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Short Term Disability

Special Enrollment
Starts Oct. 1, 2013
No Medical Exams to Complete
Guaranteed Coverage of Short
Term Disability Insurance
Available to all active City
CALL US - (213) 225-1792
City Employees Club
311 S. Spring St. Ste 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Arlene Herrero
(213) 225-1792
Offer Ends
DEC 31, 2013
Should you geI Injured Irom a covered Injury or Illness ouIsIde
oI work, your shorI Ierm dIsabIlIIy Insurance wIll pay you a
cash paymenI Io spend on day-Io-day expenses lIke housIng,
Iood, car paymenIs, and even addIIIonal medIcal cosIs noI
covered by your healIh Insurance. You won'I have Io worry
abouI usIng your savIngs or IncurrIng addIIIonal debI.
o medical eams to comlete
Benefts of Short Term Disability Insurance Why You Need a Short Term Disability Plan
Not a Club Member, but want to enroll?
Covers of-the-job injuries and illness
Cover you up to 60% of your monthly income
If you leave or retre from the City, you can take
your coverage with you.
Guaranteed renewable to age 70
12 month beneft afer 14 day eliminaton period
Receive a cash beneft paid directly to you
*Enrollee must be an actively working City Employee and a City
Employees Club Member in good standing as of September 9, 2013.
IoInIng Ihe Club Is easy and benecIal. For more InIormaIIon, please
conIacI us and we'll be glad Io help you geI sIarIed.


Short Term Disability
Special Enrollment
Starts Oct. 1, 2013
No Medical Exams to Complete
Guaranteed Coverage of Short
Term Disability Insurance
Available to all active City
CALL US - (213) 225-1792
City Employees Club
311 S. Spring St. Ste 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Arlene Herrero
(213) 225-1792
Offer Ends
DEC 31, 2013
Should you geI Injured Irom a covered Injury or Illness ouIsIde
oI work, your shorI Ierm dIsabIlIIy Insurance wIll pay you a
cash paymenI Io spend on day-Io-day expenses lIke housIng,
Iood, car paymenIs, and even addIIIonal medIcal cosIs noI
covered by your healIh Insurance. You won'I have Io worry
abouI usIng your savIngs or IncurrIng addIIIonal debI.
o medical eams to comlete
Benefts of Short Term Disability Insurance Why You Need a Short Term Disability Plan
Not a Club Member, but want to enroll?
Covers of-the-job injuries and illness
Cover you up to 60% of your monthly income
If you leave or retre from the City, you can take
your coverage with you.
Guaranteed renewable to age 70
12 month beneft afer 14 day eliminaton period
Receive a cash beneft paid directly to you
*Enrollee must be an actively working City Employee and a City
Employees Club Member in good standing as of September 9, 2013.
IoInIng Ihe Club Is easy and benecIal. For more InIormaIIon, please
conIacI us and we'll be glad Io help you geI sIarIed.

Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association Medical Plan may

cover this examination. Contact your plan provider to verify.
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2 November 2013
!B|N IH| |0N ANB |N!BY B|||B|B0S |BBB
IB B0Y I|BK|IS rt1rt BrrrK Vr||| 1t 1rr|||@|1!r1.r r (B!B) B3~3BB!
Irs11, Nrrm|rr !1, ZB!3
!!.3B A t 4.BB P
AB0|I I|BK|I ~ $ZB
(|r|. 3 t1rs |t| Ht St!! S1|s1, ! j|t)
BH||BK|N !Z & 0NB|K ~ $!B
(|r|. ! t1r r ! r|rrsr rs11|||1,
r|rr & |r1s, ! 1r|K)
!3!Z B|V|K|Y B|VB, |BS ANB|||S BA
November 2013 3
16th AnnuAl lAFD InvItAtIonAl GolF tournAment
MountainGate Country Club played host to the LAFD Invitational
Golf Tournament. Held to beneft the Widows, Orphans & Disabled
Firemens Fund, it gave tournament sponsors a chance to play with
the frefghters that theyve chose to support and raised more than
$80,000 for frefghter families . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 06
SAnDlot SoFtbAll tournAment
It was a great sunny day at Santa Monica beach, perfect
for a few competitive rounds of Over-the-Line. No umpires.
Keep your own scores. Few rules and a lot of latitude made
for a fun day in the sand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
lAFDS beStowS hIGheSt honorS
Medals of Valor, Medals of Merit and Letters of Special
Commendations were awarded to 40 frefghters and
paramedics who risked their lives to save others at a luncheon
hosted by the Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation . . . . . 15
wounDeD wArrIor weekenD
22 LAFD Fire Stations partnered with USC to bring
military veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project to
Los Angeles for a weekend of camaraderie, fun and football . . 17
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on the cover:
Physical rescue - Granada Hills
Photo by:
Steve Gentry
Vol. XC NoVember 2013 No. 04
!B|N IH| |0N ANB |N!BY B|||B|B0S |BBB
IB B0Y I|BK|IS rt1rt BrrrK Vr||| 1t 1rr|||@|1!r1.r r (B!B) B3~3BB!
Irs11, Nrrm|rr !1, ZB!3
!!.3B A t 4.BB P
AB0|I I|BK|I ~ $ZB
(|r|. 3 t1rs |t| Ht St!! S1|s1, ! j|t)
BH||BK|N !Z & 0NB|K ~ $!B
(|r|. ! t1r r ! r|rrsr rs11|||1,
r|rr & |r1s, ! 1r|K)
!3!Z B|V|K|Y B|VB, |BS ANB|||S BA
4 November 2013
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November 2013 5
By John Jacobsen
he month of November is upon us
and the year is just about over. Cel-
ebrating Thanksgiving has always
been a big day for family and friends, and
I dont think this year should be any dif-
ferent. Whether you are working in the
engine house or getting together at a rela-
tives place, take a look around and give
thanks for what you have. Sometimes we
miss the obvious when there are other dis-
Our 2013 LAFD Golf Tourna-
ment was a great success, most certainly
for our organization, but also for just about
everyone who made it out to support us. I
cant begin to say Thank You enough to all
of our volunteers, staff and supporters who
devoted both their time and money. I hope
everyone enjoyed themselves because if
you didnt have a good time, you were do-
ing it wrong. Its a humbling experience to
hear people express their gratitude about
this organization, even more so when its
coming from someone whos been helped.
There continues to be a great deal
of concern about our healthcare system
and the effects of the Affordable Health-
care Act. Most of you would probably
agree that the uncertainty of what will or
will not happen is very unsettling. We will
continue to communicate as effciently as
possible the impact to our plan and our
membership. We are on course and in
compliance with all the necessary com-
ponents at this time - but I stress at this
time. It is certainly going to continue to
be an ongoing process, even if the current
policy remains in place. One of the routine
issues that arises is that a news medium
will report or write a story that might high-
light a loss of benefts, reduction of service
or some other signifcant concern. The
old adage that the devil is in the details
couldnt be more true.
The LAFRA PPO plan was giv-
en a rather bitter pill to swallow recently.
Express Scripts is making a formulary
change and stated that there will be 48
brand name drugs that they will no lon-
ger offer. The option for LAFRA was to
accept this change or opt out. If we opt
out, it will cost the LAFRA PPO plan a
signifcant amount of money. If we opt
in, our plan will see some substantial sav-
ings in this area. The Medical Committee
has discussed this at length and identifed
that there will be some member disruption
because of this drug exclusion list. Trying
to balance delivering the best Health plan
possible, while contending with the fnan-
cial reality is diffcult to say the least. We
do know that some members will have no
issues with changing to alternative drugs,
while others may have concerns. This will
affect all companies contracting with Ex-
press Scripts and does not only include
LAFRA. This formulary change will begin
January 1, 2014. Informational letters will
be sent to members and providers prior
to this date. This is something new for us
to have to contend with, as our PPO plan
has not had this type of drug exclusion list
to date. When someone asks if you have
had any impacts that you felt were due to
the Affordable HealthCare Act . . . here
is another. Notifcation letters with all of
the information will be sent out to those
affected with options and what do we do
now literature.
As I commented on
the new LAFRA leadership for
2014 last month, we are start-
ing to make the move for the
smoothest transition possible.
One unfortunate and heavily
signifcant factor in this pro-
cess is the retiring of David Ned
Smith, our Executive Director
of close to seven years. Dave
has been an invaluable asset to
LAFRA since he joined us and
will be genuinely missed. Hiring
a professional executive was a
big step in helping to move our
LAFRA Board in the direction
we desired. Some outside per-
spective gave us the occasional nudge that
is sometimes needed. We all wish him and
his family the best, and hope that he can
now spend that valuable asset most of us
seem to forget about or never have enough
of time. Dave will be with us for a few
more months while we take on the process
of hiring a new Executive Director, as he
is a true professional to his duties.
Elections are here and ballots
should be reaching your hands shortly.
Please review the materials thoroughly
and your LAFRA Board would encourage
a positive vote on the Bylaw changes that
are being put before you.
Please join us at our Open House
on December 7th for some camaraderie
and the festivities. We will be honoring
Lee Kebler for his many years of dedica-
tion to our LAFD members, young and
old. It is a great time to meet some of the
Staff and Trustees that take care of our
John E. Jacobsen
(323) 259-5200
6 November 2013
bY JoDY HoUSer
Photos by:
laura lichter -
Juan-Carlos Sanchez
David Vienna
November 2013 7
n September 23rd, 2013, MountainGate Country Club once
again played host to the LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament.
Held to beneft the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens
Fund, the tournament remained a popular draw for supporters and
frefghters in its 16th year. This years event raised over $80,000 for
frefghter families.
After the golfers received their tee bags, including golf shirts
donated by Kevin Wright of Morgan Stanley, the crew from Station
88 executed the impressive golf ball drop from the top of a ladder
truck. This was the third year for the golf ball drop raffe, and it was
more popular than ever. Hundreds of golf balls were sold by an
army of volunteers, including Valerie Lawrence, winner of a dinner
at a frehouse for the most sales. The grand prize winner, Joe
Edwards of HealthSCOPE Benefts, generously donated his $2,500
prize back to Widows & Orphans.
The scramble-style tournament was a fun opportunity
for golfers of all skill levels to relax and enjoy playing amidst the
beautiful scenery. It was also an excellent chance for sponsors to
spend time with the very frefghters that theyve chose to support.
Its always a time of good camaraderie, and although winning the
tournament isnt necessarily the focus of the day, it was great to see
that several of the winning teams included frefghters as players. Of
course, with Firemans Brew and Hula Girls out on the course, there
was plenty of fun to be had too.
The highlight of the post-golf cocktail hour was the annual
silent auction, always a favorite among attendees. Items from golf
at Bel Air Country Club to Hello Kitty packages were in hot demand
from bidders. By the time the bidding period came to an end, the
8 November 2013
silent auction had raised over $10,000 for Widows & Orphans.
There was also a live auction held afterward, offering up both great
items and laughs courtesy of auctioneer Jim Taylor.
The awards dinner, sponsored by Ben B. and Joyce E.
Eisenberg Foundation, not only included a delicious meal, it
was a wonderful time to honor our sponsors. It is thanks to the
support of Bradawn Insurance Services, Inc.; Lewis, Marenstein,
Wicke, Sherwin & Lee, LLP; HealthSCOPE Benefts and our other
sponsors new and old that the LAFD Invitational golf tournament
remains such a success. We look forward to seeing everyone out
on the course again next year.
November 2013 9
Ball # 2109 - JOE EDWARDS
$2,500 Cash
Mr. Joe Edwards, of HealthScope Benefts, kindly donated the grand prize back to the
Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.

Ball # 1746 - DAVID YAMAHATA
3 Day Baja Mexico Cruise for Two
Courtesy of

Ball # 1532 - JIM DOLAN
Courtesy of

Ball # 744 - ALEX WEIDNER
Apple iPad
Courtesy of
10 November 2013
1st Place Team
Kevin Wright
Terrance Manning
Gary Gatena
Joseph Castro
2nd Place Team
Bernie Ventura
Wes Shundo
Mario Elias
November 2013 11
Worst Shot
Dario Reyes

Hustle Hole
Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee, LLP

Guess the Distance of your Drive
Jef Salmanson
(guessed 220 & shot 220)

Closest to the Pin
George Lawrence
(7 3)

