Project Summary Project Name:
GTI Systems, Inc. 07-00256

Projected Economic Benefit (ROI): Total Confirmed Economic Benefit (ROI, As Applicable): Maximum Potential State Investment: Total Confirmed Amount Paid (To Date): Total Jobs Retained (If Required): Total New Jobs Committed:


Business Name:

GTI Systems, Inc.

Project Status: Headquarters Location (If Applicable): Business Size: Small Business:





County of Project:


Total Cumulative Net New Jobs Confirmed (To date): Total Capital Investment Required (If Applicable): Total Capital Investment Confirmed (To Date, and If Required):


Target Industry:

Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing


HIPI Project:


Last Modification Date:

Fri Oct 04 06:15:22 GMT 2013

Comments: Businesses involved in semiconductor, defense and space technology production are eligible to
apply for a sales tax exemption permit, valid for two years, on the purchase of machinery and equipment.

Incentive Awards

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10/28/2013 2:46 AM

Program: Incentive Status:

Semi-Conductor Defense and Space Technology Tax Exemption (§212.08, F.S.) Active

Award Duration: Award End Date: Total Local Financial Support Commitment (If Required): Anticipated Last Performance Date for Payment: Cumulative Confirmed Amount Paid (To date):

0 Years

Date of Award:


Maximum Potential Award Approved (If Required, Includes LFS):



Cumulative Confirmed Amount Paid by Year Payment Year Confirmed Amount Paid by Year

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10/28/2013 2:46 AM

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