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Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle

Published at The Fourth Rail

Written By DJ Elliott & CJ Radin

Iraqi Order of Battle (OOB) Page 14 (ICOD 30 Jun 2007)

• May06: Strategic Infrastructure Bns established as a security force initially under MoO, transferred to MoI, and...(fall05) under MoD for
Command & Control/training. 20 total SIBs. 2 Brigades/14 SIBs in MND-N. MND-N PAO email
• May24: Salv for IA 3-5; M113/M109/RS APCs.
• Aug30: 2800 HMMWVs delivered in next 8-10 Mo; Ea IA Brigade will have Bn's worth of Armor Vehicles by end-07. http://www.mnf-
• Sep19: Helo, ILAV and other purchases.
• Sep27: 24x King Air ISR aircraft.
• Oct04: Quicklook II Trng: 3 wk Trng focused on leadership, civil policing skills & key collective tasks required at small-unit.
• Oct27: (1st) Div has a bomb disposal Co, engr Co & forming a boat Co to patrol Euphrates River.
• Nov02: 18000 repls & 12000 in Trng to fill at 110%. Addition of 3xDiv, 5xBde, 20xBn & 1xSOF Bn for mobile strategic reserve; 1xBde =
4-9 Bde.
• Nov07: 6th IAD stands up the first IA Engineer Bn (6th Engineer Battalion). Freedom Journal Iraq Video.
• Dec07: Iraqi equipment purchases.
• Dec18: 30 Nov 06 Qrly Report released: INP: INP Div HQs were disbanded, only NP HQ remains proving C2/support; DBE in-lead with IA
backup; IA: Iraqi Training & Doctrine Command HQ owns all IA trng commands; ISOF adding CDO Bn to provided forward based Cos at Basrah,
Mosul, Al Asad & Diwaniyah with option to grow to Bns; Intend to establish a Bn per IA Div as Rapid Deployment Force except Anbar/Baghdad
Divs (QRFs), Hand picked Cmdrs, First to get new equipment. Navy: To grow to 2500 pers end-strength; 2 OPV, 4 PS & 15 PBs to be added;
IZAF: 3 Sq (4x CH2000) Kirkuk, 70Sq (4x CH2000/2x Seekers) Basrah; Compair 7SLs PERMANANTLY GROUNDED; New Aircraft based on
Cessna Caravan for ISAR- receiving 3 by spring; 4 Sq receiving first 10/28 MI17 imminently; 2 Sq receiving first 5/16 Huey II by end-Jan07; 12Sq
has 5 Bell Jet Rangers & is Trng Squadron; 23Sq has 3 C130 & does own maint; requested 3 more C130; 8x ISAR Aircraft & ATC radar requested
fm US; 12x Casa 212-400 transports being purchased from Brazil.
• Dec19: 2008 is start to build external security. (AD/Air/Armor/Artillery); Helping procure aircraft for ISR & COIN (dual turbo-prop).
• Jan03: 11 IADs will be ind in 2007. Adding 300 APCs (tracked), 600 uparmored HMMWVs & Huey IIs, plus more wheeled APCs GoI is
• Jan12: 9th Strategic Infrastructure Brigade NCO Training in Tikrit. Guard pipelines & electric west of Tikrit.
• Feb01: 3-3-9 described as a new formed T55 equipped Bn; 1-3-9 Tank Bn also reported as new formed (Two Tk Bns?)
• Feb02: 2nd SI Brigade at Bayji.
• Feb07: Data from FY2007 suplemental. IA Force enhancements to incl 33,000 more pers for Log, Sust, Maint & Sup elements (Engr, EOD,
MI, MP); Weapons including ARs, MGs, NVD, Howi, Mort, Airlift, AAslt, UAVs & OPV; Requirement to form a SOF Util Helo Sq for I SOF &
a turboprob trainer (T6 like) with COIN cap.
• Feb07: Quicklook II ext to 4 wks & third INP Bde completed it (3INP). http://www.mnf-
• Feb07: 1st SI Bde-Kirkuk is 5xBns & HQ. Guard pipelines & adjacent LOCs. 3500 pers. http://www.mnf-
• Feb09: Single command "Baghdad Operational Command" established; Stand up of reserve for Baghdad op in-progress.
• Feb16: 4xIA Bns enr Baghdad-full strength.
• Feb19: IGFC "nominal" control of 1,4,5,6,8&9 IADs end-2006; "Formal" control of 8,4&3 IADs at end-2006 (order of xfer). 10,2 &1 IADs
xfered in 2006. All IADs to xfer by Jun.
• Feb20: 10th IAD formally xfers to IGFC. Note: 6th & 9th are Baghdad Operational Command (Corps).
• Feb23: 2-3-10 & 3-4-10 Bns to Baghdad. Trng in urban ops (Besmaya).
• Feb24: 4-2 Bde deploying to Baghdad with 1800 personnel (2 Bns).
• Feb24: Taji Regional Medical Clinic capacity for 14,000+ Level II patients. Numaniyah IA MP School trng IA component of joint IA/INP
MP Bde for Sammara (3-3-1 INP Bn already there).
• Mar02: Troops arr Baghdad at 80-85%. No leave while deployed Baghdad. 90 day deployments then rotating. Going thru Besmaya Range
for trng.
• Mar02: "18 Iraqi battalions have already arrived in the city," Odierno said, “They’re learning about how to deploy their forces. They
understand now what it takes to get them here at a certain amount of strength. And we’re seeing significant improvement in that as we continue to
move forward,” Readiness of the Iraqi battalions is rising steadily. The first seven units arrived in Baghdad manned anywhere between 55 and 65
percent. The next seven were staffed between 65 and 85 percent of capacity. The last four that are deploying are all staffed at over 95 percent
strength, Odierno said. Additionally, Odierno said the government of Iraq is training 7,500 Soldiers every five weeks as replacements for the units
already deployed to Baghdad.
• Mar03: 10-1-2 was flown in from north (SIB; 1-2 Bde w/4xBns); Besmaya Range trng prior deployment. 2-3-10 at Besmaya training. All
will have 2 wks at Besmaya. 3-1 INP conf grad QLII in Feb.
