have thrown

upon them ls Ln lteelf the gord or
brittle like


the soul of the gold or the D Ls nedieinated. rt is non a medicine

, and

your Stone.

PulverLze the gold or


there ig ,

a n d d L s s o lv e the gfhite or

lt the

in the water of the Hand which Ls used for Red, ete. Set lt to putrefy

J.nto the b a ln e u m f o t

Beven days. the mat-

T h e n a b e tra e t ter. it

th e w a te t pe? alembieum , and congeal pulverl,ze Lt Lntanglbly

Remove Lt, into

on a atone,

and put

a wide veseel of one thumbsr thl.ckneas. for eLght days with a noderate fLrer

Keep Lt in

tnipode than that it ter. in

rornewhat hotter

Lnto whlch you had put your stone wtren you calcined for this nEtter must be calcined eomewhat hotin triand better

tnipode Do this,


congeallng, wtlI

and calcining be gtronger

pode, three


and your matter

than your 9tone. your matter,

The reason La that

your stone ie ttre sour of t{hen

and the gold

is the eo?pus of the eouls. into oil,

the gold hae b€en turned

Lt has a hundred times

Dore powerr EB aald above. Gold, htrever, Just as good as is Ls not Juet ol1 but aleo a medicine, the Stone. Enanrple: Give poieon to polson. That

sorDeoner rB bLg es a bean, an erril, nan rill the heart dte luredlately, and through abdoren. all ft


bccauee the poieon couraes to arterles, poisone Lncluding the vhole all body. fleeh And had been ',t,

and the rhole lf

a nan were to eat of an anlmal to shich atl


gLvenr rB I have here deseribed,

those who had eaten of

t 1y

I know of no thing

in the whole world which would be ag this divine Stone

a s good and wholesome to our nature o f the phllosophers. Now we will again give


on how we are to

prepare our Stone, which is at firet been glorified spirit If it of rife

a dead ca"put but has to aet in it the

and made purer iDd suitabre and the perfect

eour and to make them eternar. Stone come aliver 1zou may bring

you wish to nake this

to any body you wish.

You can make of it

a Lapie philoe-

o p h o n umo t Qu . E a e .1 w h ich cur e all manre body in fuII of the body titl heard above. health the last and let

eicknesees, which eustai n hin last without decrease as we

tenmin of everybody's


But if

you wlsh to make of it to metals,

a nediei,ne for for a horee makes

unclean metale, a h o r e e , e tc. Further, should take through greater vitriol will is

you must take it

then, X

in order diaeolved

to achieve our purpoeer hy child in AF , gubrimate it 4 or 5 times the

and salt. Lt,a L|ca projeetion

The more it be. be.

1g sublimated, sublima this,


thus Q to be rubbed to a ponder on a gtone, and this a wide vesgel, for eight one thunb thick. Set it


ie to be put lnto in ttipode a gentle fire for

to calcinate coal fire,

days, however only with

ao that

you can keep your hand over the

the length

of an Ave l,laria. it in Aquafort einnabar (aquafort) nade of saltIr part, *

tlow take it petre t part. I part,

out and dieeolve


Romani 2 partar nake atrong should, water

From this it

1 as you know, aa many

and rectify

as it

etc .

Then dissolve I dissolve (o


O ." You have Pounds of


each in a aeparate

glass, waters

and when together




are diseolved,

pour the two Let thern with

and eet them Ln the Balneum. that is,

etand for the anima. After

eeven days to unite,

the apir itub


rub your Stone lntanglbly

on a rnarble and ln the Balneo with into Une epirwater; daysr let Eo and

add the porrder to the glaes which is with itue






Let your Stone diseolve Then all three wlll for turn

and the soul.

them etand dissolved that

Lnto water unlted


or four

they may beeome well

andl narry

each other; more epinitue the eonpns. will to. Now dietill

than you have eonponie'or that

Btones, because lt hae a right

not abeorb more epiritue

the water pe? alembieurz out of the balneum. put them into in ttipode with a wLde,vegsel, one


thern on a Btone, set the vessel eight

thumb thick, cinate take lt for

to digeet

or to ealThen

days and nLghts,

a moderate


put the natter

Lnto a glase potl and get it

Lute a gmall

glass on the nouth of the pot, I have taught itua you before that

to aubT,imate, since

you ahould take much more epinand Ln this eublimatton t,ll.e eor,-

than you have eonporia, the epititus stand

pue w1.11 let Let tt a good fire,

of which lt three

has too rnuchr 90. days and nlghts with

ln the pot for

a6 Ls neeeeeary fot the Stone out. meltg like fat ltke into

eublination. Test sax, dry it

Then take the glow-

pot down and take gheet; pe'netrating

on a copperr

see Lf it into tt

EpbeadLng on the sheet, leather. 8ee Lf after

the eheet hae cooled ie good gold able and all in all

doryn the q)ot teats

where the Stone has spread

(aeeays) - then your Stone Ls valu-

ready and accomplished.

If will dlnt

then Bo[neone has married

one of these daughters, has to be achieved by would really


never again be in want, of great effort

but it

and care;

and it

be necesthese these

Bary for daughters

a good and experienced in marridge,


to have all

to know well

and understand all


to enable him to distinguish

between good and

bad; but enough of that. Now to revert the free art. to our thema, that thenr is, to our Stone of open your for

Open your earsr

rnd listen;

eyes and look; I will reveal

open your underetanding to you secret diEclose matters

and take note,

whleh no one has as yet

revealed. to. ff

I will

more to you than f have been told blt of lntelligence you will under-

you have the least

stand it,

as otherwLse God will

not Lt to you. (or: it the

Listenc adequate), tt

Before our Stone has become eufficient Ls already alive; and when it and holds his is found,

iE dead; and everyone aees it Mateni.

nose before




lfonror: am Srncrne A Goon
I smc Hor-r-lnnus
Before our Stone becomes (or: It ls alive; when it is found, it; it for it comeB into exiatance) r Le deadi everyone seeg it lied on top of the casks or lDd one and all aLr from wtich as the rich, is a child's it

and holde hle noae before vessele in which lt

le kept

a long timer or stinkLng ae well ft

hold their

noaea before

t,h,e Hateri

our Stone is drawn. llttle play children

The poor have it as older

as well


and a womantg work;

and Lgnorant men have looked for

Ln excrenente the stone liveg

and have not found it. with you.

For when you are arive,

That Ls the reason why one cannot eince our Stone poaresses is rpre wonderful than

draw our Stone out of excrements, the four anything created ff elenents on earth. in thig perfectly;

year lt

For man is the very best, in hie likeness listen. amell and bLtter (or:

whLch God has in his image).


you have some intelligence, otrr Stone has a strong



urine, AII

and it, 1g found everywhere in superfluoue have it, though not ag perfectly in this only will world can live.

quantity. aB man. f am tellyou do

animalg also


our Stone nothing you will

ing you enough, if not underetand, even if

understand; not grant

and if

God Alnrighty

it, to you; and found.

you do not find in all

Lt-, it thlngs

ie neverthelegs that

Our Stone is and it ia also

grow out of the earth, in ditcheg that and aleo

in the earth,


above the earth. it and know its

Should God then provide nature, we will inform

you may find it

you how to extract

and how to proceed ln order color it is, what it

to draw the Stone of it, when it it.

of what

must look like to prepare ltttle cgrnerer

has been made;

likewise ften,

how to handle it our Stone eoets in all street

and can easily in aII gecret

be found ehambers; there


on dung heaps and in caverns and vaults Le an abundance of it. uhene itg water It

or in atables,

grows and greene in all it quietly. Mateni

places otlr ln which

Le found and rhere out of the foul,

Stone aleo grda tt ie white


and clearr

Just as glass and clear.

grows out of the foul Therefore the ancients


and Lg aleo beautiful

and wise nen write: iteelf from all

Our Stone purlfied


and separates onesr who do not


lfhe ignorant for

underBtand thls,

rebuke the anciente ls p

having aald this, Stone r ises collects. eoarseness, metals,

and belleve that it above all
ften, congeal it

And fur ther r ' our where it

Feeee and ascends up high,
if till

you know the Stone, take it it ls thiek,

ln its

and guard Lt from all into weeds, for tt

because the Stone would turn nature urade tt to make aII thick things

is their

pure and elean.

lfhen you have

or have congealed it,

you may draw from it elelnent, earth' fn

the two elements al.r and fire. Iies b urn t b l a ck, coal Ii ke c oal,

The third

in fundo of the vessel.

the black


ts hidden the Stone of the old and of the Bworn Masters. Put it Pulver-

wise philoeophers ize thie


black earth

intangibly. for

Lnto a wide vesLn moderand not

sel in tnipode ate heatr glowing.

to calcinate the matter

four days, glowing

Bo that

etands between glowing it glow nicely, for

But the last

day, let

but not too

much, !B the matter ie not pure, the foul lt

rnust not melt;

as long as our $t6ns with

Ls cqnbustlble,

and the stone together if the ltlateri


would burn to glaes Btage.

were to forbid and Pre-

reach the melting any matter united with

That is why the ancients lt

too much ttll

ie pure and clean for the Spiritue

the Spirit

and the aoul; the fire clear

Bervea t,he Cotpuet ao that or harm iti so that body ls it and the pure, staye

eannot either

burn it the epirLtus,

corpus protects

in the fire

and does not fly does not let it

away while



and thus it

f1y away from it.

The spiritue

Ls inconbuetlble.

lthat is why the epiritus


does not allow of the spiritus For although the fire spirit together the corpua to burn, for they are one by means and with the body.

and the eoul on the spiritus a pure epiritus

and corpus are jolned

together, and the

would nevertheless would escape. with

eepardte body and apJ.rl.t, joined pure,

But when the eoul le and they are aII nor anything thing.

to the body they are one. can de-

the spirit, fire. or urter

Then neither stroy then, ftem,

ln the world



is a perfect

when the earth it

ia thus calcLnated,

take lt water;

out of let the

tni,pode and diegolve feces drop, above off against epoiled

in cotunon, distilled is stiU

and ag long ac it

warm, pour the water Do be on guard be eprout


a wooden or etone vessel. otherwiee

the metale,

the bleesed Stone will

and cornupted. and purely'

Now the blessed Stone will and grow like


graas out of the earth,

ever more and more. Now pour the vater vessel vessel. of the sprouted matter into a gtone a glass

which muat not be eoated with BoiI the uaterr

lead t ot into lnto

tDd again pour it agaln,

a wooden or eomething hae sprouted. dry

atone vessel. has eprouted,

Let Lt eprout boil

and each tine everything

the water down till hae been boiled etirring with

llhen everything lt over a gentle it fire,

down and haa aprouted, a fine rod till into

the matter a wlde ves-

La eo dry that sel,


Now put the rnatter and eet it

of one thumbre thickneae, furnace. three

in ttLpode or a calcination, a gentle fite,

reverberating which is

This ig the beet and laet houre; the first hour with

to lagt

the eecond wlth

a stronger

fire, that

and the third it

hour the fire

must be heated go strongly

reaches the etage between \o o^[






he has the power to accomplish

such feats, ft

and he would etand the test. however, to lleneuny thus is dangerous to do it it on account would be one must 6

is not necessary, since it for if

to Penfeetion, of the poison; dangerous for

the pot got cracked,

those who do not know him; since that the salts come in flux

heat so strongly will evaporate riee



from them.


he does not comto cook with him forty


but stays below in the vessel Yet to do thie

the sa1ts. times.

one has to sublimate

I have done it

myeelf with my own hands, and afteraDd I dld not lose one

wards drove off pound of it. I do not, the worries to give

20 lbs on a testr


adviee you to do this it, since the last

because of tirnes one has there are

one has with

euch strong

heat as I indicated.


many ways that with +

are easier

to bring Mereuny to Perfeeti.on powers, for when he with and hin.

; r only

wieh to show you his

is thus eublirnated, him. It

one can perform miraculous if


would be a pity it,

some people knew about it


as they would then ;rerform miracles to you about all but f will


That is why I cannot write

hie powers which relate part of what

I know and which f have tried, he can do when he ie gublimated. It fraud, ie known that

in the Art of O

of Alchynia and O


ie nuch

and nany imitations

are rnade which and yet they are this,

are Buppoged to atand three finally take falee. If

or four


you should have any doubt concerning Mercury; put

Bome powder of the sublimated

eome of the

t gz

O eible,



about which you have your doubts into throw your poruder on it, Lte nature; tf it is false, nature antl it lt

a cruwill re-

and melt lt; reveal

lmnediatery veal itself melte.


and get back to its it Ls good, lt tt


ag Boon aa it Throw the immediately

But tf


etay qood. lt will

same powder on a Etone; if break into

lg false, aalt.

a hundred pJ.eces, like (melt) f and D

Dissolve a test drive will have and it Clt lead; with (or:


ana i put it It


Satunnus and throw this flow) as lf benefit,

porrder on it. in ltr


there were no Y

and it ff you

be of great D will that

as f have tested myself. throw thie fine

ie not malleable, like

powder on it, throw it and soft on like

becone malleable will all


steel, and tt "t and one can test Now then,

becqne malleable things with it.

aLL Sublinationee his health, L i ke w i ee, things or K that


are beneficial


his hot, hin,

recovering d r y th i n g s. becauge all

provLded he is eublimated all


Congelationee ar e good for be it green

congeal Mercury,

herbs or ealtsr eulphurl €tc.1

t ot leadr

or gumer or emoker ot or healthy for him,

are absolutely


and one sbould congeal him eo long that fire. There may weII be more direet

he can stand in the

ways with


but which

when Mercury ia congealed, he does not have when he is however, to relate

he has powers and effects sublfunated. ft

ia not neeeasary, this work. works, tfhen and one he

them in conneetl,on with he does other for

Mercury l.s diesolved, does with


hfun what one wishea;

when he is dissolved,


dissolves all. things

the Beven metals.

