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Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle Published at The Fourth Rail Written By DJ Elliott & CJ Radin email:

Iraqi Order of Battle (OOB)

Bold is in-lead. No location is briefed minus location. Locs in black are from Jan-Jun 06. Locs in colors are from that

specified month: Jul 06/Aug 06/Sep 06/Oct 06/Nov 06/Dec 06/Jan07/Feb07/Mar07/Apr 07/May07/Location Jun07


Page 3 (ICOD 30 Jun 2007)


Iraqi Joint Forces Command (JFC)

Headquarters-Baghdad (International Zone)

Iraqi Counter-Terrorist Command (ICTC)

I Special Operations Force (I SOF) (AAslt Brigade)

I SOF Special Troops Bn-Baghdad

Al Asad (AAslt) Seperate Commando Company Basrah (AAslt) Seperate Commando Company Mosul (AAslt) Seperate Commando Company 2nd (AAslt) Counter-Terrorism Bn-Baghdad 36th (AAslt) Commando Bn-Baghdad ? (Utility Helicopter) Squadron-

I SOF Brigade Support Bn-Baghdad

Special Forces Counter-Terrorism Training Center-Baghdad

Iraqi Air Force

Headquarters-Baghdad 2nd (Utility Helicopter) Squadron-Taji Air Base 3rd (Reconaisance) Squadron-Kirkuk 4th (Transport Helicopter) Squadron-Taji Air Base 12th (Helicopter Training) Squadron-Taji Air Base 23rd (Transport) Squadron-Al Muthana Air Base 70th (Reconaisance) Squadron-Basrah Air Base Iraqi Air Force Flight School-Kirkuk Iraqi Air Force Technical School-Taji

Only current operational element is I SOF Bde 1x Co ISF Op Reserve; Planned expansion to Div HMMWV IOC Jul07; plan to grow to Bn (poss future Bde?) IOC May07; plan to grow to Bn (poss future Bde?) IOC May07; plan to grow to Bn (poss future Bde?) HMMWV HMMWV Planned, prob 2nd Squadron


16xHuey II; prob to be I SOF Bde Avn Bn 4x CH2000 & 1xCaravan 14 of 28x MI-17 operational; only 4 have Def equip 5x Jet Rangers 3x C-130E (+ 3x by 2009) 4x CH2000 & 2x Seekers form by Oct07 Basic Officer/Basic Enlisted/21xTech Courses

Iraqi Navy

Headquarters-Umm Qasr 1st (Patrol Boat) Squadron-Umm Qasr 2nd (Assault Boat) Squadron-Umm Qasr Support & Auxiliary Squadron-Umm Qasr Marine Commando (Wolverines) Bn-Umm Qasr Naval Training Center-Umm Qasr

Iraqi Support Command (ISC)

Headquarters-Baghdad Regional Support Unit-Al Kasik Regional Support Unit-Habbaniyah Regional Support Unit-Kirkuk Regional Support Unit-Nasiriyah Regional Support Unit-Numaniyah National Support Depot-Taji Taji Regional Medical Clinic-Taji National Maintenance Depot-Taji

5x PB 24x RHIB 2x OSV being purchased

Supports Mosul Sector Supports Ramadi Sector Supports Kirkuk/Baqubah Sector Supports Basrah Sector Supports Mid-Euphrates Sector 400 pers; Supports RSUs & Baghdad Sector Level II capacity for 14,000 IOC summer07

Iraqi Training and Doctrine Command (ITDC)

Headquarters-Baghdad (International Zone) Tactical Training Command HQ-Baghdad 1st National Training Bn-Kirkush 2nd National Training Bn-Kirkush 3rd National Training Bn-Numaniyah 4th National Training Bn-Numaniyah Besmaya Military Training Complex-Besmaya

Bomb Disposal (EOD) School-Az Zubayr Combined Arms School-Besmaya Range Al Kindi Regional Military Training Center-Mosul NCO Academy-Mosul Al Kut Regional Military Training Center-Kut Numaniyah Military Police School-Numaniyah NCO Academy-Numaniyah

8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle 8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle 8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle forming 30km E Baghdad; Cap: 2 Bns; Urban Aslt, Pistol, MG, Tank & AC Ranges; Land Nav, Convoy, Mort & Sniper trng. 600 staff; 220sq km Moving to Besmaya Range by fall-07 aka Infantry School 5wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle

5wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle Trng IA elm Joint MP Bde 24Feb07

Habbaniyah Regional Military Training Center-Habbaniyah

Infantry School-Al Asad (CampYasser) NCO Academy-Habbaniyah K1 Regional Military (SIB) Training Center-Kirkuk Counter-Insergency Academy-Kirkuk NCO Academy-Kirkuk Shaibah Regional Military Training Center-Shaibah Joint Leadership Academy-Shaibah Taji Regional Military Training Center-Taji Combat Arms School-Taji Counter-Insergency Academy-Taji Engineer School-Taji Iraqi Military Intelligence Academy-Taji

5wk Bootcamp/2200 per cycle

10day school in advanced Inf tactics

8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle

5wk Bootcamp IOC Late-2007; IA/IP/DBE trng 8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle

7wk School; 300/class; Max 500; trng on ILAV Max 300 students; Basic MI, CI, HUMINT, Voice Intercept, Recon&Surv, Analysis, Collection Mgmt 16 schools

8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle

8wk Bootcamp/1800-2000 per cycle

9mo/3 cycles/~1000 grads per yr 9mo/3 cycles/600+ grads per yr-expanding? 9mo/3 cycles/600+ grads per yr-expanding? 9mo/3 cycles/600+ grads per yr-expanding?

Iraqi Army Supply Support Institute (IASSI) -Taji NCO Academy-Taji Signals School-Taji Taji Military Police School-Taji Tikrit Regional Military Training Center-Tikrit NCO Academy-Tikrit Tallil Regional Military Training Center-Nasariyah NCO Academy-Nasariyah National Defense University HQ-Baghdad (International Zone) Joint Staff College-Ar Rustimiyah Iraqi Military Academy Ar Rustimiyah-Ar Rustimiyah Iraqi Military Academy Nasariyah-Camp Ur Iraqi Military Academy Qalachwalan-Qalachwalan Iraqi Military Academy Zahko-Zahko

Iraqi Ground Forces Command (IGFC)

Headquarters-Baghdad (International Zone)