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Statistics and Operational Research

Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
AMA1001 Vector Algebra and Dynamics AMA1002 Waves & Vector Fields

Pure Mathematics
PMA1012 Numbers, Sets and Sequences PMA1014 Analysis and Linear Algebra

Level 1

SOR1001 Introduction to Probability and OR

SOR1002 Statistical Methods

SOR2002 Statistical Inference

Level 2

SOR2003 Methods of Operational Research

AMA2003 Methods of Applied Mathematics

AMA2001 Classical Mechanics

PMA2003 Complex Variables

PMA2002 Analysis

SOR2004 Linear Models

AMA2004 Numerical Analysis

AMA2005 Fluid Mechanics and Electromagnetism

PMA2007 Linear Algebra

PMA2008 Group Theory

PMA2010 Elementary Number Theory

PMA2009 Geometry

SOR3001 Linear and Dynamic Programming

SOR3007 Survival Analysis

SOR3008 Statistical Data Mining

AMA3004 Advanced Numerical Analysis

AMA3003 Tensor Field Theory

PMA3016 Convergence

PMA3018 Algebraic Equations

SOR3012 Stochastic Processes

AMA3001 Electromagnetic Theory

AMA3013 Calculus of Variations Hamiltonian Dynamics

PMA3012 Ring Theory

PMA3017 Metric and Normed Spaces

AMA3002 Quantum Theory

AMA3007 Financial Mathematics

PMA3014 Set Theory

Level 3

AMA3006 Partial Differential Equations

AMA3014 Mathematical Modelling in Biology and Medicine

PMA3008 Computer Algebra

AMA4020 Investigations

PMA4013 Mathematical Investigations

SOR4001 Project

AMA4001 Theoretical Atomic Structure and Collisions

AMA4006 Practical Methods for Partial Differential Eqns

PMA4002 Functional Analysis

PMA4004 Integration Theory

Level 4 (MSci)

* Must be taken by MSci

students at stage 3 Prerequisites or corequisites Alternative prerequisites

AMA4003 Advanced Mathematical Methods

AMA4009 Information Theory

PMA4003 Topology

PMA4008 Rings and Modules

PMA4010 Algebraic Topology

AMA4005 Project

PMA4001 Project

Appendix3A:NotesontheflowchartforMathematicsmodules (i) Ineachofthethreesubjectareacolumns,modulesontheleftarefirst semester,modulesontherightaresecondsemesterandthoseinthe centrearefullyearorofferedinboth. (ii) Somemoduleshavebeenwithdrawnorsuspendedthisyearbutare prerequisiteforthisyearsmodules.Inthechart,theirprerequisite flowlinesconnecttothenearestequivalentamongstcurrentmodules. Incaseofdoubt,checkwithyourAoSorthemodulelecturer. (iii) Whereamodulehasnoprerequisiteindicated,itwillneverthelessbe assumedthatenrolleeshaveappropriatebackground(fromother sources).Incaseofdoubt,checkwithyourAoSorthemodulelecturer.