And, what is more, he dissolves and everything the earth of time

grordn out of the earth to, not everything than another.

has given birth

ln the Eame period

but one in rnore tine eolves all th i n g s,

Yet in tlrne Hercury dis-

a l so with the help of other Speeies that

are added to him. Thus Mercury ie the Iord he shuns nobody and nothing mighty, except fire. and gpiritue of all created thinqs, for

in the world

bv God A1SuT-

But with

the help of the precious

phura, whieh the sages have invented of God, and after degrees of.Mercury, thereof, for they have weII ae weII

and nade by the Grace all powers and and the eauses a rnedicine

coneidered infirmlties

as his

and what he is, is,

the masters have prepared

him; that

a precioue

gulphur rnade of many hot herbs Lt; and they have cooked the fire

and other and fried

Speeies whieh they ueed for him eo long in it I will that

he could qet into

and stand it.

teach you yet how to make Lt. dissolve water. them with Dlereury - aII of

Take small pearls, them have to turn curder pearls aII that the into

Now pour on them freeh Th.e Materi Waeh it


Bs f have taught wlll precipitate Ls off,

you ln the Key. to the botton.

of the

elean tiII oil. Of

Aqua font

and you have a viscous

you can nake pearle

ag blg or as small as you wish. gilt inside' water, Put it into

Ilave the form made of gilver, the blood of a buck, rnixed wlth they wlIl


in which

beeome ae hard ae they were before; that Ls more narveloue

and they will than that of

get Euch a pure luetre all other pearls; for

durLng the solutLon oriental,

they become so no uncleanli-

clean of all

BItotBr Eo purely


I r.l

nesa whatsoever precious


in them. in this

The eame happens to all oil, you nay take crystal which r taught finger


atones diasolved

rtem, Bolve it. pare from

in the second instance Then take the tincture O

and dis-

you to pre-

Romanum, In the foremost Dissolve it

of the Hand,

upon which stands the star. witb the crystal, and conjoin

in water together

thenr in the aame way as you to

di.d with

the pearle.

Forrn then big or enrall according polieh that

your wishes, orl

make thetn hard 1ike pearls,

them with oir all man-

of BrRclIIil@D made Per Deaeensum. I{ith have to be polished,

nade stonea liehed, liehed, ing as if tinguish higheet do thatr it testi t€s,

and wlenever


are po-

the oil

hae to be epread on lead. like a beautiful,


being poruby, look-

the gtone is


iL uere rcrth from a ruby, but ther€ hardly

one hundred crowns. unless it

Nobody ean disto the

were subjected

are not many people who know how to

one in a region. all kinds of stones from cry-

Thus you can counterfeit eta.l and give them the coloring and colors

you wieh the stone to have, with the cryruby. crystal,

but the tincturea atal AII red,

must be diseolved

in the manner which I taught kinds of glass blue, yeIlow,

you concerning,the in this gorts. soy, llke

calr be diseolved greent

glase of all things

I have aeen and crystal, than

wondere made of it, uhich flne ful. feet great gold. Icrds


rnade of glaas

Ilos.Beseed and considered foreicn

rnore highly animale

They were formed with precioue

and rcnder-

They were congidered

stones and were eet on bowlsr orr treaeure chests;

(pedestale) I also on exquiaite

and nobody knew what they werer exc€pt

those who know to make


the supreme test

of everything. pieces of r ubies, diesolve or eandr or

On e ca n a l so ta ke l ittle other atones, (no matter


thenr Ln the aforeThey

mentioned manner, form and harden them as said above. will ful, become as hard ae before, for nothing but much purer

and more beautithere and stones,

impure remains in them.

And in this test;

is no fraud,

becauee they can stand the higheat enough little

one does indeed find and therefore fect ones. But this many wonderful that it it

pieces of precious

Le not neceasary

to accept or to make Lmper-

is enough now of rocks. things from lileneury after if

one does indeed make it lB dissolved, ao

would be a pity all

many a man knew about it. one wishes to brinq othemiee Sulphun; it to perfeetion


metale that

nust be diEsorved

in Mercury,

ie sheer fraud.

Then they must be cooked with pare the .9ulphun according understand me wellt r wirr

but you have to prethe metale are healthy. with with which this

to shether

teach you the sulphur and in connection other

you must nake Meneuny healthy, Sulphun I will Mercury is his innermost

teach you how to prepare all cold and humid in his hot and dry.

Sulphuna. Bnd in and

outward naturer

he is

Reverse him, therefore,

he will hfun his olle

become healthy. cold humidity.


one ghould remove from hot herbs or

This must be done with

of whlch you muet make the Sulphur. Take alum de Roche, ealclne it as ie cugtornaty. Now take

the peelg of bitter pour good disttlled all the vinegar


Put thenr Lnto a glaes veegel, upon them, boil thenr tiII dry.

wine vinegar

is boiled

away and the ;rowder ie guite


Add this

powder to the said powder of alum, together (garr nute) pound it that are pointed; fine,

t{ith them. through aII

three oak apples

pulverize lt

Then take sloe herb, a cloth of it with


and force

good distilled


pound it with

again till

has gone through the cloth in a bowl and let it


the vinegar. you will

Now dry it

dry at the Bun.

now have a fine

powder which you should add to the other. and treat it like you did the che-

Now take cinquefoil lidonia. you gather, all Add it

to the other

powder, and the more hot herbs Now take

the better

you can get Meneuny to die. togetherr gall it

theee powders pounded finely th e m with pig' s you can pulverize dried

put them on a grindthe best , or

i n g s t o n e r.i mb i b e let it dry till

- thatr s

againo the blood of roosters ae before, eight

Add to this

human blood, with

hens; funbibe therr together let them dry together

anl.mal gall elab.

and or nine

on a glass

Do thle let into it


the more the better; eo that it

and finally

become quite powder.

hard and dry,

can be turned O

a fine

Now take Roman, red-calcined as the vltriol put them into till weighs. a glass, off Pulverize

r dnd as much cinnabar finely togrether, then dis-

them quite

pour good Aqua Vitae thereon; Per Alenbieun. timee. Aqua Vitae on a grindlng

l|he Aqua Vitae three this,

Repeat the drawing off

and pouring After natters. consisteney Do thig tlme, let

or four

take the poured off

of these two rtone to the

Irtrbibe the powder therein of a pulp. or I€t it

dry again on the glaas the more the better. you can 1rcwder lt

as above. The last and

twelve it



dry hardr it

80 that

in a mortar

pound (grind)

on a ttone.

N o w ta ke Me re u n i u e Sublim atus t or calcinated I Ib; of the preparedr pulverized

Meneuny t Hix

Sulphun, t a pound. a syBURG Jar, and let werl

them together

and put them into


Put them where you heat every d"y,

them get heated as away whire he

nuch as you can, because Meneury will is lying with his brother and sisterr

not fly

Errn in arm, mouth to eo that sister he can is dry.

mouth; and they will etand the fire; for


keep him there,

his brother

is hot and his

And they are the hot, made.

d,ry speeies of which the .grr lphun is of the phirosophers. write, This is the imamade. or hot,

This is the sllphur

aame of which the philosophers gine that they mean surphur.

but the ignorant

This sulphun r have often dr y oir si

r te m, o n e ca n a rso make sulphun of hot, dry guns, or hot, calcined alum. dry aeeds of herbs,

but you must always add

sometimes you must add hot and humid, someoccasionally cold and humid; at times

times cold dty;

and dry;

sometimes hot,

Bometimes cord,

sometimes humid, accorthat you wish to reverse

ding to the infirrnities outside, Lnside.

of the metals

sometines only one nature must be reversed instaneer two. That is why the suzways, because there you can also are

Ln a metalt

in another

phur must often many kinds

be made, in different

of infirmities

Ln the metals. nature


rnute the netals Su l p h u r.

Lnto another

and you can do this

one can also that purpose.



into that



Suhphur nade for to nature, it gince is pos-


is contrary

nature eible nature

ie always aiming to do it, that is,

at the best.

Nevertheless, into

to ?nanefer one thine made throuqh

another There-

by means of the Szlphur


the Art.


whoever can transmute



the nature

of O O

c a n a l so tra n sl a te for it

L u n a and alt to do that


other metals into than to ehange

is much better , because nature

into This

always desires

what J.s better.

Ls also the reason why one must prepare the sa Lphun according to the works which one wishes to do with xo Effeet be it upon them. But whatever sulphur the metals or

you wish to'make,

hot or cord,

dfy or moist,

you must always have cal-

c i n e d a l u m. humidity

rt mu st b e in the heat, coldness, dr ynessr and for arum is the Lantern in the

of the sulphura,

a e v e n me ta l s. Let us now deal further the stove with night, that the .92 Tphura. with Meneuny, who lies you must give f ire shut in

day and

is to aay, on the jar;

and keep it

always hot.

Fvery fourteen

days you must go over to lt, with If it 6

take out two or it drive,

four ounces, put it (extract). on the test, And 1o!

on the cuper and ret drives out,

(moves about or floats) pour clean water into into it and stir then you another a

you can take lt

bowl, and pour Mereuny with welL. Now Mercury will

the Szlphut


down at the bottom,

must pour off bowl, five

the water with till

the Srrlphut above, into the water runs off

or six times, l{hen all

pure and it, ds Let and you

becones eweet.

the sulphun has been washed off and drive fine it off on the testr triale.

dry l4ercury over the fire, on O , and you will find


in all

the water containing

your sulphun evaporate on fire, but

have your Sulphun back; because of the washing. This is the fLrst

Lt has been eomewhat decreased


sign of the Eeven secrets.



is called

the, which is compared to Meneury, and it seven secrete, perfect asking and it works, you not and sinners.

i s the nost gecret sign among all i s the beginning,


dnd end of all I an therefore

I taught this

you before. get into

to ret

the hands of the iqnorant

t. llxrn Onpl,anrsro lltssorve lr Suolrmarto ltencunr
rf it, it let for you wish to sublimate sart three ldereuny in order to diesorve and ret the water stand over mert in hot water,

hourg to dissol,ve it. Through thisr

Now pour the water off

and congeal it. as you wish,

aublimate Hercury as often cement; and do not take is not good for

each time with


what ie not diesorved this work. with cined as it it This it. aart ft will

Ln three

houre, as it

is good, although probably dissolve

you have not much when it ig calshines, is


$lhen this sublimated

Mercury no longer and purei

i s sufficiently

and the test

when he no longer I te n everything it nay well it th l s

blackens, P ut

although O

he Le putrefied. and if

te e t:

on a glass slab, eo that



no feces remain, be congealed rf any Feees and see when

be putrefied;

but it

nust first

before remain' if it

ls put on the elab and putrefied. baek into Putrefaetion

put it

and, feed lt, feel that

does not require


and you will

the llttre

pieces stay ineide rhich

shore and no longer


Then congeal your Mateni, work with.

is now good and ready to

ilencunrus A llarrn lfrrx l,xrcx ro Conepal lNn llaxr llru Penrecr
Take V itniolum Roma n u m, c in n a b a r, S u lp h u n a n d a lu m d e


R o c h e , rh i te


Ii th a rge,

M agnesia, M aneaaita Ana, L Ib, (orl flne) ;rowder; take

pound them on a ltone r rb

to a subtle

and etir Lt to aahesr !s ttint r.e made. pound this t gnwder sith Balt and, Aqua vitae and dry lt agaln at the sun or over a cmalr fire. a stone whlle Then mix thie dry it powder and pound it above. Anal powdered and werl pour thl.e /F. on on it;

Now take Sal communeand Yitniol dried over ! fire.

Make an AP. of them. put it

Mereury Ln a grassr geals; will a fte r th i s,

Ln warm sand ttll

Mercury con-

A b d tnaet the

AF.pen Alembieun, and you for the Blme type them to6Dd let them

get your Aqua font Further, pour about take

of work. gether;


and better

eoagulatum and nelt leadr

2 lbs othe r diesolved over fLre

gtand for

one hour together

Ln order

to diasolve.

Afterwards, fitting lid.

have at hand e pot with it pour pltch, recin 6

a long neck and a and A ? Ana, I Ib.


Let them melt gether into


then pour . Y the lt ry€ll stth

and the lead tothe lld let so that lt cool it

the pot,


does not burn torard down; then drive You will little pure, find

the outaide;

aftervards on a teetr

Mateni off t,lnie in all

!B one Fefinee. lose is im-

good, D

aasayB, and you wlII except that uhich

of the reLght aE I nyaelf

of ltlercury,

have done nore than a hundred tLmes.

Coleuurrot or llrncunrus Attotxpn
R .tiij, A l u n e n R o e h e I lb, Vitnioli tin ij Ib, ver digr Le + Lron oxide (hanuner scale), calt, ashes, urine, Of this L 7 litharge

ana t Ib, add to it

counon prelnred finely

childra halr.

ana Ilb, dietill an

chopped pigta

A P . , a nd p u t i n th e R e e ipient

four pig' s


This ,tP, is to be put on s a n d o r a sh e s, ti l l


, in a glazed potr



Mer cur y is congealed. put on it half

put this

congealed Mercury ln a glass; lead, melt them together;

a pound of

then have at hand Z lbs molten Pour that to the lead and Now take and


in another crucibre.

Dlercury, and let a pot with a cork that resin pig's iiij. and

them stand molten in the fire.

a long neckr oE a Syburg jar, closee its mouth tlghtly.

weLl luted, put in it


human hair, horn, A + , r n u ck a n a 1 l b , sp J,henar d oil It{elt eVerything put it into togetlrer

cowrs claws cut uD, and linseed oil jar, ana

in that

ancl when it

is melted, Saturnue so that

a cruclble.

