SHAME AND THE CAPTIVES by Tom Keneally Format: Trade Paperback ISBN: 9780857980991 Imprint: Vintage Australia Released

1 November 2013

Reading Group Questions • • • •

What does the title mean? Who are the captives? Why do you think Tom Keneally would choose to tell this story – a real event not much explored in Australian non-fiction – through the prism of fiction? Are there any heroes in Shame and the Captives? Does a novel benefit from heroes? Is the purpose of historical fiction to reflect on current times? Is Keneally directing us to compare those interned during the Second World War with migrants and asylum seekers from cultures dissimilar to our own who are part of our lives today? From Orange is the New Black to One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and Hogan’s Heroes, the world of entertainment has relied on penitentiaries to provide many stories for us. Why is that? What chance does Alice have of living happily ever after, with Neville, in Gawell?

Reading Group Questions for Shame and the Captives by Tom Keneally Available in bookshops and ebook retailers 1 November 2013 Shame and the Captives: Print ISBN: 9780857980991 | ebook ISBN: 9780857981011 Imprint: Vintage Australia | Publisher: Random House Australia

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