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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time Quiz 1 1.

What is the first piece of information we are given in the novel? That Christopher sees a dog on the ground The weather: it is cloudy and grey The time: 7 minutes after midnight That Mrs Shears' dog was dead 2. What is the name of the dog that Christopher finds dead? Muzzle Paddington Wellington Rufus 3. What type of dog was Mrs Shear's dog? A dalmatian A poodle An alsatian A king charles spaniel 4. What is Christopher's full name? Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher John John Francis Boone Boone John Francis

5. Who draws pictures of faces for Christopher so that he can understand different emotions? Mrs Shears His father His mother Siobhan 6. How does Christopher know Siobhan? She She She She is is is is his aunt a teacher at his school a friend of his mother's his cousin

7. Why does Christopher like dogs? Because you always know what they are thinking, because they are faithful, do not lie and cannot talk Because they are playful and always like attention Because they like being cuddled Because dogs like to go out walking for long periods of time

8. What is Christopher doing when Mrs Shears finds her dead dog for the first time? Standing near the dog Crying next to the dog Kicking the dog Hugging the dog 9. What kind of novel does Christopher say this is? An animal novel A romance A sci-fi novel A murder mystery novel 10. Who interrogates Christopher after Mrs Shears discovers what's happened to her dog? The police His father A passer-by Mr Shears 11. How old is Christopher? 9 11 15 18 12. When does Christopher start 'groaning'? When When When When there is too much information in his head from the outside world he has to sit at the dinner table he feels sad he sees an animal in distress

13. What does Christopher do when the policeman touches him? He He He He hits him cries stands up cowers

14. Why is Christopher arrested? For For For For murder manslaughter assault lying

15. How does Christopher number his chapters? With cardinal numbers With prime numbers

With pictures With letters 16. According to Christopher, what happens in American if you find a prime number of over 100 digits longs? The CIA asks you to work for them The CIA buys it for $10 000 You are arrested The government hides you away 17. Why does Christopher always wear a watch? Because Because Because Because it feels nice he needs to know exactly what the time is it's fashionable it was a present from his father

18. Who does Christopher tell the policeman makes up his family? His His His His father, uncle and grandmother (his mother is dead) mother, uncle and grandmother (his father is dead) grandmother and uncle uncle

19. What does Christopher do instead of hugging? Stands back to back with the other person Spreads the fingers on his left hand intoa fan so that his fingers and thumb touch the other persons' Winking Kissing 20. What happens at the police station? Christopher Christopher Christopher Christopher is is is is told off given a caution given biscuits sentenced

21. Why doesn't Christopher ever tells lies? Because Because Because Because he he he he can't doesn't want to get into trouble thinks God will punish him if he does is a good person

22. What does Christopher's father tell him to do? To write a book Try and find out who killed Wellington Bury Wellington Keep his nose out of other people's business

23. How many years ago does Christopher think his mother died? Two Twenty Five Ten 24. What does 4 red cars in a row mean to Christopher? A A A A Quite Good Day Super Good Day Good Day Black Day

25. What does 4 yellow cars in a row mean to Christopher? A A A A Quite Good Day Super Good Day Good Day Black Day