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Table Of Contents Eight Quick Facts About Robert Shumake -4Robert Shumake And His Commitment To Eco-Conscious Living -6How Robert Shumake Can Guide You To Your Ascent -8Life Lessons From “Climb Your Inner Mountain” By Robert Shumake -10Robert Shumake Earns Rave Reviews For His Second Published Book -12- Copyright 2013

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Robert Shumake Releases Motivational And Instructional Guid To Business Success -14Business Mogul Robert Shumake Yearns To Inspire Young People With His Success -16Robert Shumake Advocates Educational Opportunities For Financially Challenged Youth -18Robert Shumake Uses Financial Success To Make A Difference -20Real Estate Expert Robert Shumake Provides Tips To Protect Home Buyers From Mortgage Fraud Copyright 2013

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Eight Quick Facts About Robert Shumake
To his scholars, he is like a fairy godfather, encouraging them and providing hope that despite bleak conditions, there’s a way to transcend the harsh realities of life — and it always begins with making a firm decision and pressing towards the prize. To the members of the community, he is a reliable friend and problemsolver whose core desire is to be successful to be able to help those in need. But how much do people really know Robert Shumake? Detroit locals will say that he’s a business tycoon that many of today’s young men would definitely want to be like; he seems to have everything due to his success in business – there’s definitely more to the man than most people know. For those who wish to get to know him better, here are eight quick facts about Robert S. Shumake: 1. He’s from Detroit, Michigan and he has really humble beginnings, so he’s always had the heart to support youth advocacies. Most of his youth-directed works are for economically challenged youth who want to get tertiary education. 2. His philanthropic efforts extend across the shores. He has built a learning institution under his name (the Shumake Legacy Academy) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia which educates about 3,000 HIV-infected orphans. 3. He attended Morehouse College in Georgia, which is a private, all-male liberal arts and historically black college with a very proud tradition. He then received his honorary doctorate from Lewis Business College in Detroit. 4. He is the Honorary Consul General to Botswana and Tanzania and was present at the first ever 2013 Ambassadors Inaugural Ball (Ambassadors Ball) held in Washington, DC last January 21, 2013. He was one of the key personalities of the black tie event that commemorated the re-election of President of the United States Barack Obama. Copyright 2013

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5. He’s a best -selling author and his second effort, ―Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps To Reaching Any Goal ,‖ which was released in May 2013 received rave reviews from motivational book fans. Meanwhile, his first published work, ―For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough‖ continues to generate interest for its straight-to-thepoint nuggets of wisdom about life’s purpose and rising above challenges. Both books are available at 6. He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in the African continent, without any solid previous mountain climbing experience, and he nearly died. 7. He’s always had asthma and his biggest asthma scare was during the climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. 8. All sales of his books go straight to his foundation, the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, which has a goal of educating the youth through scholarships and other helpful programs. Know more about Robert Shumake at Copyright 2013

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Robert Shumake And His Commitment To EcoConscious Living
As various countries experience the real and pressing effects of the twin problems of global warming and climate change, people are becoming more aware of their role in stemming the tide of these threats. From recycling to purchasing eco-friendly products and even using alternative power sources, it has become evident that each person must make a conscious choice and accept that one's small actions send massive ripples on a global scale. To say that green technologies (particularly their applications in energy generation and consumption) are the wave of the future is a gross understatement. If devastating hurricanes, suffocating smog and mountain after mountain of garbage were to become the norm of wanton consumption, then green technologies present a future — an enduring legacy that today's people would like to bequeath to their children. At the forefront of advocating and harnessing green technologies is Detroit businessman, philanthropist and bestselling author Robert Shumake. With his vast experience in the world of business, establishing a business school of his own would seem to be a logical step to further promote his vision of helping his community. But with The Robert Shumake Academy, he seeks to go a step beyond molding the world's future business leaders. Unlike other business schools, the focus of the academy is to train students in technology, green business and entrepreneurship. The academy is designed to equip each student with laptops while flat screen TVs broadcasting news from business news are strategically placed along school hallways. Copyright 2013

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―The curriculum will not be easy. We must break away from the antiquated school calendar based on yesterday’s agricultural rhythms to longer days and summer classes that will better prepare students to compete in the global economy," said Shumake. The academy is envisioned to begin as a middle school which will later expand to include high school, with its curriculum adapted from Houston's Kipp Academy. Shumake divulged that there are plans to partner with major corporations that will allow the academy's students to serve internships with the top CEOs. Shumake is currently the CEO of ShuFund Capital, LLC, the Energy Chairman of SGP Energy Fund L3C, and the CEO of Inheritance Capital Group. He is also the Honorary Consul of Trinidad and Tobago, Botswana and Tanzania. Apart from his active participation in his foundations, The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation, the Shumake Legacy Academy and the Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays, he has written two books, ―For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough ‖ and ―Climbing Your Inner Mountain.‖ Visit for more. Copyright 2013

