TPM Guide

Author: Citrix Version 2 Revision .1x (2.1x) FAQ and Guide to TPM (Pokemon Moon RPG) Table of contents In order to navigate through the site more easily, use Ctrl + F to find the section you are interested in. (If looking for Rock Trade-In, use Ctrl + F and look for SEC4F) SEC1~: Introduction SEC1A: The News SEC1B: Staff SEC1C: Rules SEC1D: History of TPM SEC1F: Storyline SEC2~: Basics Features of TPM SEC2A: Instant Sell Items SEC2B: Pokemon Center SEC2C: Minigame Center SEC2D: Item Shop SEC2E: Send Money SEC2F: Introduction to the Legendary Areas SEC2G: Battle a Trainer SEC2H: Find a Trainer SEC2I: Submit Idea SEC2J: Idea Directory SEC2K: Report bug SEC2L: Compose a Message SEC2M: Message Inbox SEC2N: Sent Messages SEC2O: Terminated Messages SEC2P: Friends List SEC2Q: Blocked List SEC2R: Your Applications SEC2S: Your Pokedex SEC2T: Your Awards SEC2U: Statistics SEC2V: Create a Trade SEC2W: Trading Center

SEC2X: Pending Trades SEC2Y: Completed Trades SEC2Z: Created Trades SEC2ZA: Terminated Trades SEC2ZB: Referral Center SEC2ZC: Your Referrals SEC2ZD: Viewing another person’s profile SEC3~: Personalizing the Site SEC3A: Your Profile SEC3B: Your Box SEC3C: Your Inventory SEC3D: Equip/Unequip Item SEC3E: Move Tutor SEC3F: Modify Profile SEC3G: Modify Avatar SEC3H: Modify Signature SEC3I: Change Party SEC3J: Restore Party SEC3K: Quick Box SEC3L: Evolve Pokemon SEC3M: Amount viewer SEC3N: Change Design SEC4~: Obtaining Pokemon SEC4A: Battle Area SEC4B: Legendary Areas SEC4BA: Jirachi’s Park SEC4BB: Entei’s Tower SEC4BC: Kyogre’s Temple SEC4BD: Groudon’s Palace SEC4BE: Mesprit’s Lake SEC4BF: Mewtwo’s Cavern SEC4BG: Manaphy’s Haven SEC4BH: Eternal Garden SEC4BI: Heatran’s Mountain SEC4BJ: Spear Pillar SEC4BK: Regigigas’ Domain SEC4C: Minigame Center SEC4D: DNA Center SEC4F: Rock Trade-In SEC4G: Promotional Pokemon SEC4H: Daily Prize SEC4I: Buy Pokemon SEC4J: Sell Pokemon SEC4K: Instant Sell Pokemon SEC4L: Referral Shop SEC4M: Page Prize

SEC4N: Mines SEC4O: Mining Shop SEC4P: Old Referrals, Map Legends and Promos SEC5~: Rankings SEC5A: Pokemon Rankings SEC5B: Referral Rankings SEC5C: Money Rankings SEC5D: Trainer Rankings SEC6~: Other things not mentioned on the site SEC6A: Becoming a Staff Member SEC6B: Rarity of Pokemon SEC6C: Chatting with people SEC6D: 1 in rpg Pokemon SEC6E: Scammers SEC6F: Passwords SEC7~: Frequently Asked Questions SEC8~: The Citrix Section SEC8.5~: Random Stuff, anime, gaming, etc. SEC9~: History of the Guide SEC10~: Disclaimer



This guide was written to address to lots of confusion with the features that beginners of the rpg join with and also address some of questions that most people who play come across. If there are more questions, feel free to pm me, my id is 37(Citrix) in the rpg. Feel free to comment on this or correct me if I interpreted anything wrong. Note: Due to new updates, usage of ad-blocking software such as adblock is new bannable and should be disabled if installed. -----------------------------------------SEC1A: The News -----------------------------------------Like all RPG’s, Tpm has a page that shows any news or updates which it has. The page reserved for this is the homepage which takes you to the latest news update once clicked. The News Achieve shows a list of some of the older news, like a library of Tpm’s older updates. You can make comments on the news by going to News Comment and submitting a comment of you own. There are rules that need to be followed when entering a comment though.

-----------------------------------------SEC1B: Staff -----------------------------------------Like any rpg, there is a staff list or a list of people who watch over Tpm. The Staff list page is listed in order of who has the most power (Creator  Webmaster -> Site Manager etc.) The staff list is where you go to when in doubt about something. -----------------------------------------SEC1C: Rules -----------------------------------------There are rules in this rpg that one must oblige to. Not following the rules could result in a ban and that is not something that you would want. When you join or when there is a rule update, it forces you to go to the rule pages so there shouldn’t be any reason why you don’t know the rules. -----------------------------------------SEC1D: History of TPM -----------------------------------------In the About TPMRPG page, there is a list of all the versions of TPM. This page is like the history of TPM, showing how the rpg was like before this etc. It doesn’t hurt to check this page. -----------------------------------------SEC1F: Storyline -----------------------------------------There storyline is the base of this rpg. It is the meaning behind the rpg. One should read this story before playing the rpg to have a better understanding of the environment and the features of the RPG. SEC2~ Basics Features of TPM

For those who are new to Tpm or aren’t too familiar with the features that TPM has to offer on the sides of the site, I will explain the use of them or how they work. -----------------------------------------SEC2A: Instant Sell Items ------------------------------------------

