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Our philosophy is based on a very simple principle: Let the crafts flourish!

Ethical principles.
This respect for things also extends to how we engage with people. Our business partners, customers and employees can rely on our honesty and fairness. If we promise something, we abide by that commitment. That is important to us. Every day.

We are committed both to the craft tradition and to sustainability. Both are intimately connected. Sustainability is not an invention of our era, but dates back to the Forestry Ordinance of Electoral Saxony of 1560. It stated for the first time that resources may be used only to the extent that they are reproduced by nature. Today, sustainability has acquired an ecological, economic and social dimension. We implement that idea consistently in all our products. DICTUM primarily provides natural materials: wood, bone, stone, leather and fine steels. These materials are processed carefully, both to protect our natural resources and to ensure that they lose none of their useful functions over the years.

Craft expertise.
Our passion for the things we do keeps driving us to improve what we offer and invent new things. In doing so, we build on a continuous exchange of experiences with others. The people engaged in craft work help us advance and become even better.


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* 14 cents/min from German landlines. Calls from mobiles may cost more.

Our SERVICE will convince you:
Given the huge range of our products, it is not always easy to choose the best one for your needs. We will be pleased to offer you expert advice. After all, we use our tools and materials ourselves and therefore know them inside out. Product consulting: +49-(0)991-9109-911 or +49-(0)1805-9109-911*

Gift service.
This may be just the service you need if you want to spread the joy of craftwork. For example, inspire your friends to build their own folding knife with our new construction set. We will send your lovingly wrapped gift and personal card to your specified recipient for just € 2.50.

Testing? No problem in our shops
Are you unsure which of our products is right for you? Or perhaps you want to compare them directly? Then visit us at one of our DICTUM shops! Here you can thoroughly test your chosen tool and get expert advice and valuable tips from one of our specialists personally.

Shop Metten Donaustr. 51 D – 94526 Metten Shop Munich Haager Str. 9, IInd floor D – 81671 Munich

Opening hours shop in Metten Mondays - Fridays 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Saturdays 9.00 am to 2.00 pm Opening hours shop in Munich Mondays - Fridays 10.00 am to 7.00 pm Saturdays 10.00 am to 2.00 pm


Quality assurance.
A high quality standard is the result of a lot of diligence and commitment. Before we provide you with a tool, it has passed up to 20 quality assurance procedures at the manufacturer and a 100 percent incoming inspection in our company. This ensures that we can guarantee the high performance characteristics to you that have already prompted customers to say: »Yes, that’s worth it for me«. And on the rare occasion that anything does go wrong, you can rely on us to find a quick and accommodating solution. For DICTUM quality also means that our products are free of harmful substances. Our materials and tools contain no additives that are potentially hazardous to health or the environment.

For us, values are more than just words.
You will see from our service that our philosophy really does inform what we do. We are committed to your needs and we live our values for your benefit. Each and every day.

DICTUM brands.
Exceptional quality, highly durable and extremely user-friendly – our own brands are always a good choice, combining all the merits we insist on in a tool.


Original with guarantee of origin.
It is very important to us to know the origin of our products in great detail. Our business partners include many small family-owned blacksmith enterprises which have kept the craft tradition alive for generations. At DICTUM, for example, you can rest assured that a Japanese saw really was manufactured in Japan. We have coined an expression in our company to define this approach. We call it »origination honesty«.

00 Chisels € 9. too. Sharpening pass We sharpen tools and knives bearing this mark free of charge twice. 30 days right of return for all products. For our general terms and conditiones see www. The Netherlands. Satisfaction G u ar an t e e SHARPENING & HANDlE-FITTING SERVICE Buy without risk.00 pm . All products with this logo can be tested thoroughly for 15 days. The Kurswerkstatt also offers the option of using the workshops and machinery for your own projects on an hourly basis. we offer crafts courses specifically tailored to the needs of city dwellers. Latvia.95 gross (€ 8. Handicraft gallery www. Italy.00 Scissors € 9. Tool sharpening service Have your other blades sharpened. D . you pay only the postage costs. In semester and evening courses. International Free delivery if exceeding a total gross amount of € 357 (€ 300 net). Slovakia: € 9. Spain. After all. Estonia.dictum-handwerksgalerie. Immediate delivery. carving 10% DISCOUNT on any purchases for the duration of a workshop (see page 6)! Send us the axe you have bought from us. Greece.00 Wood working chisels € 9.00 pm .00 Plane blades. Cyprus. 9. DICTUM workshops Learn to expertly handle tools. new products and tips. and then use what they have learned in project courses. Sign up now: www. Sweden. including the handlefitting pass. Rumania. This means that you can use your tried and trusted tool for a very long time.more-than-tools. Finland. We will return it with a new handle fitted within a few days.. 9.36 net). Sat. 51 . Calls from mobiles may cost more. Denmark. Czech Republic. Here too. simply return it – no questions asked – within the 15 days. Slovenia. For most of our high-quality products.94526 Metten Mon. Luxembourg. they were trained in Japan. And you pay only the postage 5 . .. We have two workshop centres in Germany in: • • Niederalteich close to our head office in Metten Bad Gandersheim www. Ireland. Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. Malta. DICTUM satisfaction guarantee. All you pay is the cost of the new handle and the postage.00 am to 7. Bulgaria. We will reimburse the full price. Shipping charges.Fri. wood-cutting knives € 9. . Net (excl.00 am to 7. Great Britain.more-than-tools.kurswerkstatt.more-than-tools.00 Axes € 9. 9. Haager Str. and benefit from our special conditions: Knives € 6.81671 Munich Mon.00 pm Telephone +49-(0)991-9109-902 P Parking free Online E-mail info@more-than-tools. IInd floor .. For deliveries less than € 300 net shipping charges will be invoiced as follows: Austria.more-than-tools.00 pm Telephone +49-(0)89-63 89 08 91 P Parking free Online newsletter Keep up-to-date with Webshop www. D . students learn how to use power tools safely and confidently. Exclusively for DICTUM products Our sharpening experts know how it is done.00 am to 2. Handle-fitting pass Comprehensive crafts knowledge. VAT) and gross. France.00 am to 2. Premium sharpening service You can have premium class products that bear this logo sharpened by our experts at any time free of charge and without limitation. In-store sales München DICTUM GmbH . materials and techniques in a stimulating environment. Lithuania.Fri. Belgium. Warranty. Our bright and perfectly equipped course workshops are a paradise for any DICTUM Kurswerkstatt • Munich Get out of the office and into the workshop! True to this Spare parts service. Poland. Minimum three years on all products. Portugal. special offers.00 Barber scissors € 26.In-store sales Metten DICTUM GmbH . Hungary. If you are not entirely satisfied with the product.. Export orders are typically shipped within 1-4 days. 10. 10. spare parts are readily obtainable even years after your purchase.00 Plus shipping charges (prices include VAT) Sharpening advice: +49-(0)991-9109-910 or +49-(0)1805-9109-910* * 14 cents/min from German landlines. www.

Explore your creative side! Your teachers.ts cipan i t r a P ve a recei OUNT DISC ases* % 0 1 h purc tion y n a a on e dur op h t r fo sh work a f o KNOWLEDGE GROWS THROUGH COMMUNICATION. but always take into account your personal level of knowledge. ** 14 cents/min from German landlines. Our bright and perfectly equipped course workshops are a paradise for any craftsman. MAFELL and reduced products. Bonus card for workshops .de/workshops WORK SHOPS 8 Order our workshop brochure Telephone Fax Email Internet +49-(0)991-9109-909 or +49-(0)1805-9109-909** +49-(0)991-9109-809 or +49-(0)1805-9109-809** workshop@more-than-tools. fascinating & exciting! in niederalteich. And every workshop ends with a product you have made with your own hands. Our workshops are taught by experts from around the world. you will receive a € 50 DICTUM shopping voucher. every workshop provides sufficient time for personal www. forge silver or plate with gold? With over 200 workshops. Bad Gandersheim and Munich. experience our crafts courses: Unique. The programme. Whether you choose a beginners' or advanced course. We reward loyalty and participation. You will receive the bonus card automatically on registration. products from Bosch. Festool. DVDs. Calls from mobiles may cost more. They pass on the expertise they have acquired over years of practice. there are no limits to developing your creativity and skills. . the value of your voucher will increase by € 10. For more information. see www. Inspiring location. set in an inspiring environment that promotes creativity and recreation. build a boat or restore an antique table yourself? Or would you prefer to work with metal? Cast a bronze.loyalty pays! After your fifth workshop. For each additional * except books. Have you always wanted to bind a book.more-than-tools.more-than-tools.

Blade 150 x 70 mm Overall length 1200 mm Weight 1050 g No. Handle made of Japanese white oak. loosening soil and planting. slightly drop-point blade cuts even through thick roots.90 € C C TWO-HANDED HOE. Stainless steel. No.90 € E E WEEDING HOE Light. ideal for cutting off lawn edges. Blade 270 x 100 mm Overall length 1600 mm Weight 2150 g No.54 € 64. 711541). Handle made of Japanese white oak. Hardened carbon-steel.80 € B B 3-PRONGED HOE.g.93 € 49. D D SICKLE HOE For weeding and loosening the soil. STAINLESS STEEL Low-maintenance: Weighing just over one kilogram. handforged from carbon-steel using traditional techniques. with Japanese rust-protection oil. Blade 205 x 85 mm Overall length 1200 mm Weight 1850 g No. Blade 80 x 180 mm Overall length 1400 mm Weight 750 g No. The sharp. Handle made of Japanese white oak.90 € F F TRENCHING HOE With a saddle-shaped blade. 718155 41. Blade 65 x 240 mm Claw 75 x 185 mm Overall length 1500 mm Weight 1000 g No.94 € 74. Blade 230 x 125 mm Overall length 1450 mm Weight 1000 g No.70 € 63. tapered blade is particularly light and therefore recommended for lady gardeners. Most sickles and soil working tools presented here are manufactured A A LIGHT WEED HOE. CARBON STEEL Powerful hoe for digging. Handle made of ramin. 717906 41. exposing roots and effective removal of weeds and plant residue. 717932 53. a particular advantage when working in densely planted beds. Even though carbon-steel is not rust free. For sharpening. 718162 41. 717934 53. sharpest edges are possible while sharpening is done with ease.90 € H H EDGING KNIFE Heavy forged blade with hardened cutting edge. Double-layered steel blade. Blade 130 x 210 mm Overall length 1200 mm Weight 970 g No.90 € in selected master workshops. Menpisang handle.09 € 48. and oiling them slightly if they are unused for an extended period (e. 717922 41. The tang is secured irremovably in a forged ring on the untreated tough Japanese white oak shaft.more-than-tools.90 € G G WEEDING HOE Combination of a sharp sickle blade and a seven-tine rake for weeding large areas. 717921 54. this handy hoe with a slightly concaved. 718154 62. We recommend storing the gardening tools in a dry place.90 € 7 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • .93 € 49. hand-forged hoe with a good balance and a sharp two-layer blade.Hoes and Claws Hoes and Claws Two-handed Hoes Hand-forged Gardening Tools It only takes a glance at a traditionally arranged Japanese garden to understand that such detailed precision requires extremely sharp gardening tools. They can be sharpened on waterstones.93 € 49. Handle made of Japanese white oak. for breaking up soil. for drawing furrows and making piles.61 € 63. we recommend Japanese waterstones and DMT® diamond stones. pasania wood handle. More care and expense is needed when using handforged tools but the joy created while working with them is every bit worth the effort. The narrow blade enables precise work around existing plants. Overall length 1200 mm Weight 1350 g No. STAINLESS STEEL Multi-purpose stainless steel hoe with three 180mm hardened prongs.

717903 19. 717911 15. Handles made of Japanese white oak where not otherwise stated.88 € 18. F F GRUBBER Robust.90 € G G GARDEN CLAW Handy. Blade 140 x 55 mm Overall length 400 mm Weight 215 g No. 717967 17. robust garden claw with five forged tines for loosening the soil.60 € E Gardening Claws For loosening soil for better aeration and nutrient absorbing and removing deeply-rooted weeds.83 € 23. 717905 18. 717902 15. forged 5-tine claw with extralong ash handle. The angled head allows ergonomic positioning of the hand. Birch handle.90 € E HAND WEEDER For removing weeds from densley grown areas. 717908 13. Double-layered blade.60 € D ONE-HANDED TRENCHING HOE Lightweight hoe for careful work in densley grown beds. Blade 120 x 50 mm Overall length 405 mm Weight 550 g No. Blade 30 x 80 mm Overall length 380 mm Weight 150 g No. Blade 130 x 75 mm Overall length 405 mm Weight 450 g No.90 € B DOUBLE HOE With hoe and pick.80 € No. strong triple prongs for loosening soil and exposing roots. The angled head and ash handle ensure ergonomic positioning of the hand and allow you to penetrate deeper into the soil. 717914 8 13. 717904 19. Claw 115 x 100 mm Overall length 350 mm Weight 320 g I 3-PRONG GARDENING CLAW Forged prongs.95 € 16.29 € 28. Claw 95 x 100 mm Overall length 280 mm Weight 225 g No.30 € I H H lONG-PRONG RAKE Deep-reaching. Ergonomic magnolia handle.60 € . Blade 80 x 65 mm Claw 105 x 70 mm Overall length 405 mm Weight 550 g No.60 € C PRONG HOE With wide hoe and prongs. 717968 24. Springhammer forged from high-quality carbon-steel.80 € 18.90 € 21. Claw 95 x 100 mm Overall length 910 mm Weight 530 g No. ideal for raised beds. Tapered blade to improve strength and balance. hardened cutting edges. A B C D A PLANTING HOE Tapered blade.83 € 23. Claw 70 x 50 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 160 g No. Japanese white oak handle.40 € 21.95 € 16. Pasania handle.Hoes and Claws One-handed Hoes For loosening and arranging soil around plants.

13 € 19.82 € 10. wide Blade 150 x 75 mm Overall length 280 mm Weight 180 g No.87 € 16. Ash handle.20 € F G F POTTING TROWEL With this heart-shaped. Forks and Rakes A B A SINGLE-PRONG CLAW Sharp forged prongs. The elliptical blade with a slight tip and a sharpened all-round edge is particularly suitable for hard and stony ground.68 € 13. 1 Planting Trowel. Plastic body with scale.90 € 2 Planting Trowel. The slightly sharpened blade edge also allows you to cut roots when bedding out plants and makes work in hard ground less tiring. Blade 150 x 80 mm Overall length 280 mm Weight 170 g No. Claw length 95 mm Overall length 380 mm Weight 230 g No. 717972 16. The bevel on the tube forms a kind of cutting edge that penetrates the soil easily. 717923 7.48 € 8.more-than-tools.32 € 9. 717940 8.90 € D FLOWER SCOOP SET. Blade 160 x 80 mm Overall length 340 mm Weight 270 g No.48 € 8. zinc-plated steel core.90 € j I I JAPANESE PLANTING TROWEL Lightweight compact professional hand spade with a thin. Overall length 210 mm Weight 280 g No.Shovels.50 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.36 € 15. slightly rounded trowel.90 € j JAPANESE PLANTING CONE Dibble with a practical knob handle and stainless steel tip. Japanese white oak handle with knob. Blade 110 x 100 mm Overall length 180 mm Weight 230 g No. Ø 40 mm Overall length 275 mm Weight 190 g No.90 € B CAT´S PAW CLAW Ideal for digging up and removing deep roots.10 € G PLANTING TROWEL This forged planting trowel is a handy tool for planting and bedding out young plants as well as digging out stubborn weeds. 717926 11. Overall length 170 mm No. Ergonomicallyshaped magnolia handle.90 € E E BULB PLANTER For making holes of the same depth with smooth sides. STAINLESS STEEL Durable all-steel trowels for digging small planting holes and repotting house plants.50 € H PlANTING TROWEl H Robust planting trowel with stainless steel blade for planting young plants and for other general gardening work. The dark-stained ash handle provides a comfortable grip and is attached to the blade with a solid stainless steel ferrule. 717910 13. yet robust stainless steel 9 . Forged hook mounted in an iron sleeve. 717925 7. 717971 15. slim Blade 150 x 60 mm Overall length 280 mm Weight 170 g No.21 € 18.48 € 8.50 € Shovels. 717924 8. Set with three conical scoops with different diameters. Narrow. you can fill flower pots without spilling the soil. Forks and Rakes D C 1 2 C PLANTING TROWEL. 717969 13. Claw length 75 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 120 g No. 717973 7. 717909 24.79 € 29. lance-shaped blade with depth indicator. Blade 150 x 80 mm Overall length 320 mm Weight 260 g No. distributing seeds and soil refilling. STAINLESS STEEL Handy aid for transplanting young plants.