Longest Drive Mens
Bernie Ventura

Longest Drive Womens
Kim Kouwabunpet

Putng Contest
D. Grogan
1st Place Team
Kevin Wright
Terrance Manning
Gary Gatena
Joseph Castro
2nd Place Team
Bernie Ventura
Wes Shundo
Mario Elias
3rd Place Team
Rob Perkins
Stephen Ruda
Bryan Wear
David Ned Smith
4th Place Team
Tony Moret
Brian Cooper
Tom Thompson
Donald Carlson
12 November 2013
t was a great sunny day
at Santa Monica beach
on Wednesday, Septem-
ber 11, 2013. Perfect for a few
competitive rounds of Over-
the-Line. No umpires. Keep
your own scores. Few rules
and a lot
of latitude
made for a
fun day in
the sand.
Rick Denning started the event with
some nice words about 9/11 and for our old
friend and mentor, Lane Kemper, who passed
on 9/12. Sure the turnout was smaller than last
year but it was still a lot of fun. After all, you
get to pick your team of three to fve players,
whoever they are, wherever they work. You
get to name them whatever you want and wear
whatever uniform (crazy is encouraged) you
want. The only offensive skill required is the
ability to hit a softly pitched softball over one
line and between two others. The only defen-
sive skill required is the ability to move a few
steps and catch, with your bare hands, a not-so-
softly hit, not-so-soft ball.
There was a good mix of both active
and retired members in attendance. Retirees
John White and Tom Czubek came out to just
join in the fun. Retired Mike Deaken took time
to pick up and deliver the food the sandwiches
were donated by Subway and the drinks were
donated by Coca Cola. And once again, Santa
Monica Beach Maintenance took care of us by
preparing the beach for play.
As the day wore on, two teams
emerged as the fnalists. They were the Bin-
tang Ballerz (Travis Foellmer, Casey Glynn,
Trevor Insley, Greg Felix, Travis Rice) and the
Slater Slayers (Cory Darrigo, Chad Corona,
Bobby Hays, Clark Hills). In the end, the Bin-
tang Ballerz came out on top and took home the
big trophy.
I hope you enjoy the photos here, but
there are some others we are unable to show
due to their mature content. So if you want the
full and uncensored experience, make plans
to join us next year for some camaraderie and
fun extra-curricular activities. Thanks to all the
players that showed up to support the event and
also raise a few bucks for the Widows, Orphans
and Disabled Firemens Fund.
November 2013 13
14 November 2013
Saturday, December 7th, 2013
12pm - 4pm
LA Firemens Relief Association
815 Colorado Blvd. - 4th floor
Los Angeles CA 90041
contact: -- 323.259.5215
November 2013 15
he Los Angeles Fire Department Foun-
dation hosted a luncheon and awards
ceremony to present the fire depart-
ments highest honors to 40 firefighters and
paramedics who have risked their lives to save
others. Awards included Lifetime Achieve-
ment, Medal of Valor, Medal of Merit and
Letters of Special Commendation. Fire Chief
Brian Cummings presented the awards. He
commented that, Firefighters dont like to
be called heroes. They feel they are just doing
their jobs.
The event took place in the Ray
Dolby Ballroom at the Hollywood & High-
land Center where nearly 500 guests were
moved and inspired by the stories of sacrifce
and bravery narrated by Master of Ceremonies
Phillip Palmer. Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke, and
was joined in attendance by a host of other city
The following LAFD members
received awards at the ceremony:
Lifetime Achievement Award Captain
James Finn (retired)
Medal of Valor FF David Mack, FF
Jesse Franco, and FF Kendal Koneval
Medal of Merit FF Casey Glynn,
Pilot Scott Bowman, FF Dan Childs, FF/
PM Robert Steinbacher, FF/PM Joe St.
Georges, and Eng Wolfe Jantz
Special Commendation: FF Angel Arel-
lano, FF/PM Jeffrey Bader, Engineer Ken-
neth Breskin, Capt William Bugg, FF Adam
Chitiea, Eng Steven Domanski, A/O Robert
Garcia, Eng Michael Gibson, FF/PM Mario
Gonzalez, Capt Denise Jones, Capt Thom-
as Moore, FF Fernando Pattison, FF Peter
Pulido, A/O Eddie Tapia, FF/PM Victor
Villa, A/O Richard Garcia, Eng Christopher
Aguirre, FF Joseph Luna, FF Raice Wick-
las, FF/PM Stanley Miner, FF/PM Ivan
Covin, Capt Scott Cooper, FF Bennie
Orrantia, FF James Bizzini, FF Oscar
Cespedes, FF Michael Sandoval, A/O Doak
Smith, Eng John Raskin, Capt Kristin
Crowley and A/O Hollyn Bullock.
In future issues of the Grapevine we
will tell the individual stories of exceptional
heroism, passion and loyalty exemplifed by
these frst responders.
Saturday, December 7th, 2013
12pm - 4pm
LA Firemens Relief Association
815 Colorado Blvd. - 4th floor
Los Angeles CA 90041
contact: -- 323.259.5215
16 November 2013
Ofce of Brad M. Barrett
Deferred Compensation &
Pension Planning
Your Deferred Compensation Plan is the Gateway to Retirement
We assist both active and retired personnel in achieving their retirement objectives
through their Deferred Compensation Plan, Pension Plan, and DROP Plan.
One Capital Management builds customized
globally balanced portIolios beginning with a
belief that portfolio structure is the single most
important element to creating a successful
investment portfolio.
Did you know?
We have found that
85% oI retirees who
eventually made a
nancial plan regret
not making one early
enough in their
working liIe."
BlackRock Annual
Retirement Survey 2012
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November 2013 17
n the weekend of September 6, 7, and
8 members from 22 LAFD Fire Sta-
tions partnered with the University of
Southern California (USC) to bring military
veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project to
Los Angeles for a weekend of camaraderie, fun
and football.
Our Wounded Warrior guests were
hosted by our frefghters from Fire Stations 4,
5, 10, 11, 14, 15, 21, 26, 29, 33, 39, 46, 62,
69, 78, 88, 89, 92, 94, 95, 98, and 102. Each
of these stations bought a table and more than
300 LAFD members and their guests attended
a dinner banquet at the USC Galen Center on
Friday evening where they were introduced to
the Wounded Warriors they were hosting for
the weekend.
The evening was led by master of
ceremonies Steve Ruda. The USC Marching
Band came into the banquet room and played
several songs to start the evening off. USC
legend J.K. McKay was there to speak to the
group, and there were presentations made to
each of the warriors in attendance.
In addition to honoring the warriors
from the Wounded Warrior Project, we were
able to acknowledge two decorated WWII
veterans in attendance. Joseph Eszes, United
States Army (father-in-law of LAFD Captain
Frank Semenza) and Vita Maggipinto, United
States Navy (Retired LAFD engineer who
fought and was injured during the Battle of
Normandy). We were honored to recognize
these two heroes.
After a great Friday evening honor-
ing our veterans, our LAFD members picked
up the Wounded Warriors downtown on Satur-
day morning and took them to breakfast. Each
station put their own spin on treating these he-
roes to a day in the life of a frefghter and
camaraderie at the fre stations. Although un-
confrmed, rumors had these warriors up on
the end of aerial ladders, riding in helicopters,
tillering, and maybe even driving the truck
but you cant believe everything you hear. One
thing is for certain, our LAFD members are a
class act!
While all this was going on, Master
BBQ chefs Mark Curry (29-C) and Greg Pas-
colla (80-C) were hard at work cooking up a
feast of Bratwurst, Chicken, Ribs, beans and
coleslaw at the tailgate near the steps to the
Los Angeles Coliseum. The crews from 26s
and 33s provided logistical support ,setting up
shade, tables, and a couple hundred chairs for
the event. Fire Station 15 worked their usual
phenomenal game day parking magic so the
Wounded Warriors and their chaperones were
able to park at the station across from the USC
campus. Beginning early in the afternoon the
feast was on and several hundred people fl-
tered through the tailgate BBQ where the
Wounded Warriors, the USC Military Veterans
Alumni, and our own LAFD members shared
some great food, drink, and stories while hon-
oring the sacrifces of our military heroes.
On Saturday evening, the stations
and their hosted warriors headed into the Coli-
seum for the USC Football game. During the
game, the LAFD members (including some of
our own military veterans) and the Wounded
Warriors were brought out onto the feld in
front of the 90,000 spectators where our mem-
bers awarded each of the Warriors a Hero of
the Game medal, which was placed around
their neck. A highlight of the game was the
standing ovation the Wounded Warriors and
our LAFD Firefghters received as they were
coming off the feld.
On Sunday morning, after spending
the night at their respective host fre stations,
the Wounded Warriors traveled to in San Pe-
dro. Not to be outdone, Fire Station 112 hosted
a top shelf brunch for the Wounded Warriors
and their guests on their patio overlooking the
Port. Each of the LAFD Fire Boats, along with
our own LAFD Fire Hogs conveniently arrived
at 112s to further honor these heroes at this
event and after breakfast, the warriors were
treated to a tour and a ride on LAFD Boat 2.
In keeping with the highest standards
and traditions of the LAFD, the Wounded War-
riors were truly blown away by the respect,
dedication and professionalism displayed by
our members during this inaugural Wounded
Warrior Weekend. The event was a success in
many ways, and were all looking forward to
an even bigger and better event in 2014.
WWII Veterans and Wounded Warriors
Joseph Eszes and Vita Maggipinto
18 November 2013
Rescues 3 and 803 transported a
patient from Wilshire bl. and Flower
St. on September 19, 2013.
Photo by Yvonne Griffn
the LAFd and County Fire assisted
beverly Hills with a stubborn attic fre in
a large, one story mansion on Wallace
Ridge on September 26, 2013.
Photo by Rick McClure, EPN
November 2013 19
task Force 39 and uSAR handled a
u-Haul truck that plowed into a CVS
store at Van Nuys bl and Erwin St.
Photo by Mike Meadows
Wounded Warrior Scott Shore
with the crew at FS-39
20 November 2013
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November 2013 21
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truck 26 takes the roof at a fre at
3312 Vernon Ave. on october 1, 2013.
Photo by Yvonne Griffn
task Force 15 found a fre in the trash
chute and smoke on several foors
of a building on the uSC campus on
September 16, 2013.
Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN
22 November 2013

Companies handled a small
brush fre along the off ramp
of the E/b 118 Freeway at
Sepulveda bl. on Sept 5, 2013.
Photo by Mike Meadows
A brush assignment, along with a
County hand crew, handled this
brush fre at the 118/210 interchange
on September 26, 2013.
Photo by Ryan babroff
Engine 98 found a well involved auto spreading
to the brush on the 210 Fwy near osborne.
Photo by Randy Johanson
November 2013 23
tF 74 handled a t/A on Foothill blvd
on September 19, 2013.
Photo by dyan McManus
on 10/03/13 frefghters used a litter basket
operation to hoist a victim from the wash.
Photo by Steve Gentry
two pedestrians were struck by an auto cross-
ing Sepulveda bl on September 19, 2013
Photo by Rick McClure, EPN
Greetings from the Battalion that
never sleeps!
Hopefully everyone had an enjoy-
able Labor Day and was able to show the warm
days of summer out and get ready for the much,
much cooler days of fall . . . unfortunately fall
didnt get the memo and its still been very
warm . . . maybe someone should put fall in
the CTS for not following normal SOPs for
fall (this is just a joke, but I know that there
are some out that will CTS anything, so please
dont CTS fall. Moreover, PSD doesnt need
any extra cases to try and solve especially
since they already have enough real cases).
I digress . . . and back to Labor Day. We need
to remember and appreciate the fact that we
are able to labor and do so with a truly great
job. The holiday began in 1894 as a tribute to
the contributions that workers have made to
the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our
country. Now its a last weekend at the river
and a reminder that you cant wear white until
Moving on . . . More importantly, this
was the 12th Anniversary of September 11th.
As usual, the Memorial at Franks Place was
very moving and a good reminder to never
forget. I was a bit surprised to hear that there
was no line-up at the stations like weve done
in the past. Its a nice tribute to all the men and
women that lost their lives that sad day and its
always something that will be a connection to
frefghters no matter where they work. I hope
that we havent already forgotten and that in
the future everybody gets to participate, wheth-
er its off-duty at Franks Place or on-duty at
the Fire Station . . . just sayin
And fnally, before we get to the sto-
ries, its been nice to have RA 246 and RA 266
put into service for the community, Battalion,
and neighboring stations. It is funny, though,
to hear members from the surrounding stations
say that they havent really noticed a differ-
ence . . . I fnd that hard to believe. Although it
seems that everyone in all the surrounding sta-
tions also somehow averages 15-18 runs every
day - not sure how that math adds up. I think
the powers that be did right by adding some
much needed resources in areas where they
can do some good. Now if they could only fx
the 15-18 run average problem for all the sur-
rounding stations.
Our frst story comes out of 57s.
One recent afternoon, RA 857 was dispatched
to a Fall in their frst-in. As they arrived,
they assessed the patient and determined that
he did indeed ft in the PRG as BLS criteria.
Now unfortunately the patient lived on the 2nd
foor, and as per protocol, RA 857 went directly
for their A-1 stair transport machine, the Stair
Chair. Sadly, hasnt been issued one of the
24 November 2013
newer, nicer Stair Chairs so maybe theirs was
more in the B-2 category. No big deal right? It
still works and its a lot safer than the Georgia
Street method we have traditionally used. So
what is the next move? Do what we normally
do and make it work. Put the patient on the
Stair Chair, carry him down the stairs, trans-
fer him to the gurney, and transport him to the
hospital. RA 857 chose instead to ask Metro
for an ALS unit, and because they didnt un-
derstand the algorithm they got E 57 and RA
33 dispatched. Engine 57 ended up getting can-
celled and RA 257 bought the run for RA 33.
Turns out RA 857 didnt need the manpower or
para-medicine, but only wanted to use a nicer
Stair Chair. My recommendation is that if you
look at the F-11 in the morning and you see
a certain FF on the X-shift on any local 800,
fnd him a nicer stair chair ASAP so that he
doesnt have to call you out to use yours . . . just
what I heard.
After a busy night at the station,
sometimes the only thing that gets you through
call after call is looking forward to relief. Re-
cently, after a busy Friday night for RA 64 and
RA 264, one of the medics asked if he could get
1st relief. The other medic replied, no prob-
lem fguring medic A needed to get out early
to get home and the next relief was coming
from FS 88. Medic B ran a few more runs in
the meantime and patiently waited a few more
hours until his relief arrived from the Valley.
As he was getting ready to head out, he walked
through the kitchen to refll his coffee mug for
the long drive home only to see medic A sitting
at the kitchen table chatting away and looking
very refreshed. Apparently after he received 1st
relief, PM Sleeping Beauty Brynes headed
straight back upstairs to the confnes of the
dark, cool, and somewhat quiet RA dorm to re-
ally catch up on his lost sleep!
Finally, a story that somehow made
it past all my sensors and ears until now, as this
actually happened a few months ago. Since I
gave 21s a few jabs awhile back, I now wanted
to give them an atta-boy. Apparently TF 33 and
TF 21 were dispatched to a fre in 33s frst-in.
The apparatus raced to the fre and upon arriv-
ing, Truck 33 was given the roof, Engine 33
fre attack, Engine 21 back-up, and Truck 21
headed to the roof as well. Ladders were placed
and hose-lines loaded as everyone prepared to
make an aggressive offensive attack on this fre
in conjunction with vertical ventilation from
the roof. The truckmen made their way up and
as they sounded their way out, they realized
that if one chainsaw was good, then two would
be way better. One of the guys on the roof de-
cided to head down and grab the 2nd saw, but
the only problem was that he was also carrying
the 1st saw . . . I guess he fgured that he wasnt
going to let them cut a hole without him, so the
if I dont get to play, then you dont either
mentality reared its juvenile head. As he was
headed down, Truck 21 was headed up only
to see four members from Truck 33 standing
with their hands in their turnouts awaiting the
arrival of both of their saws. Luckily 21s had
brought theirs and were more than happy to as-
sist Truck 33 cut a hole on their roof at a fre
in their frst-in. Sharing is caring, right? When
the seasoned truckman made his way back up
with both saws, he quickly found out that all
his work was done and then was able to make
his way back down . . . with both saws. The
Engine was able to fnd and extinguish the fre
quickly due to the removal of hot smoke and
gases from the 1st . . . errr, sorry . . . 2nd truck
on the roof. Nice work 21s and way to put your
Haz-Mat meters down and help some friends
in-need of a chainsaw.
Looking forward to the start of Mo-
vember where some of you attempt to grow
mustaches in support for mens health. Its re-
ally too bad it only lasts a month because for
most of you, it only really looks like a few
scraggly hairs that really belong in another
profession . . . yes, exactly what you were
thinking, Used Car Salesman. Good luck and I
cant wait to see the results.
OK, thats all Ive got! Keep taking
care of one another. Stay safe and remember
that 2+2 makes sense, play nice, know your au-
dience, get a cool nickname, fgure out which
formula to use before the media gets a hold of
it, you get out what you put in, FI-1, read the
label, if youre tired sleep in, when in need of
a driver call an already overworked 800 to do
your job, watch out for irony, dont fumble tra-
dition, and take 1st relief so you can go back to
sleep! Keep sending your stories to wattsfre@
Engine 46 handled a large rubbish fre at 45th Street and Main up
against a structure on Sept 16, 2013.
Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN
Engine 57 attacks a rubbish fre in the alley at 85th and broadway.
Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN
Engine 46 attacks a fre in a homeless camp at
45th St. and San Pedro Pl. on Sept. 13, 2013.
Photo by Nick Colbert, EPN
Wounded Warrior Nick Perez and LAFd
chaperone Harry Peterson from FS-46.
Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN
November 2013 25
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Companies extinguished a four acre brush fre
along Sunland blvd on September 15, 2013.
Photo by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN
Engine and RA 89 treat a victim of a motorcycle
accident on August 29, 2013.
Photo by Rick McClure, EPN
Wounded Warrior Jeff Ramirez at the uSC
football game with Nick Pellegrini from 102s
26 November 2013
on September 19, 2013, the members of Fire Station
28 welcome the Annual Inspection team.
Photos by david blaire
Firefghter/Paramedic and Grapevine photographer Gavin Kaufman (FS 84-b), poses
with his new bride, Ilana, at the El Caballero Country Club on Saturday, 9-28-13.
Photos by Rick McClure, EPN
November 2013 27
the dog suffered only minor smoke inhalation
before being rescued from a structure fre at 7432
Asman Ave on october 3, 2013.
Photos by Gavin Kaufman, FF/PM, FS 84-b
Hello from the 18th hole. Now I
owe everyone an apology for NOT getting last
months stories to the editor on time, my bad.
Lets start at 68s. Olin and Melissa
Jones are proud to announce the birth of their
baby, Brady Olin Oka Jones. Born August 1st
at 0708 and weighing in at 5lbs 14oz. and 18.5
inches long. Baby and mama are healthy as can
Now a story from 61s. Congratula-
tions go to Joe Santa Maria who will be a new
daddy soon, but the odd thing is he didnt want
to tell his crew until he HAD to. The occasion
was the wedding of his fellow A shifter,
Evan Dixon. Now maybe he wasnt trying to
upstage Evan and Katies special day, but what
about a little heads up? Something like, Oh
guys, just want to let you guys know. Either
way - a congratulations to Joe and Jennifer.
More news from the 68th. Everyone
knows how busy things are at 68s - too busy
I guess to check the tires on Mondays. Story
goes a SOD engineer comes in and, at relief,
the off-going engineer tells him the rig has got-
ta go to the shops. No big deal. The engineer
gets to the shops, the mechanic puts E-68 on
the lift and what does he see - one of the duals
is bald - dude bald! So now the SOD engineer
is in hot water with the chief at the shops but
manages to smooth things over. What I was
told is that the engineers from 68s blamed the
SOD engineers that have been working there.
Over at 43s there some older mem-
bers there, along with a few guys that have
maybe eight to ten years on the job. So when
it came time to get a new pair of gauntlet
gloves you would just assume that a simple
test of the gloves would be in order. Well, this
was far from what happened with their expe-
rienced crew. The question came up How do
you test the gloves? The answer was, I dont
know. WHAT????? After some screaming,
I cant believe you dont know this, and how
much time you got on the job? and some other
choice words, there was a mini drill at 43s later
that day.
More from 68s. Now trying to get
somebody to help cook over at 68s has been a
big problem ever since they got rid of the 800
and battalion moved in. Sometimes theyve
had SOD guys and gals come over and cook
which is a big help. Well the other day on the
A shift the battalion offce was up to cook.
When informed of the days responsibility, they
replied too busy today. Okay, we understand
- but dont come back after lunch and ask who
wants to play and handball.
Well that all I have for now.

