37:575:401:H6 Research Methods in Labor Studies: Strategic Research Professor: Jeffrey Keefe Office Hours: by appointment.

Contact Information: e-mail: jkeefe3@cs.com July 9, 2012 - August 15, 2012 Class Time: Monday and Wednesday 6:00 to 9:40PM Location: Room 130/131LEC Syllabus Please bring your laptop or tablet to class Please Order Books online from Amazon or Publishers. Try Reading an ebook or Kindle. Required Books Understanding Michael Porter: The Essential Guide to Competition and Strategy Joan Magretta. Harvard Business Review Press (December 6, 2011) ISBN-10: 1422160599 Food Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know. Robert Paarlberg. Oxford University Press, USA (April 7, 2010) ISBN-10: 019538959X Free Book will be put on Sakai. How to Read a Financial Report Merrill Lynch 2000, (free download pdf) Sakai and Required Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, (Microsoft Bundle Student Edition available from Rutgers Online Computer Software at substantial discount use 2010, 2007 or 2003), Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or later (free download), 7-Zip (free download), RADs Office Scan (free from Rutgers Computing Services), Grades are based on  Weekly Assignments  Class Participation and Attendance  Take Home Final Exam Learn Excel -- Self-Development Exercises Abacus Training College http://www.abacustraining.biz/ExcelExercises.htm  Basic Spreadsheet Concepts,  Intermediate Spreadsheet Concepts, and  Basic Chart Creation -1June 2, 2012

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Strategic Research: What Is It and What Are We Doing? We are studying the food industry. 2012 . Introduction to Strategic Research July 9 II. developed by Michael Porter. To make long term profits a firm must produce products that it can sell to consumers. We will initially explore several questions: Where does Meat and Poultry fit into the American food industry? What is the Meat and Poultry Industry? Is it globalizing? What is the Value Chain for the Meat and Poultry Industry? Who and What Are the Most Profitable Firms and Segments in the Value Chain? Where Are the Highest Profits Earned in this Value Chain? What Influences Profitability and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Meat and Poultry Value Chain? In the second part of the course we will examine several additional questions: How does the value chain shape employment. an industry mainly comprised of large publicly traded companies. health and safety. Smithfield Foods. or finance and they deliver outputs to intermediaries or final consumers. All firms exist in a supply chain where they purchase various inputs from suppliers of materials. Industrial Organization and Oligopoly Market Structure: July 11 -2June 2. and conditions of employment in this industry? Are low wages a necessary condition for sustainable competitive advantage? Are there leverage points in the value chain for stakeholders to exercise influence over firms' behavior or practices? Is the obesity epidemic an inevitable byproduct of the successful operation of this industry's value chain? Focus Food Companies: Tyson Foods. utilities. whether those consumers be other firms that are either final users or intermediate producers or distributors. improving quality. and Hormel I. or offering unique features. according to Porter. earnings. unionization. The value chain perspective. the Meat and Poultry Processing Industry. or they be individual consumers at a unit cost below its price. transportation. We can assume that each firm seeks competitive advantage to generate sustainable above normal profits. Pilgrims Pride. depends on its competitive strategy. reconceptualizes the supply chain from merely a flow of inputs and outputs to another vantage point where creating unique value to downstream customers is the key to sustainable competitive advantage and profitability. JBS Swift. Sanderson Farms. Whether a firm realizes its potential. Competition works to eliminate above normal profits as firms seek new consumers by reducing costs and cutting prices. The structure of an industry and a firm's position within its value chain will determine its profit potential. in particular.