In Legendary maps, Daily Prize and in the Item Shop, there are items that can be bought to assist in battle and in catching wild Pokemon in the Legendary Areas. With so many items, there are always items that players don’t want. The Instant Sell Items will take your wanted items in exchange for money. The Instant Sell Items offers your 50 Platinum Coins less than the item’s cost in the Item Shop (A Pokeball cost $250 PC, the Instant Sell price is $200) -----------------------------------------SEC2B: Pokemon Center -----------------------------------------The Pokemon Center is where you go if one of you Pokemon has fallen in battle or has some slight HP lost that needs to be tended to. The cost is free so this should be put into use. -----------------------------------------SEC2C: Minigame Center -----------------------------------------The minigame center is where you come to when you have spare time to win some Minigame Points. The currency won form the Minigame Center can be used in the Pokemon Shop located conveniently inside the Minigame Center. The games in the Minigame Center include Pokemon Slots (Just click the spin button), Press The Number (As name says, press the numbers) and Whack a Wobbuffet (Click the Wobuffet that moves). The minigames aren’t hard and you can even win Pokemon randomly while playing. -----------------------------------------SEC2D: Item Shop -----------------------------------------This is where you go when you want potions to help you in battle and Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon. The price is cheap though items can be found on random while searching maps. -----------------------------------------SEC2E: Send Money -----------------------------------------This is where you go to send money to other people. Using it is simple. All you have to do is enter the receivers ID or name and select the choice that corresponds with what you entered then enter the amount on money to send right under. Do not put “,” when entered the amount of money to send. ------------------------------------------


Introduction to the Legendary Areas ------------------------------------------

The Legendary Areas is a place to where you search for legendary Pokemon, items, money, rocks, wild Pokemon, gain happiness points and level up your trainer rank. Searching the place is not hard; all you have to do is click the Search button. -----------------------------------------SEC2G: Battle a Trainer -----------------------------------------Battle a Trainer is where you battle people that you want to do battle with. All you have to do is enter the person’s ID or name then select the method that corresponds with what you put. Battling only battles the 1st Pokemon in the person’s roster but you can click the Battle All Pokemon box to battle their whole party. Note: The battle is not live so don’t except have to fight someone who chooses the right moves etc. -----------------------------------------SEC2H: Find a Trainer -----------------------------------------Find a trainer is a feature used to find specific people on the site or find people with names close to the name you entered. All you have to do is enter the name, ID or the beginning part of the name and select the method that matches with your entry and click “Go Onward”. The results should show right after. -----------------------------------------SEC2I: Submit Idea -----------------------------------------Have an idea for the site? Well, here is where you submit that idea. Fill out the form based on what it asks for. Idea Subject = Title, Idea Content = Description of your idea. Try to avoid Emoticons and too many colors, sizing and font’s because it makes your idea less attractive to read. Try not to spam or make any stupid suggestions that are obviously not going to be approved. -----------------------------------------SEC2J: Idea Directory -----------------------------------------The Idea Directory is where you view all ideas submitted by others and cast votes on whether or not the idea is good.

-----------------------------------------SEC2K: Report bug -----------------------------------------Report bug leads you to a page with a description of how to report a bug. Nothing more nothing less. -----------------------------------------SEC2L: Compose a Message -----------------------------------------Want to send someone a message? Here is where you go. Fill out the information of who you want to send a message to (The ID or name and selecting the method that matches with what your entered) then click “Start Message”. Message Recipient should show should who is receiving the message to make sure you have chosen the right person, Message Subject is where you enter the title and message content is where you enter your message. When you’re done, click “Compose Message” to send the message to the receiver. -----------------------------------------SEC2M: Message Inbox -----------------------------------------Message Inbox is where you view all messages that you have received and also delete messages, quote messages, reply to messages and mark the messages. -----------------------------------------SEC2N: Sent Messages -----------------------------------------Sent messages shows all the replies you made and the messages you sent as well as the receiver so you can double check your message. -----------------------------------------SEC2O: Terminated Messages -----------------------------------------Terminated Messages shows a list of all the messages you terminated/deleted. If you accidently delete a message, you can view it here. -----------------------------------------SEC2P: Friends List ------------------------------------------

Friend List takes you to a list of all your friends. You can also choice to remove them here. -----------------------------------------SEC2Q: Blocked List -----------------------------------------Blocked list shows a list of all the people you blocked and a choice to unblock or be friends with them -----------------------------------------SEC2R: Your Applications -----------------------------------------Here is where you can choose to enable or disable some of the basic features of TPM such as alerts or menus. -----------------------------------------SEC2S: Your Pokedex -----------------------------------------Here is where you can check what Pokedex entries you have obtained as well as what entries you are missing. -----------------------------------------SEC2T: Your Awards -----------------------------------------Views a list of awards you have earned from playing. -----------------------------------------SEC2U: Statistics -----------------------------------------The Statistics on the right hand upper corner of the site shows the information about TPM like people online, registered, logins, playtime, exp, time and others. You can also see you options on the site and click them to edit them. -----------------------------------------SEC2V: Create a Trade -----------------------------------------Here is where you make trades with users. Enter the ID or name and selecting the method that matches with what your entered the click “Initiate Trade”. After, you select the Pokemon you want to trade and the Pokrmon

you want from the person you’re trading. When you’re done, click Create Trade to process the trade. If you want to select multiple Pokemon, hold the Ctrl button while selecting Pokemon. -----------------------------------------SEC2W: Trading Center -----------------------------------------The Trading Center views all the trades and the status of the trades. If you have any pending trades, you can chose to cancel them by clicking the [ X ]. -----------------------------------------SEC2X: Pending Trades -----------------------------------------This views all pending trades that you have made or others have made to you. You can delete trades here. -----------------------------------------SEC2Y: Completed Trades -----------------------------------------This is your trading history. Shows all the trades that you have previously completed. -----------------------------------------SEC2Z: Created Trades -----------------------------------------Shows all the trades you have created and you can also delete them here. -----------------------------------------SEC2ZA: Terminated Trades -----------------------------------------Terminated Trades view all the trades that you have terminated/deleted so you can just check on them. -----------------------------------------SEC2ZB: Referral Center -----------------------------------------The referral center shows the history of your referrals and also gives you the link for referring with your tpm id. Making more accounts or having someone make more accounts for you counts has multiple accounts and is a reason to ban.