The heavy-duty steel head is dieforged.71 € 102. The broad YD handles guarantee that they will be comfortable to hold. 717939 33. The head case is secured to the tool shaft with a Velcro fastener.90 € E D GARDENER`S SPADE Through its extra long socket which is double riveted into the handle this spade is made for digging and turning over soil as well as for in depth loosening of ground. STAINLESS STEEL Forged stainless steel spade with pointed head for breaking and digging work. Even weak roses will recover.00 € B The special bonus: With their tear-proof. Blade 285 x 185 mm Overall length 1150 mm Weight 2150 g No. Including case. shaft and handle are precisely welded together. A special hardened blade allows for better spring and at the same time decent hardness.19 € 99.41 € 46. Thanks to the polished surface. A POINTED BLADE SPADE. loosening and breaking up the soil. 717930 39. The shovels and forks are hardened and therefore extremely wear-resistant.48 € 56. They are completely made of rustproof stainless-steel and very easy to look after. the handle is made of solid ash. This is especially important as aeration encourages root growth.50 € E FORGED SHOVEL Very tough: This forged shovel bribes through its sturdiness. Blade 270 x 280 mm Overall length 1550 mm Weight 2300 g No. The shaft made from high quality ash is bent in the lower part for ergonomic reasons. The hardened and tempered shovelhead out of alloyed steel has a gill for more strength and is pointed towards the end to ease the gathering of soil and stones. STAINLESS STEEL Four pronged fork for aerating. Overall length 950 mm Blade 190 x 250 mm Weight 1500 g No.Shovels. these shovels are ideal for mobile use. Prongs 250 mm Overall length 940 mm Weight 1850 g No.00 € A B GARDEN FORK. dirt and soil does not cling to the tools. Forks and Rakes japanese Stainless Steel Garden Tools These elegant stainless steel garden tools are made exclusively for our customers in Japanese master workshops. A solid spring socket on the head fixes the untreated ash handle.90 € 10 . Including case.53 € 39. 717937 83. hand-ground and polished. Fork 270 x 70 mm Prong spacing 40 mm Prong width 15 mm Overall length 1120 mm Weight 1150 g C D No. textile transport case. 717928 66. In order for them to be able to free minerals it is essential that the soil bacteria have sufficient oxygen.39 € 79. 717944 47. An edge tread protects your shoes from damage. 717938 85.00 € Overall length 870 mm (compact) Blade 160 x 220 mm Weight 1400 g No. The head. C ROSE BED FORK This two pronged rose fork is used for planting roses and aerating rose roots with ease.

the Japanese garden knife is suitable for both planting and for exposing and moving potted and outdoor plants. dirt-resistant polished surface.Garden Knives A ADJUSTABLE LEAF-RAKE This tough and at the same time light leaf rake can be changed in width from 30 to 50 cm. ideal for storage and transport.more-than-tools. All metal parts are galvanised for rust B protection and to provide a non-stick surface against soil and dirt. Blade length 140 mm Overall length 270 mm Weight 75 g No. rust-proof. Blade length 190 mm Overall length 330 mm Weight 220 g No. 717942.24 € 22.90 € 11 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.48 € 8. Blade length 60 mm Overall length 180 mm Weight 100 g No. Ø 28 mm Overall length 1500 mm No.92 € 24. This knife is also perfectly suited for dressing cuts after tree pruning.90 € B TOOL HANDLE A tool handle made of untreated pine rests well in the hand and is low in weight. Beech handle.90 € Angling of tines C • Easy and effortless adjustment of spread from 19 to 55 cm • Telescopic handle adjustable to an overall length of 115 to 175 cm • Compact transport size of 89 cm • Galvanised spring-steel tines • Super-strong CAM-lock design allows for angling of tines for raking on flat ground Weight 750 g No. sheath with belt . 718108 37. Stainless steel. The rake is delivered without handle. Even pebbles cannot stop this rake.50 € serrated. The shovel-shaped stainless-steel blade has a 15 cm scale and is ground on both sides. 717942 19. 717965 8.14 € 44. The sickleshaped blade allows small branches to be pressed into the cutting edge. 718109 20. Non-slip plastic handle with an oblong hole for hanging. hardened stainless steel. A thump nut on the back of the rake allows for easy adjustment. 718157 19. For more information see page 5. C BARNEL® ADJUSTABLE TELESCOPIC LEAF RAKE High-quality leaf rake with individually adjustable length. With hanging eyelet. 709169 11. herbs and vegetables. Brass bark lifter and lining.24 € 22. The straight blade with curved tip is particularly suitable for grafting fruit trees. 718158 7. Blade length 55 mm Overall length 190 mm Weight 85 g No.40 € Inclusive free sharpening pass. Blade length 75 mm Overall length 195 mm Weight 120 g No.90 € With its pointed form with a hollow rear. Textured polyamide handle scales. 718273 14.34 € 13.01 € 36. The two outward A pins on each side of the rake are wider than the others which give more efficiency. Fits for No.90 € I H I jAPANESE PlANTING KNIFE H SICKLE KNIFE »KAMA« Sickle-shaped knife with waved edge for weeding and harvesting flowers.32 € 9. WITH SCALE For digging out plants and digging precise planting holes. One side is F JAPANESE GARDEN KNIFE Powerful garden knife with a curved carbon-steel grafting blade and a large handle made of untreated bubinga wood.20 € G F G JAPANESE PLANTING KNIFE.62 € 17. Garden Knives D Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening E D VICTORINOx® GRAFTING KNIFE Versatile Swiss-made grafting knife with stainless steel blades. Prongs 22 Overall length 440 mm Weight 680 g No. which makes it possible to gather yet the smallest leaves and grass. while the curved blade is used to prune trees and shrubs. Shipping is only possible within Germany. 709150 31.90 € E NURSERY GRAFTING KNIFE Classic garden knife for plant cuttings and slim wood shoots. for example when raking moss. Blade length 185 mm Overall length 320 mm Weight 225 g No. Plastic sheath. Hardwood handle. The toothed blade serves to cut roots and branches.

He dedicates himself to creating finely dimensioned masterpieces which are light in weight and aesthetically pleasing. ideal for cutting fruit trees. 718133. Due to their extreme sharpness. 718186 75. and warm to body temperature within seconds.55 € 89. 718118 12. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 250 g No.90 € Max. ergonomically forged handles. Blade length 55 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 165 g No.90 € G F LEATHER CASE FOR PRUNING SHEARS Saddler quality. The rattan wrapped handle lies naturally and comfortably in the hand. true masterpieces are created completely by hand from high-purity carbon-steel. high-gloss polished blades cut twigs and thin branches effortlessly without dama- ging the plants. rose shrubs or flowers. all joints are polished and adjusted by hand. This enhances plant growth and vitalises the plants. grapes and flowers. In small forges. Max. clean cuts. double-layered blade. and the safety latch prevents the shears from inadvertently opening. Sturdy blade made from C 58 steel. Max. The handles are faced with oiled walnut wood. and therefore ideal for hard-to-reach places.52 € 14. Their sharpness allows you to cut plants gently with minimal effort. For more information see page 5.52 € 14. 718118 12. No.20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 260 g No. they cut almost effortlessly while doing no harm to the plants. STAINLESS STEEL Easy to care for: Master craftsman Onogi makes these exceptional quality pruning shears from solid rust-proof stainless-steel.93 € 109. An ideal companion for easy garden work and to take along. 718330.One-hand Garden Shears One-hand Garden Shears japanese Pruning Shears Japanese pruning shears combine the knowledge of a gardening and forging culture that is continually developing. 718330 100. branch diameter 10 – 15 mm Overall length 145 mm Weight 120 g No.90 € Premium Class Gardening Shears With his top class gardening shears.90 € E TREE AND VINE SHEARS Shears with extremely sharp cutting edges. H BRANCH SHEARS IN MINIATURE VERSION Full cutting power in a miniature version: Small. Inclusive free sharpening pass. B HIDEHISA TRIMMING SHEARS Slim blade for trimming low-growing strong shoots and small branches. master blacksmith Hidehisa pays tribute to the beauty of nature.90 € Leather Case No. The forged surfaces and the form of the handles are testament to the master‘s skills.90 € B C HIDEHISA ROSE AND HARVESTING SHEARS For pruning rose trees and harvesting fruit.40 € C D E D PRUNING SHEARS ONOGI.52 € 14. with belt loop. 718169. The result is pruning shears with a long life that make gardening a lasting pleasure. 718115) with leather case (No.90 € F H Bypass shears Precise. 718118) in a very attractive gift box. Finely polished blades with outstanding durability. these shears will fit into any pocket and you will always have them within reach. but also extremely sharp. 718115 58. branch diameter 10 . Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening A A HIDEHISA PRUNING SHEARS For trimming fruit trees. Cleanly cut plant fibres heal more quickly and protect the plant from infections. Max. ideal for cutting green wood. Fits No. hedges and decorative wood.00 € 119.32 € 128. Max. G GIFT SET PRUNING SHEARS AND LEATHER CASE The ultimate tool for keen gardeners – a very valuable gift set: a pair of extra strong pruning and garden shears (No.00 € Leather Case No. For premium-class pruning shears. making these cutting tools a joy both to behold and to hold. 707487.74 € 69. They are extremely sharp and wear-resistant. The mat grips are nonslip and comfortable to hold. handy. Not only are they lightweight and easy to handle. rose bushes and vines. they effortlessly cut small twigs. 718173.03 € 111. 707499 94. only the bestquality steels are used. branch diameter 15 . branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 200 g No. 707490 91. and effective. No. Comes with leather blade sheath. 718115. The sturdy. Made from YCS3-steel. 718118 12.15 mm Overall length 190 mm Weight 180 g No.90 € 12 . 707489 108.34 € 59. 718184 50.

branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 235 g No. Max. will effortlessly cut branches up to 10 mm thick. Max. 718118 12. 718191 29. The replaceable blades are made of carbon-steel.90 € Leather Case No.90 € C D C ERGONOMIC PRUNING SHEARS Thanks to their ergonomically formed. contoured to fit the heel of the hand. Adjustable fitting is provided by a screw. Forged of extra-hard White Paper Steel. The leather wrapping can be easily replaced. The leather wrapping on the handle provides a comfortable grip even at low temperatures. Max.14 € 79. even during extended use. 718179 20. They are easy to clean after finishing work.00 € 13 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. Price advantage! Max. No.90 € D ERGONOMIC PRUNING SHEARS WITH LEATHER CASE Ergonomic shears (No. 718133 67. 718169 15. They feature a visual. The shears therefore lie comfortably in the hand. this elegant and handy Japanese pruner is always readily available.17 € 24. The solid blade made of carbon-steel (SK5) is particularly suitable for cutting branches without damaging the plants because of the extreme sharp- ness of the blades. fruit stems and hedge twigs for many years. 718118 12. 708920 11.74 € 69.90 € E MINI PRUNER WITH LEATHER WRAPPING Thanks to its compact size. colored handle with a soft cushion to ensure superior handling.90 € H KIJO-PRUNING SHEARS AND DMT® DIAMOND MINI-HONE This reasonably prized combination of the Japanese Kijo branch shears and the fine DMT® Diamond Mini-Hone guarantees gentle and precise cutting of rose stems. Smooth leather is rustically strung around the curved handles. as the cutting edges are polished so that dirt can hardly cling to them.One-hand Garden Shears A B A ELEGANT BRANCH SHEARS WITH RATTAN WRAPPING This branch shears are the precious product of a cooperation of traditional art of forging and craftwork. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 230 g No. It will impress you with its high-quality craftsmanship and. extra-wide handles.90 € No. Max. 718118 12. branch diameter 10 mm Overall length 140 mm Weight 95 g No. The rattan wrapping of the handles provide a comfortable feeling.70 € F PRUNING AND HARVEST SHEARS WITH LEATHER SHEATH A powerful tool for ambitious gardeners. To facilitate work a spring between the handles causes the jaws to open again after closing. The shears come in a leather sheath and in an elegant gift box. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 205 g No.33 € 34. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 280 g No. these garden shears are comfortable to hold. includes robust cowhide sheath.68 € 13.88 € 126.90 € Leather Case No. No. Spare blades and springs are available. they are ideal for pruning fruit trees. despite its small size.04 € 17.52 € 14.14 € 79. take a fine edge and stay sharp for a very long time.90 € Replacement Leather Wrapping Leather Case No.65 € 56. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 205 g No. forged shears (C-58-steel) made for effortless cutting through branches and twigs.52 € 14. 707488 67.00 € B PRUNING SHEARS WITH LEATHER WRAPPING Sturdy. easy to hold metal .52 € 14. making these shears a companion for life. E Comes with leather case. 718183 105. 718282 47.90 € F G H Price advantage! G KIJO PRUNING SHEARS Feather-light shears with non-slip coated. The spring is located inside the shears to protect it from loss and dirt. Max. 707487). 718118). hedges and bushes. 707487 58.more-than-tools. with belt loop (No.

Blade length 120 mm Overall length 260 mm Weight 310 g No.90 € C D C TRIMMING SHEARS These trimming shears are exactly right when it comes to harvesting fruits or thinning out your shrubs. adjustable cutting action. With locking mechanism. Blade length 75 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 220 g No. high-strength steel blades. Blade length 120 mm Overall length 260 mm Weight 250 g No. The non-slip.90 € E GARDENING SHEARS »TAJIKA« Produced in the workshop of Master Takeo Tajika. Differentially hardened. The slightly curved contour of the polished blade. 718311 24. tapered shape of the forged cutting edge will allow you to access even stems in the back or fruits hidden behind leaves.90 € B ROSE SHEARS The slender blade is particularly suitable for cutting roses and grapes.14 € 68. polished blades. Delivered with a robust leather case with a belt loop and a replacement spring.90 € G G BOxWOOD SHEARS For pruning bushes and decorative plants there simply is no better tool than the Hakari Hasami. and is ideal for pruning roses or harvesting wine grapes and fruit. handy yet elegant shears.00 € Leather Case No. The easy action of these shears makes pruning with them truly pleasurable. 718173 52.90 € F E F FLOWER SHEAR Versatile.14 € 79.00 € D JAPANESE TRIMMING SHEARS Ultra-light. 718099 16. Teflon-coated (corrosion-free). Blade length 60 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 150 g No. Overall length 185 mm Weight 120 g No. The fitting can be adjusted. Hollow-ground. Max. with mirror-polished flanks.52 € 14. roughened surface lets the handles lie well in the hand and the safety latch can be easily locked. 718166 67. The blades are made of laminated steel forged and ground by hand then hardened and sharpened with fine-grit stones. Made in Master Nishigaki’s workshop. 718118 12. Allow precise and effortless cuts to be made in tight. 718134 57. 718098 47. The slender. Blade length 60 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 180 g No.29 € 28. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 220 g No. light-duty shears with an ergonomically angled handle. these exquisite shears make pruning any plant a delight. Forged from a single piece of steel.55 € 114. unlaminated steel. all-steel shears for pruning fruit trees and vines.10 € 62. The slim blade makes it easy to cut withered blooms and dead plant parts. results in a skewed cut that leaves an extraordinarily clean cut surface. springreturn blades. The archaic-looking forged texture on the handle ensures a non-slip grip even in wet hands. soft plastic handles. made from carbon-steel.90 € 14 . removing flowers and precision trimming.One-hand Garden Shears A B A LIGHTWEIGHT PRUNING SHEARS Lightweight. Shaping boxwood and trimming hedges. densely grown areas. Handle with hand guard.82 € 56. adjustable.72 € 19. 718177 96. climbing vines and roses is accordingly effortless.

increases the service life of the blade and anvil.One-hand Garden Shears Arno® French Pruning Shear Ergonomic design and sophisticated function . All parts are available separately and can be easily replaced if necessary.90 € Inclusive free sharpening pass. French viticulturists and fruit growers swear by the shears. allows better force transmission.20 € löwe® Pruners The invention of the anvil pruner in 1923 turned Löwe into the world market leader in anvil pruners. which save energy and protect plants when harvesting fruit and grapes and growing flowers.90 € B ARNO® FRENCH SMALL PRUNING SHEAR. selectively hardened stainless-steel blades with a naturally forged surface texture (not polish ground). Occasional adjustment while you work prevents your hands from tiring and. branch diameter 20 mm Overall length 205 mm Weight 290 g No. 707480 61. clean cuts. Its lightweight and comfortable leather-lined handles keep your hands from tiring even after long hours of use. We apply criteria such as the function of the tool. Drop-forged. We test all the shears.66 € 47. A B A ARNO® FRENCH PRUNING SHEAR. Drop-forged. OlIVEWOOD Strong shears primarily for pruning fruit trees. But often they only consider the opening of the tool. the cut surface as well as the required effort resulting from the leverage. The inwardly curved plastic-coated handles are especially suitable for small hands. whereby a cutting blade closes against a flat surface (anvil). 718252 20. even at temperatures below freezing. The distance between the handles can be adjusted via a setscrew to suit both large and small hands. 58 HRC. C LöWE® 1 ORGINAL ANVIL PRUNER The principle of the anvil pruner. Hardness ca. D inwardly curved plastic-coated handles for smaller hands. This model also features a slim head shape for constricted spaces. pruners and loppers in our range. Max. Leather sheath with belt loop and snap closure.63 € 30. A curved blade holds the material to be cut perfectly in the jaws.more-than-tools. all the firm‘s pruners are 100% made in Germany. WITH CURVED BLADE The Löwe 8 combines the advantages of an anvil pruner with those of a bypass pruner. 718251 25.90 € E Anvil shears Effective force tranmission. For more information see page 5. with respect to the possible branch diameter and indicate these values as the maximum branch thickness for each product. 718253 33. selectively hardened carbon-steel with hardened blade inserts. it is a true lightweight and is ideal for carrying around in your pocket for trimming and tidying. for cutting dead wood. independently of the manufacturer‘s specifications. The specially developed blade steel guarantees the necessary hardness with maximum toughness. D LöWE® 8 ANVIL PRUNER. Max. Both then and now. making them effortless to work with. while the anvil principle allows a strong cutting force. Max.92 € 24. branch diameter 10 mm Overall length 185 mm Weight 175 g No. Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening E LöWE® 5 SMALL ANVIL PRUNER This small anvil pruner with robust bladestopping mechanism lets you work tirelessly thanks to the anvil principle. Leather sheath with belt loop.26 € 72. Bypass shears Precise. ideal for cutting green wood. branch diameter? Many manufacturers indicate the maximum branch thickness for which a pruner or lopper is suitable. We test cutting on both fresh and dead wood and on different wood types.50 € C Max. Max.the professional garden shears made by the traditional French company Arno have embodied these characteristics since 1927. The olivewood handles rest comfortable in the hand. which will not keep this promise in practice. This sturdy model is the tried-and-tested orginal from Löwe with plastic-coated handles and a robust blade-stopping 15 . branch diameter 15 mm Overall length 170 mm Weight 175 g No. and an externally affixed blade which is easy to replace. making the blades virtually unbreakable. LEATHER-HANDLED This shapely pair of shears is perfect for small tasks and small hands. At just 175 grammes. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 295 g No. branch diameter 20 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 230 g No. Max. by shifting the pressure. 707481 39.53 € 39. Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.

