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Mission Statement: To develop our spiritual lives, evangelize the wider community and influence the world through Christ by organized preaching, public and private worship, Christian education and fellowship, while co-operating with other Christian bodies.

Simplicity, Decency, Elegance

Church Apparel
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BILLS and Our Lifestyle
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Journey of Success The Gospel of Peace Avoiding Sexual Temptations
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Raising a Standard of Holiness

Continued Testimony of Bro. Washbert McKnight “After that major accident...”

How do we give thanks to God in difficult times?
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The Green House Effect and Climate Change

Believers’ Month - Theme:

“ G O T E L L”

The Man’s Contribution... What’s Her Role?
(Your Counsellor)

Issue No. 3

Suite B.“ The only source of knowledge is experience.3800-2 info@weareproven. Kingston 5.908. Head Office: 26 Belmont Road. Tel: 876.” Albert Einstein W E A LT H www. Tel: 876.3800-2 Mandeville Branch: 5-7 Ward Avenue. Fairview II Shopping Centre. Tel: .weareproven.625.908.0845-6 Montego Bay Branch: Unit 11. Montego Bay.

which she finds to be the most fulfilling part of Church ministry for her. we play sports together and do fun Youth Inspiration activities. We do not often find anyone choosing a career in actuarial science. Dana admits that this profession offers a generous remuneration. to get details on this career path and what led her into this unusual field. Mother. This talent. BBC E-Mag. BBC E-Mag. Deon is excited over our achievements and lauds our successes. spending quality family time having fun together have been the most memorable moments.: What are your future plans for marriage and family? Dana: I hope to be married in a few years. Dana is one of the coordinators of the Brownie Pack. BBC E-magazine explored her achievements as well as family and recorded the following: BBC E-Mag.: What have been your best moments together? Dana: Family vacations have been the best. and support from her mother. At Sagicor Life. Dana is gifted in Mathematics. Deon and Duvaughn? Dana: My father is very fun-loving. Devon Dick).: What have been your major achievements? Dana: Being awarded the UWI Open Scholarship. in Actuarial Science. . her goal is to become a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA). We interviewed a charming and bold individual. motivated her to pursue this career. and one may wonder what this profession is all about. ‘an accountant’. ‘a lawyer’ . Dana-Marie Dick. BBC E-Mag.Dana-Marie Dick If you should ask a group of young people about their career choices. Whether overseas or local. She noted that being able to do Math well is a prerequisite to becoming an actuary. At Boulevard Baptist. My mother is a good listener and gives good advice. a subject area that is challenging for many and has been very topical in recent times. nominee for the Prime Minister’s Youth Award and graduating from UWI with a BSc.: What would you emulate from your parents? Dana: They are married for 27 years and are so much in love… stealing kisses and still dating each other. BBC E-Mag. BBC E-Mag. or ‘an engineer’. maybe three years. the most likely responses would be to become ‘a medical doctor’.: What is the ultimate thing you ever yearned for? Dana: To fulfill my purpose in all aspects of my life. Sis. Ultimately. and Duvaughn is very ambitious and has great thoughts and ideas. and have two to four children. Dana’s job is to ensure that the company has adequate funds to pay out in life insurance claims and at the same time is able to take care of other financial obligations.: What do you like best about your father (Rev. Mary Dick.

The members of the group did not wait for him at that point. Persistently we try to move ahead of God’s plan for us and we become impatient. Instead they left him in pursuance of the journey although they did not know their destination. Remember that serving God and obtaining success in whatever we set out to do will never be easy. no matter how much we may chart a journey for success. It will take faith in God who will give us perseverance. Our future is in God’s hands and He alone knows the journey. went on a journey that he alone had the map.The Journey of Success By: Sophia Williams During an interview on the programme “On Stage” which was aired on CVM Television. Shabba alone knew where they were going. soon they had to stop and wait for him. he stopped to answer nature’s call. including him. but still we make our plans of what we hope to achieve for the years to come. The least challenge we encounter on the way. in some cases it is all in futility. senseless and even frustrating. We are often told that no one knows what the future holds. As with the Shabba Ranks scenario. When life’s journey seems unsure. Dance Hall artiste Shabba Ranks described a scenario where a group of fifty persons. we search for other options to achieve what we want quickly. while It is always fine for us to make plans. He said that while on the journey. No one else in the group knew the route or where the journey would take them. trust God! He tells us that his plan for us is to prosper – Jeremiah 29:11. . It’s only after we meet upon a stone wall that we have to turn back to God for him to guide us to that right path to our destination. Nevertheless. This scenario presented by Shabba Ranks speaks much of our future and our approach to getting there. However. strength and endurance.

