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- e.g. juices, jams and jellies, dried fruits and other produce for export-fruit flavored water.

Pursue non-chemical and non GMO growing of vegetables for EU and other markets.


The DRP believes in :


St. Vincent & the Grenadines

The right to self determination of all Countries e.g The Republic of China on Taiwan.

Anesia O. Baptiste
Founder & Leader DRP DRP Founder Anesia Baptiste is the DRPs candidate for the constituency of West St. George. The DRP is recruiting members and candidates for various constituencies the next general elections. To join the DRP or to become a candidate call 528-1015. Weve offered Raleigh community The DRP the believes in the right to space saving solutions for the past 10 Religious Liberty. This means all years. We Traders to anyone who will listen religions will exist freely without to us. They helped us reclaim over 700
government interference. There will be no legislation passed to enforce any religion, to prohibit any religion or to protect any religion above another. No hindrance of religious development but laws to strengthen freedom of speech, the press and information. - Anesia Baptiste

The Freedom of ALL from Persecution and Discrimination.

-including Christian and other Ethnic and Religious minorities in the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. OUR PRIORITY: The protection of the economic rights of Vincentians everywhere. No transgression of the rights and freedoms of others. The promotion of Republicanism (protection

of rights and freedoms) through Democracy.

The Democratic Republican party has great, workable ideas and we are open to everyone or INCLUSIVE: Will recruit the best brains, skilled in various fields. No exclusion of productive people.



INVESTMENT PARTNERSHIP STRATEGY: 1. Vincentian Investors/Entrepreneurs (including from the Diaspora).

Eradicate white collar crimes/ corruption.

Implement policies to strengthen the family.

This DRP is the answer to the peoples call for new hope and a true alternative to the current parties in SVG. Founded by Anesia Baptiste, the DRP believes in Democracy as a scientific method of electing government, where majority rules. It also believes in Republicanism-a philosophy of governance that emphasizes respect for and protection of the inalienable rights and freedoms of ALL of the people (majority and minority). The DRP believes in PEOPLES PARTICIPATORY POWER and stands on the watch words LIBERTY, EQUALITY and DEVELOPMENT.

2. Foreign Investors. -Invite Trainers to provide entrepreneurship training for average Vincentians. -Training in the right Kind of Businesses for economic Growth. KEY POLICYVINCENTIANS , ALSO IN THE DIASPORA ,TO OWN SHARES or PARTICPATE IN ANY MAJOR INVESTMENT THRUST, e.g. Oil Exploration.

Rehabilitation of criminals (training in entrepreneurial skills, trades and work savings and restitution).

HEALTH PLAN: Enhancing the right to life

Source rapid response vehicles (air ambulances/helicopters. Provide adequate supply of medication at hospitals and community clinics. Encourage use of local fruits & vegeta-

Domestic Development Plan (DDP)

The DRP will set up a Ministry of Domestic Development under the Domestic Development Plan. This plan will base the countrys development on the protection of Rights and Freedoms of ALL.

Protection of Right to Life


bles as drugs and medicine for prevention and cure of diseases. AGRICULTURAL PLAN:

Protection of the person and property. Address domestic violence. Maximize use of local fruits & vegetables for export.

Protection of Right to Private Property Freedom of Entrepreneurship. Freedom of Investment. Freedom of Education ( technical and other skills training). Freedom from Government Bureaucracy (Red Tape). No political victimization.

Contact Us
Democratic Republican Party (DRP) Belair, P.O. Box 2622, Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines (784) 528-1015 or (954) 586-7500

After DRP Leader Anesia Baptiste advocacy, Residents of Pole Yard, Arnos Vale, in West St. George received a stand pipe from the government.

On the web: DemocraticRepublicanPartySvg