Be Safe
The 18th Hole
battalion 18 companies handled a mattress
fre at 5261 Westhaven St. on Sept. 21, 2013
Photos by Yvonne Griffn
Companies quickly knocked down a fre on the
10th foor of Park La brea on october 4, 2013.
Photos by Jeff Zimmerman, EPN
buddy Pacheco from FS 61 with Chief Cummings
at the Wounded Warrior/uSC football game.
28 November 2013 | Tel. 562.433.1400 |
5941 Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA 90803 Fax 562.683.2683
A discussion that might come up
at the kitchen table while Bloom-
berg or CNBC is on the TV is,
howd you do with your invest-
ments? Usually aer that its a
comparison of absolute numbers,
meaning statements like I made
6%, or I made 20%, or I made
3% might be thrown around.
First, the most common misun-
derstanding regarding perfor-
mance returns are, its a relative
number not an absolute number
when comparing your returns to
other portfolios. For you, yes its
an absolute number if you have
$100,000 and with a 10% return
you end up with $110,000. But
comparing it to another persons
return can be problematic. For
example, the person who made
20% very likely had a large al-
location to stocks. Compare
this with the person who above
stated they made 3% and was
likely in the citys Stable Value
Fund. Immediately we should
note that these two returns are
not comparable due to the fact
that the individual who earned
a 20% return took on a tremen-
dous amount of market risk.
Where the person who earned
a 3% return took on virtually
no market risk via a fund that
exhibits very little volatility,
therefore returns are relatively
low. So here, we must rst stress
one of the rst axioms of invest-
ing, risk = returns and greater
risk in a portfolio is typically
associated with higher returns.
Lets contrast these returns with
the individual who earned 6%.
is return was likely gener-
ated from a more balanced
portfolio of stocks and bonds. A
common thought aer examin-
ing past performance is, why
wouldnt we just choose the
portfolio with a 20% return?
Going back to risk=return, this
works both on the upside and
the downside. As we move
farther and farther away from
the nancial crisis where many
investors witnessed a decline of
40% or more in their portfolios
value, they have quickly forgot-
ten that chasing returns in the
equity market can pose signi-
cant risks. If you are nearing re-
tirement, or are in or thinking of
entering the DROP you should
carefully consider how much
market risk you are willing to
take in your investment portfo-
lio. e key is understating your
personal needs and objectives,
then building a portfolio that
seeks to achieve these goals
while taking on as little market
risk as possible.
We are investment counselors and
wealth managers. As a Registered
Investment Advisor, we utilize
Charles Schwabs Self Directed
Brokerage Option through the citys
Deferred Compensation Plan. is
allows our clients to keep their funds
within the citys Deferred Compen-
sation Plan while having an inde-
pendent advisor oversee their assets.
Kurt is the past elected police &
re representative for the citys
Deferred Comp plan and has
unique experience to help you
utilize the plan. He has previ-
ously managed over $600 mil-
lion in client assets for another
investment advisor.
To be your Deferred Comp and
DROP nancial advisor. We
strive to grow our clients assets
by eectively reducing over-
all risk through strategic asset
allocation and a disciplined
investment process that is always
tailored to each clients risk pro-
le and investment objectives.

November 2013 29
The Making of a CPR MiRaCle
in San CleMenTe
Original story published in the Orange
County Register on Aug. 29, 2013
Retired Los Angeles City Fire
Captain Gary Clark cant say exactly why he
and his wife, Janeann, left their Capistrano
Beach home to drive into San Clemente for
a Friday evening ice cream. And Sheriffs
Deputy Jeremiah Prescott of SCPD cant
explain why he happened to be on patrol in the
same vicinity when he heard a loud smack and
decided hed better go check it out.
All I can say, Clark said, is God
put us there.
The two performed numerous rounds
of CPR on motorcyclist Andrew Dykes, 24,
who had crashed his motorcycle, fying 56 feet,
smacking into a palm tree at El Camino Real
and West Escalones.
He was clinically dead, said Clark,
who fgures he probably performed CPR more
than 200 times during a 34-year career as a
frefghter. None was like this one, though.
Today, Dykes is described by his
rescuers as a miracle, put back together with
rods, pins and screws by doctors at Mission
Hospital who had to wait 48 hours to perform
the frst of three surgeries in order to stabilize
two types of bleeding on his brain.
Im just incredibly amazed and
grateful, Susan Hall, Dykes mother told Clark
and Prescott as the rescuers visited Dykes in his
hospital room. We never know what God has
in store for us, but I am very thankful.
I dont know why (I survived),
Dykes said from his hospital bed, wearing
casts on his right leg and both wrists. I want to
thank the dear Lord for putting these gentlemen
where they were at the right time. I appreciate
these guys.
He is the bionic man, Clark said.
They screwed him back together.
The biggest miracle, the rescuers
agreed, was that Dykes survived a dissected
aorta. The second miracle is that Dykes appears
to be fully recovered from his brain trauma and
seems normal mentally, other than not remem-
bering what happened.
Clark said paramedics kept Dykes
alive when he almost succumbed en route to
the hospital. He is truly a miracle, said Clark.
Speaking of the incident Clark
said, You just go into automatic mode. He
stopped his car, took charge of the patient,
cradled Dykes head as a bystander removed
his helmet, confrmed there was no breathing,
no pulse and was about to begin CPR when
Prescott appeared at his side. Clark identifed
himself as a retired L.A. city frefghter.
I had very little confdence we
would bring him back, Clark said. The
chances of bringing back a traumatic full
arrest is 1 percent. When, after three rounds of
CPR, Dykes gasped, Both of us went, Oh my
God. Clark said.
Clark, who retired 12 years ago, said
none of the CPRs he performed during his
career had affected him like this. I re-live this
many times a day.
The difference, he said, is that fre-
fghters usually arrive after the trauma occurs
and dont actually witness it as he did in San
Clemente, seeing all this in front of your
On the frst of his visits to the
hospital, he said he told Dykes, You were very
careless with the life that your mother and God
gave you. I hope you will be more careful with
the life that weve given you back.
30 November 2013
Major eMerGency Structure Fire
Panorama City
Photos by Rick McClure, EPN
A rash of suspicious fres occurred along Ventura blvd. in 78s district, one of
them causing $20,000 damage to two structures on September 25, 2013. Firefght-
ers found a one story commercial with fre in a storage area and heavy fre outside
extending up the wall and into the attic of a two story four-plex.
November 2013 31
BruSH Fire
Photos by Mike Meadows and Greg Doyle
the LAFd, LA County Fd and Angeles Nat. Forest handled a
four acre brush fre off of Sunland blvd on September 14, 2013.
32 November 2013

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November 2013 33
he 15th Annual FIREHOG Fallen Hero Memorial Run took place
on Saturday, June 8, 2013. The Run began at the LAFD Fire-
fighter Museum located next to Fire Station 27.
The Museum was a ftting place to begin the run with the
LAFD Fallen Firefghter Memorial Plaza as the backdrop to the open-
ing ceremony. The brief ceremony was attended by widows and fam-
ily members of fallen LAFD members and included select speakers, the
ceremonial 10 Bells and retired LAFD member John Keys playing the
bagpipes. The LAFD Firehogs would like to thank the LAFD Historical
Society for the use of the Museum and Memorial Plaza.
The route for the Memorial Run would take more than 100
bikes out of the Museum Plaza north up Cahuenga and then west on
Sunset all the way to the Coast. The frst stop of the Memorial Run was at
a Southern California classic - Gladstones on PCH. Gladstones is always
willing to host events for the Firehogs, and this time was no exception.
From Gladstones, it was off to the fnal stop of the day - the
Sagebrush Cantina. For starters, ride participants were provided an ex-
cellent place to spend a Saturday afternoon with the ambiance of the
Sagebrush Cantina. Ride participants were also provided a wonderful
array of tacos from the ever popular taco bar, including all the fxins and
side dishes.
The owners and staff of the Sagebrush Cantina cant be
thanked enough for their assistance in helping put on this event. The
Sagebrush Cantina allowed the use of their outside patio, which was a
perfect place to listen to our own LAFD member Jim Como and his band
Fullhouse, which rocked the Cantina well into the evening. The Firehog
party actually drew patrons from the bar out into the patio area.
As usual, there were several fantastic baskets of goods to be
raffed off. Everything from T-shirts and ball caps to golf clubs and pic-
nic baskets were bid on. The biggest item (not by size) to be raffed off
was an iPad mini, which was won by an Orange County Leatherhead
Fire member. All proceeds from the Memorial Run, as well as the raffe,
will be donated to the Los Angeles Firemans Widows, Orphans and Dis-
abled Firemans Fund.
The tentative date for the 2014 LAFD FIREHOG Fallen Hero
Memorial Run is set for June 21, 2014. Any LAFD member interested in
becoming a LAFD Firehog may visit the LAFD Firehog website at www. for information about becoming a new member.
34 November 2013
November 2013 35
n Hollywood, members of the LAFD Historical Society and former
firefighters raised the stars and stripes during the annual 9/11 memo-
rial program at the Fallen Firefighters Memorial Plaza.
In Sherman Oaks, Fire Station 88 held a public memorial cer-
emony in observation of the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist
attacks. The site houses a 750-pound piece of the World Trade Center
rubble and 100-pound piece of limestone from the Pentagon dedicated in
At the Frank Hotchkin Memorial Training Center, department
members joined with the community and local offcials to commemorate
the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the fourth jet-
liner that crashed into a Pennsylvania feld when passengers tried to take
control from the hijackers.
Similar ceremonies were also held in San Pedro at the USS
Iowa and at Dodger Stadium prior to the game.
In many ways, it is hard to believe that twelve years have
passed since our nation was savagely attacked on September 11, 2001.
While time moves forward, it in no way lessens the resolve of frefghters
who loudly pledge:
We Shall Never Forget!
36 November 2013
$38.75 per Shield
Plus UPS
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November 2013 37
huge THANK YOU to all who supported the 17th annual Craig
Alder Charity Golf Tournament held in Temecula on September
9, 2013. As many are aware, Craig Alder is the son of Rich Alder,
retired LAFD captain. Craig was an engineer on the San Bernardino City
Fire Dept. In October of 1996, Craig was struck by a pickup truck while
carrying his then 18 month old son, Wyatt, across a street in Temecula.
Wyatt has fully recovered, but Craig suffered a permanent brain injury
that left him unable to work. This was the seventeenth year for this chari-
table event and it is such a huge blessing each year to see the continued
support of the Los Angeles City Fire Dept., the San Bernardino City
Fire Dept. and other businesses, friends, and retired firemen. I saw many
LAFD members again this year who have participated every, or nearly
every, year since the beginning. In addition, there are some new play-
ers each year, which is great. I also saw many familiar names from the
LAFD on tee sponsor signs throughout the golf course. The family is so
very thankful that your support continues after all these years.
Since Craigs injury, he and his wife Buffy and their two sons,
Jake and Wyatt depend on the proceeds from this annual tournament for
a large portion of their annual income so the continued support from all
of you is very much appreciated. Craig has shown some improvement
over the years as he can now walk with the aid of a walker. He can also
smile, laugh and say a few words, thanks to the wonderful care of Buffy
and his caregiver spending a great deal of time with him. Jake and Wyatt
are both attending college, with Jake studying fre science and Wyatt
physical therapy.
Thanks to Rich and Cathy Alder for hosting a welcoming get
together the evening before the tournament. It is a great time to see ev-
eryone and catch up. I say this every year, but I am sincerely thankful to
have been a part of the LAFD and to know this great group of people.
God Bless you and your families and THANKS AGAIN.
This information notice is directed to prospective new members, active or retired L. A. City Firefghters, who would like to join our golf club.
Applications for membership will be accepted from September 1st through December 1st, 2010. The dues for the membership are $75.00 per
year. This will entitle the member to participate in all LAFD Golf Club functions, which includes 2 to 3 one day tournaments per month, 2
major tournaments (the Memorial Club Championship in May and the Partners Championship at the Singing Hills at Sycuan Resort in Sep-
tember, and 4 Southern California Firefghters Golf Association major tournaments (Palm Springs in March, Primm Resort (Nevada) in May,
Lake Tahoe in August, and Pebble Beach in November). It will also establish a handicap index with the Southern California Golf Association.

To apply, please send a check for $75.00 made out to the LAFD Golf Club. Or register at our website at:

Click on the new member link and fll out the application. The information will be forwarded to me for processing. If you decide to use regular
mail please include a short note with your present assignment, home address, phone number, email address, your member number and club
name (if a member of another club), and any scorecards from the last six months to establish a starting handicap. Mail this information to:
Noel Murchet
16301 Gentry Lane
Huntington Beach, Ca. 92647
Cell Phone #714-330-3477
38 November 2013
he 3rd annual Fire Station 2 Handball Tournament was a big
success, especially for the two time defending CHAMPS - Rick
Godinez and Juan Marez. The pair proved too tough and rolled
through the field of competitive teams. They defended their title and
were crowned champions for the third straight year. We all hope that
next year the commissioner splits the team up and gives the opportunity
to pass the torch on to another team. Job well done by the defending
Also congratulations to the winners of the consolation bracket,
Sammy Quan and Abe Carreto.
The festivities were not only on the court - fun was had by all
the members that attended the event. Its always a pleasure to see alumni
and department members visit the frehouse and enjoy good company
and great food, which was provided by one of our local taco vendors.
Many stories were shared over tacos by retired members from old 2s
and of course from new 2s. Thank you all for coming. It couldnt of
happened without you.
We also had the pleasure of being visited by the legend
himself, Vito Maggipinto. We all know it wouldnt be a handball
tournament without his presence - thank you Vito. We would also like
to thank Chief Cummings and his staff for joining us for lunch and
supporting our event. Thank you Chief, always a pleasure. We hope to see
everyone back next year, for another day of all you can eat tacos and lots
of handball.
A portion of fre-related
jewelry profts donated to
the Widows, Or phans and
Disabled Firemens Fund.
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Consolation BraCKet ChamPs
Carreto and quan
grouP shot with ChieF Cummings 1st PlaCe ChamPs godineZ and mareZ
Carreto winding uP For a shot
JimeneZ winding uP For a Kill shot
eddie mareZ, vito maggiPinto
& ralPh rodrigueZ
November 2013 39
n Saturday, September 14, 2013, the Los Angeles Fire Depart-
ment Handball Association held the annual 3-Wall Tournament
and 911 Memorial at Venice Beach. This Tournament was well
attended by firefighters and the best players from Southern California.
There were four divisions with eight teams in each, and winners received
embroidered Nike duffel bags.
Sponsors for the event were WPH Live, West Coast Handball,
Southern California Handball Association, BAMKO, United Firefghters
of Los Angeles City, the Los Angeles Firefghters Handball Association
and the City Employees Club.
This event has become an outstanding example of the great
relationship between LAFD Handball players and the Southern Califor-
nia Handball Community. Light Force 63 did a great job of prepping the
courts and stands on Friday night, which made it possible for everyone
to enjoy the beach without the traditional health hazards.
The event has served as a memorial to the brave 343 FDNY
frefghters who made the ultimate sacrifce on September 11, 2001.
Keith Saffo and Sir Habersham volunteered to provide a Color Guard
for the opening ceremony, which included the National Anthem by Ge-
dina Bergstrom from the City Employees Club, the pledge of allegiance
lead by Celine Smith and Olivia Ortiz - for the 4th time, and an opening
prayer lead by Chaplain John White. Deputy Chief Mario Rueda pro-
vided opening remarks as the offcial Department representative.
This year a new T-shirt design was provided by Captain Carlos
Caceres, which was so popular that all available shirts sold out immedi-
ately after the participants got theirs. Kairi Brown made pulled pork, and
Andy Gutierrez served as grill master and offcial photographer. Special
thanks to Colin and Marcella Smith who, along with their daughters and
friends, made the tournament run smoothly.
Alfred Kuzichev and Ryon Jones, both from FS-92-C were the
only LAFD members who won a Division. The other three Divisions
were dominated by more experienced 3-wall players.

