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Guidelines for a Project Report

• Why a report? The production of a good piece of technical writing for a project report is as much a part of the project as doing the experimental work. However excellent and original piece of work the project may be, unless the results can be communicated to other people it may as well not have been done! Communicating results of an investigation in a clear and useful way is a key part of science and is the reason for devoting a lot of effort to this aspect. • What level? The main part of the report should be comprehensible by other stage students. If more detailed information is to be included about some aspects (for instance, a complicated mathematical derivation, of which only the result is essential to the main discussion) consider including this as an appendix.

The nuts and bolts. The students have a subject PDCS-II in their IInd sem of BBA syllabus in which they are being taught about the project report. Considering that in mind the students have to follow the following format for making project report:  Each student will make three copies of project report in the recommended format. One copy is to be submitted to the HOD, BBA individually on or before …(Date) ………….. . The students will keep one copy of the project for their further reference in future and two copies at the institute where they have done their summer training (if required).  Each student is required to make one copy of project in CD and submit along with his/her project report.  All the students are required to follow the following instruction. o There should not be any deviation from requirement of reproducing the cover page of the report as in the format prescribed below.

Sections that you need to include are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Cover page Certificate Declaration Acknowledgement Preface Table of content Executive summary or Abstract Body of the project report (i) (ii) Introduction Objective of study

it should reflect the core department or research area in which the student has taken his / her work of project report. It should not claim more for the study than it actually delivers. 3. The title is presented in capital letters of principal words are capitalized in other items. Name of the supervisor under which internship training taken 5. If the title extends beyond one line. Name of the project guide and the institution to which the report is submitted 4. For example. “a study of problems in the human resource management of ICICI bank” Or what? A better choice might be: “ Challenges faced in recruitment and selection policy with special reference to ICICI bank” For sample please refer to appendix 1. The students should take care that the topic should not be in the generalized form. it is double spaced and placed in an inverted pyramid style. Full name of the candidate and his department and enrollment no. For example. Degree for which the report is to be presented (submitted) These items are centered between the margins of the page and no terminal punctuation is used. Second Page: DECLARATION . they usually include: 1. Its key words would make it easy for bibliographers to index the study in the proper category. “Rainbows” is poor – is this an investigation of the occurrence of rainbows in medieval illuminated manuscripts? or their use as metaphors in popular art? Or what? A better choice might be: “Rainbows: the deflection of light by liquid droplets and the determination of droplet refractive index from measurements of rainbow phenomena” The title should be concise and indicate clearly the purpose of the study. Although title page forms differ from one institution to another.(iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) Research methodology Presentation and Analysis Limitations Conclusion and recommendations Bibliography / References First Page: The first page of the project report is a title page. The name of the topic or the title of the study 2.

The chapter titles are usually typed in capital letters and the sub divisions headings in small letters with the initial letter of the principal words capitalized. the major sub divisions of the chapter and sometimes the topics within the sub divisions. For sample please refer to appendix 2. and each is followed by the correct page citation. For 3rd sem students: • Certificate by the head of the department and project incharge that the work is unique. For sample refer to Appendix 5. All titles and headings appear in the exact words and order as they do in the report.The student is required to declare in the prescribed standard for the originality of the project. academic and administrative assistance received by him. The investigator acknowledges the guidance and assistance he has received in carrying out the study. The title page and Certificate will not find a . For sample refer to Appendix 4. Fifth page: a) Table of Contents –It includes in it the chapter headings. Third page: CERTIFICATE For 5th sem students: Company’s Certificate of Completion of project should bear signature of the officer concerned in the organization where the student has under gone training as well as that of the head of the BBA programme. The certificate should be on the letter head of the company. It conveys the indebtedness for the professional. Fourth Page: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The acknowledgement page is largely a matter of courtesy.

A specimen copy of the Table of Contents of the project report is given in Appendix 3. are presented with corresponding numbers and page locations. The full titles of figure and tables. The management summary is a condensed accurate statement of what is important in a report. (ii) Objectives of the study (iii) Research Methodology (iv) Presentation and Analysis (v) Limitation (vi) Conclusions and recommendations and vii) Bibliography/References (i) Introduction: The purpose of the introduction is to provide the reader with background information needed to understand the remainder of the among the items listed in the Table of Contents but the page numbers of which are in lower case Roman letters. the more the extensive the introduction. The executive summary is written specifically for decision makers and should enable them to take action. This one to two page summary is a must for most research reports. Rather it provides the decision maker with those research findings having the most impact on the decision to be made. One and a half spacing should be adopted for typing the matter under this head. Sixth Page: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY If your report is long. That management summary is not the miniature of the main report. The introduction must clearly explain the nature of the decision problem and the research objectives. worded exactly as they appear in the text. . Since many executives read only the management summary it is extremely important that this section be both accurate and well written. This importance of the investigation will be further highlighted by enlisting purposes and objectives of the study. The nature of the introduction is conditioned by diversity of the audience and their familiarity with the research project. (ii) Objectives of the study: The background of the problem under study is thoroughly provide in the first pages of the study is developed by giving its significance and importance. Seventh page onwards Body of Project report – The body of the report may be broadly divided into 4 parts (i) Introduction. b) List of tables and figures: if tables and figures form a part of the report. providing a summary of the report will help ensure that readers get the major points you are trying to make. you should be realistic and assume that some key individual may not have time to read it in its totality. In addition. their lists are given on separate pages. The more diverse the audience. Background information should be provided on the product or service involved and the circumstances surrounding the decision problem.