freedom from sin. Lassom affirmed that the believers’ standard is one of holiness. Lassom McDermott gave firm reminders of living a life according to God’s standards. When we go into the world our fragrance must affect the environment as we are called to mirror Jesus Christ. James 1:2) In a riveting and soul-searching Bible Study presentation on Thursday. 1 Peter 1:13-16. and our standards must be according to God’s commandments. to hallow and to dedicate. The crown of holiness is eternal life. sanctity. She indicated that proper conduct can be tested by one question… Is it holy? We were instructed to do what is right before God and leave the consequences to him. raising up a standard of Holiness in a non-standard world. or once it feels right it’s okay. She posited that there are so many standards in the world today and many think it is okay to go with the flow.” (Presenter: Sis. Sis. She challenged us to live a life separated from the world. July 10. 2012 during Youth week. The Bible is God’s word to help us make the right decisions. Lassom McDermott . such as the standard of popular opinion.Bible Study texts: Timothy 3:16-17. “Being God’s people in God’s world. sacredness.Raising a Standard of HOLINESS Challenge: To live a life separated from the World. apartness. . Sis.

Asking the question.’ Genesis 8: 21 states – “Never again will I curse the ground because of humans. She asked.” This scripture. Despite this. He encouraged them to avoid these temptations. He emphasized his arguments by referring to the following scripture text: Romans 7 v 21: So I find this law at work: When I want to do good. And never again will I destroy all living creatures as I have done. He advised that we should guard against idleness which causes trouble so we should keep busy.Sex & The Bible Youth Week Panel discussion: Avoiding Sexual Temptation Panelists Sister Ruth Downie and Deacon Rohan Phillips In declaring that she has a special calling to contribute to the development of our youth. Deacon Rohan cautioned young people to ‘know their weaknesses and avoid certain places’. ‘What is God’s standard for sexual immorality? God has provided all the tools to achieve and maintain all his standards. urging them to have a friend they can call. he reminded them that there is always an alternative for any situation they might find themselves in. Ruth highlights the Youth Fellowship as an avenue for doing this. along with others. Deacon Rohan warned that we should never look a second time. she says that there is forgiveness. Additionally. Giving examples of tempting and appealing situations which could potentially control our minds. even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. “How do we control our thoughts?”…Deacon Rohan stressed the point that the first time is viewed as an accident but the second time is based on choice. Sis. She stated that older adults live a life of pretence while behaving as though we have not had the same experiences that the younger people are having now. highlights the consequences for our disobedience. . evil is right there with me.

justification and hope of heaven in Jesus Christ. We might be knocked down with problems but not knocked out – we are not dead. count your blessings one by one and give thanks . social. A crisis exposes us to suffering that tests our faith and proves the graces. Life consists of trials.for redemption. or economic affairs. Where there is life there is hope. Put it positively. How can I give thanks to God in difficult times? “We give thanks in everything because something is still left that we can give thanks for. We give thanks in everything because there is a door of opportunity in every situation. allowed by God to test our mettle and strength. values. therefore give thanks for that one. People tend to be averse to crisis perceiving it as an unstable condition. And we should not either. God not only knows best but does best. A crisis is a decisive point or situation. Every crisis is an opportunity for God to display his power. pardon. God does not waste any crisis.Dear Preacher. The most important things in life are free and we can give thanks for that. Remember God knows best and understands best. self-inflicted. or inflicted by others. attitudes and competences of people. perhaps we should understand a crisis the way the Greeks understood it as a critical moment .” . involving an impending disaster. God has been faithful to us during our difficulties. Nine things are going wrong but there is one that is going well. a turning point. God will reveal his presence and power in our hour of crisis. We do not give thanks for being robbed or raped but we give thanks for being alive. it must be resolved. However. mercy.a time to make a judgment call. as in political. grace.

