Brian Eno

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno [b. 1948] is an English musician, composer, record producer, music theorist and singer best known as the father of ambient music. Starting with the art rock band Roxy Music in 1971, he became bored with the rock and roll lifestyle quickly. He then became a prominent member of the performance art/classical music orchestra the Portsmouth Sinfonia from 1972-74, and developed his highly eclectic, ambient style in a series of solo albums. As a producer he contributed to recordings by Genesis, David Bowie, Zvuki Mu and Robert Calvert. He composed and performed the "Prophesy Theme" for David Lynch's Dune, and produced Laurie Anderson's Bright Red album, among many other projects in music, performance and fine art, literature, theatrical soundscapes and sound bytes for iPhone, Windows and video games. When not being a prolific and brilliant artist, Eno is politically active, a humanist with strong anti-war and futurist views.

41. David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson [b. 1949] is SUNY Distinguished Professor of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University in New York, a prolific popular science writer, and a promoter of evolution by group and multi-level selection. He has been vice president of the American Society of Naturalists and serves on the editorial board of the Human

Douglas Adams . who describes himself as a "nice atheist. Steve Wozniak Stephen Gary "Woz" Wozniak [b. 1976 and priced their Apple I personal computer at $666. The two became friends while working on a mainframe during the summer of 1970. He explored this theme in his book. 42. Wozniak is a committed philanthropist. and has even taught fifth graders." in that he says he doesn't know the difference between the designations. Wilson described atheism as a "Stealth Religion" on the political blog Huffington Post in 2007. He's a member of the Silicon Valley Aftershocks Segway polo team. Darwin's Cathedral: Evolution. 43. which won the 2008 Woz Challenge Cup. They formed the company on April 1. assembled the first prototypes in Job's garage. The two sold some possessions to raise $1.Behavior and Evolution Society. Woz calls himself "atheist or agnostic." views religions as a sort of mega-trait that evolved because it conferred advantages on believers. 1950] is a computer engineer who founded the Apple computer company with Steve Jobs.300. Since leaving Apple he founded other ventures to produce things like the first universal remote and wireless GPS.66 . Religion and the Nature of Society. Not a supporter of Richard Dawkins' public efforts to organize atheists. funding various educational projects. but also religion and the psychology of religion in terms of evolution. In his Evolutionary Studies program at Binghamton students study not only the sciences related to evolution.Woz later claimed he had no idea about the correlation with the mark of the beast). Wilson.

Douglas Noel Adams [1952-2001] was an English writer. He further wrote for and appeared in Monty Python's Flying Circus. cool cameras. He also wrote three episodes of the BBC series Doctor Who for his friend Russell T Davies and served as script editor during the seventh season. He describes the human mind as a sort of Swiss Army knife that comes with specialized tools designed to deal with problems our Pleistocene ancestors encountered. he was a bit notorious for his deadline difficulties. He was locked in a hotel suite by his editor for three weeks to force him to complete his book So Long. and counted Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour among his closest friends. Adams once worked as a bodyguard for a Qatar oil family and told hilarious stories about his misadventures. best known for his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. A veteran of many different day jobs. 44. Richard Dawkins dedicated his book The God Delusion to Adams. and Thanks for All the Fish." Adams loved fast cars. . He is also known for his controversial positions on issues like eugenics and euthanasia. dramatist and musician. A notable environmental activist and self-described "radical atheist. He is a best-selling author of popular science books as well as a popular speaker. 1954] is an experimental psychologist and cognitive scientist best known for his advocacy of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind. Steven Pinker Steven Arthur Pinker [b. Apple computers and any tech gizmo he could get his hands on.

Morris. Pinker argues that many other human mental faculties are adaptive in an evolutionary sense and can be understood best from that angle.Pinker's works on how children acquire language echoes Noam Chomsky's work on language as an innate faculty of mind. in 2002. He got involved in the use of the internet for this purpose and was a founding member of the proevolution website The Panda's Thumb. PZ Myers Paul Zachary Myers [b. 1957]. His increasing popularity as a proponent of atheism have made him a popular speaker at freethought. Jodie Foster . It was picked up by Seed Magazine that year and anchors their large stable of popular." is an evolutionary developmental biologist and professor of biology at the University of Minnesota. Pharyngula received the Koufax Award in 2005 for 'Best Expert Blog'. atheist and humanist events. better known as "PZ. multidisciplinary science blogs. 46. Born into the Jewish community in Montreal. He is an energetic promoter of science generally and evolution in particular. Pharyngula. and Nature named it the top ranking blog written by a scientist. PZ Myers has become the leader of the science-focused online atheist movement and his brilliance as an atheist might be said to be the remarkable success he has had in this position. he became an atheist at the age of 13 but remains a "cultural Jew." 45. and created his own web blog.