• Mar03: Baghdad Operational Command (BOC Corps) takes over in Baghdad. http://www.mnf-
• Mar03: Iraq's Air Force should have 50 to 60 helicopters by the end of the year, including 28 new Russian aircraft, Iraq's defence minister said
on Saturday as he inspected two refitted Vietnam-era Huey helicopters in Baghdad.
• Mar05: MoI takeover of FPS executing. IA adding approx 6 Bdes/20 Bns; purchased 40 Bns' worth of US small arms; HMMWVs are at 2200,
additional purchases to 3200 planned; Badgers (ILAV) going to IA; 5xBns worth to Baghdad Units, also going to three other IADs, training at Taji;
equipped with remote arm & EOD robots; Bomb Disposal School relocating to Besmaya Range by fall07; New Military Academy at Nasiriyah
(Camp Ur); Combined Arms School at Besmaya Range (aka Infantry School); Training Bns (3x) training new units while Regional Training
Centers trng Individual Replacements, 15,000 pers in training at any given time. http://www.mnf-
• Mar06: "The station will house representatives from the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the 8th Brigade, 2nd Iraqi National Police Division; the 3rd
Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 10th Iraqi Army Division; the Tharwa District Iraqi Police Headquarters; the U.S. Army’s 2nd Battalion, 325th Airborne
Infantry Regiment; and various U.S. police and military training teams." (2nd report of existance of 3-2-10 Bn. When formed?)
• Mar07: 7 of 9 IA Bns are deployed Baghdad. Last 2 in Rustimaya. 2 Bns curently at 75% & 103% manning.
• Mar07: 50xM113x & 70x2.5 ton trucks granted to IA during FY06.
• Mar09: IA Bns 85%+ in MND-N. SIB & DBE have probs in manning/equip. SIB has "tribalism" issues.
• Mar11: 8/10 IADs under Iraqi command, 2 with BOC & 6 with IGFC. Removal of both INP Div commanders in Nov. 4/9 INP Bdes now
sunni commanded & almost half of the 27 Bns. Deployed Bns to Baghdad arriving at over 80%, some over 100%. Soldiers trying to join 3-4 Bde
in Baghdad when others go home on leave. 7IAD was bleeding AWOLs faster than getting new recruits during 2006; since has improved.
Refurbishing 1-2 Bde facilities in Irbil while Bde deployed.
• Mar12: 5 UH-1H operational. 11 more enr. 10 MI17 on-ground expected repaired in 4-6 weeks & 18 more enr. 3x Cessna Caravans w/ISR
equip by Jun & King Air 35ER w/ISR. Taji to be helo hub & Tech Training Base.
• Mar15: Quarterly report released. In-lead IA 8/31/93/INP 0/0/0 (Gain of 4 IA & decertification of 6 INP Bns). As of 19Feb07: 135,000 IP;
24,400 INP; 28,400 DBE; 500 DP; 4000 Forensics; IA 120,000; support forces 12,800; I SOF 1500; AF 900; Navy 1100. 103/112 IA Bns
operational; 14/17 SIB (still under-reporting compared to previous count); 2/2 SOF; Bde sized op reserve of IA Mech Bn, INP Bn (3-1INPM) &
SOF Co estab. Logistics still problem area. 10th INP Bde being added as component of joint INP/IA Div for Samarra. 3x ERU Bn formed in
Anbar. 3x new INP Bns forming (new auth: 26,900)=10th INP Bde. DBE: 5/12/38; 28,400; DBE does not like field duty: problem with
understrength Bns & overstrength HQs. DBE in-lead on borders backed by IA (Jan2007). FPS 27 Dec 2006 transfer of budget & authority to MoI.
Iraqi Military current auth strength 175,000; 9 Inf Divs; 1 Mech Div; 2x Divs in development per plan (reduction of a Div to provide for BOC).
Navy: 2 Sqs & Marine Bn. By Jun all IAD under IGFC. IA AWOL rates of 5-8% in IA; New Military Court Procedure Law passed 24Jan07 &
Military Punishment Law passed 5Feb07 are expected to reduce AWOL. 1x Bn per IAD as QRF still planned. 150 day deployment cycle for
Baghdad augment units (90 Days on-station). 24,000 vice 18,700 IA expansion in PM plan (change); PM expansion of IA changed to 2 Div/6
Bde/24 Bn (3rd Div HQ=BOC). Navy purchases all thru MoD, receipt in 2008: 21x naval vessels (PC/PB), 2x off-shore support. 4x Patrol Ships
starting delivery Apr 2007. AF: interim goal of 3,285 pers by end-2007 (change).
• Mar16: 5-2 INP not in QLII yet. Note the command title for east Baghdad: "Karkh Area Command" (& a "Rusafa Area Command" in the
• Mar16: Standing up Iraqi Army Support Command. National Depot at Taji manned at ~400. Maintenance Depot forming with IOC
summer07. MTRs have ~300 trucks each. Deployability program: Advance notice, incentive pay, trng at Besmaya, 90 day deployment can be
extended, then return and standdown for leave. 7000 IA replacements trnd per cycle at Regional Training Centers. 21,000 of planned 30,000 trnd
in three cycles. 2x "Div equiv" forming: one for east Baghdad (11th) & one in Kirkuk (12th). 6xBdes/18xBns & adding 3rd Bn to Binary Bdes (1-
8, 2-8, 4-8, 2-10 & 3-10). Bdes to be assigned nationwide as needed (MSR). Trng of new units is in parrallel with replacements & conducted at the
3 Trng Bns.
• Mar18: PB Sq: 5x Preditor PB. Aslt Boat Sq: 24x FAB. 4xCos of Marines (down one?) trained by RM; diver plt. Purchasing 4x PS (IT), 15x
PB (MY), 2x OSV for C2, 50x FAB. Italian 500ton vessels delv in 18-24months; 1200 growing to 2000-2500 pers; 75-80% of officers were old
navy/Half of navy pers was in old navy. 3-4 years to ind ops.
• Mar20: 1-1 INP in new uniforms after Quicklook II grad in Baghdad/Karadah. (QLII Complete: 4-1, 8-2, 3-1, 1-1.)
