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Lesson 6: The Sun and Us; Let’s Tech a chance!

Stage/Year: Stage 3, Year 6 Time: 1 hour Objective: For students to further their understanding of how features of the sun are all interrelated thus begin thinking about and investigating the ways in which the sun’s magnetic field could be effecting our planet and our lives through issues regarding the environment, technology and human life. Syllabus Links: : SC4-10PW; - describe the behaviour of magnetic poles when they are brought close together • investigate how magnets and electromagnets are used in some everyday devices or technologies used in everyday life ST3-8ES; - research the key features of the planets of the solar system (inclusive of the sun) (Adapted, BOS, 2012a) ST3-4WS; - predicting what the findings of an investigation might be • collaboratively and individually selecting suitable methods for gathering data and information first-hand and from reliable secondary sources • accurately observing, measuring and recording data, using digital technologies as appropriate • drawing conclusions and providing explanations based on data and information gathered first-hand or from secondary sources EN3-1A; - use interaction skills, varying conventions of spoken interactions such as voice volume, tone, pitch and pace, according to group size, formality of interaction and needs and expertise of the audience • participate in and contribute to discussions, clarifying and interrogating ideas, developing and supporting arguments, sharing and evaluating information, experiences and opinions • identify and summarise key ideas and information from guest speakers, e.g. note-taking or using digital technologies Resources: • Glogster Resource (link located at the bottom of this webpage) • Video clip space/videos/space-solarstorms-5-reasons-to-careright-now.htm (also available on Glogster resource) • Computers 1 between 3 or 4 • iPads- 1 between 3 or 4 • Range of topic related nonfiction books borrowed from the library (alternatively book a time for students to visit library prior to lesson to borrow books)

Summary table of KSK: • A solar storm occurs when solar flares erupt and send of strong energy forces into the atmosphere (Kraus, 2012) • Solar storms can have many effects on earth such as creating aurora’s (see below), interfering with satellites and astronauts in space due to radiation from the sun and can cause blackouts in power by putting extra electricity into power lines (Kraus, 2012; NASA, 2000) • Aurora’s are the bright coloured lights seen in the sky which occur as a result of solar wind colliding into earth’s atmosphere due to solar storms (Kraus, 2012; NASA, n.d.)

Lesson Overview: Introduction (10mins) Open up Glogster resource and watch the YouTube clip on the left hand side. Using the clip as a basis, brainstorm all the ways solar storms could be affecting life on earth. Recall what students learnt in the last two lessons and encourage students to think about why earth is affected by the sun. Record these thoughts on the board with the brainstorm. Body (40mins) Divide students into groups of 4 and assign a topic for their investigation. Students will research how the sun’s magnetic field affects either 1. People, 2. Technology, 3. Planes and Aircrafts & 4. The Environment. Students will be encouraged to find relevant information, videos, pictures etc. using the computers and I Pads. They will have 40 minutes to create their own Glogster resource incorporating all of the resources they find. Ensure students are reminded to keep it peer friendly in terms of the language used and suggest ways for defining unknown terms used on their resource in a separate section (e.g. Glossary box) Conclusion (10mins) Students will save their Glogster resource and each group will provide a brief presentation of the information they obtained and briefly explain how the sun’s magnetic field affects their given topic. Encourage students to pose questions as a way for extending each other’s thinking and providing a means for further investigation. Simplification: Provide students with key searching words so as to narrow their search to more relevant items. Extensions: For students who finish early or need extending, encourage them to investigate what long term effects the sun’s magnetism could have on their given topic.

Additional Learning Opportunities: • Students are given the time to interact with each other’s Glogster creations and pose a specific question they want answered related to that topic for the creators to investigate and answer. • Encourage students to represent what they have learnt about the sun and the earth’s magnetic field right through to how the sun’s magnetic field could affect earth, in a detailed and labeled drawing suitable for explaining the content to someone who is new to the topic.