-----------------------------------------SEC2ZC: Your Referrals -----------------------------------------This shows all the people you have referred and also the play time of the referred people. When you refer, you can only refer the same person once and you can only make one account. Making more accounts or having someone make more accounts for you counts has multiple accounts and is a reason to ban. -----------------------------------------SEC2ZD: Viewing another person’s profile -----------------------------------------When you view another person’s profile, you can do many things. You can choose to block the person, befriend the person, send money, message, battle, trade or see their referral list. Doing things on a person’s profile is a way of avoiding having to enter the person’s information.


Personalizing the Site

Here you can make any changes your information and the site. Shaping the way your account looks shows a big part of who you are. -----------------------------------------SEC3A: Your Profile -----------------------------------------This shows you profile and how others who look are your profile see. You can check you party, box, badges, collections, inventory, and information here.

-----------------------------------------SEC3B: Your Box -----------------------------------------Your box is basically a list of all the Pokemon you own in alphabetical order. If you need to look for a specific Pokemon, just click the letter or color that applies to that Pokemon. -----------------------------------------SEC3C: Your Inventory

-----------------------------------------This shows a list of all the items that you currently own and have found in the maps or have bought. -----------------------------------------SEC3D: Equip/Unequip Item -----------------------------------------Here you can choose to equip an item to your Pokemon and take back an item. The item equip/unequip is only applied to the Pokemon 1st on your roster. -----------------------------------------SEC3E: Move Tutor -----------------------------------------Here you can add moves to your Pokemon as well as relearn a move. The description of the move shows the power, mp usage, name and how much it cost to learn it. Use this feature if you want your Pokemon to have the strongest moves. -----------------------------------------SEC3F: Modify Profile -----------------------------------------Here you can change your gender, email, hiding your email, trainer title and your password. If you need something changed, here is where you go. -----------------------------------------SEC3G: Modify Avatar -----------------------------------------Don’t like the default avatar? Change it here. There is a whole bunch of avatars to choose from so don’t be shy. -----------------------------------------SEC3H: Modify Signature -----------------------------------------Here is where you enter your signature which is the big message that people who go to your profile see. Want them to see something? Enter it here. -----------------------------------------SEC3I: Change Party ------------------------------------------

Change Party is where you can change the order how your Pokemon team is. -----------------------------------------SEC3J: Restore Party -----------------------------------------Using this will send all the Pokemon in your roster except the 1st Pokemon to your box. -----------------------------------------SEC3K: Quick Box -----------------------------------------Shows a non-detailed version of you box. Use this to have a quick glance of your whole box or for copy and paste purposes. -----------------------------------------SEC3L: Evolve Pokemon -----------------------------------------Want to evolve a Pokemon? Here you can evolve your Pokemon when it is at the right level and check what level the Pokemon evolves at. -----------------------------------------SEC3M: Amount viewer -----------------------------------------Want to check the rarity/amount of a specific Pokemon? Here you can do that. It shows the amount of the Pokemon in every color available and you can use that number to determine the rarity. -----------------------------------------SEC3N: Change Design -----------------------------------------Want to make a change to the color of the site’s design? You can make that chance here as well as change the cursor and size of party. SEC3~ Obtaining Pokemon

Here is a list of the features in the site that give you Pokemon prizes. -----------------------------------------SEC4A: Battle Area ------------------------------------------

Battle Area is where you take your Pokemon to fight and earn Pokemon rewards as well as badges. The Pokemon level increases as you fight here but so do the rewards. Current Battle Area Prizes: Galactic Story~ Legacy Arceus, Legacy Darkrai, Legacy Moltres, Legacy Articuno, Legacy Zapdos, Legacy Missingno, Shadow Arceus, Silver Palkia, Silver Dialga, Shiny Luvdisc, Shiny Bellsprout, Dark HootHoot, Shiny Machop, Shiny Sunflora, Shadow Slakoth, Shadow Scyther, Shadow Murkrow, Shadow Chimecho, Shadow Phione, Golden Buneary, Legacy Suicune, Light Bulbasaur, Light Charmander, Light Squirtle, Legacy Deoxys, Legacy Lucario, Shadow Skitty, Silver Skorpuni, Shadow Treeko,. Total Trainer Count: 101 Darkrai Story~ Light Darkrai, Shiny Regigigas, Shadow Voltorb, Shadow Torchic, Shadow Lugma, Golden Scyther, Shadow Sunkern, Shadow Pichu, Shadow Growlithe, Sapphire Luvdisc, Silver Snubull, Shiny Abra, Golden Staryu. Total Trainer Count: 55 Note: The Darkrai is invincible when you fight it. Don’t worry, you’re suppose to lose. The lost won’t get counted into your total loses. World’s End Story~ Sapphire Ponyta, Ruby Venonat, Shadow Gastly, Emerald Luvdisc, Shadow Bagon, Shiny Ditto (Go sex jelly!), Shadow Staryu, Dark Rhyhorn, Golden Teddiursa, Ruby Misdreavus, Shiny Mime Jr., Crystal Swablu, Ruby Zangoose, Golden Mudkip, Shiny Murkrow, Ghost, Silver Riolu, Dark Gible, Emerald Growlithe, Silver Combee, Light Kangaskhan, Shadow Skorupi, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, Primal Rayquaza, XD002 (Custom colored Cresselia). Total Trainer Count: 158 Note: The Shadow Cresselia is invincible when you fight it. Don’t worry, you’re suppose to lose. The lost won’t get counted into your total loses. -----------------------------------------SEC4B: Legendary Areas -----------------------------------------This is where your search for legendary Pokemon begins. You can find items, money, wild Pokemon, Legendary Pokemon, Rocks, happiness points, trainer rank experience and *secret* legendary Pokemon. ************* SEC4BA: Jirachi’s Park