• Mar21: Besmaya FOB under construction. Will give the IA more support facilities for the range when we draw down.
• Mar22: He said Iraqi commanders in southern Iraq were "surprised by the British announcing they would pull out 1,600 soldiers from Basra,"
and responded by moving forward by several months a timetable to bring a new brigade of about 5,000 Iraqi soldiers into the southern city. (5000 is
too many for 1xBde; 2x Bdes forming for 10th IA Div or new 13th IA Div.);_ylt=AgctWPN0CIMEHkRuxi5DCD5X6GMA
• Mar22: 135,000+ IP; 24,000 INP; 30,000+ DBE. INP 85-90% shia. Fourth of INP Bdes completing Quicklook II (1-1).
• Mar23: Ninawa: IA Engrs are hard focus with 6-8 months to route clearance competence. Intel has great progress & ready in 2-3 months.
Logistics has a way to go, about 6-8 months, basics are good, problem is deployment sustainment. MTR in 3rd but, not 2nd IA Div. Apr-Jun move
in for 2MTR.
• Mar24: 5th IA EOD Co receives robots & trng at Kirkush. IGFC patch on shoulder. 6th IA Engrs clearing a landfill. 14,000 pers in 9th IA
Mech Div get a new Dental Clinic.
• Mar24: "The Iraqi army formerly had 50 divisions. Today we have 11 and soon we will have 12 divisions. As a land force the Iraqi army has
only 150,000 men. This means that we are selecting well-qualified former army officers from the rank of major and below. We will accept more
former army officers we our forces are complete." "During this month we will add two mechanized brigades to the Ninth Mechanized Division,
which will have four brigades all in all. The last brigade is a mobile brigade equipped with BTR-80 vehicles and fast armored vehicles." (4-9
Bde=Motor-Inf Bde.) "The new arming policy has begun. The first stage began with the formation of a new army in 2004. We began with simple
mostly eastern-bloc weapons consisting of AK-47s and simple military vehicles. Now we have embarked on a new stage of armament, consisting of
high-quality weapons. The Iraqi forces will begin using light US-built weapons including M-16s and M-4s, which we will get next month. We have
also received a number of Huey-2 helicopters. Next month we will receive MI-17 helicopters that we will use against terrorists and to defend the
country's infrastructure." "We have concluded deals with the United States to acquire King Air reconnaissance planes, which will arrive in Iraq
later this year. They will be used for reconnaissance and target surveillance and to monitor the oil pipelines, electric power plants, and our borders.
Additionally 400 tracked armored troop carriers will enter the service. We are getting these from South Africa. Every brigade will have 14
detachments, each supplied either with a Kroker armored vehicle or a BTR-80. The arming of our forces is proceeding well and according to plans
that were drawn up in cooperation with the multinational forces."
• Mar26: 3500 HMMWVs & 500+ BTR80s. Pg5.
• Mar29: MI17s & UH-1Hs conducting flights.
• Mar31: "Soldiers from 1st Battalion of the 3rd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, received 40 (42) Badger armoured vehicles at Taji military
base on Saturday as part of a modernisation program, according to the Ministry of Defense.";_ylt=AgMkRC_r1wIvVJLkIKkbCGTK
• Apr02: This report indicates 3rd INP Bde is relieving 7th INP Bde in Bayaa. (Prep to send 7th INP Bde to Quicklook II.)
• Apr05: "At the current moment, because of this lack of funding, MNSTC-I is unable to continue at the pace they were in the developmental
process of the Iraqi security forces," Caldwell said. "It is starting to have some impact today, and will only have more of an impact over time."
• Apr06: 3-2-1 INP Bn in Bayaa assuming new area and wearing new uniforms issued to QLII graduates. Leaves 7th, 6th, 5th & 1st NPM Bdes
to go thru QLII.
• Apr09: First 40 BTR80s arrive (for 4-9 Bde).
• Apr10: " agreement was reached on the formation of an Iraqi Army brigade made up of 4,000 soldiers recruited from Anbar, who will
provide security in the province, Al Jazeera Net reports in Arabic." (4-7 Bde; ~5xBns strength.)
• Apr12: 5-2-4 Bn fm Salahdin augment in Baqubah (door marking).;_ylt=AvT5r9ALKZ8LBQFQRv9u8tPKps8F
• Apr12: "There is a general plan to expand the 7th Division with a 4th Brigade. It is in the planning stages now. The 7th Division's units are
operating in conjunction with Coalition Forces. We do not discuss "in the lead" progress until the point that they are in fact in the lead - so I can't go
into "how far along" they are. I've attached releasable ISF numbers." e-mail fm Deputy PAO MNSTC-I Extracted fm Attached (note: Cadre reqs
for new units will & is reducing in-lead count):
• ISF as of 19 Mar 2007. Pers: IA 118,532; Sup 12,967; SOF 1,523; AF 955; Navy 1,148; Total Objective COIN Force 135,125;
Expanded Force Generation Manning increase (10%) 1,536; Total Military 136,661; IP 135,000; DBE 28,360; INP 24,400; Dignitary
Protection 500; Total Objective Civil Security Force 188,260; Expanded Force Generation MOI Forensics 5,020; Total Police 193,280; Total
ISF 329,280.
• Composition of Forces Formed (C3 & above) 19 Mar 2007: IA Combat Bns 103; SOF Bns 2; AF Sqs 2; Navy Sqs 2; Total 109; RSUs 5;
MTRs 8; Log Sup Bns 3; Logistics Enablers 16; SI Bns 14; INP Bde Hqs 9; NP Combat Bns 27.
• Battle Space In the Lead 19 Mar 2007: IA- Divs 9/Bdes 31/Bns 94; INP- Bdes 0/Bns 0; Total Divs 9/Bdes 31/Bns 94.
• Apr14: Pg3: 7 INP Bde conf in QLII at Numaniyah (6, 5 & 1 NPM left to go). Pg6: IAF Tech Trng School opening at Taji. All Airmen go
thru IA Basic before xfer to IAF.