Harmony in communities threatens the viability of security firms. educational competence and adherence to statements of belief have become tools for segregation and divisiveness among peoples.” Let us be reminded that peace has economic and other social implications. of quarrels and fightings. somebody is going to make less board. Peacemaking is not a call to life of ease but a struggle against evil. Peacemakers in the church obstruct the hand of the powerful. Take for example Isaiah’s farm. The picture of the lion. Cessation of war is bad news for weapons manufacturers. Class. poisonous snakes in harmonious relationship would seem to be a dream that everyone would want to share.Excerpts (Assembly 2012 . as far as depends on you. The requirement for special facilities to segregate animals vanishes. goat.Sermon by Glendon Brown) The transformative Power of the “Gospel of Peace” “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the sons of God. . sheep. The Gospel of peace transforms but there are those who are determined to resist out of fear. They are blessed because they stand between chaos and tranquility. leopard. The need for fencing no longer exists. Who really wants to live in a community of discord. of victims and predators? Our New Testament lesson from Romans 12 cautions “If it is possible. race. children.Matthew 5:9 PEACE IS ALWAYS UNDER THREAT. ignore the roar of the dominant and protect the bleat of the weak. They are blessed because they demonstrate the difference between what is and what ought to be. social status. The need for ropes to constrain disappears.” . greed or blatant self-centeredness. live at peace with everyone. It means that peacemaking must naturally face and confront opposition. Somebody is going to sell less wire. Perhaps that is why they are BLESSED. and somebody is going to sell less rope.

or which tends to excite improper passions and desires. It signifies that which is clean. mean modest in the sense of being opposed to that which is immodest. Decency and Elegance that which is becoming or appropriate. He posited that the world. yea. beautiful and ornamental. is full of beauty. and he has shown in each flower that he is not opposed to true ornament. Dick stated that the true line is passed when more is thought of this external adorning than of the ornament of the heart. In continuing the Bible Study presentation on the topic: ‘Does It matter what you wear to Church?’. [See Ps. Rev. decorous. decency and elegance. as God has made it. Dick made reference to 1 Tim.The Bible’s Perspective On Topical Issues: By: Sophia Williams Church Apparel. looking like ‘heng pan nail’ or as if we went through World War II. Rev. Costly array is what we can ill afford. . neat. or decoration. becoming and well put together”. In emphasizing this point. He said outward appearance should be marked by simplicity. 2:9. properly. He argued that it is not a call to inattention to personal appearance. and decent. 45: 9] It does not. It is about excess and going overboard or doing it to impress people we do not like by buying things we cannot afford. explaining that we should appear in apparel suitable to the place and the occasion. The word “modest” properly relates to ornament. unnecessary expense or expenditure is such that it prevents the carrying out of duties to children who lack food and educational opportunities. and means that which is “wellordered. but Simplicity.


They travel without a map. Really? What are bills? Bills result from lifestyle decisions. we should sit down. It is true. We can rely on him to provide for us when we seek first his kingdom and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33). We can trust him to do what he says. When he shows us his goal. People say being unable to pay bills is the main issue facing Jamaicans today. incur debt needlessly and then complain that their bills are drowning them. Speaking about discipleship. good or bad. this Bible verse tells us to count the cost before building a tower. smart or dumb. we must understand that we do not see life as he sees it. plan or budget – and they get lost. talents and money that he presents to us? Finally Hebrews 13:8 reminds us that Jesus is the same yesterday. our experiences might differ from our expectations. any road will get you there’. Financial Education Ministry and President of Scotia Jamaica Life Insurance Bills and Our Lifestyle Do you agree that biblical stewardship needs effective goal setting under God’s guidance? ‘If you do not know where you are going. Daily. How else will we be able to know his allocation of his resources of time. Will you trust Jesus to supply your needs? .FINANCIAL EDUCATION MINISTRY Brother Hugh Reid Chairman. However. Therefore. Mull over Luke 14:28. Surely. folks spend recklessly. goal. The prevailing sentiment is that we need more income. reflect and budget available resources under Jesus’ guidance. today and forever. we can believe him. prayerful or impulsive. is a popular saying at which we chuckle. have children carelessly.