************* The 1st area you have access to and need to get 450 clicks to advance to next area. Here you can find a variety of Jirachi colors ************* SEC4BB: Entei’s Tower ************* The 2nd area. You need 610 steps here to advance to the next area. The legendary Pokemon here are a variety of Entei colors. Secret legendaries found here are Shiny Raikou and Sapphire Suicune. ************* SEC4BC: Kyogre’s Temple ************* The 2nd map that requires unlocking. To advance to the next map, you will need 715 clicks. The Legendary Pokemon found here are Kyogres. Secret Map legends include Ruby Moltres. ************* SEC4BD: Groudon’s Palace ************* Map number 4 and requires 800 clicks to advance through. The legendary Pokemon found here are Groundons. Secret legends here include Ruby Articuno. ************* SEC4BE: Mesprit’s Lake ************* Map #5 and needs 900 searches to pass through. Legendaries found here are Mesprit and secret legendary includes Ruby Azelf. ************* SEC4BF: Mewtwo’s Cavern ************* Map 6 and needs 1250 searches to finish. Legendary Pokemon found here are of the Mewtwo variety and Marlo . Secret Map Legends include Sapphire Hugia. ************* SEC4BG: Manaphy’s Haven *************

Map number 7 and requires 1455 searches to pass. Legendary Pokemon found here are of the Manaphy variety and secret legend found here includes Crystal Kyogre. ************* SEC4BH: Eternal Garden ************* Requires 3500 searchs before giving you the prize of a award and a Golden Missingno. Legendary Pokemon found here include Silver Arceus and Primal Dialga. Secret legendaries lurking in this area are Crystal Shaymin and Emerald Darkrai. ************* SEC4BI: Heatran’s Mountain ************* Requires 2500 steps to proceed and is home to the creepy looking Heatran. Theres’ a Heat Rotom here if you’re interested. ************* SEC4BJ: Spear Pillar ************* Requires 2550 steps to proceed to next map. As in the actual game, you can find Dialga and Palkia here. A random Regirock roams these lands. ************* SEC4BK: Regigigas’ Domain ************* The final map. Requires 2750 steps to complete the map and be rewarded with…nothing?...All 3 Regi’s can be found here. A random Fan Rotom lurks here. -----------------------------------------SEC4C: Minigame Center -----------------------------------------The minigame center is where you play minigames for minigame points used to buy Pokemon from the Pokemon Shop and also win Pokemon that are randomly handed out while playing. -----------------------------------------SEC4D: DNA Center -----------------------------------------When searching maps you find DNA’s of Pokemon which can be converted here for a price to the Pokemon who was part of that DNA. DNA Pokemon aren’t too valuable but fun to have. ------------------------------------------

SEC4F: Rock Trade-In -----------------------------------------The Rock Trade-In is where you have in the rocks you have obtained from searching maps. The Pokemon you get is based on the minimum amount of rocks for any color you put. Here is a list of Pokemon I have attained or have heard about . • Spoinks (Requested to be hidden) • Spineraks (Requested to be hidden) • Snubulls (Requested to be hidden) • Meowths (Requested to be hidden) • Burmys (Requested to be hidden) • Cyndaquils (Requested to be hidden) • Krabbys (Requested to be hidden) • Silver, Dark, and Shiny Pinser (Requested to be hidden) • Silver and Golden Dragonite (Requested to be hidden) • Emerald Pichu (Requested to be hidden) • Dark Missingno (Requested to be hidden) • Dark Mantine (Requested to be hidden) • Normal Hugia (Requested to be hidden) • Dark Artiglace (Requested to be hidden) • Dark Entei (Requested to be hidden) • Crystal Deoxys (Requested to be hidden) • Emerald Missingno (Requested to be hidden) • Crystal Missingno (Requested to be hidden) • Dark Raikou (Requested to be hidden) • Crystal Articuno (Requested to be hidden) • Emerald Kangaskhan (Requested to be hidden) -----------------------------------------SEC4G: Promotional Pokemon -----------------------------------------The Promotional Pokemon is where you get promotion Pokemon. Promo’s are change every 1-5 days when Klade wants to. Once in a while the Promo’s are a quick one, (Lasting less than 1 minute promo) and are worth a lot. Promos are only available for a limited time so claim them when you see them. -----------------------------------------SEC4H: Daily Prize ------------------------------------------