Then pour the molten it irunediately stand in out, in all drive

and Merou*y in it, the flane

and etopper

ahould not corne out. When it ie cold,

Let it take it O

the heat for it off

24 hourg.

on the test,

and you will

have fine


This is the pot of the philosophers they speak eo dl,screetly that with nobody c'an understand in their it

or sages, of which Bo

books and parablesr

exeept those who are familiar Hand. That is why f

and have Eworn to the Philosophic who wish to roaBt, bollr

advise all aages, that cracks

oE eook the Ecg of the the shell bursts all or

they should take care lest for if

in the fire;

the Egg were to buretr


poison deseribed and destroy with all

in the pot would get out, peraons near it. in it

and would kilt

Nor could they be helped is the moet evil That is whv, for that

(tne Ege) there


can be found in the whole world.

ih 5


I wieh to advise have sworn by itr for POt. you fare badly

all that

of you who are not familiar you do not dare cook, boilr the troubles





oE roast contained

the Egg, in this

and would get all

This is the fruit earth; this is the fruit this



by the eeed thrown into this


of the philosophers; is the earthly

is the faithful God,

Stone of Alehenia; in whose hands liee whole world are likewise cook, boll in his


and an earthly laws.

the spiritual hand and gives thinqs

and temporal

He holds the that they

people to understand in thie world.

to poEeese all or fry this

Whoever wishes to examine the hte lntelligencei

eggt let

hfun most dlligently with

Hand of the Phllosophers, thereafter he may eooh Lt.

ag aB to probe it

Two Jnns
In thege trc Jara there ie the d.istilled Into this Aqua Font of the phllosophers. water one ehould put the earth

and throw the a long can six weeks

aeed, then put it neck, cloge tt

Lnto a glass with so that


no air


Now put Lt horge manure for grow.

and the seed will

An fuiauGAr.tATE
Prepare a water with calcined rater tartar, quick llne X alum, Potash (potassium), and cowre galls, for white which no

must be taken but then pot|1

. Take the eame amount of all a thick llercury bowl with with ashes, Pour around and

natterse this


into and grind

water on Lt,

a pestle for

which a rcolen pound tt with


is wrapped. Do this water sithout ceasing,

one hourr

but beware of air. and

Then, pour the water off,

and again put fresh water on Ltr

continue this take


th i s thi

as long

as blackness

comes off.



out and

Now Put your a n d An a l g a n a te i t it on the furnace


dry him with or 6 D . into

a cloth. a Cement, pur ify into a glassr it E€t to

w i th


put this

and heat as strongly days.

as is reguired

make rosewater, fy it with


Then take it

out and puribefore. a grass

the same water,

in the manner described put it fire for into

when no more blackness comes off, and set it again Ln the furnace; than before. till give

six more weeks, out and purThen press

somewhat hotter ify it it as before



take it

no more blackness eomes off. ie strongly for

through a chamois-leatherr would be too strong

as you can, because it wourd

the spirit

the bodyr so that

never get fixed. Now put the amargamate into it i n a sh e s, a n d g i ve i t a gentle another glass, fir e for eight eeal it, set

days, and Then

more every eight you will color turn but if red, will into it see arl

days, tirr corors

the glase stands in a grow. Afterwards, a littre, it will

of the world. your fire

a brack and it wirr

comei now increase a white is gold, color; if it

ie silver,

stay white;

leave it

in the heat, tirl

you see a yerlow,



Now break the glas6 open, make the powwith it.

d e r s u b tl e ,

a n d ma ke p rojeetion

R. Cinnabar I lb, Mix then together through the Key. it, into

of the SAN OF IHE HAND, half a powder and sublimate into an intangibre

a pound.

Lt eeven times ponder, and

trtake this as you welr

then calcine

know how to do, for

twenty-one Then

days and nights,

in the furnace

of the philosophers.

t qL

take it

out of the fire

and dissolve


as you well tt till it


how to do. hard;

t{hen Lt ie diseolved, as before. into


Lt gets again,

powder it

Afterwards it,


and inbibe

your Elixir

aB you well

know how to do. lleali,

T a ke I o r 2 l b s ana; then take for Lanterni together. off its diesolve

o f tar tar r

r tr d pur e tr anepar ent matter

each 4 lbs of this

2 lbs of the them

them, put them together,

and boil

Now pour the pure off phlegrma.

above; you will it

thus draw gets hard. filter

Then congeal the pure till lbs, dissolve it

Now take


in pure warm water,

and congeal it I lb. It with It


fn additionr

take of the long finger through ealt. Mix

aleo have been sublimated

the aforesaid X for of

Speeies, put them together with then till it

to sublimate. After this, is

You must sublinate eet it to calcine clean it

ie fixed.

twenty-one daysr EB you know; when it tt-s Feeibua. Then coagulate it

dissolved, Lt fusible.

and make

Then work wl,th Lt.

Stir it.

lead to aghes and nrake Miniun of it; for

take I Ib of of the

Take 3 lbs of the .KEI prepared


F|SE, I Ib. them together. or ?ineture

Mix them to an intangible Then the Fish will Satur,n, rhich

powder and sublinate up with it the Q.E. works.



is better

than gold in all

You can Sepanate it gard to the Star.

in the edne way as was taught But now the Fish is no longer

above in reof any use, Ls that

except to throrr Lt away. which irunediately it to be easily

Ttre Qu. Ess. or ?inetute

coagulatee fixed.

the Fish to redness and causes



yo u w i sh to e xtr act calcine it

eu. Ess. venenie ( the quinteswith the Key, with the s?lp,

Bence of venus), and with sulphurr

and prepare an Aee lletum as follows: of men, or good dietilled put the powder in it Then pour it off vinegarr it or tirl Liquon. Now

Take pure urine ord' pure, Bour beerr

and boir

t,he Liquon Le eolored. Proceed as before put alr tilI

and add other is extracted. with

no.more Tineture together off into

the tincture

a retort

an alembic,

and distill beautiful sublimate

the hurnidity rednees will

Lt pen Balneun.

Then the most than gold. through After it, this, you

rernain, which is better four or five times

the rong Finger it

and dissorve coagurate it

in the cellar

on a marbre srab.

again rn Balneo per Al,enbieo.

Iilith thie

can nolr coagulate redness of gold, The other

the soul of Mereuny to the moet beautiful and it can also easily be fixed in this way.

way is

the following: and eublinate

Take I lb of the powder, them. proceed with this

I lb of the Key, nix as has been taught


satutnils t and you will

have the

Q u . E o s. V e n e n i e b e tte r

than gold.

R. it in wa ter


3 lbe, of the

Fieh Hand,

9 lbs. Bet it

Prepare for gix

an Amalgana; weeks into




rn Balneo. get it

T h e n d i etill

,it in a boiling

Balneum per of and the Take

Alenbieuni the Fieh wilr

in sand, and dtetitl have gone over, and the 0u.

yet more epirlts your flre

Wtren they gublimate


Eee. be eontalned

in lt.

the sublfunate out and put the Fish with to an impalpable powder,

t-;he rinetune,


Lnto the Balneum with


good distilled


N o w th e 8 u ..E BB, venenis will eettle at the botton.

r iEe into

the vinega r

and the Fish will

Pour the colored ceed as before etnaet tiful all till

vl.negar off r rdd other


and proNow /b-

your vLnegar Ls no ronger tinged. vlnegat pen Alenbieun,

the tinged

and the most beau-

redness will

remain, wLth which no gold can be compared. thls tinctule Ln water of the Hand; that again. you may do this eubtleness that so it is

You'can diesolve better often, rould

to the Red. tilt well

congear it

you have aehieved be worth a kingdon.

euch great

Then you have the 02. Eee. Flre - rhich Lg gztphun - and

Venenie, of the Star,, of,the of the Fieh, all tofether.

Srrlr Arorten
Take eopper filtngs, vlnegEr. Set it ft boLl then in Eood distilled adit 1. wine To evcry pound of vinegar Ln'Balneun wlll

and the

fqti six weeks; then add the heln, wlth the

sublimate a ealt. red.

bot'tqn like natter over it. turns Now take it the tincture

; a grit wilt stay at the O t i.t wlthout any addition tilr the out and pour distiDed as before, l|ith it vl.negar


and you have the

Qu. Eee. Venenia by itself. you wieh. etc. trn ad&it:lon, it

you ean Cement whatever Ln other works,

ie good to Rubtfy

Take Lron fillngs lo every

and put them into add

dtsttlled . set

vLnegar. Lt for it eix

pound of vLnegar



weeke in thc Balneum or Ln horce dung. pour the vinegar the additLon of offl X rDd add other r !B before.

Then take

out, wLth

vinegar Put it


in the Balneum


six weeks, and pour alr it alr together

your tinged


together. A


in the Balneum per arenbicum. Ilke blood. )(

red tincture that out,


etay at the bottom, it ten or twelve

Take i it dis-

sublimate it

times with

then dissolve

in the cellar

on a stone;


a g a i n Pe n A l e n b i e u n fn BaLneoi or you m ay pr eviously eolve it in water of the Hand, and extract

totre Aqua font

in Balneo and from the sand, but then you must not sublimate. gold. You will be left with a redness more beautiful W ith it than

T h i s i e ca l l e d things,

C noeus M ar tie. it it

you can do


eo that

is much better in IF. that it

than a land-

acape; since by dissolving it, you can make it with that

and again congealing rea ches very great to a beautiful it everything

Bo subtle

porderi for redness; that

one can congeal P on€ can Rubify with

in additionr

is white.

The art p i g n e n t, Lg all If

t Auni+ C a l e i n e d ? e h n a , Atnament, r ed Ansenieum, etc., one art, one work, as follows: and wish to extract pour on it old

of extracting

the €2.

Ese. of

one procedure,

you happen to have Eome stuff from it, let it boil powder it till

the tincture pure urine; pour it ture offr


the urine

is colored. on it till

Then all tinc-

lDd again pour fresh urine After on that tincture. this, evaporate all

is out.

the tinged

urine. Extract is

Pour vinegar again all-the

which atays at the bottom. lilhat then stays iB the saltinese vinegar off

at the botton

of no uee, because it Draw the colored

of the urine.

Per Balneum, and the most

l '7
beautiful redneee will , and it stay at the bottom. ft eolor. shlnes more Diesolve aame, like congealino, Or you may in the power.



seeme to be a heavenlv


in the water of the Hand; dtgtill tineture, it to its X by diesolving, highest as often distilllng,

the previoue and preparing aublinrate cellar

degree and power. as you wish,



on a narble


and bring

Lt to Lts greatest

This was the first long way. y € Br a l l thinEs,

nanner of the philoaophers, you can Rubify

and Lt was a all things, and other

With these tl.nctures me ta l s, a l so a l l

etones, cr ystals, for


which I do not reveal

eertaLn reasone.

TrrcruRrrRom Anrrnonrum
Take Antimonium from the mines, pulverize pour on tt it for distilled vinegar tt lmpalpably; Put in a glass or a gtone Jar.

six weeke in horee dung or in t,}ne Balneum - but the the better. draw the

horse dung must be renewed every week, the longer Subsequently, vinegar and it put it into a retort water; with an llembie,

over with will


then lt

ln the sand,


Lnto the blessed like

err. Eae. and colne down Colleet

from the spout of the heln

red drops of blood.

thoge l| Pant and nLx them with pared so dry that Now dLetLllcan eagl,ly dtatilling neEE. epirLtsr auffer for lt ie ltke

the Key, which muet be pre-

dust. firer I€t there Bo that you

Pen Balneun over a gentle your hand to be in lt. daye, or tlll

l-t stand thus, Le no nore noistall moist


Congeal the Qu. Ees. !o that

LL and, ln additLon, 6 you can gubll.mate them. After thls, Ln sand, in order

take it

out of the Balneum and set it the red Qu. Esg.

to sublimate in-



lfhen there

comes a heavenly,

combustible be.


though not fixed,


is how it


Now take it putrefy for

out carefully, days, after

put it

in the Balneum to with the dry Thus

eighteen dust,

which nrix it taught

Key, dry like

as you have bg"r


you can dissorve

and congear to reach such great


and powers as are worth a kingdom. add a great dissolve deal of gordr

lilhen you have done it, you to make before; them

ES r taught

them together

in water of the Hand, distill in aehesr

ln the Balneum and afterward.s you before. O Then the Qu. Ees.


f have instructed



is conjoined either

ro the

and can never again be eeparated, D e o Gra ti a a .

now or in

e t e r n i t y.

R. F i n e
Then take pot,





in eomnon iF.

Meteung Sublinatue



put him in a glass Now imbibe he has

Bet it

on warm sand and I et him get warm.

him with inbibed

the all

AF. Ln whLch ghs alP, fine After

t lU it

is diesolved, cool down. let


lthen let

pound this

Mencuny quite of his orgn.

on a hard etone; this, coagulate

him dLssolve on it

him again on a emalr fire and dissolve

in a glass; as before,

and pound him again as before; Beven tl.mes. sell alloys. Of thLs Elixir copperr


pour -


j on


xrrxj prepared, eilver in all


dtrd you will

get fine

]lowro llarr Venus"Frxro
Take aoap and dry it give a hot fire ealcine it, tiIl it it tlll turns it into

no longer ehalk a Etone.




t{hen you as


above with

Add to it



tnueh verdigris Bet it

and cloee lt for

in a crucLble;

lute it.



in the fire

two hours and melt

Then you

have fixed

and supple O

llrncunv Cnanees Ar-l llsrarlrc Conponn Inro Srlven rcum l{rnr Ansrn . lnn IruroGomPrrr Surpxun.
Take a thick cloth, bind lutereury into it, hang him oven a pot containing below Lt. . It will aulphur; then eloee Lt and heat But tf thie t{ereury rhite. )f Le rn-

eongeal red.

pounded wl,th sal'AleatL ltead, lf

and cenuoea, he turns

he Le pounded with be nevertheless

water of Cnoeua Mantia, stays with, red, {

and, Atrament,

and one can also .' . works. He

congeal hirn in a closed


With Satunn Mercury is congealed Ln white has to be closed luted with in a tube.{or: pipe}

or another vessel,

Lutum Sapientiae.

Th'ie hai to* be thrown on thue Satilnnue

me.lted Satunnus and also will

kept in the fire;

be congealed. by the emoke

,ro CHew rHr CoRponl How io qN fumle{nn }ll rx

rxar rs. To Grvt ro ilpncunv l4rncunv. All Conponn ro Elr. Excepr@ .
Take any Conpuc tbat half ag much llercury and waeh. it goea of,f it. is you viah to rnelt. It Add to it aad pour j,t. with wtll,.become,brittle. aa long'as at the Eun. Ls

Pulverize blaeknece Then it

vl-negar and ealt dry lt


to be cleansed with with

a water rtroie.taete a,gentle

between Bour and bLtter, of the BtrD'for uhen it

f,, or the heat dieaolve Lt;

a ryhole day. Inoenite

Af,ter this, lti :fl.na1ly,

le dlseolved, that

cleanee Lt lt


you have shLtenedi

then diseolve

ag a in r the

after of

this, aII

conltea l men in

it .