In 2005. 1962] is an American film actor. A fan of the good doctor since childhood. for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. which featured darker science fiction drama and more sex and which Davies described as "The X-Files meets This Life. a People's Choice Award. In 1997 she starred in the movie adaptation of Contact. and claims great respect for all religions. director and producer who has won three Bafta Awards.Alicia Christian Foster [b. his writing and direction of the new series has won critical acclaim and a new generation of fans. The following year an asteroid was named in her honor." . and two Emmy nominations for her extensive body of work. who stalked her while she was attending Yale. a novel by Carl Sagan. 1963] is a Welsh writer and producer of the modern version of the popular science fiction television series Doctor Who. Foster is an atheist who celebrates both Christmas and Hannukah with her two sons. a Screen Actors Guild Award. This earned her the obsessed attention of would-be Presidential assassin John Hinckley Jr. Russell T Davies Stephen Russell Davies [b. 47. Davies was tapped to write and produce a more adult spinoff called Torchwood. At the age of 14 she starred in the movie Taxi Driver. two Golden Globes. She began her career as a child star who later made the transition to adult stardom and expanded from there to produce some of the most popular and thought-provoking films of the last decades.

..S. His 1996 book The Conscious Mind is considered a seminal work on consciousness and its relation to issues in the philosophy of mind. His 2008 book Doctor Who: The Writer's Tale is a collection of autobiographical emails between Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook that has been described as ".Davies was named the most influential gay person in Britain in 2006. Sean Carroll . revealing insight into the workings of the genius" behind the beloved Doctor Who. spent several years on the top 100 list of influential media figures. Francisco Varela. even by its physicalist detractors. 48. "naturalistic dualism." Chalmers sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Consciousness Studies and his paper published there characterizing the mind-body problem in terms of philosophical zombies generated more than twenty response papers from such notables as Daniel Dennett. Francis Crick and Roger Penrose. and was named an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2008. and the exchanges are still among the most valuable literature debating the philosophy of consciousness ever generated. David Chalmers David John Chalmers [b. 1966] Is an Australian philosopher. director of the Center for Consciousness and past director of the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona in the U. Chalmers argues for an essentially dualistic view of mind which he terms. 49.a funny.

Mark Zuckerberg Mark Elliot Zuckerberg [b. contributes to the blog Cosmic Variance. (Almost All) Cosmologists are Atheists. writes articles for science magazines such as Nature. Currently he is a Senior Research Associate in Physics at Caltech. but he determined to attend Harvard instead. writes scientific books and textbooks in his areas of expertise. Carroll [b. Carroll wrote in 2003. 1984] is an American computer programmer named by Time Magazine as one of the World's Most Influential People in 2008 for his development of the internet application Facebook.Sean M. He argues that scientific thinking must lead to a materialistic world view and a rejection of all notions of deity or spiritual nature. 50. Carroll is perhaps better known for his strong advocacy of atheism. once going so far as to turn down an invitation to speak at a conference sponsored by the John Templeton Foundation because he didn't want to be seen as advocating a reconciliation between science and religion. While attending Phillips Exeter Academy he developed an AI program called Synapse that both Microsoft and AOL attempted to purchase as part of recruitment efforts. . Which is why. 1966] is a theoretical cosmologist specializing in general relativity and dark energy. Seedm and and is a popular presenter and lecturer at scientific symposia.

Zuckerman sold a 1. .Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his Harvard dorm room in 2004. He was born into the Jewish tradition. yet self-identifies as an atheist.6% stake in Facebook to Microsoft. It spread to other universities with the help of his roommate Dustin Moskovitz. Despite some controversy over the platform and a lawsuit over the ConnectU application which was later dismissed. which had a $15 billion market value at the time according to Forbes.