The Upward Struggle of President Barack Obama’s Health Care Plan

The exponential effect of “Obama-Care” upon the U.S economy

By, James Albert Holmes III

A term paper presented to Dr. Stephen Kyereme(instructor) in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of BUSN 5620(Current Economic Analysis) February 22,2013

I have came across what is considerably substantial evidence on both of the arguing block I remain unbiased. after researching much more about the act I discovered that it also is a finical bill out for many pharmaceutical companies because their patients expire between 2014-2020. However. The after shock of the Obama-care will be felt for centuries to come.Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. With my of world’s economist hard work day and night.Executive Summary My alternative motives become very aperient very quickly.S economy. my overall outlook at the bill itself has been changed forever. Certainly. However. along with the help of FDA for 12 years allowing only the Biologic medical products to be strongly administrated to the 100’s millions it covers. However. this is very near impossible in hundreds of 3rd world countries. so only major countries and the wealthy countries can even attempt at this heroic humanitarian goal. At first glance the Health Care Act seemed to be completely incent of any crime. This slump that is major pharmaceutical companies face is the patient cliff. Obama’s health care ban’s the seal of cheaper generic drugs from secondary and overseas companies. Even though. on second glance. hence the true name of Obama care. with the only true and proving factors in my of the analogy being time to examine the long lasting effects Obama care on the U. I agree that everyone on earth should have free healthcare however it may not make the best economic sense. after the first couple of pages of this term paper. Furthermore. it proved to not be able to withstand scrutiny of harsh examination. This makes this much more complex! 2 . malice or injustice behavior.


the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law by President Barack Hussein Obama. and tax credits—to employers and individuals in order to increase the coverage rate. a different retirement plans or completes 360 for others. Problem Statement The Health care plan that everyone wholeheartedly accepted my not be the best for everyone’s budget in the near future. Medical treatment becoming more public/universal makes a overworked medical staff. It seems to provide a number of mechanisms—including mandates. But. The Congressional Budget Office projected that PPACA will lower both future deficits and Medicare spending.Brief History On March 23. PPACA requires insurance companies to cover all applicants and offer the same rates regardless of pre-existing conditions or sex. The act represents the most significant government expansion and regulatory overhaul of the U.S. great news for the 4 . subsidies. Additional reforms are aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and streamlining the delivery of health care. healthcare system since the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in 1965. 2010 together with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act. Many reports haven’t acknowledged the great leaps and hurtles being overcome for healthcare and the American people. PPACA is allegedly aimed primarily at decreasing the number of uninsured Americans and reducing the overall costs of health care. and at what cost? A less valuable and lesser qualities on the medical side for some. Not quiet or anything close to universal healthcare but safe start. for such a capital dieted America.

groups of Americans that never had a great healthcare insurance plan anyway. Many don’t consider those more than 40% of middle class Americans that are going to be affected by this plan. 5 . As they have to watch the quality of physicians’ become more stretched and stressful to accommodate for the millions of others that going to be experiencing the same benefits for a faction of the cost.

Methodology I used nearly all second hand research.Objectives To enlighten the pro-Obama healthcare reform act. activist about what all is exactly in the act itself not just what is discussed in the media. Outlook. much of my research comes from personal experience. which includes Word. PowerPoint. neither where survey’s and test sampling recent active related research in the area because of time constraints. Excel. what I do want for is the equilibrium of justice and reason to shine into eyes of democrats and republicans alike. Participant Observation. The software that was used was Microsoft Office 2011 Macintosh edition. Method of Analysis Most of the information gathered in this paper are of quantitative type utilizing descriptions of mathematical estimations and calculations from governmental sites and books along with greatly respected and esteemed notable journals. So.000 page bill in grave detail and understand much of the legal jargon anyway. and objectivity measures had to be entertained. I don’t expect many to read every single page of the lengthy over 2. with such sort time to prepare many first hand tactics where not even explored. articles and books that prove to relevant to the topic and supporting evidence. and Communicator along with many more. 6 . Nevertheless. No interviews or Questionnaires where employed to gather information. Moreover.