Comes with a position lock which lets you change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity. Spare parts available. Bypass shears Advantages: • Precise. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 205 mm Weight 212 mm No.g. 718226 37. B Ball valve of centre oiler • 3-step ratcheting action for effortless cutting • Solid anvil blade for best possible force transmission • High-quality rubber-coated aluminium handles • Blade with non-stick coating • Oiler system for easy application of oil onto joint faces • Blade locked when closed • Replacement blade available Anvil shears Advantages: • Effective force transmission (less effort required) • For cutting dead wood Drawbacks: • The cut material is slightly squashed during cutting • The bark may get damaged Both types can have a curved or straight blade. The oiler can be quickly refilled with an oil can (e. clean cuts. 718272 14. Max. you can cut even thicker branches with minimal effort. Carbon-steel blades. Drop-forged aluminium handles and body. thus reducing effort. Blade length 45 mm Overall length 155 mm Weight 90 g No. Max. which avoids blisters and allows comfortable continuous use. WITH REVOLVING HANDLE Light yet robust pruner with soft-coated handle for a good grip. This type of shear needs a slim blade. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 230 g A Pruning shears are basically divided into two different types: bypass and anvil shears. Slim counterblade with sap groove. The parts of the plants that are cut with trimming shears are usually quite thin. Patented centre oiler included. so the cutting force is less important. thus reducing effort. 718279 37.25 € 36. The advantage of a curved blade is the slightly skewed cut.20 € 16.00 € B BARNEL® RATCHET ANVIL PRUNER With this handy ratchet anvil pruner. 16 .One-hand Garden Shears Barnel® Pruning Shears Barnel®. Patented centre oiler included.90 € C Ball valve of centre oiler E D Most bypass shears operate on the principle of the skew cut. 718225 30. Pressure-injection diecast body with shock-absorbing bumper.73 € 44. which is difficult to achieve with a curved shape. Bypass shears Precise. whereby the cutting blade comes down on a flat surface. a globally renowned manufacturer based in the US. E BARNEL® ALL-PURPOSE SHEARS Shear for craft work and making flower arrangements. called the anvil. The robust design is completed by an easy-care stainless steel blade. for cutting dead wood. ideal for cutting green wood. With oiler and auto-unlock (squeeze handles).56 € 44. Types of shears A BARNEl® PRUNING SHEARS Robust lightweight pruning shears with soft-coated handles for a non-slip grip. Max. branch diameter 15 mm Overall length 180 mm Weight 195 g No. Most Barnel® shears have a patented centre oiler.50 € D BARNEL® ALPEN GARDEN PRUNER Robust pruner with rubber handles for a non-slip grip. clean cut • Ideal for cutting green wood Drawbacks: • More force required No. Carbon-steel blades. which requires less effort when cutting.70 € Most anvil shears have straight blades because this design allows a more solid anvil. The revolving handle design prevents rubbing on the palm. 718229 11. Max. the only exception being trimming shears. Their small size and finger ring ensure a comfortable grip even when used for long periods. Bypass shears have two cutting blades that slide past each other. by which oil is applied directly to the blades. Dropforged aluminium handles and body. Anvil shears Effective force tranmission. has been making superlative garden tools since the 1970s. Comes with a position lock which lets you change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity.34 € 13. Anvil shears operate on a different principle. 718275). Red-and-white non-stick coating for effortless cleaning of the sword-steel blades.90 € C BARNEL® PRUNING SHEARS. Without oiler and position lock. branch diameter 15 – 20 mm Overall length 210 mm Weight 280 g No.

Patented centre oiler included. Blade length 160 mm Overall length 340 mm Weight 400 g No.34 € 12.94 € 74. Made from stainless steel with a deep juice groove to guide any sticky plant juices away from the blade.30 € F SHEEP SHEARS These sheep shears seem like an icon from the early history of cutting tools. Max. Handles of light aluminium alloy with nickel coating. 718275 26. 718274 10. Perfect grip also in small hands.50 € 12.28 € 3.80 € C BARNEL® TRIMMING SHEARS. and cut grass and flower stems efficiently without effort.74 € 69. 718281 20.90 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. 718254 62.29 € 28. C Blade length 65 mm Overall length 205 mm Weight 120 g No. Patented centre oiler included. The sharp blades not only cut hair but are also ideal for trimming boxwood. 718148 10. Max. The slim blade ensures that the surrounding parts of the plant do not get caught or damaged. branch diameter 40 mm Overall length 800 mm G Branch Shears 1 1 Löwe® 20 Anvil Lopper with Straight Blade • Massive anvil due to straight design • Good value-for-money Weight 1120 g 17 2 . ExTRA LONG Trimming shears with longer blade. Pressure injection die cast body. Ideal for use with the Barnel oiler system Contains 15 ml No. ideal for picking fruits and flowers or trimming withered shoots. 718227 21. branch diameter 15 mm Overall length 175 mm Weight 170 g No. thus reducing effort. featherweight shears for harvesting fruit or vegetables and for caring for potted plants. 718250 58. Comes with a position lock which lets you change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity.more-than-tools.90 € Other manufacturers F E E SMALL GARDENING SHEARS Ergonomically sophisticated. Comes with a position lock which lets you change the pruner to a smaller cutting capacity.50 € D D BARNEL® MULTI-PURPOSE OIL Thin multi-purpose oil for lubricating joints and blades of garden shears. Cleans and protects against rust.90 € 2 Löwe® 22 Anvil Lopper with Curved Blade • Allows for a skewed cut • Holds material to be cut optimally between the blades Weight 1180 g No.90 € B BARNEL® TRIMMING SHEARS Fine trimming shears with thin blades for cutting flowers and for picking fruit. the ergonomic plastic handles affixed to stable handle tubes ensure ideal leverage for branches with a diameter of up to 40 mm. Cold-forged Japanese sword-steel blades with hard chrome finish. Thanks to the lopper‘s overall length of 800 mm. thus reducing effort.00 €/100 ml 3.Two-Hand Garden Shears A Ball valve of centre oiler B A BARNEL® MINI PRUNER Small pruner for light gardening. Cold-forged Japanese sword-steel blades with hard chrome finish. Pressure injection die cast body. 718224 24. Blade length 30 mm Overall length 100 mm Weight 30 g No. The shears are forged in Germany from high-grade steel and have a welded double-bow spring.92 € 24. Blade length 65 mm Overall length 200 mm Weight 160 g No.90 € Two-hand Garden Shears G LöWE® 20 / 22 ANVIL LOPPER Light weight but maximum strength! The robust blade on the slim head is Teflon-coated to minimise friction and prevent the cut material from sticking to the blades.68 € 25.

branch diameter 50 mm Overall length 680 mm Weight 1650 g No.20 € 64. • 4-step ratcheting action for cutting up to 50 mm thick branches • Solid anvil blade for best possible force transmission • Telescopic handles can be locked in four stages (handle length 470 . for narrow and dense treetops. Stable aluminium handle tubes with shock-absorbing rubber bumpers. Max. anvil. allow you to conveniently cut trees without a ladder. Max. branch diameter 30 mm Overall length 400 mm Weight 590 g No. With each cut (5 ratchets).780 mm) • Oiler system for easy application of oil onto joint faces • High-quality plastic-coated aluminium handles • Replacement blade available Max. Plastic-coated aluminium handles.08 € 46. e.76 € 36. The slim and pointed cutting head enables you to cut shoots very close to their base and in dense growth.60 € Inclusive free sharpening pass. 707492 54. branch diameter 35 mm Overall length 800 mm Weight 1270 g No. 718290 39. A dampener minimises the shock load after the cutting and a juice rim at the anvil prevents the blades from sticking together. 707475 30. Max. thanks to their length of 490 – 830 mm. The hand rest on the handle is covered with high quality. always ensuring the best possible leverage from each stroke without having to re-apply the tool. Coated blade for smooth cutting and easy cleaning. the transmission ratio changes. For more information see page 5. this lopper allows you to cut branches of up to Ø 45 mm with only a third of the strength you normally require.g.93 € 49. Two light handles which are torsion-resistant through an oval shaped chamber system. Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening Ball valve of centre oiler C D C BARNEL® TWO-HANDED PRUNING SHEARS Powerful performance: The jaws of these extra light loppers are drop forged and therefore have a very fine and uniform metal structure.50 € D BARNEL® TELESCOPIC RATCHET LOPPER High-quality two-handed ratchet lopper for easy cutting.Two-Hand Garden Shears A B A LöWE® MINI BYPASS PRUNER This small two-handed lopper lets you access places where the leverage of a large-size lopper would be too big or one-handed pruning shears would not be strong enough. easy to clean rubber which offers a good grip. Precision-ground blades of high-strength special steel. Together with a special hardened bolt this cutting mechanism is almost indestructible and cuts branches up to 35 mm with ease. counterblade with sap groove.50 € B TElESCOPIC RATCHET lOPPER With its ratchet mechanism. 718276 41. The blade. Hardened pivot bolt and solid screw lock with fine adjustment. are made of high quality aluminium. An oiler makes it easy to apply oil to the cutting edges.90 € 18 . branch diameter 45 mm Overall length 660 mm Weight 1580 g No. The telescopic handles can be locked securely in six positions and. bolt and the handles can be ordered separately and are replaced easily.

Bypass shears Precise. topiary is often used to enliven and give structure. in a few days. Max. 718171 83. the handles are made from Japanese white oak. The often long carbon steel blades. varnished ash handles. Max. A recess in the back part of the blade fits branches up to 15 mm thickness and cuts them effortlessly and without unnecessary loss of time. in terms of both function and balance. which are difficult to forge. branch diameter 15 mm Overall length 1.80 € Anvil shears Effective force tranmission. branch diameter 25 mm Overall length 600 mm Weight 950 g No. and not on the concave backside! Never sharpen the highquality hardened tool on a bench grinder. Sharpening hedge shears Take the shears apart and sharpen only the blade facet on the bevelled side (front). Blade length 190 mm Overall length 725 mm Weight 760 g No.77 € 62. To find out more about our sharpening service. 707479 52. The blades are polished and exposed at the rear. 718180 67. are extremely sharp and wear-resistant. Fence with rubber buffer. from German landlines / calls from mobiles may cost more).39 € 104.8 – 3 m Weight 1300 g No.90 € D JAPANESE BOxWOOD SHEARS Particularly light and elegant shears for trimming boxwood hedges and ornamental pruning. We gently sharpen your garden tools on waterstones – naturally also with the abrasives we offer in our product range. Blade length 180 mm Overall length 680 mm Weight 890 g No. 718160 19. 712706 17.Two-Hand Garden Shears Sharpening service for cutting tools Let our specialists. for cutting dead wood. Hedge Shears japanese Hedge Shears In traditional Japanese gardens. Blade No. 712705 87. C D C HEDGE SHEARS WITH BRANCH CUTTER You surely know the following situation: When trimming hedges.more-than-tools. We will return your tools to you. a thick branch may stop and force you to use a saw. This change of tools is a thing of the past with our new Japanese hedge shears.95 € 99.90 € Leather Case No. you can call upon our professional sharpening service. ideal for cutting green wood. Therefore. as the hardness and life are adversely affected by overheating! If you wish.00 € Repl. The cutting action can be adjusted with a crown nut.80 € A B B NISHIGAKI® TELESCOPING SHEARS Combined telescoping saw and shears for pruning and harvesting fruit trees. Japanese hedge shears are perfectly adapted to topiary hedge cutting. please call: +49 (0)991-9109-910 or +49 (0)1805-9109-910*. The blades are forged from high grade SK5 steel.14 € 79. *(14 cents/min. Japanese white oak handles. clean cuts. restore your cutting tools to their original 19 . A JAPANESE BRANCH AND ROOT SHEARS These powerfull shears made of extrahard SK5 Hitachi steel cut through branches and roots up to 25 mm in diameter.48 € 20. who are trained in Japan. Steplessly extendable up to a length of 3 m. Anodised aluminium telescoping rod. razorsharp.90 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. high-strength carbon-steel blades. which reduces friction and increases cutting power.24 € 22.

For more information see page 5. 718261 75. The two-layer blade of high-purity carbon-steel has an excellent edge life and is extremely sharp. The oiler can be quickly refilled with an oil can (e.90 € 1 C Inclusive free sharpening pass. Fits No. All Barnel® shears have a patented centre oiler. Blade length 280 mm Overall length 635 mm Weight 880 g No. Japanese white oak handles. No.24 € 22. Blade length 200 mm Overall length 620 mm Weight 850 g No. Blade length 300 mm Overall length 770 mm Weight 1420 g Ball valve of centre oiler D No. In addition to a forged sap groove. by which oil is applied directly to the blades.18 € 179. Blade length 190 mm Overall length 545 mm Weight 820 g No.00 € 59. 718219 41. Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening 2 Short Blade Forged from White Paper Steel for round topiary cuts. 718171 and 718261.Two-Hand Garden Shears A A BOxWOOD HEDGE SHEARS Well-priced hedge shears with hollowground blades for trimming boxwood and hedges. Castle nut for easy adjustment.09 € 48. a globally renowned tool manufacturer based in the US.90 € Barnel®. It allows you to shape even overgrown hedges effortlessly.90 € 2 C LEATHER CASE FOR HEDGE SHEARS Saddler quality. 718275).55 € 89. Blades and cushions can be replaced and are available as spare parts. 718160 19. 718260 151.g. Barnel® Hedge Shears D BARNEl® HEDGE AND BUSH TRIMMER This „monster“ among hedge shears will impress you above all with its 4 mm thick forged blades and its robust design with angled handles.50 € 20 . An elaborate cushioning system minimises shock during cutting. the end of the blade is serrated to keep even the smallest branches in the shears. while an oiler allows oil to be applied easily to the blades. Adjustable. The hollowground polished blades minimise friction for improved cutting performance. Varnished Japanese white oak handles. has been making superlative garden tools since the 1970s. these handforged shears are ideal for topiary cutting.90 € B B HAND-FORGED HEDGE AND BOxWOOD SHEARS With their short handles. 1 Long Blade Forged from Blue Paper Steel primarily for long straight cuts. 718257 50.