“The speed of light by interferometry” A. non response. Recommendation for further research is then made. By including a reference to the source others can check your work and reduce the time taken to make further advances. E. what you found out and provide enough information for them to repeat the work if they so wished. The purpose of the methodology section is to describe the nature of the research design. Dixon. (London) Longman. City of publication and publisher. e. (v) Limitations: The limitation section of the report presents a dilemma. they examine the remaining chapters. and web site.secondary or primary – should be explained. Burcham. A journal article. Journal of Light.gobbeldygook. pp. There are generally three types of reference according to the source. (vii) References / Bibliography: Your report should be sufficient to indicate to the reader what you have done.(iii) Research Methodology: The above stated objectives of the investigation need to be fulfilled. edition (if not first). The methodology section is designed 1) to summaries the technical aspects of the research project in a style which is comprehensible to the non technician and 2) to develop confidence in the quality of the procedures used. Rather. 123-234. It may be appropriate in concluding recommendation part of the report to indicate promising side problems that have been uncovered and to suggest areas or problems for further investigations. The resources of data. but rather to enable the reader to judge validity of the study results. The propose of this section is not only to disparage the quality of the project . book. You will have made use of information from a variety of sources. Book – you need to cite title. vol. “Elements of Nuclear Physics” . Most readers scan the summary first to obtain an overview of the problem and to determine the usefulness of the study to them. If your research involved a survey or other primary data collection. the sampling plan and the data collection and analysis procedure. 3. It should tell reader whether the design exploratory or conclusive. journal article. The limitation in a marketing research project generally involves sampling. describe the methods by which the data was obtained and the sample sizes involved. If the study is pertinent to their should not just be a presentation of and endless series of tables. A web page. Every research project has short comings which need to be communicated in a clear and concise manner. http://www. it requires the organization of the data into work of logical information for decision making purposes. authors. so in the concluding section we briefly summarize our major findings and describe the implications of these findings for marketing decision making. (vi) Conclusions and recommendations: Conclusion is the most vital part of a study because it recapitulates the information that has been presented in the previous section of the report. (iv) Results and Analysis: The bulk of the report is composed of research findings which should be organized around the research objective and information needs the reporting’s of findings must have a definite point of view and should fit together into a logical whole . inadequacy and methodological weaknesses. date published. 1979.

• Identify the problem you wish to study. Check through the outline to see that sequence is sensible and that nothing vital has been ignored.The references should be arrange in alphabetical order according to the surname of author (book/ research papers). Draw up a plan of what you want to say and how this fits around the diagrams/graphs you want to use. Check your outline through with someone else e. Write a first full draft of the report. fellow student. Submit report in time. Extend you plan to an outline that includes all the section headings you will need. • • • • • • • • . Revise the draft and re-check until you are satisfied. figure captions missing? References still to do?) If you can get a friend to read through it critically so much the better.g. Doing the report: the following plan is suggested for writing a report. Often this can be simply done by deciding which diagrams and graphs of data you wish to include.g. tutor or demonstrator. obvious errors and omissions (e. Check the first draft through for consistency.


.” is the bonafide work of “…………. …………” who carried out the project work under the supervision of <Name of faculty>.SUBMITTED TO GURU GOBIND SINGH INDRAPASTHA UNIVERSITY DELHI. <<Signature of the Head of the Department>> Incharge>> SIGNATURE <<Name>> HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT <<Signature of the Class SIGNATURE <<Name>> Project Incharge <<Department>> <<Full address of the Dept & College >> College >> <<Department>> <<Full address of the Dept & .TITLE OF THE PROJECT……………..NAME OF THE CANDIDATE(S). INDIA (Appendix 2) CERTIFICATE <Font Style Times New Roman – size -16> Certified that this project report “……….

2.2 GENERAL ....1 1.... TITLE PAGE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT iii PREFACE iv EXECUTIVE SUMMARY LIST OF TABLE (if any) LIST OF FIGURES xviii LIST OF SYMBOLS xxvii v xii 1. 1..2.. INTRODUCTION 1.. . NO.....APPENDIX 3 <Font Style Times New Roman> TABLE OF CONTENTS (the table of content should be in the format of table) CHAPTER NO....1 1.. 1 1 2 5 12 ...2 General ...

....... . . 1... .3 .. .2...2.1 . 19 25 29 30 45 58 69 75 99 100 LITERATURE REVIEW APPENDIX 4 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT <Font Style Times New Roman – size -16> I owe a great many thanks to a great many people who helped and supported me during the writing of this report. for their support. .. for extending his support. . .. . .. He has taken pain to go through the project and make necessary correction as and when needed. . . . . 1.. …………….3 1.... .1 General 1..2.2..4 2.. . . [department].. . . .. Thanks and appreciation to the helpful people at [COMPANY NAME WHERE THE PROJECT WAS UNDERTAKEN].. . . . I express my thanks to the hod of.3 1.. . .. 2. .... [COMPANY NAME WHERE THE PROJECT WAS UNDERTAKEN] support and guidance.2. . My deep sense of gratitude to [RESPECTIVE NAME] (DESIGNATION). I would also like to thank my Institute and my faculty members without whom this project would have been a distant reality. . .. . <Font Style Times New Roman – size -14> .2..2 . .... .1. .2 .2.. .. .2 2. My deepest thanks to Lecturer.. [LECTURER NAME] (the Guide of the project for guiding) for correcting various documents of mine with attention and care.. GENERAL 2. .

and this project work has not performed the basis for the award of any Degree to the best of my knowledge.5> [YOUR NAME] [ENROLMENT NO] . <Font Style Times New Roman – size -14 spacing 1. Faculty Member.APPENDIX 5 DECLARATION <Font Style Times New Roman – size -16> I hereby declare that the project work entitled “[PROJECT TITLE]” submitted to the [UNIVERSITY NAME]. [RESPECTIVE COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY NAME AND PLACE FROM WHERE THE FACULTY MEMBER IS FROM ]. is a record of an original work done by me under the guidance of [RESPECTIVE NAME].