Company profile Madras Cements Ltd is the flag ship company of Ramco Group, a well known business group

of South India. It is based at Chennai. The main product of the company is Portland Cement manufactured through the four advanced production facilities spread over South India. Madras Cement Ltd is a leading cement manufacturing unit of South India. The company has implemented many advanced methods and technologies to produce cements of superior quality. It mainly exports its product to Iran and Sri Lanka. The company is a flagship unit of the Ramco Group in Chennai, which is a well-known business group of South India. Madras Cement refers to the ‘Madras Cement Ltd’ company. The company manufactures various types of cements. These include dry mortar mix, blended cement and ready-mix concrete. Besides producing good quality cements, the company is also engaged in generating powers from windmills. Madras Cement Ltd-Company Profile Ramco Group is one of the well-known business groups in South India. Madras Cement Ltd is a flagship company of this group. It is the 2nd largest cement manufacturing unit in Chennai. The company can produce 6 million tons of cement per year. In Chennai, the cement is marketed with the brand name of ‘Ramco Supergrade’. Place of Madras Cement Ltd in South India Madras Cement Ltd is the pioneer cement manufacturing company in South India. It also contributes towards the economic growth of the city to a great extent. Mumbai Stock Exchange has also listed Madras Cement as an important organization. The company is the first to introduce a number of latest technologies to manufacture cements in South India. Some of these technologies include: Pre-calciner technology Surface mining technology Advanced X-Ray technology for quality control Address of Madras Cement Ltd Madras Cements Ltd. Auras Corporate Centre 98-A Dr.Radhakrishnan Salai Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004 Ph: 044 - 28478666 044 – 28478656

1957 - The Company was Incorporated at Rajapalayam, in Tamilnadu. The Company Manufacture cement and allied products. Cement is marketed under brand of "RAMCO" Portland Cement. - 480-6.25% Pref. and 295 No. of equity shares issued without payment in cash. Arrears: Rs 63,428. 1967 - The Company issued 50,000 right equity shares at par in prop/1:1 (Equity pref.) and 20,000 right redeemable pref. shares 2:5 (equity pref.) during 1962-63. Arrears: Rs 34,940. 1973 - Authorised capital reclassified. In June, 30,000 pref. and 1,40,000 No. of equity shares issued at par as rights in prop. 14 No. of equity and 3 pref. to every 10 equity and/or 9.5% irredeemable pref. shares. Only 11,500 pref. and 51,000 No. of equity shares taken up. The balance 18,500 and 89,000 No. of equity shares offered to the public in October. Arrears: Rs 9,57,480. 1978 - Division on all pref. shares raised to 11% during 1975-76. 28,000 No. of equity shares issued during the year. Arrears: Rs 7,49,468. 1982 - 44,375 No. of equity shares issued at par and allotted to financial institutions upon part conversion of their loans during 1982-83. Arrears: Rs 32,000. 1985 - The Company undertook to replace the 4 cement mills at its Ramasamyraja Nagar Works, which were 20 years old, by a single new `Combidan Cement Mill'. The mill was commissioned towards the end of the year. - A 132 KVA sub-station and the limestone crushing plant were installed. The project was commissioned during December 1986. 1986

- 12,00,000-15% secured non-convertible debentures of Rs 100 each were issued at par as rights in the proportion four debentures for every equity share held. The debentures would be redeemed at a premium of Rs 5 per share on the expiry of 7 years from the date of allotment or in three equal instalments of Rs 35 each at the end of the 7th, 8th and 9th year from the date of allotment. The Company allotted additional 1,93,742 debentures to retain over subscription. 1988 - Two D.G. sets were installed in the middle of the year to meet 60% of the unit's power requirement at Jayanthipuram. 1990 - The Company decided to expand the capacity of Tamilnadu factory by one lakh tonnes per annum considering the growing demand for cement in Southern States and the potential for exports to Srilanka and Maldives. 1992 - The Company set up a 4 MW wind mill farm at Muppandal, Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. The wind mill, Asias largest one to be commissioned in the Private sector, was set up. All the 16 wind turbines were commissioned in March 1993. - Power generated is supplied to Tamil Nadu Power Grid and the credit for the same is allowed by Tamil Nadu Electricity Board against their bills for Company's power consumption. - 10,000-15% Pref. shares redeemed on 31.3.1993, 3,02,068 bonus equity shares issued in prop. 1:1. Allotment of 307 bonus shares with held in accordance with law. 1993 - The Company proposed to set up a new Cement factory in Tamilnadu with an annual capacity of 6,00,000 tonnes and also a Cement Grinding unit in Sri Lanka with an annual capacity of 5,50,000 tonnes. Also proposed to set up a Cement Grinding unit at Vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh to grind both Ordinary portland and portland slag Cement. - Additional capacity was created by adding 8 Nos. wind turbines of 250 KW each at Muppandal wind mill farm taking the generation capacity to 6 MW. 1994 - The Company upgraded the capacity of the Jayanthipuram Unit to 1.1 million tonnes and also upgraded the Cement mills capacity in R. R. Nagar and Jayanthipuram units.

