This is the true all-inclusive American party that would do the job that the other political parties have failed to do for more than 300 years since America was born. It is the party for all Americans who are fade up with the incompetence of the other political parties, who have allowed America to decline and decay. It is the political party of the BOLD, BEAUTIFUL, HONEST, COMPETENT, CIVILIZED, SPIRITUAL, PEACE LOVING, SCIENTIFIC, PROGRESSIVE, MAGNANIMOUS, PRAGMATIC, BLESSED AND ANOINTED AMERICANS. It is the party of the young, fun loving, insightful, friendly, handsome, sexy, beautiful, good-natured, clean-hearted, upright, lovable, creative, action oriented Americans. This earth is much older than most people realize and there are about 6 billion human beings presently living inside it. For hundreds of thousands of years, many civilizations rose, prospered and fell into the dustbin of oblivion. There had been many quarrels, wars and killings due to many reasons. One of the major causes has always been politics. It causes many disagreements among people. There had been many political ideologies, philosophies, campaigns and systems with different parties and governments. 3

There had been many revolutions and coups. All had always professed to be good for humanity because they wanted to change the world and make it better. The irony of it is that each of of them always becomes like the previous one and in the end, nothing changes. New political parties are formed, they rule and they are gone. Coups happen, the military takes over and rule by force and still everything remains the same. Revolutions happen that promise to change the society and the world but in the end, they create more problems than there were before and leave the people far worse. There had always been changes and the more things change the less anything changes. The fact that all revolutionaries, coup plotters and politicians fail to realize is that every society is made up of individuals. Society does not exist. It is the individuals who exist. RAM ACTION PARTY knows that if you desire to change the society, you must change the individuals.


But this is not easy because 99.9% of human beings are half-awake. They are not in control of their lives, so it is not easy for them to change. To kick old habits, change and start a new life is painful and not easy. Human beings are subject to many forces, some of which are internal while the others external. Human beings are creatures of habits and desires who cherish security. For hundreds of thousands of years, the elite human beings with the agenda to rule the world have removed all genuine information from the public, thereby keeping billions of human beings in the dark and ignorant of the secrets of Existence and Reality. Human beings have not developed their CONSCIOUSNESS and have been brain washed, conditioned, manipulated and exploited by the few Elites. Human beings have been hypnotized. As if that is not enough, they don’t even know that they are under hypnosis and that a few families and the elites of the world are the ones who pull the strings and create world events which favor and make them rich at the expense of the rest of the general public. Human beings have been socially, educationally, spiritually, psychologically, economically, and financially enslaved but hypnotized to believe that they are free and have a democracy that guarantees a free speech, association, civil rights, human rights and the right for selfdetermination to them. Politicians have always attempted to change the society by wholesale by making promises that they could not and would never be able to keep. Sometimes, they raise taxes and at the other times decrease it.


Right now in the City of New York, they plan to make the residents pay tax on plastic bags that are used in holding their groceries! They want to make the rich pay more tax and some of them like billionaire real estate tycoon, Donald Trump are grumbling and threatening to flee from New York. They are planning to make everyone who gets online and buy anything to pay tax! They are planning to raise the subway Metrocard fare from $2 to $3 even though the agency (MTA), that operates the subways and railroads squanders billions of dollars every year. They are also fond of playing economic games by raising and lowering interest rates that is one of the most powerful factors that affects the value of the currency and the economic trend. When things go wrong, instead of tackling the problem from the roots, they go for a QUICK FIX by enacting new laws and introducing new legislations which punish the majority of the good citizens because of the errors and mistakes of the few bad ones . They are obsessed by the delusional power of using laws and legislations to solve problems of existence. When one person makes a mistake, instead of investigating to find out what went wrong with the person and how to fix it, they will make a new law that punishes everyone! And why do they keep making new laws anyway? Will there be any end to law making? Will a day come when they would make a law against breathing? Will a day come when they will begin taxing people for breathing? Why are there 400 year old ludicrous and silly laws that are still in the law books in America?


When will all these archaic, stale and putrid laws be updated in order to fit the realities of our modern high technology world? It is silly that your family tells you one thing at home, but when you go to your church, synagogue, Temple or Mosque; your Priest, Rabbi, or Imam would tell you something else that is contradictory. Your state government tells you one thing but your school tells you something else that is contradictory. Why are they teaching innocent children and teenagers (6 to 16 years old) about condoms, how to use it, homosexuality, gay and anal sex at school? Some of these innocent little kids and teenagers who are bored and refuse to be brain washed are declared to be suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and are forced to start taking Ritalin and other anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications that have severe side effects such as psychosis, schizophrenia and can trigger homicidal and suicidal ideations. Who will forget the shootings and massacres of innocent school kids at Columbine and West Virginia schools by mentally disturbed kids who were taking these dangerous medications? At school, they teach you history, geography, chemistry, biology, anthropology, astronomy, religion that were created by the Elites, whose agenda is to keep humanity in darkness so it would be easy to keep manipulating, subjugating and exploiting them.

Later in life, when you conduct your own research and investigation about life, you become horrified to find out that everything they had taught you at school were unadulterated lies and half truths that were created by the 7

few elite families of the world who control world politics and events and whose agenda is to keep human beings ignorant of the truth of their existence, so that it would be easy to brainwash, condition, oppress and exploit them. The right knowledge and its application is what would give you power and freedom. However, when your head had been stuffed with the wrong knowledge, each time you try to apply it in your daily life to solve problems you fail and feel frustrated but had no idea you had been operating with the wrong knowledge. If you want success, good health, prosperity, freedom, wealth, fame and happiness, the SECRET is to seek and obtain the right knowledge and use it competently. Human beings have been fed the wrong knowledge that creates problems in their lives. This is the condition of billions of human beings in the world today. The whole society is disorganized with many forces and secret agents who have different agendas and espouse biased and corrupt philosophy, deceitful and invalid teachings and doctrines to boost their various agendas and interests. This leads to schizophrenia or a division and fragmentation of the psyche of human beings. 99% of human beings are not just schizophrenic but multi-psyche and multi-psychophrenic drones. Why are people being governed using laws that are 400 yrs old that are out of date that don’t apply to modern human beings anymore? Why are 2 billions human beings living according to fetid and reprehensible moral laws created by people who lived 2000 yrs ago just because they claimed it came from God?