T h is

Ma t e ria way.

wiI I

t in g e


a wonderful

First glue (or:


a little

wall soil

at the bottom with prepared for this

good purPose grit,

lute) r ot with long and high.

- one foot so that

Upon it

put a narrow iron

the ashes of the wood or the coal can fall there must be a little door,


But under the grit

which can Then, a

be shut as one wighesr above the grit Iittle and air floor waII, holes of tbe one foot

Bo as to remove the ashes. furnace build eomewhat higher,

long and wide, with corners. holesr

a emall door,

at the four

Above, make a whole Bo that shows. the furnace on this four

of baked eoil' covered,


is wetl floor iron

rE this



the wall; like

but first

put on the floor, On top there with


a tripod.

has to be a must not has to


These Bupltorte together of the furnace. lnside

the vessel

touch the wall

In addition, or testr

there is

be another tripod vessel

the vessel

also a small bowl. This

upon which one could nust

put a glaes or other

small vessel If things,

be made of wood the Spiritue or other

then one wiEhes to dissolve water has to be put into

the lower and upper vessels. the hunid, fire subtle air

the glass has to be left to get inside. because it

oPen, to allow little

Now put a gentle

under the furnace, in a warm room.

muet not be warmer than it will be dissolved

is usually

Thus the matter Bu t l f

by the steam of the water. ot fix' you must

yo u w i sh to congeal, calcine,


F:, -V

put no water into with

the vessers but keep your work cuite heat.


the aforementioned

That is why the furnace must you

have a lid c a n t a ke i t a rittle

or cover above, which must be so wide that o ff if n e cessar y. r n addition,

ther e shour d be

door in the coverr

so that

you can put your hand the eam e heat alr

L n s i d e a n d te st humid spirits

th e w a rrnth, just wirl

as with

are fixed.

you please have a qood rook

a t t h e i l l u stra ti o n . Aside from this, many kinds of thinge there is etlu another furnace in which

ean eimurtaneougly

be cooked or done,

a s i n a sh e s o r i n e a n d , Ln Balnao, or Ln ventne Equino ( the horses abdomen). putrefy horse's water it Thie neansr that if gomeone would like have to be put in the cuper and it were to

something which would

dung, one would put hay or dung into eomewhat. Then Lt is

Just as good as if .

s t a n d i n g i n h o rse re d u n g.

Ir Now ForlowsllowOnr ls, ro ltfnxron Userxp Funruacp
First, ashes. ter, the lower part has to be made, Bo as to qet the whlch rnuet be Just in the eenThe furnace has Then folrowe the grit

a good bit

narr@er y€t,

than the furnace. but not narrqer

to be made higher On one side there

than it

is below.

has to be a emall door,

so as to allow

the hanging lanp and, below, Af temards rith a thin the furnace wall.

the coal to pass through. again and wider,

must be made hlgher

A few air

holes must be made on one side, After with this, four it must

which can be opened and closed at wiII. be closed above and vaulted, air hores with a rid welr-fittinq,


on each of them. w a lls.

They must be separated

b y f o u r e q u a l l i ttl e


After sidest tightly, hole, it


the furnace must be made higher

on the close

must have four doors on the four so that, if

eides that

one wiehes to remove the lid When all

from a this has

one can put one'g hand through it. copper kettlesr

been done, take four of clayr

or other

vessele burnt in on the

ot eomething else. of the furnaee,

They must be walled one on each side. with

four parts cupel,

Next to each stopper

there mugt be an airhole the heat.

a well-fittinc

in order to regulate

fn the first in it

cupel or kettle ( "figier en") . In in it. fn the and

t h e r e mu st b e sa n d to make fixation

the second there must be dung or moigt hay, to putrefy fn the third, fourth, putrefy. lfhen all this is ready, The four one can keep ashes, to distill on them.

ehould be the water bath Maniae, alao to distill

one ean put coal on the grit, lids have to all be taken off; one should One on the

or a hanging lamp. orr if

one wiehes one to be hotter one lid

than the other, door tightly. burnt of clay,

remove that

and shut the little and high lids,

must also have pointed glasses

in which one wishes to putrefy

and fix.

They must and

cover the glasees all

around and cloee them tightly,

one must be able to take them off, l.llustration.

aE may be eeen by the

or Tanrln 0pennrro Tqnranr.oRrxr HoRr
This ie the uay to prepare elernente in lt, fantarum. It ia very good other thl,ngs, and has the four but not like

Sp e e i ee a n d h e rb g . In all the four the things that God Alnighty has created out of and


the elemente are befouled zoB

and impurer

they cannot be purtfled llnating, calcinirrg,


than by dtsttlHnq, fn that


cenrenting, ete. hard work. llke tartar,

way the eleany-

nenta can be cleansed with thing left in the world any inpurity that in it, ls

One eannot flnd

because God has not

since it

eeparates fronr wine of lts does not take on any but tf ln the

own, like Lmpurity there'Ls firer

water from fire; frorn winer iny Lnpurlty the fire

and tartar

Jugt as water does not from fire; in the water, it will leave it ft.

80 that

may burn and destroy and all Lmpurities fir e

For fire

eonaumea'every Lmpurity, m u s t b e 'p u ri fi e d frail four fire Ln that clernente, it lt b y fi re .

of the elements ls Ln ltself the

Never theless, for

lB not fixed; also corrupted

when God corrupted

the fire.

That ls why the

is not fixed. Tantarum, however, ls a fire wl.thout air and wLthout a



and pure.

That le why no one can separate Conpue.

the Nois

element from Iantanum, since Lt ls a glorified thing ean desttoy f ire Tarta?um, nor can fire write

burn Lt.

Tartar Fire

the fixecl

of we often all

Ln our books. elenrents

has the power to purif,y and consune all fixed. l{hat will


and to burn elements gets Lnto

finpurities, this

also to make all


one (tartar} eince it

not do when it

the inpure Verily,


ls more than euperior

to flre?

I an telll,ng

you that

llaptanum, when Lt Le prepared, thlngs fixed, and Ln it are

hae the Power to make all hldden all things rhich

unfixed Lt uould

take too long to deseribe. work ln the Art wLthout with?ar-

Yet one cannot aceomplish

any perfect

out Tanta"um? thus the Hand cannot be prepared tarumi for Lf there were no Tartanumt the Art

would be false.

C o n s e qu e n tl y, ? a rta n u m is the lr laster of Alehynia. why the masters consider everything that it their fixed fire

That is

which burns

is not fixed. tartar of good Rhine wine. it. llash the

Take good white powder clean tilr done with pound it and dry it fresh this

the water runs off

This has to be at the sun, wine vinegar,

pure spring-water. smarr on a stone with at the sun. to a thick

Then dry it

good dietilled

Then moisten it pap.

on a etone with again. Repeat

vinegar at leaEt

Now dry it put this

ten times or more. a etrong suitable

?antarum thus it firmly,

tmbibed into


and close

a g o o d h a n d rs b re a d th . Now take another, living tartar; Iiving chalk after chalk; like still larger rnto it vessel, fitl it with the with in as every-

(guieklime). this, fill

put the vessel sith

the large veesel completely so that it lies

also around the tartar, an egg yolk Ln an egg.

the center

Lute tightly and let

mueh as you can, a large thing g e n tl y d ry o f i tse lf.

handrs breadthrs,

Make a big hole fire in itr everyday; BDd fitl fill it it all

in your hearth with living

in which you have a chalk, living put the vessel chalk; but leave must burn in this,

around with free.

the bilge for eight

of the veseel weeks; keep it The more lt

On this

your fire

hot day and nl.ght, the better.

aftemards After

a glow.

ie calcined,

remove the emall vessel pour t,}re fartatum let otf it into

from the chalk, a large quantity

break Lt open, and of dlstilled days. vinegar,

drop or become pure during'three another veeeel. zto

pour the pure vinegar

from above and into

Pour other

on the feces, pour lt



and let vinegar.


become clear till

as before; nothing

to the other any more.

Repeat thls

comes off

Throw the feces away and Eoaponate the salt till dry; again dissolve Let tt boif above till

your vinegar; it in a large

congeal all guantity it eettle

of vinegar, again,

as before.

once morei let

and pour the pure off and repeat this

from the fecibus;

add other


no more feces renrain. Now put it twenty-four and let to see if it into an open crucible, Iet it glow for it again,

hours in a furnacei stand thus diesolved there

then dissolve for three

hours in order have feces,

are any more feces. off, till After

Should it

they must again be clarified then congeal it tlll it

no more feces occuri this, imbibe ?anpap. Dr y it

is dry.

t a n u m on a g l a ss w i th A qua Vitae,

to a thin

at the sun or on hot ashes in a glass; again. betterr Do this

funbibe and dry it

one hundred times or more; the more the gets purged. Thereafter lute and let ft will like it dry it belfhen

and the more it

in a glass which can etand the fire; low, put it it air uneovered on a furnace break the glass open. as glase,

tightly Lt melt.

is molten, as clear

congeal at the butter. fixed This fire, do

and melt near fire ft

Ls the fire

of the wise philoeophers. in a veiled

ie their

of which they wrl.te not undergtand. lfhen lt for sith into it it

way the sirnpletons

(Sophic Fire) it is a precLous treasure, Yes, put E put

ia now thus prepared, all volatile with andl let matters

can be fixed.

a crucible

a little it

of this

?attayum upon it, will turn into

in the fire

go, ahd it



. this

In various

small works one has to prepare it when it although



wayr becauee, whoever worke with will

is not he may


not re a ch any Per feetiont

. AIBo, those D and O who thue work in unprepared Sa?,escheat themselves and
all those who believe them.

aecomplish a eenblance of

Sol lnn llrncunv
Here begins a most glorious how to conjoin gether into and unite work of
A r{ (.) v+ and Ll i

them; aleo how to fix

them to-

the very best gold. yo u mu st ma ke an Aquam M eteunialem. all people a9a inst I will, they do the water

F i rst

however, adviee

not know how to deal with deacribed hereafter.





r noE can prepare

Let them keep their fare badly. This water

A is of two kinds,

hands off


for they would one to the Red of good

and the other wine vinegar; well ized, let calcined

to the tfhite. potash, I lb,

Take 4 Cologne quarts quicklime, furnace

weed-ashes, B pulver-

in a potterre F i rst

and aftenards

e a e h 2 l b s.

pour the wine vinegar on the' lime, it uith a etick aeven or eight and pour it for a quarter on on

Lt atand on it, After

and gtir this,

times a day.


the vinegar I€t it it boil

the weed-ashes in a glazed pot. of an hour, tlr.e ?artarumi then sool down. boif and filter


again and pour it

as before. comnon celandine; boil chop it it finely,

Now take 6 lbs of green, put it half, water. into 2 quarts it

of eharp wLne vinegar, and mix it with

down to

then filter

the other

aforementioned that has not

Then take I Lb Aqua Vitaei zlL

coarBe salt



boiled ful Into galls

away, I tb.


then bo*I

up together,

but be carelead. or Lnto

not to put your matter thi.s watcr of other pot; thue boiled, animale. for it

in veeeels put eight

coated wtth

or ten ox galls, matter


them, and put this

a glass ready.

put it

eix seeks in horse dung, and Lt is it is. with thie

The older

becomes, the better rt

water one accomplishes ronders. and it ls very good piece good in this f1

is called

sueus Mereunii,

Art. from the nines, not nade from grind

. Take, therefore., -3 \Y \ J . Lt I or other J it weJ"l, with tiLl into ealt


Take ae much a6 you wieh, in a gtone mortar. it;

and vlnegar

Do Lt twelve

times, prt it

no more irngrurity cornee off a phial

make a Conpua of it, whLte BaIt. weake wlth

and add ag rnuch beautl.ful, in sand for

l,tix welI, a gentle

put it fire;

on the furnace it into


then put

a etone mortar, it rith tt into breadth for till

pour the no more

aforementLoned yater inpurity con€e of f

on it, prt

grind lt

back again fingerrs

aahes or sand, above it, cl.x days and grindl Lt again

pour yqur prepared stoppen nlghts. rtth the phtal, lfhen put


three lt

and glve

e good f!.re

J.t back into rB befoier on Lt,

the rcrtEt.,.EDd put it again fire for

the sarne waterr

Lnto a phial, eLx daye and eix times,

and agnLrr pour rater nlghts, sone*'hat

and give than before.


Repeat thie every

and you nuat After equal tite tLneg;

Lncrease your

f Lre each tlne

ailx' days. aleo calcine an


4 or 5 lbs of


anormt of to calclne

oger t to each Pound aaalr rrlth the other. tFtrrough thls

bloodstorre eublimat.



5 times

then he Ls prepared.

No&r take


has been

caat through 8rt,

prepared, Mereuny/viit,



put it


a werl


phial, fire.

put lt

on its

gide Ln sand, daily,

and at firet till'H

give a gentle

rncrease your fire

n o l o n g e r ri sesr timee,

and tur n the phial

over ever yday

four or five !| T for fine is guite

the more the better. find

At the end, when Now your

dead, you will

a brown powder.

work is accomprished. the praiee ) ' let

Now remove this

powder from the phiar put I part Thii on 4 of work

and thanks thern well

to God Alrnighty. incorporate


i s eertain it

and without


That is why you must use

in the name of God.

How ro ltlnxrSer_ URrnnp
Take several pacity' filr large, stone erocks, old, pure urine, l0 or 12 quarts five cathen with or aix weeks ord. a large ove r . Take this,

Put an arembic with R e e i p i 'e n ti d i sti u

two spouts on, and to eaeh spout, o n the fir e whatever you can distir r stay in the Jar. houre. After

Then a great that

deal of blackness will it for

out and caleine

two or three it

renove it wateri above. there let

from the fire

and dissolve

Ln conunondistilled the fecibus it till

the feces drop,

and pour the pure off

Put this

pure water baek on the fire above. Then put Lt into

and boir

forms a ekin ealt

a coor cellar, out and boil

and a clear


crystallize. a skin

Take that forms. salt dusts).

the water down again till Now take all enware pan till atery sithout lt

the crystarlized powders (or: it

and dry it

in an earthmoder_ it

Now heat it and diasorve boir for


in a low vessel, sater. r€t tt let ls

again in cqunon dietirled of an hour,

a quarter

remove Lt from the fire, above when it

the feees eettre Btill warm. Then

down, pour the pure off



the pure water down again tirr the cellar take it it and let out, it

a skin forms.