the FDA blockade of the generic brands from cheaper competitors is that really the greatest thing to de in a time of economic turmoil. Medicare and Medicaid. Others state that abortion and safer sex regulations and medicals agents will be administered to all ages depending on age.Discussion of Results The key issues of the paper how the United States people will cope with the ever chaining governmental mandates in years to come. starting at $95 for 7 . they cost $1.38 trillion or almost 35% of the budget. Is that. Some call Obama “a healthcare dictator” many that have read the bill state: the government will mandate the health care and so will the balloon rate premiums. Additionally. is nearly $107 trillion—seven times the size of our economy. The ones that have it the hardest is the upper middle and upper class basically being forced to play amount double their current rates by 2014 on into 2020. For example: The three tier system • Flat fee: The first tier for lower income taxpayers is fixed. The current unfunded liability for Social Security and Medicare. compared with 17% for defense. But that's a pittance compared to what we spend on three major entitlement programs—Social Security. what’s best for the American people? Not only are the American people biting the bullet so these healthcare decisions affect the world and global economic infrastructure. according to the 2009 Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report. The United States currently spends roughly as much on defense ($661 billion in fiscal year 2009) as the rest of the world combined. And entitlements will only grow dramatically. Combined.

085 in 2016 – for those earning less than about $110.0% in 2015.5% thereafter. eventually the percentage tax will rise to equal the cost of the national average premium for a “bronze-level health plan.000 and $12.000. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that in 2016 the cost of a bronze-level plan for a family would be between $12.500 a year. • Cost of a basic health plan: However.” where it is capped. $325 in 2015.0% in 2014. as household income increases. • Percentage of income: The next tier is based upon a percentage of income: 1. and 2. 2. and $695 in 2016 and beyond. (The bronze plan is expected to be the least expensive plan in the line-up of policies that will be offered through the Obama-Care health insurance exchanges. The total family penalty is capped at 300% of this flat dollar tax — $2.calendar year 2014 (the first year the mandate is effective).) 8 . according to the CRS.

the real question is why? I would consider myself a proud American. in 2019 this care reaches all foster children finally.k. if ever such a day comes that we must choose between the two something has gone terribly wrong. But only then will the results be some of the problems will become more appropriated and handled. Furthermore. but they exclude immigrants no matter their condition.Conclusion Will Obama-care force me to things I wish not to do? In the near future (2016) all American citizens will governmentally mandated to have some form of health care it you don’t have a health care provider. I just hope that in years to come the Obama-care is nothing we rerate and dislike. There many questions left unanswered and unchallenged just for the sake of healthcare..a. Also. In summary. 9 . "donut hole") would be completely phased out. I pose the question at what extent is help trading on American liberty. By the year 2018 a 40% excise tax on high cost ("Cadillac") insurance plans is introduced many of the same health rate mandated are now ballooned. by 2020 the Medicare Part D coverage gap (a. the current plans/ policies are to pass though a government operated and state regulated insurance policy examination. Although. I do not wish to ne revolutionist or pioneer of any movement. Obama-care says they want free care for everyone. I have simply love and respect my freedom and laws that protect the American people. Our constitution is all that wholes America together along with the inalienable rights. If this is not force I don’t know what is.

I. Obamacare. 10 . (2011). & Holtz-Eakin. & Moffit. E. 29. Top 10 Disasters of Obamacare. C.)... DiGiovanni. K. D. & Posted. Long. Wall Street Journal.. Wall St J. Rev. D.. S. (1973). Boot. (2011). Job-Killing Health Care Law. (2010). Oops! No ObamaCare tax credit via federal exchanges. Heritage Foundation WebMemo No. Catron. 6.References APA Atlas. A23 Shapiro. M. Cato Institute. Nix. Obamacare Could Kill You. Roots. 2010 Epstein. (2011). (2011). A. ObamaCare: Kiss Your Access Goodbye. Nameless in cyberspace: Anonymity on the Internet. D. ‘Over Half of All Obamacare Waivers Given to Union Members. Real Clear Politics Blackwell. (2010). 2989. 25. DIANE Publishing. com. (1999). R. The American Spectator Jan. I. & Hunter. (Ed. (2009). J. August 24... Wallace. V. Strange Trip: My First Year Challenging the Constitutionality of Obamacare. P. Wall Street Journal. D. FIU L. How ObamaCare guts Medicare. D. L. Boehner. Why the ObamaCare Tax Penalty Is Unconstitutional. M. Ferrara. 2848. Obamacare: A Budget-Busting. The Heritage Foundation Webmemo. (2010). B. I. E. (2010). Hemingway. How Obamacare empowers the Medicare bureaucracy: What seniors and their doctors should know. WH Freeman. K. A. Johnson. S. K. Investors. & Klukowski. Weekly Standard. ObamaCare and American power. 15. (2009). R. J. Washington Post. Hogberg. the Runaway Entitlement. A. D. J. (2010).

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