This is one of the basic reasons why despite the great progress in science and technology and the transformations they have brought all over the world, things don’t improve but get worse. You cannot legislate human problems out of existence. The reason is that people are not in control of themselves, lives, actions and relationships among themselves. There is no number of legislations and laws that can rectify that. If somebody became a criminal due to a mental defect or genetic make-up or some other organic cause, no law or legislation would force him to stop being one. Therefore, incarceration would not be a deterrent either but instead makes the criminal stronger and more efficient because when he or she is sent to the prison, he or she would have the opportunity to meet and interact with other hardened and more experienced criminals who may have more knowledge than he or she has. If human beings are developed spiritually, morally and are in control of their lives, perhaps there would not be many social, economic and financial problems in the world. And when things go wrong, you can make laws that would compel them to change because they are in control of their lives. However, if they are not in control, how can any laws make them to change? Human beings may be grown and are adult in their bodies however, they are still babies and very weak spiritually, psychologically and mentally. The reason is that they have been brainwashed and manipulated to be weak. To make somebody weak is very easy. What you have to do is just withhold basic information about life and the secret of existence from him/her, prevent him or her from developing his spirituality and give him or her a couple of philosophically created gods to 9

worship so that he or she would always be a beggar and dependent on these fictitious “gods” to give him/her money, food and shelter either in this life or after death. What are the functions of a nation and government? One of the functions of a nation is to protect the association and relationships of people with the same ideas for the pursuit of a common destiny. It is the duty of the government to protect the interests of the nation of people while in pursuit of their various goals in life under one destiny. The governments and political parties of the world have failed humanity because they are not able to discharge any of their duties. Instead of direct democracy that represent the people for the people by the people, what we have now is the government of the people for the few and financed by the people or the public. This is politricks (aka Mobocracy.) It is an ingenious Kleptocracy that has been disguised to masquerade as democracy (aka Democrazy). The government and political parties are not working for the public anymore. The political parties are NOT working for the people anymore. Neither the parties nor the government cares for the basic needs of the people such as housing, food, good health, love, sex, comfort, freedom, spirituality, security, freedom of expression and association, job, business, commerce, success, prosperity and happiness. The government and the political parties have forgotten their functions. Most of the human problems cannot be solved by wholesale means but at retail at the individual level of beings.


People must be willing to change in order for the undesirable conditions in their lives to change. What we get in life depends largely on what we are, what we think and what we do. The origin of some of human problems is internal, inside the mind. The roots are inside us and not outside in the world. The expression is outside in the world. But the solution must begin from the roots that are inside the individual human beings.


CONSCIOUSNESS is the ultimate essence of each human being. CONSCIOUSNESS is the source of what we are and get in life. Therefore, unless the CONSCIOUSNESS is changed, nothing will change.

We can go on endlessly changing our conditions in life but each time, we would be thrown back to the original problem. We can change our bodies, minds, clothes, titles, homes, communities, cities, countries, education, schools, philosophies, beliefs, technology, agendas, economies, politics, policies, businesses, associations and even our gender and yet nothing will change unless we change our CONSCIOUSNESS. The reason is that only the outside is changing. The inside (our Consciousness) remains the same. The chooser (Consciousness) remains the same.


Unless the chooser (Consciousness) changes, the chosen (our minds and conditions of life in the world) will always remain the same and unchanged. On the outside, we keep changing our politics, philosophies, economies, parties and governments, but we do nothing about the inside of us, our inner reality (Consciousness). Therefore, no matter how often we change the outside, parties and governments, we end up with the same undesirable life conditions, problems, discord, quarrels, disharmony, antagonism, malcontent, failure, disappointments, frustrations, pain and misery. We are always creating revolutions in the world, outside of us. We are always changing the conditions of our lives from the outside. However, no matter how often we do that, the conditions ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE SOCIETY remain the same. The revolution must be done on the INSIDE, at the level of the individual human beings and his/her CONSCIOUSNESS. That is the only way the outside condition in life can change. The TRUE REALITY, the foundation or the CONSCIOUSNESS must change. When it does, everything else, the individual and all conditions in life and the world on the outside would change.


Changing the outside of the world, human conditions and societies do not change the inside of any human being because the inside (Consciousness) is stronger than the outside and it is the foundation of everything on the outside, in the world.

The inside or the individual CONSCIOUSNESS of human beings must change in order for the outside world, human condition and the whole society to change. Therefore, RAM ACTION PARTY would not be conducting politics as usual (aka politricks.) It will not attempt to legislate human problems out of existence. It would not try to be foolish by building prisons and trying to change human beings from the outside by force and using threats. It will not be interested in condemning a minority of the people and punishing them for not living up to the ideals of the majority in the society. Human beings are not solely responsible for what they do in life and their consequences happens to them and in the world and therefore to keep punishing human beings when they make mistakes is anti-nature, antireality, anti-existence, anti-productive, misconceived, mistaken, fallacious and must stop. Human beings are subject to many forces, natural forces, climatic, geomagnetic, marine, astrological, astronomical, cosmic and are affected by the lives of the earth, sun, solar system, the galaxy, the universe.