92 € 24. The adjustable spring-tensioned carbon steel blade ensures consistently clean cuts over the entire blade length. all our pruning saws are manufactured in Japanese master workshops.90 € Japanese Pruning Saws Professional Japanese pruning saws help to maintain and care for lumber and ornamental trees. Ergonomic. 712174 16. all-metal grass shears for trimming grass.47 € 19. Comfortable pistolshaped handle and hardwood sheath. In contrast to the widely available average quality low-cost products.72 € 19.1 mm Overall length 485 mm Setting 1. Blade length 330 mm Blade width 50 mm Blade thickness 1. are less susceptible to fungal or bacterial diseases.00 € 11.61 € 26. shrubs and small hedges.00 € Ball valve of centre oiler A B B BARNEL® GRASS SHEARS. 21 .7 mm Overall length 340 mm Crosscut teeth 2. C D C MINI PRUNING SAW Handy pruning saw for small cuts on ornamental and fruit trees. This makes cutting easier at difficult edges and corners.5 mm No. Shock-absorbing rubber pads. Without setting. The tips are hardened to maximise the saw’s durability and resistance to breakage. The swivel joint allows 3 different blade positions.70 € 52.90 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. unvarnished beech handle.69 € 15.90 € Repl.10 € D UNIVERSAL PRUNING SAW An excellent handy all-round saw for the hobby gardener. 718278 10.2 mm Crosscut teeth 2. 712173 22. An oiler system allows oil to be applied directly to the blades using an oil can. Blade length 150 mm Blade width 27 mm Blade thickness 0. this saw is easy to handle in any situation and its narrow tooth spacing ensures clean General pruning These saws allow quick cuts to the disadvantage of less smoother surfaces through a medium wide setting.4 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm No. Fruit tree pruning Slightly set saws offer smoothest surfaces which minimises the risk of fungal or bacterial diseases.9 mm Overall length 260 mm Setting 1. 712040 16. 718283 20. ROTATABLE Robust. Non-slip grips.60 € E E SUPER SPEED PRUNING SAW The curved. Trees with cleanly cut off branches. Replacement blades will be available for many years to come. such as those cut with a sharp Japanese saw.Japanese Pruning Saws A BARNEL® HEDGE SHEARS Robust hedge shears with forged. 718284 12. The blades can be easily turned to the correct angle for the individual application. one-handed lock. Blade No. taper-ground blade ensures extremely high-performance cutting and is capable of dealing even with thick branches. Blade length 130 mm Overall length 345 mm Weight 380 g No.5 mm No. The replaceable blades made of premium carbon steel are hard-chromed for rust protection. Comes without sheath. Right blade fixed. chromed and rubberised handles. Blade length 210 mm Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 0.more-than-tools. slightly angled aluminium handles for topiary work and trimming hedge bushes or boxwood. With its compact design. Comes with robust beech sheath with belt clip. Blade length 230 mm Overall length 700 mm Weight 930 g No. 718256 43. The teeth are razor-sharp and the blade surfaces are hard chrome-plated and therefore corrosion-free.90 € Repl. Blade No.

712827 17.29 € 28.50 € Fugaku® Namaki 270 Blade length 270 mm Overall length 440 mm Crosscut teeth 2.90 € 22 .74 € 69. Beech handle. Taper-ground blade with coarse trapezoidal toothing for excellent cutting performance.8 mm Overall length 420 mm Setting 1.90 € Repl.33 € 34. 712940 15.91 € 22. make it easier to start a cut and reduce the cutting force required B C Fugaku® Edauchi 270 Blade length 270 mm Overall length 450 mm No.4 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm Curved blade: • High cutting performance (faster cutting) • Good guidance in the kerf C FUGAKU® NAMAKI This saw is particularly suitable for trimming cuts in the garden and forest and for cutting dead wood. making it ideal for cutting fruit trees.7 – 3.14 € 20. Pruning Saw Classic 270 Blade length 270 mm Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 0.13 € 31. A sheath with removable belt loop makes it easy to carry.2 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm Fugaku® Sentei 270 Blade length 270 mm Overall length 440 mm No. Untreated beech handle absorbs moisture.8 mm Overall length 460 mm Setting 1.56 € 20.30 € E E Z-SAW® MULTI-SAW 273 Multi.30 € Fugaku® Namaki 300 Blade length 300 mm Overall length 470 mm Crosscut teeth 3.38 € 18. Its slender design makes it ideal for pruning fruit trees.helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Blade width 50 mm Blade thickness 1. 712116 24. ergonomic handle snaps on easily and securely in the supplied plastic sheath with belt loop. 712936 27. Blade No.90 € Repl. coated for rust-proofing. preventing blisters.40 € Straight saw blades: Advantages: • Easy to manoeuvre between branches • Clean cuts Curved saw blades: Advantages: • Quicker cut (more teeth at work at a time) • Good guidance in the kerft Professional saws featuring optimum tooth spacings and shapes for specific cutting situations. 712930 30.30 € 19.06 € 20. 712935 25.90 € Fugaku® Sentei 300 Blade length 300 mm Overall length 470 mm No.90 € E FUGAKU® SENTEI The taper-ground blade creates smooth. Blade No.90 € Repl. A coating with Teflon minimises the friction and protects the blade from rust.90 € Repl.90 € Fugaku® Edauchi 300 Blade length 300 mm Overall length 480 mm No.56 € 20.90 € Repl. Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 0. 712941 16.helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 1. Blade length 270 mm Blade width 45 mm Blade thickness 0. The hard-wearing.3 mm • The teeth. 712943 17. Blade No.9 mm No.2 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm No. 712840 17. Blade No.65 € 32. Blade No. 712740 58.6 mm No. 712932 31. 712117 26. Blade No.40 € Pruning Saw Classic 240 Blade length 240 mm Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 0. 712937 29. Blade No. Blade No.88 € 18.90 € Repl. Blade No. 712938 31.51 € 37.90 € Repl.2 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm No. trimming hedges and bushes.50 € Repl. D Taper-ground blade: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts . which get finer towards the handle.4 mm No.1 mm Setting 1. Comes in a beechwood case with a belt loop.purpose saw for fruit trees and general pruning work. B FUGAKU® EDAUCHI The combination of taper-ground saw blade and curved tooth line makes this saw the ideal tool for trimming and fruit tree cutting in the garden.1 mm Crosscut teeth 2.85 € 37.72 € 19. 712822 16. -Saws Taper-ground blade: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts .1 mm Setting 1. 712942 15. 712933 18.Japanese Pruning Saws A A PRUNING SAW CLASSIC These pruning saws are made exclusively for DICK customers by a leading Japanese manufacturer.9 mm Setting 1.17 € 35. The blade can be tilted relative to the handle so you can always find the ideal cutting position even under awkward conditions. 712931 17.13 € 29.8 mm Overall length 390 mm Setting 1. clean cuts.10 € Repl.1 – 3.

(Do not cut too deep.63 € 66. 23 Blade length 390 mm Blade width 60 mm Blade thickness 1. Forestry work Robust saws which thanks to wide setting are suited best for forestry work. 712175 25.4 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm No. Blade No. 712723 28.01 € 36.5 mm Overall length 580 mm Setting 2. Otherwise. • Fully hardened teeth for sharpening by hand • Saw blade is hardchromeplated and therefore rustproof • Curved cutting edge for effective cuts and improved control • Special tooth setting in which some teeth are only slightly angled and thus act as raker teeth • Non-slip handle coating for a better grip • Robust aluminium housing • Break-proof plastic sheath with leg loop General pruning These saws allow quick cuts to the disadvantage of less smoother surfaces through a medium wide setting.5 mm Crosscut teeth 3. 718308 31.) Make a cut with the saw on the underside of the branch about 30 cm away from the trunk. 712824 18.69 € 38.) 2.5 mm Crosscut teeth 3. 712076 83. 712176 16.64 € 19. black varnished wooden handle and wooden sheath.) 3.9 mm Overall length 460 mm Setting 1. The teeth. 712561 32. as otherwise the saw may get stuck in the kerf because of the weight of the branch.40 € D E E SILKY® PRUNING SAW IBUKI The weapon among the pruning saws: Solid forest saw also used by professional tree climbers.3 mm No. you can make these cuts from underneath without having to change the position of the saw in your hand or its direction. the weight of the branch may cause the bark on the trunk to tear during sawing.49 € 33. Comes in durable plastic sheath.90 € Repl.70 € Repl.80 € Repl. which get finer towards the handle. 712823 16. you first make a cut on the underside of the branch.) Now you can make the final cut at the trunk without pressure from the branch.30 € 19.3 mm Overall length 460 mm Crosscut teeth 3 . Sawing technique for heavy branches When sawing off thick.6 / 3 mm No.) Make a cut with the saw on the top of the branch about 40 . C Kobiki Pruning Saw 300 Blade length 300 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 1 mm Overall length 450 mm Setting 1. Handle and sheath made of hardwood. 712724 30. Blade length 300 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 0. preventing rotting Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth. 712077 55.50 € Repl.3. To prevent the bark from tearing when cutting off heavy branches.90 € D KOBIKI CLASSIC Traditional Japanese forest saw with modern design. blade No. Thanks to the teeth on the back of the blade.6 / 3 mm No.37 € 64. in the worst case. You can avoid this with a simple cutting technique: 1. Angled. Blade No. make it easier to start a cut and reduce the cutting force required.5 mm No. • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts .5 – 4. you should first take the pressure off the branch before you cut it off close to the trunk.more-than-tools. with belt loop. you can make these cuts from underneath without having to change the position of the saw in your hand or its direction. Thanks to the teeth on the back of the blade.45 cm away from the trunk.90 € Repl.13 € 29. To prevent the bark from tearing when cutting off heavy branches. (Its own weight should cause the branch to break off in a controlled manner.20 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • .lets water run off quickly.3 mm Overall length 400 mm Crosscut teeth 3.40 € 21. allows fast and efficient cutting • The blade is hard-chrome plated (rustproof) and extremely durable thanks to impulse-hardened teeth • The supplied plastic sheath has a nylon roll insert to protect it from the sharp teeth Blade length 300 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 1. Blade No. thus increasing the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade length 280 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 1. Cuts even branches as thick as an arm with just a few strokes. This saw cuts thick branches and even small trunks with just a few strokes. taperground blade for trimming fruit trees and thinning out trees and shrubs.80 € Kobiki Pruning Saw 330 Blade length 330 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 1 mm Overall length 480 mm Setting 1. Blade No.67 € 36.90 € Repl. 718314 18. you first make a cut on the underside of the branch. Fruit tree pruning Slightly set saws offer smoothest surfaces which minimises the risk of fungal or bacterial diseases. 712560 54.03 € 98.90 € • Saw blade hard-chrome plated and thus rustproof Taper-ground blade with no additionally set teeth: B BARNEL® DOUBLE-EDGE PRUNING SAW Robust pruning saw with slim.66 € 22.3 mm Crosscut teeth 4. heavy branches.20 € • The tooth pitch of the main cutting edge gets wider towards the handle this makes it easier to start a cut and C KOBIKI PRUNING SAW Robust saw for forestry work. Blade No.2 – 4 mm No.Japanese Pruning Saws A B A SILKY® GOMTARO Professional pruning saw for thinning out fruit trees and decorative trees and shrubs.

Coarse Blade length 170 mm Blade width 30 mm Blade thickness 1 mm Overall length 370 mm Crosscut teeth 3 mm No.3 mm Overall length 610 mm Setting 1.1 mm Crosscut teeth 5. hard chrome-plated blade. 712775 17. Blade length 370 mm Blade width 50 mm Blade thickness 1.90 € Repl. Blade length 450 mm Blade width 80 mm Blade thickness 1 mm Overall length 640 mm Setting 1.80 € DICTUM tool handles are all without toxins (all plastic products are regulary tested). Blade No.4 / 1. Sturdy ABS sheath. Blade No.7 / 3 mm No.70 € 63.90 € Repl. Blade No.90 € A B B BARNEL® DOUBLE-EDGE FOREST SAW Large robust saw for cutting thick branches and felling small trees.5 mm No. The rubberized. 712776 31.90 € Repl.90 € C SILKY® POCKET BOY Whether on the building site. Fruit tree pruning Slightly set saws offer smoothest surfaces which minimises the risk of fungal or bacterial diseases. you first make a cut on the underside of the branch. 718264 16. Hard-chromed (rustproof) blade with impulse-hardened teeth for increased wear resistance. thus increasing the edge life and preventing the saw cut from clogging.34 € 37.73 € 44. A large D handle provides a comfortable grip with work gloves.helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Silky® Pocket Boy 130. 718315 37.24 € 22. C • Saw blade is hard-chromed and thus rustproof • Robust aluminium handle with anti-slip rubber coating • Can be locked in two positions – also for cuts in tight spaces Taper-ground blade with no additionally set teeth: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts . 24 D BARNEL® FOLDING SAW 150 This robust folding saw for garden and outdoor use offers unbeatable value for money.30 € Silky® Pocket Boy 170.33 € 34.16 € 22.72 € 19.90 € Repl.19 € 110.8 mm Overall length 345 mm Setting 1.3 mm Crosscut teeth 3. 718259 19.8 mm No. 712777 19. 712774 29. in the workshop or for outdoor use. Forestry work Robust saws which thanks to wide setting are suited best for forestry work. 712759 53.06 € 20. • Saw blade is hard-chrome-plated and therefore rustproof • Two-component plastic handle with anti-slip rubber grip • Blade also locks when folded Hollow-ground blade • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates cleanest cuts .helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Special raker teeth • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade length 150 mm Blade width 30 mm Blade thickness 0. Blade No. 712757 93. you can make these cuts from underneath without having to change the position of the saw in your hand or its direction. Taper-ground.90 € . The unset raker teeth with wide spacing reduce the cutting force on the other teeth. Thanks to the teeth on the back of the blade. pistol-shaped handle allows you to grip with both hands.65 € 32. D General pruning These saws allow quick cuts to the disadvantage of less smoother surfaces through a medium wide setting. with fastener and removable carrying strap.9 mm Overall length 290 mm Crosscut teeth 3 mm No.8 mm Crosscut teeth 5 – 6. To prevent the bark from tearing when cutting off heavy branches. differential toothing ensures maximum cutting performance. 718316 27. this compact folding saw with its razor-sharp teeth runs rings around many »large« saws. Blade No.30 € Repl. Coarse Blade length 130 mm Blade width 30 mm Blade thickness 0.Japanese Pruning Saws A SILKY® TIMBER SAW ZORIN Exceptional cutting performance: A large saw for felling small trees and removing thick branches. The extremely sharp.

96 € 53.87 € 16.90 € 31.60 € 25 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. 712562 44.6 mm Overall length 240 mm Setting 0.90 € Repl. rustproof blade Blade • Robust aluminium handle with Blade anti-slip rubber coating E length 250 mm width 32 mm thickness 0.45 € 27.99 € 34.90 € F SILKY® ULTRA ACCEL Robust folding saw with curved blade for fast.93 € 49.90 € Repl.84 € 12.34 € 25. 712224 27. Ideal for thinning out small fruit trees and decorative trees and shrubs. 712563 25.38 € 65.50 € Repl.9 mm Crosscut teeth 1. Blade No.8 mm No. Blade Overall length 510 mm Setting 1. • Saw blade hard-chrome plated and thus rustproof • Robust aluminium handle with anti-slip rubber coating Taper-ground blade with no additionally set teeth: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts .7 – 3. both across and diagonally to the grain.6 mm No. 712056 41. COARSE Optimum cutting performance in wet wood. or as a practical travel companion. the blade of this saw is taperground 0.72 € 19.15 mm Crosscut teeth 2.6 mm No. fits into any trouser pocket. 712754 Repl.31 € 32.01 € 36.2 mm Overall length 530 mm Crosscut teeth 3.more-than-tools. 712057 23. 712108 28.90 € B JAPANESE FOLDING SAW DELUxE 240 The details make the difference to industrially-manufactured series products. Blade length 240 mm Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 0.50 € C D C SILKY® F180 FOLDING SAW Small all-rounder with unbeatable value for money: • Taper-ground blade with coarse tooth configuration for effortless cuts and little friction • Saw blade is hard-chrome-plated and thus rustproof • Non-slip rubber areas integrated in the handle for a better grip • Handle can be locked in two positions for optimum adjustment to different working positions Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade length 180 mm Blade width 32 mm Blade thickness 1. Blade No. For example. • Raker teeth prevent clogging and reduce the cutting force on the other teeth • Teeth get finer towards the handle this makes it easier to start a cut and less force is required as the stroke progresses Blade • Hard-chromed. with its compact design.6 mm Overall length 525 mm Setting 0. 712755 16. clean cuts on fruit trees and decorative trees and shrubs.50 € D SILKY® TOPGUN 240 FOLDING SAW Well-priced saw for trimming cuts in the garden: • Taper-ground blade with coarse tooth configuration for effortless cuts and little friction • Impulse-hardened tooth points for a long edge life • Special raker teeth reduce the cutting force on other teeth and prevent clogging • Saw blade is hard-chrome-plated and thus rustproof • Non-slip rubber areas integrated in the handle for a better grip • Easy locking and unlocking thanks to plastic rocker lever • Short transport length of 270 mm • Slightly curved handle for direct force transmission Blade length 240 mm Blade width 38 mm Blade thickness 1.90 € E ORIKOMI FOlDING SAW 250.71 € 30. Manual straightening on the aligning anvil by the master saw-smith himself ensures that the saw blade runs smoothly.40 € Repl. Blade length 100 mm Blade width 20 mm Blade thickness 0. Clearing teeth prevent clogging.35 mm Overall length 420 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm No.2 mm. Blade No. preventing rotting F Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth. 712054 21. 712107 55.Japanese Pruning Saws B A A JAPANESE MINI FOLDING SAW This small saw produces excellent clean cuts and.3 mm No.50 € Repl. 712055 13. and the teeth sides are polished to make cutting even easier. Curved Kashi body with rounded edges. Blade No. 712225 10.45 mm Overall length 500 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm . thus increasing the edge life • Prevent clogging with sawdust • Dual saw-blade locking system for ergonomic use Blade length 240 mm Blade width 40 mm Blade thickness 1.lets water run off quickly.9 mm Crosscut teeth 2 mm No. Blade No. Untreated cherry wood handle.

