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Gender of the respondents

Consumers were asked to indicate their gender. The object of this question is to understand the demographics of the population under study. The highest number of respondents were female, as is depicted by the chart presented above. The number of male respondents was less compared to the female respondents. Consumers approached were asked an open-ended question to indicate the reasons they select a particular store to shop at as against any other retail outlet. Their responses were a broad idea of the factors that influence shopping and buying decisions was formed. By analysing the responses to this question, we, the researchers, as well as companies, can identify customer preferences among the varied choices of stores, and can calculate how much market share they hold.
Gender of Respondents
Male Female 46.67% 53.33%

the researchers. we. it is evident that a good number of target consumers are satisfied with the stores at large. product variety etc.. This helps to understand the current consumer perception of the three stores identified and the corresponding satisfaction levels. location. satisfaction level based on the given parameters for the following stores: By analysing the responses to this question. and offers products that appeal to a wide array of consumers. Such consumers form the potential market that the companies must strive to attract 20 43 10 2 9 48 18 0 11 41 17 6 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% . can identify the effectiveness of advertisements. on the target consumers. price.The highest number of responses has been attributed to Pantaloons. promotion. as well as companies. Pantaloons attracts people of many income groups. However. brand. there are those who are unsatisfied or who have never visited the store at all. From the tabulated data depicted above and responses of the consumers.

. we chose them randomly to answer a satisfaction survey. The marketing strategies. CUSTOMER SURVEY DATA When customers paid their bill at the checkout. The questionnaire contained around 10 questions keeping in mind the 10 Parameters of the store that are: . It seems to enjoy a reasonable amount of goodwill.70% 80% 90% 100% Shopper’s Stop Pantaloons Westside Stores Satisfaction Levels Never Visited Highly Satisfied Satisfied Unsatisfied There are also quite a few respondents who were highly satisfied with the retail chains. It is imperative for the stores to find out why this is so. promotions. They can modify and apply the same attractions towards the consumers who are less satisfied. quality. advertisements. Around 100 Questionnaire were filled with the customers in 2 months time duration. This goes to show that Pantaloons is doing many things right. pricing. product variety etc. With the different responses from every customer Negative to positive. I obtained customer surveys over a 2 months period. seem to be very appealing and also translate into sales and repeat purchases.

)Variety 6. suggestions by Customers:  More Communication Should be there to guide the customers who visit for the first time.) Navigation of the store With the number of responses varying from highly satisfactory to Poor.  The paging should be clear and soft so that it is audible to the customers.) Price 10.1.  The payment made by credit card to the cashiers by customers should be taken special care of.  The schemes and offers should be properly checked before applying to customers.)Availability 7. .  There should be separate counter for senior citizen for cashiering.)Billing 5. in the different sections or departments while handling them as sale staff. at the cash counters.  The size should be always be available in the store for customers as mostly they are out of stock.)After Sale services 4. attending them at home delivery counters.)Service experience with store associates 9.)Convenience 8.)Service 3.)Quality 2.  The Cashiering Should be done fast so as to save time of customers. The card should be swiped once only to the Banks system not to the system of the store. I tried to target the customers of Pantalooons inside as well outside the store at Customer service Desk.

F r o m w h e r e y o u h e a r d a b o u t t h e s a l e a v a i l a b l e a t pantaloons store? Gender.Male/Female . W h i c h r e t a i l s t o r e ’ s c o o r d i n a t i o n o f s t a f f m e m b e r s a t more comfortable for you? (a)Pantaloons (b) Central (c) Reliance Trend (d) Globus (e) Westside Q 4 .  There were less variety in accessories. should be trendy and keep pace with the market trend. QUESTIONNAIRE Name Contact No. So it should be more in that section.a) 15-25 yrs b) 26-35 yrs c) 36-45 yrs d) above 45 yrs.Which retail store is more comfortable for your shopping? (a)Pantaloons (b) Central (c) Reliance Trend (d) Globus (e) Westside Q2.  The range of denim jeans was limited. so this thing should be improved. More cost effective clothes should be there in women section.  Good variety of merchandise should be there. Q1. Which store products/merchandise collection available is more trendy or latest? (a)Pantaloons (b) Central (c) Reliance Trend (d) Globus (e) Westside Q 3 . Should be more spacious. – Age Group.  Space problem.