On September 21, 2013, Tati Silveyra FS-69-C was inducted
to the Southern California Handball Hall of Fame, several LAFD mem-
bers were there to support him along with retiree Vitto Maggipinto who
is also in the Hall of Fame.
The Fall Singles Handball Tournament will begin November
1, 2013, get ready!
40 November 2013

Joe FoleY, Battalion Chief, Batt. 17-C
SatUrDaY, NoVember 30, 2013
marriott Warner Center
21850 Oxnard Street, Woodland Hills CA
Social Hour: 6:00 PM Dinner: 7:00 PM
menu: Chicken or tri-tip - $55 includes dinner and gift
Call FS 84 - (818) 756-8684 or Chung Ho - (805) 907-9262
Please RSVP by November 28
P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA
(800) 244-3439
November 2013 41
n August 21, 2013, 75 family and
friends gathered at the Ports O Call
Restaurant in San Pedro to honor A/O
Bradley Grossman as he retired out of Fire Sta-
tion 48 after 35 years of service with the LAFD.
The evening began with the harbor
special, a magnifcent water display by Fire-
boat 2. At the head table, family members in-
cluded Joanne, Brads wife of 33 years, daugh-
ters Shelly and Melissa (and friend Ryan), and
Brads mother Sheri. The social hour began
with trays of tasty appetizers of Pigs in a Blan-
ket prepared by Shannon Saffo. He originally
planned an appetizer of his famous Pork Su-
shi, which the guys at the station have had, but
thankfully the restaurant refused to serve raw
Retired LAFD Captain Bruce Gailen
conducted the honors as MC. Bruce worked
with Brad and taught Bradley everything he
knows about dirt bike riding. Bruce also spoke
of Brads athletic abilities and as proof, he dis-
played a large photo of Brad taking 2nd place
in the downhill slalom at the Firemans Winter
Olympics - dressed as a Mammoth.
After the prayer invocation by Mi-
chael Moore of 48-C, the troughs . . . or the
buffet was opened. As the evening progressed,
a raffe was held throughout the night by Shan-
non Saffo, with prizes that included a piggy
bank and pigs feet?! Prizes were won by the
guys from 48s, so go fgure.
Retired Captain Mike Carter, who
worked with Brad at 64s, 11s and 48s start-
ed the night off. After Mikes long opening
statement(s), stories, and more stories, and
grapevine calls by the crowd, he fnally got
around to presenting Brad with his Certifcate
of Appreciation. The UFLAC plaque was pre-
sented by past UFLAC president and retired
Captain Ken Buzzell and the LAFRA retire-
ment badge was presented by retired Captain
Tim Larson.
Why all these captains at the podi-
um? Brad used to always say he hated any rank
that started with a C!
Don Paone told about a joke he
played on Brad during one of their Baja trips.
It seems Don used his bi-lingual skills and had
the Mexican police arrest Brad. Brad was ar-
rested and had to bail himself out of jail! Mike
Proftt, who worked with Brad at 64s and 48s
spoke about another skill Brad kept secret. It
seems that Brad was also a dog trainer and per-
sonally trained Proftts dog. Brad, you are a
man of many talents!
The Personal Record Book was pre-
sented by Al Luna, Brads last Captain at 48s.
After he scrutinized Brads PRB, he discovered
some falsifcation of records, such as entries of
Brads waist size of 32, max weight of 179 lbs.
for his height and his EMT skills. It was noted
that his weight and waist size were erased quite
often, just like Brads Sudoku and crossword
puzzles. Brad scored a 99% on his last EMT
exam, as Brad commented that he didnt want
to make it that obvious. It was mentioned that
Brad really misses volunteering for dishes and
watching his favorite TV shows with the guys,
such as The Voice, American Idol, and
The Bachelor.
Mike OGorman, who presented the
CSFA Plaque, recalled golfng with him. He
said Brad taught him a new language on the
golf course that started with the same conso-
nant and hand gesture. Mike Monroy, FS 48-C
presented the service pin. As Brads ex-golf
partner, he told of how he carried Brad in all
the tournaments and he fnally had to drop him
because he was such a load to carry. The gift
was presented on behalf of the guys from FS
48, which was a welder to keep Brad busy in
the garage instead of his favorite location - the
Brads family spoke and thanked
all for the gathering and told Brad how happy
they were to fnally have him all to themselves.
Brads mother spoke of how proud she was of
him, no matter what the guys say about you,
which brought a standing ovation! After all
the stories were done, the guest of honor f-
nally took the podium and thanked everyone
for coming and stated how touched he was.
He said he will miss the guys, because now he
doesnt have anyone to pick on at home!
A big thank you to Joe Zabalza, who
organized the dinner, and to Hanni Jejjoni for
being his wing man that night. Great job!
Brads retirement is a loss for the De-
partment. His locker room leadership, camara-
derie, sense of humor, fre ground and Haz Mat
experience leaves a void that will be tough to
replace. We all wish you and your family very
long, healthy and blessed retirement as your
new chapter in life begins! Hit em straight!
42 November 2013
n July 21, 2012, at 0120 hours, Engine 38 responded to the re-
port of a vehicle fire at 800 N Sanford Ave in Wilmington. Upon
arrival, Engine 38 observed a 2006 Pontiac G6 stopped in the
middle of the road with what appeared to be recent front end damage and
its hazard lights flashing.
Captain Senior of Engine 38 instructed his frefghters to secure
the vehicle and render any necessary medical aid. When the frefghters
opened the doors they discovered that the vehicle had been abandoned
and they smelled the distinct odor of gasoline. In addition, the frefghters
discovered that there was severe smoke staining to the vehicles interior
and minor charring to its front seats. On the front passenger seat there
was a yellow, fve-gallon gasoline container along with a partially burnt
cigarette that had been placed under the container. The gasoline con-
tainer and cigarette had been placed in such a way as to serve as a time
delay device. The windows had been rolled up and the doors shut. The
fre was starved of oxygen and self-extinguished resulting in the interior
damage and incomplete combustion.
Recognizing these indications of arson along with the physical
evidence, Captain Senior requested an Arson Unit response. A-Unit-1
responded and when arson investigators arrived on scene they confrmed
Captain Seniors origin and cause determination and began to document
the scene including taking photographs, determining vehicle ownership,
and collecting/packaging evidence. Arson investigators
collected three items of evidence (the gasoline container,
the liquid inside the container, and the partially burned
cigarette). All the evidence items were submitted to the
laboratory for analysis.
Follow-up investigation determined that the
vehicle had been reported stolen two days previous and
that the owner had no idea who had stolen and burned the
vehicle. Shortly afterward the investigation went cold and
the case was placed into the inactive status.
Approximately six months later arson investi-
gators received a DNA match to the partially burned cig-
arette. The DNA on the cigarette belonged to Fernando
Garcia Jr. Garcia was a convicted felon who had served
time for multiple burglaries, frearm violations, and for
controlled substance possession/sales. During an inter-
view with Garcia, he self-admitted that he was a member
of the Eastside Wimas criminal street gang, and that he
no affliation with the burned vehicle or its owner.
Based on the DNA match to the cigarette/gaso-
line container delay device, Garcia was arrested for arson
and felony charges were fled by the District Attorneys
Offce. On February 20, 2013, Garcia was scheduled for
a preliminary hearing. However, even before the prelimi-
nary hearing could take place, Garcia took a plea deal and
pled guilt to one count of 451(d) PC (Arson of Property)
which is a Strike under Californias Three-Strikes Law,
and was sentenced on February 11, 2013, to three years in
state prison.
Engine 38 and its members should be com-
mended for their recognition of vital physical evidence
and for preserving the fre/crime scene for arson investigators. Forensic
evidence is playing an increasing larger role in the identifcation and
prosecution of arsonists.
Members are reminded that all items left at the fre scene may
be considered evidence until proven otherwise. Rehydration containers
such as water or Gatorade bottles and other discarded materials will con-
tain the users DNA and should not be left on-scene. The last thing any
frefghter should want is to have their DNA stored forever in any crimi-
nal database. Remember not to touch items of evidence if at all possible.
However, if items of evidence have to be moved for suppression or pres-
ervation purposes, please remember
to wear gloves and document who
moved the items and where their
original location was.
Thanks to the hard work
of the Arson/Counter Terrorism Sec-
tion and members of Engine 38, this
habitual violent criminal offender
has been taken off the streets. In ad-
dition, upon his release, Garcia will
have to register as an arsonist for the
rest of his life.
November 2013 43
ilshire, our own LA fire dog, was selected as one of three
finalists in the Chicago Fire Top Fire Dog Contest. NBC
flew the Dalmatian and his handler, Ryan Penrod (FS 10-A)
to NYC for a Today Show appearance on September 24, 2013. Yes,
says Ryan, I requested that Wilshire get his own seat on the plane and
NBC agreed!
The three fnalists, Dempsey from Indianapolis, Smokey from
Jacksonville, Ill. and Wilshire were chosen from more than 100 fre-
house dogs nationwide that entered the contest. After their guest spots on
Today, the public was invited to cast votes for their favorite frehouse
pooch on The winner, in addition to being named Top
Dog, would earn a cameo role on the popular primetime drama series
about the Windy City smoke eaters.
It was a whirlwind 24 hour turnaround trip, said Penrod.
Besides doing the show, we only had time to see the 9/11 Memorial and
FDNYs 10 house.
The competition to be the alpha dog was pretty intense.
Dempsey, a 2-year-old Boxer/Mastiff mix, was intentionally set on fre
by a juvenile in 2011. The fre burned all four paws, legs, his underbelly
and part of his tail. Smokey, a Labrador Retriever mix, was inside a home
that was engulfed in fames. Her lifeless body was brought out and, with
the aid of a veterinarian, was kept on oxygen 24/7 for three days until
In the end, Smokey, the pup from Illinois, received the most
votes from viewers. Her win secured her cameo on an upcoming episode
of Chicago Fire. Hope shes got some TS on the books to take time off
from her duties of helping kids learn how to stop, drop and roll.
But Ryan was not really disappointed. It will be pretty cool
to have a nationally recognized fre dog as the mascot for our education
room at the museum, he said. Ryan and Wilshire are currently work-
ing on plans to make Wilshire a live exhibit for school children at
the LAFD Historical Societys museum in Hollywood. Beyond showing
proper stop, drop and roll techniques, Wilshire teaches kids about the
importance of healthy eating and exercise by lifting a 100 lb. dumbbell
and running on a treadmill.
44 November 2013
Dear Editor:
Just fnished speaking with LAFD Handball
commissioner Roy Harvey and I good-
naturedly chided him for omitting my picture
from the LAFD Invitational tournament
winners. This would have been my frst pic
back in the Grapevine since I retired in 2010.
He said he submitted our pic but that the editor
omitted it. Why? Hmmm, well, as we used to
say in the Engine house, You owe me one.
On a funny note, I was bragging to my
brothers who are still on the job that I was
getting a handball pic in the Grapevine and one
of them bet me that they wouldnt publish it -
meaning the article. Well, I bet him dinner, and
since my pic wasnt there, I lost a dinner bet. It
cost me too! LOL!
Remember, you owe me one!
Robert Bobby Raya, LAFD retired
La Mirada, CA
Sorry about that Bobby here you go hope
you can get that dinner back!
Grapevine staff:
On January 31, 2013 my father, (retired
Captain Warren J. McAndrews LAFD) passed
away at 91 years old after a very short illness.
My mother Grace, Warrens wife of 62 years
has continued to subscribe to the Grapevine,
which she in turn gives to me her son, which
I in turn give to my oldest son, a freman with
Stanislaus Consolidated Fire in Central CA. I
was so pleasantly surprised to fnd on the last
page of the October issue a picture from the
past from 1942 which was of my Grandfather
Michael McAndrews who was also retired as a
captain from the Los Angeles Fire Department.
I recognized his picture before I read the name.
It literally made mine and my Moms day.
Thank you, we could have missed seeing it but
Send your letters & comments to the editor at:
fortunately we did see it and it gave us fond
memories of my grandfather and my father.
Thank You,
Gary W. McAndrews
son and grandson of retired LA City Firemen
Dear Widows, Orphans and Disabled
Firemens Fund:
Please accept this donation in memory of
Edwin W. Tappert, Wallace Dugan and William
L. Yanez, all three of which I worked with in
the early years of my career on the LAFD.
Ed Tappert was the pump engineer on
Engine 14-C , my frst assignment. This was
in the mid-1968 when 14s was an engine only
station, although in addition to the two piece
engine it housed a foam carrier (the old protein
foam that was mixed in a hopper) and an old
American La France water tower. I remember
Ed only as a quiet guy who always got us water
(which was a frequent occurrence in those
days). The other members on that shift were
Capt. Charlie Porter, Eng. Bill Pierce, Fireman
Jim ONeil (later an A/C) and Fireman Dennis
Bill Yanez was my relief on Truck 4 when
we were both young auto fremen. I believe he
was on the A, Bill Carter was on the B,
and I was on the C. Task Force 4 didnt go
to a lot of fres in our district in those days, but
we were a move up company and went all
over the city and did manage to get into a lot
of greater alarms and some major emergencies.
Some that I remember were the Occidental
Tower, a studio fre in Hollywood and the
Sansinena tanker ship.
Wally Dugan was the TFC on the B shift at
old 29s for awhile during the late 70s or very
early 80s. I remember one day I was working
on the B and it was hose testing time. Old
29s didnt have much room, so we were in the
side parking lot and it was a warm day. Tom
Baracat, who was the Leslie Uniform guy at
the time, came by and was talking to someone
in the yard when a localized rain shower
occurred. It was mostly directed at me on one
side and Joe Longan on the other, however, as
luck (mostly bad) would have it, it parted what
little hair Tom had. I distinctly remember steam
coming out of his ears as he made a beeline for
the captains offce upstairs. I have no idea
what the conversation was like up in the offce,
but Wally somehow smoothed it over and we
got back to our hose change. Now I just have to
wait for the one bucket thrower that is still on
the job to have a retirement dinner so I can tell
the story.
Richard Watters, LAFD retired
Agoura Hills, CA
Dear Andy:
Thanks so much for handling the
replacement of my Dads memorial fag and
case. It and many other cherished belongings
were destroyed, along with Moms home
in Lake Hughes during the Powerhouse
fre earlier this year. As always, the Relief
Association was there for our fre department
family. Dad, the frst of three generations of
Los Angeles fremen, was proud of his service
and instilled a strong work ethic in his sons
and grandsons. Please accept the enclosed
donation to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled
Firemens Fund in memory of John E. Stilson,
captain retired.
Mike, Judy, Mary (mom) and family
To the members of the Relief Association,
I received your gift today and was totally
surprised. It is just beautiful. The letter well,
I cant express how emotionally it affected me.
Thank you all for both.
And I want to thank all of the personnel of
the fre department, Relief Association, Credit