2012 . Governance & Competitiveness Duke University February 16. 2009. Beef & Poultry Processing in the US November 2011 Josh McBee Slaughterhouse Blues The Meat and Poultry Industry in North America Donald D. MacDonald.S. Value Chains and their Relevance to Healthy Diets.S. Meat and Poultry Industry July 23  Gary Gereffi.   V Making a Value and Supply Chain Analysis -3June 2. A Value Chain Analysis of the U. Governance Structures of the U.abacustraining.-Based Food and Agriculture. 2009 Marcy Lowe and Gary Gereffi 2009.S. 1998 . Competitive Advantage Chapter 1 The Economic Organization of U. Marcy Lowe and Gary Gereffi. Center on Globalization. Michelle Christian.S. Broadway. Competitive Strategy July 16    Understanding Michael Porter Chapters 1 and 2 Michael Porter. Broiler Production. Joonkoo Lee. Pork Industry Center on Globalization. USDA Economic Research Service Economic Information Bulletin Number 38 June 2008. Competitive Advantage Chapter 2 V.S. The Governance Structures of U. A Value Chain Analysis of the U. IV. 2008. Governance & Competitiveness Duke University October 3. Stull and Michael J. 2008. Beef and Dairy Industries. Setting the Table Abacus Training College http://www.biz/ExcelExercises. Duke University.htm Basic Spreadsheet Concepts III.   IBISWorld Industry Report 31161 Meat. Value Chains in Meat and Poultry July 18   Understanding Michael Porter Chapters 3 Michael Porter. James M. 1998 .

Econ. Wallace Center at Winrock International Barbara Young. Contemporary Collective Bargaining in the Private Sector Edited by Paula B. Res.S. 2012 . Patty Cantrell. Food Distribution. Supermarkets." The National Provisioner October 2005. Food Politics Chapter 8 "The Politics of Obesity Chapter 11. thanks to its successful raw material partnerships with grinding and patty processors at home and abroad.S.” Charles Craypo. Dept. Agribusiness.July 25  IBIS World Value Chain Analysis VI. Financial Performance of the Firms July 30  Merrill Lynch 2000. Sysco’s journey from supply chain to value chain: 2008-2009 Final report. The U. Labor Management Relations Meat and Poultry Plants  Summary of Craypo “Meatpacking: Industry Restructuring and Union Decline. Sales Channels and the Fattening of America Aug 6    Martinez. 2010. Profitability of the Meat and Poultry Industry and Its Value Chain Aug 1  Mergent Online 10K and 10Q Reports VIII. How to Read a Financial Report Mergent Online 10K and 10Q Reports VII. 19972006. April 2010. Voos 1994. "The Power of Beef McDonald's Corporation dominates the OSR hamburger category. Serv. ERR-42. 2005. Steve W. U. Michigan Land Use Institute. May 2007. and Fast Food "The Weight of America" Part I     IX. Case of Smithfield in Tar Heel North Carolina  -4June 2. of Agriculture. Food Marketing System: Recent Developments.

Kathleen C. and EPA and the Political Economy of the Meat and Poultry Industries: Regulation for Competitive Advantage? April 9 Food Politics: What Eveyone Should Know Chapter 1 An Overview of Food Politics Chapter 9 The Politics of Farm Subsidies and Trade Chapter 13 Food Safety and Genetically Engineered Food    Is Our Food Safe? Should We Subsidize Corn? Should We Privatize Meat Inspections? XII Industry Stakeholders: April 16   Charles Eesley and Michael Lenox Lenox." Dell Champlin and Eric Hake. RICO: A New Tool for Employers Facing Union Corporate Campaigns? Gregory B. Larkin. 2009 Center for Immigration Studies. USDA. Brayden G King and Sarah A. XI. Tanger "Enforcing Corporate Responsibility for Violations of Workplace Immigration Laws: The Case of Meatpacking. OSHA. 27: 765–781 (2006). Firm Responses to Secondary Stakeholder Action. January 2006." Administrative Science Quarterly. May 2009  The American Dream X. Schwartzman. Labor Studies Journal Volume 34 Number 2 June 2009. "Immigration as Industrial Strategy in American Meatpacking. Volume 18. 52 (2007): 413–442 Take Home Final Exam  -5June 2. Number 1. 49–69. "Social Movements as Extra-institutional Entrepreneurs: The Effect of Protests on Stock Price Returns. 2012 . Robertson and Kurt G. Review of Political Economy." Harvard Latino Law Review "The 2006 Swift Raids Assessing the Impact of Immigration Enforcement Actions at Six Facilities. Industrial Reorganization. Lean Production Structure. and Immigration April 2     Stephanie E. Soule." Jerry Kammer. The Role of Labor Struggle in the Shifting Ethnic Composition of Labor Markets. Strategic Management Journal.

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