Take it is

again into crystallized,


tfhen it

and boir

the water down Btlrl the crystartill it dusts.

more' and let lized


Then dry all

rnatter in an earthenware p.rn as before, till f teach you how to use it. the distirled of oil urine and, if

Keep this

Now take all Bome impurity above with in it



stirl off

or yelrow greasiness, with a feather. into

skim it

a spoon and afterwards

Hake it

pure and clean in this w i t h a h e l m o n i t; that

way; then put it

the stone jar all and

get it

in sand or ashes, and distill nicery glow for a while

can be distilled. coor down.

Let it

af teryards for

Remove the feces . and throw them arril r nothing. Repeat thie dietillation till

they are good for


goes over pure, or retort.



f,eces at the

bottom of the jar Take that put it

which you have thus distiued

out of the f ire, wilr stay in

in the Balneum to distill. away.

some impurity Grind this

at the bottornr throw it the Ba1'neumtill lfhen everything


no more Eeeee atay at the bottqn has cleanly gone over, it is done.

of the jar.

Now take the ealt lt into a large

which I told

you to keep above. the pure liguor t{hen you have with



and pour on it Ln the Balneum.

which you have dietllled poured the rater and put it a fire on lt,


t-he Recipient with

a cork, Now right

on the furnace

in a vessel


in the furnace,

eo that

the aehes will for four into

become hot. days, ot

Keep t,he Reeipienf, gtanding till all the ealt


or five

has been dissorved

pure water without

Feeea at the bottom. is urine as it

Then it

is ready and done. is deprived

Then it of its than

was before,

but now it

coarseness and has become eubtle, one could believe. chani'ty of God that with this urine f am telling

y€s, nuch eubtler you in unadulterated

one can accomplish rcnders

ln our Art

thus prepared,

y€s, more than one night

b e l i e v e. Add to it 6 quarts of sharp, distilled vinegarr and

6 M a s s o f A q u a V i ta e , a1so, I lb of calcined ltix into all these things clear

a nd I Ib of pr epar ed comr non salt; white together, tartar, and flr lb of )t .

and dissolve

the matter

a pure,



any feces at the bottom. no water first

I.swear greater

to you by God who has created and nade me, that secret has ever come into turns into all p the world. For this their

thus prepared, nature, that is,

Caleee and Conpora into .^ vfith this O

water one can draw than

the Qu. Ees. from calcined all with all the treasures it

, which is nuch better fn addition,

of the earth.

you can extract of

th e Qu . E e e . S o lis things,

and Lunae, and, fur ther m or e, there this


and of everything with

ie in the world. water it that it is

One does so many wonderfuL things unbelievabre; of the evil nor ie it which might permissible ensue. this

to discrose

on account

Understand, you will uater.


booklet things


at bottom,

and this

know what wonderful And even if

one can perform


I did my very best,

f could not express one can use the it were it

one thousandth of Lte eecret. water like earth, for it

Know also that

does not diminish


ueed ten or twelve


For you may purify zl b

and rectify


and lt


be Just as good. the tlnctures re-

Now f will quired for thls

teach you how to extract work, Red as well

as gthite i for

the extrac-

tl.on of t{hite

and Red l.s all

one and is due to one rnastery. Atr am ent, \ehr e, Ce-

T a k e , th e re fo re , ?usga, Miniun to extract like

I Aur ipigment, + (red lead) or the likei Powder it

out of which you wish impalpably, and grlnd it

the tincture.

soap on a atone wlth

good, distilled aalt.


each time

adding eipient,


J set lt urine

of rectified lnto

put it

Lnto a bLg Resome of the and l part full. the back

ashee ot eand, pour on it I part;


whlch you have prepared,

of wlne vl.riegarr 80 that Stopper it moisture above wtth

thle Reeipl.ent becomee half and shake Lt wellr the powder.

a cork,

8o that

gets well

mixed wlth rDd when it

Put the glass

Lnto the furnacer stopper and give lt

iB warm, remove the cork or otherwise the glaee would burst. times a is

Bome aLr;

Toss t-hreReeeptaeuZ between your handg ten or twelve day, and let nicely dropr Lt thus etand in the warmth ttll the glass Reeipient

t-he Liquor


lfhen let large

cool down and the ?eeee that Ls clean. fn J.t pour

take another

the coloted not to take agide. pour lt 6hake it Le well fuinace

Ll,quor off

from t,h,e Feeibue,

and take good care and put it vinegar, full.

any Feeea over.

Stopper the Reeipient urLne wftn

Then take again fresh

Ana dLetllled !s before, half

upon the Feeee Ln the receLverr wttn nixed iour slth

hande as you dtd thenr the eedlment,

and uheir tJlrreLiquor agal.n on the

put the glaail

Ln ashee or eand. let

Eeat as before, the glass

and rhen th'e Liquor

has aghln been colored, off and proeeeding

again cool down, pouring ttll tlh'e Liquor is

as before.

Repeat this

no longer

colored ot

by t-he Feeee, and then you have got aII Qu. Eee. The Peeee can be thrown away, but you rnay extraet

the Tineture they still


the element of earth.

and use that

as you wish. the colored mol.gture, tiLl into

Now take the glass containing set it a skin a large i n a sh e s o r g a n d , and dietilr appears on top. glass

the m oistur e off

Now remove the helm, pour it

pot which must be wide above. pot on the eame furnace,

Lute a helm on and draw all of the thing Red or t-rhite. tinct ure

top of it, hunidity

put this over.

Thus the 0u. Eee. or rinetune will etay rn Fundo, be it find it will

you took to make it If it i" l white

Subjeetum, you will it is red,

a ntrite


than anowi but if

ehine like thie


just as the eun shines above
extract, eublimate,


And in

the tl.ncture

Red or the l{hite. tincture or burnt

fn the same manner you can extract or copper filings, filings,


way you can

Sub1,inatue to the

o f Qu . E se.. from iron (caleined) {

verdigris verdig



e l. n n a b a r, , , einnabar

Ce t u e a a or Cetueaa o r Minium Min iu n r , o r

from calcined

, a l so fr om CaLx Solie or Lunae, item
additionr 1lou can add the from sublimation tincture, to the which the

rrom 6


you have thus


Red or

White, to O



, rhen they dre dissolved,
Thue they can be joined w1.11 become arl

and put
to the eaid

them 7n Putnefaetionem. and the color

the more beautiful

d u r i n g P ro j e e ti o n . Know, however, that whenever you wLsh to extract some-


you nust each time aaa


J to the urLne and distllled of rl-,s ?enneatniality you pour it by dis-

vinegar, eolving nugt be rectl,fied and again congeallng

before l' t7

on the ground


in the Reeipiente.

Knowr in additi,on,

that of this

there tinc-

Ls a great ture,

deal of Becrecy in the Ertnaetion For with

more than one could believe.

these tinctures

you can make Cemente, in whatever Cement you wiah to Cement, or accotrq>lish other wonderful things by Cenenti4g, Item,

you can nake Aquas Fortee with

these tinctures,

which are

as red ae blood and ahine liJce a ruby. Pontea you can do wonderful things

With theee Aquae SolutaTon, to


close which I have not got permiseion.

llowFollow Some AnnotarrorsConcenmrt.te Venrous TeRillNrUspoltt txs PRrpERqrroils
LIOUEFACTIOrneans malcing softall things. EXALTATIOof the spirlt The SALIS of the bodies SOlur,tO meana meltingr ie lrOUefACirO of the bodiee. are made in nany different or alEo stamping (or: (palx). It ways. and lt is the root of


-frALglffALLO neans making chalk with then, chalk. strong firer

ia done in sand, fronr a thing;

80 as to draw the foul


when aueh is

consumed, the Conpue remaina pure in the

Thereupon comes IilCERATIO. INCERATIOmeans making the chalke eubtle or finer so that I[-

th€ humidity

may pass all

the better


the Corpora, tilI

is nothing CERATTO turns rith into

but grinding

and imbibing

th,e Materia or melted

wax, and such.nay fLre.


be disqglved

a small or gentle

meang deliveryr DISSOLUTIO bodies that are calcinedr that



iB done Ln the manner: Put

iDd in the following into

the natter per it weII

you wish to dlgsolve Cover it with

t glase, earth,

and BtoP-



and put on it

1" {

horse dung well



water. will

Let it

stand thus for ind this consists

seven days. On the eighth ts DJSSQHIIaQ by heat.

day it

be dissolvedr

But DISSOLUTT0 of cold humidity and standing

Ln making an edge ("kante") Complete this with a little

a glazed vessel on it. Let the glass does not touch but put wax on the one day and

water on. the bttom. it

hang above the water, the sater. glassr

but in sueh a way that a lid,

Cover the glass vessel with

Errd sand on the wax. Let it and it will dissolve.

etand thus for

o n e n ig h t,

means making hard, COAGULATIO Take the aforementioned put it the test Then it white Lnto a teat for will with glass with

and it

is done in this that


the tttatter

is dissolved, a fire under

strained oE till

ashes, and light the humidity

ten hoursr look like

has gone out. like a very

minium; but it

is white,

camphor. R U B T F A C T IOS A T T SARMENIACI( AM M ONICI\! TAKE * , into a

-.€ Crocua


Ana, well



Put this

glass and pour on it gers breadth night, above it.

good distilled Let it well.

wine vinegar,



stand thus for Then allow it

one day and one over

always stirring

to dry gently

a mild fire.



put the Cpocua
thern. ft


and the



a Sublimatoniumt blood, even if

and eublinate


deecend, red like This actually is

the vinegar

is not distilled.

of no eonaequenC€r it

Le Just as good. Gr aduate it, and calcine

V IT R IOLI ROMANI RU B IF A C T IO i tt in a strong fire; tt

w111 become red like



The Art in our stone. successors, or Pnaetieei of A1chefiry consLsts in three That Ls the free art this things, that is, of the ancients free art and their

who are to discover

through Seienee it, or upon

or to whomever the Holy Ghost give it through His illumination; free art and applies need of his it

whom He confere

and blessed is wisely man. for the

he who possesses this

honor of God and the pressing The other paredr


kind of Alchemy Ls the elixir taught, according

which Ls pre-

BB the ancients

to the Hand of the well


those who have this b l e ssed. is the fxip,

and understand it

m a y a l so b e ca l l e d The third kind

and it

is also an art


the old and wise llasters to prepare to us, will The Art and roots it,

of the Hand, and he who knows how prepared world it and have left in Joys. branches it

as the fathers rule


in this

of Alchemy has stlll

many more daughters, trees

which spring

from these three Some labor with

of which I have

Juet spoken, euch as: cination clean. nation, of the bodies,

hard work in the CaL-

to wash them and make thenr pure and amalgam ationibue; other s sith and nubifieation. aXb i Other s

Oth e rs l a b o r w i th

e e me n ta ti o n , a u gmentation, of the bodles

make Salia other tibuer

or the metals. ln the fire.

Others nake Olea and Othere uith. aquie for-

uorks of the bodies otherg with ways.

eaLia upgn tlte eorpo"cti and ao on in many Ls good if it is done in the this is at-

different right tained

And everything

way aE the forefathers with great effort.

have taught;

but all

t)na gt"tur.4tl 1

could not counterfeit. As t-h,emate:ria becomes riper and strongerr Bo there occurs nany a ehange. Before you reach yellow like the grey-black powder, your nateria will turn a beautiful ashes of uood or peat. All this happens with a srnaIl regimen of fire. lfhen you aee the grey-black owder, reJoice, for under the blackness the whiteneBs is hidden. After this' let the matenia stand in this regirnen of fire for a long tjrne and watch if it retains thie colorr or if it becomes whiter and clearer. If it turns whiter or paler, keep the same regimen of fire; but if you do not see br Bense that the color is vanishing somewhatr or that it changes, increase the fire a little, until you see that the color turns somewhat paler or whiter. Then let it stand for a long time in the aame regimen of fire. If the color does not get stronger, increase the fire sonewhat, and as Boon a6 you see that your nateria becomes whiter, maintain this regimen of fire and be careful not to make the fire too strong. Follow thie regimen of fire, increasing it each tine just a little and never too much. Do this until your matter is white, y€s, whiter than snoril. Then rejoice, dear children, and be aseured that under the White the beautiful Red is coverered and hidden. lay in the tomb and was to make his there should resurrection from therer 3o that after such a resurrection b e a g l o ri o su m co ? p u l , w h ich was to live in all eternity and was to be crowned with a red diadem and be king over all his gener ati ons , and all his enemiee were to make peace with him, and he was to remain Moreniue Eays: When Christ king throughout aII eternity. painters and goldemiths

Now thenr you must underetand that this white matenia or earth and is not shich you have is only an earth that has loet lts hunidity yet good for anything. That is why you should know that many nistakes occur in thlg Artr becauee there are many who dare to undertake to Stone and achieve this ttage with a good confect the Philogopherre They labor to coagulate or fix their Stone to regimen of the fire. the White or the Red; and when t-hremateria or Stone ls fixed, they and throw thereon raw Heneuriue or believe they can rnake projeotion They rcrk in vain, howeverr iDd faII into other inpenfeeta netalla. ft Ls true' that to then despair saying that the Art is inpossible.

