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Sufi Meditation and Muraqaba Naqshbandi Teachings

The Levels of Sufi Meditation
Muraqabah/Sufi Meditation St ep by Step

Level One: Meeting the Shaykh/Mentor in the
Realm of the Spirit

The goal of the first le vel of muraqabah/Sufi Meditation is to imagine yo urself in the presence o f the Shaykh/Mentor, to give him greetings, to converse with him, and to build a relationship with him on a spir it ua l leve l. After proceeding thro ugh the aforementioned preparatory steps, visualize yourself in the presence of the Shaykh/Mentor. The o perative word here is —visualize.“ Visualizing is not the same as imagining. When we imagine somethin g, we create a fictio nal illusion in our mind. What we are concerned with here is reality, and yo u must know that the fo llower is truly in the co ntinual pr esence o f the Shaykh/Mentor, on the plane o f the spirit. So visualize that reality, projecting it onto the screen of your mind. Keep your eyes closed. See the Shaykh/Mentor through the eye of the heart. Do not loo k for his face. Instead, concentrate on his aura, his spir itual form. When you begin to perceive the Shaykh/Mentor‘s presence, g ive him greetings. It is important to maintain proper manners with the Shaykh/Mentor during Naqshbandi Muhibeen As- Sayed Nur jan MirAhmadi nurmir

In so doing you define. taking care to maintain the co nnectio n between your heart and the Shayk h/Mento r‘s thro ugho ut (See the Appendix for details o f the daily awrad and an exp lanation of its secrets).nurmuhammad. Once this connection is established. Naqshbandi Muhibeen www. behaving exactly as you would if you were in the Shaykh/Mentor‘s physical .Sufi Meditation and Muraqaba Naqshbandi Teachings muraqabah/Sufi Meditation. and strengthen your relationship with his reality. Follow what the Shaykh/Mentor reveals to your heart about spiritual matters. However. fully awake. any inspiration you receive through muraqabah/Sufi Meditation should be confirmed with the Shaykh/Mentor before you act on it. kneel. After greeting the Shaykh/Mentor. ask permission to connect your heart to his light and his heart to yo ur light. At this point. recite your daily dhikr. with regard to worldly matters. and fully aware of your connection with the Shaykh/Mentor. begin as before and visualize yourself in h is presence. Remain fu lly conscious. To accomplish this. This creates a powerful sp iritual co nnection. maintaining a position of respect–if it is not too difficu lt for you. Imag ine a ray of light extending from the Shaykh/Mentor‘s heart to your heart and another extending from your heart to the Shaykh/Mentor‘s. then sit cross-legged. If this is too As. Sit still. build. you may allow your soul to converse with the Shaykh/Mentor. your next goal is to build a spiritual connection between your heart and the Shaykh/Mentor‘s. Level Two: Connecting Your Heart with the Heart of the Shaykh/Mentor After mastering the first level of muraqabah/Sufi Meditation.Sayed Nur jan MirAhmadi nurmir @att.

alif ( ). which encompasses the ninety-nine Names and Attr ibutes. and hah ( ): . According to Gr andShayk h/Mentor ”Abdul Khaliq Ghujdawani : The most important missio n for the seeker in this Order is to safeguard his breath. which is part of its creatio n. and further. Thr ough its breathing.nurmuhammad. Madad ulHaq Ya Mawlana Shayk h Nazim Haqqani “ Repeating Dhikr Level Three: Controlling the Breath The goal of this exercise is to practice conscious br eathing. The peo ple of Sufism say that the absolute unseen Essence of Go d is expressed by the last letter. Shah Naqshband said: This Order is built on breath. wa ashhadu anna Mu hammadan rasululah] ilayh ] • 100-200x Istighfar [Astaghfirul lahal `Atheem wa atubu • 3x Surah Ikhlas [Qul huwa Allahu ahadu n Allahu • Fatiha (read fatiha)] • Minimum 200x seeking support and presence of alssamadu Lam yalid walam yo oladu Walam yaku n lahu kufuwan ahadun ] Mawlana Shaykh (Q): —Madad ya Sayyidi. it wou ld be said of him.Sayed Nur jan MirAhmadi nurmir @att. the so und of the letter hah of the Divine Name Allah is made with ever y exhalation and inhalation. “ The name Allah. —he lost himself. • 3x Shahada [ Kalimatu Shahadah (3 times): Ashhadu an la ilaha illa-lah. and it is a sign of the Unseen Essence serving to emphasize the Uniqueness of God.Sufi Meditation and Muraqaba Naqshbandi Teachings Once a Day : • Make fresh wudu and pray 2 raka‘.com As. Dhikr is flowing in the bo dy o f ever y single living creature by the necessity o f its breath–even without will–as a sign o f obed ience. lam ( ). Therefore. to safeguar d his br eath in the interval between the inhalation and exhalation. So it is a must for everyone to safeguard his breath in the time o f his inhalation and exhalation. Safeguar ding your breath fro m Naqshbandi Muhibeen www. lam ( ). and he who canno t safeguard his breath. hah ( ). consists o f fo ur . it is necessar y to be present with that breathing in o rder to realize the Essence o f the Creator.

prayers on the Prophet •. are activated by rubbing them together (See page Error! Bookmark not defined. Assume a kneeling position or sit cross-legged in the —Lo tus Po sition. hands–these et seq. saying smallest details of this for m of Hu. and comp lete Vision will lead yo u to co mp lete Manifestation of God‘s ninety. The hands alsocare function like satellite dishes.Sufi Meditation and Muraqaba Naqshbandi Teachings heed lessness will lead you to co mp lete Presence. As. extended Make your script. dhikr. Hu-Allah. say. black energy being expelled fro m Clench your teeth to gether–gently. imagine muraqabah/Sufi Meditation. with the other fingers straight. God placed Divine Codes on our Meditation. nose. "When you drink (water). To perform this meditation. Breathe in through yo ur nose and exhale through Play a r ecording o f Quranic your mouth. prepare as you The hands carry tremendous secrets. we must safeguard it by seeking forgiveness.nine Names and Attributes. and their po sition in this exercise is impo rtant. white light med entering through your heart. imagine Close your eyes and mouth. You would for other form of muraqabah/Sufi will begin any to unlock the secrets of the hands in this meditation. This for ms the shape o f the word Allah in Arabic hands are clean. or some When you breathe in through yo ur other soothing sound. God leads you to the Manifestation of His ninetynine Names and Attr ibutes and all His other Attributes. firmly against the roof of yo ur mouth. then ho ld your breath to slow your heart rate and breathing. not hard–and keep your tongue pressed your mouth.Sayed Nur jan MirAhmadi nurmir @att. because they are the foundation of your itation. —God‘s Attributes are as numerous as the breaths o f human beings. Take care to perform even the Exhale through your mouth. and complete Presence will lead you to complete Vision. Inhale. med itation space as dark as possible.“ When you breathe out. the carbon monoxide that leaves our bodies contains neg ative energy from our bad actions. do not breathe in Naqshbandi Muhibeen www.“ It must be known by everyo ne that securing the breath fro m heedlessness is d ifficu lt for seekers.). receiving Divine Energies and other Take can special during emanations. Position your hands so that the tip of the thumb is touching the tip of the index ablution to ensure that your finger . because it is . Seeking forgiveness will purify it and sanctif y our breath and prepare us fo r the Real Manifestation of God ever ywhere. Therefore the Prophet • said. When we exhale. As you breathe in. recitation. Now pay attention to your breathing.nurmuhammad.