Union and all Ive missed. Everyone has helped
me so much to try easing this time for me.
Thank you sincerely and God bless all of
Betty Young and family
Roseburg, OR
November 2013 45
Get your Estate Planning Getting
Started Kit today by calling
Marlene Casillas, Development &
Marketing Director, at
(323) 259-5217 or email at
Experts say it is in your best interest to review
your Estate Plan every ve years.
Reasons to update your Estate Plan:
Marrlage or dlvorce
(yours or a beneclarys)
Addltlons to your famlly
Have you bought or sold a house or other
Change ln nanclal sltuatlon or assets
Have you recently sold stock or other
Change of state resldence
Change ln tax laws
Los Angeles Firemens Relief Association members
are entitled to a one-time, reimbursement Estate
Planning Benet of up to $600.
Regarding the photo above
Recognized the guy in the 2nd row, left to
right, 6th guy with the red sweater, silver hair
and big grin as my Dad, Walt Brey, retired
Arson Investigation Unit. Class of 47, LA Fire
Academy. He is now 95 years young and still
moving forward.
Hope this helps.
Mike Brey
Robert Vanderhagen is the 2nd man from the
left that is standing. He resides in Oceanside
Richard Garner
Oak Park, CA
Fifth guy from right standing is Bob
Henderson. Bob and his wife, Noreen, were
close friends of my parents.
Linda Malcolm Wood
September Grapevine retired guys San
Diego County/South Orange County Breakfast
Club. Back row, 2nd from left is Raymond
Roy Ogden
Fountain Valley, CA
Thats my good friend Rick Ortiz sitting in
the front row, second from the right in the red
sweater. Hes the coordinator of the breakfast
which is still going strong today.
Andy Kuljis
Anahiem, CA
October Issue Corrections
Secretarys Message: ABC Caskets
provides LAFRA members with a 5% discount
which is about 75% off the mortuary price.
Retirement Dinner Planning Guide: The
correct number for LAFRA Member Services
is (323) 259-5259
46 November 2013
ello to all my brothers and sisters in the fire service. What a
tremendous time of sadness we have endured these past months
with the loss of our three fallen brothers from our active ranks.
I want to express my deepest condolences to the families and friends of
Mario Martinez, Jeffery Johnson, and Matthew McKnight. I pray that
you all will find peace and comfort in our Lord and Savior during these
difficult times.
What is a storm? A storm is a diffcult episode in your life that
seems to be an overwhelming life event that may leave you feeling help-
less, alone, confused and even depressed. It may be an event that rocks
your world, leaving you troubled or asking why is this happening to me?
A storm can be the sudden loss of a loved one, or maybe a serious illness
or injury to you or a loved one.
What is faith? Faith is simply having a personal relationship
with the one that created you. Faith is knowing that God is in control and
you are not. Faith is between you and God. He knows your heart, your
every thought. If you allow Him into your heart and have a personal
relationship with him, you choose to live in faith, for His glory and not
your own then you have faith in the one that created you. 1) Corinthians
2:5 states That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but
in the power of God. 2) Corinthians 1:3-4 states Blessed be the God
and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all
comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to
comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we
ourselves are comforted by God.
When the storm hits and turns your world upside down, and
you feel lost and alone, that is when God is with you the most. If you
turn to Him and seek His glory in the eye of the storm, He will be with
you and give you strength to endure the storm. He will, in time, turn your
tears to smiles, your sorrow into joy, and give you peace and comfort to
carry on. God is with you always. Put all your trust and faith in Him and
He will never leave your side.
God bless you all.
November 2013 47
DaviD e. heRyfoRD, EnginEEr. Appointed July 29, 1940.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension June 18, 1980 fRom fs 27-B. Passed away sePtember 06, 2013.
RaMon f. haRo, FirEFightEr. Appointed feBRuARy 16, 1975.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension feBRuARy 28, 2011 fRom fs 23-A. Passed away sePtember 06, 2013.
fRanklin R. lunn, inspEctor i. Appointed ApRil 30, 1960.
RetiRed on A disABility pension JAnuARy 27, 1986 fRom fpB. Passed away sePtember 07, 2013.
howaRD l. gellink, captain. Appointed septemBeR 01, 1962.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension June 27, 1993 fRom fs 89. Passed away sePtember 07, 2013.
Paul a. PaRiSh, captain. Appointed mAy 28, 1951.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension July 01, 1973 fRom fB 108-c. Passed away sePtember 13, 2013.
eDwaRD l. CaSTle, FirEFightEr ii. Appointed novemBeR 24, 1962.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension septemBeR 15, 1986 fRom fs 80-A. Passed away sePtember 15, 2013.
hanS R. wolf, captain. Appointed June 16, 1955.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension June 17, 1980 fRom fs 45-c. Passed away sePtember 15, 2013.
haRRy g. STanTon, FirEFightEr. Appointed novemBeR 24, 1962.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension mARch 13, 1988 fRom fs 24-c. Passed away sePtember 21, 2013.
wallaCe Dugan, captain ii. Appointed mAy 19, 1958.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension June 28, 1992 fRom fs 5-B. Passed away sePtember 21, 2013.
lauRenCe C. RoMeR, FirEFightEr. Appointed June 16, 1955.
RetiRed on A disABility pension August 13, 1969 fRom Rescue mAintenAnce. Passed away sePtember 22, 2013.
RobeRT C. oRMan, captain ii. Appointed novemBeR 01, 1956.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension July 20, 1986 fRom fs 112-B. Passed away sePtember 27, 2013.
RonalD J. MaCkinnon, EnginEEr. Appointed June 16, 1955.
RetiRed on A disABility pension JAnuARy 05, 1984. Passed away sePtember 29, 2013.
ChaRleS f. bReazeal, captain. Appointed novemBeR 22, 1962.
RetiRed on A seRvice pension JAnuARy 24, 1993 fRom fs 72-A. Passed away sePtember 30, 2013.
Ruby lanD, suRviving spouse of JAmes n. lAnd, Passed away august 26, 2013.
JeRi a. hiRDleR, spouse of RogeR t. hiRdleR, Passed away sePtember 04, 2013.
Donna P. SPaRkMan, spouse of tRuett R. spARkmAn, Passed away sePtember 17, 2013.
Joan e. luke, suRviving spouse of JAmes h. luke, Passed away sePtember 23, 2013.
MilagRoS M. CaSPeR, spouse of chARles W. cAspeR, Passed away OctOber 04, 2013.
loiS M. buToRaC, suRviving spouse of JAck p. ButoRAc, Passed away OctOber 05, 2013.
48 November 2013
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Statement of Ownership
November 2013 49
by Mike Mastro, President/CEO
Los Angeles Firemens Credit Union
Black Friday, the day after Thanks-
giving, marks the frst offcial day of the holi-
day shopping season. Retailers see this sales
event as their best opportunity of the year to
boost slumping sales fgures. Consumers see it
as their best hope to fnd great deals on holiday
gifts for friends and family, or to pick up some-
thing they really want for themselves.
Despite the great bargains shoppers
can score during these once-a-year sales, some
experts believe that Black Friday could actu-
ally be on the decline. For this months article,
Id like to talk about this American tradition.
Could Black Friday be a thing of the
past? More and more research seems to be sur-
facing to provide a case that Black Friday deals
are on the decline. Here are three reasons to
ReaSon 1 The STaTiSTiCS.
Flat screen TVs, laptops, mobile
phones and tables, video games, and other elec-
tronics are always a hit during the holidays. As
such, these items have a signifcant impact on
overall sales fgures. According to the consum-
er market research frm, NPD Group, consumer
electronic sales has declined. During Black
Friday 2012, sales dropped by 5.6% over 2011
fgures. During Black Friday 2011, consumer
electronic sales dropped 4% over the previous
year. For 2013, a decline is projected as well.
When considering whether or not
consumers will actually go shopping on Black
Friday, consider the report from the consumer
research frm, Accenture. Through their re-
search, theyve also identifed a declining trend
for Black Friday shopping. In 2011, 44 percent
of consumers said that they were likely to shop
on Black Friday, compared to 47 percent in
2010, and 52 percent in 2009.
ReaSon 2 blaCk fRiDay DealS aRe
Really all yeaR long.
From a recent Fox News interview
with Experian Marketing Services Head of
Global Research, Bill Tancer says, Retail is
changing. Consumers are searching for deals.
And, we are seeing the eventual extinction of
Black Friday.
Previously, there were only two days
to get the best deals the day after Thanksgiv-
ing and the day after Christmas. Now, you can
count on a sale every weekend the Super Sale,
the Super Saturday Sale, the One Day Sale, the
One Day Sale with Preview, Cyber Monday,
Lowest Prices of the Year Sale, and other sales.
Retailers take advantage of holidays and events
to create the impression that consumers can get
their best deal now.
With retailers having so many sales,
theres really no reason to wait for a Black Fri-
day deal. Consumers can easily fnd their best
deal now and with ample inventory. Chances
are, if you wait until Black Friday to get some-
thing, it may no longer be available, or you
have to battle the crowds just to get it.
ReaSon 3 ShoP online oR ShoP
These days, there are many bargains
to be had without standing in line or even leav-
ing the house on Black Friday. Many retail-
ers offer some excellent Black Friday deals
on their web sites. Consumers are most likely
to fnd the very best deal from the merchants
competing online for your business. And since
e-tailers want to get to potential customers frst,
theyre likely to offer the best deal in advance
of Black Friday.
Smart retailers know that consumers
do what is called showrooming. Consumers
will look, touch, feel, or try (try on) merchan-
dise in a store, but go home to shop online to
get the very best price. To level the playing
feld, most retailers will match another retail-
ers price online or in-store.
While there may be talk that Black
Friday is on the fritz, its hard to believe that re-
tailers would allow for such a sales opportunity
to disappear. One fnal piece of advice: Be sure
to pack your sense of humor before heading out
into the Black Friday festivities. After all, the
start of the shopping season signifes that the
joys of the holidays are just around the corner.
LAFCU is here to help. Whatever
may be on your gift-giving list, your Credit
Union can help. From our most convenient
source of credit through an LAFCU Visa credit
card to a vehicle loan, we can help you bring
joy to the holidays while keeping the jingle in
your pocket with cash-back or rewards. If you
have an LAFCU Platinum Visa or CPF Visa,
be sure to take advantage of our special Triple
Points offer. From November through January
2014, youll earn triple the Extra Award points
with your Platinum Visa or CPF Visa on airline
travel, car rental, gas, and hotel stays. For de-
tails, visit us at
Higher card limits at LAFCU make
it more convenient to use your debit card for
big purchases. With a BLAZING ATM/Check
Card cardholders can make signature-based
transactions for up to $3,000 and PIN-based for
up to $1,000. With an eCheck Card cardholders
can make signature-based transactions for up to
$5,000 and PIN-based for up to $1,500.
Should you need assistance with
your accounts, contact a Credit Union Repre-
sentative at (800) 231-1626, or visit us online.
The more business we do together as
a Fire Family, the greater the fnancial reward
will be for all members!
Happy Holidays!
Mike Mastro
Declines point to industry struggles and weak outlook for rest of holi-
day season Web. 26 Sept. 2013.
Disciplined U.S. Consumers Have Saved for Holiday Shopping This
Year, but Will Seek Value for Their Dollar, Accenture Survey Finds
Web. 26 Sept. 2013.
Is Black Friday a thing of the past. Web. 26 Sept. 2013. www.ex-
50 November 2013
Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers
Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.
#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 consecutive years!
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / Volvo / Ford
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818-797-3800 l
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GoudY HoNdA
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Fastest Growing Dealer in the Nation
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November 2013 51
LaFd HistOry
Preserving LaFd FirebOat 2, tHe raLPH J. scOtt
Submitted by Frank Borden Director of Operations, LAFDHS
FDHistorical Society
he LAFD Historical Society has taken
on some major projects with a minimal
amount of funding and volunteers and
has still made great accomplishments in keep-
ing with our mission to preserve, educate and
memorialize. Operating two museums, collect-
ing and displaying hundreds of artifacts, refur-
bishing fire apparatus, and nearing completion
of our LAFD Fallen Firefighter Memorial at
a cost of $2.5 million has not been easy. This
has been done through a can do attitude, per-
severance, a vision for what can be done and
the know how to do it - a past tradition on the
Our Society has taken on another
even bigger project to preserve and prepare the
Ralph J. Scott freboat for placement in its
own museum building in San Pedro. A small
group of volunteers has been steadily work-
ing on the boat for several years with minimal
funding and volunteer support. We have had an
ongoing fund raising campaign since the boat
came out of the water in 2004, and in the last
two years have only 43 generous people donat-
ing at the $100 level or above. The estimated
cost to professionally rehabilitate the boat is
$500, 000. We have almost 20% of that in the
boat fund now and a long way to go as we con-
tinue to make needed purchases.
The preservation project is a partner-
ship with the LAFD as the owner of the boat,
the Historical Society as the preservationists,
and the Port of Los Angeles that has provided
continuous support and will provide a multi-
million dollar museum structure for the boat
scheduled for completion in the next few years.
Imagine not being able to see this
historic freboat that created such a rich history.
Or not having a place that shares the stories
of more than 77 years of service. For the past
10 years, preserving the legacy of the boat has
been our mission. Now we need the help of all
LAFD members, active and retired, and friends
of the old freboat who want to preserve it for
generations to learn and enjoy what it was in
its place in history. We need skilled volunteers
to help us continue to work on the boat, getting
it ready for its move into its own museum. We
need donations to support the restoration proj-
ect - our volunteers work for free, but use the
equipment, tools and supplies needed to bring
the boat back to what it looked like when it
was in service. Remember it had been sitting
outside of the boathouse for 10 years until this
September when the Port of LA provided an
awesome shelter to protect it from the elements
until it is moved into its new home in San Pe-
dro. We are most thankful to the Port for their
continued support.
Why is LAFD Fireboat 2
The Ralph J. Scott - Important?
1. The Ralph J. Scott is the longest serving
piece of Los Angeles Fire Department appara-
tus at 78 years.
2. The Ralph J. Scott is a classic example of
generation riveted wrought steel hull freboats
3. The Ralph J. Scott has an outstanding re-
cord of emergency and non-emergency service
to the Port of Los Angeles.
4. The Ralph J. Scott is recognized as a Los
Angeles Cultural Heritage Monument.
5. The Ralph J. Scott is recognized by the
U.S. Department of Interior, National Park Ser-
vice National Maritime Initiative as a National
Historic Landmark.
6. The Ralph J. Scott is listed on the National
Register of Historic Places.
7. The Ralph J. Scott and crew served with
honor, courage and distinction for over seven