It would not be supporting any form of political revolution in the society because it does not work. It will not be supporting or doing anything that does not work. It is going to be unconventional, innovative, result-orientated and will rigorously create and enforce its policies in conformity with the facts of Reality and Existence. It would be a living party that is in harmony with Nature, Reality, Existence and the Universe. RAM ACTION PARTY understands human beings and their conditions in life and its economic and financial agendas would empower all. A political party that is pro-human and progressive. We are affected by the activities of higher beings such as the living planet earth, the Moon, living star, the stellar Sun, living Galaxy, living Universe and by what others think and do. We are constantly exchanging thoughts and ideas with one another and some of those ideas may be good or bad and some people may act on them or ignore them. These must be taken into accounts when we judge the conducts and actions of any human being. 15

The Reality is that all human beings are the children and parts of our living planet, the Earth, Gaia (formerly called Tiamat by ancient Sumerians), the living Sun, Solar system, the Galaxy and the Universe. Some of the ways to create a harmonious society with less government and laws are to conform to natural laws, through the understanding of the laws of Existence and the interaction of humans with them, through the cultivation, control and competent expression of our CONSCIOUSNESS, spirit, mind and the body. There are no innate real problems in the world. Problems happen due to our misunderstanding of Existence and our interaction with it and its myriad forces, in all of their ramifications. Problems originate from inside us (the mind and our past lives.) When there is a problem inside, it manifests outside in the world. Problems cannot be solved on the outside because when you solve one, the one will multiply into many more because the origin is hidden inside us (in our mind.) Problems can only be solved by going to the roots, which is CONSCIOUSNESS.

The body works for the mind and the mind works for the Spirit which also works for our CONSCIOUSNESS. What we call problems are the result of our ignorance of CONSCIOUSNESS, its development or cultivation, control and expression.




(1) Archaic US Constitution Needs To Be Updated
USA Constitution is out of date and needs to be re-written, updated and reempowered to synchronize with the realities of modern times.

(2) Too Many Archaic, Stale, Out Of Date Laws
Too many laws that were created many centuries ago are now archaic and invalid and must be discarded BECAUSE THEY DON’T APPLY ANYMORE TO OUR MODERN HIGH TECHNOLOGY WORLD.

(3) Many States Have Many Laws That Differ From Others
The different laws of different American states cause confusion and injustice. For example, in one state, abortion may be illegal but legal in the neighboring state. If you are a woman, who has an abortion in the state where it is legal, it is fine and there will be no problem. However, if you commit an abortion in the next-door state, where it is illegal, then it is not fine. You become a murderer and a criminal. In one state the possession of a hand gun or a weapon without a license may be legal but in the next door state it is not and if you are arrested, you will go to jail for many years. In one state, prostitution may be legal but in the nearby state, it is not.


If America is one nation or country, all the laws should be the same and apply equally in all the states. Laws should be made uniform and prison sentences should be made reasonable. For example, a criminal who committed an armed robbery should not serve a longer prison time than someone who committed murder. Judges must sentence people to reasonable number of years for crimes they committed. For example, it is stupid to sentence a 60 yr old man to 300 yrs in prison. Besides, when people are sentenced to prison, they must serve their times. It does not make any sense to have somebody serve 5 yrs for a crime that demands that he or she serves 25 yrs. The whole of the legal and justice system are rotten to the bone and must be discarded completely and a new and better system that ensures justice for all would be created. America must decide what it is. Is USA (America) a region, country or a federation of countries? What exactly is America, USA? Why are there federal, state, borough, city, district laws and jurisdictions? This is madness in broad day light.

(4) Politicians Make Empty Promises That They Don’t Keep And Get Away With Them
Why are politicians allowed to make promises that they cannot keep so as to be elected but after they are, they are not held responsible and accountable for not keeping those promises? This is fraud.


As if that is not bad enough, they run for re-election and are voted into offices again, instead of being imprisoned for fraud.

(5) Military Coups Are Undemocratic And Antihumanity
All military coups, no matter what are the reasons given by coup plotters must be outlawed globally and when they occur, all the countries of the world must join forces to shun, boycott and nullify them. Coups should be considered crimes against the state, the society, humanity and rejected.

(6) Term Limits Cannot Be Violated
Politicians should not be allowed to keep staying in the offices for as long as they are being elected. There should be term limits for all political offices. No politician must be allowed to change the term limits so as to enable him or her to remain in office and keep enriching himself and his cronies at the expense of the people. Any politician who could not keep his campaign promises should be prosecuted for fraud and sentenced to a jail. Any politician who fails to carry out his political campaign promises should be re-called and should be denied the protection of secret services and all benefits.

(7) Traffic Tickets Are Illegal And Fraudulent
Why are cities, especially the large ones allowed to continue to defraud its residents using traffic violations and ticketing as excuses? It is obvious that traffic violations and ticketing are major sources of revenues for many cities. 20

They deliberately create silly traffic rules and don’t have accurate traffic signs so that no matter what you do, you will violate one or more of these silly traffic rules so that they would give you a ticket and generate income. This is a fraud.

(8) Licensing Fees Should Be Curtailed
Why are there endless fees to be paid about practically everything you have to do? Why do you need a license for practically everything you do and must pay fees? Where is all the incomes generated from these fees going? Working class American people, especially the middle class have become virtually drones and working stiffs who live just to work to generate incomes for a few in the government employment to squander in order to support welfare and endless phony charitable programs run by relatives and friends of these elected government officials. This must stop. State and city officials have multi-millions of dollars of public money that they call discretionary or slush funds that they squander on these phony charitable (pork barrel) programs operated by their cronies and partners in crime and frauds.

(9) Fraud Galore
Why does everyone defrauds everyone else? The governments defraud the people. The corporations defraud the people. And the people themselves are defrauding each other.