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How Robert Shumake Can Guide You To Your Ascent
International business strategist. Philanthropist. CEO. Diplomat. Bestselling author. In various aspects of his life, whether personal or professional, Robert Shumake epitomizes success. In the investment world, he is known as the leading private equity investor and property developer who has built a portfolio of about three million square meters, valued over $1 billion. He also serves as CEO of Shumake Global Partners, L3C which provides services in various areas including technology, real estate, healthcare, energy and finance. As a philanthropist, Shumake has been a staunch advocate of the youth cause, being actively involved in fundraising events that ensure that young children stay in school to become productive citizens. His Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays has supported over 10,000 young athletes while his Shumake Family and Friends Foundation has sent over 200 beneficiaries to college. The Shumake Legacy Academy, on the other hand, was established to allow HIV-infected orphans in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to get educated. With his success in two distinct fields, one would dare ask why Shumake would foray into the world of writing. Shumake explains his philosophy: "I always want to promote the double bottom line: make a profit in business and make a difference in the community." This philosophy rings true in two of his master works, ―For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough ‖ and the number one Amazon Bestseller, ―Climbing Your Inner Mountain.‖ Copyright 2013

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While the first book was more geared for entrepreneurs, CYIM narrates Shumake's struggles, from homelessness to a lifelong battle against asthma to the real and formidable challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. This book details how Shumake has overcome various adversities to become one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs. But more importantly, it uses Shumake's ascent to Mount Kilimanjaro as the perfect metaphor to finding success in any field, in the face of any obstacle. CYIM offers a lot of valuable lessons, not only for entrepreneurs, but also for those people who have been stricken by fear into inaction. Among the valuable lessons the bestselling book offers are having a confident mindset, beating procrastination, finding the right partner for your journey and facing times when a person must embark on a journey by himself. Shumake explains that CYIM is not just another self-help book. Rather, it seeks to differentiate itself by offering readers a way to recognize their unique situation in life, how to simplify these issues, and then to reach deep inside themselves to find the best course of action. Check out for more information. Copyright 2013

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Life Lessons From “Climb Your Inner Mountain” By Robert Shumake
In the Amazon best-selling book ―Climb Your Inner Mountain,‖ the author describes in detail the many challenges and obstacles he faced before and during his climb to the tallest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. He shared the experience that triggered him into action to finally fulfill his childhood dream – the death of a beloved friend. He said people met his decision with a cynical, unbelieving reaction to a black man taking on such a venture; there is a perception that only white, outdoorsy-type men were interested in scaling the heights of what is also the highest freestanding mountain on Earth. He revealed how his apprehensions and being ―scared to death‖ almost prevented him from embarking on the journey. As he got near the top, he faced the one thing he feared most would happen: he suffered a massive asthma attack. An expert who came with him advised him to give the climb up. But he didn’t turn back. He kept going until he reached the summit triumphantly. His reward was not only the sense of accomplishment at that moment; greater than that are the life lessons he earned and was given the opportunity to share with other people through the book he wrote. The man is Robert Shumake — best-selling author, international business strategist, philanthropist, diplomat and CEO. Shumake’s extensive life experiences are evident in the way he shares his insights and ideas in his book. He says about the book: ― It is an in-depth instructional of how to recognize the issues that one faces in life – clarifying and breaking down those issues to their simplest and most common denominators, and then turning inward to determine how to approach a solution.‖ Copyright 2013

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Some of the takeaways from Climb Your Inner Mountain: Stepping out of your comfort zone will lead you to confront your real self. The hustle and frenzy of modern life can drown out your identity. Shumake says standing on the mountain ―forced‖ him to hear his inner voice. Being away from distractions allowed him to tune in to ideas and inspiration. Everyone has a mountain to climb . Shumake learned how to be sensitive to and appreciative of the personal challenges that are unique to each person. Some people may need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest or other literal mountains. Other people’s mountains are more difficult to surmount, such as building a business, finding the means to provide quality education to your children or learning how to loosen the knots in your relationships. Success starts at the beginning. People who know Shumake now marvel at his wealth and influence, but he never fails to point out that he started to build his fame and fortune way, way back – when he was working as a janitor trying to expand his knowledge by listening to audiobooks while cleaning and taking out the trash. For Shumake, success is about preparation: ―Success doesn’t happen overnight or by accident.‖ Find out more at Copyright 2013