• Apr15: Provincial Security Force 1 in Ramadi. http://www.mnf-
• Apr16: "Efforts are under way to rebuild the Iraqi Army, with more arms and equipment to be delivered in the next few months, Fox and
Ghaidan said. “We have now eight divisions that are at a second-level state of readiness, meaning that they have full manpower, light weapons and
some logistical capabilities, but lack heavy weapons and support units, like artillery,” the Iraqi general said. Two more divisions should become
operational in June, and their M60 main battle tanks, M113 armored personnel carriers and other mostly U.S.- and Western-built heavy weapons
will arrive in the second half of the year. “The objective is to have 10 divisions — six infantry, three mechanized and one armored — fully ready
and equipped,” Ghaidan said. “The armament process has been slow, but it seems to be picking up at the moment and we hope it is complete soon.”
One U.S. Army official said medium and heavy weapons, which are needed only to repel foreign threats, were given a lower procurement priority
than internal-security gear. “Once security in Iraq is established, then we can move to completing the armament of the Iraqi Army,” the official
said. Ghaidan said an Iraqi military committee is in charge of procurement; the U.S. military is just providing advice." (Hellenic Army is disposing
of M60 inventory to stay within CFE while buying Leopard IIs; 671 Tanks of which 13 went to Afghan National Army leaving 658 or 47xCos for
other disposal; Enough for 3xMech Div, 1xTank Bde [3-9] & 1xCav Bde [4-7]. HA is also over 1000 APCs over treaty with latest APC purchases
& has over 1600 M113s; BMP1s in IA are fm HA or salvage.) "The article
seems accurate." MNSTC-I Deputy PAO e-mail
• Apr18: Speaking for Nuri al-Maliki, Iraq's prime minister, the country's national security adviser, said foreign troops would soon withdraw
from provinces in autonomous Kurdistan. "Maysan... will be followed by the three Kurdistan provinces, a month from now," Mowaffaq al-Rubaie
quoted Maliki as saying. "After that Kerbala and Wasit [provinces]. Then it will be province by province until we achieve [this transfer] before the
end of the year."
• Apr18: “The central government intends to send an army here, about 6,000 soldiers,” Mam Rostam said. “They have been chosen by them.
They are not anyone from anywhere in particular. They are very clean. Those 6,000 soldiers will be working in Kirkuk to achieve stability in this
city. We’re expecting after this, which is going to happen in a very short time, for the terrorism to be reduced 80 or 90 percent.” (6000 is too large
for 1xBde. 2x new Bdes for new Div forming from spliting 4th Div?)
• Apr19: Iraqi Military Intelligence Academy "The school facility is currently home to over 147 students, 25 instructors and 32 support staff,
and it includes student barracks, classrooms, a motor pool, a dining facility, an auditorium and other buildings. The facility can house up to 300
students at a time." "That training is based on a curriculum that includes Basic Military Intelligence Skills, Counterintelligence, Human
Intelligence, Low Level Voice Intercept, Reconnaissance and Surveillance, Analysis, and Collection Management. These skills prepare Iraqi
security force graduates for counter-insurgency tactical and urban military intelligence operations. At the conclusion of instruction, students
participate in a five-day comprehensive field training exercise."
• Apr20: "The Iraqi army added 1,895 soldiers to its ranks when they graduated from basic combat training during a ceremony at the K-1 Iraqi
Army Base’s Regional Training Center. The soldiers will help to form a new brigade, the 4th Brigade, 4th Iraqi Army Division, which will
officially stand up in late May. Commonly known as the Samarra brigade, their area of responsibility will include north of Baghdad up to Samarra.
• Apr21: Quicklook II conf as now being 4wks. 7th INP Bde finish QLII at end-Apr. 4x INP Bdes left to go. (6th, 5th, 1NPM & 10th)
• Apr22: Data from slides in brief: IA (end-2006/end-2007 of planned) pers 136,200/170,700; Divs 10/12; Bdes 36/43; Bns 112/136. BMP1
253/253; MTLB 61/61; T55 72/72; T72 77/77; Land Rover 598/598 of 600; DZIK3 309/507 of 600; Mohafiz 60/60; ILAV 183/440; BTR80 43/98
of 434; Cascavel 6/35; HMMWV 2647/3111 of 3609; MPV 0/42; 60mm mortars 884/884. AF pers 900/2900; MI17 10/28; UH-II 0/16; C130 3/3;
Jet Ranger 5/5; Seeker 2/2; CH2000 8/8; Kingair350ER 0/2; Caravan 3/6; Cessna172 0/8-12; CASA212 0/0. Navy (end-2006/end-2008) pers
1100/2000; Preditor PB 5/5; 34m MY PB 0/9; OSV 0/2; RHIB 10/10; FAB 25/50; Fincanteri PS 0/4. MOI (end-2006/end-2007) IP
135000/138000; NP 24400/27700; DBE 28400/28400; DP 500/500; Forensics 3900/4000. Establishing a National Counter-Terrorism TF. One
Carabinieri Bn (motorized) per INP Bde planned with Italians in-lead as trainers. Samarra INP Bde being built. (Slide missing reported and
confirmed M60/M113s, etc. Slide for non-US Press.)
• Apr23: Death penalty for deserters.\2007-04-23\kurd.htm
• Apr24: 5-10 Bde formed & base turn over. "A flag changing ceremony signified the formal handover of the camp which will become the
home of 10th Division’s newly formed 5th Brigade and its Divisional Training Centre." (New Bde & Trng/log Base.)
• Apr26: "Iraq, Ar Rustamiyah – Over the past week, 270 cadets at the Iraqi Military Academy Ar Rustamiyah (IMAR) undertook a counter
insurgency training exercise called ‘Broadsword’." (3x Classes per year/1 year school. This indicates IMAR is expanding to ~1000 per year. Only
1 of 4 Officer Academies in Iraq. 3-4000 new 2Lts per year?)
• Apr26: "As you may know, just a few months back, six months certainly back, when the call went out for volunteers for the 7th Iraqi Army
Division, a division from about Ramadi on out into Western Anbar, there were just -- I think it was less than the fingers on these two hands who
volunteered that day. And then subsequent one, there were a few more. Well, most recently there were 2,000 young Anbari men who showed up to
volunteer for that when they had a recruiting drive at Habbaniya, I think it was. So there has been an enormous shift."