The LAFD Historical Society is re-
ferred to as stewards of the Scott by the Na-
tional Park Service with regard to its National
Historic Landmark Status. The Preservation
Project for the Scott will require the fnest en-
gineering, craftsmanship and oversight to be
Built in the San Pedro Harbor in
1925,the Scott is one of only a handful of
remaining freboats nationwide dating back to
the early 20th century. Nearly as old as the Port
of Los Angeles itself, the Scott is historically
signifcant at local, state, and national levels,
and the National Park Service lists it as a Na-
tional Historic Landmark, the highest status
conferred to a historic resource. In addition, the
Scott is deeply valued at an emotional level by
the tent constructed by the
Mahaffey Company. A steel
frame structure 50 ft. tall by 50
ft. wide and 120 ft. long with a
sturdy anchoring system.
the vinyl covered tent when it
was completed. the port will be
providing exterior art work to
let people know about the boat
52 November 2013
her former crewmembers, residents of San Pe-
dro, and historic ship enthusiasts from around
the world.
Because the Scott holds a level of
importance rare for frefghting apparatus,
planning for her future has been focused on
how the vessel can best be preserved. Working
under contract with the Los Angeles Harbor
Department, a team of historians, and preser-
vation and interpretive specialists from CH2M
HILL and Jones and Stokes completed a his-
toric preservation plan for the Scott in 2003.
The Ralph J. Scott Historic Preser-
vation Plan provides an overall preservation
framework as well as specifc recommenda-
tions. The preservation plan includes:
Historic context
Stabilization plan
Documentation plan
Preservation approach
Interpretive plan
Work plan
The preservation of historic marine
vessels provides unique challenges, due to their
physical composition and the marine environ-
ment in which they are located. In order to pre-
serve a vessel as a historic artifact, a plan needs
to be developed for how the vessel will be pre-
served and maintained, as well as what will be
done to facilitate public access. The selected
preservation treatment will be the rehabilitation
of the vessel for a new use as a museum piece
and public interactive experience. The goal of
the selected preservation treatment is to retain
and preserve the historic form and fabric of the
vessel to the greatest extent possible. We have
a plan of work that we are following above
and below deck, and we work on Fridays from
0800 to 1300 hrs. The work schedule will soon
increase as we near completion date.
The Port of Los Angeles has pro-
vided great support to preserve the boat by de-
veloping a preservation plan that involves the
vessel and the building that will house it. They
have provided a land berth for it, utilities and a
large canopy to cover it while work continues
in a protected environment. Work has begun on
the water cut back south of FS 112 and adja-
cent to where the boat museum will be. This
will provide anchorage for historic vessels. The
US Battleship Iowa came to the Port on June
9, 2012 and become a foating museum located
just north of FS 112.
I hope that you have caught my
drift with this article. We need support from
our LAFD active and retired members and the
general public in the way of volunteers to help
work on the boat, and donors who will be rec-
ognized for their contribution in the new boat
museum. Donor levels start atFirefghter
$100 and go up from there to Diver $500;
Mate $1,000; Engineer $2,000; Pilot
$3,000; Captain $5,000; Chief $10,000.
Of course any donation will help.
To donate you may send a check to
our Society offce located in the Hollywood
Fire Museum, 1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd., Hol-
lywood, CA 90028 - made to LAFDHS with
a memo addition or note Fireboat Project or
make contact through our website at lafdmu-
The Bel Air Fire, November 6, 1961
For many past November articles
I have written about the Bel Air Fire. It was
one of our largest and most destructive fre in
LAFD history and brings back many of my
memories as a young freman on Engine 92.
This year we lost our engineer Eugene Hop-
py Hopkins who later promoted to Captain II
and enjoyed a long retirement from Fire Station
61. He saved me from serious injuries at the fre
and for that I will ever be indebted to him. He
was a role model to many and a great mentor to
fremen like me. He was a WWII veteran of the
US Navy and a man with many skills a great
sense of humor. He passed away at 93 years of
age and still playing golf.
the boat, now inside the
tent will be protected from
the elements and provide an
excellent environment, rain or
shine for our volunteers to work
Retired Captain II Hoppy Hopkins standing next
to his rig old Engine 92 a 1958 Seagrave that we
went to the bel Air Fire on.
Retired Captain Jim Finn
The LAFD held the 2013 Awards
Luncheon presented by the Los Angeles Fire
Department Foundation on September 26th.
LAFD members received Medals of Valor,
Medals of Merit and Special Commendations
for their actions in saving lives during the past
several years.
Retired LAFD Captain Jim Finn, our
Historical Society president received a great
honor The Lifetime Achievement Award
which is given to a retired sworn member of
the Department who exemplifes the true spirit
of Service to the Community through his or
her actions while on active duty and as a re-
tired member. Jim was certainly deserving of
his award.
our HS president Jim Finn speaking at our 2012
Volunteer Recognition brunch.
Old Fire Station 18 Opens as Art Center
Old Fire Station 18 located at 2616
So. Hobart St, in Los Angeles was opened with
Engine Co. 18 on April 1, 1906 and closed
in 1968 when new 18s opened in Granada
Hills. The Exceptional Childrens Foundation
purchased the old station from the City and
restored the exterior and remodeled the inte-
rior making it into an art center for the com-
munity. Our Historical Society was invited to
attend their grand opening so we brought some
LAFD history about old 18s to the event. Jim
Finn made a beautiful plaque with a personal
spanner from the station and I brought some
photos of the station taken from the horse days
to 1968. Jim, I and Board member Walt Jaeger
attended. This was a special occasion for me
since I worked there as an engineer in 1967/68.
The old station has come to life again after so
many years and in a way is still serving the
A photo of old Fire Station 18 tak-
en in September as it is now as an
Art Center. A beautiful restoration.
November 2013 53
Calendar for November & December 2013
-HS Annual Holiday Party at Museum 27,
Sat. 12/14
November 2013
The Hollywood Museum is located in Old Fire
Station 27 at 1355 No. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA
90028. The Harbor Museum is located in San Pedro
City Hall at 638 S. Beacon St., San Pedro CA 90731.
Anyone interested in joining our great cause by be-
coming a member, or volunteering to work, or make
a donation of money or an LAFD item may contact
us by mail:
LAFDHS Museum & Memorial
1355 No. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: 323 464 2727. But remember we are currently
staffed part time, so leave a message and we will re-
turn your call. The fax number is 323-464-7401. Our
E-mail is: Web site at www. If you want to look at some great
LAFD history check and check the
LAFD web site for information and events at www. We look forward to hearing from you and
seeing you at the Museum.
The Los Angeles Fire Department Historical Society
is a non-proft 501 (C) (3) organization.
December 2013
US Marine Corps Birthday November 10th
The LAFD Historical Society will
again proudly provide the venue for the US
Marine Corps Birthday commemorating 238
years of service to our country. The event will
take place at our Hollywood Fire Museum in
Old 27s on Sunday, November 10. 2013, from
0800 to 1000 hrs. All Marines (past and pres-
ent) and friends of the Corps are cordially in-
vited. SGTMAJ (Ret.) Bill Staples, FS 80 C
and MSGT Dave Navarro (Ret.), FS 5 A will
host the event. There will be a special ceremo-
ny and cake cutting, speeches, Marine Corps
displays, prizes and a special Marine S.O. S.
breakfast served.
the attendees of last years Marine Corps birth-
day are listening to LA City Councilman tom
Labonges presentation in the dorm of old FS 27,
the Hollywood Fire Museum.
54 November 2013
President John Jacobsen called the meeting
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles
Firemens Relief Association to order at
9:30 a.m.
John Jacobsen, President
Juan Albarran, Vice President
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary
Trustee James Coburn
Trustee Robert Steinbacher
Trustee Gene Bednarchik
Trustee Steven Domanski
Trustee Jeff Cawdrey
Trustee Steve Tufts
Trustee Craig White
Trustee Steve Ruda
Trustee Francisco Hernandez
Trustee Mark Akahoshi
Trustee Steve Berkery
Trustee Barry Hedberg Pension
Trustee David Lowe Pension
Trustee Tim Larson Pension
David Ned Smith - Executive Director
Controller Todd Layfer
Trustee Michael Overholser (Excused)
Trustee Doak Smith (Excused)
Trustee Chris Hart (Excused)
Trustee David Ortiz (Excused)
Trustee Rick Godinez (Excused)
Trustee Chris Stine (Excused)
Trustee David Peters (Excused)
Dennis Mendenhall, Retired
INVOCATION & Flag Salute
Andy Kuljis led the invocation. David
Lowe led the fag salute.
John Jacobsen entertained a motion to
ratify and dispense with the reading of the
minutes of the Board of Trustees meeting
held August 7, 2013. Tim Larson so moved.
Craig White seconded. There was no
further discussion or objections.
Motion carried to ratify and dispense with
the reading of the minutes of the Board of
Trustees held August 7, 2013.
1) Jacobsen stated that the nominations made
at last Board meeting were nominations for
President and Vice President. He indicated
that there had been no other nominations.
He asked for Board to approve the election
of the nominated.
Gene Bednarchik so motioned to approve
the election of Juan Albarran for President.
David Lowe seconded. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to elect Juan Albarran for
Tim Larson motioned to approve the
election of Robert Steinbacher for Vice
President. Craig White seconded. There
was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to elect Robert Steinbacher
for Vice President.
2) Jacobsen stated that the Group 2 Trustees
were up for election. He stated that Andy
will place notice in the next months
Grapevine for those members interested
in running for the Trustee election. The
Notice will be placed immediately on the
website. He asked those Trustees in Group
2 to submit their intent to run if they wanted
to continue to serve as a Trustee next year.
3) Jacobsen stated that they plan to hold
a Building Committee meeting following
normal scheduled Committee meetings on
non-Board meeting days. He also indicated
that they will alternate with a meeting with
the Investment Committee based on the
need for a meeting.
Juan Albarran referred to the Wounded
Warrior Project events coming up this
weekend. He mentioned that the Wounded
Warriors will be honored at the UCS game
on Saturday and indicated that they will
have a tailgate gathering before the game.
On Friday night there will be a dinner to
be attended by over 20 fre stations. On
Sunday the Wounded Warriors are invited
to attend their sponsor fre stations.
Robert Steinbacher stated that at the last
Board meeting they approved rebalancing
the LAFRA portfolio and to invest in
Wedgewood after meeting with them at
their offces. Jacobsen indicated that Todd
Layfer was currently working with Beacon
Pointe to transfer the funds from Cohen &
1) David Smith indicated that Todd Layfer
will present the Quarterly Review of
Expenditures compared to the budget.
Todd Layfer presented the fnancial results
through the month of June 2013. He reported
that the revenues from medical premiums
and donations were tracking on target as
well as the member dues. He indicated that
the benefts paid to members were tracking
13% below what was budgeted as well as
the Sick & Injury beneft expenditures.
Total operating expenses are below budget.
He reported the new building expenses
and rental income. He also reported on the
investment balances and mentioned that
building fund has been depleted with the
purchase of the building. He stated that the
portfolio balance continues to grow.
2) David Smith referred to the LAFRA.
org site and mentioned that they will have
their fnal review next week. He indicated
that there only concern was how the site
displayed on smartphones which they have
asked to consultant to fx.
3) David Smith reported on the status of the
Golf Tournament planning and mentioned
that they have 116 paid golfers so far. He
also indicated that they have received the
Fire Departments approval for the fyover,
use of a truck from FS 88 for the golf ball
drop and Color Guard.
September 04, 2013
November 2013 55
Robert Steinbacher presented the following
The committee recommends and I so move
to pay the usual and customary bills in
the amount of $939,626.68. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the usual and
customary bills in the amount of
The committee recommends and I so move
to pay the professional fees in the amount
of $119,357.17. There was no discussion or
Motion carried to pay the professional
fees in the amount of $119,357.17.
The committee recommends and I so move
to enter into agreement with PFM Solutions
for project management of the new building
remodel not to exceed $50K. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve entering into
agreement with PFM Solutions not to
exceed $50K.
Barry Hedberg presented the following
The committee recommends and I so move
to accept the applications to the Medical
Plan. There was no discussion and no
Motion carried to accept all applications
to the Medical Plan.
James Coburn presented the following
The committee recommends and I so move
to pay:
The Sick & Injury benefts in the amount
of $16,381.80
The Estate Planning beneft in the amount
of $6,000,
The Life & Accident Death Benefts of
The Relief Death Benefts in the amount of
There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to pay the above Relief
James Coburn read the names of members
who recently passed and asked for a
moment of silence from the Board.
Richard R. Seden, Jr.
Wince V. King, Jr.
Harold H. Young
Edwin W. Tapert
Willis L. Henry
Thomas L. Mac Hale
Maurice I. Martinat
Darrell B. Thomas
James Coburn presented the following
The committee recommends and I so move
to accept the donations in the amount of
$344,755.44 to the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firemens Fund. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to accept the donations in
the amount of $344,755.44 to the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemens Fund.
The committee recommends and I so
move to approve the fnancial assistance
applications for surviving spouses, active
and retired members. There was no
discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the fnancial
assistance applications for surviving
spouses, active and retired members.
James Coburn presented the following
The committee recommends and I so move
to approve the emergency advancement
applications for active and retired members.
There was no discussion or objections.
Motion carried to approve the emergency
advancement applications for active and
retired members.
Andy Kuljis stated that he will place in next
months Grapevine the notice of election
for Trustee positions. He also mentioned
the fag ceremony video and stated that it
will be available soon.
1) IFEBP Wharton School of Investments
September 9th 12th
2) Craig Alder Charity Golf Tourn.
September 9th
3) Over the Line Tournament Septem-
ber 11th
4) Colorado Springs Memorial Septem-
ber 21st
5) LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament
September 23rd
6) California Firefghters Memorial,
Sacramento October 5th
7) LAFD Fallen Firefghter Memorial
October 12th
8) LAFD Car Show October 13th
9) IFEBP Annual Conference October
20th 23rd
10) LAFRA Open House December 7th

