October 17,2001 Memorandum to: From: Subject: Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik WEEKLY REPORT

The following report represents information on major events of the past •week, major events of the coming week, and future issues requiring your attention. Major Events Related to the World Trade Center Incident The following represents the most recent data available regarding the World Trade Center incident of Tuesday, September 11 (figures are subject to revision): Total confirmed fatalities Civilians FDNY firefighters " Port Authority Police FDNY Emergency Medical Technicians New Jersey Fire Department personnel Unidentified bodies Total NYPD injuries NYPD hospitalizations NYPD remaining hospitalized NYPD sick reports Total reported missing Unidentified body parts DNA samples collected Swabs Personal Items Death Certificate applications 456 322 73 6 2 1 52 1,180 22 1 497 4,613 6,964 9,697 3,176 6,521 1,648

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To address reports of suspected hazardous materials/anthrax, the NYPD established "Hammer" teams to respond directly to the scene of incidents. Each team consists of one member of the NYPD's Emergency Services Unit, one COBRA-trained (Chemical or Biological Response Action) member of one of the Borough Task Force Units, and one member of FDNY. As of midnight, October 16, Hammer teams responded to 366 reports of suspected hazardous material, removing 149 packages to the Department of Health laboratory for testing. Beginning Monday, October 15, the NYPD performed precautionary swab testing of personnel assigned to the mail rooms of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and CNN television studios, as well as the New York Post, the New York Daily News, Newsweek and the Associated Press, after a case of suspected anthrax in a sevenmonth old child of an NBC employee was confirmed. To date, testing has not resulted in the detection of any high anthrax spore counts.deemed capable of causing human infection. Although there have been no reports or threats of anthrax exposure at Police Headquarters, beginning today, random swab tests will be conducted to ensure the continued safety of NYPD personnel, and a special hotline, staffed on a twenty-four, seven day basis, by members of the Medical Division has been established to address employee concerns. In accordance with the daily assessment of police deployment, the area of lower Manhattan affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks remains divided into 3 patrol enforcement zones and 1 traffic enforcement rone, with the Commanding Officer of Patrol Borough Manhattan South responsible for all NYPD operations. Because of reduced needs, each day approximately 341 police officers/detectives, 53 sergeants, 21 lieutenants, 5 captains, and 2 deputy inspectors/inspectors from the Patrol Services Bureau and Traffic Control Division are assigned to this area. Access to the "frozen zone," the area south of Canal Street and west of Church Street, remains restricted although on Monday, October 15, flight restrictions over GrounH Zero were lifted. Although reports of criminal activity in or near the frozen zone are sporadic, the following arrests were made: on Tuesday, October 16, 3 arrests for Criminal Trespass/Petit Larceny/Criminal Possession of Stolen Property and 1 arrest for an Administrative Code violation. Ij^BHHB^ M/66, a former NYPD police officer and Board of Education plumbing supervisor, was arrested Tuesday, October 17, for stealing supplies intended for World Trade Center rescue workers at Public School 234, located on Greenwich Street in the "frozen zone," now being used as a relief center. Zanotti was charged with Petit Larceny and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property for stealing $1,000 worth of hardhats, tools, boots, gloves, and both dog food and protective canine boots donated for canines working at "Ground Zero." He was arraigned yesterday afternoon before Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Matthew Cooper and the case was adjourned to Wednesday, October 31. Wtfff^ previous criminal history is limited to a 1971 conviction for Unlawfully Receiving Gratuities for which he was fired from his position with the NYPD and served 90 days in prison.

On Monday, October 15, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, visited "Ground Zero" and on behalf of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, proclaimed you, "Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" for your "outstanding help and support to the bereaved British families in New York." Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen and I were proclaimed "Commanders of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire" for our "remarkable dedication and professionalism" in saving British lives and assisting the families of the British dead. The ban on single occupant vehicles entering Manhattan below 62nd Street, Monday through Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., was shortened today by one hour to make the new restriction effective between 6:00 a.m^ and 10:00 a.m. Access to Manhattan-bound crossings remains restricted during the time periods to exempted vehicles or vehicles occupied by at least two occupants. On Monday, October 15, at 5:00 a.m., Manhattan-bound lanes of the Holland Tunnel were re-opened to passenger vehicles carrying at least two occupants. The two occupant rule is in effect 24 hours a day at the Holland Tunnel. The prohibition against trucks and buses remains in place. In addition, vehicles utilizing the Manhattan-bound Holland Tunnel must utilize Exit 1 to proceed northbound. The Brooklyn-bound Battery Tunnel, accessible from the southbound FDR Drive only, was re-opened on Monday, October 15. Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, a total of 142 possible hate crime incidents were reported to the NYPD. Of this total, 95 were ethnic or religious in nature, involving individuals or locations associated with Middle Eastern culture. As a result of these incidents, 23 arrests have been made. The remainder of these incidents continue to be investigated by the NYPD's Hate Crime Task Force. Since September 11, from the time shortly after the terrorist attacks through Monday, October 15, a total of 1,576 bomb threats and/or reports of suspicious packages were received at 911. This includes. 43 reports received during the twenty-four hour period ending midnight, Tuesday, October 16. A memorial Mass honoring Police Officer Stephen P. Driscoll of Emergency Service Squad 4 will be held Friday, October 19, at 11:00 a.m. at St. James the Apostle Church, located at 12 Gleneida Avenue, Carmel, New York. On Friday, October 26, a wake for Police Officer James Leahy of the 6th Precinct will be held at Casey's Funeral Home, located at 350 Slossum Avenue, Staten Island between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. The funeral Mass will be held the following day, Saturday, October 27, at St. Michael's Church, located at 207 Harbor Road, Staten Island, at 10:00 a.m. On Sunday, October 28, a prayer service will be held at "Ground Zero" at 2:00 p.m. by invitation of your office.

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