Once every 24 hours you can visit this page for a change to obtain money, a Pokemon, or an item. The prizes here are not worth much but it’s free so why complain. -----------------------------------------SEC4I: Buy Pokemon -----------------------------------------Here you can buy Pokemon that other people are selling. Once in a blue moon Klade sells rare Pokemon here so if you see Klade selling, keep an eye on the Buy page. -----------------------------------------SEC4J: Sell Pokemon -----------------------------------------Need some cash? Sell you Pokemon. You can choose the Pokemon you want to sell and make a price on the. The current maximum price you can put on a Pokemon is 9,999,999. You can also make a private sell. -----------------------------------------SEC4K: Instant Sell Pokemon -----------------------------------------Need some quick cash, instant sell your Pokemon. Pokemon sold in instant sell are sold instantly. You get money equal to $354 x the level of the Pokemon. So a level 10 Pokemon would sell for $3540. -----------------------------------------SEC4L: Referral Shop -----------------------------------------The referral shop is where you trade in your referral points for Pokemon. Referral Pokemon are usually rare and worth a lot as time passes and they are removed from the shop. -----------------------------------------SEC4M: Page Prize -----------------------------------------Going to random pages on the site rewards you with prizes. That prize is called a page prize. The Pokemon from page prize aren’t valuable but are cool at least and free. Some however are a bit valuable since not all rewards are easy to obtain.

-----------------------------------------SEC4N: Mines -----------------------------------------The mines is exactly same as the Legendary Maps. You click for Rocks, PC, Shards (Currency for the Mining Shop), mining exp, wild Pokemon and if you’re lucky, you might find one of the three Legacy Pokemon from the mines. Upon completely searching all the mining maps, you are awarded with a Crystal Latimew. In the mines there are 4 pickaxes, the starting one, Power, Shadow and Legacy. Starting Pickaxe: The beginning pickaxe, no special bonuses. Power Pickaxe (+1): Pickaxe with a 25% chance of getting +1 into the amount of shards you obtain. Shadow Pickaxe (+2): 25% chance of getting +1-2 into the amount of shards you obtain. Legacy Pickaxe (+4): 25% chance of getting +1-4 into the amount of shards you obtain. Mining Maps are: Elera Mines ~ Map 1, requires 200 clicks to proceed. Tesia Mines ~ Map 2, requires 325 clicks to proceed. Interesting Pokemon: Silver Bagon Zean Mines ~ Map 3, requires 465 clicks to proceed. Toaline Mines ~ Map 4, requires 525 clicks to proceed. Pelia Mines ~ Map 5, requires 575 clicks to proceed. Interesting Pokemon: Shiny Feebas and Shiny Clampearl. Olune Mines ~ Map 6, requires 615 clicks to proceed. Raze Mines ~ Map 7, requires 650 clicks to proceed. Parena Mines ~ Map 8, requires 675 clicks to proceed. Aleena Mines ~ Map 9, requires 735 clicks to proceed. Dinal Mines ~ Map 10, requires 800 clicks to proceed. Interesting Pokemon: Shadow Charmander Masil Mines ~ Map 11, requires 850 clicks to proceed. Tahile Mines ~ Map 12, requires 935 clicks to proceed. Interesting Pokemon: Silver Beldum and Golden Chimchar. Capern Mines ~ Map 13, requires 1000 clicks to proceed. Also gives all the shards required to but the legendary Pokemon from the shop. Apophyllite Mines ~ Final map, requires 1500 clicks to obtain a reward. Also gives all the shards required to but the legendary Pokemon from the shop. Interesting Pokemon: Golden Swablu, Shadow Cyndaquil, and Legacy Eeveechu. -----------------------------------------SEC4O: Mining Shop ------------------------------------------

Here is where you spend all the shards you collected in your mining expeditions. Notice: There are some pretty nice legends but they are indeed costly to buy. The Legacy Pickaxe is quite expensive but a good long-term investment. SEC4P: -----------------------------------------Old Referral, Map Legends and Promos ------------------------------------------

Used to be obtainable but now retired Pokemon have the most value. I will list some of the ones on the sort. Map/Caves~ Lugia’s Cave~ Ruby Lugia, Crystal Lugia, Emerald Lugia, Silver Lugia, Dark Lugia, Lugia, Shiny Lugia, Dialga. Mew’s Island/Cave~ Crystal Mew, Emerald, Mew, Shiny Mew, Ruby Mew, Mew. Giratina’s Mountain~ Origin Giritina, Emerald Giritina Crystal Giratina, Dark Giratina, Ruby Giratina, Dark Origin Giratina. Bird Volcano~ Emerald Articuno, Silver Articuno, Emerald Zapdos, Silver Zapdos, Crystal Moltres, Emerald Moltres, Silver Moltres. Mystery Tower~ Ruby ho-oh, Dark Ho-oh, Emerald Suicune, Dark Suicune, Crystal Raikou, Ruby Raikou, Emerald Entei, Silver Entei. Secret Garden~ Deoxys, Ruby Deoxys, Mewtwo, Dark Mewtwo, Heatran, Silver Heatran, Emerald Cresselia, Ruby Cresselia. Mewtwo’s Cavern~ Ruby Mewtwo Jirachi’s Park~ Ruby Jirachi Entei’s Tower~ Crystal Entei Eternal Garden~ Zapdos, SkyShaymin, Uxie, Sapphire Raikou, Sapphire Deoxys, Shiny Latios. Current Map Legends (Including Secret) Jirachi’s Park~ Golden Jirachi, Dark Jirachi, Jirachi, Moocow. Entei’s Tower~ Entei, Golden Entei, Ruby Entei, Shiny Raikou, Sapphire Raikou. Kyogre’s Temple~ Kyogre, Emerald Kyogre, Ruby Moltres, Silver Latios, Silver Kyogre. Groudon’s Palace~ Groudon, Golden Groudon, Ruby Groudon, Ruby Articuno, Shadow Latias. Mesprit’s Lake~ Shiny Mesprit, Dark Mesprit, Emerald Mesprit, Ruby Azelf, Dark Azelf. Mewtwo’s Carvern~ Sapphire Mewtwo, Shiny Marlo, Sapphire Hugia, Dark Anthro.

