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Proposal For “Class A” Proposal company name

Aquinas College, Nangreave Road, Stockport, Cheshire SK2 6TH

Outline of Programme Idea A scripted reality about young people in college, strong characters and relationships to make it exciting but also quite light hearted as a scripted reality. Name: Class A- chosen because it’s the name of the class in the college but also lightly refers to drugs.+ Potential Ideas Alcohol and drugs.  Couple relationship troubles: Cheating, lying etc.  Love triangle between characters.  Conflicts: Arguments.  Characters causing trouble.  ‘bitching’ and gossip  Light hearted  Character socialising/ having a good time  Stories in college- exams, classrooms The setting: College and its local area set in Stockport and Manchester Soap genre style: Scripted reality (inspired by shows such as the only way is Essex, Made in Chelsea)

Character names, profiles and relationships  Adam (Bad kid): dumb, loud, naughty, angry, trouble causer, also friend of becky.  Mark & Becky (Couple with problems): Mark is cheating on Becky with one of her friends. Becky is a bitchy, horrible girl friend to Mark.  Tom (The quiet nerdy kid): clever, doesn’t get along with the loud people.  Lucy (Rumour spreader): gossip girl who is friend with Becky and tells her about Mark & Emily  Emily (Friend of Becky): follows the crowd, doesn’t do things anyway apart from her friends but is cheating with Mark.  (other friend of Becky): Extremely dumb but tries not to show it, a shadow of Becky (does what every she does)  Extras (mixture)

Key narrative ideas for first Episode / Series  A story: love triangle, a rumour has spread around college that Mark has been secretly meeting up with his girlfriend Becky’s best friend: Emily. The Becky who is with the Mark is talking to her best friend about how her relationship has massively decreased doesn’t she know that her best friend is sleeping with her boyfriend. She soon finds out and it becomes very confrontational. B story: two boys (Mark & Adam) have an argument at a party about the way that mark is treating Becky; mark thinks that its none of Adams business, this escalates in to the two having a fight. C story: A young teenage girl who is uneducated and others would say ‘stupid’ we see her at her worse in lessons when she asks a teacher ‘what are those letters at the bottom of the board’ and the teacher replies ‘those letters are numbers’

Why the programme idea will work  The programme will be set in and around college therefore will appeal to a younger audience (teenager/young adults) so it has a specific target audience and market. This makes it easy for us to aim and create storylines for the target audience. We have also found from research that there is a gap in the market for a scripted reality soap that’s set in a college and aimed at teenagers.  Will include interesting and exciting narratives that will be relatable for our specific audience of students, this means that the audience will feel more involved and make it easier for them to get into it and get fixed to the programme. Also we aim to make it dramatic and over the top as well as light hearted and humorous so to keep it exciting as well as stick to the conventions of scripted reality soaps.  It will be fairly easy for us to film and produce because we are the target audience and so we know what students want to see.  We intend on using a multi-strand narrative so there’s a lot going on in the soap and in our trailer product and won’t be slow and boring.  We will come up with characters that have very strong and exaggerated personalities to make them interesting to watch and also make them so that the audience can relate to the characters.

Where/When will it be broadcast and why It will be shown at about 9pm after the watershed. This is because although its light hearted it will include some swearing, drinking, fighting and maybe inappropriate comments that are typical of teenagers in college. Therefore we don’t think it will be suitable for children to watch. We will broadcast this soap on channel 4 because this channel is generally aimed at young adults and will be a suitable for a scripted reality show.

Who will work on the programme and their job roles
There are four job roles which every cast member will need to entail and enhance to be able to make well organised scripted television soap. The first job is an actor/actress which includes some experience in acting for an audience to make it interesting yet informative. The second job is editing, this job is particularly demanding to ensure that every ounce of detail to make the television soap the best on the TV. It means the cast members have to be extremely creative and able to use technology. The third job is being a director making sure that angle shots, camera work and sound through the camera is at an excellent standard. The director has to be able to give orders and be able to make sure that everything is supposed to be where it is and that’s how they want it to be. The fourth job is the producer who helps organise the cast members and give them the script of what to say to put it all together. It’s important that all of these jobs are done at a high standard by the associates who are working on the programme. The associates who are working on the programme for the scripted television soap are:  Lisha Burkitt  Jenny Hill  Michael Delaney  Lee Duggan

Estimated cost – give justification If we were to higher out the camera set it would estimate a price of: £1,200 It will not cost the directors and the producers anything to create this programme as the equipment is borrowed and returned.

Final sign off from Executive Producer