The percentage in terms of number of customers that fall in 20-35 is 65%. Now there are 25% of the customer’s falls in between 35-50. 40% of the customer believes that Pantaloons has their own branded products to offer to the customers within a good price range. Talking about the factors that motivate customers to come to the Pantaloons store mainly focus on their own in house brand availability and value for money.7 on which time you prefer for shopping apparels? ( a ) D u r i n g o f f e r s ( b ) f r e s h s t o c k ( c ) o n f e s t i v a l s ( d ) anytime Q.6 you prefer to shopping with us due to( a ) A t t r a c t i v e o f f e r s ( b ) H i g h Q u a l i t y ( c ) V a r i e t y ( d ) Better Assistant Q.1-3 Times 2.(a)TV (b)Radio (c) Newspapers (d) Hording (5) others. And they always expect Value for there every penny. Considering the fact that this project is focussing on customer experience while shopping led us to study whether they are satisfied with the variety and the product range available and 80% of the sample size believe that .8 which store is having the best ambience in Indore? (a)Pantaloons (b) Central (c) Reliance trend (d) Globus(e) Q9.As the Indian customers have different mind set. And Pantaloons in that context fulfil there all there expectations. Q. More then 9 CONCLUSIONS As the data gathered through questionnaire suggests that the maximum number of customers fall between the age group of 20-35. And they have the tendency to spent little and get more. How often you visit Pantaloon in a month? 1.5 Are you happy with the available offers at the store – (a)Satisfied (b) Highly Satisfied (c) Dissatisfy Q. 6-9 times 4. 3-6 times 3. Therefore information suggests that the customers mainly fall between 20-50 year age group and that constitute 80% of the total sample size.

One of the important factors that can make or destroy the customer shopping experience is interface with customer care associates. 55% of the sample size believes pricing is good enough to come again. 8% responded that their billing experience had bad experience.they get good variety and product range. 95% have said that their experience has been good and to 5% of the sample size this has been satisfactory. 75% of the sample sizes have said that their billing experience has been excellent. This is a point where customer can really get frustrated if they spend lot of time to get billing done. . 70% of the sample size has had good experience with CCA. Providing a good billing experience to the customers is a must for every retailer. Taking in to consideration all the above mentioned factors when customers were asked to rate their overall shopping experience. Pricing also becomes an important factor for customer to take in to consideration for evaluating their shopping experience. 10% responded that they have not had satisfying experience with CCA’s.

P a n t a l o o n n e e d s t o i m pr o v e s o t h a t i t c a n ac c o m m o d a t e m o r e k i n d s o f products and also provide space for children coming with their parents to play and have fun so that for them visiting Pantaloon becomes exciting. jewelery. B a s e d o n t he a n a l y s i s a n d f i n d i n g s o f m y research I would like to give following recommendations: 1 . .RECOMMENDATION This research throws light on various strengths and weaknesses of Pantaloonand can also help Pantaloon to improve on different fronts in order to have a n e d g e o v er i t s c o m p e t i t o r s . More varieties in sizes in jeans. 3 . S i t t i n g a r e a s h o u ld b e t h er e f or c h i l d r e n a n d ol d p e o p le . Shirts. s o t h a t t h e y c a n sit while other family members doing shopping. Footwear. cosmeticsand more varieties in watches. Variety of products should specially beincreased in traditional wear for women. 2.Pantaloon should incorporate more variety of products in its b a s k e t s o t h a t i t p r o v i d e s t h e co n v e n i e n c e o f a v a i l a b i l i t y o f a l l t h i n g s under one roof to its customers.

6. O t h e r R e c o m m e n d a t i o n s i n c l u de i n t r od u c t i o n o f a B o o k c o r n e r f o r t h e book lovers and making shopping more joyfull. BIBLIOGRAPHY Marketing Management – Philip kotler www.jsp . More computer should be incuded and number f biing counters be increased especially during the festive season and http://pantaloon.indianrealtynews.4 .wikipedia. 7 .org/wiki/pantaloons www.Staff should be trained properly to assist people and to make themu n d e r s t a n d t h e b e n e f i t s o f gr e e n c ar d m e m b er s h i p .com www...pantaloons. hptt:/en./34_pantaloon%20retail%20india%20ltd %2004sept2008 i t w i l l s t r e n g t h e n Customer so asto speed up the process of billing and avoid large queues. 5.If possible more attractive discount and offers should be given inorder to attract more .