is impoaeible, because.they have an eerth which has lost its hurnidity, just ae Ceben saya! Spirits which have loet their humidity beand ficationee cause of nany eublinatipne are good for nothinq as long as they are dry as this one. Ignorant men do not conprehend it, it for when they have made their Stone and Joined it wellr Eo that it has its right color as is necessary and later hae been made subtle a n d v o l a ti l e a g a i n , i t g i v es quite another ingneee or ptoJeetion. But they do not underetand the wordg of,,the sages. They may well know that the Stone ie to be made in such a way as has been related above, and they do indeed make it in the manner prescribed; but, they stop with their work Just when thelt should etart uorking all the more and thus remain in their foolish mistaken ways. that I wieh to reveal here the truest aeqret there is in the Art that I know and has been diecloeed to me. I entreat you' by the living Son of. God' that you do not Therefore, divulge this gec.ret to anyone except your own sono, provided you beyour soul addition, Iieve that they hqve the love of God and thatrin not be damned on account of it due to the great and mine too, will arise fron it. Open your eyee and eargr iDd that is in nature. In the Great tfork of which we are here speaking, both to the White and to the Redr you can make and perfect, in one veEselr 4Dd one furnace, aLl.. Lapidee Philosophieoe Ln whatever manner they are composed. tribulat-ions that might hear the great holiness you. ff you, take ) ana Take good heed of .what I am telling (J/ you in this tJnner, Nencuriue without adding- (?) and put thenr together \./ will Boon be able to make ?-h'eLapia from them, to the White or to the Red, Ln one cask and in one furnaee. Now then, Bomeone might ask why together ln this rcrk. This ie done because one puts D Oana ff your ) and the rcrk will thereby beccnre all the shorter. le fixed, (J Stone would be ready to the Pbiloeopher's much tirne must is not fixed, therefore Eowever, D be spent Ln cooking in order to flx fore it can fix Uerouniua, That Ls together in the rcrk. You can aleo ana O.t"alone, and that rculd be done faster than with ) "t O fix Goagulate) therefore gethEr, because t" fixed and it will O I , t e n e u n iu s g u i ckl y. ,, were fixed in thie the lfhite. sork, You mugt know dear Ftlii,

if one were to Someone mtght now agk what would be the result take \ alone with llencupiue. Could the red Stone also be prepared e just as it from then? Understand it thusr ) is red in lts innernost, ls white are, outsides; for ln all white -/ thlngs in which the four elements eovered outside by the whit.. ie cold ) and humid, Just as Le and R raw and unfixed when still </ and coagulated together. That is why it is white outside and red inside. lfhen now $ ie alone in the work with Meneuniue it is cooked V-/ with a good regimen of the A eompletely and colgulated . And when it hae becdne fixed during the work, it coagulates Mereuriue together with it, and it turnB Lnto a white Stone of the phllosophers by means of an increase of the fire and long eooking. Then the white etone is colored red, and lts t'Enetune emerges to the outside and the white recedee within. well, dear children, that which I have said and that relate, for it ie all together necessary. It is the eeenetum of all ope"a; there have been aome ignnorant men who, after they made their Stone to the l{hite and to the Red, eaw that the Stone had no ingtese. Then they dissolved the Stone and coagulated it again. They so did thia 20 or 30 times, hoping thereby to make the Stone fusible, that it ehould have ingrees. Howeverl they did not gucceed, even should they have dissolved anil coagulated until Doonsday!. The Stone was bound to stay as it hacl Deen previously. Ponder this which I will etill there Ls redness within

There have also been othere who have drawn an With it they rubbed the Stone on marble, ctried it in the Stone inbibed it again so long and so rnuch until ua,:(, and gave an ingneee. Following tlris, they threw o leum out of A \-/ a glass, and like becarne liguid it upon Mercuniue glowed, it flew which had been made red hot; and as soon as Mencuriua followed Lt, and the pwder of the Stone etayed anay, and the oteun Q J.n the crucibler rB it had done before they inbibed Lt. But this was due to the fact that the oleum hacl not been coagulated with the Stone. The reason is as fol.lowe: ff you had thus inbibed the Stone and put it in a glass over a fire, the oleum would dry along with the Stone. But tf you were to glve it strong heat,

the oleum wouldl fly

away altogether

on account of the great heat. That is why one cannot coagulate together with the Stone. Thue the ignorant renrained mistaken. Now I will teach your my chilcl, how to make the Stone fusible and capable of giving an ingteee. Until this hour, this has never been revealed. Therefore, dear Filii, do not divulge thie SECRET,by the love of GOD, your eoul and my soul. After your Stone has turned white by means of a good regimen of the firer !B I have taught you before, and you sish to keep your Stone white, it is up to you. However, if you wish to wait for the tirne that it turns Red' you must leave it longer in the furnace, increasing the fire considerably. When you eee tbat lt begins to get yeUow like gurn maetic, do not increaee the fire. Let Lt gtand for 8 or 9 days in such a heat, ancl observe if the Stone hae turned eqnerhat more yellow. If it has remained the eame hue, increase the fire coneiderably. When it begins to take on tlie color of Saffron, again let it remain in this heat for I or 9 days. you Proceed ln this wdy, through the regimen of fire, until see the Stone assuming Lts perfect redness. It will be like glowing Gold standing Ln the fire. ft appears to be nore of a heavenly than of an earthly eolor. fn thls ety, the etone must be cooked with a etrong With only a emall flre, lts tineture and Sulphur do not come through. ft is a red tineture, and before Lt reaehes its perfect r e d n e e s , it mu st e ta n d fo r 4t daye. Know that tf the Stone were flutd, its redness could not be brought out. This ie because lf it rere glowing hot, Lt would melt and even penetrate through the glassl Thua, everythtng would be lost. nrust glorr for three taken that the Stone must firet made fugible. That the ignorant Fl.nally, it days. this, note should be of all have been nade before it is cannot underetand or take note of' because they do not undergtand nature. In this wty, both the white and the red Stone nust be made before they are made flutd and subtle, as you rnay well understand wLth your lntelligenee. NOWHEARTIIYSONS. THE GREATSECRETUI{ which is in the Art and which has never been put down in writing ex-

cePt by myself alone: and nake thenr fusible

That ie- how one is to prepare the two Stones ao as to make projeetion with thenr.

Take your Stone and pour over it cl.ear, clean paradise-water. iloin it to the water and set lt in the prison and close Lt well. Now tt will rise toward heaven during one rotation of the moon, and turn into a dew, and again faII down, drop-by-drop, according to the teachLngs of the Masters. It will moieten the earth, so that it should bring forth flowers of various colorB. lilhen these flowers appear, your Stone will riee fron the dead to a bodyr and all enemies ehall make peace with it; and the tempeetaa which were before, will be over. And it has overcome the darkneas, and the eclipi,a of the eun and noonr and shall forthwith remain a king of alt its generations, and he ehall not lose his ddrinion ln arl eternity but renrain the Rex cl,ooiae.

Remove the Stone, either red or white, from the caskm put it into a stone rnortrarr pour upon it a goodly arnount of as O purgati I have previously taught you to prepare - and mix thenr Fitn a wooden pestle for an entire day without ceasing. After this, return it to t h e g r a s s, g e t i t b a ck i n f,unnu philoeophotum or in tnipoden, gi v e guch as will keep lt a good fire, in flux. Lute the nouth of the \ glass that has the Stone ine{ae and keep it in this heat until little all the p is dead. That happens Boon enough, in about 40 or 50 days. Then, the'Stone of its own accord, draws its spirit into its nature, because rike attracts like, and alr reJoiee with their rikes. tfhen now the U 4 is dead, increase your fire just a littler so

Stone thereorf. Now obgerve lf the Stone becomes fluid and lf it has as ingteee go that it tingee the lanf,na end goea through thsn ltke an oleum goes through dry leather, and makeg the sheet whlte llke fine cilver. rf tt indeed does that, lt ie ready.rf not, pour once again clean paradise-rater over Lt, Just ae hae been pevl-ously taught. To I 3 lapie take { lot lnradl,se-water, as often aB you do pour paradisewater on Lt. Do this until the Stone is fluid and has an ingness such as you wish it to have. ff it is the red Stone, and you have poured

that t-he materia turn'white. Yfhenit out, heat eheet or prate untir + " Q

has becqne a white Stone, take it Lt glows. put one grain of the


Paradiee-water on it, let it Btand in euch heat as nould keep h in flux, without glowing, till it turns red again. ft takes much longer t h a n w i t h th e w h i te S to n e . Test it also like the white was test ed. But you must take not of the following: If you wish to prepare the etone in order to make pnojeeti.on with it upon |, it nust be made as fusible ae wax. Thie must be done with carer Eo that the stone does not penetrate through the glass. My adviserhowever, is that you make it as fluid so that it ie absolutely glowing before it melts. It it the w h i t e s t o ne to w h i ch th i s applies. Ther efor e, m ake pr ojeetion w i th i t upon h; but you must not make the red Stone more fluid than that it may well glow but not blotr. For when the paradise-water in it has died and is fixed, it must stand in the furnace and glow for 40 days before the paradise-water corneB out red. lfhen the redness is outsides, yoD must increase the fire Eo that the Stone glows steadily, so much so that one can see that It ie qlowing and no more. Let it stand thus for three days then Let it cool down, and give thanke to God that your t (N o te : " glottt' meana d ned on uhite heatr to anneaL) S t o n e i s p e rfe ct. you .mugt have rnoderation in all your sprks, and Dear FiLii, especially in the process of naking your stone fluid. Do take great care not to make it too fluid or it will go through the glass as has been pretriously taught. The red Stone must be made even lese fluid, or you cannot add to it the tinetune of the paradise-water; for you must know that you can rnake everything in the world supple and fusible, i f i t I s e u b l i n a te d to g e th e r with it so that it does not leave i t. Thie is ealled ee?atio, and, eeratio is nothing but the process of rnaking a thing that is hard and not fusible, fluidr Eo that it gets an ingness, This was first disovered by the ancients. After they searched for a long time to disover how to aehieve the Stone to the White and the Red, they found it was not useable when they desired to make pnojeetion, because the Stone did not melt and stayed at the bottom aE a poqder or earth. Thus they noticed that they lacked nothing but aenatio, which would give it ingteee, They looked in many different thinqs ancl vet d i d n o t f i n d i t, e r(ce p t i n Salphur and aunip., and eegr ecially i n l . Likewlse you must know that the oil in all s e p a ra te fro m i ts e a rth in fir e, except that in the world of m inenzls an d netal things


because their oils etay with the earth eeparate from them. And when they eeparater lie, with

in the fire and do not the earth rises together

them, because theee oils cannot be reparated from the earth, as can be done with other matter. So they now realized that if they wished to f o l l o w n a tu re , th e y re q uir ed such oils, to ineetite and liqui fy and dry earth. They found such in .sulphun'and in auni.pig., their spirit but ten times more in t. In this way the att- eenationie was discovered. They liguified their stone as they wished, and tt did for thenr whatever they desired of the Art. They thereby liquified whatever they wished, they subli.nated the epirits through hot matters. They made them stronq and zsenenosi.e and they became so subtle as to be marrreled at.

When they made their rnatter thus subtle through sublination and hot on account of t,h.e eonnoeioe mattersr rnd they had drawn enough o f t h e t i ne tu re s i n to th e mselves, they ineenited Lt with well c l eans ed l, that is, they poured a large guantity of I over it, put. it in trillereury atayed with it. Thus they up and down till fusible according to their will. They also took ealrnade their spirits I over it' eined ) and O, nade into a most subtle ealc, poured purlfied set it in tnipoden in a glass as is illuatrated below, turned it over o f t e n a n d l e t i t sta n d th u s, subllnating, till the I stayed with i t. In with it, that it,they this way they rnade the caZc fuelble. Thev tinged whieh they dlssolvedl the oalt *, converted lt Lnto subtle crystals, cleansedl well. Then they pulverized it, poured fresh I over it, anil eet Lt in tnipoden ae has been diseuesed about O and ). And thus they it rise also made a the whole Art eonsists Ln the ea?ation. Therefore, read thle over often, beeause Lt contains great wonders. You ean nake a medieine from a1l netals, aE we have taught and lpoken of, ln a ehort tlmel without work, hann, or cost, and all ulth thig Art, nith thl lleneuniue Philoeophotum. f an t,elling you dear ?iXti, podem, let


you cANHAKE glo llerEn NowI wrlu rEAcH How THE SronEFRoM

The reason why the elements are separated is that the fnp e n f e e tu n b e n a d e p e n feet; also that the uncleanliness ( or : i npurities) be separated, and that t-h'e eorpue and spirit be thus rid of all inpurity, and be aftenrards again conjoJ-ned. Know then, that anything that reaches the firer Do matter how impure it is, is made clean and pure by the firer is we have taught before. The first s i g n o s a p e rfe ct b l a ckn ess, and we see it with our eyes. AIl m atter becomes as black as pitch. Why? the fire drives Corruption, or what ie rotten, upwards and it leaves the matter because of the atrength of the heat. Thls is not done, however, with a strong but with a gentle, fire. Then t,he Conuption or feeee which are in the Area are driven above until everything ie black. That ie why Moreniue aays: Take care that you regulate your fire in sueh a way that you do not obtain whiteness before bLackn e s s . ( th e a l b e d o b e fo re the nlgr edo) or aII your wor k is s poi l ed by the whiteness if it occure before the blackness. So it must be a and thus 6ure method that will drive th'e Connuption out by fire, Be careful in our work for must be the purification and Perfeetion. after long ancl steady boifing the heat coneunee the Corruptionrfeces and blackness, and changes it into another color, and ever another white like anorr. Anct it is done gently, eo until it is perfectly of their that the elemente are not forced, but are gently rectified i.mpurities. Take care, however, in every respectr BB ldoneniue h,as warned, that you do not get the redness before the whiteness; for our Itone muet not be burnt in thie work. Know that this is the best way; for it is often neeessary to give strong heat where the separation of the elernents must be accomplished, before |-he elenentum ignie is brought over, and everything must glow. if you wish to calcine the feeee the matter has to furnace. Often the matter turns white; be burnt in the reverberating then it has to be changed into glass, and thus one thing is spoilt The with the other. But, in the Great l{ork, there is no uncertainty. After this,

feeee know how to eonsume themselves of themselves, as Geben says: The dragon must devour its own blackneEs, and it has to be fed with its own venom. Dantin says: The black crow must hatch its own eggs with its young, till they all turn white. For that is the art and themnature of aII thing under the sky, that they desire to reetify selves out of an iherent impulse and to rgd thenrselves of their feeee which are superfluous to thern, and to be without dlefect. For they were perfect and without defects from the beginning. The four ELenenta, and everything made from them, mobile and inmrobLle, nothing excepted, are all perfeet in the beginninq and in the end, and all things desire to be rid of their feees.