Manaphy’s Haven~ Manaphy, Golden Manaphy, Crystal Kyogre, Shiny Phione, Crystal Manaphy, Dark Phione. Eternal Garden~ Silver Deoxys, Silver Arceus, Emerald Darkrai, Crystal Shaymin, Shiny SkyShaymin, Ruby Missingno, Silver Raikou, Shiny Registeel, Primal Palkia. Heatran’s Mountain~ Shiny Heatran, Crystal Heatran, Ruby Heatran, Heat rotom. Spear Pillar~ Sapphire Dialga, Silver Regirock, Dark Palkia Regigigas’ Domain~ Dark Regigigas, Shadow Regigigas, Golden Regirock, Crystal Regice, Ruby Registeel, Fan Rotom Referrals Retired Referrals~ Nidoran (F), Shiny Krabby, Shiny Shuppet, Shiny Togepi, Shiny Teddiursa, Shiny Mudkip, Shiny Treeko, Shiny Torchic, Silver Snover, Emerald Jigglypuff, Emerald Slakoth, Emerald Finneon (Old Referral and Promo), Golden Gastly, Silver Regice, Crystal Origin Giratina, Crystal Arceus, Cacnea, Larvitar, Shiny Weedle, Shiny Snover, Shiny Tangela, Crystal Gastly, Regirock, Celebi, Crystal SkySkaymin, Silver Bulbasaur, Silver Suicune, Silver Ralts, Dark Ralts, Dark Larvitar, Shiny Larvitar, Silver Azelf, Silver Shaymin, Smeargle, Dark Smeargle, Shiny Smeargle, Shiny Groudon, Sapphire Arceus, Ruby Cacnea (Was also a promo), Golden Cacnea, Ruby Finneon, Ruby Slakoth, Ruby Darkrai, Ruby Absol, Legacy Ho-oh, Golden Artiglace, Spheal, Shiny Seedot, Emerald Deoxys, Dark Weavile, Dark Gastly, Dark Staryu, Dark Arceus, Dark Tailow, Sapphire Missingno, Sapphire Electabuzz, Ruby Stayru, Crystal Bulbasaur, Dark Deoxys, Crystal Anthro (?), Silver Surskit (Also a Mines pokemon), Sapphire Hugia (Also a Secret Map Legend). Current Referrals~ Shiny buizel, Dark Pineco, Crystal Tailow, Dark Wailmer, Sapphire Bagon, Golden Shieldon, Dark Munchlax, Ruby Munchlax, Ruby Ralangel, Ruby Luxtales, Silver Turtwig, Golden Chimchar (Also a wild Mines Pokemon), Ruby Piplup, Dark Cranidos, Ruby Togepi, Sapphire Chansey, Ruby Grimer, Crystal Jigglypuff, Golden Raikou, Golden Entei (Removed), Silver Cresselia, Sapphire Regirock, Sapphire Regice, Sapphire Registeel, Ruby Latios, Golden Rotom, Ruby Phione, Emerald Heatran, Golden Kyogusaur, Golden Cresselia. Promotional Pokemon (Only Quick Promos since the Promos are changed daily) Silver Celebi, Miltank, Dunsparce, Dark Celebi, Crystal Zangoose, Shiny Pachirisu, Crystal Tyranitar (Crystal Larvitar was a promo), Crystal Mew (Former Map Legend also), Crystal Celebi (Mostly wiped), Bonsly, Ralangel, Shiny Charmander, Emerald Charmander, Crystal Starly, Anthro, Crystal

