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The Pulchritudinous Press printing, 2013
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The Pulchritudinous Press
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The Pulchritudinous Press
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Mommy loves Daddy the sky & all the oceans on Earth, the Earth & all
the planets, all the moons of Jupiter, the Sun & all the Stars.

Daddy loves baby to the moon & back, & telescopes & aeronautical
goggles, toy maps & Tonka trucks, & spaghetti & the Cosmos & fying.

Mommy loves baby yoga & dollhouses, rock n’ roll & rebellion, pretty
purses & slippers, Madeleine L’Engle & Cat Stevens, Labyrinth & Jim
Mommy loves baby the tiny spoons & the teaspoons, the pacifer &
the puppy, the goldfsh & the Tetras, Mommy loves baby ice cream.

Daddy loves Mommy the roses and the red lipstick, the love letters &
the Chanel baths, the Heavens & the Earth, & the lobster & Champagne!
Daddy loves baby punk pompadours & purple unicorns, lip-gloss &
lemonade stands, papier-mâché & piñatas, Lite Brite & Little Women.
Baby loves Daddy paperbacks & reading glasses, after-dinner pipes
& smoking chimneys, a good shave, sandalwood or sage & Daddy’s

Baby loves Mommy linseed oil & automatic poetry, Mommy’s writing
studio, Mommy’s Jaguar, & visits to The Butterfy Sanctuary.
Grandma loves baby paintings & lake, long walks & fox, Grandma
loves baby’s Peruvian hat, moccasins, & All You Need Is Love tee.
Grandma loves baby chocolate & cafe au lait, rocking chairs & handmade
cradles, cooking for baby & buying baby new books.
Grandpa loves baby interest rates & shareholders, stocks and bonds,
rates of return and capital, Grandpa loves baby Latin & The Lone Ranger.
Grandpa loves baby cottages & sailboats, barbecue & Yankees baseball,
Yuengling & steak, & Bob Dylan & Bob Dylan.
Grandma loves baby gigglepie & pumpkins, butterfies & gardens,
grilled cheese & popcorn, sailboats & races, and Grandma loves baby’s

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