10 € 73.45 mm Overall length 760 mm Crosscut teeth 5 mm No.90 € Repl.also in wet wood. insulation material and pruning fruit trees.90 € D 26 . 712722 33. 712838 28. Ø 1 mm Overall length 500 mm Weight 12 g No.60 € B B SILKY® BIG BOY 360 FOLDING SAW. 712721 62.80 € 6.helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Saw blade is hard-chromed and thus rustproof • Robust aluminium handle with anti-slip rubber coating A Blade length 270 mm Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 1. plaster. C • Saw blade is hard-chromed and thus rustproof • Robust aluminium handle with anti-slip rubber coating Taper-ground blade with no additionally set teeth: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts .18 € 85. Comes with a robust nylon shoulder bag with Velcro fastener and pocket for replacement blades. 712048 152. plastic.38 € 65. 712049 72.90 € • Saw blade is hard-chromed and thus rustproof C SILKY® KATANA BOY 500 The chain saw‘s sharpest competitor: The biggest model by Silky. this saw is ideal for cutting larger stock and branches. • Robust aluminium handle with anti-slip rubber coating can be used with one or both hands • Can be locked in two positions .also for cuts in tight spaces Taper-ground blade with no additionally set teeth: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts . COARSE The most universal folding saw: Robust folding saw with excellent cutting performance for larger sections (carpentry). Blade No. COARSE The perfect saw for carpenters working with large timbers: With its curved cutting edge and wider tooth spacing.helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade length 360 mm Blade width 42 mm Blade thickness 1. With its blade length of 500 mm. tree care and forestry can easily stand the comparison with the Katana.9 mm Crosscut teeth 6 mm No. 712738 55.5 mm Overall length 1180 mm Setting 1.8 mm No.90 € Repl.90 € D WIRE SAW Ideal for camping and trekking: Our most compact saw consists of a spiral toothed wire with two pull rings.24 € 33. for carpentry work.53 € 39. limestone and metals.3 mm Overall length 560 mm Crosscut teeth 2. • Prevent clogging Taper-ground blade with no additionally set teeth: • Allows cutting with little friction • Creates the cleanest cuts .helps water run off quickly and thus prevents rotting Special raker teeth: • Reduce the cutting force on the other teeth and thus increase the edge life • Prevent clogging Blade length 500 mm Blade width 50 mm Blade thickness 1. Blade No. this version of the Big Boy is ideal for cutting off large branches from decorative and fruit trees as well as for use in forestry.Japanese Pruning Saws A SILKY® OYAKATA FOLDING SAW 270. Cuts wood. It can even be used to make a very effective frame saw with the help of a flexible branch. the legendary Samurai sword. 712520 5. Cuts across and diagonally to the grain .61 € 181. Blade No.60 € Repl.

1 – 3. especially for very hard. 712047 64.54 m Crosscut teeth 4. The head can be unscrewed for easy transport and storage.10 m Setting 2 mm Crosscut teeth 5.52 € 62.1 kg No.more-than-tools.00 € Repl.49 € 33. tip-hardened teeth. easy cleaning) • Impulse-hardened tooth points • Two hooks on saw blade for gathering and trimming small branches and to prevent slippage • Quick-change fastener on the saw blade for easy transport • Raker teeth push cut material out of the saw cut and extend the edge life • Break-proof sheath 1 Three-Part Blade length 430 mm Blade width 60 mm Blade thickness 1.45 kg No.82 € 189.2 mm Weight 3. 718247 158. 718249 52.67 kg No. Slim blade with proven Japanese cutting action for use in dense treetops.25 kg No.05 kg No.6 mm Crosscut teeth 4 mm Weight 1. 712802 28.90 € • Unset teeth for reduced friction and clean cuts • Hard-chrome-plated blade (rust-proof.8 – 3. Blade length 300 mm Blade width 35 mm Blade thickness 1 mm Overall length 2. Blade No. diamondcoated surface.2 mm Crosscut teeth 4.77 € 50.30 m Setting 2. points for long service life Blade length 360 mm Blade width 55 mm Blade thickness 1. easy cleaning) • Two hooks on saw blade for gathering and trimming small branches and to prevent slippage • Quick-change fastener on the saw blade for easy transport • Raker teeth push cut material out of the saw cut and extend the edge life • Break-proof sheath 1 Three-Part Blade length 390 mm Blade width 60 mm Blade thickness 1. Forestry work Robust saws which thanks to wide setting are suited best for forestry work. folding saw is the first choice of professionals working in forestry and for fruit tree care. • Ball locking mechanism with springloaded lever and additional locking clamps on the handle • Hard-chrome-plated blade (rust-proof. Cross section 2.96 € 232.50 € C C SILKY® LONGBOY TELESCOPIC SAW Long and extremely effective: The „Silky Longboy“ telescope.50 € 2 Four-Part Blade length 430 mm Blade width 60 mm Blade thickness 1. Blade No. Blade No.61 € 253.00 € Repl.5 mm Overall length 2.Japanese Pruning Saws A A jAPANESE TElESCOPIC PRUNING SAW Light but stable telescopic saw for tree care.2 kg No. 712045 268. 712728 Repl.2 mm Crosscut teeth 4.93 € 276.4 m Setting 1.03 € 76. D SILKY® PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPING SAWS For professional use: Superlative saws in a class of their own for professional use in tree care and forestry.5 mm Weight 3. 718248 194. 712046 212.6 mm Overall length 1.54 – 6. 712050 231. Fruit tree pruning Slightly set saws offer smoothest surfaces which minimises the risk of fungal or bacterial diseases.20 € E E DIAMOND SAW FILE Saw file with wear-resistant. which can be perfectly adjusted to any cutting height thanks to its continuously extendable aluminium pole.74 € 69.5 mm Overall length 2.52 € 62. Blade No.8 mm.40 – 4. 712828 58.90 € B B BARNEL® TELESCOPIC SAWS Value for money: These telescopic tree-care saws will impress you with their practical design and high-quality workmanship.03 € 76.2 mm Weight 2.86 – 6.90 € 27 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.24 – 5.20 € 2 Four-Part Blade length 390 mm Blade width 60 mm Blade thickness 1.00 € Repl.3 mm Weight .00 € Repl.5 mm Overall length 2.5 mm Overall length 2. Blade No.45 € 27.00 € Repl. Blade No. 712047 64.41 m Setting 2 mm Crosscut teeth 5. 712051 42.90 m Setting 2. • Fully hardened teeth for sharpening by hand • Ball locking mechanism and additional locking clamps on the handle • Blade (rust-proof.90 € 23.07 € 319.5 mm Weight 2. 718249 52. Width 20 mm Cut length 100 mm No. easy cleaning) • Specially impulse-hardened tooth • Hooks on the saw blade for gathering branches • Light weight • Saw blade retractable for transport • Break-proof sheath D General pruning These saws allow quick cuts to the disadvantage of less smoother surfaces through a medium wide setting.

Blade length 120 mm Overall length 375 mm Weight 190 g No.57 € 45. 718156 38. 718152 35. grass or picking lettuce. Blade length 100 mm Overall length 280 mm Weight 100 g B DAMASCUS-STEEL SICKLE Hand-forged: The powerful blade of this multi-layer Damascus steel sickle cuts through even the strongest grasses. Cranked blade hand-forged from double-layered steel.95 € 99. making gardening work much easier.90 € I H H SICKLE HOE Short. Cuts branches.90 € D D GRASS SICKLE Ultralight: Sickle for fine grasses and delicate herbs. 718119 28. herbs and undergrowth. Blade length 105 mm Overall length 250 mm Weight 100 g No. L-shaped hoe for weeding and loosening soil. Blade length 170 mmm Overall length 350 mm Weight 100 g No. 718151 26.70 € E E HARVESTING SICKLES Compact sickle with toothed blade.32 € 33. This type of sickle is not swung in the typical way but pulled in the direction of the handle. ideal for harvesting salad. Blade length 180 mm Overall length 385 mm Weight 120 g No. Their handles consists of water-resistant Japanese hardwoods like ho or white oak. The chestnut handle is fire-hardened over an open flame to make it more resistant to mechanical stress and dirt.90 € F F GRASS SICKLE. robust head for removing brush and clearing undergrowth. vegetables and herbs. Blade length 180 mm Overall length 430 mm Weight 460 g No.90 € I WEED SICKLE The serrated edge allows you to cut weeds in beds and lawns.81 € 31.74 € 58.90 € G G DROP-POINT FARMING SICKLE With three-layer. Harvesting salad and vegetables with it is a pleasure. 718053 10. CRANKED Strong sickle for tough grass. 717907 16. Blade length 155 mm Overall length 400 mm Weight 365 g No. undergrowth and brush. Blade length 170 mm Overall length 500 mm Weight 430 g No. while the tip of the sickle can be used to rake out unwanted plants growing at lawn edges.90 € No. maple handle. 718150 8. 4 mm thick three-layer steel blade. Thin two-layer blade.21 € 41.Sickles Sickles japanese Sickles These hand-forged sickles are feather-light and extremly sharp. 718161 83.72 € 19.32 € 9.00 € 11. A B C A SICKlE WITH FIRE-HARDENED HANDlE Hand-forged: Archaic-looking sickle with double-layer forged blade for cutting small branches.90 € 28 . Blade length 195 mm Overall length 560 mm Weight 200 g No.00 € C FARMING SICKLE Sickle with thick blade. weeds and undergrowth effortlessly. 718054 48. Stainless steel blade.

60 € 91. 713894 10. The blade is shorter and thicker than grass blades. Whetted and sharpened ready for mowing. Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening Scythes and Accessories Schröckenfux®-Scythes Schröckenfux. Size 1-2. For more information see page 5.70 € 48. Blade No. For all who learned how to do it scything is a relaxing action in fresh air. The author provides hints and tips for the right choice of the scythe and how to do the scything using many illustrations. 705607 75. and is not easily damaged when it hits a foreign body.28 € 75. razorthin scythe and sickle blades. Blade width 50 mm Blade length D E F 600 mm No.26 € 72. A must-have for uninterrupted enjoyment is a wellbalanced scythe which retains its sharpness for a long time. Due to its long cutting edge.46 € 89. 705603 76. 55 – 56 HRC. Fits Schröckenfux and all standard scythe blades. 705602 700 mm No.09 € € € € 91.more-than-tools.more-than-tools. Blade length 500 mm Blade width 60 mm No. Learn to mow with a scythe and how to peen the blade in our Scythe workshop.20 € EINFACH MäHEN MIT DER SENSE Bernhard Lehnert: The scything becomes more and more popular. Blade length 550 mm Overall length 710 mm Weight 1000 g No. 705609 61. Approx.90 € Inclusive free sharpening pass. Head weight 750 g Blade length 320 mm Overall length 910 mm No. oval steel tube with wooden handles. adjustable for height and body D SCHRöCKENFUx® ORIGINAL RAZORCUT GARDENING SCYTH Universal scythe with a slender peened blade.00 € A SCYTHE SICKLE This hand-forged sickle made in Austria is ideal for cutting thick grass and uncontrolled growth. is one of the last scythe makers in central Europe.30 € E SCHRöCKENFUx® BRUSH SCYTHE Ideal for controlled mowing of weeds and undergrowth along hedges or on fruit tree meadows. instructions are included.23 € 10. Blade No. This machete is an ideal tool for forestry. The snath can be adjusted for height (170 – 185 cm) and body . It has impressive long blades and an ergonomic handle of varnished beech. The hand-made. carbon-steel blanks have been shaped to elegantly curved. hunting or fishing. untreated ashwood handle with its rounded end allows the tool to be held firmly and safely without slipping. 705608 37. 29 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.19 € 99. Large Overall length 160 cm For individuals 185 cm and up in height No. patented snath (153 cm). you can also cut thorny wood with up to 2 cm branch diameter from a safe distance. with instructions. Snath cross section 26 x 30 mm. However. Blade length 270 mm Overall length 330 mm Weight 360 g No.80 € Repl. Thick leather case with belt loop. The sickle blade is ground ready for use and sharpened by hand.90 € F SCHRöCKENFUx® WOODEN SCYTHE SNATH Optimal body positioning for mowing via adjustable handles and S-shape.Scythes and Accessories A B C B SICKLE CLEAVER This tool is designed for clearing undergrowth and containing rank growth.64 38. 718280 14.32 77. see www. the silence and the aroma of freshly-mown grass have an almost meditative effect. but also perfect exercise.98 € 45. a company from the Austrian Krems Valley. Paperback. It is easy to sharpen and retains its edge even after heavy-duty work. 705601 Repl.20 € 16.20 € 45. 705666 100. 705610 63. 80 Pages. Small Overall length 150 cm For individuals 155 – 185 cm No. gardening. the extra-long sturdy carbon-steel blade is not only suitable for survival training in tropical rainforests.00 € 119.90 € Size 3. In German No. 705600 No. Completely ready for mowing.00 € C SABATIER® FRENCH MACHETE This machete is used by the French Foreign Legion for decades. 708360 83. 133 illustrations. How to peen and whet is well described. The rhythmic mowing movements train your arms and upper body. 146 x 210 mm. For over 450 years.95 € Mowing keeps fit: Mowing with a scythe is not only an environmentally-friendly alternative to lawnmowers.06 41.

714104. Overall length 255 mm Head weight 600 g No. No. 708213 7. 600 – 800 g. Fitted with a belt clip. a scythe blade must be regularly honed and periodically peened along its cutting edge. The blade is placed on an adjustable support plate. 705590 29. Blade length 35 mm Weight 45 g Overall length j 1 I SMALL BONSAI SHEARS Miniature gardening shears for precise pruning of house plants. 215 x 30 x 16 mm No.90 € 2 120 mm No. The anvil has a horn for beating it to a wooden block. 190 x 75 x 40 mm No. anvil and hammer.48 € 8.90 € I ALL-PURPOSE SCISSORS WITH TRADITIONAL CHINESE DECORATION.90 € In English No. COWHORN This traditional-style whetstone holder is made of natural.60 € D G E PEENING ANVIL Die forged steel anvil with a polished face for peening scythes and a horn for fastening on wooden blocks.90 € D PEENING HAMMER Hammer with die forged head and polished faces for peening scythes.33 € 34.48 € 8. 2 PIECE SET Price advantage No. perfectly shaped for honing scythe and sickle blades. an even feed motion and a precise positioning of the blade on the anvil are required. 713734 7. body position when mowing. The scythe blade is laid on the anvil. 708212 9. A well balanced blow with the hammer. For more information see page 5. 718111 41. 708214 14.Tools for Bonsai Trees and Ornamental Plants B A B WHETSTONE HOLDER. The brass screw allows you to adjust the smoothness and disassemble the scissors for sharpening. Two-layer blade. centring pin for holding in a wooden block. Elliptical shape. MOWING.90 € Peening and honing To preserve its sharpness. 705582 10. the cutting edge is peened with the hammer. 20 minutes. WITH STOPPER Peening made easy: Peening makes the cutting edge of scythe and sickle blades thinner. scythe-master Ernst Schoiswohl and Canadian organic farmer Peter Vido.12 € 28. We recommend a square hammer with a slight crown and a head weight of approx.20 € 16. Suited for all scythe and sickle blades. Two free sharpenings Lifetime sharpening H j ALL-PURPOSE SCISSORS WITH TRADITIONAL CHINESE DECORATION Traditional universal Chinese scissors of stainless steel with beautifully decorated handles. 705587 64. 705664 24.90 € Inclusive free sharpening pass. Peening using a hammer and anvil is an art which is mastered by only a handful of craftspeople today. From adjusting the snath. which makes it easier to sharpen and increases its durability. harder and easier to sharpen. Round anvil with stop. the surface area is hardened to a depth of 3 cm to 62 HRC. The use of the peening jig simplifies the task. This cold-hardens the metal and makes the grain finer. adjustable fitting.13 € 54. Offers an even classier way of keeping your whetstone wet and within reach when scything large areas. Overall length 120 mm Blade length 40 mm Weight 70 g No.83 € 23. improving the cutting performance. with a belt clip. Includes instruction sheet and abrasive web for cleaning blade. For detailed instructions on peening scythes. 713752). polished Austrian cowhorn. we recommend the DVD „Scything Techniques“ (No. 705589 16.70 € C C WHETSTONE HOLDER.70 € E F F PEENING JIG For controlled peening of scythe and sickle blades. viewers will learn everything they need to know about working with scythes. 713752 7. Two striking sleeves for coarse and fine peening. Because the anvil is not hardened through the hammer will not bounce. DVD. to peening and honing the blade. Another advantage: you can always easily view the field of work. In German No. e. No. Face 40 x 40 mm Weight 500 g No. The anvil is made of impact-resistant steel.93 € 49.97 € 30. 718112 25.90 € 1 155 mm No.g.55 € 19. 705591 46.90 € when scything large areas. All demand a lot of practise. Weight 800 g No.16 € 10. A depth stop makes sure that the blade is exactly positioned on the domed anvil.00 € 11. Overall length 180 mm Blade length 50 mm Weight 220 g No. 714115 19. Ergonomically shaped shaft made of copper beech secured with an annular wedge.90 € A WHETSTONE Natural sandstone. Galvanized. Tools for Bonsai Trees and Ornamental Plants H BONSAI SHEAR Classic: For caring for bonsai trees and house plants.90 € 2 30 . Copper. teach knowledge which has virtually been forgotten. COPPER Fill the container with water and wear it on your belt! The perfect device for keeping your whetstone wet and handy SCyTHING TECHNIQUES. SHARPENING AND PEENING In this introduction. But peening is quite a challenge.90 € G PEENING ANVIL. A sample of this tool was added to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York.62 € 76. It also thins the cutting edge. This new peening anvil solves this problem.48 € 8. Weight 800 g No.