Big corporations have big Political Action Committees, PACS, (aka professional bribers) lobbying for them and helping them to avoid paying taxes because they can structure their corporations to take advantage of various tax loopholes. America seems to be one gigantic, scam-ridden, sanctimonious, pretentious, self-righteous country because wherever you look and lift a stone, you sure would find one fraud, injustice or the other. How does America explain the fact it has one of the most anti-business regulations and enforcement in the world and yet one man, a very famous Wall street “mover and shaker” was able to steal about $67 billion dollars through a phony ponzi scheme, over a couple of decades without any detection. Even after the regulators were tipped off and he was investigated, still they could not detect a simple scam? And get this, despite stealing $67 billion of other people’s money, he is free out on bail. However, if you rob a bank and steal a few thousands of dollars and are caught, you are considered a flight risk and won’t get a bail and would be thrown into the slammer for dozens of years, (assuming you were not shot dead). Many charitable organizations and about 3000 investors have been financially ruined by this man, with a worldwide financial ramifications, in addition to causing the suicide deaths of two of his victims. Another financial crook in Florida stole several hundreds of millions of dollars of his customers' hard-earned money and then faked his death and disappeared. Florida appears to be a haven for assorted investment fraud artists and financial crooks because of its elderly population, who are rich. The other day, one attorney in Long Island New York who engaged in $20 million hedge fund scam and who was about to be exposed killed his wife, daughters and then himself. These are just the most recent ones. 22

Most people must have forgotten Ivan Boesky and Michael Milken’s junk bond financial swindles that nearly decimated Wall Street a few decades ago. It seems the rule is to just defraud and swindle people as much as you can and keep going until you are busted and are thrown into the slammer. The sub-prime mortgage meltdown and real estate crises have bankrupted Fannie Mae and Freddie. Even one of their executives who was hired to work out the problems became stressed out and committed suicide. Lack of liquidity and tight credit have created serious and financial quagmire that have affected many of the largest banks in America who are now being propped up by $700 billion in bailout TARP fund by the Treasury Department. Despite the infusion of billions of dollars into these banks, they have slammed shut their vaults and doors and not giving any loans to the businesses. The US govt. has pumped more than $200 billion dollars into one insurance company, AIG. This is more than the total GNP for the whole of Africa. All those billions of dollars pumped into one corporation? And what did they do with some of those billions? They used them to pay bonuses to the same employees who created the downfall of their company by gambling in dangerous derivative securities. Due to tight credit and the woes facing the financial system and the recession, many businesses are shutting down and laying off millions of people. All American automobile companies are in trouble. Chrysler just filed for bankruptcy and the once almighty General Motors, GM may follow. Ford is not doing any better. When millions of people lose their jobs, they cannot pay their mortgages, car loans, school fees, health insurance and therefore would lose their homes, cars and their children expelled from colleges. This is what is happening to millions of homeowners and average Americans today.


President Obama and his staff are working day and night to find answers to these dire economic and financial nightmares. But is difficult to believe that pouring trillions of dollars into banks, insurance companies and auto companies is the most sensible and effective way to stimulate the economy. These banks, insurance and auto companies were not investigated to discover why they failed and got into trouble; there was not accountability. Instead trillions of dollars were handed out to the same people who created the problems in those companies. So far, there is no evidence that the economy is being stimulated by this outrageous solution and improving. However, as he has said many times, things could get worse before they get better and Americans most brace themselves for the worse.

(10) Drug War Is A Joke
Drug dealers and suppliers are allowed to flood America with any kind of drugs imaginable and sometimes the drug dealers become informers for the government in exchange to be allowed to continue with their drug smuggling and trade that destroy millions of lives. And yet if you are caught with a few bags of coke or crack in the street of New York, your picture is splashed all over the major newspapers in America and you are on Network TV news every hr and considered a very dangerous criminal who should spend dozens of years in prison. The truth is that the people who abuse illegal drugs most are the rich people because they have the money and the connections to get any type of drugs that they desire. And yet, we hardly hear or read about any rich person being busted for drug possession, addiction or sales. And sometimes these supposedly drug enforcement agents would break down the door of your house in the middle of the night and tear your house apart searching for drugs because an informer had incorrectly given them the address of your home as a drug house.


(11) Many Government Departments Are Riddled With Incompetency
It is obvious that many branches of the government in USA have serious problems and are no longer working well, serving the people and seriously need to be reformed and re-calibrated. Various US departments have been empowered by US Congress to set up sting operations that ensnare small businesses and companies. They are given the choice to go to trials or pay fines. Many of these small companies cannot afford going on trials because the bad publicity would make them lose all their customers and drive them into bankruptcy. Therefore, they are forced to pay millions of dollars of fees in settlements. Where do the millions of dollars go? The government department keeps it. This is extortion. Many Departments are making hundreds of millions of dollars every year extorting money from small businesses and companies. The government cannot be making laws on one hand, punishing lawbreakers while on another hand, breaking its own laws.

(12) The Two Major Political Parties Have Failed The American People
There are now just a few differences between the two major political parties. To run for the mayor of a major big city these days, you need to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. This makes it possible for only rich and well-connected candidates to run and win elections. 25

For that reason, it can be concluded that there is no more democracy but eliteocracy, the government of the few elites by the elite and for the elites. The government of the rich and famous for the rich and powerful but at the expense of the people. The major political parties seem to have the same political philosophies and agendas that are basically taxing the people to death and squandering that money and using the police and the army to muzzle the people from protesting against this lunacy and kleptocracy that they claim is democracy. What kind of democracy is this where you need $70 million to finance a campaign for the election to be a mayor and $700 million to finance a campaign to be the president? It is obvious this brand of democracy is a misnomer. It is only democracy in name. It is only for rich people and the elites who are capable of raising several hundreds of millions of dollars from their rich friends, who work together, help each other and protect one another. What they have now is a kleptoeliteocracy of the few elites for a few elites at the expense and labors of the majority who are mostly the working middle class and small business owners.