Absol, Shiny Rotom, Crystal Unknown Y, Shiny Origin Giritina (Also a normal promo), Emerald Artiglace, Emerald Atar, Emerald Magnemite, Riolu, Shiny Misdreavus (Normal promo also), Dark Heracross, Emerald Heracross, Golden Darkrai, Golden Rayquaza, Shadow Rayquaza, Kangaskhan, Magikarp, Dark Sharpedo (Dark Carvahna was a promo), Golden Smeargle, Emerald Finneon (Also a referral), Golden Houndour, Silver Swellow, Seel, Golden Cacturne, Dark Torterra, Dark Empoleon (Dark Piplup was a Klade signature promo), Seamander, Emerald Sharpedo (Emerald Carvahna is a wild Map Pokemon), Sapphire Giratina, Silver Munchlax, Light Weavile, Shiny Palkia, Emerald Wooper, Silver Staryu, Ditto, Sapphire Shinx, Shiny Ponyta, Sapphire Ralts, Shiny Starters: Shiny Starters are starter Pokemon but with a shiny color. It was given to the really early registered people. Shiny Pikachu, Shiny Minun, Shiny Plusie, Shiny Buneary, Shiny Clerfairy, Shiny Houndour, Shiny Tailow, Shiny Starly, Shiny Glameow, Shiny Growlithe. Pokemon Shop: Pokemon Shop, A.K.A, minigame shop, sells Pokemon with points obtained from the minigames. Shiny Geodude, Shiny Voltorb, Shiny Chikorita, Shiny Slakoth, Sapphire Zigzagoon, Ruby Pidgey, Dark Starly, Dark Beldum, Crystal Chatot, Golden Caterpie, Sapphire Venonat, Sapphire Diglett, Emerald Azurill, Ruby Plusle, Ruby Minun, Silver Carnidos, Silver Buizel, Emerald Chingling, Crystal Nidoran M, Crystal Nidoran F, Dark Vulpix, Sapphire Growlithe, Ruby Pinser, Golden Mareep, Golden Skorupi, Ruby Hippopotas, Crystal Luxtales, Sapphire Eeveechu, Emerald Shaymin, Sapphire Azelf, Golden Latios, Silver Jirachi, Sapphire Entei, Silver Manaphy. Mining Shop: The mining shop is where you trade the crystals you find mining for rare Pokemon. Sapphire Staryu, Dark Togepi, Silver Hoothoot, Crystal Phanpy, Golden Pinser, Emerald Rhyhorn, Sapphire Gastly, Shiny Gulpin, Silver Poochyena, Dark Plusle, Dark Minun, Silver Azurill, Ruby Ralts, Golden Zigzagoon, Emerald Anorith, Silver Cherubi, Silver Shinx, Shiny Wynaut, Crystal Buneary, Ruby Torchic, Dark Ralangel, Crystal Ralangel, Emerald Seamander, Light Teddiursa, Light Ponyta, Light Gligar, Light Magby, Light Spheal, Shadow Seedot, Shadow Corphish, Shadow Teddiursa, Legacy Luxtales, Golden Heatran, Emerald Dialga, Crystal Palkia, Legacy Lugia, Legacy Jirachi. Mine Rares: A few rare’s lurk the mines.

Legacy Ralangel, Notch Eared Pichu, Legacy Hugia, SEC5~: Rankings

Tpm has a ranking system putting people on the top based on the standards they meet compared to other players. -----------------------------------------SEC5A: Pokemon Rankings -----------------------------------------This shows the ranking of the highest level Pokemon as well as the owner. You also come here in search for a Pokemon to do battle with and level. You can select the level range and the Pokemon to fight. Pokemon can now gain up to 7 levels per battle so take advantage of this. -----------------------------------------SEC5B: Referral Rankings -----------------------------------------The Referral rankings is a list of who has referred the most people to the site. The more referrals the higher the rank. -----------------------------------------SEC5C: Money Rankings -----------------------------------------The money rankings show the richest players of TPM or who has the most money. The richest person is currently really rich. lol -----------------------------------------SEC5D: Trainer Rankings -----------------------------------------Trainer Ranking is based on the amount of trainer exp you have. You obtain trainer exp from random events when searching maps. The higher the trainer level, the higher the rank. SEC6~: Other things not mentioned on the site

Here is a list of features not on site but the players should know or questions on a lot. -----------------------------------------SEC6A: Becoming a Staff Member

-----------------------------------------Becoming a staff member requires you to have meet requires for a staff member and have Klade’s recognition to be one. Begging and asking for a staff member doesn’t get you a spot on it. You usually have to be recommended by other staff members. Klade picks his faculty based on his decisions. -----------------------------------------SEC6B: Rarity of Pokemon -----------------------------------------The rarity of a Pokemn is influenced by many things. For one, Pokemon are not rare if they are obtainable. A Pokemon is rare when the number of it in the rpg is less than 200. To calculate the rarity of a Pokemon, we will use this example. Say there are 1000 Normal Charmanders, 200 Normal Charmeleons and 500 Normal Charizards. The rarity of Normal Charizard will be 1700 (Have to add the pre-evos), Normal Charmeleon will be 1200 and Normal Charmander will be 1000. As a Pokemon evolves, the rarity of it drops so it is best to leave it in the base form unless you have plans for the Pokemon. Rare Pokemon are usually those from old referrals, donations, quick promos and events. If the Pokemon is under 200 in rpg and unobtainable, the Pokemon is rare. If it is under 200 in rpg and obtainable, it is semi-rare. If it is over 200 in rpg and obtainable, it is not rare. -----------------------------------------SEC6C: Chatting with people -----------------------------------------In this rpg there are multiple ways to talk to people. There is messaging and the News comments. The 3rd alternative and most widely used is the Shoutbox. The link to the Shoutbox is and there are rules that apply to it that can be found in the rules. -----------------------------------------SEC6D: 1 in rpg Pokemon -----------------------------------------To get a 1 in rpg, you have to donate for it which is not a current option. There is no other method to obtain one except by trading with someone who have one and is willing to trade. -----------------------------------------SEC6E: Scammers ------------------------------------------

There are many scammers in the site that you have to watch out for. Scammers usually are people that are offering to train Pokemon for free or holding raffles for a rare Pokemon but the tickers are unusually cheap. Other scammers include people messaging saying you should accept their offer saying their offer is worth way more than your Pokemon when in reality it isn’t. These people should also be reported to someone on the staff list. -----------------------------------------SEC6F: Passwords -----------------------------------------Your password is an important part of your account. You should NEVER share your password with anyone unless you are trying to get your account stolen. You password should contain approximately 15 letters/numbers/capital letters in order for it to be secure. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to click when you submit your password to have your password reset and sent to your email. SEC7~: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get ____ Pokemon? ~~~ Certain Pokemon were old promos, donation Pokemon or old referral Pokemon that can no longer be obtained. Pokemon of this sort include:
• • • • • • • • •