baptism is a sign of salvation. as he expounded on the theme “Go tell”. Smith ensured that everyone received and fully understood the commands to ‘GO’ . . relating to the Great Commission. We are compelled as it is God at work. baptism is a sacred solemn moment. our lives as seen by others should be a true example of Him. of great importance. Jesus the Christ.” Matthew 28: 16-20 . It is identifying with Christ as a child of God and. never man at work. Rev..Believers’ Month GO TELL! Telling and meditative could best describe the presentations delivered by Rev. He asserted that we are compelled to baptize those who profess the faith. baptizing them in the name of the Father. to ‘MAKE ‘ and to ‘BAPTIZE’ with live demonstrations. we are acting in disobedience. if we are not doing accordingly. Smith spoke of the compulsion to baptize. in the act of baptism. Rev. it is the work of the Holy Spirit. October. no matter his/her status in the church. with the selected text for the month. Stephen Smith during Believers’ month. He stated that it is the duty of every believer. to go and tell the unsaved about Christ. “… Go make disciples of all nations. He explained that in witnessing and making disciples for Christ. No one should decide on behalf of others who must be baptized – John 3:22-23. the Son and the Holy Spirit…. He emphasized the points that baptism is a command by the savior. He underscored the fact that based on instructions in the Great Commission in Matthew 28.

I lost control of the vehicle which overturned in a ditch. I knew God was great and true as I have proved him over and over again. God will never fail you. I had to undergo major surgery at the St. . he told me to read Proverbs 8 and to draw closer to God. I was on my way to Westmoreland from work when the rear left tyre of my car blew out along a section of the Clarendon leg of Highway 2000. It took me a year to recover until I could walk properly and was able to go back to work. I started to read from Proverbs 1-31 and developed more wisdom and love for God. leaving my lower body dead. Joseph’s Hospital for six hours. I was not wearing my seat belt so I was thrown out of the car and it fell on top of me.that is all He asks. I did not give my life to God. I felt like I was crippled and the tears flowed. 2009 at approximately 11:30 am. In closing. no matter what you are going through. I sometimes forgot some of his goodness to me. On November 22. Nevertheless. The surgeon used pins to fix my pelvic bones. and I was told that I would not be able to walk properly again. However. despite all of that teaching. To God be the glory! It was after that major accident that I really proved God’s undying love for me and I gave Him full control of my life to demonstrate how much I love Him. My pelvic bones were broken.THE TESTIMONY CONTINUES FOR Brother Washbert McKnight “After that major accident…” …(the vision from his grandfather) After that. Just give Him a chance in your life -.

coal and oil. . The heat from the sun gets into the car through the windows. and approximately half of it remains in the atmosphere. humidity. Climate change takes place at the local. growing seasons and sea level. This is as a result of warmer global temperatures in the atmosphere and oceans. This CO2 is largely responsible for recent warming trends. This kind of scenario explains what the greenhouse effect does to the earth. The The Greenhouse Effect And Climate Change By: Sophia Williams Industrial Revolution has accounted for about 500 billion tons of carbon dioxide. the impact it has on different areas around the world varies with their local plants. Climate change affects droughts. regional and continental levels. rainfall patterns. animals and people. while global warming is planet-wide. Given the fact that the warming trend is global. storms. Climate change refers to seasonal changes over a long period of time ranging from decades to thousands of years.GREEN ATTITUDES What is the greenhouse effect? The greenhouse effect is an increase in temperature from the heat and light of the sun which is trapped in the atmosphere of the earth. This is as a result of the burning of natural gas. similarly to heat trapped in a car. The temperature of the earth rises when the heat and light from the sun penetrate the atmosphere and is unable to get out. increases in temperature have closely been tracked with atmospheric CO2 concentrations. and cannot escape from the inside the car. The evidence based on scientific data has shown that for thousands of years.

among other things.Your Counsellor The Man’s contribution… What is her role? (Part 2) By: Sophia Williams Let us now look at the role of the woman and her obligations in marriage. it is important that the woman appears neat and clean in the home. the house is organized and the needs of her man are met. noon and/or night. Unfortunately. She must be creative when it comes to the bedroom. Sex forms a very integral part of the marriage for the man. and may look for something different and creative outside the marriage. Additionally. Withdrawing can create serious problems for the marriage. and be excited about. Men can get bored too. As the Bible instructs. acknowledge God in all your sexual activities knowing that it is the most beautiful and wonderful act He created for this holy institution. it is the role of the woman to manage the home. the man may not communicate this to the woman. In our Jamaican culture. so it is important that the woman responds positively. The woman has a duty to take care of her husband. Finally. so whenever the man is ready the woman. Men are usually referred to as ‘sex maniacs’. She must always be prepared both physically and mentally for any eventuality as it relates to sex. as the man is almost always in the mood for sex. . She ensures that there is adequate food. whether it is morning. barring certain realities. the woman must submit herself to her husband …. Men like spontaneity. most times. and this is something that a woman entering into a marital relationship must condition herself for. must be ready.

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