(1) A Plan To Usher In A New Economic Prosperity For All Americans!
The major problem facing America today is economic. America has become a nation of consumers and welfare.


America has been addicted to debt and living on borrowed money from Saudi Arabia, Japan and China. RAM ACTION PARTY would change this ugly trend by discouraging all corporations from out-sourcing jobs overseas. It would encourage the middle class to start new businesses and supply them with all financial and human resources that they need, so that all consumer goods would be manufactured here in USA. RAM ACTION PARTY would turn America back to a manufacturing economic power that would begin to produce all of its consumer goods for both American and overseas markets.

(2) RAM ACTION PARTY Would Rebuild America’s Crumbling And Archaic Infrastructure
RAM ACTION PARTY would rebuild all of America’s crumbling infrastructures because they are very vital to America’s economic and industrial activities and health. They are the economic, financial and social lifelines for America’s industrial power and world supremacy. By doing so, hundreds of new jobs would be created and the economy would be re-vitalized and America would prosper.


(3) Change America’s Foreign Policy And Stop Unnecessary Wars

RAM ACTION PARTY would change American foreign policies from negative to positive and friendly in order to decrease all the hostilities and terrorism towards America. This will reduce incidences of America engaging in wars that drain its financial and human resources. Instead of squandering trillions of dollars in stock piling weapons and fighting wars, RAM ACTION PARTY would invest those trillions of dollars in American people and its economy. This will open up new markets for American made goods and usher in economic and financial prosperity.

(4) Stop America’s Dependency On Foreign Oil Supply

RAM ACTION PARTY would embark on a national energy program to create alternative nonfossil source energy and wean America from its dependency on fossil fuel and foreign oil.


Dependency on foreign oil is a major weakness that America has because its suppliers of oil could bring her to her knees and cripple its economy by cutting oil supply. RAM ACTION PARTY would support all companies who research, invent, develop and create alternative sources of energy to power American economy.

(5) Revamp And Re-empower America’s Educational System
American educational system has degenerated to an all time low because high schools and colleges are now graduating functional illiterates who cannot even locate America on a map of the world. Only private and charter schools seem to be working. However, only students from rich families are benefiting from this. The success and long time survival of any country depends on the literacy of its citizens. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. In America, it is being squandered and destroyed with tremendous alacrity. Why is America importing its work force from overseas while American citizens are roaming its streets jobless, addicted on drugs, liquor, and committing crimes? RAM ACTION PARTY would fix this ugly trend by revamping the whole educational system, increase the salaries of teachers and professors, reduce the number of students in each classroom and build more schools.


(6) Revamp America’s Nightmarish Healthcare System

One of the most outrageous problems in America is the high cost of medical treatment. Millions of Americans don’t have and cannot afford any health or medical insurance.

The government spends hundreds of billions of dollars annually to support its Medicaid and Medicare programs. These programs had been abused for decades because hospitals and insurance companies have been over-billing the government thereby fraudulently draining its financial resources that could have been used to fix other problems. RAM ACTION PARTY would end America’s health care and health insurance nightmares because the health of any nation depends on the health of its citizens.

(7) Revamp America’s Trillion Dollars Welfare And Social Security System
One of the most costly of America’s social system is the welfare program. America spends trillions of dollars operate various welfare programs. Instead of moving people into welfare and culture of dependency, drugs, idleness, hustling and hopelessness, RAM ACTION PARTY would turn this ugly trend around by encouraging people to go back to being proud, working jobs and creating businesses. 32

There are millions of healthy Americans who are on welfare, receiving disability benefits but who are healthy and capable of working and being productive. However, they are not because they make more money being on welfare than working jobs. RAM ACTION PARTY would change this. Americans are among the most creative people in the world as well as the most hardworking. RAM ACTION PARTY would put American people back to work and make them proud of being productive again.

(8) Revamp America’s Homeland Security

There are many American ports that continue to be unprotected despite the 911 tragedy. There are still hundreds of containers that enter these ports daily uninspected, thereby posing a serious security risk to the country. Terrorists can smuggle any type of bombs and weapons through these ports. Some of America’s borders are still unprotected and pose security risk. Many American nuclear power plants, nuclear waste dumpsites, energy grids, National monuments and historical sites are inadequately protected and are sitting ducks for terrorist attacks that could doom America. RAM ACTION PARTY would greatly beef up security of America in order to reduce the possibility of homegrown terrorism and terrorist strikes. America must be very secured in order to continue to lead the world. 33

No country will follow another weak country.

(9) America’s Legal System Is Worse Than A Nightmare On Elms Street
RAM ACTION PARTY would empanel a committee of the best legal minds in the country to study the deplorable antiquated and corrupt legal system and figure out how to deconstruct and reconstruct it again. It is a complete disgrace and disservice to the American people.

(10) Prison Reform
There are many things wrong with the prison and parole systems. There are hundreds of people suffering inside there for crimes that they never committed because they could not afford good attorneys or evidence used to convict them had been tampered with. In some cases, the forensic evidences that would have established their innocence and exonerated them were ignored and not obtained and used. RAM ACTION PARTY would examine all the cases that have reasonable doubts and take very strident and careful measures to release those who have been railroaded and falsely imprisoned. RAM ACTION PARTY would also change the parole system because it is not working. 34

RAM ACTION PARTY would investigate all cases of prison abuse of inmates and set up real rehabilitative programs to turn convicted prisoners lives around to re-enter the society after serving their terms as responsible and productive people.