85 € 85. With angled cutting edge for flush cuts right at the trunk. 718169) for cutting without damaging the plant. explains the techniques of Japanese topiary. 717915 12. stylishly housed in the gardening apron made of split leather (No. root. Chrome-plated steel. It includes the Kijo pruning shear (No.50 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. No. 144 Pages. 225 x 285 mm. 718169). Practical storage and transport with the tool roll (No.55 € 43. Overall length 210 – 260 mm No.29 € 39. 707900 150. Overall length 205 mm Blade length 22 mm Weight 185 g No. pick and rake. a flower and allround shears (No.50 € B C B INDOOR GARDENING SET. 31 .00 € Gardening Sets D JAPANESE GARDENING SET. 718916 132. many colour photographs and illustrations. 718099). 707501).42 € 179. author Jake Hobson. concave and wire pliers. 712633 71.70 € C BONSAI TOOLS.90 € Price advantage! E E JAPANESE GARDENING SET. 718157). you are optimally equipped for pruning and other work with plants. 709169). rooting and transplanting knife (No.77 € 158. 5-PIECE SET Good start: With this professional set of Japanese gardening tools.35 € 14. Includes budding and pruning shears. With case. 8-PIECE SET Professional Japanese tools for any work required for growing and caring for bonsai trees. 712776). No. In German No. 250 x 220 mm. shovel claw. 3-PIECE SET Trowel. 707514) made of strong cotton cloth with clip fastener. Clear step-by-step instructions with drawings show you how to turn a young tree into a »Niwaki« or how to thin out pine needles to create unusual patterns. a Silky Pocket Boy 170 mm folding saw (No. 717916 36. 2008 Price advantage! NIWAKI Jake Hobson: In this book. 709169). the lightweight (205 g) Kijo pruning shear (No. 712116) in a beechwood sheath for trimming fruit trees and hedges.00 € D »All a Gardener’s Heart Desires« Magazine »Wohnen & Garten« (Home and Garden).Gardening Sets A A CONCAVE BRANCH CUTTERS Pliers for pruning branches and buds cleanly.more-than-tools. and a sheathed planting knife (No. a universal planting. 713618 37. who broadened his years of experience in designing Japanese gardens during a year at a tree nursery in Osaka. a Japanese garden knife (No. 7-PIECE SET For Professionals: Professional set of Japanese quality tools for pruning and planting. the sickle knife for harvesting and cutting weeds (No. It contains a Dick classic pruning saw (No. The Japanese art of shaping trees is surprisingly easy to learn. leaf tweezers with trowel. Hardcover. 718157) for replanting potted and outdoor plants. No. 718158) and the Japanese garden knife (No.

The two hardwood handles provide a comfor- 2 table grip. the brass rose can be secured in a parking point without dripping.14 € 79. And to make sure delicate plants like orchids get just the right amount of care. Colour graphite Overall length 400 mm Capacity 1 l No. Brass container with removable sprinkler head. 718986 52.87 € 41.36 € 123. Colour Silver Overall length 700 mm Capacity 8 l No. Colour green / nickel Overall length 400 mm No. precise dosage. is ideally suited for general watering purposes including seedlings. The round brass rose. the watering cans are permanently resistant to rust. Overall length 700 mm Capacity 8. 718983 67. Galvanised and with a powder paint coating. 718921 103.90 € D GIFT SET: INDOOR WATERING CAN AND SPRAY BOTTLE This set will take care of all your watering needs.86 €‘s decorative too.00 € 32 .8 litres. which sits drip-tight on the soldered-in neck. With a 1 litre capacity. which holds as much as 8. the watering cans are permanently resistant to rust. it‘s light enough to carry but holds enough for plenty of watering without refilling. embodies traditional English style with its lattice weave styling to the body.8 l Colour 1 Green No. A sieve in the filling opening prevents the ultrafine pouring nozzles from becoming blocked.70 € For other designs and colours see www. extra-long spout of this masterfully manufactured. while the domed lid prevents spillage when watering.3 litre spray bottle for misting. which can be removed if necessary. 718978 44. The optimally balanced models are not only pleasing to the eye but also delight every gardener with their functionality. A 1 A HERITAGE WATERING CAN The watering can classic.90 € 2 Red No. The practical C-shaped flanged handle is extremely robust and can be held with both hands. hand-soldered watering can makes watering potted plants and bonsai trees accurately real easy.Watering Cans Watering Cans Haws® Watering Cans Haws world-renowned metal watering cans have been hand-made in England since 1886. 718969 E E LONG-SPOUT WATERING CAN The slim. D And the patented curved shape ensures an even spray. the set includes a nickel-plated 0. Overall length 800 mm Capacity 4 l No. When not in use. Galvanised and with a powder paint coating. The curved spout allows easy.50 € B B SLIMCAN WATERING CAN Thanks to its oval shape. The steeper slant to the rose makes it the ideal can for general watering purposes including seedlings. 718982 67.90 € C C INDOOR WATERING CANS This charming small indoor watering can from Haws features a fine brass rose for gentle sprinkling.more-than-tools. High-quality brass roses for different uses complete these watering cans and make watering a pleasure. The small indoor watering can with a fine brass rose to allow precise dosage is not just practical . this model is held closer to the body and is therefore easy to carry.14 € 79.29 € 52.

dries slowly so penetrates deep into the wood. ideal for thinning vegetable oils. darkens very little. In the garden it can be used to treat tree cancer and to combat aphids (in a 3% solution with water). It provides approximately twice as much protection as linseed oil. window frames.59 € 24.96 €/1 l 83. and is even suitable for the disinfection of minor cuts. the oil obtained from the fruits of the tung tree.10 € H BALLISTOL® SPRAY BOTTLE. or tool handles.40 €/1 l 10.50 € j TURPENTINE OIL Solvent with ethereal aroma: One of the most valuable solvents on a natural basis.88 € 18. Content 1 l No. B LINOLJA® ORGANIC SWEDISH LINSEED OIL. musical instruments. Ballistol is based on pure medical white oil. oil paints and varnishes as well as for making glazes and polishes with resins. (Drying times vary considerably depending on the environmental conditions. Because of its strongly smoky aroma.30 €/1 l 22. Consequently. 705351 19.00 € untreated treated 1 l No. it does not penetrate deeply into the wood. 705288 15.90 € I SWEDISH RED.72 € 19.90 €/1 l 15.80 €/1 l 74.18 €/1 l 63. 705352 15. 705445 4.83 € 35.more-than-tools. 705354 8.78 € 75. even in multiple coats.Surface Protection and Colours Surface Protection and Colours A B C D E F A LIGNEA®. COLD-BLEACHED Especially bright and colour-fast. fences). type of wood and preparation of the surface. wooden toys and wooden boats and can be used for impregnating fabrics and even masonry.) Once dry.48 € 8. it can be easily retouched by rubbing more oil over the damaged area. cleans and oils metals. for indoor and outdoor furniture. 705344 13. Content Pine Tar One of the oldest wood preservatives. 705440 28. 705355 7. ideal as paintwork for houses. it takes up to two days to become dry. Content 1 l No. turned items. 705275 18. chemical-free and food safe with only minimal odour. TUNG OIL High-quality natural oil for indoor and outdoor use: Lignea. flooring. Tung oil is absorbed by wooden surfaces very quickly and hardens them after it has dried. 705341 26. IRON-OxIDE PIGMENT The classic wood preserving paint: It determines the appearance of the landscape of Sweden: The warm. this hardening oil is for the ecological protection of wood. Content Organic Swedish linseed Oil Cold-pressed from linseeds. The pollutant-free iron-oxide pigment (unleaded) can easily be processed in aqueous solution or in a linseed oil emulsion to yield a rich.90 € 5 l No. has many uses both indoors and out. The pine tar can be diluted with turpentine oil or linseed oil. natural paint that protects the wood against UV radiation and attacks by pests.30 € 5 l No.40 € 5 l No. and. Due to its low viscosity. it penetrates deep into the wood. using either a brush or a piece of cloth. Due to its moderate viscosity. DALBRäND TJäRA® FINE PINE TAR Intensive protection against UV radiation and weathering.90 €/1 l 7.80 € 6. It is thus ecologically-friendly and bio-degradable. spiked with natural plant products. the oil‘s film is chemically stable and free of dangerous emissions. equipment. This wood tar is black. 705286 24.85 € 14. lends it a beautiful patina. Content D FURUTJäRA® PINE TAR Basic protection against UV radiation and weathering.80 € 1 l No. sleds and boats.40 €/1 l 64. EMPTY 250 ml. impregnates and preserves leather and wood surfaces.50 €/1 l 20. but its ability to penetrate can be improved by thinning with balsam oil of turpentine (No. Suitable for treating large surfaces (walls. Highly transparent.g.42 € 12. it penetrates well into the wood.34 € 13. Content F FINTJäRA® DELUxE PINE TAR Highest protection against UV radiation and weathering. linseed or camellia oil) depending on the user’s preference. 705283 17. Pure tung oil is relatively viscous. even in the long term. and can be thinned with turpentine or mixed with other vegetable oils (e. If the finish becomes damaged.30 €/1 l 12.71 € 77. The tung oil offered here is ecologically sound. ethereal aroma. shingles. I j G H 1 2 Content 3 G BALLISTOL® Ballistol provides reliable rust protection.50 € 5 l No. The protective film is elastic. breathing. This wood tar is pitch . Linolja can be used directly in its pure form.90 € 5 l No. obtained by double-distilling the resin of the maritime pine tree. roofs.86 € 3. 705288) or by warming.20 €/1 l 11. Because of its long drying time. a pure natural product.50 € 1 l No. polishes well.50 €/1 kg 11. 705270 6.30 € 33 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.90 € 5 l No.40 € 2 200 ml No. in contrast to linseed oil.48 € 8. With instructions. This low-viscosity oil.g. fences). Due to its high viscosity. It deepens colours and enhances the contrast of the grain.45 €/100 ml 7. This wood tar is dark brown. fences. Please observe the normal safety precautions for the use of volatile solvents containing hydrocarbons. It is also suitable for producing linseed-oil paint (with iron-oxide pigment). 705342 19. because it lets the wood breathe and improves its grip.80 €/100 ml 2. RAW Untreated linseed oil.79 € 89. is colourless and has a fresh. roofs.00 € Tips: Tung oil in both its pure and liquid form has a distinctive smell that disappears after drying or when mixed with either orange oil or balsam oil of turpentine. decks. and gives it lasting protection against the effects of weather. but the wood retains its natural visual and tactile characteristics. nor is it mixed with chemical drying agents.10 €/1 l 29.90 € 3 500 ml No. 705347 12. It is not pre-oxidized. Suitable for treating large surfaces (walls.50 € 1 l No. No.90 €/1 l 16.90 € C RA LINOLJA® ORGANIC SWEDISH LINSEED OIL. we only recommend it for use outdoors. Suitable for small surfaces or parts such as doors. russet colour of the wooden facades of the barns.10 € 26. This wood tar obtained by the pyrolysis and careful distillation of resin-rich pine rootstock is moreover the ideal material for axe and tool handles. Content 1 l No. Lignea can be applied without any problems. 705349 10.50 €/1 l 44. it penetrates very well into the wood. 705269 15. making them mechanically stronger and highly water-resistant. 705441 5. Weight 1 kg No. 1 50 ml No. Pre-oxidation makes this oil dry much faster and slightly bleached. waxes or pigments.86 € 15.87 € 99.12 € 52. houses and churches is also an effective wood preservative. e. as well as mixed with tar oil for use on exteriors.

No. DVD . 711101 22. 120 (extra-extra coarse). 2 B B COMBINATION STONE. Sinensis camellia oil No. 255 x 100 x 10 mm No. The included sharpening primer (in German) gives instructions on how to proceed. In the West.20 € 16.71 € I NON-SKID MAT Prevents sharpening stone slippage. Greases. 100 x 250 mm No. The V-form. Have fun! 3 A SUN TIGER / KING COMBINATION STONES.14 € 8.24 € 34.90 € 4. These stones are particularly suitable for extremely hard. Set includes: Cerax combination stone grit 1000/6000 (No. WITH DIA FOLD AND OIL Price advantage This collection of high-quality products includes all the basic equipment for sharpeing knives and tools.90 € For more information see www.61 € 26. 711027 48.more-than-tools. The stones of the King or Sun Tiger series have a relatively soft bond. ® ® 1 Sun Tiger® 150 x 50 x 25 mm No.90 € j j JAPANESE RUSTPREVENTION OIL »MARUFUKU« Ideal for badly corroded blades such as garden shears. Length 150 mm No. Extremely hard steels soon blunt the abrasive grains. branch saws or outdoor knives. Nonskid mat No. GRIT 1000/6000 With two different grits. 713806). Jaw opening 220 mm No. 705374.more-than-tools. low-alloy carbon steels (White and Blue Paper Steel). They can also be stored in water permanently. Width 70 mm. DMT® Dia Fold No. No. 705364.50 € l l CARBCUT 1 For speedy re-sharpening of knives (also serrated). The grille is placed on a flat surface and the watered whetstone is rubbed over it in a circular motion. Forged aluminium grip with hand protection. and carving blades using waterstones.29 € 5. but the soft bond allows the blunted grains to be quickly washed off.50 € C C COMBINATION STONE. making the stone highly effective.80 € 3 King® 207 x 66 x 36 mm No.90 € For more sharpening devices see www. this feature enables precise trueing of any kind of sharpening stones. so the stone continues to be effective. 711297 4. in German.0. knives.24 € 22.90 € • • • • • • • • No overheating of the steel No rounding of the cutting edges Wide array of fine grits High sharpening performance Water is available everywhere Completely safe Ecologically harmless No messy oil on the blades Set includes: Japanese combination stone King.90 € 29. 703538 7.93 € 49.50 € H K K CARBEE® POCKET SHARPENER This handy all-purpose sharpener has a hard metal sharpening head with two V-form corners as well as a flat riffled side for subsequent blade polishing.64 € I WORKSHOP: SHARPENING OF CUTTING TOOLS For perfect results Content: Perfect and gentle sharpening of chisels. Extremely durable due to a novel coating technology. Content 60 ml No.41 € 46. 703534 22.12 € E TRUEING SET Excellent-value set for the precise trueing of waterstones and oilstones. WITH OIL AND DVD Price advantage For sharpening and maintenance of knives and tools. 711029 41.90 € H SHARPENING STONE HOLDER From stainless steel with anti-slip rubber clamping jaws and medium support bracket. 705280. Length 82 mm F D E D TRUEING GRILLE FOR SHARPENING STONES Finely woven. 711298 14. Together with the large contact area and a flatness precision of +/.flatness tolerance +/. 711005 ® The advantages of japanese waterstones: 19. 705429 151.10 € 34 . 240 x 115 x 20 mm) • Anti-slip feet for stone plate No.90 € 2 240 x 100 x 40 mm No. Before use. 705280. 711115 35. plane blades.Das Schärfen japanischer Messer (No. 1 G 2 F TRUEING BLOCK Hard ceramic blocks for trueing Japanese waterstones quickly and accurately. For dressing stones and keeping their surfaces flat. Includes instructions and case. these stones are usually known as King stones or Sun Tiger stones. wear-resistant carbide element is also suitable for deburring. 711006 39. soak the stones in water for at least 15 minutes.38 € 65. 711007.18 € 179. ideal for on the go. in order to avoid breaking thin stones.01 mm. Sinensis camellia oil No. 711541 13. sickles.17 €/100 ml 6. without water or oil. silicon carbide-coated grille for trueing uneven sharpening stones. 711299 55.90 € Set includes: • Granite stone plate 240 x 115 x 20 mm . 705364 4. 711546). The stones are worked wet on the block until plane.1 mm (colour may vary) • 100-grit wet/dry sandpaper from Klingspor (20 sheets. For dry working. grit approx. axes and scissors. Sharpening primer. 1000/6000 grit No. which allows the abrasives to be continually exposed during use.32 € 57.61 € 26.Sharpening Devices Sharpening Devices A 1 King® / Sun Tiger® Matsunaga is one of the largest manufacturers of sharpening stones in Japan. 140 x 230 mm No. 711007 2 King 205 x 50 x 25 mm No. Aluminium oxide abrasive.90 € G DMT® DIA-FLAT LAPPING PLATE Trueing block with continuous surface diamond coating on compact steel base plate. 1 170 x 55 x 30 mm No.0. Grit size 120 micron. protects from dirt and is also suitable for the removal of surface rust. 7.