Someonemight ask: bu what are the faeee?It is a humon or hunidlity (or: moisture) which God has ordered, and everything under the couree of heaven nust be nourished by it. It keeps all things in its nature and is in alt things a perfect, elenrentary, natural warmth When the two are oi fit", and it ie a consuning and cor:rbustible fire. mixed, and if the perfect fire does not meet with unfortunate accidents, it will keep the thing in its nature. But as soon as a bad accident happens to the fire, which is also hot and impefect, and one thing mingles with another, they all become hot and burn and deetroy the thing, be it in reetals, animals, trees or herbs, and in all things uncler the sky.

There are two kinds of water in all things created out of the Elements, a natural one and an elementary onera nd that is perfect, gooct and eternal. Thin there is still another water. It is called r f w a t e r o f th e cl o u d srr. That is impenfeet, andl is mixed with the e1ementary water. It ie ureant to give nourishment andl moisture to things and to teep ther:r in their nature as long aB no othei extraneous water Ls added to thenr. But if more is added, lt witl drown the thing, so that it diea andl corrupts, Juet as when water le poured int,o fire.

you must understand this in regard to air and Similarly, earth. ff there were no feeee in the elemente, all things would be perfect, and subtler ES God hacl meant them to be. Nor spirl.tual, would there be decaying and death, as is explained about feeed and Find it in Chapter 16. diseases of the elenrente in the Vegetabili. flE

Now you rnight ask, however: if way, where then ie the penfection

a thing

which it

is destroyed in such a contains? Read about that

in the Vegetabili, Capter 29. You will aleo fincl explained there how ite like. Know also that, lf a thing has died, be one thing attracts it eensitive or insensitive, the spirit of Lt-s conpua Beparates from it and joins its llke, from uhich it hae originated, aB you will underL ook at the flam e of fir e or coal: th e fl am es heat, the snoke moves upward. fn this smoke is hidden the spirit of a i r . I t jo i n s i ts l i ke . T he sam e applies to the other elem ents. But now Bomeonemay ask: lilhere then do the feeee elementonum stay, when each thing has gone to its own? Concerning this, consider this example: If you put a glase vessel containing water into the sun, the sun draws the water to itself, and stinking black dregs (matter) wilt Btay behind. Let it etand in the glass protected fron rain and wind, for a long time, and the slimy black matter will in time become as white as Bnow and its smell will disappear. Such is the effect of the nature of the sun. Another example: Take a glass basin full of green herbs; put it l.n the aun or ex;roeed to the alr. The herbs will begin to decay and snell bad, and, each elenrent drawe towards its like as mentioned before. The black etinkinq earth etays in the basin, but after a long time the air and the warmth of the sun will calcine it as white as Bnow. And this is the work of nature. who lies on Another e:rample: Take the corpse of an evildoer, the rack or hangs on the galIows. The air and the gun consume its etench and decay, eo that nothing rernains but white ashes. In tirne the hard legs, which were full of fat and marrow, are thus consumed, eo that they turn into a white, fine gand (salt) which is intangible between the fingers. That is brough about by nature, aa we may see every day with our own eyes. tilhere then remains the etinking matter? It passes away and turne Lnto nothing, and the elenent earth is thus eleaneed and white as Bnow, so that it beconeg inrpalpable. Thus it is one must not eeparate any elements, nor does one concerning require and washing or purification That it has to be tested to ascertain that it iB good and penetrating, I have reLated to 1ou eo that you ehould underetand that the eepanat i o n e e e \e me n to " u m a te n o t neceBsar y in our wor k. Neither ls neeti fi but in because |.,he feeee conBume themeelves, as indicated; eation, is always lost in the fi r e, for Xl n ee e p a n a ti o n e e e l e me n to ?r m, a little evLdent l,n our Art e t a n d b y th e Y e g e ta b i l i .

easy to lose something, so it is to the detriment of the work, which you needl not be afraid of in this instance, because in the Great l{ork no element ls separated. In addition, you should also know that one ean make oil from all netal.s also without separation of the elementg, and without much uashing and dissolving. Yet, it must be done with Aqua Fottie, and you must give tt a fenment, if you wish to make them frqn a perfect netal. But I advise you not to make oil from any imperfect metal, excePt from ?, and + r on€ for the Rd, the other for the white. There exist many different matters, fron whieh to make oil. They have been discovered due to the rapidity in which they can be made, while some did not have the patience to endure the long amount of time to accompltah the Great lfork and because they sCek emall gain. Yet in guch things there is great danger, tnore than Ln the Great Work, aleo greater and handicraft. You muet dlstil lF, and you must also eublinate and be weII aequainted wlth nany unueual types of work. ft also requires a great deal of rnoney, effort and cost. labor

they stand in the fire.

And just

as it

Otl froo u lt h B ra n d y Co r: Hh t s k y )

There were some who rnade an Aqua Font from Vitriol and O . fn i t t h e y d i e e o l o e d fi n e one par t, of the cupel. After that, they ) ground it and washed the eals off with colluron water; then they dried it at the sun or with fire. put this eals into two Afterwardrthey glasses, poured rectified vinegar upott it, each time one lb. of vinegar uPon I ounce of ealt lunae. They put one of the glasses in the balneun and the other in front of it. Then they distilled the vinegar frqn one Luna onto the other, alternating the glassesi one into the halneum, the other one, which had been etanding before it, out. Then they distilled once more, and did this until the ) was fully disolved. l{hen the luna fS totally diesolved, the Aqua Vitae has to be drawn off in the balneum with gentle heat, Bueh that one can suffer gners hand to be in this heat. $lhen a skin forms on the Luna, the proceas nuet be stopped, arrow tarff> coor down and put into a cold

cellar to crystaLlize. Thake out the crystals formed and put thern in a emall retort, lute it well and set it in warm ashes in tnipod,en, or let it etand until the clear little stones have been transformed I'nto oil and no longer coagulate. This oil is a perfect elixir to m a k e p r o j e cti o n w i th tt a d albun.

There have also been others who took I ounce of ) amalganated. with prepared I t Ln auch a way that the anaLgamation could be preesed through a linen cloth. After that, they eet it for six weeks in a moderate heat,; and they diesolved it in an ulp raade of Vitriol and O; drew it off agai.n gently in the balneum. Then they removed it, stoppered it well, get it riz einerum or tripoden and gave it heat as if one wished to keep ?, in flux. They kept it thus until the oil was fixed, and teeted it in the following uay: They took a eheet of and heated it to glowlngr then poured one drop of thig oil upon it. rf the oil goes through without smoke, like oil through leatherr and if it tinges to ) r it is fixeclr g@d and a perfeet elixir. But if it does not do that, Put it back in tripoden until it is fixed and transmutes I into true ) t + and I t rrtrich passes arl tests.

Dear Sons, you should know the follovring and congider it a g r e a t a e cre t. T a ke 3 lbs. of oitr iol uinid. ae?.r plunbum aLb u m a n . 5 L b e cn o o i p u l v. lapidie haenatitie ! a. Saltpeter ad. pondue omnium. Crush then well eo that they rningle thoroughly; divide them into three parts. Fronn one of the parts, make an AI (aguafort) in a glass vessel and no other kind of vessel. After this, pour it on the other part of the matter (a second part) and dravr it over on a strong fire. Pour this now onto the third part of the matter and keep this rsater well closed. Pulverize the Death's Heads and rub them with t y r which I w i l l te a ch l a te r o n , on a mar ble, till they ar e quite em al l , as if one wished to paint with the natter. Let it dry in a rooln or by the.auni grind it once again and put it into an alegnbic. Pour your water on it, draw it off again, first with a gentle fire for 24 hours; then gradually with stronger fire, till the matter begins to glow. After this, keep it in a steady glow for 6 weeks. Then let it cool down, remove it and preserve it. . After thig, take the Death's Head and the remaining feces. Por*der them and moiEten with vinegar and draw off its ealt as you know how to do, so that no feces stay behind. gfhen your salt is clear, pour the AF on it, give it gentle heat on sand or on ashes for 12 hours. Follow,this with stronger heat for 6 hours, so that it wlll glow mildly. Then let it cool off. Take the water in the neei,pient and close it weIl. Again rub the feces with vinegar, and aftenards dissolve it in vinegar; put it in the Dalneum. Do ae you have been inetructed before and see if it producee feces. Coagulate it and pour the A.F. back on it. Draw Lt off. Repeat 3 or 4 times and the salt together with the water go over the helm. rill Do believe ne that I have wcrked wonder with this water, which cannot be described here. I have pereonally turned this water into a red crystal shich gave,off a light at night by which a whole table of people could aee enough to eat their nreal by. you need it, and consider it a treasure of all waters. Keep it until


More so take Meno. p?aepanati of its hurnidity, for each pound of | , 2 gnunds of Vitnioli Ronani and sublime it therethrough. Mix it again with the feces and for the thircl time, take fresh vltriol and sublfine lt again, Do this 4 or 5 tllnes, the more times the better. After this, the I ls ready. Take then, one ounce of o Dissolve Lt into the , thinry beaten and eut into rolls. fF wttich you have nade, and set it Lnto a basin wlth eifted ashes. Put the basLn Lnto a kettle filled with very warrn vrater, an hour the w i l l d i esolve. ( or gooner ) and ih

Take one ounce of the sublimated | , dissolve it arso in this water. After this, throw an other ounce of your I in and let this also diesolve. Then it is enough as you will have three o u n c e a (o f ma tte r) d i se olved in it, 1 oz. of O and 2 oz. of t Now put a helm on together with a teeipientz draw the watet off, pour it back on again (repeat) until it will now longer go over in balneo, Let is cool down and put lt in a furnace and ashes. Lute a recipient to lt, distill it over and pour it back on again. Continue thie so long as the water will go over. fn this distillation you will see wonders, because you will see all the colors of the whole world in, the helm. The colors are Ln the spirit and the oo"PuB keeps the spirlt Ln it and with tt. The colors are covered Ln the colPuB as you will learri in VEGETABILfE. Search for it in Chapter 93.


lfhen no l:rore droos are eoming, let lt cool down, remove the helm and close the glass well above. Set it in tnipode for 40 days; the heat should be sueh that you can eaeily keep your hand in the furnace. Your natter will become flxed within thig time, and when tt Le cold, it will be hard as glaae. Ar soon as Lt gets near heat that will nelt wax, it flows as tf it rere wax or aB an ol1. This la a perfect Eapia Compoettue, and no forelgn thlnge have been added to lt uhich are not of lts klnd or egecies. My child should note that at least one part of thie Stone falle on 1000 lrarts or Dore. f nyaelf have worked in thie area and have accornplished the operatLon onc tLrne. ft is such a beautl.ful Etone to behold and shinee eo lruch at nl.ght thtt one doee not have a need for light. Thig La why tt ts guch an.excellent Hedioine and a noble Stone and rhould be conetdered a great Eecnetum ?he l{ater SaLie Anm., with which the above mentioned powder

is to be rubbed or ground, ls made in the follovring yray: Take 1 pound of lb r 2 pounds VitnioZ andl sublimate then together. and again mix the natter with the feces. For the third tine, take fresh YittioZ and tublinrate this also four tirnee. Grind this subtimated )C to powder, put lt into a glass, pour distilled vinegar upon lt, just enough vinegar to diesolve it and no nore. Now the water is as yelrow as .9oZ when it has been sublimated through Y i t r i o Z.T h e V i tri o l pr oduces the Tinetu ne of a e etum destillatun Sol. This then is the water which you must rub (grind) your Deaths Head, as indlcated above, which is to be inbibed r-ith this . ft gives good Ingneeeum.


Txe Salrs oF THE flETALs
Up to low, dear Son, you have heard how you are to proeeeil with and handle the Great $lork and AmaLgematione and with certain 0lea. Now you will hear how to make salts out of the metals that c a n a l so p ro d u ce a p e rfect Elioin, ds good as the ?lea, alth ough i1t,s pnojeetion iE not as ft is an easy work, however and takes but a short tlne. After that, I will teach you how to make the Stone, which I consider ny greatest Seenetum. Know that Salt can be derlved from all metals and all salts of metals are Elidits. They are the Elementuh tetnae under which the fire is hidden, because in the metals there are four elements, euch ae fgnie, Aer, Aqua and Terta. Fire and Earth are the outer elements, water and aLr the uriddle. The two outer are fixed, but the two middle elementg (the inner) are volatile as water t air. You mnet knw, however, that t-lnreEl,cmentum fgnit can be separated frqn earth in all thinga combustible. It ls its oil, e:(cept it cannot be done vlth netale, for they stay flxed together in the llhat ls uhy all Salte of ]letala are elixirs. fire. Note further that after t-hle Salia I'tetallotwt have been turned lnto Elixir, Lts Projection ie emall. But when the gane Salt is put together with an oil and its innermost lnrt is brought out, one and ite outermogt part is brought inside, where previously part fell on a 100 parte, it will now fall upon 1000 parts; and as you projected you can transnute it afterit before on ) einilarly wards on O . Ifhen Elisinia


arenade from Salt,

one can easily

produce oilsr

EE will

be taught at the end of this


You must know that there exists no Burer nor shorter way for working with the salia of netars, for herel.n one cannot fair, nor can any infintity befall you. Reason: there are no epinitue that could evaneaee. Also, it ie difficult to do things wrons with the fire, because the matter Ls not congealed, a6 it is fixed already, and does not require your effort to do so. The old Philosophi Bwore to each other that they would not reveal the two eecrets, how to make SaIt and OiI out of metals, to anyone except their children, who would be ready for it. They also wrote of it l-n such a way, that no one could understand it except the Children of the Art. Read all the books of the ancient philosophers, and you will nowhe=e find correct information, neither on the SaIt nor on the Oil of metals, which would enable you to make then of these eubstances. They may well write that the Salia Meta l l o r u m a re E l i n i n i .a , a nd say that aLJ- Philoeophi agr ee in t bi s , and that it may be easy to achieve through the nevenberation of the metal. They may aleo Ealr you ehould draw it fronn L|-s Feeibus and work vith it until it is a crystal-stone.Yet, they do not write anything else about this work, or write in euch obscure terms that no one can understand anything. Thus the arts of salts and oils has you remained hidden more than all the other arts. I arn telling truthfully th a t th e a rt er tr ationie been revealed to anyone in my time. ealium metallor um has ne v er

I therefore God, that you do not entreat you by the living reveal thle gecret to anyone but those of whon you are eure and certain that they will keep it secret on account of the many evils it ntght involve and because the noble Art, night be consumed and ueed in sinl and God;g honor and praise and the poor needy night to shornseoever God gives Therefore, note carefully, be forgotten. the art, he has it and no one else; according to wtrether his intention ie good or evil, God bestws Lt. Enough said to those who have urderstanding. Take then O and ) , dLesolve thern in AF and beat it to the ground. Waeh l'lhe oaleen with Aqua Dulei and dry lt. Then it is furnace, to open lt up, so that ready to be put Ln the cafcination not only applies to O the I can be Anbltrnated out of it.Thie ancl ) b u ta l so to th e o th e rmetalssuchast ,r t t r ,J& etc .