1) Mike OGorman September 14th Elks
Lodge #966
2) Mike Sullivan September 15th
Bridgeport Clubhouse
3) Dennis Waters October 25th Odyssey
4) David Yamahata October 26th Japanese
American National Museum
John Jacobsen entertained a motion
to adjourn. David Lowe so moved.
Juan Albarran seconded. There was no
discussion and no objections.
Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
Trustees meeting adjourned at 10:34 pm.

John Jacobsen, President
56 November 2013
donations to Widows, orphans & disabled Firemens Fund
September 2013
SHIRLEY R. BUONO in memory of PaSquale buono, husband, father & grandfather
CaPT. MaTThew MCknighT
GWENDOLYN L. MUNDEN in memory of my husband and father laRRy MunDen
MaTThew MCknighT
RONALD SEDEN in memory of my brother, RiChaRD DiCk SeDen
WILLIAM FINN in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
memory of MaTThew MCknighT
MARY DOYLE RABOT in memory of CaPT. JeffRey k. JohnSon from a colleague of
Dr. Robin Johnson
WERNER H. WAHLERS in memory of my brother, heinz wahleRS
JAMES D. DOWNEN in memory of CaTheRine kaTie naegle
MARC A. SHAPIRO in memory of CaPT/PaRaMeDiC MaTThew MCknighT
JAMES L. STIGLICH in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
MARTHA E. DAUWALDER in memory of Della CRenShaw
DORIS CREAGER in memory of DoRiS wilSon
GORDON D. JENSEN in memory of eD hoglunD
RICHARD L. WATERS in memory of eDwin w. TaPPeRT
RICHARD L. WATERS in memory of wallaCe Dugan
RICHARD L. WATERS in memory of williaM l. yanez
JUDY F. STILSON in memory of John e. STilSon
FIRE STATION 88 from the fiRe exTinguiSheR funD
MITCHELL S. MCkNIGHT in memory of my brother MaTThew MCknighT from the
collection at St. Mel Church
GEORGE F. DEMOTT in memory of DakoTa DeMoTT fRoM MaRk DeMoTT
RICHARD & LORRAINE GARNER in memory of eThel vanDeRhagen, wife of Capt.
Robert Vanderhagen
STEPHEN TRUDEAU, MD in memory of CaPT. MaTThew MCknighT
ROSE MAYO in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
ANITA N. CURTIS in memory of kaTie naegle, widow of Robert Naegle
JOANN P. TOLL in memory of PaSquale buono
THERESA M. DUNN - CRESPI PARENT 80 in memory of CaPT. MaTThew MCknighT
GRETA MACk in memory of CaPT. MaTThew MCknighT
LARS H. NELSON in memory of DaviD heRyfoRD
JOHN S. HUFF in memory of RaMon f. haRo
CAPT. ROBERT VANDERHAGEN in memory of my wife, eThel C. vanDeRhagen,
who passed away 06/19/2013
CHRISTOPHER SHAW in memory of Ray haRo
GUY C. MILLER in memory of eD hoglunD
MARY E. kILLMOND in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
JAMES E. GILLUM from the SiMi valley bReakfaST gang
JACk BENNETT in memory of hanS R. wolf
ANSELMO GARRIDO in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
GEORGE F. DEMOTT in gratitude to anDy kulJiS and The woRk of The
Relief aSSoCiaTion
GEORGE F. DEMOTT in memory of PaSquale buono
GEORGE F. DEMOTT in memory of My gRanDSon DakoTa
WERNER H. WAHLERS in memory of ToM MaChale
ELIzABETH MABRY in memory of PaSquale J. buono
DONALD L.CATE in memory of my wife loiS CaTe
DONALD E. BRIAN in memory of eThel vanDeRhagen
JOSEPH CIROCCO in memory of RaMon haRo
FIRE STATION 84 from the fiRe exTinguiSheR funD
kEITH DESLONDE in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
BOB FRAPPIA AND FAMILY in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
GREG AND DEBBIE E NEWLAND in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
kAREN AND PETER MCCARTHY in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
JERVUS kING in memory of eDwin TaPeRT
ROSE kEMPER in memory of lane keMPeR
MILLIE STERz in memory of JeffRey k. JohnSon
CAROL YANEz in memory of williaM yanez
TONY HIDALGO in memory of JeffRey JohnSon
BRADLEY COULTER in memory of JeffRey JohnSon
RONALD LEYDECkER in memory of Mike aMbaRian
DOROTHY SAMMARTANO in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
NANCY GADEL in memory of PaSquale buono
DENNIS WOOD in memory of fRank goRMan SR.
CAROL YANEz in memory of MauRiCe MaRTinaT
SUSAN DU BRIN in memory of MaTThew MCknighT
November 2013 57
For Sale
2000 HarleY-DaViDSoN roaD
KiNg. Beautiful Bike! 95-inch mo-
tor, includes seat back and chrome
rack (10K in chrome), 16,000
miles. Asking $9,500. Also for sale,
2004 Honda XR650R, good condi-
tion. HR hop up kit, runs excellent.
Asking $2,500. (909) 838-5929.
LACO Captain, John Mark FS
2002 SpeCial eDitioN Fire-
FigHter roaD KiNg. Excel-
lent condition. 15,000 miles. Lots
of chrome. $9500. Call Charles
Bucher (818) 439-0443. Email:
2004 CoNDor 29Ft ClaSS
a motorHome - Beautiful,
drives and handles like a dream.
Very clean! Workhorse chassis,
8.1 Chevy V8, Two slides, Dual
pane windows, Two ducted ACs,
Hydraulic jacks, Back-up camera,
Three new awnings, 5.5 kw gen-
erator, 32 fat screen TV, Island
queen and 17,509 original miles.
High book $52,000 - Low book
$43,000. ASKING $37,500. Call
Jerry (661) 998-8880
2008 proViDeNCe DieSel
Cummings 8.3 L, 40X 360HP
5 speed Allison Transmission,
35000 miles with 3 slide outs, 5
TVs. Many upgrades, Vacuum,
exterior entertainment Center w/
TV and BBQ, Cameras, Spot light
w/remote Control, VSD Compass
& Temp monitor System, Custom
Cover, Tow Bar. $145K Mike White
FS 108-B, 661-904-2234 cell.
proJeCt CarS. 1954 Mercury.
1957 Ford. 1939 Ford 2-door
sedan. 1940 fords - 2 and 4 door
sedans. 1940 sedan delivery. 1961
T-Bird convertible. 1941 Railway
Express van. Miscellaneous parts.
Contact Jim McPherson LAFD
retired. (805) 501-8102 or email
real eState
For reNt
atteNtioN - room For
reNt!!! 2000 sq.ft Single family
dwelling. Prefer single person.
Newhall / Santa Clarita area 2mins
from costco,10 mins from the
SFV. Large backyard w/pool and
jacuzzi. Washer / Dryer. $850 utili-
ties included. Interested contact
Ernie (818) 326-4054. LAFD mem-
ber. Min 6-month lease. Credit
check upon rental.
For reNt. NeW laKe poWell
VieW Home.Two separate living
areas, each with own kitchen.
2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath upstairs, 1
bedroom 1 1/2 bath downstairs.
Take one or both foors. 1500 sq.
ft. view deck. Two Seados and ski
boat available. Call 310.283.8975
HorSe propertY, laKe
VieW terraCe - Near FS24. 3
bedroom, 2 bath, newly remodeled
kitchen with granite countertops
and stainless steel appliances.
Formal living room, plus family
room. 3 pipe corrals, arena, 2
barns, trail access. Motor home
and horse trailer parking. Gar-
dener included. Available October.
$2800/month. Eng. Ames (818)
loVelY 110 Yr. olD HiStoriC
HoUSe to share in San Pedros
historic waterfront dist. Private
bedroom with private full bath-
room, kitchen, laundry, air condi-
tioning, spacious back yard, sorry,
no private parking, $700 month.
Cindy 310 831-0926.
tHiS CHarmiNg SpaCioUS 2
beDroom Home is centrally
located in the heart of Encino.
Features hardwood fooring
throughout with a large master
suite, bath, cathedral ceilings and
walk-in closets. The upstairs can
be separate with its own entrance.
Downstairs is a bedroom, full bath
and powder room. Big backyard,
garage and additional parking
for RV. $2500 for the above, or
rent just the master suite, $1000,
downstairs for $1500 a month. Call
Tracy (818) 704-9592.
real eState
For Sale
beaUtiFUl boiSe iDaHo
HoUSe. 4000 Sq Ft., 4 bedroom,
3 bath, prime view with Foothills
Nature Reserve (BLM) trails over
back fence, 15 minutes from air-
port, 40 minutes from ski slopes,
overlook downtown. $569, 900
online. MLS# 98505356. Contact
agent at (208) 870-8292.
beaUtiFUl, SiNgle leVel
Home available in Mill City,
Oregon. Single owner, retired L.A.
Fireman, now deceased. Quiet
neighborhood on dead end street.
Built among trees, gorgeous
meadow behind, unequaled view
of the Cascades. 3 Bdrm, 2 1/2
baths. Natural landscape with
150 yr. old Maple in the side yard.
Plenty of room for RV, boat, trailer
etc. Contact Judy Quillin, 503
CUStom log Home- Kings
Canyon Sequoia Area. 4200 sq
ft, 2 story, 3 bedroom/2.5 baths.
Master bed has walk in closet w/
French doors and deck. Large
game room w/bar and wood burn-
ing stove. Huge gourmet kitchen
w/six burner professional Garland
range, Sub-Zero freezer and re-
frigerator. Hard rock maple coun-
ters and maple cabinets. Large loft
with library and offce overlooking
great room with vaulted ceilings
and riverrock freplace. Pella win-
dows and doors. Hardwood foors
throughout, tile in kitchen, laundry
and baths. Central vac. Deck on
three sides. 15 acres fenced.
Tennis court, pool, 2 car garages,
40X60 metal bldg. Septic and 40
gpm well. $650,000. Contact Ray
Oster (559) 338-2220 or email for more
info and photos.
For Sale. 2 bedroom, 2 bath
condo fully furnished in Barra de
Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico. Short
walk to small fshing village,
beach, restaurants, etc. LAFD
retired. (909) 392-8941.
loVelY 2800 SQ Ft 3 bedroom,
2 bath home on Marrowstone
Island near Port Townsend,
Washington. Sits on 4 plus partical
wooded acres with Puget Sound.
230 foot waterfront view. Has barn
for RV storage. City water, oil heat
in foor. Past home of LAFD get
together. Call Vonnie Rogers (360)
mammotH HoUSe. 3 bedroom,
2 1/2 bath, freplace, view, new
metal roof, rustic wood exterior.
High location. $660K. Pamela
Evansen (310) 833-5632
oregoN riVer propertY
Chiloquin, Rustic homestead on
73 wooded acres, bordered by
turquoise, clear Spring Creek
river. Artesian well produces 200
gpm. Block built 1926 sq.ft. home,
2BD 2BA, large garage, shops,
barn on private, level land. Boat
house w/boat. Near Williamson
and Sprague Rivers; world famous
trout streams. $625,000 www.
reaDY to retire? Daughter
of former LAFD captain in selling
her 3200 SF, 5/3, home in Payson,
Arizona. Elevation 5000, a small
town surrounded by the Tonto NF
(Ponderosa Pine/ZaneGrey Coun-
try). Great climate. Google search:
Coldwell Banker MLS 66906.
Owners Bill and Nancy (928) 468-
6832. Price $379K.
riVer parCelS. Three 20 acre
Klammath River frontage parcels
in beautiful Northern California- 30
miles from Oregon. Electricity and
telephone available. Rarely used
County-maintained road runs
through. Very private. 6 miles from
Happy Camp. Each parcel has
more than 700 front feet of river.
$195,000 - $295,000. Contact Troy
Bonar, LAFD retired. PO Box 466,
Happy Camp, CA 96039 or call
(530) 493-2453 or fax (530) 493-
2589 or email:
SKi tHe SUmmit! big bear,
4+2, 5 minutes from snow sum-
mit, downtown and the lake. Locat-
ed in the desirable Fox Farm area.
2 story-upstairs 2+1, downstairs
2+1 turn key condition, ready to
enjoy. Fully furnished. Investment
Vacation or Retirement. $359,000
Call Therese (818) 216-4628 or
tHe laSt beSt plaCe. Own
a piece of Montana. Panoramic
views of Flathead Lake. 3 acres
with a great building site. Adjacent
to forested public land. Access to
fshing , summer water sports and
winter skiing. Owned by retired
LAFD. Listed with Riverbend Re-
alty. Keith at 406-837-1501.
alterNatiVe & traDitioNal
Termite & Pest Control - ECOLA
Ecological Solutions. Smart
choices, simple solutions. Problem
solved. Call for FREE termite
estimate or pest quotes over the
phone - escrow and inspections
excluded. Fireman wife Sue Fries -
Termite Lady. (818) 652-7171.
boat & pWC Storage
Firemens discount. 10% off frst
months rent & no deposit re-
quired. Winter rates available. Lo-
cated on the Colorado River, close
to launch ramps. All Seasons
Storage 800 North K St., Needles,
CA 92363. (760) 326-2001.
bob SoUtHWooD o.C CoN-
Crete Specializing in all concrete
needs: Slabwork foundations,
Patios, Driveways, Private Road-
ways, Retaining Walls and Built in
BBQs.Proudly serving Police and
FIre with service and quality for
over 40 Years. We will work with
CALL BOB @ (949) 697-4864
CHooSe YoUr Dream
CrUiSe - Princess Cruises, Royal
Caribean, Holland American,
58 November 2013
Carnival and more... 3 to 21 day
getaways to Alaska, Hawaii, The
Bahamas and many other exciting
destinations. Call Patricia at (661)
265-9440 or toll free at (877) 7HI-
SEAS, or email pliefeld@qnet.
com wife of LAFD Mechanic,
sister of LAFD Captain.
CoUNSeliNg SerViCeS.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist Dr.
Susan Purrington specializes in
anxiety, depression, relational dif-
fculties, eating disorders, spiritual
or personal growth, marital con-
fict, family of origin issues. Find a
supportive and confdential place
for healing and growth. Located in
Old Towne Orange. Questions or
consultation: (949)648-7875
Craig SaNForD HeatiNg &
air - Free estimates, residen-
tial, commercial. Great rates for
LAFD and LAPD. Toll free (877)
891-1414, (661) 298-3070, FAX
(661) 298-3069. State License No.
CraNe SerViCe All kinds of
lifts - A/C Units, Spas, Construc-
tion, Beams, Poles, Appliances,
Man Baskets available. Insured
and bonded. Leonard Campbell
Owner/Operator (818) 340-8907
DoeS aNYtHiNg botHer
YoU? Anything at all? Mental,
emotional or physical? Dr. Bob
Price, psychotherapist. LAFD
retired, has developed a model
that puts the fre out fast. It allows
you to overcome almost anything
that bothers you rather quickly.
My book, Speed Healing, & DVD
is available at www.priceparts- Telephone sessions
granted quickly. Call for telephone
appointment. (619) 461-9527
DrYWall SerViCe, new
construction, remodel, repair,
acoustic ceilings removed. All
types of textures. Licensed, bond-
ed and insured. Gregg Avery, F.S.
66 A residence (805) 494-9037.
FireFigHterS taXeS - Are
you getting the most from your tax
returns? I am a wife of a frefghter
and specialize in their returns, with
60% of my clients being frefghter
families. Taxes done at you con-
venience; my offce or by phone.
Available year-round. TaxPro,
Barbara Ravitz, 661-257-7606.
FireFigHter DiSCoUNtS. At
Farmers Insurance Group, I can
assist you in deciding what options
best meet your insurance needs.
Free competitive quotes available
for homeowners, auto, life, RVs,
boats motorcycles and more. As a
former LAFD and LAPD Commis-
sioner, and coming from a family
of frefghters (3 brothers and 1
nephew), I understand your need
for an agent that can make your
life a little easier. For a free quote,
please call the Corina Alarcon
Insurance Agency at (818) 263-
garage Door iNStallatioN
& SerViCe. Garage doors and
openers. Need to replace your
broken springs? or does your
door need repair, even replaced?
We do it all from new product to
repairing old. Call (661) 860-4563
Grassroots Garage Doors, Inc.
Lic# 950020. Son of 35 year vet-
eran freman.
marriage, FamilY, iNDi-
ViDUal CoUNSeliNg. Licensed
therapist Cathy Chambliss helps
couples and individuals work
through conficts in relationships,
stress, anxiety, affairs, com-
munication issues, and divorce.
All counseling is confdential.
Insurance taken. Call Cathy at
(310) 303-9132. Offce located in
Hermosa Beach.
paiNtiNg iN mammotH
laKeS. Need your Condo or
Home painted in Mammoth? I
have been painting in Mammoth
for 30 years. Neat, clean, and
reasonable. Fireman references.
Please call Mark Eddy Painting.
(760) 935-4963 or email:
Lic# 468886.
real eState SerViCeS - Start
a new life in the gorgeous commu-
nities of Temecula and Murrieta.
Top rated schools, world renowned
wineries, numerous golf courses,
lakes, shopping and a great family
atmosphere. Located 78 miles
from HQ between Los Angeles
and San Diego. Call Mike Utley at
(951) 775-8491 (LAFD Retired).
real eState SerViCeS -
Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park,
Simi Valley, Moorpark, Camarillo,
and Ventura. Representing Sellers
and Buyers for over 20 years.
Please call or email with your real
estate questions and also request
your real estate activity reports