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Robert Shumake Earns Rave Reviews For His Second Published Book
Although he wears a lot of hats as CEO of big corporations, Honorary Consul to two African countries, philanthropist, and father to three lovely children, Robert Shumake still found time to release two books this year, and his second effort has been labelled an inspiring page-turner by readers. As someone who had overcome a challenging childhood where he often worried about potentially being homeless, Shumake had definitely risen above the typical expectations people have of someone from such an economically challenged background. He worked hard and managed to get a good education which opened different doors of opportunities for him. And throughout his journey, he met some wonderful people who helped shape his purpose and values in life — one of them being his friend Steve Myen, to whom the book is dedicated. After Steve’s fatal accident, Shumake, although devastated by his friend’s death, experienced an awakening of sorts which led him to finally climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. He had often said that it was something that he had always wanted to do, but due to his incredibly busy schedule and the many demands he had to prioritize first, it took many years for him to finally take that plane and find himself looking up at the most difficult physical task he would have to endure. His second book, ―Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps to Reaching Any Goal,‖ details Shumake’s personal obstacles and his momentous climb up the African continent’s highest summit; he shared many of the lessons he learned as he experienced the harsh elements of Kilimanjaro and the possibility of him losing his life due to a massive asthma attack. But this is not just a storybook; all the life accounts and lessons are laid out for optimal ―learning‖ for the reader, and there’s even a carefully prepared guide to assisting readers in goal achievement and self-reflection. Copyright 2013

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Many of the readers who have read and re-read the book claim that what they particularly like about it is that it’s very relatable. Since most people find life to be a difficult uphill journey, the way Shumake related his physical ascent to Kilimanjaro to seemingly insurmountable challenges of living made the lessons easier to digest. In addition to that, the personal quotes Shumake shared (along with carefully picked ones from other notable personalities like Alexander Graham Bell and even Dr. Seuss) as well as the sporadic injection of humor made reading every new chapter an exciting ―progress‖ for the r eaders. ―Climbing Your Inner Mountain: 10 Steps to Reaching Any Goal ‖ has earned an average of 5 stars from Amazon customers; many are hoping that Shumake will not take long to come up with a follow-up to this effort and he’ll present fresh perspectives about goal achievement in a new manual for success soon. ―Climbing Your Inner Mountain‖ is available in Kindle edition and paperback on and 100% of the sales of these books go straight to his foundation which aims to provide good education to young people who need financial support. For more, visit this site - Copyright 2013

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Robert Shumake Releases Motivational And Instructional Guide To Business Success
When business gets tough, what do some entrepreneurs do? The survivalist business owner weathers on, in spite of the hardships, and knows that if he holds on, he will ―live‖ to see another customer. The practical business owner executes contingency plans, pooling from various resources in order to keep the business strong. And then there is the suicidal business owner — the entrepreneur who figures all is lost, the sky has fallen, and the only logical solution is to give up. For international business strategist turned author and philanthropist, Robert Shumake, killing one’s business dream is tantamount to suicide. A Book is Born Shumake has released a book entitled ―For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide When Business Got Tough,‖ a motivational and instructional guide that contains over 100 practical survival skills to help — or perhaps more accurately, save — the struggling entrepreneur. In a published interview on Shumake’s blog, the international business strategist shares that the title came about when he considered what some entrepreneurs would do when faced with some very difficult situations, from a downturn in the economy forcing mass layoffs to stiff competition compelling a business to shut down. In Shumake’s own words, ―The up and down pressures of doing business successfully often changes us to give up on our God-given gifts and dreams. So this book was written to encourage others not to kill their dreams. ‖ Shumake, who also happens to be CEO at ShuFund Capital, LLC and an honorary consul to various African nations, shares that he himself has had to go through the pressures Copyright 2013

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of doing business. He adds that even when faced with the possibility of not making his payroll and closing down, he was still motivated to pursue his dreams as a successful entrepreneur. Encouraging Entrepreneurs to Help Educate Kids But Shumake’s fascinating book is not just designed to act as a compass of sorts for the overburdened entrepreneur. With 100 percent of the book sales being donated to educational causes in third world countries, Shumake’s goal of ―make a profit, make a difference‖ is going to be reaching an entirely new level through ―For Entrepreneurs Who Considered Suicide …‖ The CEO and author says that his hope is to promote young people in business and empower them to, as it were, pay it forward to other less fortunate children when they eventually come up in the world. The Shumake Family and Friends Foundation has so far granted 180 scholarships domestically. His international holding company, the Shumake Global Partners, is a supporter and sponsor of KENO (Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities) Foundation, an organization dedicated to nurturing, training, and growing businesses developed by young entrepreneurs. By helping business owners get over the proverbial hump through his book, Shumake also aims to encourage the future business leaders of the world. Check to know more about Robert Shumake’s guide. Copyright 2013