(11) Combat Drug, Alcoholic Abuse And Addiction
More than 55% of Americans abuse prescription (Xanax, Oxycontin, and others) and illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, (crystal meth) heroin, opium, ecstasy, PCP, LSD and many others. It is a major epidemic that had been eroding and corroding the very fabric of America’s sanity, well being, spirit, soul and foundation. And yet the major campaign against this had been mostly silly public TV ads asking the public to say “No” to drugs. What a sick joke. The very people who say they are fighting a “war” against drugs are also, the major suppliers. And not only do they supply drugs to American people but they also exchange them for weapons. (Remember the Iran Contra scandal?) They supply weapons manufactured using taxpayers money to terrorists who pay them with drugs from the drug crooks that they are supposed to be fighting against and then flood American large cities with the drugs, thereby generating hundreds of billions of dollars that they hide in their Swiss bank accounts. Their drug war is simply a war to keep the public away from taking part in the highly lucrative drug trade so they would monopolize it.


If they are really spending billions of dollars fighting a war against drugs, can you explain why America is over-flowing with illegal drugs and millions of people are addicted by them? One major mistake that many people who are sincerely concerned about the menace of drugs make is that they are engrossed in fighting the symptoms (drugs) instead of the disease itself. People take illegal drugs because of a host of reasons. Find out those reasons and deal with them and they would stop taking illegal drugs. RAM ACTION PARTY would carefully study the drug problem, formulate and enact realistic drug policies and programs that would combat alcoholic and drug addiction from their root origins.

(12) Create And Enforce Reasonable Immigration Laws That Would Stop Illegal Immigration
Illegal immigration is one of the most controversial thorny issues in America. Some Americans are angry about it because they say foreigners are illegally entering US and taking away all the jobs and also receiving various benefits from the country and they don’t pay any tax. They take and take but give back nothing because they work off the books


and don’t pay any tax. However, some Americans on the other hand argue that the jobs that these illegal immigrants do are the ones that the Americans don’t like to do which are low paying menial and dangerous ones. RAM ACTION PARTY believes it is counter-productive for the government to be spending billions of dollars building walls at the borders and also chasing illegal immigrants to keep them away from entering the country to do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do. As if this is not mad enough, these Americans prefer to receive disability and welfare benefits instead of doing these jobs because they can get more money free from welfare than they can make from these menial jobs. If Americans don’t want to do these jobs, somebody must do them. Therefore, why not let these immigrants come in legally to do the jobs? If they entered illegally and are needed to do these jobs, whey not legalize their statuses? Or if you don’t want them to illegally enter into US, why not stop arming and supporting their oppressive and corrupt kleptomaniac governments? Why not spend the same billions of dollars used in building china walls (to keep them away) to help them develop their economies and create jobs for them so that they don’t have to continue illegally trying to migrate into US? Why does an immigrant have to spend thousands of dollars in applying to become a resident and eventually a citizen? It seems that the immigration lotto that have been going on is a major scam used to generate billions of dollars from poor immigrants who desire to migrate to America for various reasons. Most are victims of American foreign policies. Why does it take 8 yrs-10 yrs for an immigrant to apply and become a citizen? Why does an immigrant have to marry an American to become a citizen? 37

The original criminals and outcastes from Europe who first settled in America never married the native Americans to become legal residents of America. They did not enter with any passports or visas, so they were in truth and fact illegal immigrants. Therefore, all the present Americans who are very vocal and critical of immigrants should be reminded that they are descendants of these original illegal immigrants and therefore they are illegal too. Talk about a kettle calling another kettle black. They should read American history to know how their ancestors from Europe and Russia entered US starting about 608 yrs ago. They did not get permission from native American owners of American land to come to US! Did the native Americans make them wait for 8-10 yrs to grant them citizenships? And why are people from certain countries entering into US without passports or visas while others must have passports and visas? This is racism and discrimination, especially given the fact that American land belongs to native Americans and Africans. Besides, it was African blood and sweat that built America into a world super power. America continues to depend on oil from African lands (Saudi Arabia is an African Land taken over by the Arabs), as well as on gold, diamond and other mineral resources from Africa. Before the native Americans came here from China, the Africans were here and were the original owners of the American land. (They were called the Olmecs) African people are the original human beings on earth therefore this is an African planet and the proof of it has been established by


paleoanthropologists who have proved that all the races of human beings originated from Africa at least a millions yrs ago. Therefore, Africa, no matter how much other races denigrate and disparage her is the mother of modern humanity. In the beginning, there was only one land mass or continent, Africa. With time, this continent fragmented into many continents and drifted away from each other to form the other continents of the world we have today. Besides, modern scientists have admitted that African people are the first homo sapiens to appear on Earth, therefore one can conclude that all the land on Earth are African lands! Especially America and Saudi Arabia. All the other races of homo-sapiens have come out of Africans and Africa. More than half of America was formerly owned by the Mexicans. America expanded only after the Louisiana purchase and also Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and also after California were purchased or stolen from the Mexicans. Think about it. How big will America be without all the southern states such as Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico; and then Colorado, Nevada, and California?

(13) Stop Human, Civil Rights Abuses, Racism, Discrimination, Exploitation Of Women, Children And Animals.
America is a Capitalist society where people thrive on capitalizing on the weaknesses of others to create wealth no matter how morally objectionable it is. As long as money is flowing, nobody cares. 39

Making money is all that matters and most people would sell their souls to the devil just to make money. It is hypocritical for America to be preaching to other countries about human and civil rights abuses while there are more human and civil rights abuses in America than in the whole world. In almost every major American city, there seems to be a war going on between its law enforcement officers and non-Caucasian citizens. The non-Caucasians are unfairly targeted and profiled, brutalized and criminalized. In some cases they are charged with crimes they never committed and incarcerated because they think when a crime happens, somebody must be arrested for it, even though he/she did not do it. Americans have not forgotten how Amadou Diallo was murdered, even though he was unarmed and not in any process of committing any crime. Americans have not forgotten the murder of Eleanor Bumpers. The beating and assault of Rodney King was captured live and triggered a riot in California and elsewhere. What about a young man named Sean Bell of Brooklyn, New York, who was shot 50 times even though he never committed any crime, just because of the color of his skin and false assumptions. What is the cause of all these police hatred and brutality? Why is America awash in crimes? This is because crime is big business in America. It is how some of the law enforcement agents earn money to buy houses and start private security companies. The more crimes that are committed, the more they gain because they can do overtime and make extra thousands of dollars. Therefore, in many large American cities, it is not a question of committing crime but meeting an “arrest quota” for the week and month.