- The Company proposed to increase the capacity of Cement project in Tamilnadu from 6,00,000 tonnes per annum to 9,00,000 tonnes per annum. - The Company substantially increased the capacity of windmills by installing 70 more windmills. It was also proposed to set up additional wind mills. - 5,92,116 bonus equity shares allotted in ratio of 1:1. 12,879 bonus shares remain unallotted pending completion of required formalities. Preference shares redeemed during the year. 1995 - The Company enhanced power generation capacity at Jayanthipuram unit to 15.3 MW by commissioning an additional diesel generator set to maintain normal production in view of frequent power-cut and power trippings. - A new composite cement unit with a capacity of 5 lakh tonnes per annum is proposed to be set up at R. R. Nayar. - 27 more wind mills with a total additional installed capacity of 10.5 MW were set up at Poolaradi in Tamil Nadu. - 1335 shares kept in abeyance issued as bonus shares. 1996 - 35 shares kept in abeyance issued. 1997 - 149 shares allotted pursuant to a contract without payment being received in cash. - Madras Cements has satisfactorily commissioned its third cement plant in Alathiyur, the second in Tamil Nadu. - The Company's Jayantipuram unit lost almost a month's production due to breakdown of the raw mill. - The clinker plant of the Alathiyur unit was commissioned in March while the grinding unit was commissioned in May. - Crisil had assigned a `P1+' rating to the Rs.56 crore commercial paper issue of Madras Cements Ltd. A `P1+' rating has been assigned to the commercial paper issue of Madras Cements Ltd, indicating that the degree of safety regarding timely payment on the instrument is very strong.

1998 - Madras Cements Ltd. is embarking on forward integration by setting up a ready-mix concrete (RMC) plant near Chennai. The plant, to be located at Medavakkam, will have a capacity of 45,000 cu mtrs. - The company has tied up with Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP) for procuring slag, a blast furnance residue and a crucial input for slag cement. - Madras Cement's Rs 360 million non convertible debenture issue has been downgraded from AA+ (double a plus) to AA (double A). The rating of the fixed programme has been downgraded from FAAA (F triple A) to FAA+ (F double A plus). The Rs 560 million commercial paper programme has been reaffirmed at P1+ (P one plus). 1999 - ACC came out with two brands on blended cement - `ACC Suraksha' and `ACC Super'. These brands will have a national presence and will substitute the company's regional brands in the long run. - Madras Cements is one of the largest cement companies in South India with three manufacturing facilities (two in Tamil Nadu and one in Andhra Pradesh). - The company has increased its capacity from 1.8 million tonnes to 2.75 million tonnes. - Madras Cements Ltd and a Murugappa group company Southern Energy Development Corporation Ltd (SEDCO) could become first players in the private sector to set up a gasbased captive power plant (CPP) in Tamil Nadu. - Madras Cement has tied up with Gas Authority of India Ltd (GAIL) for supply of gas and the fuel supply agreement was inked on April 15, 1999. - The company has tied up with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) for supply of 25,000 cu mtrs of gas per day from its Nallore well, near Mannargudi in Tamil Nadu. - MCL would install 27 Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs). MCL is also installing a Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) package along with the ERP package. - Madras Cements, flagship of the Ramco group, is embarking on a Rs 200 crore expansion plan to increase its annual capacity to six million tonne by 2001. - Madras Cement has tied up with Vizag Steel Plant for supply of slag. It is also setting up a gas-based captive power plant in Tamil Nadu in a bid to reduce its power cost. An agreement has been entered into with GAIL for supply of 80,000 cu mtrs of gas per day.

2000 - The Company has launched the Ramco Super Steel cement in Tamil Nadu. - The Company has scaled up the Capacity of its proposed gas based captive power plant at Mayavaram, Tamil Nadu to 30 mw from 15 mw. 2003 -Madras Cements members approve stock split of the existing equity shares of Rs 100/to 10 shares of Rs 10/- each. 2004 -Madras Cements Ltd. has informed that Shri. T.K. Thirumalaiappa Mudaliar passed away on January 3, 2004. 2007 -Madras Cements Ltd has informed that Government of Tamil Nadu has appointed Shri. Rajeev Ranjan, I.A.S., Industries Commissioner and Director of Industries and Commerce as their Nominee Director on the Company's Board with effect from August 22, 2007 in the place of Shri. M Raman, I.A.S. 2008 -The Company has issued Bonus Shares in the Ratio of 1:1. - The Company has splits its face value from Rs10/- to Rs1/-.