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Beloved Osho, Isn't the way of the birds beyond morality? \\Osho:/ It is.

Morality is only for mediocre people. MORALITY IS A STRATEGY OF THE PRIEST TO EXPLOIT THE MASSES. AND IT DIFFERS FROM PLACE TO PLACE. What is moral to a Hindu may not be moral to a Christian, what is moral to a Christian may not be moral to a Jaina. A Jaina saint was asking me, "Do you consider JESUS in the same category as Mahavira? BECAUSE HE USED TO EAT MEAT, DRINK WINE -- how can you say that he was a saint, or even a good man?" But the Christian would ask, "How many orphanages did Mahavira open? How many poor people did he manage to help survive? How many schools for the aboriginals did he open? WHAT KIND OF GOODNESS, WHAT KIND OF MORALITY DID HE HAVE? Standing naked, that's all that he did!" For the Christian, Mahavira cannot be considered a saint. For the Jainas, Mohammed cannot be considered to be a saint -- he had sixteen wives! Now this is not right for a gentleman, what to say about a saint? Only Hindus will be a little less disturbed, because Krishna had sixteen thousand wives; Mohammed is just a poor fellow. And Mohammed at least married those sixteen women. Krishna had married only one woman; the rest were other people's wives. Whoever he found to be beautiful, his soldiers would force her into his palace. He never considered whether they had children, a husband, old parents to look after -- it did not matter. Anything that he liked... And Hindus say that he is the perfect incarnation of God. Of course he must be perfect, because I don't think anybody else can defeat him. People have tried. The Nizam of Hyderabad, just forty years before when he died, had five hundred wives. But five hundred is not much compared to sixteen thousand. WHO IS GOING TO DECIDE WHAT IS MORAL AND WHAT IS IMMORAL? The Bird's Way does not divide into morality and immorality, into goodness and badness. It simply says that the decisive factor is your awareness: IF YOUR AWARENESS ACTS IN A CERTAIN WAY, THAT IS MORAL FOR YOU; IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT OTHERS SAY. You should be satisfied that you are acting out of awareness. Then whatever you do is right -- right for you. But if you are unconscious, as people are, and go on doing things which others are doing, copying, imitating... They may become saints, but deep down they are simply actors. They may do good, but their goodness is just a practice... not their awareness, not their intrinsic being, blossoming into their acts. THE BIRDS' WAY IS BEYOND GOOD, BEYOND BAD. And the way of Buddha is the Way of the Birds. It does not leave any footprints behind. Every bird is free in the sky to move in any direction. No bird leaves any footprints for other birds. IT IS ONLY THE HUMAN BEINGS WHO WRITE SCRIPTURES FOR OTHERS TO FOLLOW. They not only become decisive for themselves, they become slave-creators. Everybody has to follow them; they don't want you to be conscious of what you are doing. THEY WANT YOU TO DO IT BECAUSE THEY HAVE DECIDED WHAT IS RIGHT. BUT REMEMBER: IN EVERY DISEASE THE SAME MEDICINE WILL NOT DO. And in every time, in every age, the same criterion will not do. And with every individual, other than his own consciousness there is no criterion. Nobody can decide for anybody else. THIS IS SIMPLY THE MEANING OF FREEDOM. The Bird's Way is the way of freedom. It is the individual as the ultimate value. OSHO Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest Ch #5: A very dangerous place pm in Gautam the Buddha Auditorium