November 29, 2001

Memorandum to: From: Subject:

Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik WEEKLY REPORT

The following report represents information on major events of the past week, major events of the coming week, and future issues requiring your attention. Events Related to the Crash of American Airlines Flight 587 The following represents the most recent data available regarding victims of the Flight 587 (figures are subject to revision): Identified Bodies Unidentified Bodies Body Parts Processed Bodies Processed Total Body Parts and Bodies Total DNA hits Total Death Certificates Issued Events Related to the World Trade Center Incident To date, seventeen funerals and/or memorial services have been conducted for members of the NYPD killed in the line of duty at the World Trade Center, including those for: Police Officer Vincent Danz, Police Officer Stephen Driscoll, Police Officer Brian McDonnell, Police Officer Paul Talty, Police Officer Glenn Pettit, Police Officer Santos Valentin, Police Officer Ronald Kloepfer, Police Officer Walter Weaver, Detective Claude Richards, Sergeant John Coughlin, Police Officer Thomas Langone, Police Officer James Leahy, Detective Joseph Vigiano, Police Officer Robert Fazio, Police Officer John W. Perry, Police Officer John D'Allara, and Sergeant Michael Curtin. 179 81 1,809 260 2,069* 43 179

These figures do not include counts of the bodies that have not yet been processed by the morgue.

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A wake was held in honor of Sergeant Timothy A. Roy of the Surface Transponation Enforcement District (STED) on Wednesday, November 28th and will continue tonight from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Massapequa Funeral Home located at 4980 Merrick Road in Massapequa, New York. The Memorial Mass will be held at 11 a.m. on Friday, November 30th at St. William the Abbott Church at 2000 Jackson Avenue in Seaford, New York. The following represents the most recent data available regarding victims of the September terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center (figures are subject to revision): Total confirmed fatalities NYPDMOS . . FDNY Firefighters . Port Authority Police Civilian Emergency Medical Technicians New Jersey Fire Department Total NYPD injuries NYPD hospitalizations NYPD remaining hospitalized NYPD sick reports Total reported missing 673 3 Ill 6 1 1 1,279 26 0 557 1,434* 9,540 10,026 3,391 6,635 1,970 3,046 Assignments, 1,217 Package Removals


* 1.804 names removed from list by virtue of death certificates issued by the court.

Unidentified body parts DNA samples collected Swabs Personal Items Individuals seeking legal assistance ^Hammer Teams since Oct. 1

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a general warning to energy industry officials regarding possible terrorist attacks targeting natural gas pipelines. Although the warning did not name specific targets, it referred to the nation's natural gas infrastructure, such as pipelines and other facilities. Such attacks are allegedly conditioned on Osama bin Laden's capture or death. The supply of natural gas to New York City flows through several pipelines maintained by private companies, including Buckeye Pipeline Company and Phillips 66 Corporation. These pipelines supply virtually every main energy company in and around the City, including Keyspan Energy and Consolidated Edison. Accordingly, the Department is scheduling discussions with utility representatives to explore security concerns. Among the possible issues to be addressed with representatives of Keyspan and Consolidated Edison will be a review of the number of natural gas lines entering the City and their locations. (It is expected this will yield updated database information.) At present, locations in the following Precincts contain equipment used in the delivery of natural gas: 30, 84, 70, 72, 67, 94, 108 and 120. Throughout the country, there are hundreds of thousands of miles of gas pipelines, most of which are

underground, and hundreds of natural gas service stat.ons an1 other tac.l.nes^ According to the Interstate Natural Gas Associate of Amenca (INGAA), 180,000 mite of interstate natural gas pipelines deliver natural gas throughout North Amenca Sat consLers use for heating, cooking and other Uses. Imn,ed,ately following the attacks orSeptember 11*. pipelines across Amenca were subjected to heightened n^ measures While pipeline companies and employees across the nation were Sv on a Stened stL'of alert monitoring the pipelines regularly, last week's FBI taming should intensify vigilance. The FBI alert ind.cated the source for the FBI warning sno undete rmined reliability". News reports likened this -Tha of one issued earlier this month regarding bndges on the West

the Holland Tunnel are being eased. The ban cars driving through _ the tunnel has i been _ . x-

prohibited from utilizing the Holland Tunnel.