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Business Mogul Robert Shumake Yearns To Inspire Young People With His Success
He is quite a familiar name in Detroit mainly because of his world-class businesses, but the leading private equity investor and real estate developer, Robert Shumake, is proving that he’s not just any other successful person — he is not only rich in assets, but he’s also even richer in kindness and compassion. For him, it’s equally important to be successful in his business ventures as in ―real life‖ and his success shouldn’t just be confined to creating a comfortable life for him and his family. It should also be about letting his blessings flow into the lives of others, especially those who need them the most. Even before he struck it big in business, he’s always had the passion to serve and make a difference in the lives of young people, believing that they are just as deserving of success as he is. He, however, recognizes that certain opportunities are not easily accessible to some due to their economic background, and that’s why he strives to somewhat even out the playing field by offering his assistance through his scholarship program. But aside from his scholarship programs, Shumake also orchestrates all sorts of fundraising events for the youth to ensure that they will become inspiring and productive members of society. So far, with all these programs and events, he has already supported over 10,000 student athletes and many of them are now successful professionals. Although many of his youth-centered events take place in Detroit, he supports overseas work as well. He has directed time and energy in starting the Shumake Legacy Academy in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa; this learning institution educates HIV-infected orphans. These students, given their condition, are not likely to be provided the opportunity to get an education under normal circumstances, but Shumake is just that committed to his vision of empowering young people with proper education. Therefore, even if these children are seen by Copyright 2013

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their society as beings with relatively bleak futures, Shumake hopes to prove otherwise and he’s using his own story (and even his own resources) to do just that. Robert Shumake has also come up with informative and inspirational books which are available at Amazon. He shares valuable lessons he has acquired through the many years he has devoted to his professions and guides people, both young and old, on how they too can be successful despite the odds. All book proceeds go straight to his foundation, the Shumake Family and Friends foundation, which works to help educate economically challenged young people. Visit to know more about Robert Shumake and his works. Copyright 2013

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Robert Shumake Advocates Educational Opportunities For Financially Challenged Youth
Everybody hears of people supporting charities by donating a large amount of money to support a cause. But for Robert Shumake, it’s imperative to get the community involved especially if the cause is to create a bright future for committed and promising young people. Knowing how hard life is in many parts of Detroit where an alarming percentage of teenagers drop out of high school and eventually live a life of crime, Shumake has made it his mission to guide and protect those who wish to rise above the difficulty of their situation and become successful. College education in the US is never cheap; even some courses at a local community college can prove to be too expensive for many of Detroit’s hard-up families. A lot of young people who want to secure a college education have to work throughout their teen years to save money for tuition, yet they still fall short. Shumake understands how frustrating it truly can be to fail to reach an important goal in life, and that’s why he has devised a program to help these young people out in attaining their dreams. Through the Robert S. Shumake Scholarship Relays, applicants get the chance to be granted a scholarship to the college of their choice; what’s remarkable about this scholarship is that a community of runners actually help to secure the financial support for the applicants. They run devotedly and persistently towards the goal of these applicants who really want to go to college for, truly, ―it takes a village.‖ “If you want to run in the race of life effectively , you will need an EDUCATION.” This is what Shumake tells all of his scholars. Knowledge is power, and the best way to get knowledge that can push young people towards a productive and fulfilling path is by completing a college education. Heading to university not only Copyright 2013

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hones necessary skills to be effective members of a work force but instills discipline as well. Likewise, completing a college education automatically opens doors to more employment opportunities, and with good employment opportunities, a person has a higher chance of moving farther along in life. Every dedicated young person should have the opportunity to grow into the person he has always been designed to become – someone who makes a positive difference in the lives of the people around him as a productive member of society. With the help of Robert Shumake, more and more young people can actually become so. Copyright 2013