honing honing Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. The foldable grip serves both as a protective sleeve for the diamond plate and while in storage.92 € 108.80 € 90.73 € 9.19 43. Grit 325. 705361 26. axes. 705375 142.70 € € 24. 705424 and then with a fine one No.40 € 3 4 C N DMT® DIAMOND CHAINSAW FILE Round diamond file for sharpening saw chains. incl.5 mm No. 180 x 18 mm 1 extra coarse 2 coarse 3 fine 4 extra fine No.20 € Grit coarse / extra coarse 203 x 67 x 9. highly wear resistant and extremely effective. 110 x 23 mm Grit j j DMT® DIA SHARP® SHARPENING CARD Sharpening plate.30 € 2 3 E DMT® DUO-SHARP® MOUNT Fits No.73 € 7.20 € 9. 705375. small tools and knives.18 € 13. scrapers). Single or double-sided coating.70 € € 24. Plastic case. slip-proof rubber base. 705399 17. mount.19 43. 705444. other sharpening stones) and for sharpening cutting edges of all kinds.90 € Extra-extra coarse Extra coarse (black) Coarse (blue) Fine (red) Extra fine (green) Extra extra fine (grit (grit (grit (grit (grit (grit size size size size size size 120 µm) 60 µm) 45 µm) 25 µm) 9 µm) 9 µm) Grit~120 Grit~220 Grit~325 Grit~600 Grit~1200 Grit~8000 for for for for for for trueing coarse shaping. backs of plane and chisel blades.57 € 49.02 € 169. Grit fine 70 x 25 x 5 mm No. Conical cross-section. 311 x 117 x 57 mm No. credit card-sized. The compact design is ideal for tight spaces.19 € € € € 51. tool making etc. Excellent for trueing (blade backs.20 € l l DMT® MINI-SHARP® POCKET WHETSTONE The sharpener for on the go.92 € 108.80 € 26. The diamond-coated blocks remain permanently plane.72 € 31. The wooden box is made of cherry tree wood and has non-slip rubber feet. 705392 25. garden equipment.87 € 123.72 € 31. shears or hard-metal machine tools.more-than-tools. 705390 1 D DMT® DUO-SHARP® PLUS™ SET Double-sided diamond sharpening tool.g.40 € 51. 705396 11. 706282 21.60 € 25.93 2 extra fine No.50 € H DMT® DIA SHARP® MINI HONE® SET The hone-kit for all contingencies: Coarse.30 € File length 95 mm Diameter Grit fine / coarse 250 x 100 x 9. handle on underside. 705386 23. 705367 No. 706285 103.76 4 coarse No.60 € D G 1 2 G DMT DIA-SHARP MINI HONE High-quality mini-hones with ergonomically shaped handles for easy sharpening of pruning shears. Grit fine Ø 3. excellent for quickly sharpening router bits. F DMT® DIAFOLD® ALL-PURPOSE SHARPENER For sharpening outdoor knives. guarantee remarkable sharpening speed even when working the hardest tool steels. Folding case. key ring. 705371 4 mm No. 705371 and 705370.5 mm File length 100 mm No. Wooden box: 200 x 190 x 40 mm. the set contains a small 50 ml Ballistol spray No. extra-fine grit.23 € 20.3 – 9.02 € 14.76 3 fine No.70 € M M DMT® CONE FILE For gouges. 705368 43. 706284 41. Price advantage! B A DMT® DIAMOND SHARPENING TOOL SET The wooden box provides a convenient and elegant way to store the three Whetstone™ sharpening blocks that are included with the set and to protect them from damage and dirt. Highly efficient. even very hard steel only requires a few strokes. 705370 90.40 € 51. ceramic etc. extra fine. 35 . For cleaning up the blades and oiling the joint.40 € E H 7. Also suitable for carbide coated cutters. No. monocrystalline polycrystalline * Monocrystalline diamonds are significantly more wear resistant than the polycrystalline diamonds used to make lesser quality diamond sharpening tools. fine.90 € € 24. 152 x 50 x 19 mm Grit F 1 I 2 I SHARPENING SET FOR PRUNING SHEARS AND SCISSORS Price advantage The blades of the shears are first sharpened with a rough DMT Mini-Hone No. 705365 No. 111 x 23 x 5 mm No.5 mm No.00 € Grit fine / coarse 203 x 67 x 9.70 € 1 coarse No.more-than-tools.19 43. 180 x 18 mm ® ® ® K Grit K DMT® DIAMOND‚ WHETSTONE™ MINI Ideal for on the go: In a leather sheath. The stress-free sandwich construction guarantees flatness. 705366 No. 705374 20. fine grit. The monocrystalline diamonds*.72 € 19.88 € 30. We recommend moistening the DMT stones with water and grinding with little pressure. 705372 94.90 € N For more DMT stones see www.).70 € € 45.76 5 fine / coarse No.28 € 27.40 € 51. Fine grit. 705369 20. antislip rubber pad. (DMT) is the leading manufacturer of quality diamond sharpening stones. permanently embedded in a nickel matrix. Stable plastic. fine. Grit fine / coarse 203 x 67 x 9. Grit fine 82 x 51 x 1 mm No. trueing coarse sharpening sharpening sharpening.Sharpening Devices DMT® Diamond Stones The US-based company Diamond Machining Technology. 705390.80 € 4 B DIAMOND WHETSTONE™ MODELS For knives and tools. 600 and 1200. turning tools.20 € 1 extra fine / extra extra fine No. also suitable for gouges and profiled turning scrapers. plane soles. profiled blades.5 mm No.8 mm No. HSS. 705360 4. and are especially suitable for tools with straight blades as well as for producing plane surfaces (e. 705391 38. as well as non-metal materials (glass.5 mm No. 705384 20. 5 C DMT® DUO SHARP® COMBINATION STONES Diamond stone with two opposite plates of different grains. 705395 12. 705424 2 fine No. No. Block sizes: 152 x 50 x 19 mm. machine blades and router cutters. DMT Non-skid mat included. 711109 16. DMT tools are precision manufactured.45 € 112.

705963 66.31 € 92. trekking or sculpting.12 € 112. 705979 86. Head weight 350 g Blade length 65 mm Overall length 370 mm No. the Swedish company Gränsfors Bruks has been manufacturing top-quality axes for over 100 Induction heating of a steel bar at the Gränsfors forge. 1000 g.55 € 103. Lifetime sharpening. can also be used one-handed if necessary. perfect for the full range of outdoor activities. Handle-fitting pass One handle fitted free.00 € Gränsfors® Splitting Axes The thick heads of these axes have wide flaring cheeks and progressively increasing wedge angles to ensure maximum splitting power. Two free sharpenings. Its handy shape makes it ideal for small to medium rounds and making logs for firewood. For more information see page 5. Your benefits at DICTUM E When you purchase an axe.00 € G GRäNSFORS® LARGE SPLITTING AxE. Head weight 1000 g Blade length 70 mm Overall length 590 mm No. on www. 701592 78. The hickory shaft. 705962 89. this hatchet is always a handy tool. STANDARD HANDLE Standard handle with a slight curve at the end to prevent slippage. 705989 77. 705992 94. Head weight 200 g Blade length 60 mm Overall length 260 mm No. Gränsfors 20 years axes feature: A B C ty • Forged by hand under a spring hammer • Forged from 56-57 HRC carbon steel • 20 years warranty on the axe head • Forger`s initials on each axe head • Oiled axe handles of choice hickory wood • Includes manual • Each axe comes with premium leather sheath • Perfect for setting with a wooden wedge and additional metal wedges warran A GRäNSFORS® MINI HATCHET Gränsfors Bruks’s smallest axe. Head weight 2000 g Blade length 75 mm Overall length 700 mm No. we offer a wide range of replacement parts and accessories. F GRäNSFORS® SMALL SPLITTING AxE For splitting small and medium rounds. fishing. Head weight 450 g Blade length 80 mm Overall length 360 mm No.00 € C GRäNSFORS® WILDLIFE HATCHET Handy axe with surprising power. 705960 62.00 € B GRäNSFORS® HAND HATCHET Whether for making kindling or for small jobs around the garden. The handy design with iron sheathed handle is well-balanced. E GRäNSFORS® S SPLITTING HATCHET In spite of its small size. which is textured at the base for better grip. So that our axes and hatchets become your life-long companions.Hatchets and Axes Hatchets and Axes Gränsfors Bruks® Axes Under the motto "An axe is as good as its smith".39 € 79.94 € 74.90 € Accessories and replacement parts D D GRäNSFORS® OUTDOOR AxE This axe model was inspired and co-developed by renowned Scandinavian survival expert Lars Fält. The shaft has an iron sheath to protect it from wear and is textured at the end to provide a more secure grip.00 € F G Inclusive free sharpening pass.08 € 106. Head weight 1000 g Blade length 70 mm Overall length 480 mm No. this splitting hatchet has great splitting power with its weighty.more-than-tools.00 € 36 . fits into any backpack and expertly handles any outdoor task. perfect for gardening. Head weight 450 g Blade length 80 mm Overall length 240 mm No. you get the following services for free. The compact size means it fits easily in backpacks and toolboxes. highly convex head.99 € 94.

90 € Your benefits at DICTUM When you purchase an axe. F Handle-fitting pass One handle fitted free. The neck is designed as a hammer head with thick cheeks for driving in a splitting wedge.00 € 119. Head weight 2500 g Blade length 65 mm Overall length 810 mm No. The blade becomes thicker towards the centre. F WETTERLINGS® SPLITTING MAUL Splits the biggest firewood chunks with phenomenal power. 708385 58. 708386 54.00 € A B B GRäNSFORS® SPLITTING MAUL Heavy axe for splitting large chunks of firewood. Swedish global enterprise Hultafors is continuing this more than 300-year-old tradition. Head weight 3200 g Blade length 65 mm Overall length 800 mm No.74 € 69. LONG HANDLE Extra-long. which ensures high impact even with this compact design.90 € Inclusive free sharpening pass. Ideal for the backpack when trekking. Head weight 2000 g Blade length 75 mm Overall length 790 mm No. 708384 58. you get the following services for free. The hammer shaped head has wide flaring cheeks and is used to drive a splitting wedge. Head weight 500 g Blade length 75 mm Overall length 385 mm No. 705991 95.75 € 94. The short curved handle provides a good grip for ergonomic strokes. 708382 79. which reduces friction and forces the wood apart. Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. Head weight 500 g Blade length 75 mm Overall length 235 mm No. Hultafors axes feature: • Forged by hand under a spring hammer • Forged from 56-57 HRC carbon steel • Oiled hickory handles • Each axe comes with a premium leather sheath C HULTAFORS® TREKKING HATCHET This small version of the Hultafors trekking axe has a heavy head and short handle.80 € 114.Hatchets and Axes A GRäNSFORS® LARGE SPLITTING AxE.54 € 64. Wetterlings axes feature: lifetime warranty • Forged by hand under a spring • Oiled hickory hammer handles • Forged from 56-57 HRC carbon • Each axe comes steel with premium • Lifetime warranty on the axe head leather sheath E E WETTERLINGS® LARGE SPLITTING AxE The slightly hexagonal blade splits firewood chunks with ease. Having bought the forge. For more information see page 5.00 € Hultafors® Axes The Hults Bruk forge in south-east Sweden has been manufacturing premium axes and hatchets since 1697. Two free sharpenings.90 € D Wetterlings® Axes Wetterlings in Sweden has been making handforged axes from premium carbon steel since 1880.more-than-tools.90 € C D HULTAFORS® TREKKING AxE This versatile trekking axe for all outdoor activities is excellent value for money. Lifetime 37 . 705969 100. Straight handle. Head weight 1500 g Blade length 70 mm Overall length 760 mm No. straight handle for additional swing or for splitting logs that lay horizontal on the ground. Straight handle.74 € 69.

Double-bevel.24 € 105. allowing cuts to be made flush to the trunk. Head weight 600 g Blade length 160 mm Overall length 350 mm No. Head weight 1500 g Blade length 120 mm Overall length 900 mm No. allows axe to be attached to belts.19 € 99.60 € 109. you get the following services for free. The D JAPANESE MINI SPLITTING AxE Little effort .60 € 109. 701657 109. The Soft iron durability and sharpness of the steel along with the well proportioned axe heads and handles are unmatched! Hard carbon steel core Japanese axes feature: • Forged double-layer blades . Untreated. Long. Comes with a sheath and belt loop. 708383 83. they are mainly used in the garden for limbing and trimming trees and bushes. Has a large hardened striking surface. In Japan. 701659 88.16 € 129. 710803 41. Your benefits at DICTUM When you purchase an axe.90 € F F NATA JIGATA Cleaver made from high-carbon steel for gardening and forestry.90 € Inclusive free sharpening pass.14 € 79. Head weight 1400 g Blade length 95 mm Overall length 810 mm No.60 HRC) of the 3-layered head will remain sharp even when splitting knotty hardwood. 710819 91. 3-layer blade structure with cutting edge of Blue Paper Steel. Two free sharpenings.00 € japanese Cleavers (Nata) Nata are machete-like axes equipped with extremely sharp forged blades.60 Rockwell) is also suitable for shredding work. The blade has a single right bevel. Head weight 750 g Blade length 135 mm Overall length 360 mm No. Japanese axes are the epitome of the fine art of blacksmithing. The highly convex head guarantees maximum splitting power. For more information see page 5. 710804 67.Hatchets and Axes A A WETTERLINGS® AMERICAN FOREST AxE A large forest axe for large and difficult trees.striking effect: Hand-forged splitting axe ideal for splitting kindling and small logs. unvarnished shaft of Japanese white oak.00 € japanese Axes With their laminated forged blades. The three-layer blade with a hard carbon-steel core (58 . highly convex head and long handle made of fine-grained Japanese white oak. cutting wedge made of White Paper Steel.90 € G G NATA AZUMAGATA Powerful cleaver made from carbonsteel. ideal for cutting branches and roots and for shar sharpening and trimming posts.93 € 49. E E JAPANESE GARDENING HATCHET »EDAUCHI ONO« H High impact: Hand-forged garden hatchet. Double-bevel. 701661 91. Head weight 1300 g Blade length 75 mm Overall length 900 mm No. Magnolia wood sheath. The longer eye protects the handle from breakage and prolongs the axe life. Lifetime sharpening. Highly convex elongated head shape. The extra-long hickory handle transfers your full power to the wood. body of impact-absorbing soft iron. Head weight 400 g Blade length 50 mm Overall length 330 mm No. Handle-fitting pass One handle fitted free. Head weight 560 g Blade length 210 mm Overall length 390 mm No.very hard cutting edges of 58-60 HRC steel and impact-absorbing soft iron body* • Handle of untreated Japanese white oak • Each axe comes with premium leather sheath (*unless otherwise stated) B C B TRADITIONAL JAPANESE SPLITTING AxE Ideal for chopping firewood: Splitting axe with incredible power thanks to its elongated. ergonomically shaped Japanese white oak handle. 38 .00 € high-carbon steel edge (58 .00 € D C JAPANESE SPLITTING AxE For splitting medium and thick crosssections and driving in wedges. Can also be used for splitting wood.

