The New Businessman

In Heaven’s timetable, 12-21-12 was the mark of the end of the old era and the start of a new era. This marks the emergence of a new paradigm that will also reform the businessmen. There will soon emerge a new kind of businessmen… which I will take time to describe in this article. Let me begin our discussion this way… There is a growing number of people who do not only talk about people and events but also begin to discuss ideas. This is the kind which asks the question “WHY” and seeks to know “WHY” as well as “HOW”. Accordingly, this group is the wisest. The other groups which talks about people and events are not that wise. Only those who talk about ideas are recognized as the wisest. Those who ask “Why.” To seek to understand, not just to know. To seek to find the causes, the reasons, the meanings, and the lessons behind. Who or What is the Cause of the Earthquake, and to Blame? What meaning has it for us? What are the Lessons? And equally important, How to avoid the same Tragedy in the Future? These are the important questions we will attempt to answer in this article. **** Immediately after every tragedy, the first interest of the people would be with the suffering or destruction. Who suffered? What is the damage? How much is the damage? And the likes. And there is also the sensation about the ordeals of different individuals, even the humor that goes with the tragedy, the funny things. But above all, there are the groans, the tears, the pains… which make up the main em otions. And then, the dust settles down, the smoke clears up, and the flood dries up. Then the time for pondering and deep thought follows… People begin to ask the question “Why?” “Who is to blame?” This makes the behind-story that does not make to the TV news but can be more interesting.

Look, I have heard such stories peddled, circulating among the people, as if in whisper, partly because they are not in the news, and partly because there is some sort of confidentiality and culpability in it. Let me begin with the Ormoc City Tragedy – to my mind, in my 46 years of existing in the Philippines, the first major flood in the country. If I have not forgotten, more than 5,000 residents died from the sudden burst of the water that reached the second story of most houses in that unfortunate city that day. It was found that a tornado or two fell on the upper dam, releasing tons of waters that buried the city for days! Why? Yes, now we are asking why? There are two sides of the answer to this most important question. The first side is the physical-scientific answer. The second side is the spiritual-attitude cause of the effect. Focusing on the specific part of the cause, namely: the tornado, the physical-scientific cause of it is the destruction of the forests, resulting to what we know in physics as imbalance of forces in the area. The wind whirls or forces, we are told, and create what we know as whirlwinds… in the middle of the forest, up in the atmosphere. This whirlwind turns into a tornado (or hurricane if it is in the sea) as soon as it catches water or clouds into its vortex and becomes visible to the human eye. As more clouds or waters are pulled into its vortex, the tornado or hurricane becomes heavy and it will soon fall on some areas nearby, or will first roam around and do terrible destruction. There is a difference between the Atlantic hurricanes that wreak havoc in America to our upland tornadoes in the Philippines. Their hurricane, that forms in the Atlantic oceans, is scary in the sense that it has no desire to fall into a place until it has roamed around a wide area, picked up many houses, buildings and things, whirl them up in the air, turning them into small debris and dump them in one site! In the Philippines, our upland tornado, in contrast to their sea tornado (hurricane), becomes quickly heavy with water and tends to be content in falling into nearby areas. This becomes very destructive when the area chosen is a river course…. or worse, if there is a dam. The tornado water plus the dam water flowing on course of the river = huge destruction.

This is usually the pattern here in the Philippines. The Cagayan de Oro flooding was also traced to a tornado that fell into a dam somewhere in the upper part of Bukidnon, Mindanao. We have been waiting the media to make clear reports and their findings about this, but the media owners, I think, have no interest. They are more interested in making sensations by focusing on the who, what, when, where and shallow how of the news because it is what makes sensation and makes money. As to the why and the deeper how, they do not have interest… They are afraid to! Why? Because this will lead to some kind of culpability that may include themselves! Let me continue deeper. The “why” of the continuing destructive flooding in the Philippines is found in the practice of irresponsible logging, where they continue or persist to remove the trees, destroy the forest, and thus, create an imbalance in ecology, causing whirlwinds, causing tornadoes to form. This would not be the case had the loggers and the people replanted the cleared area right after the cutting. O yes, we come to think of the Kaingin system of the farmers, the slash and burn farming practices of the people… But what we do not want to accept that besides the Kaingin, there is the more destructive logging that destroys the ecological balance in the forests, be it legal or illegal logging does not make a difference, since in both cases, trees are cut and imbalance is created. To me, the better practice is that which has been stipulated in the law, namely: replant as soon as it is cut, and let the young trees catch up with the big ones; what I mean is: Don’t cut the old trees too fast! But the best practice to me is: Leave the forest at peace, and seek other materials to meet our construction needs. Sure, there are at least good alternative materials to serve our construction needs. One is the use of concrete and steel bar, which we are now using. NEW BUSINESS PARADIGM/ NEW BUSINESS MENTALITY/ NEW BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE The other option is hemp fibers. Hemp, which is the cousin of marijuana, both of which belong to the cannabis specie, is known for its very strong fiber that if it is used to make our clothes, shoes, slippers, lumbers, etc., the textile, shoe and construction factories et al would have a long holiday before they will resume operation!! Why?