Rayquazas (Now avaliable in Battle Area; Primal Colored) Lugias (Now available in Mining Shop; Legacy Colored) Seamanders (Now available in mining shop; Emerald Colored) Anthros (Now available as map legend; Dark Colored) Latias (Now available as map legend; Shadow Colored) Latios (Now available in pokemon shop and as a map legend; Golden and Silver Colored) Ho-Ohs Palkia’s (Now available in battle area, mining shop and as a map legend; Primal, Silver, Crystal and Dark Colored) Ralangels (Now available in the pokemon shop and as a mining rare pokemon; Avaliable in Crystal, Dark and Legacy) Other Legacy, Shadow and Light colored Pokemon

How do I know whether a Pokemon is obtainable or not? ~~~ Click the Pokemon that you want to know the details of and see the source of that Pokemon. If it says Promotional Pokemon or V. 1.1x on place obtained, it is not obtainable. If it comes from places like Daily Prize, Battle Area, Maps, Minigame Shop/ Prize, DNA Center, Rock Trade-in or any other place that you

can find with Ctrl+F on the site, then it is a obtainable Pokemon and worth less in value. Is ____ a good offer for a trade OR should I make this offer to someone? ~~~ First of all before answering this, would YOU accept a trade with the offer you made? If you most likely aren’t going to accept, why would the other person want to accept? If you make an offer for something, the offer should be of near equal value in terms of rarity (Like a 70~90 in rpg for a 80 in rpg Pokemon etc.) I got scammed, what do I do? ~~~ Private message someone on the Staff List (Not Klade, he won’t answer private messages, messages to him should be emailed to and report the scammed with as much detail as you can with a list of names of people involved and other important stuff. This person won’t stop trading me or sending me messages, what do I do? ~~~ Click on the users profile and click “Block User” When is there going to be a new promotional Pokemon? ~~~ The Promotion Pokemon are changed by Klade. When there is a new Promotion Pokemon, you will see [New Promo] on the top of the screen. Some promotional Pokemon only appear for an instant (nicknamed quick promos), those are very valuable and considered rare since they only appear for less than a minute usually. I found someone with multiple accounts, what should I do? ~~~ Send a report to someone on the Staff List. How do I know if someone sent me a message or a reply to my message or a trade? ~~~ There will be a [New Messages] or [New Trades] appearing on the top of the screen. How do I get awards? ~~~

Awards are handed out to you at random for accomplishing something. You can find them by collecting Pokedex entries and by searching maps. I want more referrals, how do I get them? ~~~ You get referrals by advertising TPM on other sites with your referral link or introducing this game to your friend. Making more accounts or having someone make more accounts for you counts has multiple accounts and is a reason to ban. How do I make an RPG? ~~~ Easy, learn to code the rpg, have hundreds of dollars to pay for the server, make an email to respond to possibly 100+ questions a day, deal with problems you members cause and have lots of spare time. SEC8~: The Citrix Section

Here is a little section I dedicated to myself. This section will answer many questions regarding me. Why won’t you reply to my trade message? Cause I am not interested in the trade. Why won’t you reply to my message? It is stupid and pointless. Trade me ___ please, you have doubles or it’s my dream Pokemon? No. And I will block you if you beg. Can I have free Pokemon? No. Do you need training? No. Are you training? No. Spare me some money? No. How long did it take you to write this? 4 hours

Accept my trade? Get lost. Join my raffle? No, and if you private message me telling me to join a raffle, I will block you.


The Random Section

Need some anime to watch? Here is a list of animes I’ve watched and if they have a rating of 8+, you could consider them as good anime. I’ve finally compiled a list of videos of me beating every character in Final Fantasy Dissidia at max difficulty. ^^ Call of Duty: World at War kind of sucks =/ It’s so hard to notice the guns on the floor. ._. SEC9~: History of the Guide

Version 1.0x: Completed 7/24/2009. Finish the basic FAQ questions Version 1.1x: Completed 7/25/2009. Finished making the guide Version 1.2x: Completed 7/25/2009. Fixed some grammar mistakes regarding FAQ Version 1.3x: Completed 7/25/2009. Added News, rules and staff. Fixed more grammar mistakes. Page Prize information added and a mini password section. Version 1.4x: Completed 7/25/2009. Fixed Scribd compatibility. Version 1.5x: Completed 7/30/2009. Added mines and an extra question. Version 1.6x: Completed 7/30/2009. Added some more information into the mines, maps, rock trade-in. Fixed some more grammar mistakes. Version 1.7x: Completed 7/31/2009. Added Battle Area prizes. Added another secret map legend. Added Old Referral, Shiny Starter, Map Legend and Quick Promo List. Version 1.8x: Completed 8/4/2009. Made some small updates on the Pokemon listings. Version 1.9x: Completed 8/16/2009. Made some changes to go with the new updates, Version 2.0x: Completed 10/13/2009. Added new maps, updated map info, added new battle area. Version 2.1x: Completed 10/14/2009. Slight alterations to the FAQ questions concerning old obtainable now being obtainable again. Pokemon shop and mining shop pokemon added due to a small chance of the Pokemon in those area’s changing. Fixed some map legends that I wasn’t aware of changed.

SEC10~: Copyright 2009, Citrix (Jin) All rights reserved


I give permission for the following sites to use: And people that I know I gave permission to. Anyone who copies and uses this guide as your own is violation of copyright laws and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You will be harassed by me and mentally disturbed for the rest of your life with some images that you probably never want to see and you will be attacked one night during your sleep. Ask for permission if you want to use this.