• Apr28: Goal of F16 & FA18 aircraft to have Air Force as strong as Turkey or Iran.
• Apr29: "The Ramadi region is essentially a police state now, with some 6,000 American troops, 4,000 Iraqi soldiers and 4,500 Iraqi police
officers, including an auxiliary police force of about 2,000, all local tribesmen, known as the Provincial Security Force." (Prob "Provincial Security
Force 1" mentioned on 15 Apr. Numbering indicates plan for more Bdes.)
• May03: COIN aircraft contract solicitation.
• May04: Ammo purchase.
• May04: "Al Anbar Provincial Security Force 2, Iraqi Army demolition experts and..." (Ramadi has PSF1 of 2000 pers & a PSF2 of ???.
Multi-Bde structure for PSF. Definately an ad-hoc Div.) http://www.mnf-
• May04: "On April 30, during operation “The Iron Hammer,” the men of the 2nd Battalion of the Quick Intervention Brigade, found the
following items in Fallujah:" (PSF has a "Quick Intervention Brigade" in Falujah? Adhoc Div of 3xBdes.) http://www.mnf-
• May04: IA training currently at 70,000 per year. Growing to 90,000 per year. 18,000 per year needed for IA replacements. 36,000 IA needed
for logistics (12,900 current). Second rotation of troops to Baghdad in-progress (first Bdes RTB?) 14,000 IP in Anbar.
• May05: DBE still has serious logistics problems (and could use expansion and motor/mech elements.)
• May05: 2nd delivery 5 Huey IIs to 2nd Sq 2May. (10 operational. 16 total planned for 2nd Squadron.) Pg4: "counter-terrorism configuration
introduced in near future." (Suspect that 2nd Sq will be I SOF.) Pg7: confirmation IA Bootcamp is now 8wks vice 5wks. (Qtrly report indicated
moving to 13wks eventually.) Pg8: 2-1-6 is next up for getting APCs?
• May07: The benefits of that experience are paying out in the current Baghdad surge, Dempsey said. He explained that even six months ago it
would have been impossible to bring 5,300 Iraqi soldiers into Baghdad from other parts of the country, but now the Iraqi army is already in its
second rotation. (4-1/1-4-1/2-4-1/3-4-1 & 3-4/1-3-4/3-1-3 RTB? No reports on them since beginning-Apr.)
• May09: As of yesterday 10x IA Bns were independent, 88x in-lead, 27x partnered and 29x still forming. (Total 125x exist and 29x still
forming = 154; 3xSOF/17xSIB/134xIA)
• May10: "Last summer Tarmiyah began to fall apart. A battalion of about 300 to 400 Iraqi army soldiers that had been based in the city was
transferred to Baghdad to support the new U.S.-Iraqi effort to stabilize the capital." (1st report 4-1-4 sent to Baghdad. Last loc Tarmiyah Oct06.)
• May11: 2-4-8 IA Bn receiving Forward Artillery Observer training at Kalsu. (8th IAD to get artillery in near future?)
• May12: M4/M16 issue at Taji. (Redistro AKs to PSF?)
• May13: 1st IA Div and to lesser extent 7th IA Div are coming on line for Logistics self-sufficiency. http://www.mnf-
• May15: "By the end of the day, General Ali (IGFC) had decided he wanted the (5th) division to be under his control on May 31; he will
discuss that with Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno (MNC-I), the commander of daily operations in Iraq. General Ali said he would push the idea of
moving the (5th) division headquarters to the provincial capital of Baquba from its base 40 miles away."
• May15: "Forces from the Iraqi 2nd and 4th Divisions, backed by U.S. troops, started on Monday a wide-scale security campaign to track down
armed groups all over the (Diyala) province," (Reinforcements to IA 5IAD. Bns U/I except 5-2-4.)
• May16: "Currently there are 89 battalions where Iraqi forces are either in the lead or are independent; more specifically, there are nine
independent battalions and 80 battalions in the lead." (Discrepancy from CJCS brief on May09 probably due to Cadre requirements.)
• May16: 2-1 IA Bde reported in west Rasheed District of Baghdad. (4-1 IA was due to rotate back to Anbar Apr07; 2-1 Bde was Falujah
Garrison; Falujah is still IA battlespace; estimate 4-1 relieved 2-1 in Falujah on completion of Baghdad Deployment.) http://www.mnf-
• May16: IA numbers up 14,000 since 2 May. Only 900 in INP fm 2 May. (~5xBdes & 2xDiv staffs formed into units? Overmanning?)
• May18: Expaning IA Barracks/facilities.
• May19: "Iraqi military officials also said the commander of Iraqi troops in Diyala province had been replaced after allegations that he was
biased against Sunnis. Maj. Gen. Shaker Hulayel, commander of the Iraqi 5th Division, was replaced by Brig. Gen. Abdul-Hussein al-Timimi,
according to another Iraqi general, Saman Assi Talabani. "I think it is a good decision and the replacement should have taken place months ago,"
Talabani said, citing "a lot of mistakes" that had "made the security situation worse and out of control."
• May22: Minister of Defense has announced that the Iraqi forces are studying now the state of rising their military maneuvers at a level of
airborne brigade with all their supplies in the hot areas, after were on level of airborne battalion which have been supposed to fill any security gap
taken place as soon as sudden withdrawal happened by the multi-national forces. (Al Sabaah machine translator has consistently used Brigade for
IA Divs. This indicates planned formation of an Airborne/Airmoble/AAslt Div.)
• May23: "U.S. Army Col. Patrick T. Stackpole (left), commander, 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, and Col. Sahn
(right), City of Zaab chief of police, meet to discuss security and cooperation at the 18th Strategic Infrastructure Brigade Headquarters, located just
beyond the town of Heychel in the northern Kirkuk Province, Iraq, May 20, 2007. (18th SI Bde? Looking for confirmation.)
• May24: 4-2 IA Bde operating back in Ninawa. (RTB fm Baghdad; 1-2 IA Bde also estimated RTB since they preceeded 4-2 Bde in
deployment to Baghdad.)