your neighborhood or areas of
interest. Mike Rhodes Prudential
California Realty. LAFD Retired.
Realtor - BRE License 0177388.
Cell: (805) 501-6044
rebeCCa martiN laND-
SCape. Architectural landscape
design and installation. A full ser-
vice design/build landscape frm
that creates unique custom exte-
rior environments that will increase
the value of your home and bring
you years of outdoor enjoyment.
Rebecca Martin, LAFD wife. (818)
216-3637. Lic# 936577. rebecca-
taX alert For FireFigHterS
Dont lose thousands of dollars
during your professional career to
GROUP, the specialists in fre-
fghter tax services, prepare your
tax return and review your prior
years tax returns. We specialize
in tax planning and preparation for
frefghters. We also offer FREE
REVIEW of your last four years of
tax returns. Call us today at (800)
573-4829 or visit our website at
WiNDoWS & patio DoorS
- vinyl replacement windows &
Patio doors. I also carry aluminum,
wood and entry door systems.
Rick Brandelli, Capt. LACoFD,
FS 8-C (800) 667-6676. www.
big bear CabiN - All season,
restful views from decks. Two
story, sleeps 6, half mile to lake,
two plus miles to slopes. Fire-
place/Wood, cable TV/DVD/VCR.
Full kitchen, completely furnished
except linens. Pets ok. $95/$105
(two day minimum). $550/$600
a week, Beep or Donna Schaffer
1+(760) 723-1475.
big bear CabiN. 2 bedroom, 2
bath, 2 story. Sleeps 8. Near ski
slopes & lake. Fireplace/wood,
cable TV, DVD,VCR, full kitchen.
Completely furnished. $85/$95 per
night. Minimum 2 nights. Holidays
extra. Weekly available. All Sea-
son. Sheri (909) 851-1094 cell or
(760) 948-2844 home.
big bear laKeS FiNeSt-
Deluxe lakeside townhouse, 2
bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable TVs,
HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood burning
freplaces, laundry room, tennis
court, indoor pool, sauna, spa,
boat dock. Fully equipped, includ-
ing all linens. Sleeps 6. 310-541-
8311 or email
big bear ViNtage CabiN. 2
minute walk to village. 5 minute
drive to both slopes. Lake view.
2 bed, 1 bath, sleeps 6. Contact:
Owned by LAFD member.
CataliNa beaCH Cottage
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block
to beach, view, fully equipped
housekeeping unit. Marci (818)
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510-
DelUXe laKeSiDe toWN
Home. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2
freplaces, washer, dryer, gas
barbeque. Indoor pool, sauna,
Jacuzzi, locker room with shower.
Tennis court, boat dock, cable TV,
HBO. Fully furnished including
linens. 3 miles from Snow Summit.
Sleeps 6 max. (310) 541-8311
laKe HaVaSU laNDiNg-Wa-
terfront, steps to the water. Boat
mooring out front, off-road desert
behind house. 3 bed/3 bath, fully
furnished w/linens. Direct TV/DVR,
BBQ, Casino, Grocery/Meat Mar-
ket, Launch Ramp, Marina with
Boat House, Gated Community.
No pets/smoking. $350 Dan Cook
310 418 1577.
JUNe laKe CabiN - Scenic
2br/2ba cozy, cabin with views.
5 minutes from Fishing and Ski-
ing. Fully furnished. Wood Deck,
Sleeps 8, wood burning stove,
full kitchen, cable Tv/Dvd, stereo,
phone. Detached garage/room
for boat. Call for summer/winter
rates. Cleaning fee applies. Jeff
Easton 105-A, (805)-217-5602 -
KapalUa, maUi. Luxurious
ocean view Kapalua Ridge 1 and
2 bedroom villas from $145/$250,
7th night FREE. Fully equipped
with washer/dryer, Hi speed inter-
net, Wi-Fi, cable TV, free resort
shuttle, minutes from ocean. Fea-
tures 3 white sand beaches includ-
ing BEST BEACH in the world,
Kapalua Bay Beach, 100 miles of
hiking trails, 2 golf courses with
great discounts, 10 tennis courts,
zip lines, 2 spas, golf academy,
horseback riding, snorkeling,
swimming, surfng, kayaking,
shops, restaurants. Contact Terry
or Diane @ 800-326-MAUI (6284).
the_ridge.asp or email info@
laKe arroWHeaD Blue Jay
cabin charming two-story with
creek, large deck, two baths,
complete kitchen, TV,VCR/DVD,
freplace, washer and dryer, walk
to Blue Jay Village. Sleeps 6. $90/
night. NO PETS! Bruce or Sue
Froude, (805) 498-8542.
laKe HaVaSU beaCH FroNt.
RESORT a gated community on
the California side of Lake Havasu.
Swim, Ski or fsh from the front yard.
Buoys in front of home for overnight
boat(s) tie-ups. No need to launch
boat each day. Walking distance to
a CASINO, restaurants and grocery
store. Adjacent to miles of off-road
desert trails, great for ATVs, 4
wheelers and Motorcycles. Beautiful
landscaping with a lawn from the
home to the lake. Covered patio
with furniture and a gas BBQ. Four
bedrooms with beds for 10.Two full
bathrooms. Check Craigslist for pic.
$350. Per night 10% discount for a
week. For Reservations call Bud
@ 818 352-4422
November 2013 59
laKe HaVaSU beaUtY For
reNt - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sq.ft.
Fully furnished with all ameni-
ties- Laundry & BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft.
lot. 3 car boat-deep garage. 3
miles from launch ramp. Close to
downtown shops & restaurants.
View of the lake. Quiet street in
good neighborhood. No pets. No
smoking. Snowbird rates. Call
Mike (661) 510-6246
laKe HaVaSU CitY. New Cus-
tom 3 bedroom/2 bath home on
lake side of Hwy 95 north side of
town. Quiet street. All the amenti-
ties. 60 TV in living room. TVs
in all bedrooms. Wireless internet
with on site computer. BBQ on
large patio. Swimming pool. Near
marinas and restaurants. $150
per night. $85 cleaning fee. No
smoking or pets please. Scott at
805-208-1598 or h2oratscott@
laKe HaVaSU Home for rent.
Built in 2004. 1800 square feet,
3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Newly/
fully furnished w/all amenities of
home. Large garage 20x32 with
tall doors. Large area for guest
parking. Located less than a mile
from lake on a quiet cul-de-sac!
RV hookups. Ask for FF discount.
Call Ryan Penrod (310) 804-1801
or Nicole (909) 263-8177.
laKe HaVaSU Home - Beautiful
3 bed, 2 bath home that sleeps
8. Lake view, RV access, boat
parking, everything is new. Quiet
street in great neighborhood, just
minutes from London Bridge. Call
John for pricing at (323) 449-4473.
Snow-bird rates and fremen dis-
count available.
laKe HaVaSU Landing Cali-
fornia. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, wif,
DirecTV, BBQ, full laundry, slip-in
marina included, just steps away.
180 degree view of lake and your
boat in slip. Huge covered patio.
No pets. No smoking. Larry Mc
Andress ret 112A (714) 963-9344
or (714) 393-1464.
laKe HaVaSU VaCatioN
HomeS for rent. Each fully fur-
nished with all amenities of home.
Every home has a lake view, pool,
RV access, boat parking, ample
guest parking and sleep up to 8
people. Check out our website @ or call (928)
855-5848 or (661) 212-3191.
laKe taHoe getaWaY 3
bedroom, 2 bath home with all of
the amenities complete kitchen,
washer/ dryer, TV/ VCR. Quiet
neighborhood near the lake, casi-
nos and ski slopes. Call for rates.
Call Cal or Linda @ (805) 584-
laKe poWell HoUSeboat.
68 Sumerset. 2 staterooms, 2
cuddy cabins, 2 baths. Will sleep
10 to 12. 2 ref. fully equipped
kitchen, BBQ, TV, DVD, Twin A/C.
Party top, fybridge, V8 drives, 12
KW ge., 100 gal. aux. fuel tank
with pump. Dan Coyle (805) 494-
la QUiNta - Gated community,
fully furnished deluxe home, three
bedrooms, three baths on the
10th fairway of the Dunes Golf
Course in La Quinta Country Club.
Two car garage, large patio with
barbecue. No pets, no smoking.
$200/night - 2 week minimum, plus
refundable security deposit. Call
(323) 254-3874
mammotH CoNDo 2 bedroom, 2
bath, Sleeps 5. Beautifully remod-
eled. No pets, no smoking. 150.00
weekdays, 175.00 weekends.
Contact Scott at 310-562-1366 or
mammotH CoNDo-CHamoNiX.
2 bedroom & large loft, 3 full
baths, sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to
Canyon Lodge. Fully furnished,
TVs, VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec
room, sauna, linens included.
Winter $175, $195-weekdays/holi-
days; summer $125, plus cleaning.
No smoking; no pets. Craig Yoder
(909) 948-3659.
mammotH CoNDo Cozy 2
bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully furnished,
WIFI, 3 TVs, pool, spa, walk to
shuttle, Old Mammoth area. Win-
ter $115, Summer $90, plus maid
$126. Includes linens. No pets, no
smoking. Call (310) 540-4648.
mammotH CoNDo NeXt to
tHe goNDola Village Fully
furnished, three bedroom, two
bath with towels and linens, newly
remodeled kitchen, internet and
cable TV, pool and Jacuzzi. Walk
to the gondola, shops, restaurants
and ski in on the new comeback
trail. Parking at the front door.
Winter: $250/night. Summer
$150/night. Holidays $300/night.
Cleaning is included. Call Mike
Whitehouse, Retired, 805-987-
6122, email: btkwhitey@yahoo.
com or Bruce Galien, Retired,
661-645-7448, email: luvbaja2@
mammotH CoNDo Fully fur-
nished, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, sleeps
6. Close to Canyon Lodge, pool,
spa, recreation room, laundry fa-
cilities, condo has been beautifully
remodeled, photos available, $225
a night winter - $125 a night sum-
mer + $150 cleaning fee. 3 night
minimum. Call for holiday pricing.
Joe Angiuli, North Division (626)
mammotH CoNDo - Fully
furnished, 1 bdrm, loft, 1 1/2 baths,
sleeps 4. On shuttle route. All
amenities: Sauna, Pool, laundry
on premises. Fall/Winter prices.
$100/night. Spring/Summer $85/
night. One time $135 cleaning
fee. No smoking, no pets, contact:
Julian Edwards (909) 573-3815
mammotH - 1 bedroom Sum-
mit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient
underground garage parking,
jacuzzis, gym (pool, tennis in
summertime), shuttle right outside!
Across from chair 15. Winter $110
per night, Summer $80 per night
plus $65 cleaning fee per stay. All
linens included. Drew or Nancy
Oliphant (661) 513-2000.
mammotH CoNDo - mam-
motH eStateS, 4BR/3BA, fully
furnished, linens, full kitchen, TV/
DVD, stereo, freplace, pool ,
jacuzzi, sauna. 2 blocks from gon-
dola village. 1 block to ski shuttle.
Winter $330/night, Summer $215/
night, plus cleaning. Includes
city bed tax. No pets, no smok-
ing, sleeps 8. Dory Jones (310)
918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran (310)
mammotH CoNDo - 2 bdrm, 2
bath, 2 TVs, phone, garage, pool,
jacuzzi, fully furnished - exept
linens. Near shuttle/chair 15.
Winter $125/night. Weekends and
Holidays $110 midweek. Summer
$95/night. $495/week. No smok-
ing. No pets. Jim Johnson (818)
992-7564, FS 80C.
mammotH CoNDo - Sierra
Manors Sleeps 7. 3 bedroom 2 1/2
bath. Fully furnished except linens.
2 TVs/VCR/DVD, stereo/CD.
Dishwasher, microwave, sauna,
jacuzzi, pool. No smoking/No
Pets. Shuttle at door. Winter $155/
night, Summer $100/night, Plus
$80 cleaning fee and City Bed
Tax. Brian & Karen Salvage LAFD
Retired (805) 499-7752.
mammotH laKeS - One bed-
room, extremely charming wild-
fower condo. Full amenities, close
to shuttle. Antiques, art, satellite
TV, freplace. Sleeps 4. Winter
$110, Summer $85 plus cleaning
fees. Call (818) 371-6722
mammotH SKi & raCQUet:
Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
Canyon Lodge. Ski back wall. 2
night minimum. Winter $100/nite,
$126 Fri, Sat & Holidays. Summer
$50/nite. Plus $95 cleaning &
linens. Jeff & Lisa Moir. LAFD Air
Ops (661) 254-5788.
mammotH CoNDo Wildfower,
1 bedroom sleeps 4, king bed and
queen sofa bed. Fully furnished,
freplace, dishwasher, stereo, TV/
DVD, phone, spa, sauna, pool and
tennis court. Linens and clean-
ing fee. On shuttle route. Winter
rate $100/night, summer rate $70/
night. Mike Greenup (805) 583-
8239 or cell (805) 338-9955.
mammotH SKi & raCQUet:
Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio loft
sleeps 4. Queen beds, full kitchen,
2 baths, garage parking, TV, VCR,
DVD. Winter Sun-Thurs $100.nite;
Fri & Sat $115/nite plus cleaning
fee $100. Non smoking complex.
Joel Parker, LAFD retired. email: or (213)
mammotH. SKi iN - SKi oUt
at lift 15, 2 bedroom including
master suite, 2 bath condo. TV/
DVD in living room. Good sound
system. Gym, spa, freplace, very
roomy, underground parking,
tennis courts, pools, and outside
BBQ area. (310) 476-4784. Email: or
visit website:
maripoSa/golD CoUNtrY.
North entrance to Yosemite. 2
bedrooms, 1 bath, sleeps 6. Newly
built. Complete kitchen, washer &
dryer, wi-f, satellite TV. Seasonal
Call 888-977-1006
maUi beaCH FroNt CoNDo
oN Napili baY - 50 from water.
Studios and 1 bdrm. Luxury
furnishings + full kitchen. All the
amenities! Mauis best snorkel-
ing/beach. All island activities &
Kapalua within 4 minutes. 5-day
minimum, from $150 per night
(regularly $310 night). Call Sherrie
or Bill for info/reservations (805)
530-0007 or email: pmimaui@
or visit:
maUi CoNDo 1 aND 2 beD-
roomS. Centrally located on
beautiful Maalaea Bay. Excellent
swimming and snorkeling; white
sandy beach. Minutes from golf,
tennis, fshing, shopping, airport
and resort areas. Marsha Smith or
Jeanne McJannet. Toll free (800)
maUiS moSt beaUtiFUl
beaCH - Napili Bay. Beautiful
furnished condo with kitchen and
daily maid service. 15% discount
off already lowest prices in the
area. Don Sprenger (949) 548-
5659 or (800) 336-2185.
NiCaragUa SUrF CoNDo -
Enjoy UNREAL surf in a FRIEND-
course and hang out by the pool.
Walking distance to beach. 3 bed-
room 2 bath. See for yourself at: Contact Chris
Hart (714) 742-3325 or email:
60 November 2013
palm DeSert-3 bed/2bath,
one level. New re-model, fully
furnished w/linens. Cable TV/DVR,
Private Patio, BBQ, Laundry, Ga-
rage, Gated Community, 2(Pools,
Jacuzzis, Tennis Courts). Near
College of the Desert. $175 Dan
Cook 310 418 1577.
pga WeSt (la QUiNta) tpC
StaDiUm golF CoUrSe
CoNDo. Luxurious 3+2 lake front
condo on the 11th green of the
world famous Stadium Course.
Gated, community pool & spa,
4 TVs/cable/dvd, washer/dryer,
BBQ, garage, no smoking or pets
please. $150/night w/6 night min. +
cleaning. Seasonal/extended stay
discounts. Buzz - LAFD (949) 322-
SoUtH laKe taHoe Romantic
Chalet Family getaway. 3 bed/2
bath plus loft. Sleeps 810. Cable
TV, washer/dryer, microwave,
woodburning stove. 7 minutes to
casinos and Heavenly. Located in
Tahoe Paradise. $105 per night
plus cleaning. Call Shawn or Rose
Agnew at (661) 250-9907 or (661)
VaCatioN reNtal - So Lake
Tahoe, 3 Bd 2 Ba home with
all amenities. Close to Lake,
Casinos and Ski Slopes $650 wk
or $130 nt $100 Cleaning. www. Call Cal or
Linda @ 805 584-2718 or email
lUXUrY rV For reNt. New
class A 40 motorhome. Sleeps 8,
bunk beds, 4 slides, 4 TVs, fully
loaded. $270/day (with active/re-
tired frefghter/police discount), in-
cludes cleaning fee and unlimited
miles. 3-day minimum, tow dolly
available. Get more, pay less. Call
Shawn, LAFD. (888) 540-4835.
motor HomeS For reNt:
Several 2006 Class A 32 Foot
Motor Homes, with Double Slide
Outs, Fully Loaded, Free House-
keeping Kit, Camping Kit, Discount
Prices Starting at $150.00 to
$180.00 per night. Serving family
& friends of LAPD , LASD, IPD,
OXPD, OX Fire, LA CO., LA City,
Ski Clubs ask for our 25% off
weekly rental rates. Visit us at or call 661-
714-7689 or 661-297-2398. ALSO
bedroom 2 bath with pool tables &
For ad information,
call us
Eric - (323) 259-5231 or
Our editor - (323) 259-5232
or email:
Active/Retired Firemen
For Fire and Disaster Training
In & Around San Jose and
Call 1 (800) 899-7238 for more
Call us TODAY!
Fire Safety Service, Inc. is a privately owned company
established 40 years ago to provide Fire and Disaster
training to the Nursing Home and Senior Housing Industry.
November 2013 61
P.O. Box 60890, Los Angeles, CA 90060 800-231-1626
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