Innocent citizens are ensnared in sting operations and enticed to commit crimes and arrested. Women are addicted to illegal drugs and are then forced to act in the most sickening and perverted porn movies because they are paid large amount of money that they need to support their drug habits and expensive life styles. In the end most of them commit suicides America watches and do nothing. Violence, alcoholic and drug addiction, sick porn, media brain washing and manipulation of its citizens, crimes, immorality, scams, racism, joblessness and hopelessness have reached an all time high. One man even tried to auction his soul at eBay. Another young teenage woman who claimed to be a virgin tried to auction off her virginity at eBay too. A few days ago, after a man who worked in the hospital with his wife in Los Angeles lost his job, he went home, killed his wife, five children and then himself. America is soaked in human, civil rights abuses and racisms. Laws filled with loopholes on how to evade and circumvent them are being created. It may be difficult to believe but the very entity that make the laws and are supposed to enforce them are often the most frequent and reckless violators of the same laws. RAM ACTION PARTY would not bother harassing other countries of the world about their human and civil rights abuses. RAM ACTION PARTY would first clean up the big stinking mess in America by vigorously enforcing all human and civil rights laws in order to protect all of the people no matter their ethnicities, races, religions, gender or social statuses.



RAM ACTION PARTY would create a leadership council to represent every ethnic group in America. The council would meet monthly to discuss inter-ethnic and racial issues and formulate agendas and programs that would reduce tensions among the ethnic and racial groups, foster good will and friendly relations and cooperation socially and in business among them. When America leads by example, other countries would not have many choices but to fall into line and do the right things.

(14) Revamp Agricultural Department, Food And Drug Administration, (FDA) And Federal Trade Commission, (FTC)

These three departments are very vital for the health and well-being of American people because people have to be very healthy and of sound psychological mind to be productive members of the society. Health is the greatest asset that any nation can boast of.


And yet these three departments seem to have forgotten what their jobs are. RAM ACTION PARTY intends to re-vamp them and put them back to working for the best interests of the American people. Americans are being fed food that is contaminated with too much salt, preservative, additives, hormones that create sickness in them after being consumed. That is why there is a high rate of diabetes that leads to heart diseases, kidney failure, blindness, amputation, stroke and other deadly diseases in America.

(15) Create Department Of Family And Children Affairs To Stop Domestic Violence And Rebuild American Traditional Family.
The American traditional family structure and values have crumbled and decayed. Most families are now single parent and very dysfunctional. Children from these homes have been psychologically battered and not normal.


Many become bisexual, lesbians and homosexuals, which could be one of the causes of the high and rapid growing rate of homosexuality among teenagers in America. Many college girls are making money prostituting themselves by acting as nude models via their webcams and sometimes they graduate to act in real filthy porn movies. The child protective services who are supposed to protect the children are now over-zealously victimizing parents and thereby endangering the welfare of the children they are supposed to be protecting. They remove them from their families and put them in foster cares homes, without any adequate monitoring. Some of the foster care families use them to make money by receiving benefits on their behalves that they use for their own personal expenses at the neglect of the foster children. In some cases, they sexually abuse and molest them. The whole system stinks and needs to be torn down and rebuilt up again, brick-by-brick because the family is the basic unit that makes up the society. When there is a serious problem at the family level like in America, it affects the whole society in every way. The traditional family structure mist be restored. The traditional family values must be restored and enforced. People should stop being encouraged to have 44

children out of wedlock that they cannot afford to take care of. Young women should be assisted when they have unwanted pregnancy, instead of condemning them and rejecting the unwanted pregnancies. Programs that encourage them to have children out of wedlock in order to get welfare money should be discouraged. The bastardization, moral corruption and pollution of America, spearheaded by mass media, TV shows and movies programming must stop. The divorce laws in America are vicious because they discriminate and destroy fathers. They must be rectified. Fathers are being made to pay child support and if they fail or miss a payment, they are harrassed and in some cases arrested and imprisoned. For some fathers who have joint custodies for their children, the relationships to their children are deviously destroyed by their mothers who poison their minds against the fathers even though those fathers are paying child supports, palimonies, alimonies and making other family expenses. RAM ACTION PARTY will create a 50 state delegates or representatives to help create a family bill to clearly define what is the relationship between the state to the family, the relationship between the husband and wife, the relationship between children and their parents and their various responsibilities to one another. Their obligations and rights should be clearly defined, and each must understand its role and they should be enforced. The American family is sickeningly very disorganized. RAM ACTION PARTY plans to finally organize the American family so as to empower it because it is the foundation.


(16) End Homelessness In America
Homelessness has been a very serious social problem that has plagued America for many decades. There are many types of people who become homeless for various reasonspeople who lost their jobs or were evicted and could not afford to rent another apartment, veterans, single parent families, teenage mothers, single men and women. As if that is not enough, many American cities are now releasing exconvicts on parole to live in shelters instead of half way houses. Psychiatric patients are also being sent to live in these shelters. The shelters have become a special gathering place for citizens from diverse social backgrounds with a common problem-homelessness. The homeless have become the new outcastes, the untouchables and the discarded members of the society. They are being treated like criminals and even worse sometimes. They are being experimented on without their consents. They are fed junk, left over foods even though they cost the cities several millions of dollars. Because they are homeless, down and out, the staff of these shelters conclude that they are not supposed to have decent meals because they don’t deserve it even though the same amount of money spent in feeding junk foods to them can be used to supply and feed them with wholesome foods. The cities and states have not been doing anything to solve this problem. What they had been doing had been to warehouse the homeless and ship them from one shelter to another and use them in generating federal funds. They are not building any new houses or apartments. 46

If the major problem of the homeless is that they don’t have homes, why are the cities and states not building new homes and apartments so that the homeless can move into them? This is what RAM ACTION PARTY would do. It would tackle the homelessness problem from the roots by building new homes and apartments that would be affordable to the low income citizens; it would create jobs so they would be employed and have incomes to pay for their apartments; give them adequate medical and psychiatric treatments so that they would be able to lead productive, progressive and positive lives.

