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GODREJ & BOYCE FOR SHORTLISTED STUDENTS FROM WRITTEN TEST Essay Writing 1. Do we really need computers 2.

My future as I would like to be 3. Wonders of modern science 4. Why Indian seek job opportunities in abroad. Design Test: 30Questions in 10 minutes 1. Unit of stress & strain in MKS system 2. Unit of power in MKS System. 3. Unit of Viscosity? ans. Poise or centi-poise 4. Which type of transmission drive is Noiseless (Belt drive/ Gear/ Chain) 5. Which type of gear gives less noise?(Worm / Helical / Spur) 6. Relation between speed & diameter. 7. Question in I = mK2 8. Which is more thick?( SWG10,SWG16,SWG20) 9. Which bearing can withstand both thrust & radial 10. Question in gear module m = PCD / z. 11. What type welding is used for Aluminum 12. Critical stress of column is proportional to 13. __________allowance is allowed in taper castings. 14. Toughness is a measure of. 15. Poissons ratio 16. Deflection of spring is predominantly due to____ a.Major dia b.Length c.minor dia d. spring index Ans. Choice D 17. What is the BM formula, diagram & Max.B.M for a simply supported beam with UDL 18. What is the process used to get soft core and hard case? Ans. Case Carburizing 19. By which process we get more hard and wear resistant surface? a. Nitriding b. Chrome plating 20. What is the formula for output power ans.2NT/60000 21. Radius of gyration is proportional to.a. 1/m b. m c. sq. root of m/a d. sq.root of I/m Ans. d 22. Question in M/I=/y=E/R relation 23. What is in the relation T/J=/R=G/L 24. How to increase the surface finish? A. increase speed of workpiece B. Increase depth of cut C. Both ans. Choice C 25. Allowance given in casting is to accommodate taper.. ans. Distortion 26. Material for machine bed? Ans. CI 27. Material of aircraft wings? Ans. Aluminium 28. Based on which factor(s) we have to select a bearing? (Comp/ Fatigue strength/Both) Ans.Both 29. Modulus of elasticity? Ans. Stress/Strain 30. Material for spring? 31. Which of the following material has anisotropic property? Ans. Aluminium 32. Write down the formula for MI for a rectangle & a circle. 33. Shaft diameter depends on______________ 34. Type of hardening to get good surface finish. (Cyaniding & Nitriding ) 35. How will you measure the Hardness of Rubber (Vickers / Brinell / .) 36. What type of material is used for machine bed? 37. Which of the following is antistatic material?(MS / Steel / Brass / Al ) Interview Questions: 1. Explain abut Heat Treatment processes,( Case Carburizing, Nitriding ) 2. How will you select a bearing for Helical and Spur gear systems? 3. Properties of Bearing Materials 4. SF & Bending Moment diagram for all beams& Design of Beam for Bending Moment. 5. Is it possible to carburize all materials? 6. What is the formula for designing a shaft to transmit a given torque? 7. What is polar moment of inertia? 8. Stress strain relationship & Young modulus variation with respect to materials(Steel ..) 9. M / I = f / y = E / R & G/J= C / L Relations 10. Gear Design- Why we are designing pinion alone?(Ans: No of revolutions made by pinion is more) 11. Difference between Spur Gear & Helical Gear & Gear nomenclature. 12. Mohrs Theory. 13. Single point cutting tool & Drill bit nomenclature 14. Machining processes. Concentrate on Field of interst, project, In- plant training. Also refer design of columns & beams, design of shafts, bearings for further questions and for the interview too.