Because the lifespan of our clothes, shoes, slippers, and houses would be more than doubled the present weaker materials that we are presently using! The hemp fiber is verrry durable. And the world’s businessmen know that, and the Illuminati businessmen as well. And they figured it out that IF THEY WILL PREFER QUALITY, WHICH THE PEOPLE PREFER, THEY WOULD MAKE SMALLER SALES BECAUSE QUALITY DOES NOT ALLOW AS MUCH REPEAT ORDERS FROM CUSTOMERS AS WHEN YOU USE INFERIOR PRODUCTS! Therefore, they worked out to exclude hemp fiber (up to the extent of making law that outlaws hemp-marijuana) so they and their fellow manufacturers will use the inferior materials for our clothes, shoes, slippers, lumber and the likes! These perversely wise and greedy businessmen sees more money – read: more repeat orders – if they can make products that pass out as quickly as possible, thereby, causing the customers to need a new replacement, thereby, creating new sales, hence, more profit for the businessmen! I have a discussion with my friends regarding the day when materials for a product are as durable as to last forever! What would it look like? How does it allow people to prosper? Well, let us think for a moment these things that we need and when we have them, they would not get destroyed but last forever or until we decide to replace them with an ungraded version. Let us start with clothes. How much money would you be able to save (and how will it allow you to use it for other things) if your clothes do not wear out no matter what, including their colors and their state of being new? Well, you can decide to buy new styles but your old ones will still look new no matter how old they may be! What implication – what economic benefit – would it be – if all businessmen will look for materials that are the most durable? “Well, that would be making people rich since that give them much savings and would allow them to direct these savings on other useful things! Viva for the customers! The people. But alas for the businessmen, for having no more repeat orders, they are thus like killing themselves out of business!” you might say. Well, if you are looking to create a world where businessmen are there to make money and impoverish the people – if you want a world where the businessmen’s objective is to enrich themselves, then, you are correct in your worry! But if you are envisioning a new world where businessmen aim to make durable, everlasting products – businessmen who do not fear seeing their products becoming obsolete (no longer in demand) once market saturation has been reached, simply because of the fact that after people have bought them, they would last for a lifetime because they are very durable – if you are envisioning a world where businessmen aim to give people product they can use and benefit forever – and at the same time businessmen who are ready to move on to other needs of the people – then, expect to get excited! Because not only that these innovative, creative and responsible businessmen will still get rich, even richer, you will also see the world prosper!

Because the logic is very simple: My shoes no longer wear out, and so I can continue to use it forever and will only change it if it no longer fits me; the repeat expenses due to shoes being unduly destroyed because of low quality materials, are the money you will be able to save when businessmen will stop believing that the way to get rich is by repeat orders and the way to cause repeat orders it to make their products last only for months! This is GREED! This kind of businessmen is causing people, the masses, unnecessary expenses. The people – the customers, get stuck at buying the same things over and over and over and over again, instead of having the freedom to have their money directed for another useful appliance or equipment or investment that would farther enrich their lives! WANTED: BUSINESSMEN WHO MAKE EVERLASTING PRODUCT, PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM BUYING IT A SECOND TIME, AND WHO MOVE ON TO MAKE NEW PRODUCTS TO MEET OTHER NEEDS, THEREBY, HELPING PEOPLE TO PROGRESS BY BUYING THEIR EVERY NEED ONLY ONCE AND BEING ABLE TO SAVE THEIR MONEY FOR THE NEXT NEED OR INVESTMENT! So, to make it clearer, here is what a family looks like under the new world: They only buy woods, nails, roofings, etc for their house once and no longer need to worry about repairs, since these materials do not deteriorate, therefore, there house does not experience deterioration or destruction. Next, the family bought clothes only once or only when their present clothes do not fit. They may buy new styles but they no longer buy because their clothes wore out. Shoes today are a big financial problem to families, because these shoes are made of very inferior materials and wear out easily long before time, thereby causing the families to suffer to buy another pair of shoes when the money could have been allocated for other useful things! Here we can see businessmen helping people (customers) save money and become more prosperous. Imagine everything, every appliance, every gadget, every tool, every equipment, every property of every family, as EVERLASTING! What a huge money every family saves and is able to use for other things that will further enrich their lives! We are looking for such businessmen! We are looking for businessmen who make medicine that will repair a sick or damaged cell or tissue or organ forever and which does not poison or destroy other adjacent cell, tissue or organ. We are looking for businessmen who make medicine that can give permanent healing to any sickness.

We are looking for businessmen who do not MAKE BUSINESS OUT OF DISEASE – WHO DO NOT CONSPIRE WITH OTHERS TO LACE FOOD AND DRINKS AND OTHER PRODUCTS WITH POISONS SO THE MASSES WILL GET SICK AND BUY THEIR MEDICINES OR CHEMOTHERAPY. We are looking for businessmen who make medicine that when used at first time, it will result to permanent healing, instead of producing an average of 70 harmful side effects over lifetime, resulting to poisoning of the cells and organs, leading to cancer. We need chemists who can formulate medicines whose effect do not expire next day, thus, no longer needing additional dosage. We need medicines that do not cause patients to be dependent on them till death – medicines that heal you instantly or immediately, AND permanently and so, the patient will no longer need to take it over and over and over again and become dependent on them forever! WE need cooks and chefs who realize that FOOD IS THE BEST MEDICINE. Food must be viewed as a healer, both preventive and curative. These are some of the transformation we need for the new era. Selfish business ideas shall no longer be the fad.
Out business that leaves the people sick and impoverished, IN the new business that seeks to empower the people with health and wealth… and freedom. Welcome!

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