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Robert Shumake Uses Financial Success To Make A Difference
There is a lot of money just floating around in the world. Unfortunately, and as the three-month protest movement Occupy Wall Street has taught people, the social and economic inequality in the world give rise to the one percent feeding off of the majority of resources. What should be done — other then giving a staunch voice to the so-called 99 percent? Get proactive. Be involved. Use your success to make a difference in your corner of the world. And you don’t have to be a billionaire philanthropist like Bill Gates or Ted Turner to turn things around for the less fortunate. This is what Robert Shumake firmly believes in as he runs his companies and creates programs meant to alleviate the struggling conditions of different communities. Currently the CEO of ShuFund Capital LLC, a real estate investment and management firm, of SGP (Shumake Global Partners), an international holding company that concentrates on micro lending and mobile remittance, and honorary consul to Trinidad and Tobago, Botswana, and Tanzania, Shumake’s goal is to use his financial success towards the greater good. Both companies, incidentally, are carrying out social objectives through various charitable programs that focus mostly on working with the youth sector and on fostering education in third world countries. According to Shumake, anyone who has been blessed with monetary success has the moral obligation to put that success to good use. He believes that those who make a profit have the responsibility to make a difference. The international Copyright 2013

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business strategist and diplomat to various African nations calls it ―the double bottom line.‖ So while the likes of Gates and Turner pledge to donate portions of their billiondollar incomes to charitable causes, Shumake’s own pledge is for his thriving companies to help the struggling communities. With every profit, he says, he aims to alleviate underprivileged communities and to give kids from his home state, Detroit, and from third world countries the opportunities to succeed in life. Such goals have given birth to several foundations like the Shumake Family and Friends Foundation and support for various educational organizations like the KENO (Kid Entrepreneurs Need Opportunities) Foundation. As a diplomat to one of the world’s struggling nations, Shumake also strives to foster commerce through trade missions and various programs, using these as sources for people to gain the opportunities they would otherwise not possess. Shumake may have his plate full with running his companies and fulfilling his diplomatic duties. But through it all and no matter how hectic his days get, the CEO and diplomat never fails to forget his most challenging but worthy vocation as a philanthropist. What are you doing today to make a difference in the world? Visit for more information. Copyright 2013

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Real Estate Expert Robert Shumake Provides Tips To Protect Home Buyers From Mortgage Fraud
Buying property, either for personal use or for investment purposes, is always a major financial decision that involves lengthy or tedious processes. It can be a common activity for the serious investor who makes a living out of flipping properties, but for the average consumer, the opportunity to purchase a house could be the single biggest financial move he makes — and ideally, the property will be in his and his family's possession for the rest of their days. Therefore, he takes care to gather sufficient resources, build good credit, thoroughly weigh and scrutinize his options, and ensure that the property matches his specific needs and vision for the home that he could finally call his very own. However, certain market conditions are pushing unscrupulous individuals to acquire property through questionable means. Rises in foreclosures, depressed markets, decreased demand and declining values are causing lenders to tighten their practices, for example, and this leads some people to cook up mortgage fraud schemes or even resort to identity theft (targeting individuals with good credit) just to obtain housing loans, take over someone else's property, or sell another person's home. Even experienced real estate professionals are not safe from fraudulent activities. Detroit businessman, published author, and philanthropist Robert Shumake is CEO of Inheritance Capital Group, a Michigan-based private equity real estate investment and development firm, and he became a victim of mortgage fraud himself. The finance and real estate expert once attempted to sell a house that he had purchased and rehabilitated, only to discover that someone removed his name Copyright 2013

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from the title using a fraudulent quit claim deed. The person was able to move into the home and even took out building permits to get work started on the property. After two and a half years and almost $60,000 in legal fees, Shumake was able to resolve the matter, but he was quick to advise home buyers that some people can spend thousands and still fail to reclaim the property. Being in the business of implementing policies and funding strategies to help people and small businesses raise capital, mortgage loans, commercial leasing and specialized financing so that they can successfully acquire property, Shumake developed a list of valuable tips to protect everyone from becoming victims of fraud in the future:  Never sign blank or incomplete documents.  Never buy property that you have not personally seen or inspected.  Use only licensed mortgage bankers or lenders; find a broker through the National Association of Mortgage Brokers.  Have a local, licensed real estate agent do a BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion) to determine value.  Don’t be pressured into using a particular lender, real estate agent or appraiser.  Know your rights as a mortgage borrower.  Don’t buy into get-rich-quick schemes of instant equity or investment property using your own name. Investment property should be owned by an LLC to protect you from liability exposure.  Do not work with someone who advises you to lie on your mortgage application.  Beware of lenders who charge excessive fees and prepayment penalties.  Be sure to look over and understand your truth in lending disclosure documents, which spell out the terms of your mortgage, before signing a contract with a mortgage company. According to Shumake, having an attorney look over the property documents is still the best move to make when in doubt — the fees you pay for this service will be nothing compared to thousands of dollars you will spend in the event that you become involved with mortgage fraud in the future. Copyright 2013

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