• May24: FMS sale of medical supplies, equip & training.
• May25: More items for clarification based on the last query about the Iraqi built armored vehicles. We are not aware of the Iraqis doing any
building of armored vehicles. They are getting 35 - CASCAVELs rebuilt at Taji. Also the Revas are only in the MOI and not used by the Iraqi
Army or within MOD. Of the 434 BTR listed 336 will be bought through FMS but will not be here soon since they will be manufactured new
rather than rebuilt. E-mail fm PAO MNSTC-I
• May25: FY2007 suplemental passed and signed. (Bill includes IA Force enhancements to incl equip/train 33,000 more pers for Log, Sust,
Maint & Sup elements [Engr, EOD, MI, MP]; Weapons including ARs, MGs, NVD, Howi, Mort, Airlift, AAslt, UAVs & OPV; Requirement to
form a SOF Util Helo Sq for I SOF & a turboprob trainer [T6 like] with COIN cap.)
• May25: AT & ADA weapons buy.
• May26: CO of 1-1 NPM Bn in new uniform issued to Quicklook II graduates. (When did 1st NPM go to Numaniyah?) http://www.mnf-
• May27: "Col Ahmed Hatem Hamid Taher is the Commander of the 1st Battalion-1st National Police Mechanized Brigade. He's wearing the
"digital blue" BDUs issued to National Police upon graduation from the Phase II "re-bluing" course at Numaniyah NP Training Academy. The
1BN-1Mech BDE attended phase II training last November/December (2006) as a cohort unit to the 8th NP Brigade iteration. To date, five
brigades have finished this training, with one currently in session. There are three remaining brigade-size units scheduled for a rotation. The current
contract, taught by BLP International, ends mid-October 2007." (4th, 8th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st & 7th with 6th in QLII and 5th, rest of 1st NPM & 10th
remaining.) E-mail fm PAO MNSTC-I
• May27: "The Carabinerie training is a Part III of the plan. It is actually a "Carabinerie Like" training that will be leader focused and
concentrate on Counter Insurgency Operations. Approximately 450 NP (leader heavy) from one Battalion of each brigade of the National Police
will receive this specialized training which is currently scheduled to start in September 2007. So, the 450 individuals are not the entire Battalion just
a portion of that battalion. The training will last 12 weeks or 3 months and will be repeated until all the brigades have their 450 trained individuals.
This is also a train-the-trainer type of training where the trained individuals will return to their units and carry on the training as they have received
it. This is not a new concept as the same type training concept was used by the Italians in the Balkan's recently." E-mail fm PAO MNSTC-I
• May29: "Iraqi soldiers and U.S. paratroopers joined forces to conduct Operation Al Nasir Al Ahmar (“Red Eagle,” in English), a battalion-
sized cordon and search operation in the northern section of the Adhamiyah District May 26. The 3rd “War Eagle” Battalion, 1st Brigade, 11th
Iraqi Army Division was the main effort for the operation, with support provided by paratroopers from 2nd Battalion, 319th Airborne Field
Artillery Regiment." (First report of IA 11th Division elem. Former 3-2-6 Bn.) http://www.mnf-
• May29: 5th IA Div transfer to IGFC. (7th is only remaing IA Div under US command and control.)
• May30: KRG PIC turnover. That is 5,6,7 of 18. Muthanna, Najaf, DhiQar and Maysan in south; Dohuk, Arbil and Sulmaniyah in the North.
Peshmerga = Kurdish Regional Guards.
• May30: 3-9 IA Bde identified as receiving new US personal weapons.
• May30: IA 152,500; total gain 14,700 for May. Next wave Jul07.
• May31: Brief slides. AORs in Baghdad & numbers in & around Baghdad. Notice both 2-9 & 3-9 Bdes are Tank; 4xINP Bdes are outside
BOC working the belts while only 10 ISF Bdes are in BOC Districts. 1xINP Bde not on slide is 6th, indicating at Numaniyah (off the map) for
• May31: "The 8th Iraqi army in the center of the country, the 10th Iraqi army in the south, and the 2nd and 3rd Iraq armies in the north are
performing well and providing security for the populace." "We have 150,000 coalition forces here right now -- or, excuse me, 150,000 U.S. forces
here right now, and they're going to have to -- they don't need 150,000, but they're going to need some -- a number above what they have now. So
my guess is they're going to have to increase the size of their army in order to accomplish the mission."
• Jun01: MNSTC-I interview. IA has 114 Bns & growing to 132 by end-year. 6th IA Div has 20 Bns & is being split since that is too big of
breath of command. East/West split. Establishing an 11th & 12th IA Div HQs. Cadre requirement for new IA exaserbates the leadership/logistics
problems. Looking at shortening promotion time since they are getting a lifetime of experience every day in Baghdad. Also looking at 4-6mo OCS
program for university graduates. Current IA Academies graduate ~2400 2lts per year in 9mo school. INP housecleaning has resulted in 7 of 9 Bde
& 14 of 25 Bn cmdrs relieved for cause. INP is 85% shia & probable goal is 65-70% thru attrition and replacements. Making sure the leadership is
mixed. 7-8,000 INP graduate per year. INP 1 year behind IA. First year that GoI spent more than US on ISF; 9b from GoI and 4.5b from US. INP
Logistics to be like IA.
• Jun04: 2nd report 11th Div. 1-11 Bde Adhamiyah.
• Jun04: Ammo purchase.
• Jun05: "He was from Al-Qaeda, they called him the 'Governor of Adhamiyah'," Atta told AFP. "He was killed during clashes with the 11th
Division's first brigade this morning, and 11 of his aides were arrested." (3rd report of 11th Div; 1-11 Bde located in Adhamiyah; redesignated 2-6
• Jun08: 1st & 3rd of 1-11 Bde operating in Adhamiyah. (Fifth report of 1-11 Bde operations in open sources. Always in Adhamiyah.
Redesignated 2-6 Bde?)
• Jun08: 2-4 IA Brigade has acheived independent status. Only IA Bde in MND-N to achieve this level of competence.