90 € 36.60 € C C WOODSTRAPPER This tension belt makes woodsplitting safe and easy.83 € 95.66 € 94. but nowadays these have been replaced by chain saws. This rapid development also affected splitting wedges. Grooves on the side of the wedge bite into the wood and therefore prevent the wedge from recoiling. This results in higher splitting forces.76 € 37. 706074 25. Stroke height 35 mm. 706075 30. 714049 16. At the same time they are very light and protected against corrosion. Size 90 x 60 cm No. these knives have a relatively thin and therefore light blade which still withstands heavy-duty use. Size 32 x 64 cm 39 . 1 2 3 1 Twisted Splitting Wedge with Tip Because of its twisted shape. 710828 79. Made from a single piece of 2 mm thick leather. and impregnated to repel water and dirt. Width 45 mm Length 220 mm Weight 850 g No. usually made of wood. wood chips and shavings.more-than-tools. 707501 41. sealable front pocket is perfect for tools and materials while the small pouch serves to keep your glasses. The large.Clothing A A SILKY® YOKI Robust. Weight 510 g Blade length 320 mm Overall length 480 mm No.72 € 19. 707506 31. woodturning.01 € 36. Width 55 mm Length 265 mm Weight 800 g No. Fishbone grooves prevent the wedge from recoiling.08 € 35. The scaled surface prevents the wedge from recoiling.more-than-tools.71 € 30. 707505 No. Width 50 mm Length 230 mm Weight 900 g No. ergonomic garden knife for thinning out brushwood and clearing uncontrolled growth. 706079 31. forged aluminium. adjustable shoulder straps.80 € 2 Twisted Splitting Wedge The 45° twist allows enlargement of the wedge angle during striking. Thanks to a special steel alloy.30 € Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. Removable rubber handle shells reduce the impact on the hand and lower arm by about 60% because they absorb the blow better than conventional wooden handles. The tip is easily applied to the wood and forces itself in. Inside breast pocket.80 € Splitting Wedges and Acessories B B SAFETY SPLITTING WEDGE. sharpening. Comes with a high-quality canvas sheath.90 € For a video that shows the woodstrapper in use see www.39 € 43. sculpting and gardening. Now engineering has taken another step: Safety splitting wedges are made from extremely impact-resistant. it is ideally suited for woodworking.80 € 3 Felling and Splitting Wedge An extra-long wedge to fell trees and split large blocks of wood. have been replaced by low-wear splitting wedges made of steel. the wedge angle enlarges while the wedge is being knocked in. 6 pockets reinforced with rivets. • Easy to fit via length-adjustable tensioning mechanism • Split several small or individual large pieces of wood without the split pieces flying around • Transport the split pieces conveniently with the rubberised handle No. thus increasing the splitting power.93 € 49. Colour green Size F F FRENCH LEATHER APRON This heavy-duty leather apron provides reliable protection against Clothing D D GARDENING APRON The stylish way to always have all important tools ready at hand: practical hip apron made of thick cotton with fine leather. The oldest models. dust. MADE OUT OF ALUMINIUM In former times axes were used to cut down trees. They do not splinter and are no risk for chain saws.00 € 60 x 82 cm 90 x 87 cm No. 707500 79.90 € E E COTTON APRON The hefty cotton fabric is seamed on all sides.

these eye-catchers have all the makings of a cult object. • »Ullfrotté Original« is a fabric made of two-thirds fine Merino wool and onethird synthetic fibers. No. 707659 7.66 € 10. L = 8. 707655 No.66 € 10. 707701 No. xL = 9-10. 707665 34. and so help prevent sweating and athletes foot.71 € € € € 41.71 34. 707658 No. They allow better airing. 707703 No. Insiders have long considered these traditional boots to contribute significantly to the extraordinary long lifespan of the Japanese.30 € 8.30 € B 5-TOE SOCKS. and outdoor activities. Each garment is labeled with the name of the seamstress Woolpower® »Ullfrotté Original« Unisex thermal underwear for hunting.95 € 3. A small nipple on the heel makes the boots easy to take off.70 € E E GARDENING GLOVES BOTANIKA Women‘s durable gardening gloves made of high-quality. Velcro fastener on cuff.71 34. For more Woolpower products see www. which results in a very comfortable fit • »Ullfrotté Original« is 80% air. cosy gardening gloves made of finely perforated pigskin facilitate precise control of tools and plants. Size D M L xL No. improve the wearer’s sense of balance and circulation. The advantage of this technology is that the garments worn next to the skin only have minimal seams.30 € 41. 707656 No. Sweden. for pond maintenance or just to show off. black. thus guaranteeing optimum elasticity and durability • Different material thicknesses are available (200 g/m². Size D TEGERA® CLASSIC Durable work gloves for all common craft work.30 € 41. for the production of nylon tights. For mowing.30 € 8.34 € 12. Natural rubber. Size A B 38 – 39 No. Size 7 8 No. elastic band and reinforced fingertips provide extra protection. One size. The cuff has a wrist shield and the back of the thumb is covered with an innovative terrycloth. mainly people who work outside and many others who like to feel warm are among the customers for clothes made of this fiber. • Wool does not retain odor and therefore the clothes do not smell unpleasant even after long periods of use • Woolpower® articles are certified by öko-Tex .75 € 8. dyed nappa leather with a spandex mesh back. Size M = 7. Ribbed cotton cuff. 400 g/m² and 600 g/m²) and can be combined to ideally suit different temperatures and forms of activity • Most »Ullfrotté Original« products are manufactured on circular knitting machines. Wear these boots with 5-toe socks No. 707704 3. half-lined with cotton.“ Beside military and police organizations.71 34. in the garden.30 € 41.95 € 3. handicrafts.95 € 4.35 € 8.35 € 40 . In the early 1970s the company developed a new material in collaboration with the Swedish army: „Ullfrotté Original.30 € C JAPANESE C GARDENING GLOVES These thin.30 € 8 9 10 No. 4 PAIRS Seamless knitted socks with separate toes.more-than-tools.Clothing A JAPANESE RUBBER BOOTS Cult object: Japanese boots with separate big toe provide a better footing. The lofty terry loops together with the crimped wool structure form a jersey knit that traps large quantities of air and therefore provides good heat insulation. in keeping with Japanese tradition. Inner lined with full-grain leather for better grip.75 € Woolpower® Woolpower AB was established in 1969 in östersund.70 € 4. nylon inside.66 € 10. Sewn from split cowhide with excellent grip.70 € 4. The reflectors around the wrist. on the building site or in the garden. Assorted colors. 707664 43 No. 707663 41 – 42 No. 707667 international human ecology label that shows that the garments contain no toxic or harmful substances • Can be machine-washed at up to 60° C (104° F) and tumble tried at medium heat • Made in Sweden. 707667. 707662 40 No. Blended fabric of 85% cotton and 15% nylon. 707657 8. To us.

The back is longer to prevent undesired ingress of coldness. so it provides maximum comfort.10 € 73. 815002 No.90 € 61. 815057 No.10 € 73.70 € 113.70 € 113. • By using Merino wool. When wool fibers are so thin.00 € Woolpower® „lite“ Unisex base layer functional year-round underwear: • The Lite collection is made of a new.28 123. The integrated polyamide fibers make the underwear more durable.10 € 73. 815008 No. they will yield to the skin on contact and therefore not irritate the nerves.79 74. 815058 No. 19. 815009 95. 815059 No. 25% Polyester. E E WOOLPOWER® LITE TEE SHORT SLEEVED Short sleeved crew neck undershirt.70 € 146. 815040 52. and in this way it also absorbs the moisture vapor from the body.70 € 41 . The back is longer to prevent cold air from entering. 815036 No.70 € 113.79 74. 2% Elastane Size The wool of Merinos is very finely crimped. 28% Polyamide. (No annoying itching). 815007 No.00 € 89.e. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight without feeling damp.43 61. 13% Polyamide.02 52. 815061 74.00 € 89.79 74. 815038 No.43 61. Colour black Material 60% Merino wool. 815014 123.70 € 113. Wool is hygroscopic. Colour lime-green Material 70% Merino wool. D D WOOLPOWER® VEST. 815060 No. Colour black Material 80% Merino wool. the material adapts to temperature and activity level and accordingly either cools or warms the body.10 € 73. 815010 No.00 € 89. • The Lite collection has a modern design and is made of a shimmering black fabric highlighted by light green contrast stitching. The raglan cut sleeves prevent seam rub.02 52.00 € 89.28 123. Colour black Material 70% Merino wool. 815039 No.79 € € € € € 89. 815012 No.90 € During increased activity level or in high ambient temperature. i. GREEN 400 G/M² Sweater with short collar and zipper. Straight bottom hem.43 € € € € € 73. „Ullfrotté Original“ is made exclusively from fine Merino wool with a fiber thickness of 22 microns.90 € 61. 28% Polyamide. 2% Elasthan Size xS S M L xL No.more-than-tools. The collar has the Woolpower logo knitted-in as well as an embroidered Woolpower logo on the chest.55 95. 815037 No. 815001 No. 30% Polyamide Size C WOOLPOWER® LONG-SLEEVED CREWNECK.43 61.79 74. 815005 No. 2% Elastane Size xS S M L xL No.55 95.02 52.10 € xS S M L xL No.90 € 61.70 € 146. LIME-GREEN 400 G/M² Vest with thick collar and a full length zipper. The back is longer to prevent undesired ingress of coldness.70 € xS S M L xL No.55 95. the body generates perspiration to cool down. 815004 61.28 € € € € € 146.55 € € € € € 113. Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www. 815000 No. 815006 No.43 61. 815013 No. Colour green Material 70% Merino wool.55 95. 815003 No. The back is longer to prevent undesired ingress of coldness.5 microns) and 20% functional fibers. Cuffs have thumb holes.70 € 146. very light rib knit material with a combination of soft Merino fibers (superfine.02 52.70 € Size for women for men Size chart in cm Chest measurement Weist measurement xS 36-38 42-44 xS 82-90 66-74 S 40-42 46-48 S 90-98 74-82 M 44-46 50-52 M 98-106 82-90 l 48-50 54-56 L 106-114 90-100 xl 52-54 58-60 xL 114-122 100-110 Merino wool does not itch: B C B WOOLPOWER® CARDIGAN.Clothing A A WOOLPOWER® SWEATER. Cuffs are knitted in.28 123. The collar has the Woolpower logo knitted-in.02 € € € € € 61. BLACK 200 G/M² Long-sleeved crewneck shirt.28 123. BLACK 600 G/M² Very warm cardigan with thick collar and a full length zipper. 20% Polyamide Size Wool warms even when moist: xS S M L xL No. 815011 No. it is able to absorb moisture from the air.90 € 61.

50 € 9. Cast iron top and bell. Overall length 100 mm No.90 € D TRADITIONAL JAPANESE WIND CHIME Green wind chime with textured surface in traditional style. 200 x 160 mm Weight 1680 g No. Surface ornamented in the style of a Buddhist temple bell and with patina.from fishing to sunbathing. 185 x 185 x 130 mm Weight 1700 g E No.90 € 8. surface black annealed for rustproofing. 820207 7. The pagoda-shaped round roof sits on an open-worked body which gives this wind chime the desired Japanese touch. Blackened for rust is suitable for other outdoor activities as well . 716111 2. black hemp string is traditionally used in Japan for tying bamboo fences and trellises when shaping bushes and trees. Weight 110 / 185 g 2 1 Green Ø 50 mm Ø 60 mm No. Hanging the brushes with the attached loop extends their life span.14 € 79. the bell contrasts with the smooth surface of the top. 820209 67.28 € 15. They can be used wet or dry. 708894 18. 820208 33. 150 x 90 mm Weight 920 g No.32 € 8. The top and bell are made of thick cast iron and are coated for rust protection.50 € 9. 820033 No. are hard-wearing and long lasting. It is highly tearresistant.08 €/1 m 13.40 € 21.Gardening Accessories A A JAPANESE GARDENER‘S HAT This classically designed hat is not only essential to rice farmers and Japanese gardeners .90 € Gardening Accessories B C D C THEMED WIND CHIME Beautifully detailed wind chime with stylised motif of sun. 820206 No. while its light weight makes it barely noticeable even on long days. moon and clouds. With its diamond design. 820034 41.90 € B WIND-CHIME HOUSE This miniature of a Buddhist bell house adds a touch of Asian atmosphere to your garden.14 € 8. Cast-iron pagoda and miniature bell.90 € G G HEMP STRING The plant friendly. The fine bamboo weave and reed covering allows the hat to keep you cool.93 € 49.44 € 2.53 € 39.80 € 42 . Ø 42 cm Weight 160 g No. 708891 0. 820032 No. Overall length 200 m Ø 3 mm No.90 € 2 Black Ø 50 mm Ø 60 mm F F JAPANESE SCRUB BRUSHES »KAMENOKO TAWASHI« These brushes made of palm fibers are ideal for cleaning garden tools or wooden objects as well as cutting boards.90 € 1 E WIND BELLS.14 € 8. GREEN Cast iron bell whose tender tones play the song of the wind. non-elastic and easy to knot.32 € 7.

pergolas.95 € See www. Paperback. right through to the correct pruning techniques. The procedure for building walls is documented step-by-step. Of course there are also sections on tools and materials. 188 x 130 mm. Daniel Dufour and Ghislain Andrè: 30 new and extraordinary designs in wood are presented in this book. Paperback. to steps. In German No. 104 colour photographs. this book will tell you all you need to know about cultivating your fruit trees and increasing their yield.90 € BAUEN MIT STEIN UND HOLZ Eva Ott: To pave and create garden paths or steps. In German No. The ABC . over 500 colour photographs. 360 x 260 mm. from walls.10 € 12. 175 x 245 mm. In German No. Numerous projects provide creative ideas for using this expressive and versatile material. many colour photographs and to all common fruit and ornamental trees with explicit pruning instructions. and joints.06 € 45. supports you in your building work and suggests ideas for new projects. This book gives an in-depth introduction into selecting the right material for building natural stone walls. No. From preparing the ground to protecting the plants.90 € THE CRAFT AND ART OF BAMBOO Carol Stangler: In Europe too. 167 Pages. In German No. materials and tools. 184 x 235 mm. many colour photographs. Its cultivation. The team around La Cabane Perchée is becoming more and more ambitious and refined when it comes to the constructions. coloured photographs and drawings on every page. however. as are DVDs and for more books. how to cultivate and harvest or buy them. This book provides useful tips on the material wood and its special characteristics. FEUER Roland Müller: From the Stone Age to the burning glass. are not commonly known in our culture. 144 Pages. 170 x 220 mm.00 € BAUMHAUS. 170 x 225 mm. many colour photographs and drawings. Hardcover. flints. This book systematically describes the theory and practice of lighting fires with simple equipment. In German No. checklists and a cutting calendar make this practical book an ideal guidebook for the hobby gardener.more-than-tools. 124 Pages. It presents the whole range of tools and materials for cinder. 20 tables. many colour photographs and illustrations. 128 Pages. and how to cut and join the canes.from different knot techniques. Hardcover. 109 Pages. 713872 9. The books we offer mainly address the tools. trellises and benches. 99 colour and numerous blackand-white illustrations. 265 x 195 mm. The book presents 15 common bird species in Germany and what they need for nesting. Books are indispensable companions on the way to learning and new discovery. Paperback. In German No. Superb pictures of the tree houses and their exclusive interiors as well as spectacular views await you. many colour illustrations. 166 Pages. MAUERN AUS NATURSTEIN Volker Friedrich: By Volker Friedrich.PFLANZEN RICHTIG SCHNEIDEN Colin Crosbie: By Colin Crosbie. 160 Pages.all the books we offer have been read by our own experts and selected for the quality of their content.99 € 13. Hardcover. 713534 12. Thanks to the building instructions with detailed and dimensioned drawings of the individual parts. you can easily build the shelters yourself. WASSERRAD Benoit Delalandre: Written for children.Books Books The more intensively one studies a particular subject. winner of the European Environmental Award and a dedicated ornithologist. 99 colour and numerous black-and-white illustrations.30 € 9. The book also explains the importance of feeding birds in winter and how to build appropriate feeders. In German No. This book by Carol Stangler shows you how to use individual types. 713019 21.00 € KLEINE GRüNE ARCHE Claudia Lorenz-Ladener: Passive-solar [earth] greenhouses are a good alternative to the all-round transparent off-the-shelf greenhouse in which the temperatures are much too high in summer and much too low in winter.06 € 12. 713137 23. right through to building huts and furniture. BRüCKE. Hardcover. 246 x 175 mm. Hardcover. colour illustrations throughout. 265 x 195 mm.UND ZIERGEHöLZEN Günter Pardatscher: A proper winter pruning will result in beautiful growth and abundant harvest. The practical building instructions in this book show you how you can produce fresh fruit and vegetables almost all year round. all you need is a little skill and this book.40 € 22.36 € 25. It also describes how to convert standard greenhouses. treating and processing it.90 € 43 Order hotline: Phone: +49-(0)991-9109-902 • www.10 € 12. Includes useful information on the most suitable tools. Hardcover.Apple. Hardcover. the more fascinating it becomes.95 € TRAUMHAFTE BAUMHäUSER Alain Laurens.90 € BESSER GäRTNERN . The most important principles and proven techniques of plant cutting are clearly presented in a successful combination of photo sequences and precise texts. as well as exact instructions and invaluable practical tips. In German No. 713829 32. This book is full of ideas and made for anyone who longs for their childhood dream of a life up in the trees. 194 x 265 mm. Paperback. weather protection and woodworking. Hardcover. plant science. 166 Pages. Not a single tree will have its groth interrupted and no metal will harm the bark.90 € WINTERSCHNITT VON OBST. 126 Pages. Birch. many colour photographs and drawings. techniques and traditions of working wood by hand and metal-work. In German No. to a pergola. 713018 13. 96 Pages. right through to burning glasses. 58 drawings.90 € OBSTBAUMSCHNITT GRUNDKURS Uwe Jakubik: Only fruit trees that are cut properly and regularly guarantee a healthy and tasty harvest year after year. 713910 12. 713540 12. 713533 9. In German No. Bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a material for floors. Each pruning cut is illustrated. 170 x 235 mm. It offers valuable information on wood properties. seals and planting are discussed based on numerous examples. In German No. 220 x 255 mm. chopping boards and decorative use in gardens. this book offers instructions on virtually anything you may have tried yourself as a child . The practical tips and tricks based on simple materials such as a rope and branches will amaze even parents. gives practical step-by-step instructions for building birdhouses appropriate to the individual species. 713619 12. An interesting book on a unique subject! 205 Pages. Hardcover.95 € VOGELHäUSCHEN Eberhard Gabler: This comprehensive work on birdhouses by Eberhard Gabler. 713897 . 245 x 245 mm. The selection process we use is simple .62 € 34. descriptions of growth forms and reactions to pruning. This book is designed for hobby gardeners who want clear and concise information about what is important when cutting fruit trees. without additional heating. Expert tips. drills.95 € BAUEN MIT HOLZ IM GARTEN Peter Mair: Professional tips and building instructions for fences. characteristics and joining techniques. to making missiles and musical instruments. 713933 9. but also contains step-by-step instructions for small projects for building the garden of your dreams. fire sticks.more-than-tools.93 € 14.25 € 9. 160 Pages. Discover the plant forms with the highest yields and the most beautiful growth.30 € 9. 116 colour photographs numerous tables. 61 Pages. Cherry . it not only describes the basics of paving. Price note As the German books are subject to the store price agreement. As well as an introduction to techniques. we are obliged to pass on any price changes to our customers.

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