Essay 2 Culture, Society, and Me In your first assignment, you researched yourself and what role a particular literacy

moment or experience played in your life. Now you will have the chance to reflect on that as well as other cultural events, experiences, and items that you feel define you and explain who you are to the outside world. This assignment is not just about the individual cultural events and items, but also about how you relate to these and how they shape you. The Project: For this assignment you have the choice to create either a movie package or a cd package. Depending on the option you chose, the formatting and content presentation will be different. However, either option asks you to think about the following questions: 1. What events are important to you? 2. Are these events religious, political, social, cultural, personal, ethnic, etc? 3.What experiences have been important and your life? Why? 4. What material items are important to you? Why? 5. How have these events, experiences, and items shaped you? 6. How do you relate to these events, experiences, items? 7. Are these events, experiences, and items culturally significant? 8. How do others act towards these events, experiences, and items? Most importantly, you want to think about what events, experiences, and items represent yourself and your opinions to other individuals. Formatting: Movie Package: For this option you will create a front and back cover for a dvd about yourself. This imaginary film can be about a small significant moment of your life, a large time span, or your entire life thus far. It is your decision. You will design a film cover with mainly visuals and then explain the general plot and characters on the back. Be as creative as you wish. Imagine what actors you would cast to play specific characters in this movie of your life. Do your research and examine film packages to see what to include and the best way to capture a possible viewers attention. Remember you want someone to watch this film. CD Package: For this option you will create a cd cover, song list, and liner notes to an album about yourself. You can choose to make your album about a specific time period of

your life, a specific feeling or emotion, or about your entire life thus far. Your liner notes should include a letter from you, additional images, and thank yous. It may also include anything else you may like. Be as creative as you wish in titling your songs. Do your research and examine album covers, song titles, and liner notes to see what you should include. Remember, your goal is to get someone to buy this album. Overall Design: We will discuss in class some different options for the visual designing component of the project including: programs to use, fonts, colors, styles, layouts, etc. While you have an option between the movie or cd project each project must include: At least 6 images At least 500 words of text A unifying theme/thesis The Written Component: As with your previous literacy narrative assignment, you will write a two page doublespaced rhetorical explanation to go along with your assignment. I would like to know your basic thought process on why you chose the subject matter, content, assignment option, and design that you did. Also, how successful do you think you were in attracting in audience for your composition?