• Jun08: The Iraqi Ministry of Interior has so far removed seven of nine brigade commanders and 14 of its 24 Bn commanders for human rights
abuses, corruption or ineffectiveness. An entire brigade was taken off the streets for retraining after its leaders and some of its members were linked
to Shiite death squads. “I’m optimistic that NATO will come in with the Italians as a lead nation to turn the National Police in Carabinieri and that
has a lot of potential,” Dempsey said. He said the Carabinieri – similar to the Gendarmerie in other countries - would provide more equipment and
training – such as in crowd control and the rule of law – an area where the National Police are ‘far, far less sensitive that they need to be.” He said
another key element in reforming the National Police would be removing up to half of them from Baghdad and sending them to other parts of the
country to serve as an interim force between the local police and the Army. “Baghdad’s tempo is such and the level of violence is such and the
pressures are such and the scrutiny is such that we’ve got to get some of them into a part of the country where they can develop because it’s very
difficult to develop when you’re in knife fight every day of your life.”
• Jun08: 4-1-4 IA Bn back in Tarmiyah AOR from Baghdad. (4-4 Bde's new AOR, Poss plan to join new 4-4 Bde as cadre.) http://www.mnf-
• Jun09: 1st & 3rd of 1-11 Bde conclude operation in Adhamiyah. (sixth report of 1-11; still Adhamiyah; Redesignated 2-6.) http://www.mnf-
• Jun09: Opening of Habbenayah IP Academy on 4 Jun; LTG Dempsey indicates planned further expansion of IA Bde count beyond 43
previously announced.
• Jun10: "More Iraqi army soldiers," Brig. Gen. Ali said without hesitation. "Right now we have 200,000 troops. The first reason is that we need
more soldiers watching and protecting the people. The second thing is that it would improve the economy and reduce the unemployment rate - and
when people are poor, it's easy to recruit them for terror. In my view, Iraq needs 20 divisions instead of the 11 (they) have now." (Informed
speculation on IA expansion. 20 Divisions planned? 6xCorps + Res?) http://www.mnf-
• Jun13: Diyala Operational Command stood up. (Corps?) Command for all ISF in Diyala. (5th IA Div & ???) http://www.mnf-
• Jun13: 120% manning of IA Combat Bns in progress to offset leave. (Explains delay in IA new units while grad 14,700 in May.) 15% IA &
25% IP annual attrition rate. Looking at accellerated IA promotion rates for experience & OCS program. Baghdad rotation in third instalment and
manning has not fallen off (1st=Aug06; 2nd=Jan/Feb07; 4th=Jul07). Equipment plans to add armor, Safer vehicles (MRAP), More Air transport +
3 C130, ISAR additional, Artl, CAVELRY unit for border support on Syrian border & 2008 shift to foreign defense for IA. Deployment issues in
manning: Commands did not want to uncover home base; 15% refusal-were culled; leave issue is reason for 120% manning; Most units are 75%
now; HQs bloated.
• Jun13: Quarterly Report released. IA: IA at 131,300 combat in May; 36xBde/112xBn; 9xMTR; 4xLog; 2xSup; 5xRSU; 80xGSU plus I SOF
Bde and 3xSI Bdes (understating? or has the SIBs been folded into IA formations?); 9/31/95 in-lead; 3x IA Bdes completed Baghadad 90 day
deployment/1x Bde extended (1-9); Additional IA alerted for Baghdad deployment; 18,000 Individual replacements complete; 10,300 of 12,000
trained for 110% overmanning (9000 of May's 14,700 increase). 101 IA Bns generated/38 Bns forming; 95 in-lead; 2 SOF Bns; 13 0f 17 SIB
partnered or in lead; SIBs to go thru two phase retraining/re-equip to become regular IA; 2x SIB capable units needed for 3IAD; 2,304x M4 and
27,238x M16 received; AWOL rate of 5-8%; 89 lead/27 ptnr/43 not ready: (159x IA/ISOF/SIB: 138IA/2ISOF/19SIB); I SOF is only operational
part of Iraqi Counter-Terrorist Command; Basrah Co IOC May07; Mosul Co IOC May07; Al Asad Co IOC Jul07 (no Diwaniyah Co). INP: 7 in-
lead/20 partnered/3 not-ready Bns; 2x INP Bn in-lead in areas; 1 is Op reserve (1NPM Bn); 10th INP Bde to be for Samarra (vice Baghdad); 27x
INP Bn with 7x in-lead capable but not assigned AORs; 5x of INP Bdes done with Phase II as of 14 May; Phase III to start 90 days after North
Atlantic Council endorses Italy led trng plan based on Italian Carabinieri; Phase IV is training on security for pilgramage, Natural Disasters &
National Emergencies; DBE is now 5 Region/12 bde & 42xBn (+4 Bns); Adding smaller gap-filler forts. ISF Bde Operational Reserve of 1xIA
Mech Bn, 1xINP Bn & SF Co. FPS: ~98,000; not yet centraly funded (down from payroll of 150,000). NIIA: National Information Investigation
Agency has 2700 growing to 6000 (Iraqi FBI). IZAF: 3285 by end-2007; 3Sq-Kirkuk with 1xCaravan & 4xCH2000; 70Sq-Basrah with 4xCH2000
& 2xSeekers; Final 6x UHII to arrive Jun07; 2Sq IOC Jun07; 10x MI17s missing Defense systems; 4x more Mi17 arr May07 with Def systems; 28
total to be delivered by Dec2007; 23sq has 3xC130 & needs 3 more.
• Jun13: Kurdish Bde going to Baqubah.
• Jun14: 7th MTR goes in-lead (11 Jun 2007), OPCON transfer from US to 7th IA Div. (Last of the 9x original MTRs to hand off.)
• Jun15: "We hope that that Basrah can be transferred to full Iraqi control in the second half of the 2007." "Sufficient numbers of police stations
within Basrah city are now assessed at a satisfactory standard to enable transfer of Basrah province to Iraqi control, which we expect to be
announced later this year, depending on conditions." "A Provincial Joint Command Centre has been established to coordinate security in Basrah.
