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ENT WIKI is an initiative of otolaryngology online. Students of otolaryngology would be familiar with the on line resources provided by otolaryngology online. This is another step in making these resources available to all students of otolaryngology. Major advantage of this initiative is that this software can be run without internet access.

About this software: This software contains otolaryngology resources in an easily searcheable format. This software is provided in two flavors.

ENT WIKI on a pendrive: This is actually an unique concept. The entire otolaryngology wiki will be available on a pen drive. The software can be run right out of the pendrive. Advantages of ENT WIKI on a pendrive: 1. It is portable 2. Can be updated 3. Can be edited 4. Can be personalised 5. It is robust can be used as collaborative editing tool

Components of ENT WIKI on a pendrive: 1. Apache server 2. My sql server 3. PhP language Soft ware engine used to power this wiki is the same engine that powers Wipedia the worlds most popular onlin encyclopedia.

System requirements: 1. 4 GB pendrive 2. Windows operating system 3. Minimum of 2 GB RAM Caution: You need to keep a back up of the files in your pen drive in a safe place, should it become infested with virus. If run directly from hard disk this wiki loads faster. Before removing the pen drive the server should be stopped. To stop the server click on the drtbalu icon in the task bar and choose stop. After stopping the server click safe remove device from the task bar.

Wiki is a popular educational medium. This was originally used to code the popular online encyclopedia (Wikipedia). I have been using wiki to power my educational resources online for nearly 5 years. Now I have tailored this wiki to fit into a pen drive so that it will be more portable for a student. This Otolaryngology wiki does not need an internet connectivity to run. It will directly run off the pen drive. Internet connectivity is desirable only if video clippings need to be viewed as they are hosted elsewhere.

Things to know before using this software: 1. This is a highly complex piece of software. It has a PHP engine, MySQl server, and Apache web server. Running this software directly from your pen drive would be a little slow. One needs to be patient. 2. Antivirus / Internet security software would complain that it is a malware. It is because of the server software present in the software. Drtbalu server needs to be permitted to run in the internet security settings. Just give permission for the software to run if asked by the internet security software. 3. This software has been designed to auto run as soon as it is inserted into the usb drive. In some system auto run could have been disabled as a security measure. In that case you need to open the pen drive and click on the drtbalu icon. This will start

drtbalu server. If the server is running you will see this page. An icon will be placed in the task bar. 4. This software comes bundled with mozilla web browser. As soon as the server starts the mozilla browser will open up the page. If for some reason the browser window does not open on its own, just fire up the browser of your choice and at the address bar key in: This will take you to the ENT WIKI. 5. At the earliest you should take a back up of all the contents of this drive to a safe place in your hard drive. All you need to do is to create a folder and simply copy all the files seen in this pen drive. 6. You can also run this wiki from the backed up folder of your hard disk. If run from the hard disk it runs faster. 7. Even though this wiki can be edited by you, caution needs to be exercised. Don't edit configuration files / codes you see in the folder. Always edit from wiki interface. Editing using wiki interface is safer. You can also create a user name and password for yourself. Send mail function has been disabled due to security reasons. So you need to remember the password if you create a user name for yourself. 8. Closing the browser window and stopping the server by clicking on the icon seen in the task bar is a must before removing the removable device. In case you encounter difficulties in safely removing the USB drive all you need to do is to stop apache server instance by pressing ctrl/alt/delete. This

will evoke task manager. Simply stop the running apache server using the task manager. If this is difficult you always have the choice of shutting your system down and removing the drive.

ENT WIKI Installer:

This software can be used to install wiki into the hard disk of a computer. Advantages of installing wiki on hard disk are:

1. It runs faster 2. It can actually be installed and uninstalled like any other software. 3. Can easily be updated System requirements: 1. Windows operating system (Any version) 2. 2 GB RAM 3. 30 GB hard disk space

Installation: On clicking the installation executable file the following sequence of events occur.

This is the first screen one gets on clicking the installer. The installer verifies the integrity of the file system.

At this stage option will be given to choose the drive and folder for installation. One can even leave the default setting and click next.

Registration details to be entered

Installer begins copying the required files to the hard disk.

Short cuts being installed

Uninstall details being created

On clicking drtbalu short cut icon wiki starts. Mozilla warning screen could be seen. Just click yes to run ENT WIKI.

Wiki could be seen running.

Caution: One needs to be patient during installation as it could take sometime to complete. One should not run both versions of this software in the same system.

For further information contact:

Prof. Balasubramanian Thiagarajan


This software is licensed under:

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike.

Entire license details are here.