Y et those hig h e r Pu t th e sp ir its Heat it, for projectlon lhe ealr N ow ta ke

from put it


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!rut your ealx into it at eoual on it, put it on the sublimatincr furnace ric , t h t a f ire until to let it it ( watch see i.f cool f l, under to some it , at first, Keep it beqins glovr.

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sublimate. you will


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continues I dovrn, take the hel-m wh it e as snobr.Save.


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s u b lima t e d

th e salt or the ear th at the bottom of t he gl as s , in the form of a greyish-white powder. ft is grollen }ike a sDunge, while l'{ercurius has been leavinq it. ft is the same kind oli process with ) t I and ?, , exceDt that the CaZc rnust stancl for 15 to 20 days, and must also glorv stronqer, before t cones out of it; for O does not melt as easily as the other metals, because it is much firmer than ) or anv of the other rnetals. Now remove the ealt or earth from the glass, frut it into a gtone jar and pour distilled wine vinegar on it, eet it into a boilLng Balncun, let it stand frsn 4 to 6 days, stirring it frquently, ahould be well covered. Then allow it to stand and cool down, pour it off and preserve it. Upon t)te Feeee pour fresh aeetum distillatum, it and set it into t,h'e Balneum for 24 hours, etirring frguently.Let etand, cooling, and pour it together with the other. If you feel there is still them; if not, eomething left in the Feees pour more vinegar throw then anay as they have no f,urther use. uPon 29b

You will

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back into the balneun, let it dissolve so that Feoee appear. Throw those away, coagulate the S a l t ' a n d d i se o l ve i t a g ain with Aqua Comnuni. ::,Repeatthis pr oc es s until no more feeee appear. tlow it is ready to make the first Pnojeeti,on on I w i th i t. To extr act the salt ( or : to dr aw the s al t) from O and other metals it is an easier process than the one related he re . Further, if

Draw the decanted vinegar will remal.n at the bottom clear clear, pure water on lt, set it


in the Ba|,neum, and the salt and snowtrhite. Following thisr pouE

you wish to get the salt from irnperfect metals, from copper and iron, you must also know that they need to be filed finely, 6et thsn Lnto the reverberating furnace for 6 days in a moderate heat and glow. After that, you can draw out the salt as we have taught about ) you wish to get salt from ?, anil + , you must dissolve them in Aqua Font, draw off the CaLs and reverberate it, as has However, if you wish to get only the salt from h been indicated. + , without Meneuriue, let it stanil in a reverberating furnace and for 12 days in a rather strong glow, but such that it does not turn i n t o a g l a ss. If You should not put on more than one fingerfs thickness of Cals, t t w i l l th e n sw e l l u p l i ke a spunge. After this, extr aet the Sal t, as you have been previously Lnstructed. This Salt is as good as One projects it the Salt of ) , and aehieves a high projection. on Mene. upon Mene., and the salt plunbi, makes as high a projeetion as does the SaIt derived from SoL.

If , howeverr you wish to retain ldere. plunbi and lt , subli) , excePt that you must not ruate it out of it, as is done with I is not fixed reverberate for 20 dlays Ln the Athanor because lts Ln eonpone. Then it separates, away from t-llreeorpue. This for thus and to eubllmate it, is the best way to draw out the I and I nust reverberate a long its power. each element retains I J 98 dlaysr 35 dlays. Theee two muet reverberate for such tirne, t lengths of tirne because of their feeee. They rnust be annealed slowly, to prvent thelr turning Lnto glass; because they do not easily reI arca #h ai r ' Uooa


tfhen they are weII opened, e:rtract the Salt with the vinegar. lfhen nothing further comes out, set the rnatter to reverberate again three days, till nothing draws out. When the Salt has been processed, make projection upon luler., because Salte transmute (or: they tranEmute) all the Merc., while they have little or no spirit in them. i t get as hot as possible, and thr ow it upon t h e s a l t o f me ta l s, I p ar t to 100 par ts; incr ease the fir e so that it flows stronglyr ES ) in (or: on) the eupel. Let it stand thus until it eettle into a King. Then elake it irunediately as is required. Non you have fine . All the Salts of metals, be they ) red or white, only produce ) metals make a higher ; but perfect projection than imperfect ones.'After they have been reversed, howTa ke Me rc., let ever, and their innermost turned without, they change into oil. Then they all make projection to the Red, and where before they made I into I00 parts, they now make projection I to 1000 parts. Before, one could only throw upon Merc., but when they have become they make projection upon all metals, as will be taught herein. oils, for

Now.f will teach you how to rnake oils from metals, and to turn the innermost outside, which Le one of the greatest secrets, for after that process they will make O , while before they only could make ) . N@ rre will proeeed with the projection. Ta ke a l a rg e a mo u nt of Yitniolum Romanum( pr obably copper e u l p h a te -h u n l , L 2 o r 1 6 lbs., m or e or lesa. Diseolve it Ln A qua C onmuna, and when it is diseolved, Iet Lt eettle down. Pour off the clear from lts feoee, and set it into a sandbath to coagulate, using a ekin fOrms atop. Now let it a good vessel. Let it evaporate until green, sprouts into a beautiful cool down. In this way the Vitriol what bas eprouted into which is the best color in the Sinpliae.Put a euitable vessel. Let the remainder also evaporate and EProut (or: Now put it into a room for shoot) until lzou have it all together. Lt to dry. Let it stand in as much heat as the sun gives off in the will turn white. aunmer. Then the Vitriol Z-rt

and more earth will drop to the bottorn. Decant it, Iet it evaporate and sprout againr EB indicated in the foregoing. This can be accomplished within 3-4 days. The Vitriol will become twice as beautiful as before, and nuch greener, so much Dissolve it again, green color. Therenot have seen a irore beautiful fore Hermes and Geben speak: Preserve well your green, evaporate well the wet until a skin forms on top; then let Lt sprout again, you have your Vitriol and continue to do this till together again. Put it once more in a roomr ES before, drying until it turns white. T h e n d isso l ve a n d g " d n u l ate again. Repeat until no fur ther feees a r e l e ft. P u t a si d e u n ti l you need it. eo that has been disNow then, someone might aays When the Vitriol but you allow eolved, why do you not let it evaporate completely, it to sprout, and it requirea a great amount of time to change it Lnto a white powder? as ' is described in the Vegatabile Work as regards the subtle spirits, w h i c h a re i n a l l h e rb s outside. ft is the gr een ( or : ver dur e) of all things that are green outside, for it is the flower of their you for s ooth' right e a a e n e e . If yo u l ose the gr eenness, f am telling that you are deprived of the easenee. Further, whatever work you No te , th e n r th a t Vitr iol has within it, a eubtle epi,r t tus a r e d o in g w i th i t, i t i s all lost, in vain, for it has been depr i v ed and, eesentia, eo?puae, epititue or r oots o f m u ch , i ts so u l r l i fe and everything green outeide. Take care thenr to preserve that well, it, as for it is ao eubtle that you can lose it without noticing There you are taught that the green in Lndicated in the Vegatabili. all herbs, Ieaves and roots, is to be extracted from everything that is green on the outeide. And when the green has been drawn out and reverged Lnto a beautiful redn€Bs1 the like of wbich none has seen, y o u h a v e th e ri g h t e e e e ntia. you will

This is the in the Vegatabili. Iook for further instruction reason why it is neceseary to preserve the 9r€€n,:of the VitriolIf you were to coagulate it, part of its greenneas uould be taken frqn it; for Lt rculd become yellow, while yet the green is in the That is why you must Quinteeeentia that we eeek in the Vitriol. permit it to dry and eprout in a room. Then its greenness is covered with the white, for as Eoon as it becomes moist again, its greenness must be turned in-ZJ will re-appear- Thus the ouiermost of the Vitriol

to the innermost, and the innermost must come out, in order to p r e s e r ve i ts so u l a n d i ts epir it and to r etain its Quinta Ees enti a. T h i s i s a g re a t Mye te ri u m or Seenetun in our Ar t. W hen the Vi tr i ol has thus been cleansed, it ie as red as a rose or ruby. rt has within itself the four elements in their perfection, and this is the gtone which God has given us for nothlng. You should now take the white powder which you were told to p u t a s id e a n d p l a ce i t i n a phial and close it with Sigitlo H enm eti s . Set it in ashes and heat it by a lamp, as warm as the sun shines in the midst of Eununer. Keep it thus, until you see that it begins to turn yellow. Let it stand further until it turns completely yellow. Then, let it stand yet another ten days and see if it does not begin t o t i n g e a re d co l o r. T hen, iner ease the fir e a little, and i f i t becomes more red, let it stand in the regimen of the fire as is.If however, it does not become somshat redder in 8-10 days, increase the fire by one lamp until the color increases. If it stays the same, add yet another lamp, thus each time increasing the heat by degrees until the color changes to a rose or ruby red. l{hen it has become a high or deep red color, let it stand yet another 8-10 days in the same heat and watch if the color does not change into a color dlifferent than red. Now the matter has been reversed and its innermost has been brought outside. fn this wdy, you will not lose the greenness if it has been reversed into redness. This is because it is in the deepest inner parts and can no more be brought out. ft will forever stay red and unfixed; for if it were fixed, everything would be lost, because it would have to be dissolved in water and coagulated again, and afteryards distilled over the helm. f have never revealed to you greater secrets than this! you, by ny God, that this SECRE?h,as f am telling never been set down into writing by the phil,oeophi except by my hand alone. t{oreover, I am telling you that there ig no greater aee"et in art than this. Therefore, I beseech you and all those who will understand it, that you will never bring it to light except where it is right to reveal it" by the damnation of your eoul, for it is a Seenet above ALL Secneta, since with thts matter all netals can be turned i n t o o i l, w h e n th e y a re dissolved Ln Aqua Pont., when the ea Z r has been beaten to the bottom and proceesed as required. ALL Otea Hetallonum turn red as blood, without -. for all metals are red ln their l,nnermostr and ? ) but one is redI am telling you that


der than the other. Vfhen they have been brought to redness, you must dissolve them, again coagulate them until they are free frorn all feeee and they have their elements perfectly Joined (together); for once they have arrived at this stage, nothing ia left but feees.The earth, too, has become subtle and liEricl and is diesolved in the other three. When they have thus been made subtle, with dissolving and coa g u l t a i ng , yo u ca n d i sti l it over the helm to a r ed oilr ds y ou w i l l | learn, As you are working with VI?RI?Lr you must also treat . Af t e r it h a s b e e n d i sso l v ed Ln Aqua For t., beaten down, dec anted from its saltiness and dried, you put it in a glass the Barneas h a s b e en d o n e w i th into euch a glass, feeea, and distill be processed. lfhat before listen th e Vitniol. Or you ean put a eublinated M er e. proceed in the same way and cleanse it of its it over into a red oil. can fn the same way I do you think? Is this not a great Seeref,? Never has anything like it been heard. Open your ears therefore, AIiIDunderEtand!

Now we will return to our work. l{hen yorr see that your matter remains in an oily state, take it out of the ashes and put it into another, atrongr 9lass. Pour a goodly amount of wine vinegar upon it, and eet it into the balneum to botl for { days, often stirring it with a wooden spoon. After the fourth d.y, let it cool down and settle. Decant off the clear liquid and pour more vinegar upon the renraining fecee. Adld more distilled vinegar, and repeat three times. Now throw away Eh.e feeea and put an alenbie upon the glass containing the eolution; draw off the vinegarr Eo that the matter becomes quite dry. Now you have the matter at the bottom of the glass anil much more beautiful Again, Pour fresh vinegar upon it, and remain in the treat it as above.Reiterate this until no more feeee Then eoagulate lt to a dry powder, Put a trelm on with a Solution. large head (eaput) and distill. First you will obtain a yellow spitthan before. tlien red oils andl finally a white epi.nitus. Let the matter It ie the blessed cool down, renove the reeeiver and its contents. salt. you need Lt for your metallie Pfeserve it well until oil. At ttre'botton of the'afenrbfc you will find a matter that is natter ft lE the reetified rs white as anow anil as'clear as crystal. ean be pulverized and inbibed 'into the of the aforesaid matenia.ft red oil ae into Ltg own eo?pul.Put it in uitteum apullan and hang it in tni.poden,for ,{0 Cays ln uoder coagulate into ,, Ne.w i.t will f,tus,








But we will not do this now, but will work toward our Salt and oil of netals ln this nannerr rs with Vittiol. Thus the element of earth will go over with the oil, red as blood. This the earth of VitrioZ does not do, as its oil separates from the earth.Consequently God has given it such Benedietion that from it alone can one rnake tJte LAPTS PHILOS0PH)RUM without any Addition.But first one has to fix its oil with its earth.That does not happen in metals, because their earth goes over the helm together with the fire, and the whole body reverses, which tinges the metars into perfect By the same processr you can make the oil of I and t 1 and the earth also goves over the helm in the oi1 and stays in the oil for all eternity. tilith this oil, you can perform such miracles as would be too lengthy to recount here. You well know shat is said about the oLl Venenis. Yet the oil from ie much better in its I effeets than the oil Veneris.

r*V -A,J f+t

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