(17) Revamp American Industries Instead Of Shipping All The Jobs Overseas And Creating An Epidemic Of Joblessness + Hopelessness
Many American industries have fallen on hard times due to many reasons. Many big multi-billion corporation have been shipping jobs overseas to India, China and Indonesia as well as South America where there are cheap labor in order to increase their profits.

This had led to the closing of many American factories that have created high unemployment and the decrease in GNP.


The American welfare is also a factor. Many healthy lower class citizens have gone on welfare, receiving supplement social income and disability payments, because for some, they receive the same amount from these programs that they would make, if they were working, so there was no need for them to work. For at least more than a century, America was the leading industrial and manufacturing giant of the world. RAM ACTION PARTY would revitalize all the crumbled American factories and industries so that America would again become a manufacturing and industrial giant.

(18) Stop Environmental Pollution
Even though there is an agency that had been created to protect the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) with billions of dollars in budget, America continues to struggle with serious environment problems. Many manufacturing companies flagrantly pollute the lands, rivers and airs. The EPA cannot keep up with their tasks because despite their large budget, they are overwhelmed by the rate at which these corporations pollute the environments. Hazardous waste materials are being buried in the lands, dumped in the rivers, lakes and are released into the atmosphere. These chemicals enter into our food and drinking water and become instrumental in causing various health problems and diseases. The most notable of these pollutions are dioxin and asbestos. 48

(19) Revamp Pentagon, America’s Armed Forces, The Marines, The Veterans Affairs Department, And Police Departments
The pentagon is one of the most highly funded US departments whose budget runs into trillions. RAM ACTION PARTY believes in providing the most effective security for America. The problem is NOT the Pentagon.

The problem comes from the defense contractors who over bill Pentagon in all the contracts that they get. Americans still remember the Pentagon scandal when it was reported how Pentagon used to pay thousands of dollars for defective products, such as a toilet seat that cost thousands of dollars and nuts and bolts used in construction that cost hundreds of dollars and how inferior American military hardware especially helicopters used in some of American wars kept crashing and killing American soldiers. Many of the high tech weapons don’t work because they were made with inferior materials, even though they cost more than a thousand times what they ought to cost. RAM ACTION PARTY would revamp the Pentagon and re-empower it so as to make it fit to continue to ensure the complete security of America.

(20) Revamp The Central Intelligence Agency, (THE CIA)
What has happened the the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA? 49

They used to be the the foremost spy agency in the world but not anymore. It is now bloated with unlimited funds and bureaucratic quagmire, confusion, inefficiency and slothfulness. It does not have any more clear goal and direction. It needs serious shakeup, deconstruction, reconstruction and re-calibration. If this cannot be done, it would be preferable to scrap this agency and let America outsource all of its spy work to the Mossad and British MI6. It defies logic and common sense how America spends trillions of dollars in spying and yet American embassies were attacked, 9-11 happened, America was bombed, not once but twice and many thousands of innocent Americans lost their lives. All the spy agencies of other countries, the Mossad and British MI6, the French and Egyptians, all knew about 9-11 and even tipped the CIA off and yet 9-11 still happened. Things have gone too far and something must be done to make sure that 911 must never happen again. The revamping of CIA and FBI would help to prevent a reoccurrence of this sordid terrorist nightmare.

RAM ACTION PARTY will need 10 yrs to be properly established and become operational. It will need $100 billion to become organized and be capable to begin implementing its agenda. At this time, it is not engaged in any political activities or business in any way.


At this time, RAM ACTION PARTY cannot accept membership or any political donations or do any fund-raising, until it is properly established and then it would be publicly announced and membership activities and donations may commence. However, we invite you to become our friend by adding us to your friends’ list, spreading information about us by word of mouth, e-mail, advertisement and by inviting your friends to become our friend. Even if you are a member of other political parties, you may still be our friend. RAM ACTION PARTY is going to be the party of all Americans. No, you don’t have to leave your present party to become our friend. However, if you wish America well and don’t want it destroyed and if you desires that America be upgraded and re-empowered to start working and benefiting all Americans, then please consider becoming our friend, supporting us and spreading word about us online through articles, blogs and offline on Radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. Thank you.


Many of the largest corporations, companies, factories, industries and businesses are owned by multi-millionaires and billionaires. Therefore, any changes in US political and economical systems would greatly affect them. For this reason, we invite all multi-millionaires and billionaires to consider becoming our friends, to support us in our efforts to build Ram Action Party up, so as to be able to save America, its corporations and businesses from destruction and also to be able to upgrade and empower her. Please consider becoming members of the Ram Action Party National Leadership Council, state chairpersons and other party officials. Thank you. I-KEY BENNEY, (FOUNDER AND CHAIRMAN) RAINBOW AMERICAN ACTION PARTY (A SUBSIDIARY OF RAINBOW WORLD ACTION PARTY, “THE RAW ACTION PARTY”) New York City Please send all e-mails to: rainbow_party@maximumedge.com Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rainbow_party Twitter: http://twitter.com/rainbowparty Facebook: Rainbowparty Blog: http://rainbow_party.livejournal.com