Iraqi police and military officers sit side by side in the Centre and are mentored by coalition advisers." "Iraqi soldiers, police and border guards in
the south will benefit from a Joint Leadership Academy which the UK is setting up in Basrah later this year." "The Divisional Training Centre
where the Iraqi Army undergoes basic training is up and running." (new bootcamp? Further training expansion.)
• Jun15: North Atlantic Council approves "Gendarme" Training for ISF. (INP Phase III to start 15 Sep 2007.)
• Jun16: 6th INP Bde graduated Phase II on 8 Jun. (Leaves 5th, 1st NPM & 10th Bdes to go.) IJF CoS: "Some of these divisions have reached
the final integration phase and final establishment like the 11th Division. Some of these divisions are still under discussion, like the 12th and 13th
Divisions." The Iraqi Army 11th Division Headquarters is scheduled to be formed and functional by fall 2007, while the others are still in the
planning phases. (First mention of 13th IA Div. Basrah? Delay in 12th IA Div formation while trng additional 120% overmanning?)
• Jun19: "More than 2,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen moved into Samarra to provide additional security for its citizens following the recent
attack on the Askira Mosque June 13". (? 1st NP Mech? 10th NP stood up? New 4-4 IA Bde? Which IA/INP elements?) http://www.mnf-
• Jun20: Gendarmerie training: "Here's where it stands: The plan was approved by the North Atlantic Council (NAC) on 11 June, which is
what we were waiting for when I left. Right now Camp Dublin (at BIAP) is being built up to suit the training, equipment is being procured and
most importantly: the first carabinieri officers arrive from Italy on Friday - insh'allah. These carabinieri officers will be an advance planning team
who, amongst other things, will design the curriculum of the training in cooperation with the Iraqi National Police authorities. The curriculum will
be based on carabinieri training but obviously it will be adapted to Iraqi conditions in full cooperation with the Iraqi authorities. The plan is to train
8 battalions over two years, so each battalion will have approximately 3 months of training." MAJ Herdis Sigurgrimsdottir, PIO, NATO Training
Mission- Iraq
• Jun20: "The Carabinieri will provide training in the following areas: Public Disorder, Law Enforcement, Investigations, Forensics, SWAT
(and) Fighting in Built Up Areas." LTC Gurtowsky MNSTC-I CPATT
• Jun20: "In general, NTM-I has very conciously aimed towards making the Iraqi institutions we've supported self-sufficient. Many of our
projects have already reached Full Operational Capability - more are reaching that goal on 1 July. At those institutions NTM-I has 'trained the
trainers' and remains now as merely a lean mentoring and advising force. I presume that the carabinieri training will be established and executed in
the same way, although the details of that transition will be defined in the future." MAJ Herdis Sigurgrimsdottir, PIO, NTM-I
• Jun20: IA up by 4,400 operational personnel since start Jun (156,900). 19,100 since start of May. (training rate of ~114,000/year)
• Jun22: ISF getting better; IA getting better and growing; armor vehicles; Can we build them fast enough and build leaders?; 7500 every 5
weeks (low est). 17 of 24 NP Bn cmdrs fired due to sectarian violence (He keeps saying only 24 INP Bns vice 27; three low; is 1st NPM xfered to
IA OPCON?). Increasing IA by 30,000 this year (156,000+30,000=186,000; pipeline currently exceeds that); GoI is discussing ISF budget now.
Basrah PIC by end summer, not too happy with IP there, IA doing well. Ninawa a bit longer early fall, ISF doing well, AQ focus area. Anbar PIC
by end of year if continues as is. Salahdin making progress. Kirkuk needs constitution art settlement.
• Jun25: "I'm not sure. But I'll tell you, just from the Iraqi army perspective, as I've said, they're working on an 11th Division now, they've stood
up an 11 Division -- 11th Iraqi Army Division Headquarters, which should be able to take battlespace some time this fall. We think that in early
2008 a 12th Division will be created in the Kirkuk area and a 13th Division will be stationed somewhere between Basra and al-Nasiriyah.Again,
we're seeing that growth. We're seeing also growth in the Iraqi police services, and I would say, as it should be, because in a stabilized Iraq, it is the
Iraqi police that will be the first responders. And if it's something beyond their capability, it would then be the national police, and if it's beyond
their capability, and then it would be the Iraqi army. And that's what I think it'll look like in early 2008."
• Jun25: 1st/7th IA Div: Numbers good & Capable. In Jan07 1st was ~50% & 7th was~40%. Habaniyah has maxed out since spring for new
recruits. 2200 in next class. Still only 5wk Bootcamp for Habenayah. 1st at high 80%/7th at ~80%. Officer growth still a problem. Developing a
strong NCO corps. (If the 1st & 7th are still under by that much, then the 19,100 added to the IA operational force since 2 May has to include
several new Bdes standing up. 50% = 4xBdes. Estimate 3-5x new IA Bdes. That also means most of IA is at or above manning.)
• Jun27: "The Ministry of Defense is also simultaneously training and adding forces to hold ground gained by our collective security operations.
They know, just as our commanders point out, that Iraqi forces are the long-term key to success. In the next two weeks, some 10,000 new soldiers
will join their Iraqi brothers in the ranks of Iraq's army, and the prime minister is also looking at options to further expand the size of the Iraqi
security forces to meet the requirements both today and into the future." (Official stand up of new Battalions, Brigades, and Division(s)? Further
expansion to 20 Divisions proposed in previous statements?) http://www.mnf-
• Jun27: "11th DIV (Headquarters only) remains in force generation as of today." (Dispite what some press releases, senior officer briefs &
statements state/indicate, only 10 IA Divisions are operational As of 27 Jun 2007.) MNSTC-I J5/PAO e-mail
• Jun27: “We have signed an agreement to buy Chinese weapons for our police at a cheaper price,” Talabani told reporters, without providing
further details.
• Jun28: North Babil ERU Bn graduates (800 pers).
• Jun29: "NATO is considering a request to supply Iraq with 70 Russian-made T72 tanks, an official said on Friday, while Iraqi state television
said an offer for 120 T72 tanks was already on the table." (1-2x Bde's worth of Tanks; convert all 9th Div to T72s?)